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1. Choose the correct option:

One who eats human flesh is called
1) savage
2) nomadic
3) non-vegetarian 4) cannibal
2. Which one of the following is a grammatically
correct sentence?
1) He seldom or never refuses requests.
2) He seldom or ever refuses a request.
3) He seldom or often refuses request.
4) He seldom or rarely refuses to request.
3. Which one of the following is not a preposition?
1) through
2) into
3) but
4) between
4. Choose the most suitable word for the expression:
Belief in the existence of God.
1) Atheism
2) Deism
3) Fanaticism
4) Scepticism
5. Choose the correct sentence from the following:
1) The train left before we reached the station.
2) The train will leave before we reached the
3) The train had left before we reached the
4) The train was leaving before we reached the
6. Choose appropriate form of the verb to fill in the
She _______ in America since 1995.
1) lives
2) is living
3) have been living 4) has been living
7. Choose the right adjective and fill in the blank:
Could you lend me ____ money?
1) some
2) any
3) much
4) little
8. Which one of the following suffixes is not a classchanging suffix?
1) ment
2) ness
3) hood
4) ly
9. Fill in the blank with the correct option.
I am very busy today. ____ we can go out
1) Fortunately
2) Certainly
3) Perhaps
4) Obviously
10. Use one word for the underlined group of words
in the following sentence:

A man who spends too much is not a sensible

1) A spendthrift
2) A waster
3) A spender
4) An uneconomical man
11. Fill in the blank with the appropriate article:
France is ____ European country.
1) a
2) an
3) the
4) no article
12. Write an adjective form of distinction
1) distinctive
2) distinctly
3) distinctness
4) distinctively
13. Choose the correct alternative to complete the
The the company purchases the new machinery, a
number of workers _______
1) will be recruited
2) will be out of work
3) will declare a lock-out 4) will be laid back
14. Choose from the following the verb form of
1) libertine
2) liberation
3) liberality
4) liberate
15. You are hitting him below the belt. To hit below
the belt means ______
1) to criticise
2) to denounce
3) to attack unfairly
4) beat with the belt
16. Choose the correct word for the underlined
words in the sentence:
Small-pox is a disease which is commonly caught
from others.
1) infectious
2) contagious
3) parasitic
4) communicative
Identify from the following the kind of sentence:
17. How pretty she is !
1) Interrogative
2) Statement
3) Exclamatory
4) Imperative
18. How much is this?
1) Exclamatory
3) Imperative

2) Interrogative
4) Assertive

19. I saw a magnificent sunset.

1) Declarative or Assertive
2) Exclamtory
3) Interrogative
4) Imperative
20. Never rely on your luck.
1) Declarative
2) Exclamtory
3) Imperative
4) Interrogative
21. God save the Prince.
Dont be so upset.

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Above sentences respectively are1) Imperative and Interrogative

2) Exclamatory and Imperative
3) Imperative and Interrogative
4) Imperative and Imperative
22. What a shame!
How do you do?
Which of the following best describes the kinds of
1) Interrogative and Exlamatory
2) Exclamatory and interrogative
3) Imperative and Interrogative
4) Interrogative and Imperative
23. Which of the following is not Exclamatory
1) Heaven help us!
2) What is nice idea!
3) What a piece of advice!
4) How you have grown!
24. Long live the democracy!
The underlined part of the given sentence is:
1) Subject
2) Predicate
3) Verb
4) None of these
25. A roaring sound of the train we heard.
The part, which is not underlined, is ____of the
1) Predicate
2) Subject
3) Clause
4) Phrase
26. Thank you very very much.
The subject of above sentence is:
1) You
2) I
3) It
4) Me
27. Come here and show me your homework.
Here the subject of the given sentence should be
understood as:
1) I
2) they
3) me
4) you
28. How foolishly he behaved !
The underlined part of the given sentence lies in:
1) Subject
2) predicate
3) both subject and predicate
4) none of these

29. Sweet are the uses of adversity.

The underlined part of the above sentence tells us
something about:

1) Subject
2) Predicate
3) Adjective
4) the verb
30. Great is our victory.
Choose from the following the correct option
which describes the right division of the given
1) Part-1 : Subject, Part-2 : Predicate
2) Part-1 : Predicate, Part-2 : Noun
3) Part-1 : Predicate, Part-2 : Subject
4) None of these
31. We left when it stopped raining.
The underlined part of sentence is:
1) phrase
2) predicate
3) clause
4) none of these
32. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
The underlined groups of the words can be
recognized as:
1) phrase & clause
2) both are clause
3) clause and phrase
4) both are phrases
33. He gave away all his instruments and recording
equipments, save a guitar which was a gift from his
The part of speech of the underlined words
respectively are:
1) verb, adjective, verb, preposition.
2) verb, verb, verb,preposition.
3) adjective,preposition,verb,preposition.
4) noun, verb,verb,preposition.

34. Some writers and reporters voice ideas that are

against the ruling government.
Identify the parts of speech of the underlined
1) noun,noun, preposition, verb.
2) Adjective, verb, preposition, verb
3) Adjective, noun,preposition, verb
4) Adjective,verb,preposition,adjective.
Pick out the sentence where the underlined word
has been used:
35. as a verb form :
1) House prices ought to come down soon.
2) They are such wrestlers who down their
opponents within short time.
3) Tears were rolling down her cheeks.
4) Let me write this down before I forget it.
36. as a conjunction:
1) Nothing has changed here since last year.
2) He left the home in 2000 and hasnt been seen

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3) Ever since I was in marketing, I have wanted

to be in this profession.
4) I have and several different jobs since my
37. an adjective form :
1) A boy mimicked still from a distance.
2) We were still sitting in the room doing
3) My fathers words still us.
4) Still waters run deep.
38. an adverb form:
1) She is quite close to me.
2) She held a baby close to her chest.
3) Manasi has closed her book.
4) This event occurred at the time
when the Stone Age was drawing to a close.
39. an adverb :
1) Two brothers were quarelling over the
2) She fell over and broke her arm.
3) The police fired a few shots over their heads.
4) He seemed over-confident confident while
answering the questions.
40. a noun form :
1) The questions debated in parliament
yesterday were about the new tax.
2) A man wearing a black has questions
3) He couldnt help a questioning tone in his
4) Other members of the family found her
behavior questionable.
41. a verb form:
1) We have not seen him for a while.
2) They while away the children while she would
cook lunch.
3) He would look after the children while she
would cook lunch.
4) While in Mumbai, I met him.
42. a preposition:
1) When she would speak on her cell, her voice
could be heard up in our room.
2) The union wants to up fares because of rise in
fuel prices.
3) She is up the stool and cleaning the
4) He turned his face up towards the sky after
making his hundredth ton.

43. a conjunction:
1) She began to grow nervous for him.
2) For common people, the current inflation rate
is a cause for concern.
3) I told her to leave, for I had work load in the
4)They must have walked for at least ten
44. The family were enjoying a movie on the newly
purchased L.C.D. tv.
The underlined word is:
1) Abstract noun
2) Material noun
3) Uncountable noun
4) Collective noun
45. Teacher told the student to call her parent.
Identify the gender of the underlined noun:
1) masculine
2) feminine
3) common
4) neuter
46. Are you strong enough to carry that heavy box?
The abstract noun of the above underlined noun
1) strongness
2) strongitivity
3) strength
4) strengthen
47. Cleanliness is next to godliness.
Choose the correct option which best describes
the underlined nouns:
1) Abstract, commom
2) Common, abstract
3) Both are abstract nouns.
4) Both are plural nouns.
48. (A) I found the same news appeared in todays
(B) I wanted to buy paper to reprint my book.
The type of the underlined nouns in sentences A and
B respectively are
1) Common noun, proper noun.
2) Material noun, collective noun.
3) Collective noun, common noun.
4) Common noun, material noun.
49. Choose the incorrect option from the pairs given
1) drone = bee
2) bullock = heifer
3) ox = oxen
4) stag = hind
50. Pick out the suffix which changes the class of
1) dom
2) hood
3) ism
4) ment

FIITJEE Pune Centre, A Wing, 3rd Floor, Vega Centre, Near Income Tax Office, Swargate, Pune-411037, ph: (020) 41418686

FIITJEE Pune Centre, A Wing, 3rd Floor, Vega Centre, Near Income Tax Office, Swargate, Pune-411037, ph: (020) 41418686