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CHAPTER 4: Encounter

w/ the west
*.Tierra Incognita unknown
*.West led by Portugal and
*.Spanish won using sword
and cross
*.Mactan, cebu Ferdinand
Magellan was killed by
*.After 50 years- Miguel Lopez
de Legazpi established the
first European settlement in he
*.Luzon he founded a
permanent Spanish colony in
the kingdom of Maynila
The coming of the
Orient Europeans term for
Asia or East
Holy land- reclaim it from the
Ventians citizens of venicelater became city of Italy
Commercial rivalry led to
European expedition to Asia
The trade routes
3 trade route connecting Asia
to Europe:
Northern Route- Central Asia
by land - cities of Samarkand
and Bokhara Caspian sea
and Black sea
Constantinople in the
Central Route Malacca in
the Malay Peninsula Indian
Ocean and Indian portsPersian Gulf to Baghdad and
Constantinople- Cairo in the
Southern Route MalaccaIndian Ocean and Indian ports
red sea Cairo in
1453- the Turks captured the
city of Constantinople

Early voyages to Asia

Portugal- the first to send
expedition to the East
Prince Henry- called as The
*.1421- he sent expedition to
Azores, near coast of Africa
*. Discovered the islands of
Madeira and Azores
*. Led expedition to western
Africa using the instrument for
navigation he developed: like
astrolabe, windrose compass
& caravel.
1487 Portuguese navigator
Bartholomew Diaz discovered
the Cape of Good Hope then
Calicut, India - ( first time that
European country reached the
1492 native of Genoa,
Christopher Columbus went to
Spain and offered his service
to King And Queen discovered
the North America(thought
that it was Asia)
Amerigo Vespucci an Italian
w/c was send by king and
queen and thought that he
found New World, named as
1500 Vicente Pinzon disc.
1513 Nunez de Balboa
crossed Panama and disc.
Pacific Ocean
the division of the world
Pope Alexander the VI- issued
bull in May 3 1493, divide the
world into two.- has family
name borja Italianized into
Spain- lands of south and
west of Azores and Cape Verde
Portugal continent of Africa
September 1943 pope
nullified its provision

Treaty of Tordesillas June 7

1494 (1,2,3)
The Magellan Expedition
Magellan seen battles in
Malacca and Africa, but was
ignored by the king Portugal,
Father-in Law and Don Juan
de Aranda help him to see
King Charles I of Spain in 1518
*. Tell the king that he could
reach Moluccas, known as
Spice Island
Expedition consist of 5 ships:

San Antonio

Church of Santa Lucia de la

Victoria- Magellan and his man
hear mass then sails down on
Quadalvir River to San Lucar
de Barrameda
September 20 1519 left port
and sailed southward across
the Atlantic
*. After 2 months reached
Pernambuco in Brazil
*. February 1520 cont. to Rio
de Janeiro and reached Rio de
*. March- reached Port St.
Julian in Southern tip of South
*. He crossed a Strait in Pacific
Ocean and named it as Strait
of Magellan
*. March 1521- 3 ships
remaining, crossed Pacific and
reached Ladrones Islands, now
*.Islas de Ladrones- Island
of thieves
(because of natives stole his
*. March 17 1521 he sighted
the mountains of Samar
*. Homonhon Islet- where
Magellan ordered his sick men
to be taken care
*. Island of Limasawa ruled
by Rajah Kulambu w/ his
brother, Si Agu magellan

first blood compact bet.

Filipinos & Spaniards
*. Easter Sunday, March 31, he
ordered a mass w/ Father
Pedro de Velderrama near
seashore(first mass in the
*. Pigafetta- repeat Pater
Noster & an Ave Maria, adore
*. Archipelago of St. Lazarus
Magellan took possession of
islands in the name of King
Charles I
The First Baptism

Victoria successfully reached

the Spain (by Africa)commanded by Sebastian
del cano
Trinidad was captured by the
Portuguese (by Pacific)
The Villalobos Expedition
1525-1526- Loaysa EcpeditionFather Juan Garcia Jofre de
1526-1530- Cabot Exp.
Sebastian Cabot

April 8 1521 guided by

Rajah Kulambu, the ship
entered the harbor of Cebu

1527-1528- Sayavedra Exp.

Alvaro de Sayavedra- reached

Malay Slave - Enrique

April 22 1529- Spain &

Portugal signed the Treaty of
Zaragoza P. paid S. of 350
000 gold ducats

Rajah Humabon chieftain

of Cebu
April 15 1521 mass was
celebrated at Cebu- a cross
was erected
800 natives became
Christians that day
Carlos Christian name given
to Rajah Humabon fr.king
Juana Christian name given
to wife of Humabon fr. King
Charles mother
Image of Infant Jesus given
by Magellan now patron of
The Battle of Mactan
Rajah Sula- asked Magellan to
defeat his rival Rajah Si
Lapulapu refused to
recognized the king of Spain
April 28 1521 (morning)
Magellan & his 60 mens sailed
for Mactan
*. Magellan was wounded in
the leg
The Importance of
*. 2 ships remained

*. Imaginary line fr. N to S- 297

of east Moluccas
1538-1541- King Charles of
Spain send exp. to Moluccas
w/ his viceroys of Mexico &
Ruy Lopez de Villalobosbrother in law of viceroy of
Nov 1 1521- Villalobos left
mexico w/ 6 ships
Feb 1543- he reached
Bernardo de la Torre- one his
man, send to Tandaya to get
some food
Makandala local chieftain
who gave food
*. in Villalobos pleasure he
named the islands of Samar &
Leyte as Felipinas
1546- Villalobos sailed in
Amboina & died
The Legazpi Expedition
1556- exp. to the east was
sent by King Philip II

Father Andres de Urdanetawas a member of Loaysa Exp.

and a pilot of the new mission
Miguel Lopez de Legazpi- head
of the exp
Nov 21 1564- Legazpi sailed fr.
Mexican port of Natividad w/ 4
ships & 360 men
Feb 1565- Legazpi reached the
He had blood Contact w/
Bankaw- datu of Limasawa
Datu Si Katuna
Datu Si Gala
The discovery of new route
San Pedro- ship send back to
mexico- headed by Father
Urdaneta & Felipe de Salcedograndson of Legazpi
June 1 1565 they sailed fr.
Oct 1- they arrived a port of
First Settlement in Cebu
April 27- Villalobos entered
Tupas- Chieftain of cebu
Policy of attraction- agreement
between Legazpi & Tupas
Fort San Pedro- fort
constructed by Spaniards then
later called San Miguel
because of the image Infant
jesus and renamed as City of
the most Holy Name of Jesus
The Settlement in Panay
Master of Camp- Mateo del
Gonzalo de PereiraPortuguese captain who
harrased Legazpi by
bloackading Cebu in order to
starve the Spaniards
1569- he sailed to Panay

Augustanian- Spanish
The First Spanish
Voyage to Manila
Captain Enriquez de
Guzman- sailed for
Southern Luzon and
reached Albay
Juan de Salcedo- younger
grandson of Legazpi- led a
small expedition to the north
*. He said that Manila is a
prosprous kingdom of Muslims
May 8 1570- Villalobos left
Panay for Mindoro
Spanish forces was divided by
1. Martin de Goiti- later
succeeded Mateo del
Saz as Master of Camp
2. Juan de Salcedo
Rajah Sulayman- chieftain of
May 24- Goiti fired a cannon
shot to reacall the boat he had
sent in arrand
Lantaka- native cannon
The Founding of Manila
Miguel Lopez de Legazpi- first
gov-general of the Philippines
Faher Diego de HerreraAugustinian friar, suggested
that they settled in Luzon
April 20- Legazpi leave for
Luzon, w/ Manila as an oblect
of his exp.
Battle of Bangkusay- in tondo
w/ brgy of Pampanga &
1571- Legazpi took over
June 24 1571- Legazpi made
Manila as capital of the Phil.
Manila-Distinguished and
Ever Loyal City by King Philip

Ayuntamiento- city
He appointed
*. 2 Alcaldes or Magistrates
*. 1 Alguacil Mayor or chief
*. 12 Regidores or Legislative
council members
*. 1 Escribano or Court clerk

These laws were humane

but most of it were not

Expedition to Other Parts

of Luzon
Lakan Dula- Cooperating w/
spaniards, Legazpi send exp.
to other parts of Luzon

Highly Centralized form of

the Government- central or
national gov. is so powerful
that almost ecerything had
to be done w/ its knowledge
& consent

Goiti- Central Luzon as far as

Salcedo- conquered Taytay,
Cainta and Rizal province
1572- Zambales, Pangasinan
& Ilocos Region
Villa Fernandina-town founded
in Vigan in honor of Prince
Fernando- 1st born baby of
King Philip II
August 20 1572- Legazpi died
in Manila

Chapter 5: The
Phillippnes Under
Spanish Rules
Maharlika- emreged to
Reasons for Spanish
*. Right of Discovery
*. Right of Actual
Political Changes
Council of the Indiesadministered the Phil.
1863- Phil. Was placed
under the jurisdiction of the
Ministry of the Colonies or
Ministry(Ministerio de
The Central Government


Laws of the Indies

La Novisima Recopilacion
Leyes de Torre
Siete Partidas

*. Headed by gov. & capt.

Gen or gov. gen appointed
by king of Spainrepresentative in the colony
*. Posses the 3 power]
*. has only 2 branch:
executive & judicial
Superior decreesGovernador general orders
w/ the force of laws
Royal decrees- orders from
King of Spain
Governor general- president
or presiding officer of the

Vice royal patron in

the phil.
Commander in chief
of the armed forces

Cumplase- the right of the

governor to suspend the
operation of Royal Decreeusual formula- I obey but
do not comply
The Audienca
Audienca & lower courtsexcersise the judicial
1583 Audienca was
established to Phil. To

administer justice to
aggrieved person

1595- re stablihed of

Alcalde Mayor- Provincial


Governor Santiago de Verafirst president of audiencahighest court

1598- it was enaugurated

Indulto de Comercio- right

given to alcalde mayor to
engage in trade

*. It has political &

administrative power in
absence of governor
1589- Audienca was
abolished= in its place is a
counciil w/ 400 member
headed by governor gen.

Local Government
Provincial gov.- under
Cental gov.Pacified Provinces- alreaddy
recognizing the authority of
the Spain- headed by civil
provincial governors
Military officers- head those
provinces w/c are not fully
pacified or conquered