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The Week Ahead at DMHS.

Mon. Feb. 9th:

Junior ACT Prep Sessions

ASW Teacher Meeting-Media Center-3:30 pm

Tues. Feb. 10th:

Dalton l. mcmichael high school

Phoenix FOCUS

Feb. 9 - Feb. 13, 2015

Junior ACT Prep Sessions

Learning Walks (Duane and Josh at Reidsville High School)

Winter Pep Rally (2:30-ish)

Dr. Hewitt Meeting-3:30-Media Center

Basketball-Home-Western Alamance High School

Wed. Feb. 11th:

Early Release-Staff Development (1:30-3:30)

Thurs. Feb. 12th:

Fri. Feb. 13th:

Math CASA (All math teachers will be meeting with Mr. Whittaker during
your planning periods)

Upcoming Events:
February 18th: School Leadership Team Meeting
February 19th: Progress Reports Go Home
February 25th: Faculty Meeting
March 18th: Career Connections Conference
June 13th: 11:00am: Graduation

Dalton l. mcmichael high school

Phoenix FOCUS

S e e n a n d R e p o rt e d

I finally figured out what is going to happen with

this page. I want to start doing students of the
week and teachers of the month. The students
and teachers will be featured on this page as well
as the school page with a little twist. I will save
that for later but it will be awesome. Here is what
I need from you on a regular basis and I will try to
send reminders. Please email me the name of a
student you want to nominate and why you are
nominating them. I want to feature a student
from all four grade levels. In regards to teacher of
the month this will also come from the teachers
and just email me the name of the person and
why you are nominating them. If you want to
write a book that is fine but a couple of lines will
also work. I encourage everyone to watch the
video when you have a chance, it is pretty great.
Everything those students are saying is because
one of you made a difference. That video should
be seen as a thank you for all your hard work.