2015 WWATS Rendezvous

Two Day Open Hunt
May 22nd – 24th 2015
(Memorial Day Weekend)

K River Campgrounds—Antlers, Oklahoma

(Camping/Primitive/all size campers/some full hook-ups and few cabins.)


WWATS (World Wide Association of Treasure Seekers)
Metal Detecting Hunts.
Gold, Silver, Copper and more prizes to give away.
Saturday May 23rd and Sunday May 24th
You and your family are invited to a fun-filled weekend.
Enjoy and Learn Metal Detecting, Dredging, Panning, Coin
Hunting, Nugget Shooting, Water Hunting, & Gold

Northeast, Texas GPAA Chapter of Gold
Prospectors will be there to give you hands-on
experience from the professionals in the field!

“Gold Panning Training This Weekend”

(YES: Gold has been found here on the Kiamichi River at this campground!)

Join WWATS Now!
“We Can and Will Make A Difference”
(You do not need to be a member of WWATS to participate in this event)
*What makes this event a success is your generous donations of prizes and/or coins.
**We need prizes (does not have to relate to the hobby) and coins to bury (foreign,
wheat, silver, clad, buffalos, & etc.) By donating to this event, your name will be

listed along with your donation on wwats.org website for all to see and you will be
a major part of assuring all participates a wonderful and successful weekend.**
(No charge for kids under the age of 11 years; ½ price for 11 to 15).

Good Discount for Paid Memberships!

“WWATS focus is to keep our public lands open for recreational use for all
Americans to enjoy.”
Please attend our Hunts and see what you can do to help!


Go north of Antlers on Hwy 2. You will pass through Moyers which has Brittingham Grocery Store on the right
and a post office across the highway. One more mile you will cross Buck Creek and at the top of the hill see our
sign. Turn right into campground. Proceed on down to the camping area to office, then go register at WWATS
booth to left after the office, someone will normally be there to greet you.

Hunt Events for WWATS Weekend

Saturday May 23rd
The day will start at 9:00 AM and will be at my cabin about info on WWATS and benefits for
members; different types of memberships involving different hobbies & INSTRUCTION on
Weekend Hunts. At 10.00 AM will start the “Four Hour Copper Hunt”. This hunt will be hidden
tokens for some copper rounds, bars,5 oz rounds,1 lb bars & 2 lb bars. Type copper coins also
buried. Proceeds go to PLP in late Jerry Hobbs name!
( At 2:30 PM token or tokens will be turned in for Prizes. )
-- 7:30 PM Dark 30…….

FREE Night Hunt—no lights allowed (tokens for prizes).--

Sunday May 24th
ALL DAY Hunt starts at 8:30 AM and ENDS AT 3:00 PM. At 3:30 PM prizes will be award for
tokens dug that day. Any tokens not found will be draw for at the end of prizes awarded! Most all
Prizes will be silver, gold and type coins.


Registration Form
Name/s _______________________________________________
Address _______________________________________________
City ___________________State________________ Zip _________
Phone # ____________________Email:______________________
I am a member of WWATS
No ____ Paid____
(Before May 10th)

-- (After May 10th)

Check Here

“[Friday Noon & Sat. Check-in] “ Cost: $95.00 or $115.00

*Saturday Copper Hunt*
Cost $10.00 or $20.00
*WWATS “Paid Members” 3 year Discount Minus $35.00
(Discount For Paying memberships only/Not Free Memberships)
(3 year Paid Membership applications available at registration)
Bring your Paid Membership Card! This is not Online Free Memberships!
Saturday 10:00 AM
*Four Hour Copper Hunt*
Saturday Dark 30 * FREE NIGHT HUNT* Only for those who paid for Sunday All Day Hunt!
* (Prizes given after hunt for tokens found that night)
Sunday 3:00 PM


*(Prizes given at 3:30 PM for tokens found that day!)*


By my signature below, I relieve the World Wide Association of Treasure Seekers and the
property owner, all of their employees, associates, club officers and hunt officials of any and
all claims, accidents, thefts or injuries that may occur while participation in any event or
function associated with the World Wide Association of Treasure Seekers Hunt. I agree at all
times to abide by all rules as set forth by the World Wide Association of Treasure Seekers Hunt
and property owner.

Held Rain or Shine--No Refunds.
Hunt Master’s decisions are final.

Signature:________________________________________ Date: ___________
Signature:________________________________________ Date:____________
Make Checks or Money orders payable TO: Keith Wills--on memo line WWATS Hunt
1495 FM 49
Phone: 903-734-7773
Gilmer, TX.
Email: kwills@etex.net

WWATS Rally & Hunt
c/o Keith Wills
1495 FM 49
Gilmer TX 75644

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