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Magic meetings

Any destiny depends on crucial meetings that you have along and across life. You must know how to
exploit these meetings, when it happens. I had a few. Some I knew how to use them, others do not.
If you were to make a movie it would probably be about meetings, about relationships between
people. There meetings a character that our lives without which prevent us. There meetings a
character that magic by the quality of what they reveal in us or others. There we calling meetings of
the remotest areas of our being, from the most remote areas of our history. There meetings that will
clarify a journey of life with a light to turn forever.
This is a movie about me ...
So I happen to meet in the sense of discovery, people, not starting from what they are in a certain
moment of life lived in common, but in obvious agreement spontaneously what will become or what
they were.
Meetings that may seem, at first sight, too early, too fast, and yet will show essential, decisive,
because they will sign a message, will give a new meaning to my existence or another.
In my opinion it would be an interesting movie that would make people reflect on their meetings
with others and put value because everything that happens to us has a purpose.
1. Lenght of time needed for shooting
Probably half a year is enough to make videos. At this time can wear on head due to which a video
camera will capture "magic" meetings of my life. Then another half an year are editing, selecting
interesting moments, but less interesting to be in the public interest, and the movie is ready.
2. Number of crew members involved and their tasks
Property Master - is a person who finds, get, maintain and place needed a scene on the set props
Editor - editor works with the final edit of the film director. The director has primary responsibility
for decisions taken in publishing, the publisher often has significant creative contributions to the
piecing together of filming. Editor begins work to finish even before filming, editing, assembling
preliminary daily filming. In modern cinema, the editor works using editing consoles without
actually touching movie
Color Timer - working with editor color image editor. He / she operates in the laboratory and
corrects color balance according to the demands of the film director for the stage
Continuity Person - is a person employed to ensure that the final product is free of blunders from
filming. These mistakes are quite common and can make the difference between a good movie or a
bad one. He must write down everything double each scene were fired for what she actors were in
their position, and inventory objects in a given set. Common Blunders are made by the appearance
or disappearance of objects from one image to another
Director (me) - director is responsible for all aspects of creation into a film. He is consulted on
hiring actors and filming locations chosen just before the start filming their plans. During them, he /

she supervises the cast and crew, filming and respect the timetable established film and budget. The
director is generally employed by a manufacturer, unless the producer of the film itself is concerned
Executive Producer - is a title that is often abused in the film industry. Normally, make
arrangements executive producer on the film financing and try to keep him on this budget. But
lately, the title was awarded and executive producer of actors or agents of persons who made the
project possible
Film Loader -it deals with loading and unloading film cameras required and also takes care of the
room where they store all film rolls used or to be used
Foley Artist - deals with the production of sound effects that can not be normally recorded during
filming. This includes reproduction of steps, thunder, creaking doors and floors and even the sound
of fists in a heartbeat
Line Producer - oversees the budget of the film, from actors and salary costs to rent the equipment
for a day. Production manager nevoiele and report their expenditures to it
Negative Cutter - editor takes negative film negative, it adapts and matches to the latest version
removed from editing, as indicated by the director, editor or producer. The final version of the film
is made from these negative
Post-Production Supervisor - is considering all that you complete a film after filming was
completed. Assist in editing sessions, maintain quality control and coordinate audio mixes, computer
graphics and other technical issues
Production Assistant - is considered / a as the person who "runs" the most during the realization of
a film. Production assistant must meet small but more and essential tasks for the entire production
Story Editor - script editor oversees and coordinates most analysts scenario that works for studio
production. Analysts read scripts, books and other materials, looking for potential subjects of the
film. Script editor takes all these materials and synthesizes them, teaching studio bosses by
promising topics for their development in a movie
Unit Publicist - makes sure that the media is to make known the fact that a film is in production. To
do this, send press releases, organizes interviews with the crew and actors, and visits on the set.
Also, set up advertising kits that include photos, videos or short summaries of the subject
Writer - scenario is the text of a play, a play or a film, usually with technical guidance and
direction, and the person who writes this text is called a writer. It is the starting point in any picture,
providing the raw material for the director, actors and the entire crew. When the writer has finished
text (or adaptation own idea a novel, play, etc.), he presents the director, you can accept it or not,
depending on the originality and profitability contained story.
(All these person could be acquaintances or my friends)
by Serghei Bargan

They stole the night and were caught on "hot traces"

Where? Near the shop No. 1 of the sector Botanica.
When? Last night, when offenders stole car accessories.
How? Entered by forcing locks or window damage.
Victims? According to preliminary information gathered by police five car owners have suffered
damage estimate of victims amounts to about 17,000 lei.
What taken? On them were found and raised automagnetole, mobile phones, GPS navigators, jungle,
screwdrivers, gloves and balaclavas.
The suspects were detained by Responder Operations Battalion Police Department mun. Chiinu
and were taken to the Police Inspectorate Botanica for documentation and further investigation.
by Serghei Bargan

Film rewiew Titanic

Before starting his film should necessarily comment to listen to Celine Dion because it would
introduce us into the atmosphere of the film is a masterpiece epic director James Cameron's
belonging breathtaking and stunning lifelike by sequences of sinking the largest transatlantic before.
The movie "Titanic" presents the Rose (Kate Winslet), a young girl of only 17 years, who embarks
on a journey to America to marry Cal Hockley rich man (Billy Zane). On the other hand a poor artist
Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio), reach him through some circumstances the celeb ship Titanic.
The two meet and between them is born a love story that opposes all around them. A tale of two but
does not have a happy ending, because on the night of April 14, 1912, Titanic hit an iceberg and
begins to sink ... noting that the film rightly deserves its awards and that everything was done in film
sets, special effects, frames chosen, costumes, soundtrack along with the actors are really amazing. I
would like to recommend this grosplan sal of this shocking tragedy.
It is one of the best films of all time, having success both in public (nearly $ 2 billion in worldwide
revenues) and criticism (11 Oscars / 14 nominations). Maybe I'm exaggerating, but I think almost

90% is due though James Cameron - a director's vision flawless script ... He entered the icy water to
film stand more than actors, producers imposed (by a at the time of huge budget $ 200 million) to
build his opinion a life-size replica of the Titanic, with inside and faithful copy complete with
chandeliers and cutlery ... and the actors did their job superlative and soundtrack (James Horner) is
exceptional, contributing greatly to the atmosphere of the film. In our sparked a real hysteria at the
time. More than 1.2 million spectators stood in queues in the morning until noon. To give you an
idea, like so many spectators only occurred in the first 20 films last year in total! What impressed
me most was that I saw people of all ages and nationalities (Chinese, Arabs, wives and children,
grandparents and grandchildren ...) by sitting in queues of over 50 meters for then to leave the
almost all cinemas with handkerchiefs eyes and the nose. A film that made James Cameron rightly
exclaimed "I'm the KING OF THE WORLD !!!" when he won an Oscar.
The film "Titanic" is riddled with moral dilemmas. In one of the scenes, the owner of Star Line, the
shipping company that owned the now-sinking Unsinkable, joins a lowered life-boat. The tortured
expression on his face demonstrates that even he experiences more than unease at his own conduct.
Prior to the disaster, he instructs the captain to adopt a policy dangerous to the ship. Indeed, it proves
fatal. A complicating factor was the fact that only women and children were allowed by the officers
in charge into the lifeboats. Another was the discrimination against Third Class passengers. The
boats sufficed only to half the number of those on board and the First Class, High Society
passengers were preferred over the Low-Life immigrants under deck.
Why do we all feel that the owner should have stayed on and faced his inevitable death? Because we
judge him responsible for the demise of the ship. Additionally, his wrong instructions motivated by
greed and the pursuit of celebrity were a crucial contributing factor. The owner should have been
punished (in his future) for things that he has done (in his past). This is intuitively appealing.
Would we have rendered the same judgement had the Titanics fate been the outcome of accident
and accident alone? If the owner of the ship could have had no control over the circumstances of its
horrible ending would we have still condemned him for saving his life? Less severely, perhaps. So,
the fact that a moral entity has ACTED (or omitted, or refrained from acting) in its past is essential
in dispensing with future rewards or punishments.
The "product liability" approach also fits here. The owner (and his "long arms": manufacturer,
engineers, builders, etc.) of the Titanic were deemed responsible because they implicitly contracted
with their passengers. They made a representation (which was explicit in their case but is implicit in
most others): "This ship was constructed with knowledge and forethought. The best design was
employed to avoid danger. The best materials to increase pleasure." That the Titanic sank was an
irreversible breach of this contract. In a way, it was an act of abrogation of duties and obligations.
The owner/manufacturer of a product must compensate the consumers should his product harm them
in any manner that they were not explicitly, clearly, visibly and repeatedly warned against.
Moreover, he should even make amends if the product failed to meet the reasonable and justified
expectations of consumers, based on such warrants and representations. The payment should be
either in kind (as in more ancient justice systems) or in cash (as in modern Western civilization). The
product called "Titanic" took away the lives of its end-users. Our "gut justice" tells us that the owner

should have paid in kind. Faulty engineering, insufficient number of lifeboats, over-capacity, hubris,
passengers and crew not drilled to face emergencies, extravagant claims regarding the ships
resilience, contravening the captains professional judgement. All these seem to be sufficient
grounds to the death penalty.
And yet, this is not the real question. The serious problem is this : WHY should anyone pay in his
future for his actions in the past? First, there are some thorny issues to be eliminated. Such as
determinism: if there is no free will, there can be no personal responsibility. Another is the
preservation of personal identity: are the person who committed the act and the person who is made
to pay for it one and the same? If the answer is in the affirmative, in which sense are they the
same, the physical, the mental? Is the "overlap" only limited and probabilistic? Still, we could
assume, for this discussions sake, that the personal identity is undeniably and absolutely preserved
and that there is free will and, therefore, that people can predict the outcomes of their actions, to a
reasonable degree of accuracy and that they elect to accept these outcomes prior to the commission
of their acts or to their omission. All this does not answer the question that opened this paragraph.
Even if there were a contract signed between the acting person and the world, in which the person
willingly, consciously and intelligently (without diminished responsibility) accepted the future
outcome of his acts, the questions would remain: WHY should it be so? Why cannot we conceive of
a world in which acts and outcomes are divorced? It is because we cannot believe in an a-causal
Causality is a relationship (mostly between two things, or, rather, events, the cause and the effect).
Something generates or produces another. Therefore, it is the others efficient cause and it acts upon
it acts to bring it about, through the mechanism of efficient causation. A cause can be a direct
physical mechanism or an explanatory feature (historical cause). Of Aristotles Four Causes
(Formal, Material, Efficient and Final), only the efficient cause creates something distinguishable
from itself. The causal discourse, therefore, is problematic (how can a cause lead to an effect,
indistinguishable from itself?). Singular Paradigmatic Causal Statements (Event A caused Event B)
differ from General ones (Event A causes Event B). Both are inadequate in dealing with mundane,
routine, causal statements because they do not reveal an OVERT relation between the two events
discussed. Moreover, in daily usage we treat facts (as well as events) as causes. Not all the
philosophers are in agreement regarding factual causation. Davidson, for instance, admits that facts
can be RELEVANT to causal explanations but refuses to accept them AS reasons. Acts may be
distinct from facts, philosophically, but not in day-to-day regular usage. By laymen (the vast
majority of humanity, that is), though, they are perceived to be the same.
by Serghei Bargan J21

Film rewiew Spartacus

In Stanley Kubrick's film of Spartacus, many events that are documented in the historical sources
are accurately portrayed. In the film, we see Spartacus and other slaves seize kitchen implements
from the cookhouse in which they are eating and attack the guards. This is clearly justified by
Plutarch in Fall of the Roman Empire; "seventy-eight, who realised this, managed to act in time and
get away, armed with choppers and spits which they seized from some cookhouse".
The film shows that in the summer of 73 BC, "about seventy slaves escaped from Batiatus's training
school at Capua and established a defensible position on Mount Vesuvius some thirty kilometres
away. " This is clearly justified by the historical sources and is accurately portrayed in the film.
The film also correclty portrays the Cilicians pulling out of an agreement with Spartacus, in which
they were going to transport slaves to Sicily. The Cilicians are bribed by the Romans to pull out of
the agreement, so that they can quell the slave revolt. This left the slaves trapped near Rhegium in
the Peninsula of Brittium, and with armies marching towards them from north and east, Spartacus
was left with no choice but to turn and face Crassus...
What is contradicted by the historical sources
In the film, Spartacus says that he was a slave from birth and that his father before him was also a
slave. However, this is contradicted by accounts of Spartacus' life. It is said that he had once served
with the military service with the Romans and was then later sold as a slave.

The next contradiction is when, in the film, Spartacus leads the slaves to cross the Alps where they
would disperse and go to their homes. However, Plutarch claims that the slaves had not agreed with
Spartacus' plan: "His men however, would not listen to him. They were strong in numbers and full
of confidence, and they went about Italy ravaging everything in their way.1"
One of the most incorrectly portrayed events in the film is when spartacus dies. In the film,
Spartacus is crucified after being forced to have a gladiatorial fight with his close friend. However, it
is documented that Spartacus actually died in battle, when he ran at Crassus: "Though he did not
reach Crassus, he cut down two centurions who fell on him together."
What has been added in
In the film, Spartacus falls in love with a kitchen slave who he takes with him and who eventually
has his child. However, none of this is documented in the historical sources and was probably added
in to have the seemingly mandatory love interest that is in Hollywood movies.
Along with Spartacus' 'wife' comes Spartacus' baby son who was born shortly before he died. This
has been added in by the film makers, probably to give the story an element of happiness in the end
because after the birth of Spartacus' son, his blood line is continued even though he is now dead.
by Serghei Bargan

Plan a TV documentary on a topic from the news or on one in

which you are knowledgeable or passionate. Bring details
about the plot, and schedule.
First of all, the story is a story. A story that you, the reporter, you say that you were there, you saw,
you know, you hear, you felt, smelled, tasted ... And most important is to make the reader "feel"
what you felt you "hear" what did you hear, "see" what you saw ... (M.Voirol 1992, p.52)
If I had to do a story plan, I would probably create in the following way:
The first condition is therefore reporter's presence on site to collect information. In fact, it's
redundant to say that, because the reporter, by definition, must be present among the people in the
middle of things. A story you can write in the office, giving some calls, sending some emails, but for
a story necessarily have to lift your butt off the chair.
Heads Up! The report is a kind of information, it is based on facts. His only link with literature is the
means of expression, not to real information and reporting. Do not invent anything! Scrim only what
we see, what we hear and what we feel, nothing more. Add a little color, a little excitement, that's
Here are some keywords that you must have in mind when we wrote a story: atmosphere, emotion,
visualization, senses, description, narration, portrait, on-site presence.
Typology reportage

Not much is killing anyone, in practice, take into account the typology. A story is a story and nothing
more. However I will list below some of the main types of report.
Event Reporting
Greatest importance in this type of report have facts, their drama. A kidnapping, a plane crash, a
terrorist attack, an act of heroism, all are subject to the reportage of the event. Here again neglect the
elements of the atmosphere, because if we did there would be no story, but the magnitude of these
details should be in the background. The report of the event can be confused easily with the account
in both the compulsory presence of journalists among facts.
Reporting atmosphere
As the name implies, this type of reportage emphasis is on the details of the atmosphere. Day 1 May
the sea, an important concert, a day in an orphanage, a day in the most luxurious hotel in the world,
or simply what means a day in the park, all are subject to the report of the atmosphere. In principle,
it transmits the same thing as the story of the event, only the foreground is occupied by the
atmosphere, not facts.
Although it seems simple, it is hard to define that divers. He is a really minor in terms of social
significance. But it's something that amuses, contrasting, in short, something strange. Not always
involves a laborious documentation. Philippe Gaillard typology that includes diverse: crazy town
scammer cheated, unhappy child, collector what strange things ...
Among the types listed, the report is the only event that you can not write whenever you feel like it,
because it depends heavily on the facts. And the facts are happening or not happening, they can not
be invented. It is important that when an event occurs such as those listed above will not miss out.
In addition to the types mentioned above, there are many classifications. We often hear the term
"great story" (Le Grand reportage). He sums actually features other types.
A few tips:
- Build images show readers what you see, describe. But avoid long passages of description
certainly are tedious and irrelevant;
- "In a description not neglect people. They may be present by their absence: abandoned buildings, a
church yard overgrown etc. (...) There are situations where the absence is stronger, more evocative
than his presence. "(Sorin Preda, 2006, p. 167)
- Exploit voices. Quotations enliven the text and also authenticity;
- Pay attention to the numbers. Do not tell anyone that they must be absent, but not abused. There
they are the key to your reportage. Not for them you went to the spot, you could probably find
without going out of office. Vulgar figures. What does it mean to say 30 million dollars? How many
know what this money. Could you illustrate what can be bought with them;

- Think of your text really you. After writing text reader borrow your eyes, your ears, your nose.
Basically you borrow you for a few moments reading. Then read your text as if you were there, you
get the reader to whom you borrowed. Read and see if you feel exactly how you felt at times when
you were on the spot. If you do not feel it, rewrite it means that the text is bad;
- As a last tip, do not consider these tips as absolute and valid under all conditions. Experience is the
best advice.
by Serghei Bargan

Hi! How are you?

Hi, how are you ?, is a Romanian film in 2011, directed by Alexandru Maftei. The main roles are
played by actors Dana Voicu, Ionel Mihailescu, Paul Diaconescu and Ana Popescu. As a genre, this
film is a romantic comedy with elements of drama.
The film won several national and international awards, critics saying at the time that his appearance
may be a necessary diversification began in Romanian cinema
The relationship between spouses Gabriel (Ionel Mihailescu) and Gabriela (Dana Voicu) became
routine after 20 years of marriage, both partners living being bored each other. He is a former pianist
who suffered from an accident index finger could not sing and I had to turn the pages of sheet music
for other pianists, less trained. She dropped out of college to increase their son and currently works
as head of a dry cleaning shop for clothes. Their son, Vladimir (Paul Diaconescu), is 17 years old
and is a punk, with many girlfriends have sex with that wherever they (his room, the washing
machine in the chemistry lab, etc.). He wants to become famous and participate unsuccessful
audition for selection of porn actors.
In one day, Gabriel goes on tour with the orchestra in Pascani and is accommodated with Marcel
(Ioan Andrei Ionescu). After the concert, wanting to be alone in the room with his wife, Luminita
(Iulia Boros), Marcel takes his roommate at an Internet Cafe and teaches him to chat chatting with
others. Meanwhile, Gabriela is taught by Toni (Ana Popescu), committed them to use chat, and the
couple enter into discussions with each other, but without knowing it. They converse for hours,
falling for each other. Vladimir noticed that his mother comes home later and later and blackmail to
buy a computer to not say anything to his father.
Discussions on the chat between the two continues even after arriving home of Gabriel. Her parents
bought a computer Vladimir, intending to use her camera and Internet conversations. Meanwhile,
both spouses observe their spouse and someone else thinks is wrong. Gabriel is surprised with
ballerina Natalia (Antoaneta Cojocaru) and Gabriel is a professor of psychology (Adrian Paduraru),
who woos her. The couple continue their chat conversations during this period, without disclosing
their identities and real. Finally, they set up an appointment, each dodging goal to give the apartment

to life partner. The couple we meet on the way to the meeting and, not knowing that they were
actually meeting each other, decide to return home together.
Inexplicably drawn by a classmate named Miruna Jipescu (Sabrina Iaschievici), a "nerd" who
refused his advances, Vladimir diligently proceeds to teach physics to impressing. He breaks
relations with his former friends, who begins to consider some depraved, and begins courting a
"nerd". Vladimir participate in physical Olympics, reaching the national phase of the school
competition. He kissed Miruna National Olympiad in Cluj and decide to make love by participating
in the International Physics Olympiad in Venice.
Convinced each other that deceives his parents Vladimir shall establish a new meeting chat. They
meet in the park with each other and decide to divorce because they no longer love. Gabriel moved
alone in a studio and began to join the orchestra as an interpreter at the triangle and cymbals.
Gabriela enrolled in a private school of psychology.
by Serghei Bargan

1.US Message for PLDM, PD and PL: Integrity, best value for key posts in
the Government
The most important function of future government must be occupied by persons of integrity. The
message conveyed by US Ambassador to Moldova William H. Moser, representatives LDP and PL
which is currently negotiating a new coalition government.

"Moldova must find the best qualified candidates, regardless of party affiliation. Moldova is a
crucial time, and the technical competence and integrity are qualities more valuable to key posts in
the government than anything else, "Moser said in an interview for national newspapers.

US diplomat stressed that the new parliament and government must seriously address the judicial
sector reform. However, they must declare the real fight against corruption in all sectors.

"We need to focus on the implementation of the Association Agreement and the Agreement Deep
and Comprehensive Free Trade Area with the EU. They will have to make difficult choices on the
banking system of Moldova. And I think Moldovan leaders must redouble their efforts to involve all
citizens of Moldova and demonstrate their commitment to working with minorities and human
rights. This includes the difficult task seriously address Transnistria conflict extended to significant
progress that would lead to a permanent settlement of the problem. Preventing progress in all these
issues is corruption. Corruption must be eradicated in all sectors. The Moldovan people should not
expect less than that ", said the US ambassador.

Recall that negotiations between PL and PL LDP on forming a coalition government began a week
ago. However, discussions are held in secret, and representatives of parties refuse to declare what
topics are covered and how they will be shared state functions.

Negotiations to form a new coalition government despite secretly go call on civil society leaders
urged the parties involved to allow access international partners. In an appeal signed by 56 nongovernmental organizations, members of the Platform "Pro Europe", civil society representatives
asked not to trade with state institutions as happened previously.

by Serghei Bargan

2. A girl stole US $ 10,000 from the house and walked 800 kilometers by
taxi. Cat had to pay

Alexis Waller, a girl aged 11 years, in the US state of Arkansas, stole $ 10,000 from her
grandmother, and then took a taxi to get to Florida, where he wanted to meet with a guy.

Immediately after he stole the money, did Alexis auto-stop to the city Little Rock, where he made
the order of taxi, according to Huffington Post.
She has not reached its destination, but traveled 800 kilometers by taxi on the way to Florida.
"I said you have to get in Jacksonville, Florida. He asked me if I have money and I said yes," he told
Alexis about her trip by taxi.
The reason was that he wanted getaway to meet with a boy aged 16 years, who spoke on the
internet. But her plan collapsed when the police have tracked down the taxi driver who took it, and
he told them that he was in Atlanta.
Girl's parents said they were extremely upset with her, but also glad that did not happened anything.
by Serghei Bargan

3. Miss World 2014. Rolen Strauss comes from South Africa, is a medical
student and wants to be a "beacon" of hope.

A brunette with delicate features of South Africa won the Miss World contest. Rolen is 22 years old
and a student at Medicine. Alexandra Moldoveanca Caruntu failed to get any in the top 25.
The competition, which reached number 64 edition, however, was mourning the murder of one of
the participants: Miss Honduras at the end of last month.
The winner has been barely control her tears of joy on hearing the announcement. In a pale pink
dress, full of ruffles, Rolen armband Strauss received from the Miss World title that he won last year.
Then beaten with jeweled crown was placed on his head.
The winner is 22 years old and 1 meter tall and 77. The model and 4 year student Medicine, likes to
play sports and listening to music. Miss South Africa was also a favorite of UK bookmakers.
Rolen Strauss, Miss World 2014: "It is a unique opportunity for me and I can not wait to represent
my country in the world and become a" beacon "of hope for the world."
In second place was ranked Miss Hungary.
Edina Kulcsr, Miss Hungary: "I hope that my people are proud of myself, because that never
happened ever, no Miss Hungary has not even managed to reach the top 20."
And 3rd place was occupied by Miss United States.
This year's competition was held in the absence of representatives Honduras. Miss Honduras and her
sister were found dead at the end of last month, just days before the date on which was scheduled to
leave for London.
The top 5 have joined Australia and England.
Top 11: India, Guyana, Brazil, Kenya, Mexico and Thailand.
Top 25: Bolivia, China, Dominican Republic, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sudan, Vietnam, Finland, Ghana,
Netherlands, Philippines, Russia, Scotland, Sweden, Trinidad and Tobago.
The event, attended by 121 young was hosted by the British capital, the city where he was born, in
1951, the Miss World contest.
by Serghei Bargan

4. Were distributed awards 2014! Artur Ionita, Moldova Football

Federation appointed the best player
Artur Ionita was appointed Moldova Football Association player of the year 2014. The player moves
the Moldova national team and is legitimated in Verona. Awards and players took the Sheriff and
Veris, although the last was withdrawn from the championship.
This year Artur Ionita managed a sensational transfer from Swiss club Aarau in Italian Verona.
Moldovan first in Serie A, aged 24 years, and scored 2 times for his new team in Turin and Genoa
with parties. The past performance was not without attention, so Artur Ionita obtained the best
Moldovan footballer in 2014. Since tonight is match with his club, Ionita could not attend the Gala
FMF. He sent a video message.
Federation shared many other awards notorious today. The best goalkeeper of the year became
Sergei Pascenco, Sheriff, and the best quarterback - Petru Racu, former player of the club Veris,
which is now a free agent after the withdrawal of Outlaws championship.
Another member of the Team of Moldova, Alexandru Dedov, was appointed midfielder year and
Radu Gansari, evolving Sheriff - the best striker.
Became coach of Lilian Popescu, who after leaving the Veris, is looking for a new club.
FMF awarded, among others, and the best futsal players, beach football or soccer tennis. Team of
the Year Award, surprisingly, was absent.
Atmosphere at the Football Gala was provided by many local performers.
by Serghei Bargan

5. Special evening in a sports complex in Chisinau. Fighters from several

countries have shown strength in cage
Evening fire in a sports complex in Chisinau. Fighters from France, Switzerland and Moldova have
demonstrated strength in the cage and produced a great spectacle. Belt champion in the category of
66 kg was conquered by the Russian Husein Ashabov.
16 battles were given last night at the 2nd edition of Cage Encounter of Moldova. Temperatures
were high not only in the cage, and beyond. Our country was represented at the tournament eight
boys. One of the most dramatic confrontations between was the Ukrainian Andrei Barbarosie and
Stepan Poshivak. Moldoveanu won the fight in just 90 seconds.
Another gem of the evening was the duel between two girls: Roxana Teixeira in France and Daria
Cebisova in Ukraine. It was a hot battle, and each had moments when sport could give. Finally,
Ukrainian girl succumbed under the rain of blows to the head.
Roxane TEIXEIRA, fighter, FRANCE: "opponent was very fast, but I defended myself and I
adapted her style to replicate more. I am very pleased with the superb atmosphere in the room. "
Belt champion in the weight category of 70 kg was not given to anyone, because Russian fighter
shot Hasan Ashabov applied a prohibited duel with Frenchman Damien Lapilus. Instead, his brother
Hussein won the belt WWFC 66 kg category. Husein's difficult battle with Swiss Benjamin Brender
lasted all 5 rounds, and in the end the jury decided that Ashabov was better. The evening ended with
beautiful superfight the Moldavian and Romanian Ion Cutelaba Isidore best. Our fighter shot down
his opponent in the first round.
Ion CUTELABA, fight MOLDOVA: "When tracing foot in the cage, I feel like a tiger, a lion. If I
bath my chance to fight for the belt I prepare a lot. The chance because I believe in me. "
Cage fighting tournament was organized by the International League and the National Association
of WWFC Combat Sambo and MMA in Moldova. It was the 2nd edition held in Moldova, after the
one in June.
by Serghei Bargan

6. A policeman from Orhei will spend the next years behind bars for failing
to respond to a murder
A policeman was sentenced to four years in prison for indifference. According to the prosecution has
not responded to the call of a woman whose sister had been burned by brother in law. Following
woman of 20 years died.
The tragic incident occurred two years ago. The policeman who was on duty at the police station
Orhei, was notified by phone by a woman like that is physically assaulted and threatened by her
husband. The officer but did nothing, and aggressive man-sister sprinkled with gasoline and set it on
fire. The police officer was charged with misconduct in office that resulted in the death of a person.
The sentence is not final.
by Serghei Bargan