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The investigation and study of the grammar mistakes phenomenon in the middle-school
s composition in Zhuang ethnic language Area
taking several Middle Schools of Wu-xuan County as examples
Postgraduade: Luo RiSheng Supervisor:Wang DeMing
Subject:Subject Teaching Major:Chinese Teaching Grade:2005

The purpose of language teaching is to develop the studuentsabilities to readlisten, and
write. It aims at developing the studentsabilities to master the language of their motherland, and
make the writing skills training as the centre of the teaching objectives. Writing can most reflect
the level of a person's quality of the language, because it is a reflection of a persons abilities to
use and master language. The writing ability of the student is basically measured in whether he
can use his words correctly. So we view the writing skills training as "half of the countryin the
native language teaching. At present, the study and analysis on the grammar mistakes and the
strategies to solve the problem are relatively less in and out of our country. I try to find out the
current situation of the grammar mistakes in the middle school students composition by
investigating, analysis the cause of the phenomenon, and come up with a good idea to solve the
problem according to some theories.
The current writing ability of the middle school students is seriously weakened. One of the
most serious problems is the incensement in the grammar mistakes in their composition. There
many problems exist in their composition. Survey shows that the main errors in students
composition are mainly the misuse of sentences, syntax errors, and logical errors, ambiguity,
improper use of the associative words, creating new words in an improper way, miscellaneous
Combination of the sentences, the misuse of punctuation, ideologically misunderstanding, and so
on. The grammar mistakes are increasing seriously for several reasons. The first reason is the
students and teachers are still unaware of the seriousness of the problem. What is more, the
students are not mature enough ideologically. Third, the students are still lack of a necessary
sense and accumulation of language. And the "pseudo-sanctify" culture also existed in their
compositions. A lack of training in writing ability is also a main reason. Because of that, their
composition is confusing, lack of logic and idea. Besides, their native tough also badly affect
their expressions. Still, social culture can have effect on the studentsideology. At the same time,
in the recent years, the ignorance of grammar in Chinese teaching also can cause serious
problems in writing. The grammar mistake is a normal phenomenon, because this is the
necessary stage the middle school student has to go through, in which they would develop their
ideas and expressions, and make their own language more and more sophisticated. But it is
unmoral if these ill expressions appear in a large numbers and exist for a long time in the
composition. Therefore, reducing the grammar mistakes and shortening the time to improve it
need our awareness. The teachers should improve their expression level and pay much attention
to the teaching skills, and take some methods to solve the problem. Students should read more
masterpieces to develop the sense of language and the ability to think in Putonghua and improve
their cognition towards life. The writing training should be increased and the unhealthy style of
writing should be corrected. Students should raise their interest in Chinese learning and learn it
from society actively. More social language is required to learn. Putongha should be widely use
in middle schools and students are suggested to use Putonghua to communicate and organize
their language in the composition. Besides, both teachers and students should learn more relevant
The paper adopts the sampling method and content analysis method. The objectives of my
survey are the some middle school students in our county. And then, I will analysis it. The
value of this paper lies in the investigation into the grammar mistakes in the high school

studentscomposition and analyses and the analyses on it. The strategies to I put forward to
solve the problem are most meaningful. The paper emphasizes the importance of developing the
sense of language and grammar teaching. And according to the differences between the grammar
mistakes in compositions of the junior middle school students and senior middle school
students, the paper analysis the development of the grammar mistakes in the process from a
junior middle school student to a senior middle school student. Moreover, the paper analyses the
features of the grammar mistakes in the compositions of the Zhuang ethnic language school
students. This is the specialist and innovation in this paper.
This paper is divided into four parts.
The first part briefly discussed the inspiration I get from the phenomenon that the current
middle school studentswriting abilities are weakened, and tried to fine out the its internal and
external factors. The paper provides teachers suggestions to improve their teaching skills, and
provide students ways and theoretical basis to improve their writhing abilities. The study on this
subject is rare around all over the world. The paper also discusses the research methods and
some relevant theories, such as linguistic, ideologies, logic, and syntax.
The second part introduces all kinds of grammar mistakes discovered in the survey. It is
mainly summarized from the aspects of the morphology, syntax, sentence, means, understanding,
logic, and chapter. It also especially analyses it from the grammar mistakes in the ethnic middle
school studentscompositions.These grammar mistakes are mainly about the following items:
the writing mistakes caused by pronunciation, mistakes caused by interpretations in Chinese,
complement postposed to the object, prepositional phrase used as complement, using the word
more, over as comparative sign, limited vocabulary of verb and quantifier, misuse of
open-class words, misuse of the Chinese characters according to the pronunciation of Zhuang
Part three of the paper analyses the two reasons for this problem: lack of awareness and
operational mistakes. Lacking of awareness means that the students are still not mature enough
physically and ideologically. Their compositions are always confusing and illogical. And the
lack of sense of language, expressions, and true feelings also makes their compositions dull and
full of grammar mistakes. And the impact of dialects and social language are most important.
The operational mistake mainly includes a lack of sense of language and a certain understanding
of some grammar theories, insufficient training intensity, the impact of national language,
dialects and social language and so on.
Part four is mainly about the measures to solve the problem. We must be aware of this
phenomenon and pay more attention to grammar teaching. Students are also required to calculate
more knowledge about language and develop the true feelings in composition, think in
Putonghua. Both teachers and students should learn more language theories, improve their
understanding of life, learn from the public and correct the writing style. Only by doing that, can
we solve the problem.
We should attach great importance to the grammar mistakes in students' writing, and help
them reduce these mistakes to better manage their mother language. And also, we have to make
sure that they have good thinking habits to improve the ability of understanding the objective
world. As an educator, helping students grow up in a healthy environment and purifying our
mother language is our obligatory responsibility.
Key words: investigation grammar mistake