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How Christianity falsified the teachings of Jesus

It is perhaps the greatest irony of history that the very institution which clai
ms to represent Jesus on earth has completely perverted his teachings. Almost no
matter which branch of Christianity you have been exposed to, you have been giv
en an entirely false view of Jesus and his true mission. This view is not simply
based on ignorance, it is based on a deliberate intent to prevent you from know
ing the true teachings of Jesus and thereby claiming your Christhood.
This is not to say that all Christian leaders or ministers are aware of this and
are deliberately misleading people. The deliberate falsification of Jesus true m
essage took place a long time ago, but the problem is that very few modern Chris
tians have been willing to acknowledge what happened, let alone do anything to c
orrect the errors of the past. Thus, modern Christianity is simply building its
cathedrals on the sands of past falsifications and manipulations.
Why was Jesus message distorted and falsified? It was the power elite of his soci
ety that killed Jesus and since then varying power elites have done everything t
hey could to prevent you from following the example of Jesus. The leaders of the
ruling elite do not want even one person to claim his or her Christhood and the
y especially do not want 10,000 people or even millions of people to do so.
The one thing you need to acknowledge about Christianity is that it is not a rel
igion, meaning it is not an institution dedicated to securing your salvation. In
stead, Christianity is a political apparatus aimed at controlling the population
at large and especially at preventing the emergence of people who dare to expre
ss their Christhood.
The teachings on this website will describe many of the lies and dis-interpretat
ions used to falsify Jesus message. You will also learn about Jesus true message a
nd how it is relevant today.
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