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A Short History on Connection to the Philippines and Taxation

The Philippine Islands (PI) has an interesting history. By some accounts PI is a magical place.
For some reasons unknown to me, in the early 20th Century many of the world powers decided to
move the seat of One World Government to PI. Therefore, they shipped their gold to PI for
In the early 1900s when the government was establishing PI, the Dept of Treasury created the
Department of Contract Settlement with the intent to settle all contracts with military type
personnel. This act was an effort to eliminate all connections to the State and Federal
governments (actually to make sure that the government did not have to pay the military
remember receipt of FRNs is not a payment in fact more like gold or a mule and 40 acres).
Unfortunately, those contracts were never settled and still exist to this day (DD214). So, anyone
who is a STATE CITIZEN or FEDERAL CITIZEN falls under the Dept of Contract Settlement.
Citizens and all naturalized citizens are considered chattel property. Bonds are issued against
the surety (chattel property of the US). So, the Alien Property Custodian (SecTreas PR) and the
DCS were vested in the same party. So, the APC vis--vis the head of the DCS controls all
contracts that you have with the STATE and FEDERAL.
In 1920 they got rid of the Treasury Department in Washington then relocated them to Puerto
Rico with the DEPARTMENT OF CONTRACT SETTLEMENT; the reason for this is to
keeping themselves out of jurisdiction. The Secretary of the Treasury is three things; he is the
Alien Property Custodian; the Secretary of Treasury of the United States and the head of the
The Philippine Trust Fund 2 is a special Internal Revenue Trust Fund that is in Puerto Rico. It is
Trust Fund Number 62. The Secretary of Treasury of Puerto Rico handles both Trust Funds; he
handles the Philippines Islands and Puerto Rico but they have 2 Commissioners of the Internal
Revenue, there is one in the Philippines and one in the U.S. What's happening is that all the tax
returns are filed and sifted through the Philippines is revenue collection on liquors. The Bureau
of Internal Revenue and the Commissioner of Internal Revenue in the Philippine Islands is the
one collecting all the revenues. The Secretary of Treasury of Puerto Rico handles both
jurisdictions the Philippines and Puerto Rico are both territories of the United State. The
Secretary of the Treasury in Puerto Rico is also the Alien Property Custodian and the head of the
DEPARTMENT OF CONTACT SETTLEMENT was established during the era of World War I
and II. All War Contracts are sifted through the DEPARTMENT OF CONTRACT

SETTLEMENT which once was The Department of Treasury.

Such was the case with the UNITED STATES. As will be recalled, President Franklin D.
Roosevelt made it mandatory for all US Citizens to turn over their gold to the US. Then
Congress passed a law making it illegal for US Citizens to own gold.
That gold was probably then shipped to PI for safekeeping and the US issued bonds in the multitrillions to finance the US government. This fostered the US through its central bank to issue
small change for those bonds, which we call Federal Reserve Notes, FRNs. The actual bonds
were written in the denominations of $100M and $500M, and were seventy year bonds. After
the seventy years as the bonds were matured, anyone who could demonstrate that they
legitimately owned the bonds could call the gold. These bonds are legally the property of the
Federal Reserve Bank.
This is why the Fed can truthfully say that FRNs are not issued at interest, because the FRN was
fully backed by bonds via the gold on hand.
This shoots down the argument made by so many that the FRNs is phony money. What most
proponents of that argument have not considered is that the FRNs are small change for the bonds
issued on the gold held at PI.
It was during this time that the Bureau of Internal Revenue was created. The word venue refers
to a place, and a re-venue means to change the place. One way to look at this is to consider that
the gold (moveable dirt) is the venue, and the re-venue is the currency generated from gold.
Sometimes we look at this as a removal from the private venue (gold) to the public (gold
standard or fiat currency).
So, in reference to the bonds and the small change FRNs that were put into circulation, taxes can
be viewed as a usage fee. When we opt to use the FRNs as a medium of exchange in our
commercial affairs, we are simply charged a use tax. The Bureau of Internal Revenue was set up
to collect the tax on the use of FRNs. The use of FRNs is purely voluntary on our part.
A debt servicer was set up. It was called the Internal Revenue Service. It is Trust #2 in PI and
Trust #62 in PR.

Now lets switch to Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico (PR) is considered as a territory. The Constitution announces, in Article IV Section
3 clause 2, the powers of Congress over their other property unincorporated (not incorporated)
jurisdiction, it also announces the jurisdiction of the Union of states under Article IV Section 3
clause 1. Thus, we have the first designation of two kinds of territorial jurisdictions. The first has

to do with the incorporated Union of states, addressed in Article IV Section 3 clause 1, also
known as the territory, that functions within the strict letter of the Constitution. The second
jurisdiction, referred to as other property, in Article IV Section 3 clause 2 is known as a
territory, remains unincorporated, or not included, in the Union of states. So, PI and PR are a
territory as defined under the Constitution which are not held to an exact interpretation of the
Constitution but rather operate on the spirit of the Constitution.
The corporate headquarters of the UNITED STATES (US) is PR, not Washington, DC. The US
is the debt servicer or tax collector on the tax owed for the use of the FRNs. Is the US bankrupt?
It does not appear so since the FRNs is small change for the bonds written against the gold
warehoused in PI.
What is bankrupt? It appears that the bankrupt entity is the United States of America whose
corporate charter is the Constitution for the United States, simply a reorganizational bankruptcy
started in 1789 and continued through three periods of bankruptcy for 210 years ending in 1999.
So, the Internal Revenue Service, Trust #2 in PI is doing business as Trust #62 in PR.
Pursuant to Treasury Delegation Order No. 92, the IRS is trained under the direction of
the Division of Human Resources United Nations (U.N.) and the Commissioner, by the office of
Personnel Management. In the 1979 edition of 22 USCA 278, The United Nations, you will
find Executive Order 10422. The Office of Personnel Management is under the direction of the
Secretary of the United Nations.
Pursuant to Treasury Delegation Order No. 91, the IRS entered into a Service
Agreement with the US Treasury Department (See Public Law 94-564, Legislative History, pg.
5967, Reorganization [BANKRUPTCY!!!] Plan No. 26) and the Agency for International
Development. This agency is an international paramilitary operation and, according to the
Department of the Army Field manual (1969) 41-10, pgs 1-4, Sec. 1-7 (b) & 1-6. Sec. 1-10 (7)
(c)(1), and 22 USCA 284, includes such activities as, Assumption of full or partial executive,
legislative, and judicial authority over a country or area.
The IRS is also an agency/member of a 169 nation pact called the International Criminal
Police Organization, or INTERPOL, found at 22 USCA 263a. The memorandum of
Understanding, (MOU), between the Secretary of Treasury, AKA the corporate governor of The
Fund and The Bank (International Monetary Fund, and the International Bank for
Reconstruction and Development), indicated that the Attorney General and her associates are
soliciting and collecting information for foreign principals; the international organizations,
corporations, and associations, exemplified by 22 USCA 286f.
According to the 1994 US Government Manual, at page 390, the Attorney General is the
permanent representative to INTERPOL, and the Secretary of Treasury is the alternate member.
Under Article 30 of the INTERPOL constitution, these individuals must expatriate their
citizenship. They serve no allegiance to the United States of America. The IRS is paid by The
Fund and The Bank.

Thus it appears from the documentary evidence that the Internal Revenue Service agents
are Agents of a Foreign Principle within the meaning and intent of the Foreign Agents
Registration Act of 1938" for private, not public, gain.
The IRS is directed and controlled by the corporate Governor of The Fund and The
Bank. The Federal Reserve Bank and the IRS collection agency are both privately owned and
operated under private statutes. The IRS operates under public policy, not Constitutional Law,
and in the interest of our nations foreign creditors.
The Constitution only permits Congress to lay and collect taxes. It does not authorize
Congress to delegate the tax collection power to a private corporation, which collects our taxes
for a private bank, the Federal Reserve, who then deposits it into the Treasury of the IMF.
The IRS is not allowed to state that they collect taxes for the United States Treasury. They
only refer to The Treasury.
So, lets sum it all up.
First, remember the saying, he who has the gold writes the rules. So, who has the gold? The
One World Government has the gold. What is current name for the one world government?
United Nations. So, to whom do the Bureau of Internal Revenue in PI and the Internal Revenue
Service in PR work for? The United Nations. If you use FRNs for your commercial transactions
in the public revenue, to whom do you owe the use tax? The United Nations. Who is the debt
servicer and collector for the interest on the national debt of the United States of America? The
UNITED STATES whose corporate headquarters are in PR. Who is the CEO of the US in PR?
George W. Bush, Jr.