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Best Stomach Exercises

One of the most dangerous forms of fat deposit is belly fat (not to mention being one of
the most unattractive). On the other hand, having considerably lean and well-developed
abdominal muscles is attractive on men. They give the image of power, vigor and fitness
which are what women are most attracted to in men.
Studies suggest that men spend 56 hours on average per week sitting. This does not only
weaken the core but allows abdominal fat deposits. The following exercises are the most
effective when comes to building abdominal muscles:

Spiderman Plank Crunch. Yesthis abdominal exercise is named after a

superhero to give you a superhero-cut abdominal abs (or the equivalent of what
we see in movies). In this exercise, your entire core is given activity from the front
to the back abdominal area. This is performed without the assistance of an
equipment and can be performed even in an open space. To do this:
o Begin by assuming the traditional plank stance with the body perfectly
straight and the forearms planted on the ground.
o Move your right knee forward bringing it nearer to your right elbow.
o Return to the plank position.
o Move your left knee forward brining it nearer to your left elbow.
o Repeat the process.

Cable Rotation. Not only will this exercise keep your belly in a best condition, it
also prepares and tones the core muscles to improve sports performances. This
exercise is best for baseball, tennis or golf players.
o Hold the cables with both hands in front of you.
o While you keep your abs engaged and your arms straight, rotate your body
to the right.
o Rotate back to center.
o Rotate to left.
o Rotate again to center and to the right.
o Repeat 10 times.
Bicycle Crunch. This exercise targets the three key areas while combining the
revers crunch (that targets lower abdominal muscles) with regular crunch and
side-to-side motion.
o Lie on your back and place both hands behind your head.
o Raise your legs and bend it perpendicularly (at 90o).
o Bring your left elbow towards your right knee and your right elbow
towards your left knee. Do this alternatingly for a minute.
o You can try to hold the crunch on a side (either left or right) to concentrate
a slower movement on the said side.
Cross Crunch. This is, perhaps, the safest and the simplest exercise included
here. This exercise targets the lower abdominal muscles.

o Start by lying on your back with your legs and arms forming a diagonal
(forms an x).
o While keeping the legs and the arms straight, bring your left hand towards
your right foot.
o While doing this, lift your head, shoulders and neck off ground.
o Bring your right hand towards your left foot.
o Repeat 10 times.
Swiss-ball rollout. This is a fun exercise with the use of a Swiss ball.
o Hold the Swiss ball firmly with your hands while kneeling on a mat or
o While keeping your abs engaged and your back as straight as possible, roll
the ball away from you.
o Slowly roll the ball back to its starting position.
o Repeat 10 times.