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NameMingyang Ni

2. Programme and Year of Study: BSc Statistics with Finance, First-year undergraduate student

3. Targeted posts in order of preference

Vice President for Research

4. Relevant past experience (including, if possible, contributions to the society)

Staff Student Liaison Committee Representative

Representing the students during the academic year and liaising with departmental staff in the Staff
Student Liaison Committees.

Drafting proposals to improve the quality of the programme and LSE student experience.

Research Associate, Finance Society

Contributed financial articles to the Finance Society Analyst magazine with in-depth research on
several topics which possess strong influences in the financial world.
The article on the topic of the potential exit of the UK from the EU and its implication was selected and
published on the latest issue of the Analyst.
Actively attended the events held by the finance society, selected and wrote the newsletter for the FINCA
presentation by its CEO, John Hatch.
Worked in the Alumni Networking Reception Logistics Team to provide back support for the event;
successfully planned, took care of all parts of the logistics and ensured the smooth functioning of the event
on the actual day.

Currently in contact with CIUK regarding organising a series of knowledge-based training sessions in
the coming academic year.
Assistant Treasurer, Investment Society

Helping the treasurer record and monitor the spending of the society through establishing a
new spreadsheet.
Making sure that each division get enough funds to support their activities and monitor them
from over-spending at the same time.

Chairperson, Chinese Calligraphy Club, Temasek Junior College

Founded national Temasek Chinese Calligraphy Competition.
Raised $1,200 during the Madrigrass Celebration for the Student Council and the Society by accurately
estimating the student flow and finding out the preference of potential customers through surveys.
Chief organiser of the Open House events which had a student flow of roughly 1600 students during a
two-day period to publicise the school to potential students.
Organised a three-day stay-over camp for a group of over 100 student leaders from different schools to
provide a platform for them to develop leadership and teamwork skills.

Class Representative, Temasek Junior College

Led the class to achieve the best class award in 2013 by building up rapport and sense of duty within the
Organised the Annual Go Green Day for the class and collected used newspaper and books to raise fund
for the Singapore Lion Foundation.

5. Manifesto/plans for the first preference position only

In my opinion, the main function of the Research division is to provide the members of our society with
financial knowledge that is needed to facilitate the organisation of the events and preparing for their
interviews. I believe that our division has done an excellent job in producing the high-quality Analyst
magazine. However, I feel that the research division has great potential to expand ranges of events and
create more influence in our school.
What I will continue to do:

Maintain the high quality of our flagship magazine-The Analyst.

Provide newsletters to summarise the events held the Finance society to give students who are not
able to attend the events a quick overview of the events.

What I hope to bring to the division:

Introducing a series of industry specific knowledge-based workshop which aims to equip students with
the relevant knowledge for their spring and summer internship interviews.
Providing research and article writing training for the research division committee members to push
the Analyst to a higher standard.
Organising presentations on less-represented fields such as quantitative research in S&T and the life
as a research associate in asset managements.
Establishing an interview question base for our committee members and provide the financial
knowledge which may be used to answer the technical questions.

Working with other divisions, most probably the special project divisions to hold a London-wide
financial knowledge and case presentation competition to increase the publicity of our society and to
enhance the CVs of the participants

Working with the marketing division to establish a section on our website which contains categorised
basic financial knowledge base for all society members.
I believe the above plan have great potential to increase the publicity of the research division as well as
help our society to attract more memberships and sponsorships.

6. List of other possible commitments