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04 February 2015

4.06pm – 5.16pm
Chairperson Calderon (late, 4.20pm)
Vice Chairperson Muñoz
Councilors Balagot, Carbonell, de Layola, Reynoso, and Sarmiento
Year Level Representatives Fuentes, Iwarat, and Callejo
1. Remittance
2. Committee/Batch Updates
3. College GA Assessment
4. AIT Month
5. USC Updates
6. Other Matters (Partnerships)
1. Agenda Approval
- add: Dean’s Announcements from last Monday general assembly
- remove: USC updates
- Approved
2. Remittance
3. Committee/Batch Updates
Year II (c/o Batch Rep Callejo)
- already sent group message regarding Mr. & Ms. AIT
Year III (c/o Batch Rep Iwarat)
- no representatives yet for Mr. & Ms. AIT
- batch GA last Thursday: batch bonding
Year IV and Graduation Committee (c/o Batch Rep Fuentes)
- batch GA cancelled
- third schedule for photoshoot
- downpayment for yearbook: some students backed out because it’s expensive
Secretariat (c/o Councilor Balagot)
- attendance report already uploaded
- warnings for attendance to be sent through email
- please share Scribd updates
- attendance report: update every last GA for the month
Mass Media (c/o Councilor Reynoso)
- share announcements within 24 hours
Education and Research (c/o Councilor Sarmiento)
- college election code committee: meeting after GA

Finance (c/o Councilor de Layola)
- December-January Financial Statement to be released
Ways and Means (c/o Councilor Carbonell)
- 24 shirts left for clearance sale
Basic Student Services (c/o Councilor Balagot)
- printer will be acquired next week; will be made available within 2 weeks depending on
the availability of the laptop
- AITeach to be launched next week
Students’ Rights and Welfare (c/o Vice Chair Muñoz)
- letter for dean through Sir Zito about venue & fees tomorrow
- all Gas attended except for TMS and TS
- Rise for Education Alliance GA tomorrow, 5PM at Vinzons basement (to be attended
by Batch Rep Rayos)
Sports and Fitness (c/o Councilor de Layola and Batch Rep Iwarat)
- letter of solicitation for jerseys done, please help solicit
- will have a GA, but not everyone is responding
Security (c/o Councilor Sarmiento)
- SSB is back on the footbridge
4. College GA Assessment
- few attendees
- Chair Calderon: Hindi na nagiging effective ‘yung student lounge para makuha ‘yung
orgs. Konti lang yung announcements so mabilis lang.
- Batch Rep Iwarat: Next time sana i-try mag-letter sa mga prof (from Ma'am Charm).
- Chair Calderon: TTh ba ‘yung pinaka-konti ‘yung class? – Yes.
5. AIT Month
- exhibit launch done
- pub for AIT Month Seminar Series to be released
- Mr. & Ms. AIT:
representatives’ photoshoot next week for photo liking contest
photos to be released on 17
- AIT Debate
Title: DebAIT
mechanics: participants will have to form a group of 3, two teams for affirmative and
judges: Sir Libosada, Sir dela Santa, Jose Escalante (from UP Debate Society)
prize: P1500 for the winning team
venue: seminar room, 11.30am-1pm
- Cultural Night: start at 4.30pm
needs list of provincial orgs
6. Other Matters
- OSA: asks for volunteers for elections
- Feb. 20: nominees for student representative to the CEB
- next GA: deliberate on the nominees
- Anti-Political Dynasty Campaign (USC) – meet with us on Feb. 11

- EyeLoveIt on April 7-8: needs chairs, tables, and well-lit indoor venue
- ICIS: meeting already set
- Admin Events
Visit the Philippines Seminar by Sir Chicoy (TPB COO); partner with AITSC (create
pubmat), Feb. 24 9am
Career Talk on Feb. 20, 4pm
Open House on Feb. 27
DAA: One Billion Rising, gender talk before Feb. 13
College GA Announcements
- re-inventory of AIT equipment and furniture
- end of semester: move to temporary site
- August 2015: target start of renovation
- AIT 40th Anniversary next year
- curriculum change because of k-12
- master's program
- by weekend release the pub
- by Feb. 11 already have a set of contestants