International Language Study Institute (ILI

ONE-MONTH COURSE Speech and Oral Communication -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

International Language Study Institute (ILI)


Timetable Timetable
Week One (Jan. 4-8, 2010)

Lessons Lessons A. Orientation B. Vocabulary Building C. Review of Common English Words A. Wrap-up of Previous D. Expressing Emotions using Lessonswords English

Exercises Exercises Word Drills
Oral Exercises

Expected Output/Activities Expected “How would I feel Output/Activities if…?”

Remarks Remarks

Week Four (Jan. 25-29, 2010)

Word Drills

Word Games

Week Two (Jan.11-15, 2010)

B. English for Authentic Communication: (a) Oration; (b) (b) Panel A. Introduction to English SoundsDiscussion; B. Breathing Techniques to help (c) Newscasting; in (d) Production of Sounds the VJ Show; C. Introduction to English Vowel (e) Demo Speech

(a) Oration (b) Panel Discussion (c) Newscasting (d) VJ Show Breathing Exercises “Who am I?” (e)(Introducing Oneself) Demo Speech
Minimal Pairs Word Drills “Welcome to my Family” (Introducing one’s Family)

(Expressing oneself using appropriate Culminating Activity: emotion words)

Jan. 28, 2010: First Rehearsal Jan. 29: Final Rehearsal

Listening Exercises

Week Three (Jan. 18-22, 2010)

A. Introduction to English Consonant Sounds B. Focus on Final Sounds C. Stress on English Sounds

Word Drills Tongue Twisters Listening Exercises

Guest story-tellers: AUF-IS students thru English Club, AUF-IS

Speech and Oral Communication -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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