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Short Term Planning Template: Weekly Overview Contracted Unit

Subject Area: Maths ICT Contracted Unit Half Term: Summer 1 Week Beginning: 6 Year: 7 Unit Title: Using Real Data

Differentiation Learning Objectives Learning Outcomes
All Group data recorded to present information to others • To be able to group data to convey information to
L3 others
Organise, represent and interpret data in charts,
graphs and diagrams (barchart, pictogram)
• To be able to draw and interpret charts, diagrams and
Most Use frequency diagrams and be able to interpret them • To interpret frequency diagrams
Construct and interpret simple line graphs • To draw and interpret simple line
Specifying a problem, planning and collecting data • To be able to collect data and decide on a plan of
how it will be interpreted

Some Write a short report of a statistical enquiry and illustrate • To be able to plan a project including what graphs will
L5 with appropriate diagrams, graphs and charts using ICT be used and what they will tell you about the data
as appropriate. Justify the choice of what is presented.

Starter Development Plenary Assessment
Lesson 1 Collect data from class What should we include in • Q and A
Types of data. Discrete, Height and foot size of class(alternatively use our report? [hypothesis, • Classwork
continuous, qualitative, secondary data, with some practical example) what will be calculate – • Written report
quantitative, primary and Discuss what would be a useful investigation averages, which graphs,
secondary Frequency table – grouped data why, conclusions, further
Class Hypothesis investigations.

Lesson 2 Calculate averages and range and discuss how Do the averages and
Begin writing plan for this project to interpret what it says about the data with range prove or disprove the
reference to the hypothesis hypothesis?
Range – consistency
Lesson 3 Illustration of how to use EXCEL – data put on What graph looks like the
Do we still think the graphs in our shared drive. best representation?
plan will best represent the data? Students use computers to draw graphs – either
computer rooms or laptops

Lesson 4 Complete write up of report with a final What would you do
Do the graphs conclusion Differently? How could you
prove or disprove the hypothesis? Extend the investigation?

Resources Homework
Height and feet size measurers Write up conclusions from graphs
Microsoft Excel – individual computers

Cross Curricular Checklist
Lit / Num / ICT / Ent/WRL / PHSEE / Citizenship / VAK /