Short Term Planning Template: Weekly Overview Contracted Unit Subject Area: Maths ICT Contracted Unit Differentiation


Half Term: Autumn 2 Week Beginning: 4

Year: 9 Unit Title: Linear Sequences

Learning Objectives Learning Outcomes Recognise that equations of the form y = mx + c Understand what algebraic equation represents a correspond to straight-line graphs straight line Plot the graphs of linear functions, where y is given Extend this knowledge to drawing a graph using ICT explicitly in terms of x, on paper and using ICT.


Construct functions arising from real-life problems and Use real life contexts to draw straight lines plot their corresponding graphs. Generate terms of a sequence using term-to-term and position-to-term definitions of the sequence, on paper and using ICT. Use sequences with linear properties


Construct functions arising from real-life problems and plot their corresponding graphs; interpret graphs arising from real situations Investigate the gradients of parallel lines and lines To be able to spot connections between equations and perpendicular to these lines. lines that have the same gradient or different intercept Solve a pair of simultaneous linear equations; link a To use graphical representations to solve two algebraic graphical representation of an equation or a pair of equations at the same time equations to the algebraic solution; Starter Development Plenary Assessment

Lesson 1 What common number sequences do we often use? [odd/even, prime, multiple, factors…] Lesson 2 Coordinates and lines horizontal, vertical

Recap Sequences and finding rules; Vocab; terms… Extend to formulae

Starting from rules and substituting to find terms

• • •

Q and A Classwork Self assessment form

Looking at diagonal lines and patterns Different intercepts, different gradients

y = mx + c substitution questions

Lesson 3 Match sequences to straight line graphs What is the connection between sequences and straight lines? Lesson 4 Explain worksheet for finding sequences using EXCEL Illustrate how to use EXCEL to find Formula Students complete worksheet using individual computers or laptops

Parallel lines have what in common? Ext to perpendicular lines Discuss how else we could represent the sequences [graphically]

Lesson 5 Explain worksheet for drawing straight lines using Autograph (or from EXCEL) Resources
Microsoft Excel Autograph

Illustrate how to input formula into Autograph Numerous graphs on one axes EXT to negative gradient for simultaneous equations

Complete self assessment form

Homework Questions on parallel lines and substitution

Cross Curricular Checklist
Lit / Num / ICT / Ent/WRL PHSEE Citizenship VAK


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