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The New World Consciousness.

For many years now there have been many books published predicting an elevation in the
consciousness of the human race. Most begin with some sort of assumption that the
human race has a streak of insanity, and that the next stage of consciousness will
overcome this insanity.

The collective manifestations is of the insanity that lies in the hart of the human
condition constitutes the greater part of history. It is to a large extent a history of

A New Earth, Eckhart Tolle, Penguin, Australia, 2005

My writing began twenty years ago when I began investigating this madness. I began this
journey when I come to accept that my life was completely mad and that I needed to
change that. This is a very common beginning to the spiritual journey. If your world was
not insane why would we be looking for a better way?

The new consciousness that is discussed so widely is not a new consciousness. It is a

consciousness that we all have within. We can end the insanity, both our own particular
brand of insanity, and the insanity of the human race by understanding how the insanity
comes about. It comes about through judgement, and that has been the underlying theme
in this series of articles.

At the very beginning of our Western religions we have the story of Adam and Eve in the
Garden of Eden. Not strictly true because Adam was the predecessor of 'The Man' in the
garden, and 'The Woman' did not become Eve until she was expelled from the Garden of
Eden and was 'known in the flesh', and became the mother of all things.

There is the possibility that the switching of names in the text may be a way of
differentiating between what is a physical history and what is symbolic. This would
certainly solve the contradiction in Genesis that 'Man' (Male and female he created them
both) had existed and 'gone forth and multiplied' long before the Garden of Eden incident.

I do not want to get into the argument about whether or not the story events in the
Garden of Eden where physically or they where symbolic. It does not really matter,
because the active ingredient in the storey is 'Do not eat the fruit from the true of the
knowledge of good and evil.' In that one line lays the cause of the insanity of the human

I think there is a strong possibility Genesis (or more likely the more coherent and earlier
Book of Enoch) was written at a time when the consciousness of the human race was in
free fall. It tells us exactly why the degeneration of human consciousness was happening.
We had invented judgement. Judgement is the knowledge of good and evil.
The human race has been on this planet for at least one hundred and forty thousand years
according to archaeological remains. But history only began at about four thousand five
hundred years BC, around the area of Suma which is now Iraq. The Book of Jubilees,
which is an almanac supposedly chronicling the events since the Man and the Woman
where expelled from the Garden of Eden places the events in the Garden at about four
thousand five hundred BC.

This dating comes from aligning Noah's big flood in the Book of Jubilees with the big
flood that is know to have occurred Suma at about three thousand two hundred BC.

How come the human race was around for at over one hundred and thirty thousand years
with no history of any sort and then it suddenly exploded with what we call civilization?
The generally accepted the human race was so primitive that it didn't have the means to
write a history. It sounds harsh to say that for all that time we where so dumb we didn't
invent the technology to record history.

There is an alternative that there was no history of that time because there was no
conflict. Today we woke up and played with children for a while. Then we spent the day
looking after the planet (Adam's job according to the Bible). When we home with the
food we had gathered during the day, had a meal, played with the children again and went
to sleep. Where is the conflict needed to make history?

But then events in the Garden of Eden take place. 'Do not eat the fruit of the tree of the
knowledge of good and evil.' Do not judge. Suddenly all the technologies needed to
record history are there. In particular there is conflict.

Judgement sends us insane because judgement is a wild guess about things we do not
know. We then claim what we do not know to be true. Our judgements are completely
divorced from reality.

So the present state of the human race is that we make wild guess about things we know
nothing about claim them to be true. Invariably this wild guess includes the judgement
that something, or someone, is good or evil. The next step is to act on our judgments.

If we look at the recent history of the human race you will see that it is one of total
insanity based on 'truths' that where simply not true. When judgment is the basis of our
truth the whole world acts insanely.

The insanity of judgment may be localised to one person, or it can be used by a few to
bring insanity to a whole nation. Hitler used a time and tested method of judgment
against anyone he saw as not fitting the Arian ideal of the master race. That method
works in three parts.

The first is to use judgment to create a campaign of lies and misinformation. Today we
would call it 'spin.' In Hitler's case the target was Jews, Homosexuals and a host of other
'non-people.' Then the lies and misinformation are elevated to fear. When sufficient has
been created fear that fear is used to destroy the target people. This method has been used
for six thousand five hundred years. It is the history of our history that repeats over and

Our Western religions are not the only religions that contain the same warning about
judgement. The Taoist text contains 'The people lived happily together like the branches
on a tree, then along came the Yellow Emperor who invented rules and regulations, and
the world went straight to pieces.' Stories exist all over the world having little in common
with the Garden of Eden incident. But if you look at the essence they are remarkably

I don't believe that there is an inherent fault in the human brain that causes our insanity. I
believe that the problem is that our judgements are not real and so our judgment based
decision have nothing to do with reality. So the way forward would seem to do away with

'Nothing is good or bad save that it is thought to be so' (Hamlet, William Shakespeare).
Good and bad only exists in the head. If there is no good and bad what is there? There is

Take away the judgment from Iraq and what is left? People killing each other. Take away
the judgment from the Palestine and what is left? People killing each other. If this is not
good or bad what else is there? What is left is choice. Is this what we want for the human

The alternative to judgment is choice. The alternative is to see things as they are and
decide if we this is what we want. With judgment we have no choice because our
decisions are not based on reality. Jesus put it nicely in the Sermon on the Mount. 'But let
your communication be yea yea, or neigh neigh, for beyond this cometh of evil.' You say
yes to what you want, no to what you don't want. If you go beyond this you are into
judgment. This is called choice. Nobody can tell you that you choices are good or bad, it
is simply what you want.

Choice is a minefield to navigate. It relies on truth. If you do not know the truth you have
no choice. Are Australia and America democracies? I don't think so. A democracy can
only exist if politicians tell the truth. That has proved to be far from the true.

The spiritual path and the physical path to a new consciousness for this world go hand in
hand. The spiritual part is the awakening the falsity of judgment and how it destroys
reality. With this understanding comes the awareness of the illusion we live in. Nothing is
the way it is judged to be. Also there is the awareness that we can choose something
better if we want to, but to do that we need to be told the truth.

In the physical world we can bring about the new consciousness by demanding we are
told the truth. There is the judgment that something must be true because it cannot be
proved false, and that something must be false because it cannot be proved true. These
two forms of judgment are used to tell us lies, even if the liars do not know they are
lying. My previous article Escape the Judgment Trap details these two basic forms of
judgment so I won't repeat them here.

Imagine living in a world where politicians told the truth. A world where advertising
agents gave factual information about products instead of just images. Imagine going to
vote and knowing what the true policies of each candidate where. I will leave you to add
whatever you want to this list. We can create that world if we choose to.

We are living an illusion. It is an illusion because judgment distorts reality.

Nothing is as it seems, it is only what we judge it to be. The way forward to a new
personal and world consciousness is to tame judgment and see the world as it is. Then
there will be the choice of what we want it to be.