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Vita (August 2014)

Steve Buchheit, Ph.D., CPA (Ohio #29,021)

Steve Buchheit
1200 Snow Hinton Drive
Tuscaloosa, AL 35405

Employment History
2014 -
2001 2014
1997 2001
1993 1997
1990 1993

University of Alabama (assistant professor)

Texas Tech University
Rawls Professor of Business (2005 - 2014)
Rawls International MBA Program Director (2012 2014)
University of Houston (assistant professor)
University of Texas at Austin (graduate assistant & instructor)
Price Waterhouse, Pittsburgh (early-promoted to senior accountant)
Major clients: Westinghouse Electric (nuclear power division), Allegheny Power,
and Oxford Development (real estate).
The Ohio State University (teaching assistant)
Weirton Plaza Exxon (auto mechanic)

1987 1990
1984 1987

Formal Education

Ph.D. (1993 - 1997) The University of Texas at Austin
Accounting, with Economics / Game Theory minor. Thesis advisor: Steve Kachelmeier

B.S.B.A. (1987 - 1990) The Ohio State University
Honors Accounting, summa cum laude. Mentor: Tom Burns

Selected Publications
Audit and Tax Career Paths in Public Accounting: An Analysis of Student and Professional
Perceptions. Coauthors: Derek Dalton (Clemson U.) and Jeffrey McMillan (Clemson U.),
Accounting Horizons Volume 28, No. 2, pp. 213-231 (2014).
Enforcement mechanisms for SEC reporting deadlines. Coauthors: Derek Dalton
(Clemson U.), Susan Murray (So. Illinois Edwardsville), Derek Oler (Texas Tech), and
Ming Zhou (DePaul U.), Research in Accounting Regulation Volume 25, No. 2, pp. 185-195
Summary outcome feedback, repetition, and incentives: evidence from a relatively
complex task. Coauthors: Derek Dalton (Clemson U.), Tom Downen (Southern Illinois U.),
and Sonja Pippin (U. of Nevada), Behavioral Research in Accounting Volume 24, No. 2, pp.
1-20 (2012).

Experimental evidence of a sunk cost paradox: a study of pricing behavior in Bertrand-

Edgeworth duopoly. Coauthor: Nick Feltovich (Monash U.), International Economic
Review Volume 52, No. 2, pp. 317-347 (2011).
A comparison of auditor and non-auditor performance evaluations: are accountants
harsh critics? Coauthors: Bill Pasewark (Texas Tech) and Jerry R. Strawser (Texas A&M),
Managerial Auditing Journal Vol 24, No. 1 pp. 22-38 (2009).
An experimental study of multidimensional hierarchical accounting data: drill-down paths
can influence economic decisions. Coauthors: Jacob Peng (U. of Michigan-Flint) and
Ralph Viator (Texas Tech), Journal of Information Systems Volume 21, pp. 69-86 (2007).
An experimental investigation of accounting information's influence on the individual
giving process. Coauthor: Linda Parsons (University of Alabama), Journal of Accounting
and Public Policy Volume 25, pp. 666-686 (2006).
Evidence from auditors about the causes of inaccurate budgets: do clients cause budget
overruns? Coauthors: Bill Pasewark (Texas Tech) and Jerry R. Strawser (Texas A&M),
Advances in Accounting 22: 45-68 (2006).
Non-cash charitable giving: Evidence of aggressive taxpayer reporting following a
compliance change. Coauthors: Teresa Lightner (U. of North Texas), John Masselli (Texas
Tech), and Robert Ricketts (Texas Tech), Journal of the American Taxation Association
(best paper award at the 2005 JATA Conference ) Volume 27, Supplement, pp. 1-17
Fixed cost magnitude, fixed cost reporting format, and competitive pricing decisions:
some experimental evidence. Contemporary Accounting Research, Volume 21, Issue 1
(Spring), pp. 1-24 (2004).
Reporting the cost of capacity. Accounting, Organizations and Society, Volume 28, Issue 6
(August), pp. 549-565 (2003).
No need to compromise: evidence of pubic accountings changing culture regarding
budgetary performance. Coauthors: Bill Pasewark (Texas Tech) and Jerry R. Strawser
(Texas A&M), Journal of Business Ethics Vol. 42 pp. 151-163 (2003).
CEO bonus pay, tax policy, and earnings management. Coauthors: Austin Reitenga (U. of
Alabama), Terry Baker (Wake Forest U.), and Qin Jennifer Yin (U. Texas - San
Antonio), Journal of the American Taxation Association, Supplement, pp. 1-23 (2002).
Have earnings announcements lost information content? Coauthor: Mark Kohlbeck
(Florida Atlantic U.). Journal of Accounting, Auditing, and Finance, Spring, pp. 137-153
A cross-discipline comparison of top-tier academic journal publication rates: 1997-1999.
Coauthors: Denton Collins (Texas Tech) and Austin Reitenga (U. of Alabama), Journal of
Accounting Education, Volume 20, pp. 123-130 (2002).

Outcome Effects and Capacity Cost Reporting. Coauthor: Bob Richardson (James
Madison U.), Managerial Finance, Volume 27 (5) pp. 3-16 (2001).
Must female accounting faculty publish more to achieve tenure? Coauthors: Allison
Collins (Texas Tech) and Denton Collins (Texas Tech). Women in Management Review
Volume 15, pp. 344-355 (2000).


Courses taught at Texas Tech (student evaluations from 2012-2013 provided, most recent
semester for each course noted).

Undergraduate Auditing (SU 2013) 3.7/5.0 (first time course)

Experimental Research Seminar (SP 2013, doctoral level) 5.0 / 5.0 scale
Introductory Managerial Accounting (FA12 & SP13, undergraduate) 4.4 / 5.0 scale
International Accounting (FA 2012, graduate level) 9.5 / 10 scale1
Petroleum Accounting (FA 2012, grad & undergrad) 3.2 / 5.0 scale (team taught)2
MBA Accounting (SU 2012, graduate level) 9.7 / 10 scale1
Spring 2012 teaching release (International MBA program development & recruiting)

Corporate Taxation (FA 2011, graduate level)
Archival Research Seminar (SP2008, doctoral level)
Business and Economics for Auditors (FA 2008, graduate level)
Graduate Auditing (FA 2007, graduate level)
International Taxation (FA 2006, graduate level)
Cost Accounting (SP 2004, undergraduate level)
Managerial Accounting (SP 2004, graduate level)

Doctoral Students

PhDs supervised: Beau Barnes (2012, placement: Washington State), Susan Murray (2012, co-
chair, placement: Southern Illinois Edwardsville), Faith Fugate (2009, placement: University of
Nevada), Tom Downen (2009, placement: Northern Arizona University), Mark Riley (2007,
placement: Northern Illinois University).

PhD committees: Yan Zhang (New Mexico State U., 2014), Joleen Kremin (Portland State U.
2014), Shane Stinson (Alabama, 2013), Joe Derby (marketing, 2013), Nancy Harp (Clemson,
2012), Derek Dalton (Clemson, 2010), Ming Zhou (DePaul, 2009), Jared Hansen (marketing,
2007), Carie Ford (Baylor, 2006), Jose Miranda (CSU-Fullerton, 2005), Jacob Peng (Michigan-
Flint, 2005), Brett Wilkinson (Baylor, 2002), Linda Parsons (George Mason, 2000).

Current PhD committees: Cristina Bailey (Texas Tech, expected degree in May 2016).


Highest rated executive instructor (as of April 2013), Rawls International MBA program (pool of 10 instructors)
Evaluation system does not distinguish by instructor in a team-taught course

Institutional and Professional Service (Texas Tech)

Rawls International MBA Program Director
This position evolved from a successful Department of Education grant (2009 2012;
$144,000 in federal funds) and an international faculty sabbatical leave (SP 2010). The
international MBA program was an energy-industry focused program. I was primarily
responsible for student recruitment, faculty staffing, and program logistics.
Management Accounting Core-Course Coordinator (2004 2009 and 2012 2014).
Approximately 12 sections of the course each year.
Masters of Science in Accounting (MSA) advisor
Spring 2012 tax internship advisor
Fall 2006 2010 audit student advisor
Doctoral Programs Committee (2003 2014).
Manuscript Reviews / External Service
I have averaged approximately three external reviews per year for journals including The
Accounting Review, Contemporary Accounting Research, Journal of the American
Taxation Association, Journal of Accounting and Public Policy, Issues in Accounting
Education (past editorial board member), Behavioral Research in Accounting,
International Journal of Operations and Production Management, and Accounting
Horizons. I also co-chaired (with Bill Pasewark) the 2008 AAA ABO section meeting (a
multi-year agreement).

Faculty References
Denton Collins, Rawls Professor of Accounting, Texas Tech University
Phone: 1.806.742.2098 Email:
Lisa Gaynor, Associate Professor, University of South Florida
Phone: 1.813.974.6566 Email:
Steve Kachelmeier, Charles T. Zlatkovich Professor of Accounting, University of Texas at Austin
Phone: 1.512.471.3517 Email:

Former Doctoral Student References
Beau Barnes, Assistant Professor, Washington State University
Phone: 1.509.335.4472 Email:
Derek Dalton, Assistant Professor, Clemson University
Phone: 1.864.704.9201 Email:
Michaele Morrow, Assistant Professor, Northeastern University
Phone: 1.617.373.8488 Email: