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Gavrov Sergey - Ph.D.

, professor, leading research worker of the

sociocultural processes and systems
(Article published in the humanitarian scientific journal «Personality.
Culture. Society». Volume XI, Issue III (№ 50). Russia, Moscow, 2009)

Professor Yuri Reznik in the era of Russian cultural Thermidor

When one thinks of the hero of the day, comes to mind is different, between
the assertion that Lenin Resnick lived, lives, and will live and pelipenkovskimi,
and the hero of the day itself byakami. Lenin - History and monument, Reznik - the
anniversary and memorial, a monument made with hands. By pelipenkovski - the
monument itself, a monument in itself.
Monument to the Soviet era cultural revolution, of sensitivity in knowledge,
science, his human and scientific vocation. In Lomonosov, Moscow, after the
army, the philosophical faculty of Moscow State University, again, is named after

Lomonosov. My Life in Science. First among classmates defends candidate and
Refers to science as a temple, trying to purify it from selling, ossified,
bureaucratised firmament. It is undergoing a revolutionary idea, bit driven, but not
Resnick by nature a rebel. And then he was lucky and also unlucky with age.
Buntashny century, alteration, social counter-revolution in 1991, troubled times.
Time of muddy water, fantastic opportunities of upward mobility, beyond the
limits of life risks. Risk in the name of primitive accumulation of capital, the
alignment of its commerce.
Almost from Bukharin: Enrich yourselves, gentlemen. But what time, and
such heroes. Not Prometheus, Pugachev, and Razin, Ulyanov, and Bronstein,
finally, a Mavrodi and Khodorkovsky.
What can we do to our hero, if the second row, from Mavrodi to
Khodorkovsky, have no desire to fit, and the first not let ernichaet and
nasmeshnichaet era? Not needed, says such heroes, now is the time marauders.
Resnick is an asymmetrical response period. He builds. Creates no
commercial enterprise and not even an oil company, but a scientific journal. In
1999, the first issue of the journal "Personality. Culture. Society.
This project has received. He became part of the destiny hero of the day, so
that not only allowed to take revenge in the old social games. This is not the point.
The main thing is that his magazine as a project kulturtregerskim Reznik has
managed to go against the times. Epochs cultural counterrevolution.
For nearly twenty years of culture in retreat under the onslaught of the
barbarians. The historical process of reducing the social and cultural repression,
sublimation showed us a simplified, "natural" rights, which the culture is needed as
recreation, and science is not needed at all. Book now runs roughly correspond to
the print runs of a hundred years ago, to put in hundreds of thousands of copies, or
1-2. The country does not need scientists, teachers, writers, professors, doctors and

Resnick brave, fantastically strong-willed and determined man. Like all of
us, he comes from the past, from childhood and adolescence, the time of laying the
internal representations of what is good and what is bad. He can not break the spirit
of the age, but may win her rearguard action, defending his view of science and
man, brought it to the extreme extent of the Soviet period, extreme extent of the
Soviet cultural revolution.
He is one of the last defenders, protectors of Russian-Soviet culture.
Although who knows what will result of his courage in his struggle for the
preservation of culture, stretching over years and decades. Historical time is faster,
turns faster and faster, bringing a new era of cultural revolution, his revolution.
That's his brainchild, the journal "Personality. Culture. Society in this year
marks ten years. It protects the culture of more "natural", face less cultural
repression desublimirovannogo rights. Defending the culture, Reznik protects and
cultural repression, it is internally repressive. Its inherent repressive manifested
externally, socially. He has a clear internal frame surrounding the proper conduct,
and do not write on them - disagree with him, fall from Resnick are building social
and professional groups.
This repressive paradoxically combined with a boundless inner freedom
inherent ANNIVERSARY. Resnick very lively and varied, like a river. He
zakostenevaet in once and found the truth, he continues to look, try it for taste and
color, leaving from the old to the new name. This process is repeated with enviable
regularity, we know what scientific positions Yury share yesterday, but do not
know what will separate tomorrow.
That search, and especially the acquisition of new truth gives him strength,
includes the flow of furious energy and dedication. At such moments Reznik know
on what grounds should rebuild parts of human knowledge (above all goes to
social theory), science in general, peace and people in it. Yesterday Resnick ideas
animated personality, today - transpersonal. What will happen tomorrow, nobody
knows about, knows himself.

Is there a teleology of his fate, the state and attitude, which is unpredictable,
this way of life "in touch"? Rather no than yes. In the eternal wanderer no final
destination, there is only a permanent transit between the old and new and even
more new truths, and life, passing in the search for truth becomes a dream come