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Teaching ideas for non-fiction/media texts

Resource 7:

Fact and opinion within a newspaper article
Read the newspaper article below and label any linguistic techniques used by the writer to present facts and opinions.


ritish theme parks were

being told yesterday to reassess the restrictions placed on roller-coaster passenger weight after it was suggested that a ride crashed because it was too heavily loaded. The ride, Thrill Seeker, was carrying its full allocation of 120 passengers, when it nosedived to the ground shortly after commencing its 18 metre climb. Witnesses said the front carriage seemed to reassessed because of the struggle when gaining height increasing problem of obesity DESCRIPTIONand said they were surprised in this country. Theme park OF THE PROPERTY that anyone managed to visitors expressed their survive the crash when the ride concerns that they may have hit the ground. to be weighed before they are allowed on rides in the Safety officials stated that the future. One visitor told the guidelines currently stand at 13 newspaper: ‘You come for a stones per passenger, but they nice day out and might have believe this may have to be to be weighed and risk being told you're too

fat to go on a ride. I think it’s madness, they should just buy bigger roller coasters.’ A survey undertaken earlier this year revealed the average weight of theme park passengers to be 15 stone. (Turn to Editor’s Comment: Too Large to Ride? page 7.)

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