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Number of Student
Learning Area
Learning Objective


4 Science 1
12.40pm - 1.20pm
32 students
Introducing Chemistry
1.0 Introduction to Chemistry
1.1 Understanding chemistry and its importance

Learning Outcome

: Student is able to
List examples of occupations that require the knowledge of chemistry.
List chemical-based industries in Malaysia.
Describe the contribution of chemical-based industries towards the development of the country.

Prior Knowledge

: Students had learnt about

The meaning of Chemistry and the uses of common chemicals in daily life.


: At the end of the lesson, students should be able to

I) Content Knowledge
List down occupations that related to Chemistry Knowledge
State Malaysian Industries that uses Chemistry knowledge
Explain Malaysian industries contribution to nation development
II) Scientific Skills
Observing simple experiment
Hypothesising Malaysian industries
Generating and predicting occupation that related to chemistry.
III) Scientific Attitudes and Noble values
Appreciate Malaysian industries contribution towards nation development
Being cooperative and respect with each others


: Vinegar, milk, beaker, hot plate, PowerPoint presentation, laptop, LCD projector.

Phase (Time)


Teaching and Learning Activities

Attract Attention

Strategy : to attract student

attention to the classes learning
process through interview and

Create motivation
(5 minutes)


Making connection / prior Teacher will first ask her pupils what have they learn and
understand before today class.
Noble Values: respect their
Teacher will then ask two pupils to volunteer come out in front teacher and friends and following
of the class and ask them if they know any occupation that orders.
require the knowledge of chemistry.
Structuring lesson
Teacher also ask them how important chemistry to that
mention occupation
The entire pupil will hear on both their friend thought.

Step 1:
(12 minutes)

Expansion about
occupation that require the
knowledge of Chemistry

Teacher will display picture and ask pupils what they can
related to what they have learned earlier.
vinegar and milk
After students give their opinion, teacher will tell their student
what the real connection between it.
Teacher will ask their student whether their parent involves in
this kind of occupation.

Teacher do some gimmick

(cosmetic and food Industries)

Teacher show experiment

(Rubber Industries)

Result of simple experiment. (Latex rubber)

Teacher tell students about Malaysian industries
Then, teacher described its contribution to the development to

Step 2
(13 minutes)

Step 3
( 5 minutes)

The characteristic of a
certain occupation that is
related to chemistry

Recognizing occupation
that requires chemistry
knowledge and their
contribution to
development country

Teachers ask students to form 5 groups.

Each group present a short play on an occupation that had
been determined by their teacher through their representative
and their group member had to guess the occupation.
(Fireman, doctor, teacher, pharmacist, lab assistant)

Teacher delivers worksheets.

Student discuss by group and list down other industries that
related to chemistry knowledge and their contribution to
development of country.

Strategy : Constructivism
CCTS : generating and
predicting idea

Noble value: Appreciate

Malaysian industries
contribution towards nation

(5 minutes)


Teacher asks one of their pupils to summarize the lesson on

that day while the teacher probing them with some helps.


Increase pupil interest more by telling them that they going to

have a visit to one of Malaysian chemistry based industry.

Reflection of the lesson:

(PMI plus, minus and interesting, Strengths and weaknesses)
Power Point Presentation Video Clip