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An increasing amount of Danish companies - publish customer magazines. And for good reasons: studies from both Denmark and abroad show that magazines help to increase sales AND create loyalty.
Your average customer is exposed to anywhere between 1500 and 5000 advertising messages per day from TV, billboards, radio, the Internet, practically everywhere we turn. Getting their attention, is quite an achievement in itself. Keeping and activating that attention equals an olympic discipline. Yet this is what a customer magazine can do for you. It gets you into an intelligent dialogue with your audience. But at a time and a place where you have their DEDICATED attention. With a larger impact and at a lower cost than any other marketing tool. Your magazine creates business! A conceptually well defined magazine invites your audience to read. And they read a lot - in average 27 minutes. An add in a paper in average has 3 seconds only to catch a readers attention. What could you sell if you had 27 MINUTES with your customer? A monthly customer magazine typically generates 4,5 hrs. of wholehearted attention!

Customer Magazines

3 Eight things you should
know about customer magazines

4 Lack inspiration? 99
stories about cauliflower.

5 When should you consider
a customer magazine? Doʼs and Donʼts Interview: “If they donʼt get it, they donʼt get it!”

We can’t help it. We love making magazines. Both for external as well as for internal audiences. This passion results in relevant productions - that help you boosting sales, improve your reputation and create loyal customers and staff. Whether you want to buff your existing magazine or whether you start from scratch - your magazine deserves passion. Your magazine deserves US.

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“All the best stories in the world are but one story in reality -- the story of escape”
Arthur Christopher Benson Corporate Conversations ✓ Media ✓ Metrics ✓ Reputation

Eight things you should know about customer magazines:
1 Traditional commercial communication gets lost in the ever increasing amount of messages. People however, appreciate relevant magazines. 2 A magazine shows your customers (and your prospects) that you care. A magazine provides direct value. They will reward you for that with their business. 3 In average people use 27 MINUTES (40 minutes for the best performing publications) reading customer magazines. That is 4,5 hours a year for a monthly magazine. 4 A magazine due to the journalistic approach, has a credibility that outperforms a regular add up to 13 times. 5 In average a magazine is read 2,7 times. People collect magazines - especially if they are relevant to them and have a nice lay out. People save their copy a week or longer. 6 In a magazine you can present topics in depth and that way develop a deeper understanding from the people you care about most. your customers. 7 More than 75% of consumers prefer to be communicated with via a customer magazine than any other marketing media. 8 Customer magazines increase brand loyalty by 32%.
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Relevance is the key word for success A magazine without relevance is like a sales person without a good pitch: a waste of time and energy. Therefore publishing a customer magazine is an exercise in getting close to your customers. What are they interested in? And how does this relate to your product or service? They appreciate your effort to provide relevant information - especially when done intelligently and nicely wrapped. It will add positively to their perception of your company and your products and services. Finally it will improve your reputation.

Selling new products and services is a moment of truth. How good is your relation really? Will your customers take to it? Will they understand how it can help them? Or will they think weʼre just annoying? You can support your sales process by writing about your products and services in your magazine in an editorial style. Preferably with testimonials from existing users - which improves the credibility. In fact, your magazine can shape a dialogue which can help you identifying new products and services you know are relevant to your customers. A customer magazine is a powerful tool in your sales and marketing tool case. It is an effective relationship builder and manager and will help you increase sales and create loyalty. Yet many companies donʼt consider magazines in their tool case. Often they lack the expertise and/or they believe that making a magazine is extremely expensive. But in reality publishing a magazine is not more expensive than so many other marketing communication activities. Yet the return on investment very often is significantly higher.

Neighbor Germany has acknowledged the value of customer magazines (at current there are more than 3000 titles and the amount is still growing) long time ago and it seems that the trend now also arrived in Denmark. Obviously, thereʼs a limit to the amount of magazines in your category that can be successful since also here thereʼs a saturation point. But the fact is, a company sending their customers a magazine, has an advantage compared to companies that donʼt!

Lack inspiration?
Do you think it is hard to find stories that are both relevant to your customers and your company?
Not to worry, we have plenty of creativity. We’re convinced that no matter what industry, what product and what ambition - we can find great stories. We consider it a challenge to find angles on anything. We recently published ’99 ANGLES ON CAULIFLOWERs’ - YES, THE WHITE VEGETABLE!. If we can write 99 stories about cauliflower - just imagine what we could write for you ...

“The fact that Radical Communications is easy to work with, delivers promised results with a creative and honest sparring comes from their aim to provide a deeper value than just the end product. They produce with the perspective of providing business value and strengthen strategy.”
Charlotte Gullach, DT Group If you do not have a customer magazine yet - how do you know whether you would benefit from starting one? After all, it is a substantial investment, if not in money (since you often can generate some advertisement income) then thereʼs still the time investment.

When should you consider a customer magazine?
✓ You have a fair market share
and would like to consolidate your position. Your parameters are loyalty, up and cross sales; services and need a platform where you are in control of the message and can set the agenda;

✓ Youʼre in an establishment
phase and need to build awareness and credibility to support your sales process;

✓ Competition is giving you an
unfair fight playing with advertising muscles and you need an alternative platform;

✓ Your traditional marketing tools
donʼt give you the result you are

✓ You have a lot of stories to tell
but the conventional marketing communication canʼt comprehend your messages;

✓ You sell rather complex products
and or services that need a lot of explanation;

aiming for;

✓ You need a closer dialogue with
your prospects and/or customers.

✓ You want to brand yourself
beyond your products and

Do’s & Don’ts
Thereʼs no secret formula to making a customer magazine. Yet, there are things you should consider:
1 Donʼt ask your designer to make the concept Most designers are excellent conceptual thinkers and we love our designers. But donʼt ever make them responsible for the concept of your magazine. 95% change that you end up with a real cool magazine that does nothing for your business. 2. Donʼt make an electronic version to slash print costs First of all, any reader study in the world will tell you that people donʼt read from their screens (only 7% does) - they scan. If they want to read anyway, they print. But people at home and in regular offices have lousy printers. So why not help them and do it for them but professionally? 3. Do make consistency a habit Your magazine is like a good friend to your readers. After a few times, the have certain expectations. If you keep on changing the editorial and/or design style constantly, people get confused and have no chance to build a relation. Therefore consistency - working with recurring features for example - is a golden rule. 4. Do integrate your magazine in your sales and marketing activities And make sure that your campaigns are reflected in your magazine as well. Of course you are allowed to ʻsellʼ in your magazine. It is after all YOUR magazine and people expect you to. But WOW them with the sophisticated way you do it.

“If they don’t get it, they don’t get it!”
Interview with magazine maker Pat May
“One of my all time favorite quotes is the tag line of The Washington Post: IF YOU DONʼT GET IT, YOU DONʼT GET IT. It implicates that if you donʼt subscribe to their newspaper, there will be a lot of things in this world you wonʼt understand. This is equally true for your magazine. It starts with making one so your customer gets a better understanding of what youʼre about and where to place you in the value chain”. “Magazines like no other communication format can share the dynamics of your company. It can improve and strengthen the perception people have of your business. This requires though, that your magazine has a well thought through formula with clear and transparent objectives. Magazines are all about content. Design is secondary. Just like content is here to support your messages. Magazines made to look pretty - are a waste. People might leave them on their coffee table because they match the pillows on the sofa but the communication value is questionable.” “A good magazine is like a good friend. It understands your needs and your problems almost better than you do yourself. The magazine offers you tips and tricks to save money, get more quality in your life or in a business context to have more success in your job. This also answers the question of frequency. If you had a good friend, would you want him or her to visit you twice a year only?” “What you can get out of your magazine, depends very much on what you put in there. Every day I see brainless customer magazines. Nice, good content, nice pictures and world class design. Ask the reader, they will tell you they like it. Itʼs free and if it provides a good read. But ask yourself: how much more sales did you generate? How many broken processes did you fix? How many more customers did you convert? What was the effect on loyalty?” “You will meet many communication advisers who tell you that you canʼt measure communication that way. I am not one of them. Because if you canʼt, what is the objective of putting good money in communication? A customer magazine, no matter how nice, is a business enabler. If you donʼt get it, you donʼt get it!”

Pat has lived and worked in Denmark
for the past ten years advising customers like Sonofon, Hewlett Packard, Nordea, Vestas, Novozymes and DT Group in their communication. Originally heʼs from Holland where he made internal and external magazines for financial institutions (ING, Fortis), insurance companies, retailers, construction companies and the like.

We’re along for parts of the journey or plan your entire trip. The choice is yours:
1. Concept development At the very basis of a successful magazine you find a well defined concept where business objectives and reader expectations are aligned. 2. Editorial production Some argue texts is just like art - a question of taste. Not in our office. For us, a good text is 90% science and 10% gut feeling, hence writing is a skill that we master to its finesses. 3. Design Design is an integrated part of the magazine, just like illustrations, graphics and photo’s, and as such serve one purpose: the business impact of the magazine! 4. Add sales Your customers might be interesting for quite some non competitive advertisers. This can finance parts of the production and can contribute to the value proposition. 5. Diversification Yes, we can manage various audiences in one production with multiple magazines and/or platforms in various languages. 6. Print For some ‘just the cheap bottom of the value chain’ - for us the quality of the print is the first thing the readers notices: it matters! 7. Distribution A hassle - yes, also for us, but we’re experienced and will be happy to do it for you. 8. Project management When we plan your entire trip, we make sure each process fits seamless. Or at least, you will perceive it to be seamless. 9. Reader assessment What you can’t measure, you can’t manage. So we measure!

I want one of those! How do I get started?
Are you ready to meet your new sales force?
Reading our 10 minutes guide is a good first step. We hope the guide has provided you with some solid arguments and ideas as to the benefits of a customer magazine. The next step would be to sit down and have a dialogue about what a customer magazine can do for your business. Together with you we will run through your business, your challenges, ambitions and objectives. We run through your customers, your potential customers - and we address topics like profitability, loyalty and conversion rates. We will look at your service strategy and identify processes that your magazine can support. We will also together with you define what your magazine potentially should achieve for your business. This dialogue we will take home and translate into a magazine brief - where we reflect upon your challenges and objectives. But now seen as a reversed process and with the eyes of your target audience: your appreciated reader. This will also be a first rough sketch of how your customer magazine could look like from both a content and a design point of view. Ultimately, we will have designed a process and made a budget that we can present - which will hopefully give you the confidence to whole heartedly decide to invite your new sales force in and make it an integrated part of your marketing strategy.

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