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Achievement isnt an extraordinary term, it is possible with the ability, aptitude, motivation,

determination and commitment to a field with proper research & knowledge. One of my most
distinguishing characteristics is my ability to learn new things quickly and being very
adaptive. Currently I am a graduate, have completed my Bachelors of Engineering in
Electronics from University of Mumbai.
During my engineering course I have developed strong analytical skills, since the variety of
courses taken by me involves a lot of long, complex and intricate calculations and the
application of basic mathematical skills and also communication skills ,which has helped me
in realizing my true potential. Also during that phase I realized that my true career path is in
management when I was part of various activities in college, that is, being associated with
IEEE Student Core Council from 2009-2013. I have held the positions like Electronics
Department head, Event Head-Robotics, Robotics Department Head, also been an IEEE
Council Execom Member. Adding to it I have also managed and headed Student Placement
Committee for 2012-13 batch. Also my department of Robotics which I handled was
rewarded and appreciated as best and most successful event in that particular year. I was also
associated with handling events related to music as I have been a part of music with my
group, along with that I have also handled industrial visit planning of my batch .In short
wherever there was a need of managing and planning things , I always took initiative from
my side and been quite successful in that. My experiences in conducting the above events,
have given me very useful insights into managing a diverse team and the necessity of crossfunctional exposure. Juggling between academics and extra-curricular activities have helped
me hone my skills of time-management and planning out things. Also I am very organized as
I always want things to be done in proper way so that whatever target I am assigned ,has to be
completed within the timeline and with almost no error , and if ever any hindrances occur I
always keep a backup plan ready for it. I am a strong team player as I have worked with 3040 people every year during activities as mentioned above in my college and in addition to
that I possess strong leadership quality .
While being associated with the activities in college, I realized my interest and passion in
management, I found this field to be very fascinating and the spark to learn more about the
same ignited within me. I had been offered by IBM, L&T InfoTech, 3i InfoTech during my
campus interview process, but after that, as the spark had already been ignited and my
passion to pursue management as further degree, I rejected all these offers and began my
preparations to pursue my passion rather going for the path which I am not really interested
in. After that I joined an start-up organisation Numbers as a Trainee- Marketing , where was
exposed to practical aspects of managing and marketing skills in an organisation, which
further induced more curiosity in me for learning and pursuing my passion in management.
For achieving my career goals, I need to strengthen my graduate degree with formal
management education.MBA would help me in acquiring critical knowledge and skills which
can be applied in the workplace as well as in day to day life and which will help to manage
more effectively in an increasingly complex and changing environment .I discovered that my
original, specialized or perhaps technical qualifications in not enough to manage complex
situations and people.

The skills I possess may be very different from those required to be a good manager or
supervisor. MBA is the way of supplementing existing specialist skills with a range of general
management skills. It is way of updating qualifications and skills so that I can take on these
new roles competently and confidently. I wish to continue my career graph with an MBA
Course with the hope of gaining a management position.
The interdisciplinary nature of an MBA is considered to be its strength for those wanting to
manage organizations in a comprehensive manner. The broad range of subjects in MBA
would help me in understanding of how to deal with the many issues which will arise on a
daily basis in their organization. One should also gain skills needed to guide those they lead
in a confident and informed manner.
I strongly believe that at NMIMS, one of the leading management institutes of the country,
the professionally structured management program will provide me the opportunity to
cultivate diverse managerial skill sets along with helping me to pursue my passion in
management. The guidance from eminent and globally experienced faculty of NMIMS will
assist me to couple my analytical abilities with theoretical as well as practical learning to
develop competent management skillsets.The location of NMIMS in the financial hub of the
country is an added advantage too. Placements in NMIMS are always booming, despite the
current economic scenario, industries recruited large number of students enforcing the
corporate brand of NMIMS. NMIMS has always stood for quality and excellence, and this
placement season has reemphasized the position NMIMS holds in the industry with respect
to corporate and campus engagement. I am convinced if given the opportunity to study at
your institute it will provide a competitive and a learning environment to bring out the best in