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Recurring income in the form of knowledge is dangerous in Indian scenario

knowledge when one learns and applies should sell off the blogs of it on the spot and should never
aspire for recurring income from it
why ???


knowledge shifts sides in any genres after brief stunt of stay

knowledge is upgraded and changes are made in every department once it is assimilated
knowledge players keep erupting to look at the vacant spot to fill
knowledge instruments like online etc change the thought process of nation
knowledge partners come with global scenario aspect with other countries having share in it
knowledge if not shared and usurped friction between channel partners can erupt
knowledge is volatile and business can shift to any side in global economy
knowledge is a society where past becomes outdated and present friction and future unseen

thought of the day

knowledge sustenance and recurring income of knowledge


When the country or company has excess cash and doesnt know how to discard it in INDIA

It is relished in the form of benefits over a period of decades through cooperation with contracts

any money kept to self is a poison as it comes into observation of both positivism and negativism
disposing of the money for someone in the world economy is considered to be wise by me
in return benefits to self is asked for and continued the trend of contribution instead of denial
money is kept in circulation and benefits are relished in the form of non monetary form
idle money kept increases and account goes beyond managing which might lead you to spend excess
amount of money to get you back on track
mismanagement of account is always a threat so spending and earning is considered to be wise decision
account which run on daily basis are always safe in place of accounts kept idle
less accounts in your name in any form would give you rest and peace

thought of the day

spend save and earn ------ how ???


What happens when problems are kept without solving them in Indian scenario

problems in our country is kept for decades without solution and I heard long back in my childhood
if problems are solved rapidly your brain would not have issues and that is dangerous for the society in
which we live
'to keep the number of people busy and with stability problems are not solved but postponed

would this statement hold true in knowledge era , lets see below

if solved new routes open in the thought process

if solved alternative source of knowledge is worked out
if solved books are read
if solved new books are written
if solved confidence in the public is gained
if solved knowledge is gained not only of nation but nations
if solved discussions unfold
if solved redundancy in knowledge is removed
if solved global village looks rosy
if solved new openings are relished
if solved old rags are wiped out when gained insight into them
if solved stupidity seen in knowledge in existing world is removed when doing implementation on them
if solved more books are written on them to see consistency in knowledge across the globe

thought of the day

trade secret is generation vs generation


Higher interest rates generate want in the economy of nation like ours (INDIA)

giving interest to public is biggest art of generating a desire of want instead of need to keep the
economy running
usually interest rates are kept at higher rates in India because to generate pension for old people in
country like ours

because of which interest rates in others go on rising which makes inflation rise every now and then
later resulting in increase of salaries to counter rising prices in commodities
interest rates if are kept at same for decades prices dont zoom up as they do now a days .generating
production surplus is always difficult as number of hands in production even though if increased results
in only marginal benefit to end customer
number of players increase in each segment also is marginal as loss is also part and parcel of economic
by charging heavy interest rates , fictitious money in circulation goes on quadrapulating with more
savings resulting in huge money of surplus with public at each passage of year generating more want in
if we can bring down the interest rates in the market and provide in result benefits instead of interest
rates we can work on the concept of need based purchases instead of want based economics
less money generates less purchases and less purchases results in balancing of production in our country
leading to balanced economy (balanced regional development) which is the concept of Indian economy

thought of the day :

balanced regional development and interest rates on savings


Indian author and money management in INDIA

being an Indian author is a class of itself as inquisitiveness about country is seen by author when he
projects knowledge about the country
those who write literature about a particular country have to know sociology of that country in and out

I being an Indian author must possess knowledge about INDIA

if I write literature about outside country other than INDIA I should possess knowledge about the
country I wrote about so staying in the country specified is a formality which every author should satisfy
when we look into preface of authors we read , they do specify this information that they did stay in the
country where they wrote about the country and lived their to experience the warmth and affection of
the country to whom the book was dedicated to
without knowing the country how can one write about the country so to know and write on the country
aspect staying and relishing the affection of public of that country is necessary
So to write and interested to project a nation one has to relish the nation specified

thought of the day

knowledge and stay on country written go hand in hand


Leaders are made and not born in knowledge capitalism era in indian scenario
Leaders in knowledge era specially in our nation can only be made , they can never be born
Try as you may like
When a child is born , he knows nothing about society in which he lives and understands it through his
eyes and knowledge gained through observation and discussions
Whatever is feeded to his brain in childhood and adulthood can only be known through what is thrown
at him in the form of books and doctrines advocated
If you want to succeed you cant learn with super natural powers but can understand it only through
surrounding psychologies of people associated with you whatever may be his world of public is was and
would be in the world the child lives
Whatever his parents make him learn he treats them as facts , if learnt wrongly he associates those also
as if they are facts about life and lacks judgment to decide that what he is le arning are not truth facts
but are false facts

As he is new to the world of knowledge he treats them as factual database of society and accepts them
as truth on which the world runs
When he comes to bookish knowledge he later realizes them to be false knowledge taught by parents as
majority of people associated with him discard his knowledge learnt as false and not truth about the
society he was associated with
In this world if you want to know what is truth you should always accept only those truths as truths
which have been accepted by the learned majority as truth understood in the language of debates and
reasoning which is governed by principles and practiced in law courts
If you cant win an argument with factual facts put forward by you and get def eated with tact and
reasoning knowledge gained and understood is false unless proven truth by higher reasoning put by
some other sects of people who may by associated with you in future
Only way to learn in this society is go on debating with people to se e proper understanding and learning
methodologies of facts put forward in the form of written text
Unless written text is learnt , grasped and debated upon facts about life can never be proven. In
knowledge era word of mouth can never be proven as facts and is said to be hearsay unless proven in
written format

Those who write are popular only because their written texts have been debated and accepted by
future generations through debates and proven to be followed in the society of wise people when put to
So point here is leaders are made because their texts have been accepted to be debated upon for
centuries together and are not born because majority of people believe in writing and not word of
mouth of what they said but what they believe in
Socrates was accepted as leader of philosophy because his writing was recorded by his follower plato

Thought of the day

Leaders who are made have proven to be writers of highest acceptance


Game changers vs Game rulers vs Game setters (INDIA)

Every country has 3 types of players in them

Game changers
Game rulers
Game setters
Game changers change the game whenever they feel like based upon books they read and set the trend
of books based upon knowledge gained . they go on thinking on terms and come up with linkages and
knowledgeable based ideas to see what is valid and not valid upon usage of concepts introduced by
Game rulers on the other hand work on game changers ideas and come to conclusions on what they
found upon implementing the knowledge learned from game changers. They mostly write detailed
version on the concepts drawn and mostly learn through exchange of views and articles exchange
Game setters are mostly last come to the scene of books to earn money after getting in touch and
gaining knowledge from game rulers . game rulers set the rules game setters follow those rules to see
whether the rules through they can earn finance for the family . they dont take risk and throw the
entire burden of loss on game rulers and game changers for their problems

Thought of the day :

Which bracket do you come into when you look at your profile to earn income for your family


work from home and experience certificate in INDIA

In 2015 their has been widespread promotion of work from home being promoted everywhere to get
finance during post recession
the only point I would make to the common men of our country that economic men and women if they
want to chose financial gains should look out for experience certificate gain type of jobs which can be
worked out from home

If experience certificate is coming handy in our country and job can be done without losing further jobs
in office atmosphere public can easily accept work from home jobs is my sincere advice

thought of the day

work from home and losing job in companies by accepting work from home jobs


Longevity of competitor in INDIAN scenario

Looking out for competitor in India is a good habit and the more the compe titor stays it is good news for
companies who look out for knowledge
how is it gained

competitor gives you insight into geographical areas as to how he tackled the issue which company
competitor takes away tension of overwork and gives you leisure for you to think practically
competitor gives you body shopping opportunities where you can pick cream of people
competitor facilitates cooperation where knowledge of foreign countries is shared
competitor gives you insight into state government SWOT
competitor helps you to enhance your reputation in the society by waking you up from sleep if you lose
competitor gives you helping hand in designing reengineering and restructuring opportunities through

thought of the day

competitor and learning curve


Learn earn and get educated in Indian scenario

in todays scenario where education is becoming costly and due to post recession phase paying money is
very costly how can children be educated in villages
the answer to that is

learn knowledge through teachers

apply the knowledge taught by teachers on the spot through internet based jobs
gain experience in applied knowledge
through internet jobs you get paid which you can pay to the school for education learnt
move further into education higher level slowly and steadily

thought of the day :

designing the course curriculum under flexible education system


Bigger states are better than smaller states in Indian scenario

why ???
bigger states give stability of mind to politicians

bigger states give more work to students

bigger states are fought on huge balance sheets where knowledge is abundant

bigger states give stability of work to civil services to discuss issues

bigger states can be groomed up easily on knowledge based as there is more participants
bigger states are used for transfers within state and safety becomes dominant
bigger states can be groomed up recreation easily as knowledge is shared
bigger states give villages a pride to associate with
bigger states give choice to public to associate with politicians
bigger states can never remove a political party easily as is seen now a days as constituencies are more
bigger states restrict movement of evil forces as their hub is limited because of attachment

thought of the day

smaller states can never be a vibrating state in INDIA


Love marriages and blood group matching in INDIAN scenario

how can elders get their children married to unless they look at blood group matching
children without any commonsense look at beauty and think that they can survive their wife in child
birth because they couldnt forego love affair

blood group differentiates between two people and only when it tallies between male and female
matching marriage should be accepted

arranged marriages look at language similarity , caste similarity and knowledge similarity plus blood
group similarity as the basis to accept like mindedness in situation handling charges
there are differences between two families because the way the two families handle situations

Brahmins get entangled with Brahmins because of their similarity in handling knowledge
Kshatriyas get entangled with Kshatriyas because of their similarity in handli ng power
Vaishya's get entangled with Vaishya's because of their similarity in handling finance
sudras get entangled with sudras because of their handling labor intensive programs

if you know this difference between the two families handling family responsibility and success rate in
marriage would definitely quadrapulate and divorces can be stopped instead of increasing them with

apply knowledge and think on your shoes !!!!

thought of the day

arranged marriages and situations handling (differences)


When opposition is weak or not there in Indian scenario

today I saw the AAM aadmi party coming to power in new delhi after almost 2 years of presidents rule .
it was a huge celebration for the party but a little bit sad for me when I looke d at who the opposition
leader should be and who isn't

I thought that if Delhi state was big or huge the equation of number of seats to be held by opposition
would be much graceful than what the public showed it to be in actual practice where two main
opponents dont have anything to show but to face the wrath of the public happily

what would happen if opposition is wiped out or is less as is seen both in Lok sabha and state assembly

mismanagement of funds by the ruling party because of no guidance

mismanagement of civil services by ruling party because of no opposition to question
mismanagement of corruption by ruling party because of over governance
mismanagement of public services by ruling party because of over indulgence
mismanagement of business units by ruling party because of over taxation or under taxation
mismanagement of law administration by ruling party because of over pressure of work
mismanagement of party workers by ruling party because of non distribution of work -load being shared
mismanagement of party workers by ruling party because of overwork and knowledge loss
mismanagement of student by ruling party because of not having knowledge about student leaders
think tank between the parties involved

this can go on into big debate but the central point of discussion is having big states with h uge
constituencies is a boon to parties involved and sensibility to citizens of our country instead of
dominating the proceeding with one party agenda of ruling the state without opposition to question on
behalf of public

thought of the day

big states with huge number of constituencies is a boon or not to our nation while addressing public