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Gospel Doctrine Lesson Seven

He Took Our Infirmities
and Bare Our

Purpose: To help
class members
some of the
reasons that
Jesus performed

“Each miracle of Jesus writes for us in small letters
something that God has already written, or will write, in
letters almost too large to be noticed, across the whole
canvas of nature”. CS Lewis

Read Mark 5:19 and 3 Nephi 17:6-7.
Why did Jesus perform

Compassion is one aspect of
love. Compassion may start
with a feeling, but it ends in
action. Sympathy says, “I feel
bad that you are hungry”.
Empathy says, “I know
something about how you
feel; I was hungry once
myself”. But compassion
says, “Friend, let’s go get
something to eat”.
Sympathy and empathy
don’t require us to do
anything; but compassion
will cause us to touch, lift,
feet, and help those in need.

How can I show more compassion to someone in my life this week?

Healing the man of palsy

Mark 2:1-12; Matthew 9:1-8; Luke 5:17-26

In seeking the healing power of Jesus Christ the four men who took their
friend to the Savior provide an example of three things that we can do in
order to manifest faith.
The disciples’ task


First, these men dared to do
the difficult. It was not easy
to bring this man to the
Lord. They had to carry him
through the city streets and
up the rungs of a ladder. Yet,
these men persisted even
when their task became

“Remember that persevering
in those things that matter
usually requires constant
effort. Over time,
perseverance will bear the
fruit we long to obtain. If our
path has no obstacles, our
progress will be limited.
Success has a pride and
there is no choice but to pay
that price of hard work in
order to obtain it.” Claudio D
Zivic Ensign. April 2014

Second, these men dared to
do the unorthodox. They did
not allow the fact that
most people didn’t enter
houses through the roof
deter them from their goal.
They just did what was
necessary and risked the
disapproval of not only the
homeowner, but every other
person there.

“As we go about living from
day to day, it is almost
inevitable that our faith will
be challenged. We may at
times find ourselves
surrounded by others and
yet…standing alone. Do we
have the moral courage to
stand firm for our beliefs,
even if by so doing we must
stand alone? President
Thomas S. Monson

Third, these men dared to do
the costly. Somebody had to
pay for that roof. These men
laid it all on the line to
demonstrate their faith in
Jesus Christ, at great
personal expense.

“Money is of little importance
where truth is concerned”
President John Taylor

What does this mean for
me? How can I push myself to
do more of this?

Casting Out of Evil Spirits and Calming the Storm
Mark 5:1-13; 18-20
Why has Mark paced these two very different stories together? I
think it is to help us see that whether the enemy that
threatens us is an event outside of us, such as the storm, or
inside of us, such as habit, attitude, the spirit of unforgiveness,,
or addiction, Jesus can help us to overcome.
What are the biggest challenges you face in your life right now?

Do they originate from outside of you or inside?

How have you demonstrated faith and approached the Savior,
asking for help to overcome these challenges?

Healing the Leper
Mark 1:41
To touch a leper was unthinkable. Lepers were banished from society and the
citizenry was advised to throw stones at them if tried to approach. With
their open sores and dirty bandages, lepers were the last people anyone
would want to touch. Yet the first thing Christ did for this man was to touch
him. Even before Jesus spoke to him, he reached out his hand and touched
him. Think of how this man must have longed for a human touch. Jesus could
have healed him first and then touched him. But recognizing his deepest
spiritual need, Jesus stretched forth his hand and healed his soul before he
spoke the words that healed his body.

Calming the Storm
Mark 4: 35-41; Matthew 8:23-27; Luke 8:22-25Y
“Why are you afraid?” Isn’t this a strange question to ask men who
were in danger of losing their lives? Just a moment earlier they
were being tossed about by a raging storm, their boat was rapidly
filling with water and the winds were howling, drowning out the
sound of their prayers. The disciples didn’t answer, so Jesus did. The
disciples were afraid because they lacked faith. Faith is a belief in the
goodness and care of God, a belief that He loves us, the belief that
God is active is our lives and is always acting in our best interest.
Have you ever found yourself in a situation like this? Your life is falling
apart,, you desperately need help. But, when you cry out to your
Father in Heaven, there is no answer. We all have. IIn these types of
situations, how can you manifest more faith?

Healing of Jairus’ Daughter
Matthew 9:18-26; Marik 5:21-43
Nowhere else in the scriptures does
this man [Jairus] or his name appear in scripture or the annals
of history. , Yet thousands of years after his death his
memory lives in the memory of others because of a
brief encounter with Jesus. Likewise, many other
lives have become memorable that would typically
have been lost in obscurity had it not been for the
touch of the Master’s hand. How can you allow the Savior to
touch your life and increase its significance?