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Shaivites worship the phallus as the father. Shaktas worship the vulva as the mother. female or both. miraculous. Active people use wine. coitus. and enjoyable world through seeking pleasure. Different traditions of worship have come into vogue. fish. woman and coitus in worship. YANTRA AND TANTRA FOR PLEASURE AND DIVINITY Author Unknown A BRIEF INTRODUCTION TO ACHARAS IN SRI VIDYA: Half of the population is male (Dakshina) and half of it female (Vama). Worship is done according to each one’s activity level. sugar and juices of fruit.KALAVAHAN MANTRA. not avoiding it. The God/dess is worshipped as male. So Kulas worship both phallus. Kula means total. Mild people do puja with 5 nectars-milk. Meditative people do puja according to Bhavana Upanishat. . The main idea of worship is to create a wish fulfilling. curds. vulva and their union. ghee. meat.

psychosomatic disorders and promotes a positive outlook on life. We simply can’t afford to lose the 99% of college going youth if we want to spread the Tantras and to make an impact on society. The learning curves are very steep. boring. Our insistence on orthodoxy is thus rejecting 99% of younger generation from getting the benefits of tantra. The genuine teachers are very difficult to even talk to.NEED FOR REVISING EXISTING TANTRAS: Tantra detoxes psyche from suppression. and sometimes becomes just a glorified drinking party. The Sri Chakra Puja takes six to 8 hours. . In these modern days. The real offering of pleasure to Goddess is omitted. You will suffer wrath of the Goddess if you violate this rule. not one minute can be saved from the set procedures. Otherwise we will forever be condemned as antisocial black magicians instead of genuine beauty seekers who we really are. young people are counting seconds. Tantra releases the floodgates of creativity. Women who ought to be worshipped are tied up in this work. Puja is too long. But the orthodoxy rigidly imposes that not one word in the ritual can be changed. difficult to learn. Lot of work goes into preparation of specific food offerings.” Unfortunately this attitude has done more harm than good. “take it or leave it. not even minutes: they indeed have very little time. The attitude so far has been.

To remind us about this heritage of community fun in service of Goddess. implying that God loves suffering. we need to compact the tantra into a daily practice . Now imagine young people dancing and having amorous fun in temples as service to Gods. Today. legal system in India forbids intimacy in temples. that it appeals to the youthful spirit of fun. it has been held secret only because it explores the role of fear and sex in transformation. that it defines goals of life by connecting to Goddess and getting help from Her.See the people in wet clothes rolling on ground doing parikrama. sculptures of loving groups in every imaginable posture of copulation decorate the walls of great temples of India. that it does not require many hours of commitment every day. Millions all over the world are searching for methods of combining fun and Nirvana. reflecting the need as well as acceptance of tantric way of life. To achieve these ends. that it opens up a soul giving and seeking divine pleasures to all. To spread the message we have to tell that Tantra accepts all forms of love and fun in worship. that it is an exciting way to reach an ocean of bliss. and so is enjoyable. we can be like that even today but laws of the land will crucify you. If we choose. in that it is not evil or dark.

CREATING AND PROPAGATING A SHORT FORM OF SRI CHAKRA PUJA We have done it and are propagating it. The soul may still decide to come down by choice as an avatar. We live in three bodies: The physical body. . This document and animation in flash can both be downloaded from a website. It is just 8 pages in all. and also the actual procedure as a pdf document. What follows are the ideas behind accelerating the learning curve. I think I understand it enough to dare to simplify its content. I have practiced Sri Chakra Puja/Tantra every day for long. lotus body. not compromising its purity of intent. Nirvana means to cut the causal chain forcing us to get rebirth. THE IDEAS BEHIND COMPACTING SRI CHAKRA PUJA I studied Sri Vidya. People are getting enormous benefits in less than a month even spending less than an hour a day. The king of yantras is called Sri yantra. and yantra body. I lived in a Temple in the form of Sri Chakra. Nirvana is the process of moving from physical to lotus body and lotus to Yantra body.lasting an hour or less and make it thoroughly enjoyable. The word chakra means a circle of like minded people doing a ritual full of fun and beauty. every minute of it.

Normally we would use Datta mantra for 16 petals of visuddhi. We have given the name KALAVAHAN to a new version based on Sri Vidya. and 3 in the eyes. The vessel is called Visesha Patra. We use the Datta Guru mantra “Om am hrim krom ehyehi dattatreyaya svaha”. Why not use it alone? This is another innovation. In the formal Sri Chakra Puja. The vital fluid in it is the life itself. Part 1 is Sri Kram. We use it 16 times round neck. first we need to move from its grossness by entering the lotus body. we recognise that the best vessel we can think of is our own body. In the new version. 10 around waist. Krishna for 12 of Anahata and so on. To make the gross physical body fit to receive nectar (make it immortal). Lalita krama and Navavarana puja. You could actually use a vibrator too to induce vibrations there.The puja of Sri Chakra has 3 parts called Sri Krama. where immortality is invoked into a fluid in a holy vessel. 6 around genital and 4 in lower abdomen where womb is located. One very good way to do it is to touch each point of physical body and feel the vibrations there as we are saying the mantra in all the lotuses. In preparing . 12 times round chest. But why use different mantras? Guru mantra has all mantras in it.

We tell that all is the creator. Rudra. worship and food offerings. bath and a beauty treatment. destroying evil. she can give life back by a mere look. The circle of fortune Sri Chakra is formed when four male principles unite with five female . oceans. volcanoes. The second part is a massage. hurricanes and sky. Iswara. the list of attending Goddesses in the circle of Sri. Sadsiva are the powers which control the elements of earth. vilva. preserving the best ones. even if forms differ. In this we visualise or see pictures saving thousands of words. We invoke the compassionate look of the mother into her eyes. we invoke fire. Here we think of the lady as Mother Goddess Lalita Herself. directly into the charkas of womb.nectar. We also invoke the powers of creating new ideas. the Sri Chakra near the vulva and worship it with Khadgamala. The third part is to keep the greatest of yantras. And then the the five nectars are given divinising the person. navel.chest and neck. We invoke all these and more powers into the vessel which is the person receiving empowerment. sun and moon. powers which are concentrated and diffused into the body. Vishnu. one life animates all. Brahma. the creator is in the creation.

The fifth transcendent goddess who is Herself the guru blesses all this. It is the ultimate honor and fulfillment to receive worship for your divinity. That is our desire: fun and freedom for all. and reach nirvana. Every seeker will be able to commit this much of time. It is our fond hope that people will really enjoy this new Kalavahana. THE OFFERING From beginning to end the process just takes an hour. do it every day. The person gets fully empowered.principles. and receives worship as a living God/Goddess. .

raM UShmAyai. aH pUrNAyai. sthirAyai. aluM chaMdrikAyai. kShaM kavyavAhAyai) namaH anAhatE: aiM hrIM SrIM (kaM bhaM tapinyai. vaM jvAlinyai. alUM kAMtyai. uM puShTyai. siddhyai) namaH . gaM phaM dhUmrAyai. LaM havyavAhAyai. mEdhAyai. auM aMgadAyai. RuM dhRutyai. dyutyai. TaM DhaM dhAriNyai. ShaM suSriyai. Ruddhyai. RUM Sashinyai.English (baraha) KALAVAHAN RITUAL mUlAdhArE: aiM hrIM SrIM (YaM dhUmrArciShE. jaM thaM bhOgadAyai. smRutyai. OM prItyai. AM mAnadAyai. haM kapilAyai. ChaM daM suShumnAyai. sthityai. laM jvalinyai. JuM taM vishvAyai. iM pUShAyai. kaaMtyai. ~gaM naM jvAlinyai. EM jyOtsnAyai. lakShmyai. ~jaM NaM bOdhinyai. ThaM DaM kShamAyai) namaH brahmaraMdhrE: aiM hrIM SrIM (aM amRutAyai. caM dhaM ruchyai. aiM Sriyai. aHM pUrNaamRutAyai) namaH mUlAdhArE: aiM hrIM SrIM (sRuShTyai. saM surUpAyai. KaM baM tApinyai. IM tuShTyai. GaM paM marIchyai. SaM visphuliMginyai. UM ratyai.

j~jAnAyai. kAmikAyai. sOmaM AvAhayAmi. iMdhikAyai. bhayAyai. sOma maMDalAya namaH. hOtAram viSvavEdasam. varadAyai. BavA vAjasya saMgadhE. sUrya maMDalAya namaH. pAlinyai. vidyAyai. kriyAyai. dEvO yAti BuvanA vipaSyan. . agniM dUtaM vRuNImahE. j~jAnAmRutAyai. brahmaraMdhrE: aiM hrIM SrIM. deepikAyai. parAyai. asitaayai) namaH viSudhdhau: aiM hrIM SrIM (nivRutyai. sAM sIM sUM saiM sauM saH. ratyai. kShudhAyai. raudryai. mRutyavE) namaH anAhatE: aiM hrIM SrIM ( pItAyai. agniM AvAhayAmi. hiraNyayEna savitA rathEnA. SAntyai. viSvataH sOma vRuShNiyam. sukShmAmRutAyai. ApyAyasva samEtutE. hrAM hrIM hRUM hraiM hrauM hraH. asya ya~g~jasya sukratum. aruNAyai. sukShmAyai. prItyai. nivESayannamRutaM martyaMca. anAhatE: aiM hrIM SrIM. pratiShTAyai.svAdhiShTAnE: aiM hrIM SrIM (jarAyai. taMdryai. mOchikAyai. vyOmarUpAyai) namaH Aj~jAchakrE: aiM hrIM SrIM. ISwaryai. AsatyEna rajasA vartamAnO. sUryaM AvAhayAmi. shAMtyai. dIrghAyai) namaH maNipUrakE: aiM hrIM SrIM (tIkShNAyai. vyaapinyai. krOdhinyai. hlAdinyai. SwEtAyai. rAM rIM rUM raiM rauM raH ramala varayUM agnimaMDalAya namaH. nidrAyai. udgAryai. rEchikAyai. ApyAyinyai.

tvaShTaa rUpANi pigMshatu. nRuShad varasad. svacCaMda sphuraNA matra. karE para sudhAtmani. viShNOryatparamaM padaM namaH. AdhattAM puShkara srajAH namaH. abjaa gOjaa. garbhaM dEhi sinIvAli. akhaMDaika rasAnaMda. rudraM AvAhayAmi anAhatE: aiM hrIM SrIM. puShTi vardhanaM. adhikShiyaMti bhuvanAni viSvA namaH. sadApaSyaMti sUrayaH. atithir durONasat. tadviShNOH paramaM padagM. sugaMdhiM. vasu raMtarikShasad. garbhaMtE aSwinau dEvau. pratad viShNus. yasyOruShu triShu vikramEShu. brahmANaM avAhayami svAdhiShTAnE: aiM hrIM SrIM. ISwaraM AvAhayAmi viSuddhau : aiM hrIM SrIM. garbhaM dEhi sarasvati. dhAtA garbhaM dadAtutE. viShNuryOniM kalpayatu. sadASivaM AvAhayAmi Aj~jAchakrE: aiM hrIM SrIM. kucarO giriShThAH. SrI dEvIM AvAhayAmi Sirasi SivaSaktiM : aiM hrIM SrIM. tadviprAsO vipanyavO. mAmRutAt namaH. AsiMchatu prajApatir. tryaMbakaM yajAmahE. ka E I la hrIM ha sa ka ha la hrIM sa ka la hrIM namaH. nidhEhi akula nAyikE namaH. . mRugOna bhImaH. jAgRuvAMsaH samiMdhatE. tavatE vIryAya. rutasad vyOmasad. hOtA vEdiShad. RutajA adrijA. divIva chakShurAtataM. urvArukamiva baMdhanAn. RutaM bRuhat namaH.mUlAdhArE: aiM hrIM SrIM. hagMsa SSuciShad. viShNuM AvAhayaami maNipUrakE: aiM hrIM SrIM. mRutyOr mukShIya.

amRutOdBavE. klEdini klEdaya klEdaya. aiM vadavada vAgwAdini aiM hRudayE lakShmIM : klIM klinnE. hasakSha malavarayUM. srAvaya svAhA. hEtavE svaguravE. ArdraMjvalati jyOti rahamasmi. amRutESvari. Jum rauM. vastuni klinna rUpiNi namaH. pUjayAmi tarpayAminamaH hRudayE mahAvAkyaM: aiM hrIM SrIM. amRutavarShiNi. . svarUpa nirUpaNa. hasaKaPrEM. hasauM. aiMklIMsouH. namaH mukhE sarasvatIM : aiM hrIM SrIM. kRutwAhi Etatswa rUpiNi. BUtwA parAmRutAkArA. sahakSha malavarayIM. Suddhaj~jAna karEparE. jyOtirjvalati brahmAhamasmi. sahouH. akulasthAmRutAkArE. mayichit. sPuraNaMkuru.aiM hrIM SrIM. SrIguru SrIpAdukAM. tadrUpiNi EkarasyatwaM. juMsaH. amRutatvaM nidhEhyasmin. aiM hrIM SrIM. aiM blUM. SrI annapUrNAMbA sahita. namaH nEtrayOH amRutaM: aiM hrIM SrIM. amRutaM srAvaya. mahAkShOBaM kurukuru klIM upasthE durgAM: souH mOkShaM kurukuru souH pAdayOH SivaM SaktiM: hsouM sahouH namaH brahmaraMdhrE SrIguruM: (dvi vAram) aiMhrIMSrIM. amRutE. haMsaH SivassOhaM. SrI amRutAnaMda nAtha.

cidrUpiNIM lalitAM hrIM SrIM souH. jyOk paSyEma. OM asunItE. bhEdana kuSalAM. pAdapAyu. sa ka la hrIM. manu matE mRuDayAnaH svasti. amRutaM vai prANAH. EhyEhi paramESvari. sUryaM uccaranta. ihaiva Agatya. AvAhayAmi namaH prANapratiShThA : OM aiM hrIM SrIM. ha sraiM. asmin SrI cakrE. amRutamApaH. cakShu SrOtra. AM hrIM krOM. mAM juhOmi svAhA. amRuta caitanyamUrtiM kalpayAmi namaH aiM hrIM SrIM. upasthaliMgANi. kAraNAnaMda vigrahE. yaM raM laM vaM. ahamasmi brahmAhamasmi. aMtaH suShumnA padmATavI.yOhamasmi brahmAhamasmi. asmin dEhE. SrI lalitAyAH. ahamEvAhaM. SivadIpa jyOtiM. punaH prANa. vA~g manaH. sarvabhUta hitE mAtaH. mama jIva iha sthitaH. prANAnEva. mOhAMdhakAra. biMdu chakrE SrImat kAmESwarAMkE. SrI cakrasya SrI lalitAyAH. SrI AnaMda BairavyAH parachaitanyaM. vAkpANi. paripaMthini. mahApadma vanAMtasthE. SrIdEvIM AvAhayAmi. Adi parAsaMvidaM. ka E I la hrIM. hasra klIM. hasra souH. yathA sthAnam upah . jihvA ghrANa. sukhaM ciraM tiShTantu svAhA. mama sarvEMdriyANi. SaM ShaM saM haM OM. mama prANAH iha prANAH. ha sa ka ha la hrIM. haMsaH sOhaM sOhaM haMsaH SivaH. punarasmAsu cakShuH. mihanO dEhi bhOgam. lalitA kramaM : hRucchakrasthAM. saMvidagniM.

saM kAlAtmanE manOlayaM AnaMdakarpUra nIrAjanaM samarpayAmi SrIdEvI punarAvAhana: hRutpadma karNikA madhyE SivEna saha SaMkari. SObhanArthaM punarAgamanAyaca. yaM vAvyAtmanE ariShaDvarga visarjanaM dhUpaM. suprItA Bava.vayatE. kaEIlahrIM. haM AkASAtmanE iMdriya nigrahaM puShpaM. . varadA Bava. suprasannA Bava. cidagniM dEvatAmSca mama hRudayE punaH pravESayAmi. hasakahalahrIM. sanniruddhA Bava. saMsthApitA Bava. laM pRuthivyAtmanE satsaMgaM gaMdhaM. prANa pratiShTApana muhUrtaH sumuhUrtO astu. sammuKI Bava. prasIdaprasIda paMcapUja: aiM hrIM SrIM. vaM amRutAtmanE SivaSakti sAmarasyaM naivEdyaM. avakuMThitA Bava. raM vahni AtmanE citkalA dIpaM. sakalahrIM. praviSatvaM mahAdEvi sarvaiH AvaraNaiH saha. sannidhApitA Bava. The circle of purified lotus bodies then enjoy as they like or go into a group meditation. mudrAH : AvAhitA Bava.