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Asparagus Soldiers and parsnip chips served with dill and a soft cooked egg… 9
Welsh Rarebit, 1903 ale-based cheese sauce broiled over toast… 6
Devils on Horseback, prunes filled with pear compote wrapped in bacon... 7
Angels on Horseback, prunes filled with pear compote topped with melted Stilton blue cheese… 7
Prawn Cocktail, chilled prawns in Marie Rose sauce on a bed of lettuce… 11
Duck Paté and Toast… 9

Poached Pear Salad, pears poached in ver jus served over curly lettuce with Stilton blue cheese… 9
Winter Vegetable Salad, roasted rutabaga, parsnips and beets tossed in sherry vinaigrette over mixed greens… 7
Add goat cheese… 3 Add grilled chicken… 5
Poached Salmon and English Pea Salad, cured salmon, poached and served with English peas, radishes, mixed greens
and a carrot vinaigrette… 11

“The Ploughman’s”… 21
Platter served with a helping of mixed greens, beet pickled onions, hardboiled egg, two slices of warm bread and
“Branston” pickle. Your choice of English cheddar or Charles Martell’s Stinking Bishop cheese and a sausage roll or
smoked trout.

Sausage Rolls… 14
Our sausage rolls are made fresh daily in house and served with chips or a small salad.
Cumberland - ground pork, sage, coriander and parsley
Merguez - lamb sausage with harissa, fennel and garlic
Game - pheasant and rabbit sausage with walnuts and thyme
Duck - with ginger, mustard seed and white soy
Pork and English Cheddar - with herbs
Vegetarian - ask your server for today’s variety

Main Courses
Stargazy Pie, whole Idaho river trout with roast parsnip puree cooked in puff pastry accompanied by sautéed beet
greens… 15
Beet Wellington, red beets cooked in puff pastry on bruléed goat cheese with peas and micro greens… 14
Fish and Chips, Yorkshire caviar and tartar sauce. Accompanied by malt vinegar, curry sauce or brown sauce at your
pleasure… 17
Bangers and Mash, pork bangers, mashed potatoes and onion gravy… 15
Shepherd’s Pie, seasoned ground lamb and beef in gravy topped with mashed potatoes, accompanied by carrots and
peas… 17
The Knight’s Leg, duck confit and pear compote wrapped in puff pastry accompanied by a savory porridge of steel
cut oats and vegetables with juniper au jus… 24
Steak and Kidney Pudding, traditional suet pudding made with aged chuck roll and veal kidneys in a rich gravy
accompanied by a microgreen and radish salad… 14
House Ground Beef Burger, lettuce, tomato, red onion and 1903 beer mustard served with chips…14 Add English
cheddar… 2 Add bacon… 2
Stewed Brisket, beets, beet greens, potatoes and Yorkshire pudding… 24

Our Food
Our food is honest, classic and nononsense: a celebration of great pub fair.
The ingredients are sourced from local
suppliers with integrity and accountability.
The meats and vegetables are responsibly
farmed, not genetically modified or from a
clear cut forest.
The food is fresh: the patés, pies, sausages
and burgers are made in house, the chips
are hand cut, the beer batter mixed daily
using 1903 lager and flour.
Wherever possible everything is