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Late Knight Menu

Parsnip Crisps… 5
Curry Chips, hand-cut homemade chips topped with a
spicy curry sauce… 4
Stilton Blue Balls, small morsels of Stilton blue cheese
cooked in puff pastry… 6
Goat cheese and onion tart… 8
Fish & Chips, Yorkshire caviar and tartar sauce.
Accompanied by malt vinegar, curry sauce or brown
sauce at your pleasure… 13
Garden Salad, mixed greens, fresh herbs and seasonal
shaved raw vegetables tossed in a Coleman’s mustard
vinaigrette… 6
Cumberland Sausage Roll, ground pork, sage,
coriander and parsley cooked in puff pastry.
Accompanied with chips or a small salad… 10
East Eton Mess, double whipped cream with meringue
and seasonal berries… 7