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version 1.0.

9 (Tanguy Pruvot)
- pool extranonce subscribe
- upgrade jansson
- lyra2 algo
- fix for solo mining
- API websocket support
Version 1.0.8 (Tanguy Pruvot)
- API Monitoring Support
- Enhance config values support (int/real/bool)
- Rewrite blake algo (speed x2)
Version 1.0.7 (Tanguy Pruvot)
- Add NIST5 and QUBIT algos
- Show current stratum bloc height
- Fix wallet solo mining
Version 1.0.6 (Tanguy Pruvot)
- Fix scrypt algo
- More work on VC2013
- Add -f tuning option to test with reduced difficulty
- Add S3 algo
Version 1.0.5 (Tanguy Pruvot)

Merge remaining v2.4 cpu-miner changes
Add colored output (disable with --no-color)
Test and fix blake on NEOS, needs 14 rounds (was 8)
Add pentablake (5x blake256) (from bitbandi)
Add neoscrypt
Windows (VC++ 2013 and MinGW64 build support)
Enhance --version informations (compiler + lib versions)

Version 1.0.4 (Tanguy Pruvot)


x13 x14 and x15 algos (Sherlockcoin, X14Coin, Webcoin..)
scrypt:N variants (Vertcoin)
fresh algo
thread khashes/s value output
a configure option --disable-assembly

Version multi 1.0.3 (Lucas Jones)
- Add new algos :
x11 (Darkcoin [DRK], Hirocoin, Limecoin)
cryptonight (Bytecoin [BCN], Monero)
keccak (Maxcoin HelixCoin, CryptoMeth, Galleon, 365coin, Slothcoin, Bitcointa
hefty1 (Heavycoin)
quark (Quarkcoin)
skein (Skeincoin, Myriadcoin)
shavite3 (INKcoin)
blake (Blakecoin)
- See
Version 2.4 - May 20, 2014
- Add support for the getblocktemplate RPC method (BIP 22)
- Allow tunnelling Stratum through HTTP proxies

2 .Various compatibility fixes for AIX (pontius) Version 2. 2012 .Add optimized code for ARM processors .- Add a --no-redirect option to ignore redirection requests Timeout for long polling is now disabled by default Fix CPU affinity on Linux (kiyominer) Add support for building under 64-bit Cygwin Expand version information with build details Version 2.3. 2012 . including Solaris 8 and old versions of OS X .Ensure that the output stream is flushed after every log message .Fix an undefined-behavior bug in the Stratum code Version 2.Support for building on NetBSD and OpenBSD .2.Add optimizations for AVX2-capable x86-64 processors .Fix a bug in libcurl initialization (martinwguy) Version 2.2.Add support for the Stratum mining protocol .3 .Add an optimized SHA-256d algorithm.Feb 27.Jul 10.1 .Apr 2.2 .Automatically switch to Stratum if the mining server supports the X-Stratum extension.2 . unless --no-stratum is used .1 .3. 2014 - The --url option is now mandatory Do not switch to Stratum when using an HTTP proxy Fix scheduling policy change on Linux (clbr) Fix CPU affinity on FreeBSD (ache) Compatibility fixes for various platforms.Add a --benchmark option that allows offline testing . 2012 .Jun 12.Aug 5. with specialized code for x86 and x86-64 and support for AVX and XOP instructions .Slight performance increase for scrypt on x86 and x86-64 .Fix a bug that only made SHA-256d mining work at difficulty 1 .May 2.2. 2013 .3 .A man page for minerd is now available Version 2.Support for the X-Reject-Reason extension Version 2. 2013 .Add optimized ARM NEON code for scrypt and SHA-256d .3 . 2012 - Various performance improvements for x86 and x86-64 Optimize scrypt for ARMv5E and later processors Set the priority of miner threads to idle on Windows Add an option to start minerd as a daemon on POSIX systems Version 2.Jun 7.Fix a couple of compatibility issues with some Stratum servers Version 2.3. 2013 .Set CPU affinity on FreeBSD (lye) .Jun 18.Add a --cert option for specifying an SSL certificate (martinwguy) .

Jan 26.Add support for the "submitold" extension.Handle empty responses properly (TimothyA) . 2012 .Jan 16.Add "X-Mining-Extensions: midstate" to HTTP headers (p2k) .1.1. used by p2pool .Feb 28.Add a --version option.Mar 7.0 .Do not ask for new work if the current one is not expired .It is now possible to specify username and password in the URL.Share the same work among all threads . 2012 - Add optimizations for AVX-capable x86-64 processors Assume HTTP if no protocol is specified for the mining server Fix MinGW compatibility issues and update build instructions Add support for building on Solaris using gcc (pontius) Version 2.Fix minor speed regression .1. like this: http://username:password@host:port/ .Jan 20.5 .1.Feb 12.Modify x86-64 code to make it compatible with older versions of binutils Version 2. 2012 .1 .Refresh work when long polling times out .Handle network errors properly .Jan 19.Eliminate the delay between starting threads Version 2.Make scantime retargeting more accurate Version 2. 2012 .Allow miner threads to ask for new work if the current one is at least 45 seconds old and long polling is enabled . and only try to reactivate it if the server continues to advertise the feature in HTTP headers .Do not discard the work returned by long polling Version 2.3 . 2012 - Change default port to 9332 for Litecoin and remove default credentials Add 'scrypt' as the default algorithm and remove other algorithms (ArtForz) Optimize scrypt for x86 and x86-64 Make scantime retargeting less granular (ArtForz) Test the whole hash instead of just looking at the high 32 bits Add configurable timeout.The default timeout is now 270 seconds Version 2.Smart handling of long polling failures: switch to short scan time if long polling fails.1 . 2012 . with a default of 180 seconds . and clean up --help output .Do not submit work that is known to be stale .2 .4 .1..Avoid division by zero when computing hash rates . 2012 - Implement 4-way SHA-256 on x86-64 Add TCP keepalive to long polling connections Support HTTP and SOCKS proxies via the --proxy option Username and password are no longer mandatory Add a script that makes assembly code compatible with old versions of the GNU assembler that do not support macros Version 2.

8 .Make --user.Adjust max workload based on scantime (default 5 seconds.8. 2011 .7. .March 14.Move all JSON-RPC I/O to separate thread.OSX support Version 1. . Version 0.May 9.1 . 2011 . and add short options -o and -O Version 1.Add share summary output (inlikeflynn) .0. as an alternative to the current --userpass Version 0. 2011 - Linux x86_64 optimisations .March 22.Standardize program --user/--pass options (and "user" and "pass" in config file).1 . This reduces the number of HTTP connections from one-per-thread to one. so that server operators may more easily identify the miner client.Jun 13. reducing resource usage on upstream bitcoind / pool server.March 21.php .Support long polling: http://deepbit.0 compatibility correct off-by-one in date (month) display output fix platform detection improve yasm configure bits support full URL.0 . 2011 - jansson 2.Fix parameters -u and -p. 2011 .Fix minor bug in example JSON config file Version 0. 2011 ..0.Add User-Agent HTTP header to requests.March 2.May 14.Add support for JSON-format configuration file. .Con Kolivas Optimise for x86_64 by default by using sse2_64 algo Detects CPUs and sets number of threads accordingly Uses CPU affinity for each thread where appropriate Sets scheduling policy to lowest possible Minor performance tweaks Version 1.7.Add port of ufasoft's sse2 assembly implementation (Linux only) This is a substantial speed improvement on Intel CPUs. or 60 seconds for longpoll) .1 . and support syslog on Unix platforms .2 .2 .Fix priority and CPU count detection on Windows . in X-Long-Polling header Version 0. See example file example-cfg.json. Any long argument on the command line may be stored in the config file. --pass actually work . 2011 .

January 29.Fully validate "hash < target".6.Disable full target validation (as opposed to simply H==0) for now Version 0.Use __builtin_expect() intrinsic as compiler micro-optimization . 2010 .December 6.February 12. .1 .Re-use CURL object. cryptopp) Fix non-working short options -q.6 .Use bswap_32.. before fetching a new work unit.December 23.Add crypto++ 32bit assembly implementation . to set length of pause time between failure retries . -r Version version upon 'minerd --help' .December 18. 2010 .Improve sha256_4way performance.VIA padlock implementation works now .3.Timestamp each solution found . This means if your scan takes longer than 5 seconds (--scantime).Exit program.Critical fix for sha256_via .5 .x bug that killed 4way performance Version 0. if -D (debug mode) enabled . 2010 . to disable hashmeter output.7 . NOTE: This optimization makes the 'hash' debug-print output for sha256_way incorrect.2 . if scanhash takes longer than 5 seconds (--scantime) BeeCee1's sha256 4way optimizations lfm's byte swap optimization (improves via. 2010 . Version 0. 2010 .Critical fix for sha256_cryptopp 'cryptopp_asm' algo Version 0.December 19.3. 2011 . 2011 . rather than simply stopping our scan if the high 32 bits are 00000000.2.Add --quiet option.3 . if compiler intrinsic is not available .February 4.Add --retry-pause. when all threads have exited . .Build on Intel compiler .Fix max-nonce auto-adjustment to actually work.HTTP library now follows HTTP redirects Version 0. 2010 .December 28.2 . the miner will slowly reduce the number of hashes you work on.3.Display proof-of-work hash and target. under "--help" output) Version around gcc 4.5.1 . Version 0.Critical fix for sha256_via Version 0.Minor build and runtime fixes .Retry JSON-RPC failures (see --retry.Improve JSON-RPC failure diagnostics and resilience . 2011 - Fetch new work unit. thereby reuseing DNS cache and HTTP connections .December 27.3 .

2010 - many small cleanups and micro-optimizations build win32 exe using mingw RPC URL. username/password become command line arguments remove unused OpenSSL dependency Version 0. 2010 .November 29.minor internal optimizations and cleanups Version 0. 2010 .2.1. 2010 .Version 0.2 .November 24.1 .Do not build sha256_generic module separately from cpuminer.avoid buffer overflow when submitting solutions .2 .1.1 .November 27. Version 0.November 26.add Crypto++ sha256 implementation (C only.1 . . ASM elided for now) .November 24. 2010 - Add script for building a Windows installer improve hash performance (hashmeter) statistics add tcatm 4way sha256 implementation Add experimental VIA Padlock sha256 implementation Version 0.Initial release.