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February 10, 2015

Rep. Roz Peterson Record on Pay Raises
“At a time when take-home pay for families
remains flat and some Minnesotans are still
struggling to make ends meet, it's outrageous that
the Governor would approve enormous salary
increases for commissioners and political
appointees already making six-figure salaries.”
[Peterson Statement on Salary Increases for
Dayton Political Appointees, 2/5/15]

While Peterson criticizes six-figure salaries for
commissioners, she recently approved a
$182,394 salary for Lakeville Area School
Board Superintendent Lisa Snyder with a 1.6%
annual increase to $187,278 by 2016. [Lakeville
Area Public School Board Minutes, 4/8/14;
Employment Contract between Independent
School District No. 194 and Superintendent of
Schools p 7; Sun This Week, 4/10/14 ]
In addition, Snyder received bonus pay of $18,142
over the last three years. [Sun This Week
11/20/14, Sun This Week, 8/30/13]
The revised salary of the Commissioner of the
Minnesota Department of Education, who is
responsible for all 332 school districts in the state,
is $150,000, only 82% of Superintendent Snyder’s

"These raises come at a time when the Department
of Human Services is making layoffs and asking
the legislature for additional funding, and the
Department of Commerce is under investigation
for the misuse of more than $1 million in taxpayer

Peterson approved a 2% pay raise for school
executives despite recent teacher layoffs. The
2012 raises for executive cabinet members came
only a short year and a half after Peterson
approved $15.8 million in budget cuts, resulting in
teacher layoffs and average class sizes of 37
students. [Lakeville Area Public School Board
Minutes, 9/11/12; Cabinet Salary Proposal,
9/11/12; Lakeville Area School Board Minutes,
2/8/11; Star Tribune, 2/8/11; Lakeville Public
School Budget Adjustment Recommendations,
Peterson’s colleague on the board commented, “I
can’t support the 2% because I really believe
we’re sending the wrong signal to our rank and
file professionals in this regard.” [Sun This Week,

"Minnesotans are going to be asking: 'Is this really
necessary?' I believe the answer is no.
Minnesotans want government to spend taxpayer
dollars wisely—these pay raises are wasteful and
will be examined closely by the legislature in the
coming weeks."

Peterson acknowledged the value of pay raises
when she proposed increasing Superintendent
Snyder’s salary in April 2014. Peterson
commented, “Three years ago when we first
signed her contract, this Board took a new look at
how we could align our contracts to be closer to

the private sector. And I think that we were
leaders in changing how status quo has been done
in the past.” [Lakeville Area Schools Board of
Education Meeting, 4/8/14, 50:48]
Peterson did not consider a six-figure salary to be
a waste of taxpayer dollars, despite the Lakeville
school district having the highest class sizes in the
metro. [Star Tribune, 4/12/14]