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The healing properties of adult stem cells are proof that the body has innate in

telligence, and this is proof that God created us, because a random event and ra
ndom, unguided evolution can't create a body that has it's own intelligence. T
here's evidence that when stem cells are taken from a patient's fat tissue and i
njected back into them for the purpose of healing a damaged tissue or to reverse
a chronic degenerative disease they have, the stem cells always end up in the a
reas that are the most damaged and in need of healing. http://www.gulfcoastste
This is because stem cells injected intravenously are known to seek out and fi
nd (see photo) areas of tissue damage and migrate to that location thus potential
ly providing regenerative healing. Intravenously injected stem cells have been s
hown to have the capability of crossing the blood-brain barrier to enter the centr
al nervous system and they can be identified in the patient s body many months aft
er deployment.
But how do they know how to do this? What tells them to look for and migrate to
the damaged areas of the body and begin to heal those areas? It's like they'r
e programmed to do it by some innate intelligence. But where does this program
come from, and how is it executed successfully every time? There's only one ex
planation, which is that God created those cells, and us, this way. He is the s
ource of all intelligence and therefore is able to put that intelligence into an
ything He wants. He knew our bodies needed this innate intelligence to be able
to survive and adapt to become the modern day human race, so He injected some of
His unlimited intelligence into us, guiding our evolution so that eventually ou
r bodies developed this innate intelligence.
An analogy I would use to describe this phenomenon is that of a computer and a c
omputer program. Our bodies are the computer in this analogy, the hardware so t
o speak. The immune system is the software that the body uses for our "programs
" to run on. But the question is, what are these programs, and who operates the
m? They obviously can't operate themselves, but they clearly are being operated
, otherwise they couldn't do the same thing over and over again, like stem cells
do when they migrate to damaged tissues and repair them, and even turn into tho
se tissues and make brand new ones. This isn't just happening randomly and can'
t just be a coincidence, otherwise it wouldn't be able to be repeated over and o
ver again through trials and studies.
With computers, a software program is installed, and if we want to carry out a p
articular task on that computer like play music, we need a program within that s
oftware that must run in order for the music to play in the music player. A com
puter programmer had to create that program, it didn't create itself or material
ize out of thin air. There are way too many variables and complex lines of code
that had to be put together in the exactly right sequence in order for that pro
gram to successfully work and allow music to be played on that computer.
Likewise, the user of the computer must use the keyboard and hit the exact keys
that match the code in the program that will carry out specific tasks within sof
tware program, in this case the music player. We know which keys to hit to make
this happen, either because we can figure it out, or because we looked up how t
o do it online, or we asked someone and they told us. So how do our stem cells
carry out their "program", which involves migrating to damaged areas and tissues
within the body, healing those tissues, and sometimes transforming themselves i
nto those tissues, regardless of where they were injected? Who tells them to do
this once they're injected, and then how to do it? It's clear that they're run

ning on a program since they don't have minds of their own, so who created their
program? Who is the user who hits the keys on the keyboard that allows the pro
gram to be executed?
I believe that the answer to all these questions is God. He created the program
the stem cells run on, and He's the user who injected His intelligence into our
bodies through evolution, which gave our bodies their own innate intelligence,
which is a reflection of His divine intelligence. It is this innate intelligenc
e, the source of which is God, that is running through our bodies and hits the k
eys on the keyboard that make our bodies run the way they do, and cause those st
em cells to make the music play in our music player.
This is the same reason our bodies have the innate ability to heal themselves
from almost any damage or disease we throw at them, as long as we tap into our i
nnate healing mechanisms through a healthy diet, exercise, the right supplements
, and various other natural treatments, as well as prayer and healthy social int
eractions with others.
We know from the laws of thermodynamics that energy is never created or destroye
d, but is transferred from one thing to another. We also know that for events t
o happen, such as the body healing itself of a disease with the help of stem cel
ls or some other treatment, energy is required. The laws of physics state that
doing work requires energy because energy is required to create the force that m
oves an object. So when stem cells are injected into a patient with a certain d
isease, and they migrate to the damaged tissue in their body and begin to heal i
t, that requires energy. But energy by itself isn't enough to get work done bec
ause energy itself doesn't have intelligence. It doesn't "know what to do". It
must be directed and controlled.
We know this because once again the laws of thermodynamics teach us that the uni
verse has a tendency to go from a state of order to a state of disorder. Why?
Because it takes energy to create order, since the default state of the universe
and everything in it is disorder, because that state requires the least amount
of energy. In the case of healing someone of Crohn's disease, for example, the
body is in a state of disorder. It's severely inflamed, it has lots of damaged
tissue, and it's hormonal, immune, and neurological systems are completely out
of whack. In a healthy person all these things are held in balance by what are
known as the body's homeostatic mechanisms. This is the body's innate ability t
o keep all of our systems, organs, and cells running optimally and without dysfu
nction. How does the body know how to do this on its own? I believe it was giv
en this innate intelligence by God, which makes sure it carries out the task of
keeping us healthy, as long as we do our part and live healthy lives.
But back to the ideas of order and energy. In a person with Crohn's disease, as
I said, their body has gone from a state of order when it was healthy, which wa
s kept that way by their homeostatic mechanisms, to a state of disorder and dis
ease. Let's assume they were healed by stem cell therapy. How did this happen?
The stem cells migrated to damaged areas and reduced the inflammation there, a
s well as balancing the immune system and transforming into new cells that creat
ed new tissue to replace the old, dying tissue that was part of the disease.
But in order to migrate from the location of the injection to the site(s) of dam
age in the body, and then to transform themselves into a new kind of cell, they
require energy. Where do they get this energy from? We know from physics that
energy doesn't just come from thin air, so it had to come from an energy-giving
source. But what, or who was that source? An atheist would say it was some sou
rce within the body that transferred energy to the stem cells, maybe other cells
, or hormones perhaps. Of course there's no proof of that, so they have to have
their own faith to believe that just as much as I have to have faith that God i
s the source of all energy and healing. But even if they were right about that

assumption, how would the body know to tell those other cells and hormones to tr
ansmit their energy to the stem cells? Who told it to tell them that?
Again, we know from thermodynamics that it takes energy to do work, and energy m
ust come from somewhere. I submit that the source of that energy is God. He is
the one who breathes life into our bodies, and it is His Spirit that gave our b
odies the innate intelligence that is the source of the energy behind it's abili
ty to heal itself. Without that intelligence, the stem cells would still have t
heir healing properties, or the potential to heal damaged tissues, and the energ
y that comes with it, but wouldn't know how to use it. God doesn't have to be d
irecting them to do everything now, instead He created our bodies with their own
innate intelligence, which is controlled by Him, which contain all the programs
we need to heal ourselves and then stay healthy once we're healed.
Another analogy to explain how energy requires intelligence in order to do work
would be the demolition of a building. Explosives of any kind have tons of pote
ntial energy that is just waiting to explode, but it needs a catalyst or spark t
o trigger the chemical process that releases that energy. This spark can't come
out of nowhere and ignite the explosives on its own, it must be attached to the
m and lit. In other words, it must be intelligently used in order to get it to
carry out it's role. If you place the explosives in a random spot, they'll stil
l explode and release that energy, but even then they can only do that if you se
t them up properly and then detonate them using the proper device and trigger.
But that won't accomplish the mission of demolishing the building. To do that,
the demolition crew must place explosives at various sites in and around the bui
lding, and then detonate them.
All of these steps require intelligence to get the source of energy to do what i
t needs to do to accomplish the task at hand. Having the energy by itself isn't
enough. It must be directed and used in an orderly way, and this can only be d
one by an intelligent source, in that case by a demolition crew with knowledge o
f how to demolish buildings. In the case of the stem cells healing the patient
with Crohn's, the source of that intelligence is God.
If the body didn't have that intelligence, then we'd just get sick and die, and
the human race would've died out long ago. But God couldn't let that happen, so
He needed some way to make sure our bodies could defend themselves from all the
kinds of damage and insults thrown at them by both external forces and by our o
wn bad habits and decisions. He couldn't directly intervene in our lives becaus
e that would take away our free wills. That's where the innate intelligence com
es into play. That was God's way of making sure we survived as a species and li
ved long enough to overcome all the stressors and crises we face throughout our
lives in order to be able to focus on serving Him and our fellow man, and in the
process getting to know Him and developing a relationship with Him so that we c
an be with Him for all eternity in Heaven.