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Phys 226L Fundamental Physics Laboratory: E&M

K. Oskar Negron
Thursday, 8:00 a.m. - 10:50 a.m. (Class 18549)
Thursday, 11:30 a.m. - 2:20 p.m. (Class 17859)

Location: MH 664
Office Location: MH 612
Office Hours: Thursdays 10:50-11:30 a.m. and 2:20-3:30 p.m. or by appointment.
I reserve the right to change portions of the syllabus.

Course Description
The purpose of the laboratory component of a physics course is to enhance the students understanding of physical principles learned in the lectures by performing experiments to test the validity
of these principles. The experiments we will perform require the same steps used in a university
research lab: careful observation, scientific measurement, interpretation of data, and communication of the results.
The manuals for this laboratory are provided on the Physics Department website at http://, and are also available on the computers
at each lab station. The student must read the current weeks lab manual in advance.
Concurrent courses: Physics 226.
Note(s): A minimum grade of C is required in this course to progress.
Credit Hours: 1

Course Policies
Each of the experiments will be performed by a team of 2 students. The members of each team work
together to set up the equipment and record the data. The members may discuss the experiment,
required calculations and graphs, and the results obtained, but each student must independently
perform all calculations and prepare a laboratory report.

Lab rules
• Arrive to class on time and complete the experiment in the scheduled time.
• Familiarize yourself with the lab beforehand by reading over the lab manual before class.
• You are responsible for leaving your lab station neat and with all the proper lab equipment.


class. Failure to format the name correctly will lead to a deduction of marks. such as grade updates and so.m.• Please be courteous to others. Letter Grade Distribution 92.00 A AB+ B BC+ 70. 2015 at the beginning of class and you will have one hour to complete said exam.m. Failure to adhere to any of these rules will result in deduction of marks.m. and when prompted for the passkey enter ”Kiwi” without the quotations.00 87. Lab Reports Lab reports should be turned in electronically via email by Thursday at 12:00 a. More on that as the semester ends.00 C D+ D DF Class Web page There should be a link to our class page in Titanium. The website is also found at the beginning of this document. An example of the proper way of turning in lab 3 for the 8:00 a. If it is turned in any time after midnight.. sorry Corel) or excel files. Depending on attendance we might might do something with your lowest lab report. • No food allowed in the lab. I state what I expect for the lab report of each student. It is labeled by time. To find your specific class click on courses and then find your section. I will have updates relating to the course. unless stated otherwise. physics226L 8 Negron Kevin L3 2 .00 89. That is to say your lab report should be turned in no later than 11:59:59 on Wednesday.00 59. I will post a study guide one week in advance. I will not accept txt nor wp (Wordperfect. Grade Distribution Each lab will be weighted equally.m.00 82. The exam will be weighted equally as a lab report. You may find some examples of exemplar lab reports.00 77.00 67.00 62. Final Exam There is a final exam scheduled on May 7. I will deduct marks. When submitting your lab report name your file as follows: physics226L {Section time first two digits} {LastName} {First Name} L{Lab Number} where for section you will put either 8 for the 8:00 a. class.00 79. When sending your lab report please do so in pdf or doc/docx. More importantly. however no promises.00 < 59. class or 11 for the 11:30 a. It will cover concepts from the course.

graphs. and conclusion (include an analysis of the lab. Incomplete measurements. for instance were there any errors and what could we do to improve the results). I will not be returning lab reports. However. unless told otherwise: an introduction. including but not limited to missing units 3. (2) Death. calculations and data analysis). Excused Absences Students may have a valid reason to miss a class. but are not limited to: (1) Illness or injury to the student. Missing Labs or Excessive Tardiness Should student miss lab without a valid excuse the student will receive a zero on the lab report. Questions will be graded on correctness. Each case will be dealt accordingly. Incomplete or illegible calculations 3 . be given some remarks to certain lab reports that are below average in quality. If you do not receive an email. Deduction of Marks Any of the following will result in deductions. preferably after your name. I will. your final grade for the class will be an F. 1. it is unacceptable to take other groups data as your own. if applicable. Lastly. Missing sections of the lab report 2. Please include the name of your partner at the beginning of the document. Every lab should contain. however do not take it or modify your own. Should the student be excessively tardy (tardy will be considered more than 15 minutes late). probably you are on the correct track. excused or unexcused. Make Up Policy If the previous section applies to the student. When any of the following reasons directly conflict with class meeting times. answers to the questions (when appropriate). the student will not be admitted to the lab and thus will receive a zero for that particular lab. however. The instructor is not obligated to consider other absences as excused. you should never copy other groups data or make up data to fit the theory. via email. students are responsible for informing the instructor of the reason for the absence. etc.When submitting your lab report via email write as subject Physics 226L Lab {insert the lab number}. (4) Jury duty or government obligation. (5) University sanctioned or approved activities. Excused absences include. an explanation of the results. I would like to impress that while you are working in a group each person should do an independent lab report write-up (furthermore. we can make an arrangement for the missing work.). No matter how inaccurate your data is. If the student misses more than 3 lab meetings. and only have minor mistakes or non at all. or serious illness of an immediate family member or the like. results (data. Additionally. for all of these the student will require to provide proper documentation. (3) Religious reasons (California Education Code section 89320). this is scientific misconduct and you will receive null or low marks on your lab report. It defeats the purpose of this lab to do so. injury. You may compare you data.

and the university. other students. Abuse of apparatus 9. incorrect. or websites. Untidy laboratory station 8. and other disabilities. including a score of zero on an assignment or exam. the Office of Disabled Student Services (DSS) has been delegated the authority to certify disabilities and to prescribe specific accommodations for students with documented disabilities. Tardiness. Counselors are available to help students plan a CSUF experience to meet their individual needs. Incomplete (unlabeled). (657) 2783117.pdf Consequences Possible sanctions include but are not limited to. Submitting labs which have been copied from other sources. up to five minutes is acceptable Academic Honesty Policy Summary Students who violate university standards of academic integrity are subject to disciplinary sanctions. whether the wording is changed or not.fullerton. For more information please visit http://www. policies on academic integrity are strictly enforced. For more information please visit http://www. Failure to equally participate in performing the experiment 11. Incorrect argument in discussion or conclusion 7. (2) Require the student to complete another assignment. or illegible answers to the questions in the text 6.fullerton. (3) Assign a grade of zero to the assignment. Accommodations for Students with Special Needs On the CSUF campus. learning disabilities. or obviously wrong graphs (when required) 5. (4) Assign a final grade of “F” for the course. whether that material is paraphrased or copied in verbatim or near-verbatim form. Failure to follow the instructions given in the laboratory text or by the instructor 10. Taking the work of another and presenting as your own without giving credit to that source. failure in the course and suspension from the university. This includes copying lab from old labs. A student may appeal these decisions according to the Dean of Students Judicial Affairs Office. If you believe you require accommodations in this course for special needs. the following: (1) Require the student to redo the assignment. Since dishonesty in any form harms the individual. Examples of academic dishonesty constitutes plagiarism and will be treated as such. hearing or visual impairments. including from old lab reports. contact the Disabled Student Service office in UH 101. unclear. Missing. but are not limited to: 4 . Multiple violations of this policy will result in a referral to the Conduct Review Board for possible additional sanctions. DSS provides support services for students with mobility limitations. Each act of academic dishonesty will result in an academic penalty and a report to the Dean of Students Judicial Affairs Office.

• Do not use the elevator. • Anyone who may have difficulty evacuating the building should see the instructor. Stay with other class members for further instruction. • Go to the lawn area towards Nutwood Avenue.Emergency Information In the event of an emergency such as earthquake or fire: • Take all your personal belongings and leave the classroom. Use the stairways located at the east. west. building evacuation maps are located near each elevator. or center of the building. They may not be working once the alarm sounds. • For additional information on exits. fire alarms. 5 . and telephones.