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Issue 23 | February 2015

Baby Buzz meets the lovely
Billie Faiers as she launches
her range of pushchairs
with My Babiie and settles
into her new role as a mum..

Great gift ideas with our
Valentines Day Gift Guide

Top tips, advice and ideas on

how to spoil your partner and/
or children this Valentines Day!

Great holiday destinations,
travel advice and essential
products to help you set
sail! | Twitter:

Yummy recipes and ideas
for a scrumptious (if not
waist altering) pancake day.

Helping with support,
advice and knowledge

Opening times:
Friday 20th February: 9.30am 5.30pm
Saturday 21st February: 9.30am 5.30pm
Sunday 22nd February: 9.30am 5.30pm
The Baby Show ( with MadeForMums is the UKs leading pregnancy and parenting event, and will be
returning to ExCeL London from 20th to 22nd February 2015. The Show is a must-attend event for new and expectant parents
providing everything needed for bump, baby and you including all the essentials, alongside the latest, innovative products and
not-on-the high street brands. This year it will incorporate The Work & Family Show, which is dedicated to providing expert
advice, solutions and ideas for managing work and family life, and helping to kick start careers after having a family.

The Baby Show highlights include:

Over 200 trusted brands offering visitors the chance to thoroughly test and try before buying.

Exclusive show offers and competitions from top parenting brands.

The Baby Show stage will feature an array of leading experts, including nutrition specialist Annabel Karmel.

Catwalk shows with all the latest fashions in maternity, baby and toddler wear.
A complimentary crche where parents can drop off their little ones and enjoy the Show knowing they are being cared for.
The Baby Show Stars themed competition where the winning baby will be awarded a high end, exclusive photo shoot and
entered into a grand nale to win a year-long modelling contract.
Dedicated baby facilities ensuring visitors have everything they require, including The tommee tippee feeding area where
parents will be able to take advantage of heating and sterilising equipment, complimentary baby food and a comfortable and
private space for breast feeding. The Baby Changing Area also includes free nappies and wipes.

Complimentary entry to The Work & Family Show exhibition.

Leading & Boutique Brands | Exclusive Offers | Expert Advice


We have 3 pairs of tickets to give away!

Simply answer the following question and email your answer to me at:
Q: What is the postcode for the Excel Centre?

For more information, please visit:

2 | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag


Happy New Year Everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful
Christmas and New Year and that your new years resolutions
are all standing strong and the diets are going well! Where has
January gone (can you believe I had a family friend tell me that
there was only 11 more months until Christmas - yikes!)...
We have big news from Team Baby Buzz that from this issue we
will be producing the issues on a bi-monthly basis and that hard
copies will be available by subscription only (the online copy will
still be available to read and download). I hope that all my readers
will continue to support me by signing up for the year subscription
package, which is priced at just 9.99. The subscription form
can be found on page 82.For our rst issue for 2015, we have an
exclusive interview with the lovely Billie Faiers, a feature section
dedicated to the hugs and kisses of Valentines Day including a
fabulous gift guide to spoil your partner and your children, a
feature section on Travel including amazing destinations, travel
advice and of course the ever essential products youll need to
make your trip go smoothly. We also will be featuring gorgeous
recipes to get you ipping those pancakes on Pancake Day, our
regular Parents & Business Feature, many editorials, stories and
health advice from our resident experts. Id also like to welcome
readers to the newest member of our expert panel, Stacey Kelly,
who will be featuring regular columns in each issue which every
mum can relate to (Stacey is also the founder of YourVeryOwnStory
-, check it out for yourselves).




A warm welcome to gorgeous little ones
born recently
Finance - Getting your accounts in order
Meet the parents behind the brand
We meet the wonderful Billie Faiers
Lorraine Bostoff, Coochy Coo Nappy Cakes
The Battle of the Bulge
How much can you t into 5 minutes?
Toon soon for number two?
Looking after a baby, how hard can it be?
By Professor Dr Geeta Nargund
Advice from Sue Atkins
Advice from Sue Atkins
Fundamentally Children
By Ben Evans
Jo Jingles



Featuring tips, editorials, advice and shopping



Featuring tips, editorials, advice and of course
shopping guides for all the family ...

Nickie xx



Delicious recipes for the family

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The latest titles for the family.



The latest products for parents and children



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Welcome to the World ..

Name: Violet Jean Beatrice Nunn

weight: 6lbs 14oz
Parents: Richard & Catriona Nunn
Big Brother : Bradley
D.O.B: 04 / 11 / 14

Name: Madeleine Jade Myrmel.

Weight: 7lbs 11oz
Parents: James & Genevieve Myrmel
D.O.B: 27 / 12 / 14

Name: Eva Marie Thi Grealis

Weight 7lbs 7 oz
Parents: Brendan Grealis & Lan Thi
Nguyen- Grealis
D.O.B: 29-12-14

Name: Daisy Fleur Johnson

Weight: 8lbs 7 oz
Parents: Jo & Jack Johnson
D.O.B: 20 / 12 / 14

Name: James Daniel Patrick Karanikis

Weight: 6lbs 13oz
Parents: Mario & Lorraine Bold
D.O.B: 28/ 11 / 14

Name: Sonny Lee Fortune

Weight: 8lbs 4oz
Parents: Leanne Schmitt &
Gareth Fortune
D.O.B: 01 / 01 / 15

Name: Logan Stagles

Weight: 610gms
Mandy and Richard Stagles
D.O.B: 19 / 10 / 14
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Parents In Business

Parents &
The Parents & Business section focuses on exactly that, being a
parent and running a business! There are so many businesses
that are run by men and women, who juggle parenting with work
every day and so we created a way to introduce them to you the
reader. Everyone takes more of an interest once they learn
who is behind the brand, it becomes so much more than just a
product or a service!
If youd like to be featured in this section and give your business
a mention, contact me:

At Enterprising Mums, we aim to support and inspire each other

through our networking meetings and social media. We meet
many parents at the beginning of their journey either choosing to
return to work or deciding a exible business would be the best
for them. This month, we are featuring a success story from one
of our members, which we hope will inspire you to realise your
Susan Stevenson has been a member of Enterprising Mums for
nearly 5 years. She runs a successful business in Hertfordshire
called Blossom Cakes and Bakes running popular workshops
and baking cakes for many people in the local area. Here she
tells us her story and how when you work at your dream you can
do anything.
I set up my business ve years ago when my children were one and
three. Despite having a degree in engineering and a long career
in technical sales I didnt follow an obvious route and decided
to set up a cake business. But a love of baking and a growing
interest in sugar craft meant it wasnt such an odd choice! I
wanted to develop a new career as my pre-family job wasnt an
option due to the long hours involved and no opportunity for a
part-time role (and I had found it less and less rewarding). My
choice of new career allowed me to be creative in a completely
different way and be in control of my own destiny. I found that
I had a talent for clean-cut modern designs making celebration
cakes and cupcakes and I added to my skills by watching YouTube | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

tutorials, looking at books and attending evening classes and

stepping up to the cake challenges thrown my way. With the
increasing popularity of baking and cake decorating fuelled by
programmes like The Great British Bake Off, I realised that there
was a market for teaching my cake decorating skills, so I set up
my cupcake decorating workshops. I run these in small groups
from my kitchen at home as well as taking the workshop to
other venues and running childrens cupcake decorating parties.
Recently I have also started running decorating classes for the
local college. Whilst the business has many benets: creativity,
exibility, meeting lots of people, the greatest challenge has
been valuing my own skills properly to the extent that I can earn
a reasonable living from it. My plan going forward is to nd more
ways of sharing my cake skills so that others get the great sense
of achievement from being creative with cake!
For more information on Blosson Cakes and Bakes, please
Twitter/Instagram: @blossomcakes1
For more information on Enterprising Mums networking
groups or to set up a networking group yourself, please visit:
Twitter/ @enterprisemums

Parents In Business

Who is behind the Product?

All By Mama was founded in November
2014 by a Mother and Daughter team,
Gemma and Hilary. This interview is
written by Gemma, the daughter part of
the duo!
How did the company get started?
I had the idea whilst on maternity leave
with my son, Leonardo, now 2 . It really
came from me spending a lot of time
on social media (like many new mums
during night feeds!) and joining mum
networks as I searched for answers to
my endless questions of why my son
was doing this or not doing that. I found
many mums on these networks that were
making really cool things from home
and selling them via social media. To
start with I was just interested in buying
them! But I did struggle to nd them all
in one place. When I went back to work
after maternity leave I found the work life
balance challenging. Ive always wanted
to be a mummy so its really important
to me to be there for my son as much as
I can and share the day to day with him.
I started to look for alternative options.
Ive also always been very ambitious and
I still very much want to work. It was the
combination of the two scenarios that led
me to All By Mama. I then discussed the
original idea with my Mum. We worked it
through and made some changes before
launching in November.
What is the company about?
We believe in supporting mums who
want to work exibly around family life
and still follow their dreams, without

having to sacrice their own personal

ambitions. Our Mamas all run a creative
business around the joys of family life.
Things do change when you have children
and we believe in embracing the change
and empowering women to feel like they
dont have to make the choice between
career and children. Our website, www., is a showcase of products
that our Mamas make. Its easy for the
consumer to nd a variety of products all
handmade by mums in one (secure) place
and its great for our Mamas to increase
their reach through our marketing activity
and be part of our growing community. We
take away some of the need for admin and
marketing for our Mamas leaving them
more time to focus on being creative or
being a mum.
What do you hope to achieve?
The dream is to build a global community
of Mamas (this is what we like to call our
sellers) who can all support each other
and share their tips and experiences of
running a creative business around family
life. We hope to be able to provide advice
and encouragement to mums looking to
start out and build a creative business
and ultimately we would like to build a
company that really embraces exible
working with everything from employee
hours to customer service options (e.g.
I am sure I am not the only mum that
operates mainly when my son is asleep!)
What has been the
highlight of starting
your own company?
The positive response
we have received has
been overwhelming
from our Mamas, our
customers, press and

public it has been very exciting to receive

positive feedback on something we feel
so passionately about. Personally, it has
allowed me to practise what I preach as I
am now working around my family life and
seeing more of my son day to day. I totally
understand the pressures that our Mamas
can face having a young son myself. Weve
also won some great awards that we are
very proud of including a Jacqueline Gold
#WOW award and a Mumpreneur website
What has been the downside of starting
your own company?
Financial insecurity is of course
something that most people starting a
new business face and this has been the
main downside for me. However, it also
makes me extremely motivated to realise
the full potential of the business.
What would your advice be to any parent
wanting to start up their own business?
Take baby steps to get started. Send an
email to someone you trust about the
idea, start to look at competitors, do some
anonymous research amongst friends,
ask a designer for a quote to design a
logo. Once you start the process you will
probably nd that it spirals and before you
know it you are building a business. Also,
remember your own motivations and your
key objective what do you want to get to
and keep that in mind at all times.

For more information, please contact:

@allbymama | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

Parents In Business - Celebrity Prole


TV Celebrity, Designer and Mum Billie Faiers

I cant believe that your little girl is 6 months old already, how have
you adjusted to becoming a mummy?
Ive adjusted really well, I think the key to motherhood is all about
routine. I set out Nellys routine and now Greg and I work well
together to make sure everything is perfect for her. I absolutely love
being a mum, I deantly think Ive grown up and I love Nelly to pieces.
Youre already a pro when it comes to the world of fashion / design
with Minnies Boutique, with a second store launched towards the
end of last year (which has the most gorgeous items by the way
readers take note, affordable stylish fashion and more recently JAM Kidswear, gorgeous brands
to keep our little ones looking fabulous,
how do you find the time to juggle everything?
Again, I think its all about routine, we have a great team at Minnies
and at JAM and we share the same oces and are next door to each
other on the High Street. I love fashion and I love working with my
friends and family. Picking styles and trends for the shop is so much
fun and I really enjoy that aspect of it. Weve already opened a new
Minnies shop up North and we will be opening more in the future.
Who is behind the Product?
Myself and the design team at My Babiie, we wanted to make
something that we could use and my daughter Nelly would enjoy.
How did this get started?
Well the people at My Babiie approached me to do my Signature
Range with them and I jumped at the chance!
What is the company about?
We wanted to create something that was fun, affordable and has a
luxurious design (without breaking the bank!)
What do you hope to achieve?
I want mums and their little ones to enjoy the range as much as I do!
What has been the highlight of starting your own company?
I think the photocall I had last week to celebrate the Signature Range
being stocked in Mothercare! It was such a lovely experience!

What does the future hold for you outside of your current business
enterprises and of course being a mum to little Nelly?
Im adding new products to my Signature Range with My Babiie,
we are launching a highchair which has an amazing charcoal grey
chevron pattern with yellow accents on it. I love designing and I want
to continue on this amazing journey, so watch this space!
If you had the chance to do one extraordinary thing, what would it
I dont know, I feel that the stuff that I do at the moment is pretty
amazing! Probably travel or do something thats completely out of
my comfort zone!

For more information, please visit:

What has been the downside of starting your own company?

There hasnt been any downsides at this moment!
What would your advice be to any parent wanting to start up their
own business?
I would say dont be scared of the unknown if youre going into
something new. Its all about routine and have a good balance
between your family and work life.
Do you have a good support network around you?
I denitely do, I have the privilege of having such a strong friend and
family unit. My mother and my aunts were very helpful to give me
advice on what to do when you have a child. You can read all the
books on being a mother but nothing beats advice from your Mum! | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

Parents In Business
Who is behind the Product?
Alison Griths is mum to a toddler
and a teenager and is co-founder and
director of online marketplace Gift
Wrapped & Gorgeous with Amanda
How did the company get started?
The business concept began via my codirector Amandas wedding planning
& decoration business working with brides who wanted
something different and unusual for their wedding. She had
discovered many small creative businesses selling by word of
mouth or through craft fairs and she had the idea of bringing
all of these together into one website. Amanda and I rst met
at a local wedding fair where we both had stands exhibiting
our businesses. At the time I had a successful wedding
accessories business creating tiaras and jewellery. Amanda
liked my work and wanted to offer my creations to her brides,
the rest as they say is history. A few changes in company name
during the summer of 2009 eventually led to what we believe
to be the core offering of our business gorgeous gifts that
are less ordinary than the usual shop bought, mass produced
products. In January 2010 was
launched to the world!
What is the company about? is an online marketplace for
artists, designer makers and small creative businesses to
promote and sell their unique, and in many cases, handcrafted
products on. Our motto for a gift less ordinary sums up
what people can expect to nd on the website. We search high
and low to bring our customers products that they wouldnt
normally come across. Many of the businesses we work with
are cottage industries and business owners who have a full
time job and family commitments to work around. By selling on
our website we give these small businesses and their products
exposure to our world-wide customer base, something that
many of them would not be able to achieve on their own.
What do you hope to achieve?
I hope to continue to grow Gift Wrapped & Gorgeous even
further and get the brand more widely recognised. This in turn
will help grow our sellers small businesses and achieve many
of their dreams to earn a living doing something they love.
What has been the highlight of starting your own company?
Seeing our sellers grow their business is so rewarding and has
to be the highlight of working with so many talented people.
Also, Deborah Meaden from Dragons Den is a supportive fan
and customer and will occasionally tweet about us which is
always exciting!
What has been the downside of starting your own company?
It can be long hours and as a result the social and family life
sometimes suffers.
What would your advice be to any parent wanting to start up
their own business?
Starting a business is tough and often you will have to make
sacrices to help it grow. Thoroughly research and plan your
business idea, put together a living budget so you know exactly
how much money you need to bring in to at least pay the basics.
Having your own business can help you escape the 9 to 5, but
you have to be prepared to work the more hours that business
ownership especially in the early stages demands! Also
having the support of friends and family is really helpful. As a
single mum Im extremely lucky and grateful to have the help
of my family and friends with childcare.

We have a beautiful personalised Linen Nursery Storage Basket
to give away this month. Created by La Petite Maison Blanc and
sold through Gift Wrapped & Gorgeous this is a perfect addition
to any nursery or childs bedroom. These Linen fabric storage
baskets feature cute little shoes in a colour of your choice with
either pretty ribbons, bows or button details. This personalised
linen storgage bag is beautifully made and is reinforced at the
bottom. A truly unique and personalised gift for the little baby
in your life.
For your chance to win, simply email the answer to the following
question to:
Q: How much is the personalised Linen Storage Basket?
A: Visit: to nd out!

For more information, please contact:

@GorgeousFinds | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

Parents In Business

Who is behind
the Product?
Stacey Kelly. I
am the writer,
founder of Your
Very Own Story.
I am a former
Spanish teacher
and left this
career to look
after my baby
girl, Eleni and to fulll the most important
role in my life, which is being a mummy.
How did the company get started?
One day, ustered by my inability to settle
my daughter (despite endless hours of
jigging, shushing and cuddling!) I found
myself resorting to some interesting, albeit
bizarre lengths to calm her and make her
smile. This particular day, I found myself
making up stories (in the most ridiculously
high-pitched voice) using my daughters
name as the main character. When my very
best acting efforts failed and she continued
to scream, I spontaneously broke into song
at the top of my voice. I sang this made-up
story whilst randomly attempting to make
the end of every line rhyme - not an easy
task when you are doing it off the cuff!
Admittedly some of the rhyming words
were essentially made up sounds so
that the song owed, but it didnt matter
because my baby girl had nally stopped
crying! I was so happy! In what can only
be described as a moment of desperation
(followed by sheer relief when the crying
stopped) I all of a sudden had a light bulb
moment. Putting my daughters name into
these stories inspired me to write and
illustrate a rhyming childrens book that
could be personalised with any childs
details. Each child would therefore become
the main character in his/her own book.
Thanks to a crazy act of motherhood, Your
Very Own Story was born!

What is the company about?

I decided I wanted to not only create the
most beautiful & unique personalised book
on the market, but a childhood gift that
would be treasured for a lifetime. My heart
and soul went into creating every single
element of the books. I wrote the stories,
drew and painted every image and I even
created my own font! My books have 3 main
features which include a personal message
from you, a story that is personalised with
a childs name, where they live and their
friends name and a special, keepsake
back page where you can record precious
moments and milestones. I am also in the
process of adding a free personalised print
that you can frame and put on your childs
wall and a free personalised door plaque
with each book that you buy the perfect
gift to enjoy as a family and then put in your
memory box to look back on in years to
I also give away free, printable craft
activities on my website which are available
to everyone with no strings attached. I
wanted to do this for people as family is
very important to me and is an integral part
of my brand. Sometimes it can be tough
to think of things to do on a rainy day, so
I made these resources with the hope that
people would print them off and enjoy doing
them with their children.

own charity and to donate a percentage of

each sale to it. I think it is important to give
back and to try to make a difference if you
have the means to do so.
What has been the highlight of starting
your own company?
There have been many highlights. The most
important one is being able to work from
home and be a full-time mummy to my little
girl. Also, receiving the rst prototype of my
books and getting my rst ever sale from a
stranger was an extremely proud moment
in my life.
What has been the downside of starting
your own company?
I have struggled at times to nd balance. I
thought that working from home would be
easy. However, it is hard to have boundaries
when your work and home life are under
the same roof. I am lucky to have a very
supportive husband, Mat, who has helped
me to work through this challenge and I now
nd it easier (most of the time) to switch off
and have a clearer divide between work and
family life.

What do you hope to achieve?

I would love to be a known and loved brand
throughout the UK and to continue to build What would your advice be to any parent
on my existing overseas customer base. wanting to start up their own business?
For me, every single customer matters Dream big, have faith in yourself, feel the
and it is important to me that this is always fear and do it anyway!
evident no matter how big my company
grows. Because I create
& design every element
For more information, please contact:
of my books, every
new sale that I get is
special and feels like a
personal achievement.
Another big goal of
mine is to set up my | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

Parents In Business

Have you kept your New Years Resolution?

with what they know
professionally, even
enjoy it. Perhaps
people dont realise
the options available
now to assist their
courses enable you to
learn whilst working
around your lifestyle
and commitments.

Are we a nation of quitters? New research conducted by

Stonebridge Associated Colleges about Brits New Years
resolutions suggests this could be the case. The ndings reveal
that almost a third of us will already be forgetting the goals we
set for ourselves for the year ahead. Although 62% of us started
the year with great intentions, by February half of us will have
fallen off the wagon.
But it seems we are ignoring the changes we really want to
make. Despite a clear awareness of dissatisfaction and even
unhappiness in our employment, addressing these occupational
woes wasnt on our agendas for 2015. Although 62% of us would
consider retraining in order to progress a career goal, only 9%
of people made a resolution to take up a training course in 2015.
The top three resolutions also had a surprising absence of our
intentions for our professional lives. Particularly as 48% of
people in the UK said they dont feel they are in the best job for
them and 20% went as far as stating they are unhappy in their
current work. Perhaps our resolutions are easily discarded, as
they werent most benecial to us in the rst place.
In light of our poor efforts, its no surprise that almost half of
us end up picking the same resolution every year. Evidently,
we are not taking action or pursuing our ambitions. The most
popular New Years resolutions were: to lose weight (48%)
closely followed by eating healthier (35%) and nally 18.5% of
us want to clear our debts. All valid goals, but none of which
assist the frustrations that a huge number of us have in our
current employment. But why are we so complacent? It could
be excusable if our hectic lifestyles or family pressures were
to blame but sadly the explanation is far more straightforward.
More than a quarter of candid Brits admitted, they just get bored
of their resolutions! Closely followed by almost 20% of people,
who just werent enjoying it anymore.

Almost half of the

admitted they are
pursuing their dream
job because they
dont know where
to start. But like
education has been
the internet, making
courses more accessible, exible and affordable. Stonebridge
Associated Colleges is one of the largest home learning colleges
in the UK with students enjoying quality distance learning courses
that are offered in a wide range of subjects. This means that
students can gain valuable qualications with the convenience
and exibility of studying from home.
People might have concerns over nance or not having enough
time because they have a family or a full time job. But both
vocational and practical courses can be completed at your own
pace and some offer the government-backed 24+ Advanced
Learning Loan. This loan is aimed at learners, aged 24 and over,
to help them pay the college or training organisation fee. Theres
no credit check and you will only have to start paying back once
youre earning over 21,000 a year.
So did you make the right resolution this year? Nows the time
to reconsider and refresh those thoughts you had for better
things in 2015. Theres still time to be a part of the wise 24% that
changed their original resolution.
For anyone needing assistance, Stonebridge Associated Colleges
can help you choose the most suitable course, request a call
back from their advisors on 0845 230 6880.

Visit the website for further information:

Wayne Janse Van Rensburg the CEO of Stonebridge Associated

Colleges says: Its around this time in January we begin to
waiver and forget our plans to improve ourselves and our lives
in the coming year. Brits seem to be settling for less and sticking

10 | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

Parents In Business: Business of The Month



Waltham Abbey business, Coochy Coo

Nappy Cakes has won a timely 10,000
makeover in a national competition, The
Liberis Great British Makeover.
Owned by Lorraine Bostoff, Coochy Coo
beat 1000 other entrants to win the
prize after impressing celebrity judge,
TV broadcaster and property developer,
Melissa Porter with her entry. Lorraine
designs and makes unusual new baby
gifts, using practical, everyday baby
products arranged to look like a cake.
She started her business by chance after
making a nappy cake for her sister, who
put it on Facebook. She immediately
received orders and within six months
had quit her job to develop the business.
Lorraine is now a top seller on Amazon
and has just added Tesco Direct to her
growing list of stockists and resellers.
She ts her business around her own
two children. Lorraines business is now
bursting at the seams and she plans
to use the makeover to build a small
extension and get an extra desk, storage
space and shelving for her staff. Im
absolutely delighted and amazed to win
this. It will make a huge difference to
the everyday running of my business and
enable me to expand. I dont want to run
a multi-million pound business, I simply

want to run a successful

lifestyle business with the
exibility all mums crave, to
pays bills and be available for
my children. I was stuck in a
vicious circle of needing the
space to cope with capacity,
but didnt have funds to allow
me to buy bigger premises
without getting into debt. This
allows us to cope with daily
demand for our designs and continue to
full and dispatch all orders on time. With
the recent addition of Tescos as a reseller
the increased order volumes is certainly
kept us on our toes.
Commending Lorraine, Melissa Porter
said, I admire working mothers.
Having to juggle work with children is a
responsibility that should be applauded. I
also admire individuals who are focused
and fearless enough to carve a career out
of their passion and Lorraine has done
just that. Her passion, coupled with her
incredible product ranges, has made her
business an e-place in one of the most
respected high street retailers. Lorraine
and her business have ocially inspired
me; congratulations to a well deserved
winner! | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

Small business funder, Liberis launched

the competition to reward hard working
small business owners looking to
develop their businesses. It offered the
refurbishment prize because its one of
the most common reasons why small
businesses seek funding. The company
has provided over 75 million of funding to
help small and medium sized businesses
For more information, please visit:


Battle of the bulge!

Spuni: the must-have

weaning spoon!

By Stacey Kelly
Founder of Your Very Own Story
Now I dont know
about anyone
else but
when I was
I was
used to
say dont
eat for two
you will
regret it. I
wasnt eating
for two I was
eating for myself the bottomless pit that is also called
my stomach was never full! Plus, to
make matters worse, I felt constantly
sick in the rst 12 weeks and the only
thing to settle that was stodgy food.
Healthy food just made me want to
throw up! Good old stodge was what I
craved & that is exactly what I ate for
9 months straight. Oh how I enjoyed
my not-so-little self! It was quite
liberating actually because for the
rst time in my life I wasnt holding
my stomach in (you dont realise how
much you do that until you actually
want your stomach to show!), I wasnt
watching my weight and my focus was
on this beautiful baby growing inside
me and not my gure. Ive never
been so excited to see my belly grow
outwards! Month by month my belly
grew (along with every other part
of my body) and it was incredible to
think that an actual baby was growing
inside of me!! After a long but exciting
wait, my baby nally arrived and it
was the best moment of my life. I was
in a little bubble of love and nothing
else mattered but my little bundle
of joy (thank goodness because the
former me would have been mortied
with the weight I had gained!)
Now I dont know if it was because
my bump counteracted the balance
of my newly shaped gure, but when
I had given birth it was like someone
had blown me up! I felt HUGE! But do
you know what? For the rst time in
my life I didnt care. How could I not
have the utmost respect for my body

now it had made the most precious

thing in my life? Dont get me wrong,
I would have LOVED to t back into
my skinny jeans but that was not the
most important thing any more. When
Eleni was about 10 weeks old I did
take action though and went to my
local fat club. Now I had done Weight
Watchers before (a million times) but
this time it was different because I
went as a breastfeeding mum. I was
shocked to nd out I could now eat
47 propoints a day!!!! Now for those
of you who have never done Weight
Watchers, when I went pre-baby I
was only allowed about 29. I could
literally now eat myself thinner! My
daughter is now 14 months old and I
have lost 28 pounds. I have 14 more to
go but I am getting there slowly. As a
young woman I was never happy with
my body (as many of us arent). But
now, for the rst time ever I can see
the beauty in it. This not-so-perfect
body of mine has not only made the
most beautiful gift in my life, but has
nourished and fed her throughout
her whole life - that to me is pretty
amazing. My body may not look
perfect (like the very photoshopped
pictures in magazines!!), but what it
has given me is perfection and I will
be forever grateful to it for that.
Whenever us mamas have a selfconscious day and feel bad about how
we look, we all need to remember
why we have a few extra lumps and
bumps on our bodies. Each one is a
reminder of the little person we have
made and brought into this world
and we should
wear them
with pride
bodies of
ours are
short of

Making feeding time easier and less messy

At Shnuggle we believe in innovative, beautiful
design that makes life easier for parent and
baby. Thats why weve just become the UK
distributor of Spuni weaning spoons: the awardwinning spoon that makes feeding time less
messy. The shape of the Spuni encourages baby
to suck food off the spoon, making feeding time
less messy.
Less food is pushed off the spoon, so less food
is wasted.
Its the perfect size and shape for babys mouth
(age four months and over). The Spuni ts
comfortably in babys and adults hands.
Features and benets of Spuni:

Reusable carry case to keep your Spuni

clean while out and about.
Patented ridge design promotes latching
and reduces mess.
Perfect size and shape for babys mouths.
From ages 4 months and up.
Soft spoon tip is gentle on sensitive gums.
Ergonomically designed to t comfortably
in both adults and babys hands.
BPA, BPS, Phthalates and PVC free. Nontoxic, Hypoallergenic, and dishwasher safe.

The Spuni is made from a baby-safe material

(free of BPA, BPS, Phthalates and PVC) with a
soft tip that is perfect for babys delicate gums.
For more information, or to purchase a set,
please visit:

For more information, please visit: |
Facebook: | Twitter: @yvo_story

12 | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

Health & Wellbeing

The changing fertility landscape: What should

women know in 2015?
By Professor Dr Geeta Nargund, Medical Director, CREATE Fertility
It is close to 40 years since
Louise Brown, the worlds rst
IVF baby, was born. A pioneering
development, it paved the way
for those facing heart-breaking
struggles to conceive. Since
this initial breakthrough the IVF
industry has seen many more,
and continues to evolve both
in scale and sophistication.
The latest gures from the
HFEA show that, in the UK,
more women than ever are
undergoing IVF procedures.
Yet sometimes the sheer scale of opportunity and choice in the
IVF arena can be overwhelming. The past 5 years in particular
have seen some revolutionary changes in the fertility landscape
both scientic and social. Landmark medical developments
have been made in areas such as egg-freezing, fertility MOTs,
low-drug IVF and womb transplants. Socially IVF is rapidly
widening in its accessibility, and has seen a signicant rise in
uptake amongst single women and same-sex couples from
a variety of backgrounds. In this new landscape it is therefore
important to know what options exist, and how we can be sure
to make the most of these advancements. Socially, one of the
most signicant developments has been the rise in single women
seeking IVF treatment. Since 2007 the number of single women
embarking on IVF has more than doubled, rising from 259 to
632 in 2012, and when the next set of gures are released it is
expected we will once again see a signicant rise. At our regular
clinic open days, it is not uncommon for around a quarter of the
attendees to be single women. This has been supported by a rise
in sperm banks and the availability of donor sperm, and even a
growing role for parents and grandparents in both nancing and
supporting their offspring to start a family without a partner.
Society is becoming much more accepting of alternative family
models, and this is especially important for women who may be
facing an imminently declining fertility but not have a partner to
seek children with.
In aiding the prevention of infertility, Fertility MOTs are
undoubtedly one of the most crucial new medical developments,
as they rapidly provide women with indispensable knowledge of
their fertility timeline. One of the most dicult parts of being
an IVF doctor is treating women who simply had no idea their
fertility was declining, and now face hurdles that could have
been prevented. Relatively simple and straightforward, a fertility
MOT can now be carried out in one visit and results are available | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

within the hour. If the results highlight a cause for concern,

women are then empowered to take proactive steps to either
pursue pregnancy or take preventative measures to protect their
future fertility chances.
This brings us to egg-freezing, a procedure that has seen
signicant technical advancements over the past few years.
The key benet of egg-freezing is that, because egg quality
deteriorates with age, it preserves better quality eggs for use at a
later time. Thanks to the pioneering development of a new method
of preservation called vitrication (or fast freezing), it is now
an incredibly effective way of preserving eggs for use in assisted
conception. In the past, the only available method of egg freezing
involved a slow freezing process, which was less successful as it
allowed ice crystals to form within the egg, potentially damaging
the cells structure. To overcome this vitrication rst dehydrates
the eggs and, using a specialised freezing technique, freezes
them so quickly that ice crystals are prevented from forming.
This has led to a new generation of women holding their eggs
on ice. We have been at the forefront of IVF become a gentler
and safer process. Over recent years there has been growing
awareness that what has become conventional IVF, is not the
safest or most cost-effective. Conventional IVF involves the use
of strong, high dose stimulatory drugs with potentially serious
side-effects. Intended to boost the number of eggs collected,
these drugs are both expensive and can lead to complications
such as ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome (OHSS) in women
and higher chance of low birth weights in babies. It has now been
shown that harvesting a smaller number of higher quality and
more naturally produced eggs offer just as high a success rate
as a high number of stimulated eggs. This has given rise to a
growing number of women choosing to undergo natural and mild
IVF treatments, which work within a womans natural cycle and
use little to no drugs. While conventional IVF involves around 4-5
weeks of daily injections, mild IVF involves only 5-9 days, and
natural IVF absolutely zero. It is important that women have the
knowledge and power to question clinics who may automatically
place them on high dosage treatment cycles without considering
individual needs resulting in unnecessary risks and high costs.
Both in the UK and internationally, IVF and fertility treatments
are widening in both accessibility and scope in 2015. One of the
most important considerations for women navigating the fertility
industry is to ensuring that you are informed, empowered, and
have the condence to seek what is right for you, your body and
your future.
For more information, please visit:


Health & Wellbeing

Ineffective Childcare Policies Stopped More Than 300,000

Parents Returning to Work in 2014, Costing Taxpayers 1.8 billion
working parents, like me, nd suitable, affordable
childcare solutions and since then, weve helped
hundreds of thousands families continue with their
lives, rather than being restricted by their decision
to have children.

Leading childcare search site has today

published its third Annual Childcare Report, which has revealed
the shocking truth about how the nations ineffective childcare
policies have stopped more than 300,000 parents returning to
work in the last 12 months, costing the UK 1.8 billion in child
tax credits, without adding the lost tax revenues. The report
also reveals that the childcare policies currently in place to help
working families are still too confusing, causing 49 percent of
all parents to claim that the incumbent government is not doing
enough to help.
Findababysitter.coms Annual Childcare Report, which is now
in its third year, is created using data from its hundreds of
thousands of members, in addition to an omnibus survey of 1,000
parents around the UK. It is a perfect platform from which to
reveal the troubled childcare landscape that parents are being
forced to deal with. This years report reveals the true impact
that the Coalition Governments childcare policies are having on
UK families, including the biggest barriers to childcare, struggles
with returning to work, availability, and increasing costs. The
2015 Annual Childcare Reports ndings
have been supported by a range of experts and gure-heads in
the childcare industry, including Siobhan Freeguard, Founder
of Netmums, who has provided the reports foreword. It also
includes case studies of real parents on the parenting front line.
Tom Harrow, CEO of and dad of two
comments on the ndings: The last 12 months have seen very
little change when it comes to childcare, and the general feeling
toward government hasnt shifted amongst the age group that
are most affected 18-34 year olds. In 2015 we want to see
more businesses offering better exible working hours, and
treating mums and dads equally when it comes to childcare
its a joint responsibility, and that should be reected in the
workplace, especially as the pay gap between males and females
continues to reduce - The gender pay gap for all employees, fulltime and part-time, in 2014 was the lowest on record at 19.1%,
down from 19.8% in 2013. I created to help

Siobhan Freegard, Founder of Netmums

commented on the ndings in the report foreword:
Whilst more mothers are choosing to work now
than at any time in history, were also seeing many
more who are being forced back into employment
to meet their familys nancial needs. Combine
this with the ongoing baby boom and you have the
perfect storm to force up the already worryingly
high price of childcare. The tremendous pressure
on the childcare system means costs are now at an
all-time high, creating a barrier for some parents
who desperately want to return to work. With
childcare costs affecting over 6.7 million* people
in the UK, it will be foremost in parents minds
when they go to the polls later this year. While
each party has different ideas on how to help,
whoever is handed the keys to Downing Street in
the forthcoming general election will struggle to nd a suitable
Following are key ndings under each section of the report:
Is the government doing enough?

Parents in the UK continue to warm to the UK government

when it comes to childcare support within the last 24
months parents trust in the government has increased by
9% (18% in 2013 / 25% in 2014 / 27% in 2015). The government
still have a lot of convincing to do as 49% of all parents still
say theyre not doing enough.

The age bracket least impressed with the governments

efforts is 25-34 year olds with over half (53%) saying that
they are not doing enough.

The top ve regions where parents think the government

should be doing more when it comes to childcare are:
Scotland - 57%
London 57%
East Midlands 56%
Northern Ireland 55%
South West 53%

Affording to work
Since 2013 there has been a 3% rise in parents who are employed
part-time or full-time

77% in 2013
77% in 2014
80% in 2015

A quarter (25%) of all unemployed mums in the UK say they

would like to work, but childcare costs are stopping them. | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

Health & Wellbeing

Younger parents need the most help returning to work. 26% of
all unemployed parents aged 25-34 say they would like to work,
but cant afford the childcare, affecting approximately 118,777
parents. This is followed closely by 23% of 18-24 year olds, a
further 183,965 parents affected*.
The top ve cities where unemployed parents would like to work
but cant afford the childcare costs are:

London 29%
Bristol 25%
Birmingham 25%
Cardiff 24%
Leeds 22%

London has the highest number of unemployed parents (39%)

compared to Northern Ireland which has the most employed
parents (86%).
The more children an unemployed parent has, the less likely they
are to work, due to childcare costs:
Number of children

% that would like to work, but cant

44% (up by 9% since last year)

*Based on the amount of parents with dependent children in England and Wales

Digital technology & child development

With more than 44,000 apps available and aimed at children on
iTunes, never has a generation been so exposed to technology. We
asked parents if they are keen on their children using technology
regularly (86% yes) and if they believed it enhanced their childs
development (79% yes). Despite these ndings, when it comes
to looking after children that are not our own, we tend to use
technology less often. Only 60% of childcare professionals
surveyed said they feel comfortable allowing the children they
are responsible for to use digital technology.
Barriers to childcare
We asked UK parents to rank their childcare concerns (1 being
the biggest 5 being the smallest)

Cost - 1.9 out of 5

Safety 2.7 out of 5
Location 3.1 out of 5
Availability 3.4 out of 5
Conscience 3.9 out of 5

Cost being the biggest barrier to childcare, parents in the

following cities are nding it hardest:

Cambridge 66%
Glasgow 64%
Belfast 64%
Bristol 61%
Cardiff 61%

Availability of childcare in the UK

The most popular childcare options in the UK are:

Babysitter 37%
Nanny 30%
Mothers Help 15%
Ofsted Childminder 14%
Au Pair 4%

*This is based on 302,742 parents not being able to return to work,

multiplied by 3,330 the average annual child tax credits for families
who dont work, but have one dependent child.

About was founded by Tom Harrow (CEO), a
father and entrepreneur and Vanessa Cook, a mother, former
nanny and successful business woman. Toms technical
knowledge and expertise and Vanessas strong industry
knowledge combined has allowed the service to grow into a
powerful consumer platform.
Family structures are changing, but the traditional childcare
industry hasnt changed for the last 50 years. This means
many families are left without a choice, and are forced to
rely on informal childcare or opt for unemployment. When it
comes to childcare parents biggest concerns are cost, safety,
location, availability and conscience. is creating a childcare revolution in
the UK, empowering parents by offering simple advice and
support, every step of the way. In the process creating new
employment opportunities, and reducing the concerns and
costs associated with nding professional childcare options.
Since its re-launch in 2009, UK owned Findababysitter.
com has fast become a leading online search site bringing
parents and Childcare Professionals together to create costeffective, exible solutions quickly, and easily putting an end
to unnecessarily high childcare costs. We offer all types of
childcare services, ranging from Babysitters and Mothers
Help through to Full-Time Live-In Nannies. Findababysitter.
com is the only online search site in the UK to offer additional
Background Checks, providing extra reassurance for parents,
and further supporting carers to nd employment. has helped hundreds of thousands
of parents nd professional childcare at a fraction of the
cost they would have to pay a traditional childcare agency.
Educating and empowering parents by offering a great
selection of childcare professionals, specialist advice and
extremely simple-to-use features. A childcare solution can
be found in a matter of seconds from any device with internet
connection, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For more information, please visit:

Safety is the biggest concern for parents in:


Leicester 26%
Oxford - 25%
Birmingham 22%
Cardiff 22%
Bristol 21% | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag


Health & Wellbeing

Braun introduces new breakthrough technology

to monitor a childs fever more accurately

Braun, the number one thermometer brand recommended

by doctors , has introduced innovative, new technology across
its range of high precision thermometers. Designed to offer
parents peace of mind, Brauns new Age Precision technology
features an age adjustable fever guidance system that takes the
guesswork out of monitoring a childs temperature.
Did you know that the denition of fever changes with age?
This is a fact not many parents are aware of. Clinical research
shows that the denition of fever changes with a childs age so what is an acceptable temperature for a four year old can be
classed as a high fever in a newborn. Many parents, however, are
completely unaware of this and can quite easily misinterpret a
temperature reading. This is why Braun has developed the new
Age Precision technology. It enables you to set the age of your
child (0-3 months, 3-36 months and 36 months to adult) so you
can interpret the reading quickly, accurately and easily based on
the age, using a simple colour coded display. Green is a normal
temperature for that age range, yellow indicates an elevated
temperature and red suggests a high temperature.
Brauns new ThermoScan 7 ear thermometer with Age
Precision (IRT6520)
With its new ergonomic design and innovative features, the
Braun ThermoScan 7 ear thermometer with Age Precision
also features Brauns innovative, patented pre-warmed tip and
ExacTemp guidance system, which made Braun the number one
brand amongst doctors. Whereas the tip of other thermometers
can cool the area within the ear where the temperature is
being measured, resulting in variable readings, the tip on the
ThermoScan 7 is pre-warmed before use, to ensure you enjoy
professional accuracy that you can rely on, time and time again.
The soft speculum and tip also ensures the thermometer is gentle
and comfortable on a childs ear. The ExacTemp guidance
system conrms when you have safely secured the thermometer
in the correct position with a light and a beep, delivering an
accurate reading in just a few seconds. As well as being supplied
in a case for convenient storage, the Braun ThermoScan 7 has
a new front panel display with big screen, night light feature and
a memory function to store the last nine temperature readings.
New BPA and latex-free disposable lens lters are also available.
Designed so you can easily switch between users, each disposable
lens lter helps to avoid cross contamination. Simply use the lens
ejector to remove the lter and add a new one for each reading.
Available separately, the lters can be used with all models of
Braun ThermoScan IRT ear thermometers with 40 lens lters
per box.
ThermoScan 7 ear thermometer with Age Precision (IRT6520)
is priced at 49.99 and is available from Boots.
For more information, please visit:




Heinz Get Well Soup sales have unveiled interesting insights into the
state of the nation, with Sarah and James topping the list of those most
likely to be spending the winter months in need of soup and sympathy.
The ndings, based on sales of personalised soup cans, also reveal that:

People called Steve are half as likely to receive a Get Well Soup
can as people called James

Charlottes receive half as many Get Well Soup cans as Emmas

Mums are a third more likely to receive soup and sympathy than

Sales also revealed that people are most likely to need an uplifting
can of Get Well Soup on a Wednesday perhaps indicating that
Britons need a special boost to get over the mid-week hump

Regions of the country beginning with the letter L are most likely
to feel poorly, with the most Get Well Soups cans ordered in
London last year, followed closely by Lancashire.

The ndings come as Heinz announces that it will be joining forces with
childrens charity Starlight Childrens Foundation for a third year to raise
much needed money to provide entertainment for poorly children who
are spending time in hospitals and hospices across the UK. For a limited
time, the public can bring a smile to a loved one who is feeling under
the weather by purchasing, gifting or sharing a personalised can of Get
Well Soup via the UK Heinz Soup Facebook page
HeinzSoupUK. A proportion of the sales from each can sold** will go
towards Starlight Storytellers, an initiative run by Starlight that provides
storytelling sessions for children in hospitals and hospices in the UK. A
limited number of the personalised cans will be available to purchase
every day of the campaign. Heinz has also partnered with Selfridges
to stock a select number of the top ten most popular inscriptions from
last year at its stores. Selfridges staff will also be on hand to handwrite
specic names onto limited numbers of cans of Get Well Soup. The
cans will be available from 5th January 2015 while stocks last.
Neil Swan, Chief Executive of Starlight Childrens Foundation said, We
are thrilled that Heinz has chosen to support Starlight again this year
with its Get Well Soup campaign. We will be putting the money towards
storytelling for poorly children in hospitals and hospices all over the UK.
Happy children get better more quickly and we would like to thank Heinz
and its customers for helping us to bring some much needed fun and
laughter onto hospital wards and giving seriously ill children a reason
to smile once again.
Marco Marioni, from Heinz, adds: Were very pleased to announce that
Get Well Soup will be returning for a fth year, and are proud to support
Starlight once again in its important work to bring smiles to the faces
of children in hospital. The popularity of this campaign means that our
fans can make a real difference to these childrens lives simply by
purchasing a can of soup.
To nd out more about purchasing the Heinz Get Well Soup cans and
contributing to the charity, visit the Heinz Facebook page #HeinzGWS @starlightmagic | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

Health & Wellbeing

All You Need to Know About...

...Pregnancy Hormones and Intimate Health
to ease your discomfort these are
specically designed for the delicate
skin of the external vaginal area, are
dermatologically tested, and free from
harsh parabens, soap, and preservatives.

Dr Diana Mansour
Consultant in Community Gynaecology
and Reproductive Healthcare
During pregnancy the bodys hormones,
oestrogen and progesterone, can change
dramatically. These hormones are critical
in helping the body prepare for pregnancy
and for the normal development of the
foetus some say they even contribute
to the pregnancy glow! But as well as
other unwanted changes, such as nausea
or mood swings, these hormones can
affect the health of the intimate area.
Infection and irritation
The pH of the vagina is different to the
rest of your skin, which is around pH
4.56.0, the same pH as rainwater, the
vagina is more acidic at pH 3.54.5, the
same as tomato juice. During pregnancy,
hormonal uctuations can shift this
naturally acidic environment to a more
alkaline one. This less acidic environment
can make you more vulnerable to
irritation and infection, if the unique
microora, or good bacteria naturally
present in your vagina become out of
Avoid tight underwear and clothing
and using harsh products (including
soaps and shower gel), in your intimate
area as they can further aggravate
any problems. Instead, you could try
using an intimate wash or intimate
moisturiser as part of your daily routine,

Vaginal dryness
Vaginal dryness is another possible
side-effect of the hormonal changes in
pregnancy - it can be uncomfortable,
leaving you more vulnerable to irritation
or causing pain and discomfort during
sex. Using an intimate moisturiser
can help keep the external vagina
area hydrated and lubricated, easing
discomfort and helping avoid further
irritation. Make sure you choose an
intimate moisturiser specically
formulated to be used on the intimate
area. These should be free from
parabens, soap, and preservatives, as
well as dermatologically tested, making
them suitable for the vaginas delicate
environment. If your irritation or dryness
doesnt go away, check with your doctor
for more information.
Vaginal odor
If you notice your vaginal odor becoming
stronger during pregnancy, this is
probably completely normal, as the
hormonal shifts happening in your body
actually increases your vaginal secretions
while youre pregnant. If you have any
concerns regarding irritation, discharge
or pain affecting your intimate area,
or are concerned that you may have a
sexually transmitted infection (STI), dont
ignore it, and dont try to mask the odour
- remember, better safe than sorry, and
do speak to your doctor or nurse.
Bladder and urinary infections
Cystitis and urine infections are more
common during pregnancy than at other
times. The high levels of progesterone in
pregnancy causes the bladder to enlarge
and become more relaxed than usual
causing it to be slower in emptying. Those
trips to the loo can also become more
frequent when the uterus puts pressure
on the bladder and urethra, making it
hard to pass urine properly. Infectioncausing bacteria then take advantage of
the diculty in emptying the bladder and
can multiply leading to cystitis and urine
infections. | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

Hopefully you wont suffer any intimate

health problems during your pregnancy,
but if you do, try the following:
To soothe irritation:
Canesfresh Feminine
Wash Soothing Wash Gel
(7.99 for 200ml)
If youre suffering
discomfort, itching or
irritation in the intimate
area, this wash can
help soothe things,
providing up to 12
hours of comfort. Its
also free from harsh
chemicals that can cause irritation, is
dermatologically and gynaecologist
tested, and can be used alongside
treatments for intimate conditions.
To relieve intimate dryness:
Canesintima Intimate
Moisturiser (12.99 for
50ml) is dermatologically
tested and formulated
specically to help relieve
dryness by moisturising
and protecting the vaginas
delicate external skin from
Relieve the burn of
Care Cystitis Relief
Sachets (4.10 for
6) offer an effective
two day course to
relieve cystitis. Almost all women get
cystitis, an inammation of the bladder,
at some point in their lives, and the nasty
symptoms of cystitis include the needing
to go to the loo more regularly, along
with pain or stinging when urinating. The
individual cranberry-avoured sachets
are easily dissolved in in water for a
portable, effective x.
Available from Asda Pharmacy,
independent pharmacies and
For more information visit:


Wishing you and your family a lovely Valentine..

xx We have fabulous gift guides, restaurant reviews, helpful ideas & suggestions all designed
to spoil the loved ones in your life ranging from gorgeous childrenswear and maternitywear
to jewellery, gifts and games xx
18 | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

Wishing you and your family a lovely Valentine..

Enjoy the most romantic spots this Valentines Day in Lee Valley
Put a spring in your loved ones step on Valentines Day with one
of these top unique romantic picks on offer in the Lee Valley:

For couples who enjoy new thrill seeking experiences then

Lee Valley VeloPark is arguably the most exciting cycling
venue in the world with four types of cycling to try. Put your
partner to the ultimate test and race against them on the
one mile ood-lit road circuit, y around the remodelled
Olympic BMX track, lit road, tackle the 8km of mountain
bike trail or book a taster session in the iconic velodrome.

WaterWorks Centre, Lammas Road, off Lea Bridge Road,

Leyton, London E10 7QB

Lee Valley VeloPark, Abercrombie Road, Queen Elizabeth

Olympic Park, London E20 3AB

If you are feeling the love-love, then why not have a

twosome over a game of tennis at Lee Valley Hockey
and Tennis Centre? With four smashing indoor
outdoor courts, rain certainly wont stop play here.
Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre, Eton Manor, Leadmill
Lane, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London E20 3AD

Stroll hand in hand and explore the beautifully restored

Myddelton House Gardens in Eneld, the former home
to Edward Augustus Bowles, one of Britains most
famous self-taught gardeners, artists and expert
botanists. The gardens include an original conservatory,
pergola garden, wisteria bridge and fabulous pond.
Myddelton House Gardens, Bulls Cross, Enfield, Middlesex

For the most fun you can have together on two wheels, try
cycling one of the trac-free routes through the beautiful
River Lee Country Park. And, if you dont have bikes you can
hire them from Lee Valley Cycle Hire at Broxborne Old Mills,
just call 07747 874831 or visit There is so much
to see and do in the park including climbing the unusual giant
wood carvings such as the Big Chair and a natural play area.
Make a threesome by bringing your furry friend along to try
out the 500m dog agility course, or simply come for a walk
and explore the park - a good point to start is Pindar Car Park.

Take your loved one to an urban oasis located

in the heart of east London and enjoy a relaxing
nature walk through the WaterWorks Centre nature
reserve with one of Londons largest bird hides and
Middlesex Filter Beds to spot some unusual birds.

Get your relationship back to basics with a romantic break

together in a riverside chalet alongside the River Lee. Take
a walk to enjoy the beautiful scenery and wildlife, have lunch
at one of the riverside pubs or cruise aboard the Lady of
the Lee on the peaceful River Lee. Or, why not stay at one
of the three camping and caravanning parks: Dobbs Weir
in Hertfordshire, Sewardstone in north east London and
Edmonton in north London, all within one hour of central
Saddle up and book a private horse riding lesson
together at Lee Valley Riding Centre. Set in the heart
of east London, the centre offers a range of horses
and ponies that are suitable for riders of all abilities.
Lee Valley Riding Centre, Lea Bridge Road, Leyton, London
E10 7QL

If you are looking for something breath-taking to

impress your sweetheart on Valentines Day then you
could try a skate across the ice at Lee Valley Ice Centre.
Lee Valley Ice Centre, Lea Bridge Road, Leyton, London,
E10 7QL

For more information on days out or short breaks in the Lee

Valley go to or call 08456 770 600.

River Lee Country Park - Pindar Car Park, Windmill Lane,

Cheshunt, EN8 9AJ | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag


Wishing you and your family a lovely Valentine..







13 | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

Wishing you and your family a lovely Valentine..

Gifts for
Him & Her







1. Hand nished greetings card - By Georgia Breeze Designs - 2.99
2. Personalised Engraved Oak Timeline Bunting By Mama Elizabeth, Betty
and Dodge - from 20 - 60
3. MyWalit - 22
4. Love Note In A Bottle - 9.95
5. Garbo Champagne Cocktail Glasses (2) - 32.30
6. First World War Poppy Necklace - 79.99
7. First World War Poppy Cuinks - 79.99
8. Clare Florist A Dozen Red Roses - currently 27.52
9. Heart in a box By Glassworks - 13.50
10. Victoria Green Love Hearts Foldover Case - 10
11. Mr & Mrs Family Edition Game - 19.99 and
12. Silver plated heart plate - By Culinary Concepts - 25.95
13. Personalised Wooden Candle Holders (2) - 22.95
14. Rose Heart Necklace - 47
15. Allure Heart Earings - 69
16. JESSICA Custom Nail Colour, Hearts Desire, currently 10.50
17. butter LONDON Lippy Liquid Lipstick, Come To Bed Red, currently 14
18. MadeByZens Love fragrance oil - 6.99
19. TITAN Cllection mens watch - 179.99
20. Personalised Love Hearts Map Canvas Print (45cm x 30cm) - 50.00
21. Image shows a combination of two bracelets the white leather bracelet 59, the
beaded bracelet 119 (charm sold seperately at 119)
22. My Little Day - Selection of beautiful valentines decorations and accessories from 1.55
23. Looking for something completely unique (we lovel this gift idea)! Certainly
Woods Valentines Love Log Gift Set - 25 | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag





Wishing you and your family a lovely Valentine..

Our Little Loves





1. Red star pattern eece sleep suit - 7.00
2. Pink heart pattern eece sleep suit - 7.00 (Peacocks)
3. Minnie Mouse Red T-Shirt with heart decal - 5.00 (Peacocks)
4. Boys Check shirt bodysuit - 6.00 (Peacocks)
5. Crabby But Cute Hoodie - 27.99
6. Sealed with a salty kiss hoodie - 27.99 (Gone Crabbing)
7. Girls knitted heart pattern cardigan (Peacocks)
8. 3-In-1 Dress heart & stars from 19


9. Yellow cardigan from 15; taupe dress and cerise dress,

from 19; tan boots from 44; Mary Jane girls shoes, dark
grey from 36 (Vertbaudet)
10. Hearts Kids Classic Luxury Faux Fur Bean Bag - 54.99
11. Miffy Sleepsuit - 12 -
12. Hexbug Original - 10.99
13. Muddy Puddles Wellies for him and her | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

Wishing you and your family a lovely Valentine..

Lovely Fashion for

Mums & Mums-to-Be

1. Dachshund Cashmere Scarf - 42
2. Faux fur headband Huff by Helen Moore 25 (Cuckooland)
3. Free Hugs T-Shirt - 14.99
4. Womens jacquard jumper - 12
5. Reese GymTote - 120
6. Winter Bliss Luxury slippers and poncho gift - 130
7. Pacapods New Lite Range Idaho 75, Samui Trio 70
(available to pre-order)
8. Tiffany Rose - Jewel block maxi dress biscay blue - 99
9. Isabella Oliver - Carla Maternity Dress - sale price 67 | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag


Wishing you and your family a lovely Valentine..

Food & Drinks for A

Valentines Treat






1. The perfect way to be over indulgent without

feeling guilty! All I can say is yummy! Raw Chi
Chocolate, The Alchemy of Chocolate Cook
Book - now 19.99
2. Vin2o A case of six bottles (ros, white and red)
- 60
3. Raisthorpe Game Keeper Finest Whisky or
Sloe Port 16.95 (35cl) or as a set for 45
4. Raisthorpe Manor Fine Foods 9ct Blood
Orange and Toffee Caramel Shimmering
Vodkas vailable individually 22.95 or as a set
for 42 (70cl)
5. Echo Falls Tisane Sparkling Infusion - bubbles
without the booze 3.49 (available in Tesco/
Asda) - This tastes incredible and is a great
alternative for those who cant partake in
anything alcoholic.
6. Way to Mans Heart - Marks & Spencer - 30
(collection of yummy goodies)
7. On the other hand, if guilt isnt a problem then
this is best 10 worth of chocolate ever spent!
Valentines Treasure Box - 10
8. Organix Organic Red Pepper Hearts - 75p (20g)
Asda, Sainsburys and online at Ocado.
9. A little piece of heaven in a box! Melting
Moments Hamper - 25
10. One for the brave - The Man Box Ho & Spicy
- 35
11. Lily OBriens Petit Chocolate Indulgence 7.50 (290g)- Available at Asda | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

Wishing you and your family a lovely Valentine..

Home & Furnishings

1. Cushion & Throw from Adventino, from 35.00
2. I would love this entire bedroom! Atherton bed
frame cream fabric - Double from 599
3. Happily Ever After personalised canvas from
4. Classic Sofa from The Sofa Bed Company,
from 1795.00
5. Heart Rug Pink - 25
6. Peony Resin Vase - 70.00
7. Rose Water Candle - 4.50
8. Petits Joujoux Fine Massage Candle, Currently
9. Imperium Feet Bath from The Albion Bath
Company, 1943.00 | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag


Wishing you and your family a lovely Valentine..

Four most romantic spa breaks..

Valentines Day is just around the corner so surely its time for glasses of champagne and staring lovingly into one anothers eyes? Lets
face it, those arent always easy things to achieve though when you are a parent. So for mums and dads in need of a little us-time this
year, here are four of the most romantic spa destinations to suit you

A decadent day out Sofitel So Spa, London

For an utterly luxurious day out it is almost impossible to beat

Sotel So SPA. Next door to St Jamess Palace in London the
location lends itself to a full day enjoying all the things that you
most want to do in this beautiful city a spot of shopping and
perhaps the theatre in the evening. The spa itself however is about
unadulterated and unapologetic indulgence.
If you are looking to go and work out in the gym then this is not
the place for you. If you are more of a massages for two kind of
a person and fancy a glass of champagne in a private hot tub, then
you would be hard pushed to nd a ner destination.
For more information, please visit:

The clue is in the name The Bulgari Hotel

and Spa, London

At The Bulgari Hotel and Spa, its all in the name if its associated
with very expensive jewelry then you know you are onto a good
thing. Also in central London, The Bulgari Hotel is a once in a
lifetime treat. There are 11 treatment rooms and a plethora of
facilities surrounded by immaculate design.
Sure, you may well be within spitting distance of Harrods, the
Victoria & Albert Museum and some of the citys most famous
landmarks, but frankly you wont care. There is plenty to keep you
entertained throughout the day and it is such an oasis that there
is little chance you will want to leave your four-poster poolside
lounger for anything at all.
For more information, please visit:

26 | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

Wishing you and your family a lovely Valentine..

A little history and some serious feel-good factor characterise

the spa at Ockenden Manor in West Sussex. It is a compact
destination the grounds are not huge, but it is idyllic. This is a
place thats built for a weekend away, just you and your other half
in an Elizabethan manor house featuring log res and Michelinstarred food.
The spa by contrast is utterly contemporary. In a separate building
it has an eco-friendly ethos and as such the largely glass structure
is lled with natural light. It uses natural spring water wherever
possible in the facilities, and offer treatments with the highly
acclaimed natural skincare line, REN.
For more information, please visit: | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag


Wishing you and your family a lovely Valentine..

Fine Dining at its best!

With one of the most romantic days almost upon
us, weve been looking for some of the best
places to treat your loved one(s). We reviewed
the Mary Beale Restaurant which is within West
Lodge Park a 4 star luxury hotel bordering
Hertfordshire and London (within very close proximity to Cockfosters,
the last stop on the Piccadilly Line).
West Lodge is a classically beautiful hotel steeped in history. It has
fty nine individually named and decorated en-suite bedrooms and is
set within 35 acres of stunning grounds. The Mary Beale Restaurant
is named after the stunning art work by Britains rst professional
woman painter (many of her original works adorn the walls).
Deservedly proud is Executive Chef Wayne Turner who, along with his
team, have been awarded the AA 2 Rosette Award for the past 4 years,
demonstrating absolute consistency at a high level over a long period
of time.
We were directed to the restaurant by a very jolly chap, who hummed
a merry tune as he led us through reception, past the very welcoming
roaring open re. The clientele on the day was very mixed from
elderly couples to families and even a baby shower party. The overall
ambience of the restaurant was very gentle, with music playing in
the background (although it seemed this was on repeat and we heard
the same songs over and over again - perhaps it should be changed
a little more regularly). The dcor is a little of the older style but ts
in with the style of the hotel. We had several members of staff assist
us throughout the meal from the initial drinks orders to the mains
and nally dessert, all of whom were very attentive, informative and
welcoming. The menu is what rst caught my attention, there is a
varied selection of meat, vegetarian and sh options - something to
suit every dietary requirement and the desserts are to die for!
Food Review
Before we had ordered our courses, we were treated to the ultimate
in bread baskets. I know, I know - most people think whatever but
really this was exquisite. It came with every type of bread, from
crispy thins, to fruit bread to the freshest of white and bread slices,
all served with perfect room temperature butter and sea salt. This
was devoured within no time and could easily have been eaten two or
three times over!
Eggs Benedict - Poached free-range egg, homemade brioche, ham
hock, and a hollandaise sauce. With my oldest daughter being quite
fussy, I had wondered what she would opt for and it wasnt really a
surprise that she chose the Eggs Benedict. This was a very different
take on an old classic. The ham hock was delicious with and the egg
perfectly cooked and all seasoned to perfection.
Dressed Crab - Crabmeat, Celeriac Salad, Green Salad comprising
pea shoots, salad leaves and rocket and croutons.This was wonderful!
The crab was seasoned perfectly and was topped with a marie-rose
sauce and the celariac salad made for a perfect combination. My
one small criticism would be to add a tangy element so perhaps a
wedge of lemon to the dish and a slightly larger serving of crabmeat,
otherwise this made for a fantastic starter.
Shetland King scallops - Creamed celeriac & chanterelle
mushrooms. For us this was the clear winner out of the three
starters! The avours, the texture of the scallops and the creamed
celeriac were just incredible, you couldnt fault any part of it. We
were all trying to pick at nannys plate (much to her dismay). This
alone would be worth the visit - please dont ever remove this from
the menu!
Blixes Farm lamb duo - Slow roasted breast, grilled cutlet,
boulangre potatoes, spinach, carrot pure. As a cooking teacher
for many years, my mum loved this and commented on how perfectly
cooked the boulangre potatoes were. The lamb was pink and moist
and the accompaniement of the spinach and carrot pure tied it all
together perfectly.


8oz Sacombe Hill Farm 28 day aged

Sirloin Steak - Barnaise sauce,
mushroom, spinach, grilled tomato,
chips, red wine jus. Wow, oh wow!
The avour sensation from this hits
you like a ton of bricks! The steak
was so succulent and the barnaise
sauce was just heavenly. I would
interpret this as your high class
grill with the best chips on the
Beales burger made with 28 day
aged Sacombe Hill Farm beef,
Tomato, lettuce, red onion, chips,
mayonnaise - This was the big hit
out of the three mains. The burger
was incredible and juicy and so
full of avour! I would suggest
serving the chips from the above
with this to make it the ultimate
main course. Mia struggled to eat
all of it purely because of the sheer
size of it - you get great value for
Croissant bread & butter pudding,
Apricot custard. This was
extremely good albeit a little over
sweet and the bottom became a
little eggy. Great avour custard!
Belgian chocolate tart, White
chocolate sauce, brandy orange
ice cream. This was divine in every
way and for me who has a sweet
tooth it didnt disappoint. I could
have eaten two! Mum and Mia
found it a little too sweet but overall
it was fabulous!
Vanilla crme brle, Homemade
shortbread. The clear winner of
the desserts was this dish! We all
tucked in much to Mias annoyance!
This is one of my favourite desserts
and I have to say one of the best
that Ive had yet - coupled with the
two biggest homemade shortbread
biscuits you couldnt go wrong.
Heaven in a bowl!
Overall Thoughts:
An absolutely incredible meal, hotel
and ambience that readers will
love. Top Marks from us! We also
caught sight of the afternoon tea
that is available and will denitely
be going back to try this out.
For more information or to make a
reservation, please contact:
Tel: 020 8216 3900 | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag


Health & Wellbeing

UKs Leading Parenting Expert Steps Into Your Living Room

feel more energised and back in control, which Sue believes is
absolutely vital when nurturing children.
Speaking about the Toolkits Sue says: Children dont come with
a handbook and advice is constantly changing, which makes
bringing up kids a daily challenge. Parents must believe in
themselves and if my guides can nurture and enhance everyones
individual parenting style then I will be delighted. Thanks to the
huge success of the original CDs I returned to the collection to
update them I cant wait to support families countrywide in
2015 with the latest version.
In a collection of newly updated parenting guides, parents are
being given a truly unique opportunity to access information from
one of the UKs leading parenting experts, in the comfort of their
own home.
Sue Atkins is an internationally recognised parenting expert who
has an unfaltering passion to help families. Whether parents are
facing specic challenges with their toddler, or are keen to adopt
a positive parenting approach to prevent anything developing,
Sue is at hand! With 25 years experience it is no surprise she
regularly appears on the much loved ITV show This Morning as
well as BBC Breakfast and The Jeremy Vine Show, delivering
parenting advice and support to the nation and now you can get
her help from your own home!
Having heard from parents that they often need a little
encouragement and advice on key aspects of parenting Sue felt
compelled to create a collection of guides, to provide the ultimate
resource to parents. Her range of thoughtfully created parenting
CDs offers a wealth of information to support parents across a
wide range of issues, and guides them positively through the
essentials of raising happy, condent kids. There are more than
15 in the complete collection including The Positive Parent
Daily Workout and Positive Toddler Taming, which is all about
staying patient and encouraging parents to stay calm and positive
to enjoy the years of growing independence with a young child.
The essential guide is titled The Parental Journey a toolkit
that looks at how parents, with the right knowledge and skills,
can raise happy, condent, well balanced adults.
Parenting success is down to many factors says Sue, but the key
trait is condence. Her specialised parenting guides take the
user through the importance of believing in yourself as a parent
and being assured and condent in your approach. As the parent
works through the collection of Toolkits, they are given clarity,
direction and condence in their own ability. The Toolkits do not
tell parents how to manage family life, quite the opposite in fact,
as Sue recognises that you are the expert on your family and
she celebrates the individuality of each and every person. Sues
Toolkits offer help to busy mums and dads by simply asking
questions around their own needs and circumstances, and takes
them from where they are now to where they would like to go in
all aspects of their life quickly and easily. Those embarking on
the programme will nd they develop self-condence, a more
balanced lifestyle and better ways to ease stress levels. They will

As well as her inspiring and essential CDs, and The Secrets

To Well Behaved Kids App, Sue has authored the Amazon
bestselling books Parenting Made Easy How To Raise
Happy Children & Raising Happy Children for Dummies and
undoubtedly knows a thing or two about parenting!

Who is Sue?
Following 25 years in education Sue embarked a new journey
to become a Parenting Coach and she has worked with Paul
McKenna on many of his NLP educational seminars.
Despite this life change Sue remained passionate about
children. Sue Atkins is now an internationally recognised
Parenting Expert, Broadcaster, Speaker and Author of the
Amazon best selling books Parenting Made Easy How
To Raise Happy Children & Raising Happy Children for
Dummies one in the famous black and yellow series, as
well as author of the highly acclaimed Parenting Made Easy
CDs. She regularly appears on the award winning agship ITV
show This Morning, BBC Breakfast and The Jeremy Vine
Show on BBC Radio 2 and is the parenting expert for many
BBC Radio Stations around the UK. In her educational themed
products Sue offers clarity, direction and new ways of thinking
about things.
In these new and innovative Toolkits Sue takes her 25 years of
educational experience and combines her coaching expertise
to help and empower parents to make, meet and exceed
personal and professional goals - including excelling in the
workplace, becoming happy and fullled in the home, exploring
oneself and achieving and fullling lifetime ambitions and
the most important job of them all, raising happy, condent,
resilient kids.

For more information or to purchase your copy, please visit:
RRP: Starting At 9.99 | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

Health & Wellbeing

Taming those Toddler Tantrums Tips

When people tell you that becoming a
parent is a life changing experience, theyre
certainly not kidding and when they go on to
tell you about preparing yourself for those
infamous and dreaded terrible twos, you
really would be wise to seriously sit up and
take note! It really is one of lifes great
mysteries how your lovely little angelic
bundles of joy that have quite happily
smiled and gurgled away to themselves
and to you for the rst two years of their
lives can literally turn into a different child,
seemingly overnight!
So is there anything that you can do to
avoid the inevitable temper tantrums that
most toddlers seem to develop the ability to
throw at will?
Stay calm and in control
One of the key things to remember is to
remain calm and in control of yourself at
all times. So take a deep breath, centre
yourself rst, and prepare for the storm
ahead. Temper tantrums are simply a part
of your childs natural development. Your
toddler has reached a point in their life
where they have an intense desire to learn
and do new things. Their mental and motor
skills have developed more rapidly than
their ability to communicate effectively with
you and because they cant yet verbalise
their frustrations to you, they throw a
Getting their own way?
Even at the age of two, little ones have
learnt the art of manipulation and if you
believe that tantrums are being thrown as
a means of them getting their own way,
then you have to use your body language,
words and tone of voice that simply say:
Were not doing tantrums today. This is
an early lesson in toddler discipline and
walking away, or ignoring their ts and
screams clearly says that the tantrums are
neither acceptable, nor are they getting the
intended result. Your child will soon learn
that their outbursts are in vain!
If you feel that their tantrums are born
out of frustration, then you need to display
empathy and use these outbursts as an
opportunity to bond with your child, offering
assistance, patience, and understanding.
Use soothing and comforting language to
appease and reduce their frustration. If
theyre getting frustrated at not being able

to complete a task, then help them out and

make it easier for them to manage what
theyre trying to achieve.
Its also really important to recognise
the triggers for a tantrum, because
youll be able to head off the
inevitable angry outburst.
Try and assess when they
happen most often. Is it when
you are at the shops, on the
phone, when they are hungry,
bored, cold or when you
are just not being attentive
enough? If you know when
theyre likely to happen, it
makes sense to try to avoid
those situations so you can
fend off and
pre-empt the tantrum.
Stay cool and calm
Remember to remain cool, calm,
collected and completely in control at all
times. I know this is dicult when the whole
of the supermarket queue is watching you,
but you need to be the adult, giving security
and safe boundaries to your child whilst
they are out of control. Toddlers often feel
a bit frightened of whats happening to
them so by remaining calm you are helping
them relax and feel safe. Try breathing
slowly and rhythmically and watch your
child copy your breathing and calm down
naturally. Give them a hug and a smile to
reassure them that everything is alright.
Young toddlers can be manipulative (even
if they dont fully understand or realise it).
They are also incredibly perceptive and if
their tantrums get a frustrated and angry
response from you it will cause more stress
and anxiety within your child. Your toddler
will know what buttons to press to get a
response from you. So learning to control
your emotions in these dicult times is
really important, as it will soothe, placate
and ward off the tantrums as opposed to
exacerbating them.
Setting boundaries
Even at this young age, teaching your child
what is and isnt acceptable is an absolutely
vital part of their development. Setting
boundaries of whats acceptable for you
and your family generally will make it clear
to them where they stand, and the less | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

they have in their lives the better.
Their world at this age is a very small place
and you are the central hub of it, so try to
ensure that you are at hand to lead them
along the path, being supportive and full of
praise, but be sure to set those boundaries
of acceptability as you go.
Get ready
Prepare yourself because tantrums are
coming and recognising the triggers and
practicing the most effective means of
dealing with them will most certainly be
a great help to you as you navigate the
choppy waters of taming toddlers (which
can feel a bit like trying to tame jelly!) and
remember its really just about your toddler
exploring their boundaries and sense of
independence. It helps to remember that
this stage wont last forever and that a
smile is just a curve that puts a lot of things
Discover The Secrets To Parenting
Toddlers with Sue Atkins Parenting Made
Easy Positive Toddler Taming CD


Health & Wellbeing

How much can you t into 5 minutes?

A LOT! If youre a mum, you so know what I mean. My husband thought
I had started taking drugs, when in the space of said 5 minutes I had
washed up, put a load in the washing machine, hung another load out
to dry and got Rafferty (our 8 month old) ready (I did want to lay down
for half hour and sleep after, but would never tell the hubby that)!


5 minutes. How do you spend yours, honestly? Anytime for yourself?

Two words that promise so much, especially SILENCE. Who knew
silence could be so entertaining? But Im going to have to admit,
I dont really divulge in the quiet of the god given 5 minute rebate,
but get on with chores that need to be done. Because who else is
going to do them, right? The same goes for my yoga practice. Im
now up at 5.30am in the morning to practice before my husband goes
to work. Its tough, but I love it so know I have to put in the hard
work. And unfortunately, the same goes for my health. Im no way
a saint when it comes to my diet. The cheeky treat is available due
to Oolongs organic tearoom, and one which I dont really beat myself
up about too much (our brownies are made from black turtle beans.
Sounds awful, but theyre divine). Lifes too short and if you support
your body with a healthy lifestyle 99% of the time, this really isnt a
problem. I was chatting to a good pal and fellow health professional
Clare Neill of Radiance (the organic juice cleansing company), over
a good ole cuppa about yoga, cleansing, working out and general
health and she agreed its tough to run a home, care for a newborn
and work full time (understatement). You time turns to poo time
with the changing of bottoms being about as physically demanding as
it gets (just thinking of poor mother in law recently who was changing
Rafferty from an explosion in the nappy department where he is now
at the age of grabbing hold and nding his lower region interesting.
Screams of help still echo in my mind).... so what can you do to keep
you inspired, happy and interested in your health? Well, 5 minutes of

Lets break it down. Instead of trying to t too much into one 5

minute session, lets focus on one part of the body, mind health.

Five minutes of breathing

Youre rst 5 minutes in the morning. Whats the best thing to do
here speaking from experience? BREATHE! Your breath is your
fuel, so load up ladies and take advantage. An easy and simple
one is diaphragmatic breathing or Yogic breathing. You can do this
laying down too (BLISS):
Lay on your back legs straight or bent
Place your hands on top of your ribs with the pads of the ngers
Inhale and spread your ribs out to the side, attempting to push
your hands away so that your ngers part Exhale allowing the ribs
to soften and the ngers to come back together - Boom!

Wake up your spine

Seated Cat Cow

Come and sit cross legged on the oor or on a cushion, hands

resting on knees Inhale, broaden the chest, squeeze shoulder
blades together and lift chin Exhale, round the back drop the chin
to chest and are the elbows
This is great to keep the spine exible and keep the pelvis healthy.


Abi Adams
07951 101 049 | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

Health & Wellbeing

Home fragrance & body products

support bee conservation

Get ready for swimming

with a splashing bath ...
condence in the water is
great preparation for their
rst visit to the pool. What
better way than a lovely
splash in the bath?
Having fun in the water
starts with bath time theres nothing like a good
splash, lots of bubbles
and laughter. As baby
gets more condent you
can gently splash water
over his body, start pouring water over him
and lie baby on his back and move him gently
through the water.
Create the right atmosphere at bath time for
fun and relaxation with a lovely warm InfaCare
bubble bath and use all the long lasting
bubbles to encourage lots of splashing.
InfaCare is a super gentle formulation
clinically tested, non-irritating, pH balanced
- so whether youre using the Ultra Mild Baby
Bath or the Night Time Baby Bath it will gently
clean and care for your babys skin, even the
most sensitive of skins.
Top 10 tips for making your babys first
swim experience a happy one

Spend time on the side of the pool so

baby gets used to the noises, colours,
Check the pool temperature, it should be
at least 30 degrees, and maybe pop baby
in a wetsuit.
Baby will need to wear a suitable nappy
a disposable nappy and a re-usable swim
Stay calm and positive when youre in the
Make it fun with lots of eye contact,
smiles and talk to your baby.
Combine holding them close for skin-toskin contact, and at arms length so they
can move freely.
Swimming can be tiring for little ones, so
20 minutes is probably long enough in the
water they may well sleep afterwards.
Have a nice warm towel ready.
Be prepared - theyre likely to be hungry
Consider joining a baby swim class its
a great way to meet other parents.
For more information, please visit:

Beefayre Launches Waggledance

Ethical home fragrance brand Beefayre
is pleased to announce the launch of
its Waggledance collection. Containing
essential oils, the Waggledance range
includes home fragrance along with body
& bath products. Honeybees perform
the Waggledance to communicate to
the rest of the hive where the sweetest
nectar lies. This collection features
stunning fresh designs hand drawn by
illustrator Sharon Jervis, who launched
Beefayre in 2011 after she was inspired
by the plight of the honeybee. Sharons
detailed artwork is found on both the
outer & inner packaging. Beefayres
mission is to produce excellent quality
gifts made in England using the nest
ingredients. Buying Beefayre products
means customers are directly helping
save bees - as 3% of the companys
prots are donated to bee conservation.
The Waggledance collection is available
in three fragrances with natural aromas:

Bee Calm Lavender & Geranium

promotes harmony & relaxation with
lavender, geranium & ylang ylang
essential oils.
Bee Happy Orange & Jasmine
improves mood with the uplifting &
refreshing essential oils of orange &
Bee Kind Rosemary & Neroli
heals mind, body & spirit through
rosemary & the soothing essential
oils of neroli.

Home Fragrance
Large Scented Candle 300g - 24.00
This candle has a burning time of 65
hours. Presented in recycled frosted
glass holders, these candles add a touch
of elegance to the home.
Single Votive Candle 90g - 8.95
These candles are small but mighty
with a burning time of 25 hours. The
frosted glass holders are presented in an
attractive gift box & are a great way to try
the difference fragrances.
Votive Candle Gift Set (three candles 90g
each) - 26.00
Beautifully presented in a rigid gift box,
these votive candles give 25 hours of
burning time each.
Beefayres candles are hand poured
using 100% natural plant-based wax,
have cotton wicks & contain essential oils.
They boast exceptional burn times due
to the outstanding quality of the natural | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

wax. These candles are registered on

the PETA cruelty free product list & are
suitable for vegans.
Reed Diffuser 100ml - 24.00
The high-quality essential oils used
in these natural reed diffusers lasts
up to 12 weeks. The bottle features a
dancing bee illustration mounted to the
fragrances signature colour. (A 100ml
rell is available for the diffuser priced
at 16.95.)
Body & Bath
Beefayres body & bath collection is free
from parabens & sulphates, is vegan
friendly & is PETA certied.
Body & Bath Set (200ml Shower & Bath
Wash & 200ml Aloe Vera Lotion) - 26.00
The Shower & Bath Wash foams to form
a light lather, which is kind to the skin &
can also be used as a moistursing bubble
bath. Follow by applying the Aloe Lotion,
which is silky & absorbs with ease.
Body Butter Tin 200ml - 17.95
A rich & velvety body butter that contains
essential oils, cocoa & shea butter
& Vitamin E to leave the skin feeling
revitalised & nourished.
Hand Cream 100ml - 12.95
This handbag size tube of hand cream
is made with cocoa & shea butter &
Vitamin E to leave the hands feeling soft
& smooth.
Bex Hewetson, Head of Sales &
Marketing at Beefayre, commented:
The Beefayre Waggledance collection
is a truly sumptuous choice for those
looking for natural home fragrance &
beauty products with essential oils. The
designs truly speak for themselves as
do the products, which ll the home with
delicate aromas.

For more information, please visit:


Wishing You Safe Travels..

Whether its a romantic getaway, holiday resort or energetic break that

your looking for, weve searched high and low to bring you some amazing
ideas! Weve got a wealth of information from travel experts as well as
the latest in product best buys and essentials to make your holiday as
smooth sailing as possible.
If you have any tips or advice that we can feature on the website and
social media, please contact us at:


Travel site now launches a new iPad app
momondo places, a free city guide with oine working maps.
momondo places currently includes seven of the worlds top city
break destinations, with more to follow in the future. momondo
places provides inspiring insight into the best sights, hidden
gems, markets, boutiques, restaurants, cafs, bars and hotels
in seven of the worlds greatest cities Barcelona, Berlin,
Copenhagen, London, New York, Paris and Rome.
Each city guide features more than 200 unique tips, all matched
to the apps six distinct moods Romantic, Social, Family, Local,
Cultural and Fancy.
Travellers can select a category on the colour wheel [link] and
instantly tailor the guide according to the way they feel or their
chosen style of travel.

their travel choices. And it isnt just inspirational, its also a very
helpful travel tool. In a few, quick steps you can tailor a personal
guide, bring it along for your journey and use the oine map for
easy navigation without ever having to worry about roaming
Once the guide has been downloaded, all content is available
oine, making it possible to use both maps and GPS whilst
travelling - even without 3G or Wi-Fi. Each tip is pinned to the
map, which provides users with an instant overview of nearby
momondo places is available for iPad. momondo continues to
develop the app; new cities including Lisbon, Amsterdam and
Moscow will be added, and eventually a mobile edition will be
Key facts about momondo places:

Sort by mood: Set the colour wheel to either Romantic,

Social, Family, Local, Cultural or Fancy and let the app
inspire your journey according to your mood
Collect your favourites: Save places that you love to your
favourites list and create your own personal travel collection
Works oine: All the content is free, guides are available
oine and the maps work with the built-in GPS
Uncover hidden gems selected by the momondo team of
travel experts
For more information or to download the app, please visit:

In addition to moods, the guides can also be sorted by

neighbourhoods and categories.

For more information, please visit:

The city guide app has the look and feel of a book, allowing
travellers to ip through its pages in search of inspiration. Using
the Favourites function users can also hand-pick their preferred
listings, making a highly personalised guidebook in the process.
momondo places is designed to be a fun, inspirational tool.
It adds an element of adventure to both planning a city break,
and the trip itself. Flipping through the virtual book and sorting
the content by colours is a new and fun way of discovering
your favourite places, says Julie Pedersen, spokeswoman at
momondo. She adds: The places app is free as part of our
ongoing efforts to offer inspiring insights that guide users in
34 | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

Wishing You Safe Travels ..

Whilst spending quality time at home together is still incredibly

valuable for any family, powerful life long memories can be made
by discovering new things together outdoors.
But its not always easy. This research shows how families
feel the odds are really against them when it comes to getting
outdoors, but there are some really simple steps that parents
can take to make the process much simpler and more stress
free. Whilst excursions and theme parks can be expensive, dont
underestimate the value of simply taking a walk out in the park
with the children. Youll all get some fresh air and will have lots
of fun in the process.
Dr Pat Spungin has created a series of expert tips at http:// designed to help minimise the
stress of getting out together as a family.
The UKs families are a nation of home nesters as new research
reveals that 60% of parents prefer to spend quality time with
their children at home rather than going out together. The
Family Time report*, commissioned by child mobility experts,
Britax, explores family lifestyles and adventures in the UK and
shows that families are spending 33% less time outdoors than
they did in their own childhoods. Whilst 65% of the 2,000 parents
surveyed agree that family time outside is fun, almost one in
ve (18%) families labelled it as stressful with a further 41%
worrying about their childrens safety when they are outdoors.
With the dark evenings and winter gales now in full swing, the
unpredictable British weather is a key factor for families staying
at home for 54%. Other challenges to family outdoor freedom

High costs: 63% say the cost of family days out limit quality
time together out of the home
Time: 35% say the time it takes to prepare and leave the
house with children is a deterrent
Equipment: Almost a quarter (25%) cite the amount of
equipment needed (pushchairs, changing bags, bottles etc)
as a de-motivator to heading outside
Housework: Balancing household chores and family life is a
major factor for 27% of parents
Tantrums: 22% say the fear of their children throwing
tantrums in public tends to keep them inside for family time
Despite the deterrents, 61% of parents still
recognise that getting out with their children is
important in terms of building memories with
their family, with activities like family holidays
(47%), days out with the family (15%) and playing
outdoors with friends (25%) topping the list of
the best memories from their own childhoods.
Family life specialist Dr Pat Spungin comments: | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

More children, more challenges...

The Family Time report shows a direct correlation in the number
of children in a family and the amount of time spent together
outside. Whilst 40% of families with one child say they try to go
out to the park together each weekend, this decreases to 33% for
families with three children. Over half (56%) of parents with three
children said they rarely try something new at the weekends and
prefer to stay at home. The probability of watching TV together as
a family also increases with the number of children in the family.
Only one out of ve (20%) families with one child watch TV all
together at the weekends versus 30% for a two child family and
38% for three children almost double the amount of one child
The report found that families in East Anglia dedicate the most
amount of time outdoors together, followed by Wales and the
North West. Northern Ireland was revealed as the region that
spends the least amount of time outdoors as a family.**
We believe that becoming a parent is really about becoming
yourself and that every family has the right to live their life to the
full comments Amy Voller, Brand Director EMEA from Britax.
We understand how challenging this can be for modern families
however so are committed to making travelling and exploring
with children as easy, safe and as stress free as possible. Thats
why we will always go far beyond whats required and wont stop
until weve achieved the safest travel solutions for outdoor family

For more information about Britax, find your freedom at:


Wishing You Safe Travels..

PacaPods award winning designer, experienced traveller and mum of two,

Jacqueline Waggett, lists her Top Ten Tips for Travelling with Tots.

We always have our hands full when we adventure out with our
girls and frequently feel apprehensive about what the additional
strain that travelling might bring, so heres my top 10 travel tips
to make life that little bit simpler and stop you wishing you had
stayed at home:

Travel with two hand luggage bags only (we take two
PacaPods - a backpack and a shoulder bag). We use the
backpack for day trips with pods in and the shoulder bag
we use the toy pods (so that the girls can help carry their
own stuff too). The size of the bag ts neatly under the seat
on a plane or foot well in the back of the car and can be
easily accessed in conned spaces due to the back opening
system, they also clip onto a baggage trolley using the pram
clips in the airport.


Always have plenty of little snacks to distract little ones, this

works a treat every time - we also take a ice pack that can
be popped into the feeder pod to keep contents colder in
warmer climates.


Remember to pack paper and crayons to entertain the

children. Also try taking maps and brochures of where
youre heading so the kids can get involved and plot the
route. And avoid taking toys with small parts theyll probably
end up lost under a seat and cause frantic tearful searching!


Take at least one inatable headrest pillow so that when

you or your children get tired you can drift off without being
uncomfortable - I swear I feel more relaxed at the other end!


Always take extra snuggly eeces with zips (easy to remove

/ put on) in cramped spaces, air conditioning can vary hugely
and can double up as blankets to keep little ones feeling



Allow much more time than you normally would for

travelling, whether a car journey or ight, everything takes
longer with children in tow and if your feeling stressed, they
instantly react to this too - a recipe for tears and not just
your childrens.


Pack emergency kids pain relief in a sachet and a spoon

and teething gel its lightweight and wont get sticky like
a bottle. I use the changer pod for this so we have instant
access to it on a ight, in the car, ferry wherever and can
deal with any issues right away.


Take an extra full set of clothes, even for a potty trained

child - they are liable to spill a drink, or need the loo as soon
as you see the fasten your seat belt sign is up, or services
in 15 miles on the motorway. Again these can t into the
changer pod, so you dont have to search around your bags.


Store all your travel documents / wallet / directions / car

hire etc in one front easy to access pocket so there is no
rummaging round and stressing out when under pressure.

10. Keep a stack of tissues, kleenex, hand wipes and a couple

of spare sandwich bags for storing rubbish / catching sick
in your feeder pod, watch out for expanding air pressure
in bottle on ight - on more than one occasion we have
showered the person sitting behind up on a ight on
opening... the tissues are a sweetener!
Most of all - be organised and you might just feel like your having
a holiday too!!!
For more information and to view the full range of award
winning PacaPod baby changing bags, please visit: | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

Wishing You Safe Travels ..

Health and Fitness Travel Launch

New Healthy Holidays for Families
From the health conscious to the sporty and active, globetrotting
parents can now share their favourite wellness holidays with their
little ones, as today the leading specialists in healthy holidays
worldwide, Health and Fitness Travel, launch their new For
Families collection. With more children out of shape, parents are
looking to encourage healthy habits and revamp their stagnant
family holidays lounging by the pool with a healthy change of
pace and get the kids active whilst soaking up the sun. Discover
a diverse selection of healthy family holidays worldwide, from
cultural adventures in Vietnam, to sports breaks in St Lucia and
family spa retreats in Italy.
Parents in need of a rejuvenating spa break no longer have to
choose between family time and relaxation on a Family Spa holiday.
Let the kids join in with specially designed teen and childrens
mini-treatments or catch-up on some much needed alone time
with a couples massage, whilst the kids meet new friends at the
Kids Club.
Show them the fun way to keep t and burn energy whilst making
the most of quality family time with a host of group sport and tness
activities. Ocean kayak and hike on a Family Activity holiday in St.
Lucia, cycle and Zumba on a Family Fitness holiday in Thailand or
try out football academy training and tennis on a Sports Family
holiday in Portugal.

Make a splash on a Family Beach & Water Sports holiday and rebalance with a beach yoga class while the kids learn to surf the
waves. Discover new experiences and new destinations as you
open their minds on a Family Adventure & Culture holiday. From
cultural visits to historical towns in Tuscany, to chocolate making
in Thailand and paragliding in Oman, spend your days experiencing
new adventures around the world.
Whether you are just beginning your family or are well versed in
the terrible teens, Health and Fitness Travel have you covered.
Family Babymoon holidays provide expectant couples with a host
of relaxing spa retreats and wellness activities; whilst fun-lled
activities like white water rafting from the Family Teenagers
collection provide new experiences away from the screens of their
laptops and smartphones. Find exactly what youre looking for
with a handpicked selection of Affordable Family holidays, Luxury
Family holidays and the Best Family Friendly Resorts.
With such a varied choice of where to go and what to do, everyone
will be able to keep active, have fun and learn something new.
There really is something for everyone on a For Families holiday
with Health and Fitness Travel.

For advice, guidance and booking visit:
or call 0203 397 8891 | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag


Wishing You Safe Travels..


Get a dose of fresh air and escape to the country next spring
with the UKs number one for holiday homes worldwide, With over 5,000 UK rural retreats to choose
from, guests can get a real taste of the country life by enjoying a
stay at a working farm. From feeding the animals, collecting the
eggs and even sampling food from eld to fork, kids can learn
the link between food and farming ensuring their school holiday
show and tell is like no other. Working farm stays are more
popular than ever with school holidays presenting the perfect
opportunity for children to see how a farm functions day-to-day,
says Kate Stinchcombe-Gillies of Whether
its escaping the hustle and bustle, learning the link between
food and farming or just getting stuck in, there are working farm
holiday homes available to suit families of all sizes and budgets.
In need of some UK holiday inspiration? The holidaylettings. team shares a selection of farm properties available to let
this Spring:

Cotleigh, Devon
Little Snodwell Farm Annex (Home ID 555394)

Sleeps up to 4 (1 bedroom), from 90 per night (minimum 2 night

stay) Luxuries include: hot tub, Wi-Fi, DVD player. Small organic
farm with pedigree dairy goats, rare breed pigs and sheep and a
selection of chickens, ducks and turkeys. Guests can help feed
the animals, collect the eggs or even milk the friendly goats
Buxton, Peak District
Overbrook Barn (Home ID 118946)

Darley Moor, Matlock, Derbyshire

The Old Farmhouse (Home ID 223398)

Sleeps up to 5 (2 bedrooms), from 66 per night (minimum 2

night stay) Opportunity to help feed the lambs during lambing
or collecting eggs from their own chickens, the Old Farmhouse
was once a dairy farm but is now run as a smallholding, standing
in ve acres with free-range chickens and sheep graze in the
surrounding eld.

Sleeps up to 8 (4 bedroom), from 227 per night (minimum 3 night

stay) Luxuries include: log re, Wi-Fi, satellite TV, DVD player.
The farm is an Alpaca breeding business. Home-produced meat,
eggs and vegetables also available.
Dungarvan, County Waterford, Ireland
Dungarvan Manor (Home ID 145115)

Hay-on-Wye, Wales
LlanYCoed Cottage (Home ID 204706)

Sleeps up to 10 (5 bedrooms), from 2,500 per week (minimum 1

night stay) Dungarvan Manor is the restored wing of a 16th century
castle and is situated on 170 acres of dairy pasture land. Milking
takes place twice a day, between 7.30 and 8.00 each morning and
between 5.00 and 5.30 each evening. All are welcome to view, or
even lend a hand.
Sleeps up to 4 (2 bedrooms), from 69 per night (minimum 3 night
stay) Luxuries include: log re, DVD player, Satellite TV. Situated
on an old organic farm, nature lovers can enjoy the amazing
birdlife with wildlife corridors specially planted to attract them.


For further information, please visit: | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

Wishing You Safe Travels ..

Its that time of year, winters here and for

many people the slopes are calling! Skiing
is fantastic for cardiovascular health and
helps to tone and rene muscles, but it
can also put an enormous strain on your
body. Most people probably go skiing
infrequently, maybe once a year and are
therefore not ski t, leading to potential
problems. Nikos Stamos, Physiotherapist
at London Medical provides a few tips to
help you prepare for the slopes and prevent
you from injuring yourself, and ruining that
Nikos Stamos
all important holiday. The most common
ski injuries are damaged knee ligaments, snowboarders ankle,
skiers thumb, wrist fracture and head/spinal injuries.
Pre-ski Plan:

Make sure you are in a good physical condition prior to your

holiday. Aerobic tness levels should be worked on 2-3
months prior to your trip. Leg muscle strength and endurance
is particularly important to help prevent injury.

Cardiovascular tness is essential to get the most out of your

day and preserve a level of energy into the afternoons.

Try building up your thigh muscles- Exercise bikes, cross

trainers and leg weight machines will all be a huge benet
in creating endurance and leg strength to improve your ski

Swiss Ball exercises are great for building balance, stability

and strength and will help to reduce the risk of falls.

Strengthening the muscles around the knee joint is important

for preventing injuries to the ligaments in the knee. Squats
and box step ups are all great exercises to strengthen the
muscles around the knees.
Pilates is the perfect exercise to work on your core muscles
as well as your pelvis and hip muscles. A stronger core will
help you ski more eciently and prevent back ache. Consider
booking a few classes prior to your holiday to work on your
core strength and exibility.

Equipment. If you have your own gear, get it serviced. If youre

hiring, make sure youre honest both about your level of ability,
as well as your height and weight. Over or underestimating
either can result in over-tight bindings meaning your skis
do not release with increased risk of injury. Ensure that all
equipment ts properly. Consider a ski helmet- most serious
head injuries occur when skiers or boarders hit trees, rocks or
people and wearing a helmet can reduce these injuries.

On the Snow:

Warm up properly. Cold muscles, tendons and ligaments are

vulnerable to injury such as sprains, strains and ruptures. A
proper warm-up prepares the muscles you will use in training
and prepares the joints for movement and stability throughout
a full range of motion.

Start slowly and increase the intensity and complexity of the


Perform a series of stretches which focus on your torso and

shoulders, calf, hamstrings and groin.

Try practising appropriate skiing movements while youre

heading to the lift queue. | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

On colder or windy days make sure you take extra time for your
warm up. Warm muscles are not only stronger but the elastic
properties are increased allowing for better shock absorption.

Set your bindings correctly. Skiers using incorrectly adjusted

skis and bindings are more likely to suffer injury.

Recognise when youre getting tired and adjust your activities.

More injuries occur in the late afternoon when concentration
lapses. Weak, tired muscles give less protection to the joints
and make them more prone to injury.

Braces: If youve previously suffered a knee injury then you may

wish to wear a brace to protect your knee. Evidence suggests
that you are less likely to suffer repeat injury if you do. The
different types and manufacturers of braces are numerous
and you should discuss this with your physiotherapist or
knee specialist. As wrist fractures are very common in
snowboarders it is advisable that you use a wrist brace.

Back on a level:

Adequate warm down will make the following day easier.

Carrying out a thorough stretching routine will help muscles
relax and recover. Important muscles to stretch are
quadriceps, calves, hamstrings, gluteals, lower back and hip

Take a warm bath, failing that try a hot tub session, or a sauna.
Most ski resorts will have spa facilities where you can jump
in a tub or visit the steam room after a day on the slopes.
Once you are warm and relaxed, try a few of the key muscle
stretches, this will help reduce aches and pains the next day.

Rehydrate yourself. Drinking low-sugar, caffeine-free sports

drinks will help. If you did not drink uids while skiing, your
muscles could be sore from an electrolyte imbalance. Drink
a sports drink after your ski session to relieve any muscle

If you are unfortunate enough to suffer injury on the slopes,

seek attention immediately. Clinics in ski resorts are well
experienced in dealing with skiing injuries. Make sure not to
ski with an injury before seeking medical attention.

For further information, please visit:


Wishing You Safe Travels..


Our fantastic fares and daily service
between London and Sydney means
other families can enjoy their special
moments together as well.
Denise von Wald, Tourism Australias
Regional General Manager UK/
Northern Europe, said: This
campaign encourages people living
in Australia to invite their UK based
friends and family to experience our
unique Aussie lifestyle and incredible
tourism experiences. The trilogy of
videos is very powerful and were
condent it will inspire Brits to make
2015 the year they visit loved ones in
The nal video in British Airways and Tourism Australias
Australia has everythingexcept you series has been launched,
encouraging Brits with friends and family Down Under to visit in
The tear-jerking campaign features a couple from Surrey whose
son moved from the UK to Sydney with their grandchildren. The
couple, Alec and Catherine Beattie, were surprised at a specially
staged event in London in April 2014 with an emotional lm
featuring their granddaughter Esme.
Esme loves her life in Australia but misses her grandparents
terribly and this portrayal led to an emotional reaction at
the screening. British Airways presented the couple with
complimentary ights to visit Esme, and the nal lm in the
trilogy released this week captures their reunion in Sydney
airport earlier this month. To support the launch of the nal video,
British Airways and Tourism Australia conducted some research
in to popular reunions for 2015. Over 50% of respondents said
that the person they would most like to be reunited with in 2015
was a parent (25.9%) or grandparent (24.4%). In third place with
10% of the votes was my rst pet!
Respondents also said that:

The band they would most like to see reunited in 2015 is The
The celebrity couple they would most like to see reunited in
2015 is Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston
The celebrity theyd most like to send back to the set of Im a
CelebrityGet Me Out of Here to be reunited with camp life
is Gillian McKeith

British Airways is making reunions with loved ones in Australia

in 2015 more achievable for Brits with a special promotional lead
in fare of 799*** for ights between London and Sydney (in May

To view the trilogy of videos visit the British Airways YouTube


For further information or to book visit:

Stephen Humphreys, British Airways head of sales and marketing

UK&I, said: Weve been bringing generations of families
together since we started ying to Australia, nearly 80 years ago.
We know that our ights can be a lifeline to make sure friends
and families keep in touch between the UK and Australia. So we
were delighted to be able to play our part to ensure Esme and
her grandparents had the time of their lives together in Australia.
40 | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

Wishing You Safe Travels ..

The UKs number one resource for moving abroad,

MoveHub, has this week launched a beautiful new fully
illustrated storybook intended to help families with the
transition of moving to another country. Mins Move has
been developed with child psychologists and illustrators to
give both children and their parents an easy way to tackle
the dicult and emotional issues surrounding a big move,
after nding that more and more families were struggling
with the transition.
From making new friends, to exploring new areas, to
leaving your rst home; Mins Move nds a sensitive and
enjoyable way to discuss feelings and prepare for the
move, all within a colourful and engaging bedtime read.
For parents, there is a section with questions they can ask
their children, and suggestions about ways to ease their
kids through the process; such as talking about exciting
places near their new home, introducing them to other
children before they start school, and planning several
goodbye parties to lessen the shock. Throughout the
book, Min and her brother Max learn more about the new
place they will move to, become curious about new friends
they can make and their confusion turns to excitement as
they begin to understand the process and think what their
new lives will be like.
With more and more families moving abroad for work or
lifestyle reasons, this clever book can help parents and
children to process their feelings together, and discuss
the changes they all face in a caring and considered way. | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

In one year alone, MoveHub help to move more than

45,000 families abroad, a gure which is growing each
year as more and more companies work internationally.
With Mins Move, parents can make any move become an
exciting adventure together.
Mins Move is available through MoveHub: www.movehub.
Baby Buzz Review:
We were sent a copy of this to review rst hand. I thought it
was a beautifully written yet simple to understand explanation
of the process involved in relocating. Many times children are
overlooked or thought to be too young to understand such a
drastic change in circumstances and what Mins Move does is
to simplify the understanding behind it.
The illustrations are fun and easy to follow for even the
youngest of little movers and the storyline very easy to follow.
It also provides some great ideas to help the moving process
from contacting what will be familiar faces in the country you
are moving to, so that your child isnt completely overwhelmed
with all the new people they will meet! At the end of the book
is a selection of images for your child to search for which will
have them engaging in the book a little more.
A great read for all parents who are about to undertake such a
lifechanging situation.

For further information or to purchase a copy of Mins

Move, please visit MoveHub at:

Wishing You Safe Travels..

Travel Kit


Disney Wonder Upright Suitcase

(52cm/18inch) 65 | B-LITE Spinner
(55cm/20inch) - 165
2. Pacapods New Lite Range Idaho 75, Samui
Trio 70 (pre-order)
3. BoBo Buddies Blanket Backpack - Lulla
4. Cleanse the Gut for Travellers Tummy
Troubles - Box of ten 15g Enterosgel
Sachets 15.91
5. Great for travel sickness? Gin Gins caramel
sweets 1.55 (31g box)
6. NAIF Travel Kit - containing softening Body
lotion, travel size diaper cream, cleansing
wash gel, nurturing cream and cotton wash
cloth (all in travel size) 12
7. Victoria Green Threefold Hanging Bag 10.50
8. Itching and scratching? Banish the urge this
summer with Eco Zap-It! 5.95
9. Incognito roll-on insect repellent 7.99 (50ml)
10. Carry On Clear Wash Bag - 14.50

42 | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

Wishing You Safe Travels ..

Family Travel
Handy Essentials



Milton Solo Travel Steriliser 10.95 &

Milton Mini Portable Soother Steriliser 6.95
Huggies Pull-Ups 2.50 (current deal with
MAM Self-sterilising bottles available in 3
sizes 130ml, 160ml, 260ml - prices from 5.50 (Buy from, Boots, Amazon,
Mothercare, Waitrose, Ocado, Morrisons, Toys
R Us, Mamas & Papas, Kiddicare and Argos)
The original Kondence jacket 26.99
(available in differnet colours)
Huggies Little Swimmers from 3.00 (Asda)
Splash About BabyWrap 22.95 and Happy
Nappy 9.99
Puzzle Club, a bi-monthly puzzle magazine
designed for 7-11 year-olds 3.99 per issue
Stay safe with P20 the original once a day
sun protection brand - 100ml 13.29 & 200ml
Are we nearly there yet? - A familiar question
on long journeys! A great way to keep
them occupied are these Mini Games from
University Games - priced between 5.99 8.99 each | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag


Wishing You Safe Travels..

Be safe! Your guide to driving abroad

Family holidays are
a fantastic chance
to get away and
spend some quality
time with the kids,
so naturally the last
thing you want to do
is spend your break
worrying about safe
driving, or indeed car
you travel make
sure you have all the information you need to make sure you are
covered. We have rounded up the basic checklist that you should
ask yourself prior to departing.
What documentation do I need?
A British or Northern Irish driving licence is accepted in all
European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA) countries,
and also in Switzerland. Whether you are hiring a car or driving your
own, you will need to bring appropriate documentation with you
to all countries. This includes a full driving licence with the paper
documentation, a motor insurance certicate, an original copy of
the vehicle registration document, travel insurance documents
and your passports. In addition to this, if you have hired, leased, or
borrowed a company-owned car you will need to bring a letter of
authorisation from the original owner with you. You will also need
either the original vehicle registration document (V5c) or a Vehicle
on Hire certicate (VE103).
Am I covered?
Ensure that you have conrmed that your motor insurance
company provides appropriate insurance for you prior to going
abroad. You wouldnt want the nasty surprise of discovering you
arent fully covered if the worst did occur and you needed to make
a claim.

Do I know the right side?

Make sure you know which side of the road you are legally required
to drive on. While most European countries drive on the right hand
side, dont assume that they all do. Keep reminding yourself of the
correct side as its natural to revert back to what we know when
we are doing something routine like lling up the car at a petrol
Can we buckle up?
Its hard to believe, but seatbelts are not a legal safety requirement
for vehicles in all foreign countries. You want to have peace of mind
that your children are fully protected so seatbelts are an absolute
must. If you are hiring a car, make sure that it comes equipped with
fully-functioning seatbelts before you sign any paperwork or take
out any insurance. Seatbelts save lives, dont risk it for the sake of
extra admin.
Am I up to speed on different driving cultures?
Youd think that once youve passed your test, you are ne to drive
anywhere in the world. However, your usual daily commute in leafy
Surrey will be a different world to travelling through the centre of
Paris at rush hour or tying to navigate your way around denselypopulated cities like Mumbai. Before you travel, read up on local
driving customs and familiarise yourself with notoriously dicult
routes. In doing so, youll be braced for these accident hotspots
when you come to them and youll know to be extra cautious.
While this is a general checklist for driving safely abroad, it is
always worth reading up about the country that you are going to
travel to as certain countries may have special regulations. Do
your homework and always put safety rst.
For more information, please visit:

ewans Global Flock Reaches 100K

SweetDreamers, the brand behind
possibly the most famous sheep,
ewan, is thrilled to unveil sales of its
multi award winning sleep aid has
reached over 100,000.
ewan the dream sheep hit the
shelves in 2011 and has received
global acclaim amongst parents ever
since! Loved for his soothing sounds
and warm glow, which promise to
send babies into a peaceful slumber in an instant. In just three
years, ewan has won 12 highly respected awards including the
title of Gift of the Year in 2011 and a Gold accolade at the 2014
Mother & Baby Awards. ewan works his magic all over the world
and is sold in a phenomenal 23 countries including Canada,
China and the Benelux.
ewan has not only impressed parents worldwide, he is also
extremely popular with celebrity babies. ewans famous fans
include Lily Allen, Lara Stone, Amanda Holden, Una Healey and
new parents Greg Rutherford and Claire Sweeney. The early
days of parenthood have forever been associated with sleepless
nights, however with ewan offering the precious gift of sleep,
these days may soon be over.

The ingenious sleep aid can be used from birth. By closely

mimicking certain sounds from the womb, it helps babies
establish a healthy sleep pattern. This womb experience helps
trigger a calming reex, so reducing crying time and inducing
quality sleep. It is no wonder why he is an a universal hit; his
warm glow, friendly face and soothing sounds settle any baby
into a long and peaceful sleep.
Commenting on ewans international success, mother of six and
Founder of SweetDreamers Lynda Harding said: To have sold
over 100,000 ewans is a fantastic milestone for the brand and
we are just over the moon. I created ewan following numerous
sleepless nights with my sixth son. I soon realised there was
nothing on the market to solve this universal problem. After
seven years of research, working with experts and parents, ewan
was born and has gone on to be more successful than I ever
imagined. To know I have helped babies and their parents across
the world get the sleep they need is just brilliant and makes
me feel very proud. SweetDreamers will continue to develop
its range to ensure bedtime can be simple for
every family.
For more information, please visit: | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

Wishing You Safe Travels ..

Top Tips to help make Travelling with young children/babies less Stressful



Packing: essentials only!

If youve got young children try and dissuade them from taking
every single toy and choose a few selected favourites instead.
Save things that can be found on location for buying when you
arrive (i.e nappies, bucket & spade etc).
Tip: split each family members clothes among your suitcases
in case one bag is lost.

Also dont forget: plenty of snacks (that wont crumble or go bad)

like raisins, carrot sticks, cheese cubes, fruit pieces, Cheerios
plus stain-free drinks (water bottles, apple juice boxes). Include
plenty of toys and activities to keep little ones amused: some
good ones are nger puppets, toy cars, lift-the-ap books,
sticker books and colouring crayons. Dont give them out all at
once and allow boredom to set in, swap toys every half an hour.

Take your Time

If you are ying, try to arrive early to give yourself lots of time to
check in and walk to your departure gate things can often take
longer with toddlers and young children (unplanned toilet stops,
insistence to carry their own bag etc) and they dont understand
the time pressures of travel
If you are driving, try to have a break every two hours to let little
your ones stretch their legs and have a nappy change, a drink
and a snack. Also, consider leaving later in the evening when
theyll be asleep (and quiet).


Take advantage of the latest innovations in baby care to make
your life easier. Miltons Mini Portable Soother Steriliser is a
totally unique method to safely sterilise soothers on the go
killing 99.9% of germs in just 15 minutes, plus it also offers the
ideal place to store a soother when not in use and is lightweight
enough to be popped in your bag. Other clever ideas are: a travel
potty, a pack-away highchair that ts in your changing bag,
thermal packs to heat milk and an inatable car seat (deates
small enough to t in your bag)

Pack an Essentials Travel Kit

If you have babies or toddlers make sure to include: 2 changes
of clothes, nappies, nappy wipes, Antibacterial Surface Wipes
- Miltons Antibacterial Surface wipes are ideal to clean and
disinfect surfaces such as tray tables, car door handles,
service station toilet seats, a soother (plus a spare), a soother
steriliser (carseat and aeroplane oors can be ridden with
germs), 2 bottles, individual pre-made bottles of formula milk
(if bottlefeeding) and a travel steriliser this means you wont
need to take lots of bottles with you Miltons Solo Travel
Steriliser ts a single bottle and sterilises in 15 minutes by
using cold water and sterilising tablets, it can also be used to
sterilise babys teethers, small plastic toys and weaning items.

5 . Use your new surroundings

It may be old hat to you but the sights, sounds, lights, people
and views will all be new to your little ones. Take them up to
the window to watch the planes land, encourage them to spot
things out of the car as you drive, explore the departure lounge
together - whatever it may take to make delays pass quickly and
new environments appear fun.

Transform your
interior with shutters
Why use shutters?

Easier to keep clean compared to curtains and some blinds

Insulate against cold and noise
Keep the room cool in the sunshine
Create a fresh and bright look all around your home

Why use the bespoke shutter co.?

We are one of Londons largest established shutter specialists,

we source the highest quality products and ensure every
installation is tted to perfection

Call us today to book a no obligation appointment

on 0800 321 3364 or 020 3131 3155 or visit for more information | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag


Wishing You Safe Travels..

Flight bag essentials, what to pack when ying with baby

Flying with your baby for the rst time can be daunting for parents.
What to pack in your ight bag for baby can be so overwhelming it
can feel as though it needs to be planned with military precision!
When youre limited to just 56cm by 45cm by 25cm, every item counts.
Thankfully award-winning and baby-friendly holiday company, Tots
To Travel, are experts in holidaying with
under 5s. They have produced an essential packing list for on board,
to help you and your baby enjoy the ride!
Baby flight bag essentials:
Before you even start to pack for your little one dont forget to pack:

Airline tickets/booking conrmation


Wallet/spending money

Insurance/EHIC card
Changing gear

Baby wipes - these must-haves have multiple uses other than

just baby-changing, such as freshening up or using for spillages

Nappies. As rule airlines dont usually carry spares. Its essential

you travel prepared and pack a few more that you might think
you need. Theres something about ying that makes babies go
more often!

Nappy sacks, a must - keeping the scent contained for all!


A change of baby clothes, thats also suitable for the climate

youre travelling to whether hot or cold

A light sheet, muslin or a light pashmina wrap to use for keeping

cool, warm, in the dark, sitting on etc

A change of top for you just in case there are any accidents

A plastic bag to conne any dirty/wet clothes

Sun hat and sunglasses for baby if youre arriving somewhere


Warm coat, hat and scarves if youre travelling somewhere cold

If youre breast feeding will then obviously keep things simple but
otherwise plan to pack:

Cartons of ready-made formula milk. Milk and baby food

often lead you to exceeding your liquid allowance so its worth
considering buying supplies at the airport

If you want to take powdered formula milk, dont forget this can
only be taken through security in a sealed tin
If youre ying with a budget airline, consider stocking up on
food from airport eateries before boarding. Boots and Pret a
Manger can be found at most airports and do good ranges of
plain sandwiches and baguettes that toddlers can eat on board
the plane
Finger food and snacks
2 sterilised bottles
A small lolly for little ones to suck (supervised!) during take-off
and landing to help prevent painful ear popping.

First aid

Teething sachets or gel

Mini tube of nappy cream

Mini bottle of antibacterial gel

A couple of sachets of Calpol (age appropriate) and adult

paracetamol or ibuprofen

A few plasters


A couple of small toys/books and crayons

Tablet / iPad- these have great for apps to keep your little ones

MP3/iPod/headphones. On the off-chance you get a bit of shut

Wendy Shand, mum of three and founder of Tots To Travel says:
This list has been built and nely tuned from my own rst-hand
experience of ying with little ones. There really is no need to pack
the kitchen sink as long as you have the above ticked off your list!
Tots To Travel offer luxury holidays with children in mind. Every
resort, villa and cottage is personally visited by the team to ensure
they are safety proof. They ensure all swimming pools are secure
and babysitting and childcare available. The company has also gone a
step further by including a Travel Essential Kit Guarantee for all their
villas resorts and cottages. This ensures key baby provisions from
black out blinds, cots, baby monitors, toys, baby bath to blenders and
high chairs, are all provided on site at no extra cost.
For more information, or to view any of the properties, visit:
or call the team of family travel experts on 0800 014 2770

TIP: If your departure airport has a Boots chemist, you can preorder formula milk and pick it up once youre through security.
Although many airlines will let you take sufficient milk and
food through with you, as long as youre willing to taste it!

46 | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag


Too Soon for Number Two?

Theres certainly pros and cons on both sides of this
debate. On one hand I think that it would be nice for the
boy to have a sibling close his own age so they can grow up
together and play together and ultimately be good friends.
Not that the same thing couldnt happen with a larger age
gap! On the other hand the age gap will allow us time to
nd our feet again. Enjoy a drunken night again and sleep
through the hour of 3am! The wife said to me that she
couldnt possibly be any more exhausted than she is at the
moment so she might as well be exhausted and pregnant.
Were in the thick of dirty nappy heaven and our washing
machine is on 3 times a day... surely it would make sense
to have another one whilst were in this phase! Why would
you come out of the phase only to go back through it a few
months later?
How many children do you want? Have you braved breaching the
subject of having another with your wife yet? When to have baby
number two is a mineeld.
I learnt fairly quickly and with a bump that asking the wife if she
fancies another kid inside 24 hours of having one is a mistake.
Im still carrying the limp from the dead leg she gave 10 weeks
Anyway, this is a fairly legitimate question to ask, but timing is
important. It is denitely worth allowing things to settle down,
her body to recover somewhat and enough time for the hideous
labour pains to be a more distant memory.
The question is this:
Do you A) have another baby close together because whilst your
tired, changing nappies and breastfeeding, you might as well just
extend that period for a little bit longer. Or B) Give a good enough
gap so youre going into the next one fresh as a daisy... or at least
having had a solid 7 hours sleep!

In reality, this comes down to a personal preference. The

amount of factors effecting when you have a baby are vast and
need to be considered and at the same time, you have to do
whats right for you and your family.
Id love another baby. We were looking through photos of the boy
when he was just born and I already miss that stage. It has gone
so quick, Id like to have it again. Im anticipating this occurring
for every stage though! Help! Going by that mentality Ill be
having a kid every 1 1/4 years.!
What do you think? Is there the perfect age gap between siblings?
Whats the age gap between your kids? Does it work?

By Al Ferguson
Founder & Editor
@thedadnetworkuk |


It seems Prince Georges brother or
sister is driving consumer sales and
shopping trends even before he or
she is born. Venture Studios, the UKs
leading family photographic studio,
has reported a 43 per cent year on
year increase in women seeking
bump portraits during November,
December and the rst few weeks
of January - with many women even
recreating Kates hands-underbump pose.

The photographic styling and agegroup representative of this demand

also suggests that the increase
has been down to the Kate-effect.
Demand for bump portraits has
been particularly marked amongst
mothers-to-be in their 30s, with a 57 per cent increase in orders
from this age group. The style of portrait requested has also been
signicant, with a move away from highly staged Demi Moore | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

reminiscent shots to very natural, traditional portraits celebrating

mothers individual looks. A number of women have even arrived
at their shoots clutching pictures of Kate and her bump to recreate
her specic pose and look.
Richard Mayeld, Creative Director for Venture Studios
commented; Since November we have seen a notable increase in
portraits of pregnant women at our studios - especially amongst
those in their 30s. Women not only want to mark this important
moment in their lives, they are also more condent about being
themselves and maintaining their individual styles - even with a
changing body shape. Celebrities such as Kate Middleton who
actually incorporate their bumps into their usual glamorous look
has perhaps inspired women and reassured them that they can still
look amazing and make the most of fashion even when pregnant.
Bump portraits start from 35 with Venture Studios.
To book your portrait, please visit:
or call 0845 121 1085



Toys that grow with your children

By Dr Amanda Gummer

Toy buying can be expensive and before you know if your house
is full of toys that have been outgrown and you dont know where
to put them. Investing in toys that last a bit longer and grow with
your child can save space, money and headaches!
From baby gyms that convert into play centres, to scooters that
start life as a sit and ride, there are plenty of toys that change to
provide longer lasting entertainment and extended play value.
We really like the Mini Micro scooter 3 in 1
and then would encourage parents to look for scooters and bikes
with adjustable handles and seats.
Other toys are ageless- from balls to arts and crafts and packs of
playing cards to building bricks, some toys are very exible and
enjoyed by children of all ages. These are the toys that should be
the staple of any childrens bedroom/playroom as they will last
and last and even if they get ignored for a while they will be fun to
play with over several years.

vehicle to help them communicate with their grandparents in an

easy, natural way.
We found that the children in our play clubs really enjoyed Logo
and the junior version is fantastic for younger children to play
without adults too.
So do your research and nd toys that will last and give your
children (and the grown ups too!) lots of play value for your

For more information on play, toys and child

development, please visit:

We like Catcher ball from Mookie, and with additional sets, this
can turn into a game for lots of players.
There are numerous game you can play with a pack of cards. This
tin of ideas is great for those in need of some inspiration
Family games that promote intergenerational play are great
too - these are often simplied for the young child, or played
in teams so they can join in. As children grow up they become
more equal games and eventually they may be games that they
play with their own children. Getting grandparents involved in
these games promotes attachment and provides children with a

Dr Amanda Gummer an authority on child

development, play, toys and parenting.
She has a PhD in Psychology, teaching
qualications and nearly 20 years of
experience working with families and
children. She owns fundamentallychildren.
com, which champions the benets of play
in healthy child development. Shes also a mum of two, so she
knows what its really like to be a parent of growing children. | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag


Be inspired by the changing seasons

By Ben Evans, Headmaster at Edge Grove Prep School in Hertfordshire -

Opportunities to appreciate the changing

seasons happen all of the time and
parents can nd ways of engaging their
toddlers and younger children when on
walks, watching the television or reading
stories. At any good school, there will
be a creative curriculum in place with a
focus on an active learning and outdoor
education. Children will learn about the
seasons as they happen while in school,
on nature walks, school trips and visits
and through assemblies.
Teaching children to appreciate the
seasons is a good fun and a year round
process. Firstly, children need to be
outdoors! Whatever the weather, dress
them up and get them outside. Even
if its a wet, windy, cold day, as long as
they are wearing appropriate clothing,
they will appreciate and understand the
weather and what it is actually like for the
natural world around them. This cant be
experienced from the comfort of the sofa
or from watching it on the television.

Take your children on walks

and look at what is happening
around you open their eyes to
nature as the seasons change.
Keep a diary (photos, drawings,
video clips on the iPad) of the
changing seasons and their
thoughts. Getting children to
express their thoughts and
explain what they are seeing
and experiencing is the best
way to achieve the learning
outcomes you want. Passive
learning will only get you so
far. Take them to see different

forests, moorland, farmland during all
the seasons to see and observe how the
landscape changes and how the different
weather affects animals habitats and
habits (foraging, hibernating etc.) Visit
farms to see lambs being born in the
spring, cows growing their winter coats,
hay being made, corn being harvested
talk about how all of these events are

determined by the seasons and how they

all interact together.
Above all, be engaged with your children,
ask them open-ended questions, dont
answer for them, provide active creative
learning opportunities and always support
the learning that is happening at school.
If you are not sure what they are doing in
class and how dont be afraid to ask!

Please dont stop the music

By Caroline Crabbe, General Manager at Jo Jingles

Encouraging your baby

to enjoy music is a great
way of strengthening
your bond as parent
and child, but it also
provides some very
real benets to their
ongoing physical and
mental ability which will
aid them in their early
development and during
the preschool year prior
Indulging in more regular song-time at home will also provide
your child with clear learning progression as they grow. Music
is universal, it appeals to all cultures, all ages and all abilities.
Listening to music and actively taking part in singing, dancing
or playing a musical instrument are all important in stimulating
a childs learning curve and developing a range of physical and
emotional skills which will benet them now and later in life.
For instance, you can help to boost your toddlers language skills
by focusing on nursery rhymes. Its no great coincidence that
popular nursery rhymes are quite repetitive think about Row,
row, row your boat or Twinkle, twinkle, little, star the repetition
is key to this process of creating linguistic building blocks upon
which little brains can start to make meaningful associations and
melodic experimentations via simple rhythmic patterns. The use
of repetition along with actions will help to inspire coordination,
balance and speech development. Try to ensure that any exposure | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

to music is also accompanied

with movement where possible.
Youll recall how many nursery
rhymes come complete with a set
of actions Im a little teapot or If youre happy and you know it
for example. Children can express themselves through movement
long before they can verbalise. They also need to learn to hone
their sense of balance and to control their limbs. Movement to
music has also been shown to help a child express feelings and
moods as they learn to interpret the music that they hear. And
nally, dont forget about all of the social and emotional benets
associated with music. As mentioned, it helps to strengthen the
bonds of trust and communication between adults and children
and encouraging this kind of musical activity in advance of starting
school can really help with their self-expression and condence in
later life.
About Jo Jingles (
Jo Jingles provides music, singing and movement experience
classes for babies and pre-school children from three months
to ve years of age. With nationwide sessions in more than 700
centres across the UK and Ireland and with over 90 franchisees,
Jo Jingles offers well-established, structured classes that are fun,
interactive and educational for little ones. Launched in 1991, Jo
Jingles continues to promote learning through music across many
of the UKs nurseries, Sure Start Childrens Centres, playgroups
and mother & toddler groups. Jo Jingles Birthday parties and
celebrations are also available to book and a range of musicalthemed merchandise including toys, CDs and musical instruments
can be purchased online at



Returning to work: an emotional cocktail

By Juliet Turnbull, mother
and founder of

In March 2015, the British Heart Foundation (BHF) will launch the
UKs rst ever DECHOXTM, a nationwide sponsored challenge
calling on all chocolate lovers to give up their favourite sweet
treat, to help raise money for lifesaving heart research. We all
enjoy a sweet treat from time to time and, for many of us, giving
up chocolate for a whole month could feel as much of a challenge
as running a marathon! The BHF wants everyone to DECHOXTM in
March and avoid all chocolate even the chocolate sprinkles on top
of your cappuccino are banned!
Dechoxers are encouraged to raise money throughout the month
by asking friends, family and colleagues to sponsor them to take on
the challenge. They can also donate the money theyve saved from
ditching that cheeky chocolate bar at work or a naughty dessert
after a meal out. Giving up chocolate is a great way to kick-start a
healthier diet, and there are plenty of non-chocolate treats which
still hit the spot, from fresh or dried fruit to nuts and yoghurt. You
dont need to give chocolate up forever, but its a good way to get
out of old habits and trying something new.
The BHF is encouraging everyone to take on DECHOXTM in March
to raise as much money as possible to fund lifesaving heart
research. Anyone can take part by signing up for free at
dechox. For those who need moral support, its easier to DECHOX
with others, so why not ask friends or colleagues to take part too?
The DECHOXTM microsite will also be full of tools and ideas, from
freebie downloads, a DECHOX Survival Kit with food swaps and
videos, to the Chocolate Cheat ne, social newsfeeds and more.
The rst 1000 people to sign up to DECHOXTM will receive a free
DECHOXTM badge to help keep them motivated for the duration.
One in four of the UK population is lost to heart and circulatory
disease each year and there are currently seven million people
in the UK living with heart and circulatory disease. By taking part
in DECHOXTM and raising funds for the BHF, Dechoxers will be
joining the ght for every heartbeat, helping the BHF continue its
life-saving work.
Find out more about the BHF DECHOXTM and sign up at:
Take part on social media by using #DECHOX and sharing your
stories and tips for giving up chocolate.


Returning to the work place

after having a baby brings with
it an abundance of feelings. An
emotional cocktail of excitement,
liberation and energy merged with
feelings of anxiety, exhaustion,
guilt and fear. You still want a career but you need exibility;
everything has changed, someone new has entered your
life and frankly, they come rst. The truth is, change can
be scary; but it is vital to remind yourself that the physical,
mental and emotional change your body has gone through
doesnt suddenly mean that you have lost your motivation,
capability and career experience. Quite the reverse, your
motivation as a working mother is arguably stronger than
before because you have made the conscious choice to
combine motherhood with a career.
Becoming a mother
is the most natural and important job on the planet. But
mothers and employers need to appreciate that they have,
and are gaining skills respectively, they have not lost them.
Becoming a mother means that you are now richer and more
fullled as an individual and many of the skills you have
developed in becoming a mother and those you will gain as
you continue in your motherhood journey, can be effectively
translated to the work place which is great news for your
employer too.
There is clearly a great deal of dedication and commitment
from mothers who want to work, they have made a conscious
decision to juggle a career with their home life (whether that
means working part-time or more exibly) and they will put
their life and soul into making that work. But it does mean that
you need to be really organised if you want to blend your home
and work life together in a manageable way. Try breaking your
day down into focused blocks of time. Split these chunks of
time into things you need to do for your career and those you
need to focus your energies on as a mother. Its all about
nding a way that works for you and your family. What is
fundamental, when you are juggling work and motherhood, is
that your home is running smoothly. So if you have taken time
off to have a child dont leave it to the last minute to sort out
your childcare, instead make that investment and get those
arrangements made at least two weeks before you return to
work so that both you and your child are established in your
new routine. That way you wont return to work with a heavy
heart but with one full of enthusiasm, safe in the knowledge
that you are leaving behind a happy home.
About ( is a private, online community matching
and connecting enlightened employers with capable and
committed women, who want to combine stimulating parttime or exible work, with raising their children. We also
provide a directory of highly talented experts who are there
to support our mothers with their personal and professional
Mothers pay a monthly membership fee to connect directly
with employers who are actively looking for highly skilled
women to work part-time or exibly. Employers can advertise
career opportunities and gain access to a hidden talent
pool of highly experienced,
motivated women who have
chosen to work part-time or
exibly. | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag



Barbara Genda, founder & principle designer at Barbara Genda
Bespoke Furniture, on planning a creative, practical space for
babies and children

Planning, decorating and furnishing a childs bedroom so it can

evolve and change as your child grows neednt be a daunting task
(writes Barbara Genda, founder and principle designer at Barbara
Genda Bespoke Furniture).
The key to successful planning is to ensure that the nal space
can be styled and adapted according to changing needs without
having to undergo major refurbishment when your baby becomes
a toddler or teen. Colour, storage and room to play are important
things to consider in a childs bedroom. After all, this space is
more than just a place to in which to sleep and dream; its an area
for creativity, escapism, role-play and study. Whether you have
ample room in which to work with or space is awkward, tight and at
a premium - consider how best to utilise the area so that clothes,
toys, accessories and books are accessible, organised and stored
nicely away so a clean and uncluttered look can be achieved.
Bespoke furniture, such as the kind we create and handcraft, are
lifetime investments tted specically to work in a given space.
So choose timber in hues that will complement a myriad of looks.
White washed oak is currently very popular; its great at amplifying
light and creating the illusion of space, and of course provides a
neutral canvas upon which to embellish the room with accents of
colour and character. Dcor will undoubtedly change as your child
grows delicate baby pastel tones may no longer be appropriate or
to the taste of a 5-year-old boy interested in bold, primary colours
and themes relating to dinosaurs or space. As a general rule,
its always good to work with a classic base from which you can
then update accessories and smaller, non-xed furnishings. Its
amazing how quickly a room can dramatically transform through
simple changes in textiles and wall art.
Remember that a childs room is designed for intense activity and
interaction, so be at peace with the fact that you wont always be
able to maintain a showroom-worthy house. However, you can
still keep the clutter of toys and crayons controlled with easy and
attractive storage solutions that encourages little people to help out
with tidying, and also allows them independent access to their toys
whenever they so choose. Jazz up wooden trunks with colourful
paint and dcor stickers and install shelving and bookcases with
fabric drawers in which you can easily chuck in toys. The key is to
have handy storage that enables you to speedily declutter and tidy
up mess. Opt for versatile, wipeable furniture that can withstand
sticky hands, felt tip doodles, bumps and inevitable spillages.

boxes are tilted for easy access and the vibrantly coloured shelving
makes for an eye-catching feature. The result is a cheerful,
practical, creative space that children will just love playing in.
Furniture that can evolve and change to suit your childs growing
needs will withstand the years, so think about including beds that
can be composed in a variety of ways. A raised bed that includes a
storage system or study area below is a great way of saving space;
as is a bed that snuggly houses another sleeping system that can
be pulled out at the ready for those sleepovers. Bunk beds are fun
but the composition can be easily outgrown, so choose a model
that allows a level of versatility, such as ones that can be separated
into two single beds.

Furniture pieces that have duel or multiple uses are also incredibly
handy for saving space and maximising storage. For example,
consider incorporating a window seat area that includes a drawer
system or trunk area beneath. With dedicated nappy changer
pieces, ensure that it can be adapted into a tall table, shelving
system or chest of drawers when it no longer serves its primary
purpose. Cot beds that transform into junior beds will also grow
serve you well for some years until your child requires a larger
bed. When it comes to wardrobe systems, opt for a design that
includes lots of concealed pull-out drawers and compartments for
organising little socks, pants and accessories to keep everything in
its place. Ensure hanging space can be adjusted to t in everything
from rails of little clothes for babies (so that there is no dead
space in the wardrobe) to bigger clothes as your child grows.
Barbara Genda is founder and principal designer at Barbara Genda
Bespoke Furniture.
For more information, please visit

This dedicated loft-conversation playroom has a multitude of

storage solutions for organising and displaying toys. The bottom | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag


Health & Wellbeing

Is it a girl or a boy?
Q&A Dr Geetha Venkat, Director of Harley Street Fertility Clinic

Is there any way of predicting a babys sex from a 12-week

12 weeks is rather early and even an experienced sonographer
could not condently identify the sex of a baby at this early
stage. The ideal time to look into this is during the 14th or 15th
weeks of pregnancy when the babys organs have grown to a
point at which they can be correctly identied.


If so, what clues can parents look out for?

When the baby has developed enough, at 14 to 15 weeks, the
sex of a baby can be identied by their sexual organs. Up until
this point, these look very similar and spotting whether they are
internal or external can leave the results inconclusive, hence
why it is vitally important to do this at the right time to avoid any
inaccurate outcomes. At the proper stage within the pregnancy,
a boys testacies and penis can be seen clearly and so can a
females labia.


Are there any factors that can affect the accuracy of a prediction
such as equipment used, angle of photograph, babys position?
Denitely, sometimes identifying the sex of the baby can prove
very dicult if the baby is not cooperating. If their legs are
crossed it is impossible to see the genitalia which obviously
determine if the fetus is a boy or a girl. If this happens, it is a
case of trying to encourage the baby to move; we have asked
mums to go for a walk and come back to see if the activity helps
the baby into a new position, which usually works and then we
can try again! A good ultrasound machine is vital when looking
clearly at a baby and imaging has become very sophisticated,
even allowing parents to see their babys facial expressions.
But having an experienced sonographer is also a must to
ensure an accurate identication.


There seems to be a school of thought that you can predict

a babys gender from the angle of the dangle (the way the
protuberance between a babys legs is pointing) Does this carry
any scientic weight?
Only that if there is a dangle its a boy. As mentioned before,
up until a certain point a male and female babys sexual organs
will look very similar and telling if they are protruding or
internal is very dicult until they are suciently developed.


What myths or old wives tales do you often hear and would like
to debunk from patients regarding predicting the sex of their
Some I come across more than others, one particular tale which
proves very popular is that depending on the shape and position
of a womans baby bump, the sex of the baby can be identied. I
remember my grandmother discussing this topic with me also.
The other popular myth which has received a large amount of
interest recently is if a woman is experiencing severe morning
sickness, they will have a girl.


Is there any medical evidence to back up theories about

predicting gender, such as how high the mother carries her
bump, or severity of morning sickness?
In a wordno. The position of a womans baby bump is not an
accurate way of predicting the sex of a baby, some say a high
neat bump is a sign of a boy, and a low wide bump shows that
a girl will be born, but there is no scientic evidence to support
this. There is however some reasoning behind the theory that
severe morning sickness is an indication of a girl. Hormones
can make women very poorly and if your baby is a girl, there
will be an increased level of Oestrogen within your body, which
can often lead to sickness. That being said, we have seen many
women suffering from this problem who have gone on to have
boys, so again, this is not a denitive identication tool.

The most ecient and denite way of telling the sex of your baby is
to go for a scan during the 14th and 15th weeks of your pregnancy.
If you try to discover this too early, you may need to redecorate the
For further information, please visit:


Galt Toys has launched
the Sensational Sequins
Dazzling Dancers craft kit,
which provides hours of
sparkly fun! The kit has
two sequin pictures and
two stand-up characters to
create, and foil art for extra
shimmer and shine.
Suitable for children aged
6+, the craft kit includes over
a thousand brightly coloured
sequins and 12 foil sheets
to create beautiful and
dazzling artwork. Simply
peel off the backing to reveal
sticky dots, place different

coloured sequins on the templates using the wax crayon, then

place the foil over the larger sticky areas; nally rub with a nger
and the sparkly foil transfers onto the picture. The self-adhesive
template means theres no glue required, and the set also comes
with plastic stands so children can display their nished artwork.
John McDonnell, Managing Director at Galt Toys, said: The
Sensational Sequins range has been hugely popular as it keeps
little hands and minds busy for hours creating beautiful, sparkly
pictures. The theme of dancers will be a big hit with children
this year and the Dazzling Dancers craft kit has already been
given the seal of approval from stars of the danceoor Kristina
Rihanoff and Aliona Vilani who launched the kit in January.
The Sensational Sequins Dazzling Dancers craft kit retails at
9.99, available from | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

Looking for the perfect baby gift?

Look no further than multi
award-winning Corporate Baby
Baby Shower gifts and centrepieces

Corporate maternity/paternity gifts

Bespoke gift service

Keepsake gift box sets - Nappy Cakes

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Corporate Babys stunning range of hand
created gift sets for baby, mummy
and daddy are loved by celebrities like
Amanda Holden, Kerry Katona,
Nell McAndrew and Claire Sweeney.
Gifts are created to the highest standard and
presented in a beautiful keepsake gift box,
as extravagant nappy cakes, unique clothing
bouquets or cupcakes. Whether you are
looking for a unique gift for a friends baby
shower, employee, colleague or client, you
will nd a gorgeous selection of luxury gifts
to choose from.

Visit the Corporate Baby website today and nd the perfect gift!

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Health & Wellbeing

Looking after a baby - how hard can it be?

dinner things are still stacked up on the counter you were both
so tired you couldnt face tidying up and you told your partner not
to worry about it, youd take care of it during your babys morning
nap. You make a strong coffee and begin the clean-up process.
8.57am: Postman rings the doorbell as he has a package which
wont go through the letterbox. Your baby wakes up and begins
grizzling. He wont settle although its only an hour since the last
feed nished. Is he hungry?

By Michelle Eshkeri, Founder of Parent Partner

6.45am: Your partner has just left the house for the rst full day
back at work after the birth of your baby. You hear the door slam
and now its you, your baby and a yawning chasm until 6pm when
your partner will get back.
What on earth are you going to do to ll the time?
You drag your aching limbs out of the bed and tiptoe past the
Moses basket, trying not to wake your sleeping angel, who was up
feeding until 5.30am. Desperate for a coffee and a long soak in a
hot bath, you consider your options for the day and pull up a list on
your phone of all the baby groups and classes in your area which
you diligently compiled when you were still at work and supposed
to be creating next years Sales & Marketing budget.
Baby Rhyme Time | Baby Sensory | Baby Swimming
Baby Signing | Baby Massage | Baby Yoga
Wow, so many things you can do, even with a small baby cant
wait to try them all!
6.49am: Your baby stirs, you place your hand on his tum and gently
sssshhh him, hoping he will drift back to sleep, but he has other
ideas. Bang goes your plan to hop in the shower and grab a piece of
toast before the day really kicks off. Hes hungry, so you settle back
in bed with your baby for a feed and ick through your Facebook
feed to feel like youre in contact with the outside world.
7.53am: Finally your baby is fed, winded and nappy changed and
has dozed off in your arms. As carefully as you can, you try to get
him into his basket so you can have a shower, but as soon as you
move, his eyes begin to open so you are back to the ssshhhing. You
rock him whilst walking around the room for a few minutes and
he goes off to sleep again. You put him down in the basket all
good. You carry him into the hallway and set him down outside the
bathroom where you can see him from the shower.
8.05am: As the hot water trickles down your back, you think about
the day ahead, already feeling tired and its only 8 oclock. Just as
you are lathering your hair, your baby wakes up and begins to cry,
full-on. Hes bringing his knees up to his chest and his little face
is red and screwed up. Great timing! You wash off the shampoo as
quickly as possible and jump out of the shower to calm your baby.
8.30am: Your baby is settled again he had a huge burp and was
sick over his Babygro. By now, you really need a coffee so, after
grabbing your onesie and pulling your hair into a scrunchie because
you choose coffee over hairdryer; you head downstairs with your
baby to get some caffeine. You groan as you see that last nights


9.01am: He wont settle, so you decide to offer him another feed to

see if he is hungry and he begins to suck. You settle back on the
sofa and your coffee goes cold.
9.10am: Your baby has fallen asleep whilst feeding so perhaps he
wasnt really hungry after all. He does like to suck his st, so maybe
it was just a comfort he needed. You put him back in his Moses
basket again and stick your coffee in the microwave to warm up.
9.20am: You put the baby monitor on and go upstairs to get
dressed. You can hear his little rhythmic breathing and it helps
to calm you down. You manage to get dressed, nding a clean top
and trousers which arent too creased. Perhaps you can make it
to the post oce to post the package to your aunt and maybe even
to see a friend this afternoon. You feel a bit brighter, whilst at the
same time, being utterly exhausted. You dry your hair quickly and
put it back up in a ponytail because its so much quicker than the
straighteners you used to love. A scrap of mascara is all you have
the energy for today.
9.33am: You shove a load of laundry into the machine and begin
to fold up the humungous pile which is threatening to engulf one
whole side of your kitchen work surface. Ironing seems like a very
unnecessary luxury right now. Realising you havent eaten yet,
you pop some toast into the toaster forgetting to check the setting
(your partner likes it well done). The baby stirs on the monitor in
the lounge so you pop in quickly to check on him. Suddenly the
smoke alarm goes off because the toaster was on maximum and
the crumbs in the bottom have caught alight. The baby is denitely
awake now.
10.15am: Youve spent the last 45 minutes with your baby in the
sling because he wont settle anywhere else, but thats OK because
at least youve managed to fold a basket of washing and nish your
toast. All this walking about must be helping you tone up, so thats
great too.
10.30am: Time for another feed, so you settle back into your
favourite chair and see whats on the TV. Lifes not so bad when
you compare it to the people on Jeremy Kyle, eh?
11.30am: With a happily fed baby, now you are ready to go out to the
post oce. You are just about to put your baby in the pram as you
think a walk would do you both good when he has the mother of all
poops, soaking all his clothes its a bath job!
12.05pm: Changed and ready at last where did the morning go?
If you thought looking after a baby was easy, think again.
If you would like to ind out about options
for antenatal education and support,
please visit:
Michelle: 07789 928 530 | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

Health & Wellbeing

Top 11 Tips for Looking After Your Teeth When Youre Pregnant
The accompanying tiredness
and morning sickness as a
result of pregnancy is well
documented and accepted as a
part of being a new mum to-be,
however there is one common
symptom which is not generally
discussed; over 90% of women
suffer with gum problems when
they are pregnant.
During pregnancy, increased
hormone levels boost blood
circulation, which can cause
red, swollen or bleeding gums and increase the likelihood of
plaque build-up. Expectant mothers should also be mindful that
the babys rst teeth begin to develop around three months into
By Dr Sameer Patel

Here Dr Sameer Patel, one of the UKs leading dental experts

and Clinical Director at award-winning practice Elleven (www. shares how best to avoid teeth and gum
problems during pregnancy.




Be Aware of Changes in your Gums

Regular periodontal examinations are very important,
as pregnancy causes hormonal changes that put you
at increased risk of pregnancy gingivitis. Pay particular
attention to any changes in your gums such as: tenderness,
bleeding or swollen gums, and visit your dentist before the
problem develops.
Floss and Brush Thoroughly
It might sound obvious, but being less than vigilant with
your oral hygiene routine could lead to the onset of
gingivitis (gum disease) or periodontitis (a more serious
form of gum disease). This is caused when plaque extends
beyond the gum line and leads to infection, but this can
be prevented by keeping your mouth and teeth as clean
as possible. Your dentist will be able to advise on the best
course of action to keep your teeth and gums healthy, and
will inform you of the frequency of hygienist appointments
you should make during both pregnancy and whilst
Eat a Healthy, Balanced Diet
Your babys rst teeth begin to develop about three months
into pregnancy. Healthy diets containing dairy products,
cheese, and yoghurt are a good source of essential
minerals which are great for babys developing teeth,
gums, and bones. Avoid sugary snacks. Sweet cravings are
common during pregnancy, however, keep in mind that the
more frequently you snack, the greater the chance there is
of developing tooth decay.



Adopt the Four Minute Rule

Dr Sameer advises brushing teeth for 4 minutes in both the
morning and evening, which will help to reduce the buildup of even the smallest amounts of plaque. This is crucial
because during pregnancy smaller amounts than usual can
create early gum disease.
Try to Avoid Antibiotics
Antibiotics are commonly prescribed during pregnancy, but
they must be chosen carefully. Some antibiotics are OK to
take during pregnancy, while others are not. For example,
tetracyclines such as doxycycline and minocycline can
discolour a developing babys teeth.


Switch to a Softer Toothbrush

Pregnancy hormones can cause your gums to swell and
become inamed, which makes them bleed more easily
when you brush or clean between your teeth. Brushing
regularly will help improve the tenderness; use a soft
brush, and choose a toothpaste for sensitive teeth if your
gums are tender. Try not to rinse after brushing, as this
will reduce the desensitising effect of the toothpaste.


Ensure Your Diet Includes Plenty of Calcium and Vitamin C

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is essential for
bone growth and repair and keeping your teeth strong.
Taking a parental vitamin and calcium supplement should
provide you with enough of these nutrients.


Steer Clear of Teeth-Whitening Kits and Toothpastes

These products contain peroxide, which may be harmful to
your baby. The oxidation of your teeth is the process that
causes them to whiten and may be harmful to the tissues
and cells of the foetus. Whilst no studies have currently
documented any harm caused to the foetus, pregnancy
is such a crucial time for the development of a baby that
many dentists still warn against teeth whitening whilst

10. Avoid Dental Treatments During The First Trimester

Dental treatments during the rst trimester and second
half of the third trimester should be avoided as much
as possible as a precaution. These are critical times in
the babys development and its simply wise to avoid
procedures that could in any way inuence the babys
growth or development.
11. Avoid Dental X-rays During Pregnancy
If X-rays are essential (such as in a dental emergency),
your dentist will use extreme caution to safeguard you and
your baby. Advances in technology have made X-rays much
safer today than in past decades but it is advisable to avoid
any exposure to radiation if possible.
For more information, please visit:

Be Mindful of Mouthwash
Dr Sameer explains that pregnant women should not be
surprised if they notice their gums bleeding when brushing,
but he advises against using a mouthwash such as Corsydl:
Popular mouthwash Corsodyl can lead to staining of the
teeth and antibacterial resistance if used for a long time.
Pregnant ladies should only use this as a way to prevent
gum disease if prescribed by their dentist. | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag


Health & Wellbeing


With two in three infants aged three to 30 months affected

by painful teething, the process can be long, drawn out and
frustrating for babies. and their parents. Now British parents
are discovering a natural way to help with their childs teething
discomfort; introduced by Boiron, world leader in homeopathic
medicine. Camilia Oral Solution is a natural homeopathic
product which helps teething babies by relieving the pain of tooth
eruption and other associated symptoms such as irritability,
swollen gums, and minor digestive disorders.
is practical, hygienic and easy to use thanks to its unique
application method*. Each pack contains 10 individual, single
dose containers, convenient when parents are on the go. The
medicine comes in a sterile sealed plastic pipette that is simply
ripped open at the top, and tipped into babys mouth. It is so
simple to use that parents can easily do it themselves without
needing a spare pair of hands theres also no need to rub into
the sore area as baby swallows the solution.
Free from sugar, lactose and preservatives, Camilia is made
up of three active ingredients; each one combating different
effects of tooth eruption:

Chamomilla vulgaris 9C
Used within the homeopathic tradition for the relief of
teething pain and irritability
Phytolacca decandra 5C
Used within the homeopathic tradition for the relief of
painful gums and the need to chew
Rheum 5C
Used within the homeopathic tradition for the relief of minor
digestive disorders associated with teething

for little ones to swallow and has no unpleasant aftertaste. It

doesnt mask the symptoms of any other upsets or illnesses
and has no known effect on other medications infants may be
prescribed. Camilia is already well trusted by many parents
around the globe, including in the US and Canada, and is the top
selling teething remedy in France. Camilia retails at 6.95 for
10 sterile, single use sachets and is available nationwide in large
Boots stores, Boots online and independent pharmacies.

Suitable for babies and children from one month upwards,

Camilia can be administered two to three times a day, is easy

For more product information or advice on teething please visit


A recent survey conducted on users of
the popular wellbeing brand, RESCUE1
found that 9 out of 10 feel there just arent
enough hours in the day to do what they need
to. The increasing pressures for women
today to have it all - the high powered job,
2.4 children, the big house, the busy social
life and the perfect partner has resulted
in 68% of us feeling overwhelmed by our
busy lives. Further gures from the recent
survey revealed that three quarters (73%)
are unable to unwind at the end of a busy
day, whilst over half (55%) nd that time
pressures result in a day feeling just that little bit too hectic.
Little wonder we need to restore the balance!

a combination of ve Bach Original Flower Essences specially

blended to provide support in times of emotional demand. The
ower essences are Star of Bethlehem, Clematis, Impatiens,
Rock Rose and Cherry Plum and it can be used anytime, anywhere
and is suitable for all the family.
RESCUE is available from Boots, Lloydspharmacy, independent
pharmacies and health food stores as well as grocery stores
nationwide. Products and prices are:
RESCUE REMEDY 10ml dropper - 6.90
RESCUE REMEDY 20ml dropper - 9.20
RESCUE REMEDY 7ml spray - 6.90
RESCUE REMEDY 20ml spray - 9.20
For more information, go to:

The fact of the matter is modern women need to feel empowered

that they can succeed in having a career and a family, without
feeling that the effort and the burden, can at times be too much
to handle. 86% of RESCUE users found their I can do this
attitude when trying to keep all the balls in the air with RESCUE
by their side. When your day seems a little too much to handle
stop and take a moment with RESCUE REMEDY by your side. It is

56 | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

Health & Wellbeing

Helping Raise Awareness.....

I am sure most of you reading this article will never of heard

of Huntingtons disease (HD) which is a rare progressive neuropsychiatric disorder which is genetic so hereditary in nature.
HD is a devastating illness, not least as you may have up to four
generations living with the illness at anyone time. Every child
who is born to a parent who carries the gene has a 50% chance of
inheriting the illness. Generally people show symptoms between
the ages of 30 and 50, however there is a rare form of the illness
called Juvenile Huntingtons Disease(JHD) which affects children
and young people. Symptoms vary from individual to individual
but generally people will have large involuntary movements, and
eventually diculty in speaking and swallowing. The thinking
and emotional side of the illness mean that people with HD can
display mental health symptoms and symptoms of irritability and
aggression, this can be very dicult for children growing up in a
home with a parent with HD.
There is no cure for this illness and although there is treatment
for some of the symptoms the illness is slowly progressive.
How can you help? The Huntingtons Disease Association exists
to support families affected by HD. We offer Specialist Advisers
who can visit families at home to offer support and advice. The
advisers work with other professionals who support families
and provide education and training to them so they are better
able to care for families. The HDA also provides a variety of kids
camps, some just for children growing up with a parent with HD,
to give them an opportunity to get away and have fun and meet
other children with the same caring responsibilities. They have a
weekend especially for families with JHD, which enables parents
to meet other parents who have children with this rare form of the
illness (often for the rst time), the child with JHD to undertake
activities in a specialist disabled friendly environment, and for
siblings to have time away and the opportunity to talk about their
own fears and anxieties. We have a young persons and young
adults weekend which enable these groups to meet with others
and learn information that can help them at a time in their lives
when they maybe thinking about having children, getting tested
to see if they carry the gene, relationships, nances etc. To
support our work in these areas we also employ a specialist JHD
adviser and a specialist youth worker.
At the start of this article I said you had probably never heard
of HD.most people havent unless they are affected by this
devastating illness? Can you help us to support these families,
any donation however small will help us to employ more
specialist advisers, or go towards funding a childs place at kids
camp? | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

If you can help in anyway here is how to donate:

Text: HDBB15 and the amount you wish to donate to 70070 For
example: HDBB15 10
Via our website:
Via Just Giving:
Or Call: 0151 331 5444
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Cath Stanley. Chief Executive. HDA





Former Hollyoaks star, Rachel Shenton, is helping the National

Deaf Childrens Society (NDCS) encourage young deaf dancers
and musicians to showcase their performance skills and enter
Raising the Bar, a new music and dance competition which
launches today.
Raising the Bar was developed by NDCS to make dance and music
more accessible for the 45,000 deaf children and young people in
the UK. It aims to increase the levels of deaf awareness through
the arts, whilst also raising the expectations and standards of
what deaf children and young people believe they can achieve.
Entrants to the competition (eight to 16-year-olds) will have six
weeks from today until 22 February 2015, to create and submit
a video of themselves performing a dance or music routine. Ten
lucky winners will be selected by NDCS staff and leading deaf
professionals from the arts industry, and invited to attend a
two-day masterclass on 24 -25 May 2015. Masterclass training
sessions will be led by Def Motion, the UKs only touring deaf
dance crew, the acclaimed deaf utist Ruth Montgomery, and
Danny Lane from Music and the Deaf, a unique charity working
to ensure everyone has the opportunity to enjoy music.

Hayley Jarvis, Head of Inclusive Activities for NDCS said: Deaf

children can do anything other children can do, given the right
support. Participation in the arts gives deaf children and young
people the chance to learn new skills, and feel more condent
and empowered and participation is what Raising the Bar is all
We will also be developing a toolkit for teachers to raise
the awareness and expectations of deaf dance and music
professionals. We hope this will inspire professionals across the
arts to deliver accessible activities for deaf children and young

To sign up to the competition please visit:

The weekend will culminate in a live showcase of the newly

found Raising the Bar stars, at The Rep Theatre in Birmingham,
demonstrating exactly what deaf children and young people can
achieve. Rachel Shenton said: Its really fantastic that deaf
children and young people can showcase their skills in dance
and music through the NDCS Raising the Bar competition.
Interacting with other deaf young people through performance
and music is vital for aspiring deaf performers in order to
build their self-condence and demonstrate to others, whats
possible for deaf children to achieve in dance and music. Raising
awareness across the arts industry, making dance and music
accessible for everyone is so important and I wholeheartedly
encourage all the budding deaf musicians and dancers out there
to get involved, sign up and be part of it!
To see Rachel Shentons video and sign up, visit:

58 | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag


Anamaya Centre Launches Revolutionary

Meditation App

A groundbreaking new meditation app is

today being launched today by Anamaya,
owner of the world-renowned Londonbased health and wellbeing centre. The
eponymously named App is based upon
clinical work carried out at the centre.
The Anamaya mobile application has
been carefully developed by mind and
body specialist and centre co-founder,
Graham Doke, alongside seven-year
Apple veteran, Jonathan Koch. This
unique partnership has created a
beautifully serene meditation course,
founded on rigorous medical research,
and extensive clinical experience at
the centre, offering genuine advanced
meditation techniques that are proven
to change the physical structure of the
brain, and, in turn, peoples thoughts
and emotions. With more than 11 million
working days lost to stress, depression
and anxiety in the last year alone*, todays
increasingly demanding society means
work-life balance is often compromised,
and health, nance and work issues can
push many people to breaking point.
Professional meditation programmes
can help people discover their inner
peace, mastering feelings of anger, pain
and helping to manage any unwanted
emotions that can be detrimental to a
persons wellbeing. Meditation through
Anamaya has enormous potential to help
people from all walks of life it is already
being used by the GB Ultra Running Team
and has been incorporated into several
treatment programmes at the London
OCD Clinic and Promis residential rehab
clinic. The application features more
than 350 meditations, founded on 20
years of rigorous scientic research and
psychology, exploring 11 different focus
areas including worry, anxiety, stress,
pain, sports and pregnancy designed
not just to relax, but to heal.
Narrator and principle architect of
Anamaya, Graham Doke, had experienced
a long and successful career in law
and investment banking before a lifechanging experience led him to healing
and meditation, and later to open the
centre. He comments: I had clients from
all across the world asking me how they

could practice their meditation in their

own time. With this new application we
are aiming to demystify meditation and
make it accessible to all even those
who have never really considered it as
an option. Relaxation programmes are
great; you can let yourself drift on music
or on images created for you. But to
learn to meditate properly, to train your
mind properly, you need to learn how to
focus diligently and work emotionally
on an image created by your own mind
- you need to identify the source of your
thoughts and emotions. Through this
application, we have been able to bring
the most advanced meditation techniques
into peoples homes. These methods
are simply not normally accessible
outside of intense, extended clinic-based
The Anamaya application will donate
20% of all proceeds to Karuna Shechen,
a philanthropic organisation providing
essential care and education to children
in the Himalayas. The organisation
was founded by Tibetan Buddhist
monk, and close condant of the Dalai
Lama, Matthieu Ricard, who was
labeled the Worlds Happiest Man by
neuroscientists after extensive study
of his brain. Matthieu introduces the
application providing details on his
charity and offering his unique insight into
the impact meditation can have on your
health and wellbeing. Graham adds: We
all have emotions; stress, anger, anxiety
and the rest, they are a natural part of
us, but it is so important that we are able
to manage those emotions that they do
not become aictive. No one was born
angry we learn our own behaviours and
can use meditation tools to help manage
those behaviours. Anamaya encourages
you to take things at your own pace; move
on to the next step when youre ready
or, if you enjoy a particular meditation,
repeat as often as you like.
Anamaya is a free download from the
App Store and includes the rst level
of the General focus area for free,
as well as a beautiful solo meditation
timer, multi-media learning resources,
and ve Ambiance settings that subtly
alter the meditation experience. An inapp purchase unlocks additional levels
and focus areas. Additional focus areas
are already in development for future
For more information on the Anamaya
application, please visit:
or download the app via the iTunes store | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

When I was asked by Baby Buzz to review the
new meditation app from Anamaya, I was slightly
dubious. It seems were all reverting to apps,
computers and phones to learn and connect,
whilst loosing our connection to community
which is crucial for social skills and behaviour
development. But Im now eating my iPhone!
You may of heard of Anamaya (meaning health
in Sanskrit, the ancient Indian language) and its
health centre in Kensington. Offering a plethora
of mind, body, soul connecting therapies (cranial
sacral therapies, dietetics, massage), its a place
of tranquility.
So, just how on earth did they envisage bringing
that feeling of tranquility through your phone and
into your home? With a voice that sounds like
Monte Zumas chilli and lime chocolate melting
over a ame of gold. This voice could halt wars
(wishful thinking, but it would in my world). Many
pre-recorded meditations I have experienced
needed to have a rethink of he narrator. But
Anamaya has it spot on. No condescending, stuck
up tone to make your spine are or make the
body want to move. A beautiful voice that keeps
you engaged and focused - check! When you tap
into he app, you feel like youre entering a world
of magic as soothing music welcomes you and
youre asked to take a breath (aaaahhhhhh, ok).
And then its simple. 3 tabs - Learning, Meditation
and Progress. Im a learn as I go kinda gal and
generally glaze over instructions (tusk tusk), but
I felt compelled to read all the info, which was
digestible and also came with narrative if your
more of a listener (or have a child pulling on your
ankle). I really found the information interesting
and helpful in getting the most out of the app. The
meditation tab consists of 4 levels, 7 stages in
each. I think the beauty of this for mums is each
one only takes 10 minutes. You start very simply
by focusing on the breath and counting and then
progressing to simple visualisations.
My FAVOURITE thing of all is, you can set
reminders of practice throughout the day. Even if
you dont do it, it reminds you to breath, perhaps
really see things or listen to the sounds around
you. It takes me a while to switch off at night, so
Ive started counting my breaths up to 21 and then
repeating which has programmed me to really
I really cant recommend this app more and have
recommended to friends who have really agreed
with, whether they are into yoga or not and have
had great feedback.
Why not give it a go? Worst case scenario is that
you have to delete the app from your phone!




Stuart Miles, editor of Pocket-Lint comments: Children growing
up today are mimicking their parents and operating the likes of
tablets is second nature to them. Too often parents are giving
their children tablets they think are suitable for their child but
in fact, most are either not durable enough to hold up to the way
children play or children can easily access inappropriate and
potentially dangerous websites or content. Additionally, many of
these open web tablets do not offer the appropriate settings to
protect children from making accidental in-app purchases.

As more children use the internet than ever before and one in
three even have their own tablet*, a new survey today reveals
that children as young as ve are sharing personal information
online with people they dont know in real life.
The survey of 1,300 parents and 900 children conducted by
LeapFrog, which creates award-winning tablets for kids, reveals
the 56 per cent of children admit to sharing key personal
information online, putting themselves at risk of illegal activity
or abuse such as bullying, fraud, or cyber predators. The top
personal information shared by children online are:

Full name (41%)

Photos of themselves (38%)
Exact location including the name of their school (20%)
Address (4%)
Phone number (3%)

Over a third (33 per cent) of children surveyed also admit they
have removed their browsing history at some point to ensure
their parents do not see what theyve been looking at online and
a further 31 per cent confessed they have accessed a website
they know their parents would not approve of.
As technology becomes more prominent in childrens lives, the
vast majority of parents see the internet as a great place for kids
to learn (97 per cent) but there is worry over how safe it is, with 87
per cent deeming inappropriate content too easy to access. More
guidance is needed on how to help children get the best out of the
web according to 57 per cent of parents, but many admit to not
using basic parental controls on internet-enabled devices their
children use (33 per cent) and a further 75 per cent said they do
not even monitor their child when they are online. In response to
parents need for support on how to make the most of technology
for their kids whilst keeping them safe online, the maker of the
top selling kids tablet range**, LeapPad, has created an online
safety guide. The guide includes expert comment, tips and advice
from Stuart Miles, editor of Pocket-Lint, and Dr. Jody Sherman
LeVos, head of the LeapFrog Learning Team.
LeapPad tablets, including the new LeapPad3 and LeapPad
Ultra XDi, have been designed specically for kids and feature
built-in Wi-Fi and LeapSearch, a kid-friendly web environment
of videos, games and more that have been pre-screened by
LeapFrogs learning experts so parents can rest assured their
child is safe and can only access age-appropriate content. The
tablets are also equipped with safe wireless peer-to-peer chat
and gameplay so children can play online together safely.


Sally Plumridge, International Marketing Director at LeapFrog

comments: We recognise technology can bring positive benets
to childrens educational journeys, however, we understand
parents often have concerns about online safety. This is why weve
designed our LeapPad tablets from top to bottom, inside and out,
exclusively for kids. Our tablets provide fun and personalised
learning solutions for children, whilst giving parents peace of
mind that their children are safe online right out of the box. We
hope our new guide will be a helpful resource for parents to learn
more about internet safety and ensure the risk of coming across
inappropriate content online is a thing of the past.
The LeapPad3 and LeapPad
Ultra XDi tablets offer the
perfect rst tablet experience
for kids. Both tablets have
access to LeapFrogs worldclass educational content library
of top-quality apps, games and
videos all designed or approved
by LeapFrogs team of learning
experts as well as shatter-safe
screens and a highly durable
construction to ensure fun and
safe play. LeapPad3 is a fast,
high-performance ve-inch tablet. With kid-safe web, Wi-Fi and a
new capacitive touchscreen, LeapPad3 is the perfect combination
of performance, durability and safety. LeapPad3 has 4GB of
memory - enough to store 20,000 photos as well as two megapixel front and back cameras and video recorders and a built-in
lithium ion rechargeable battery, so childrens exploration and
creativity never ends. Parents also have the choice to go large
with the LeapPad Ultra XDi, LeapFrogs seven-inch Wi-Fi tablet.
LeapPad Ultra XDi offers the ultimate multimedia experience
kids and parents want with a high-resolution seven inch touch
screen, 8GB of memory - enough to store 40,000 photos - and
access to hundreds of downloadable apps. LeapPad Ultra XDi
also includes front and back mega-pixel cameras and video
recorders, a rechargeable lithium ion battery and an on-board
MP3 player.
LeapPad3 (89.99) and LeapPad Ultra XDi (119.99) are now
available in major retailers nationwide.

For more information, please visit: | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag


Platypuses guide to Motherhood the highs and lows and why

mums need to give themselves a break (in more ways than one!)
As Mothers Day approaches,
Platypus is reecting on all of
the mums we have met and
spoken with over our years of
research and what we have
learnt about how to be a mum.
It seems to go something like
Step 1 Give birth, become a
carer or adopt a child
Step 2 Do everything in your
power to make that child happy
and healthy

Top Ten Tips for Being a Career Mum

Step 3 Compare yourself to other mums you see on facebook, TV

and in magazines

Joanne Cliff, MD at Platypus Research, has

pulled together her top ten tips for being a
career mum, based on her personal experience
as well as research we have undertaken.

Step 4 Try to follow the ever-changing rules of what makes a child

happy and healthy (including feeding, washing, taxiing, bathing,
counselling, educating, de-licing and acting as a bank) whilst also
trying to maintain your own happiness and sanity
Step 5 Fail at Step 4 it cant be done, there are only so many
hours in a day and some of those tasks are mutually exclusive
Step 6 Be constantly nagged by a sense of guilt and bend the truth
about the number of times you took your child to McDonalds last
week if anybody asks.
This is rather a light hearted look at motherhood but it seems to be
the way things go.
But who is it that makes mothers feel like theyre not doing a good
enough job? We dont hear many men having a rant about what a
terrible mother their wife or partner is, and in the same way that
we love our kids unconditionally, they love us, warts and all bad
mood days and microwaveable meal days. The sad matter of fact
is that most of the time the worst critique of a mum is themselves,
or other mums. Mums are negative about themselves because they
want their child to ultimately be happy and healthy but the rules on
how to do this are not clear and there are things that get in the way
of being able to achieve this goal.
Some research we conducted revealed the variety of ways that kids
view their mums and the theme at the heart of it all was that they
love them what can be more important than that?
One of the most important things weve taken out of our research is
that being a mums is about who you are in your childs eyes, not what
you do, and, believe it or not mums are all different. Just because
you have borne an offspring or become main carer for a child it does
not transform us into one type of being. We are all different and we
need to celebrate and allow for those differences.
So, for all you mums out there who can relate to this we give you
the following thoughts from kids themselves, that show that being a
good mum is not about cooking from scratch or always being there
on the school run but the simple, shared moments with the favourite
(or one of the favourite) people in their lives.
Being a mum is about hugs, magic rubs on a poorly and dancing
in the kitchen that can take minutes out of the day, but give
feelings and memories that last a life time. | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag


Accept/ ask for help from friends and family. If you try
to do everything yourself you will tie yourself in knots
and not achieve anything.
2. Feel happy/condent with your chosen childcare and
if you dont, change it. This means that when you are
working you can focus rather than worrying.
3. Have a goal list what makes you happy and enjoy,
then form your goal around this.
4. Dont lose hope it may take a while to get to your goal
and you may have to take side steps before getting
there. It is also worth re-evaluating what your goal is
as you may nd along the way it has altered.
5. Take up opportunities even if they dont seem totally
relevant, you never know where they will lead.
6. Be prepared to work hard the things that are worth
achieving are always the most dicult. Working after
the kids are in bed and early mornings are sometimes
necessary, but.
7. Keep work and family time separate dont make the
mistake of trying to look after your children whilst
working at the same time. This is stressful for you and
not good for the kids.
8. Try to make some time just for you for relaxation
even if its 5 minutes in silence in a dark room.
9. Pay attention to yourself and how you are feeling and
try to notice if its getting too much for you. At this point
you need to work out what needs to change.
10. Try not to feel guilty be condent you are doing the
best you can for your children and that your best is good
enough. Women in the 1960s spent the same amount
of time on childcare during the week as women today
weve just swapped housework for paid work. So dont
feel bad for having a career.
To all of the mums reading, we hope you have a fabulous
mothers day celebrating the most important job in your
life being mum!
For more information, please visit:

Health & Wellbeing

Herbal Medicine and Indian Head Massage A Different Approach to Health

Hi Joanne
Its post-Christmas and I need to get my act together! I need to
lose weight this year and I was thinking of detoxing, or if there is
something that I can take herbally to help please?
Hi Diane
If I had a pound (in cash!) for every time someone asked me
for herbal weight loss, I would be very rich! Sadly, there is no
real magic remedy and you should be really wary of people and
companies who offer such things; In fact, youll often nd that
weight loss products suggest diet and exercise in the small
print. Save your money and go for the diet and exercise option
to begin with!
I would really suggest you look at healthy eating plans, there are
loads of clubs out there and so you need to nd what is right
for YOU and a plan which relies on real food, freshly cooked at
home. Buying into faddy products is often not the way forwards
as they tend to contain lots of preservatives and nasties which
you dont want. A good eating plan will mean that you can include
the family and you dont feel singled out sitting there nibbling on
a single lettuce leaf.

Plenty of fruit and veg is important for

good overall nutrition and ensuring you
have a good balance is paramount,
this has to be something that you can
sustain, health isnt a destination
it is a journey. In my experience,
nding a plan which allows the
odd treat works well because you
dont feel deprived!
Herbal teas can support you
beautifully, chamomile, peppermint,
fennel and nettle are brilliant teas, so try them and
nd what you enjoy.
Detoxing...something else I hear lots about! A three-day detox
is often a good thing as a kick start to a lifestyle change, but you
should consult with myself/a GP/nutritionist before embarking
on anything - its important that youre doing it under direction
and being monitored.
Please stay in touch and let me know what you have decided to do
with your diet and detox, I am more than happy to offer support
and guidance on your journey, staying healthy and well is key!
Joanne xx

Joanne Farren BSc Hons MNIMH, JM Herbalist Ltd

Tel: 07729 891 083
Visit my online Neals Yard Shop

Are you making the most of your spare time?

After spending all day rushing around trying to make sure
youve done everything you need to do, most people would want
to get home and relax, but what form does relaxation come in in
a modern society?
Recent research from Nationwide has revealed that a large
proportion of us (89%) think that modern technology has made
our lives easier, but over half of those (59%) dont feel like they
have any more free time. This could be because almost a fth
of us admit to spending over ve hours a day on technology

outside of work, while 21% say they spend 3-4 hours a day. The
most popular digital items we use are laptops/computers (82%),
smartphones (32%) and tablets (28%).
Technology has sped up a number of our household chores
and tasks. We are now able to control our central heating,
lights and even fridge or oven from our smartphones as well as
doing our online banking, tax and insurance to name just a few.
Despite all of this it looks like we arent using that free time as
well as we could be. In fact, one in ten of us admit to using more
than one item of technology at the same time with 41% of those
saying they do so most of the time. Technology has made us
permanently switched on.
To help you switch off Nationwide are offering one lucky winner
a 50 Love2Shop voucher which can be used for some retail
therapy as well as at many restaurants and attractions across
the UK.
Question: What percentage of people said they use more than
one piece of technology at the same time?


99% | B.

41% | C.


Simply email your answer to me at:
62 | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

Wauwaa is a truly unique online

platform that has cleverly combined
informative content, fantastic shopping
and a welcoming and supportive
community to deliver new parents and
growing families a one-stop destination
to cater for their every need. As parents
themselves founders Ivan Lopez and
Sam Laakkonen saw a real need for
a service where parents can shop for
great products as well as seek advice
about childcare and family life.

Louis Le Sec
helps little ones
to sleep tight. A childrens
bed linen range with a difference, not only
is it super stylish it is 100% waterproof
too! Made from 100% cotton jersey with a
fully waterproof polyurethane membrane
makes it brilliant for any little accidents
that may occur. Unlike traditional
waterproong fabrics, polyurethane is
gentle, breathable and wonderfully silent.
Duvet cover with pillow case RRP: 77

Our Top Six!

is the worlds
rst mother and baby
exercise DVD. These 20-minute postnatal
exercise routines are ideal for new
mums struggling to nd the time
and appropriate childcare to join an
exercise class. The workouts are led
by popular CBeebies presenter Sarah
Jane Honeywell and are a great way to
introduce children to healthy habits from
the very start. RRP: 9.99

Daddy Proof, a gorgeous,

organic babywear brand that has been
cleverly designed with colour co-ordinated
poppers to make dressing little ones
quick and easy, no more back-to-front or
inside-out outts! The range which is made
from 100% organic cotton and is machine
washable includes babygrows, bodysuits,
trousers, cardigans and hats. Available
in blue, pink and white Daddy Proof is the
perfect gift for rst time parents. From:

Inspired by Finland Finkid

designs fashion for
children, perfect for
all little explorers.
Finkids stylish and
unique 3-in-1 zip
jackets are wind-proof,
rain-proof and stain
resistant giving your little
ones a coat for the entire
year with adjustable eece
layers available for extra
warmth. RRP: 94 | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

One for the Dads,

Diaper Dude. A chic
and practical changing
bag for Dads, packed with pockets
and compartments for the essential
parenting kit. Available in both a low slung
messenger bag and a backpack they have
every adventure covered. Both bags are
available in a variety of block colours and
prints. From: 50
From slogan tees to funky
printed leggings Joah Love is the
incredibly popular LA brand that
is exclusive to Wauwaa. The range
offers something different to
parents and exciting new designs
for children to choose from.
From: 21





SKIRT - 349

DRESS - 169



CAR COAT - 159

TUNIC - 65

DRESS - 75

64 | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag


Fabulous fashion for all the family...

I was introduced to a gorgeous fashion range this month, that

I just had to tell all my readers about! Whilst from the outside
Poppy looks like a high end classic fashion range for both women
and children, hidden beneath is a tale to tell - quite literally.
Poppy was founded in 1980 by Stephanie and Michael Richardson.
It started off as a company that sold decor and bedding. The
company quickly expanded into creating childrens clothing and
Poppy began to gain a recognition for their signature border
prints. In 2006 Bryony (Their daughter) took over the company
and that was when the storybook adventures of Poppy and Fred
began. Always inspired by childrens books Bryony wanted to
create a product that would mean more to the wearer than being
just another piece of clothing. Bryony decided to combine her

With Smellies Clothing you can shop a range of cool, wearable and
interactive kids T-shirts online allowing them - and you - to have a
world of fun whilst learning and interacting. Choose from Scratch
n Smell T-Shirts, Colourchange T-Shirts and Glow in the Dark
T-Shirts! Shopping for your kids T-shirts online has never been
easier (or more fun!) Simply scratch the print and then smell the
scent. You will not believe how real life and strong the scent is!!
For more information or to purchase, please visit:

love of books and illustration

with Poppys tradition of
creating border prints. By
doing this Bryony was able to
literally tell a story with the
clothing she designed. Now
when you buy a dress from
Poppy, a storybook comes
with it so you can not only
read the story but wear it! A Poppy
dress is a truly special piece of clothing made to last and in 2010;
by popular demand, Poppy launched its womenswear line.
Poppy is now run by Bryony and Hannah together, Hannah takes
care of all the day to day running while Bryony concentrates on
the designing bit.

For more information or to purchase one of the many

beautiful designs, please visit:

New for 2015, Angels Face are launching a loungewear collection

for girls aged 2 to 13. The new velour range is made from 80%
Cotton and 20% Polyester. The hoodies, which are available in both
short and long sleeve, and the joggers, are comfortable yet stylish
and perfect for spring time. The reverse of the hoodies feature
the signature diamante Angels Face wings whilst the front of the
long sleeve hoodies and joggers boast large diamante Angels
Face initials. The collection will be available in blush, silver and
anthracite. Complementing the current Angels Face range these
garments look fantastic teamed with their trademark tutus, as
well as their glitter ballet pumps and chic hair accessories.
Angels Face is an international brand and is stocked in over
300 stores worldwide including Selfridges, John Lewis, House of
Fraser, David Jones (Australia), Galeries Lafayette (Paris) and El
Corte Ingls. It is also available online at
For more information or to purchase, please visit: | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag




Sheekh Kebabs

Spicy Fenugreek Roasted Chicken

2 skinless boneless chicken breasts
2 heaped tbsp greek yoghurt
2 tbsp olive oil
Juice of 1 lemon
1 green chilli, nely chopped
1-2 tsp salt (according to taste)
2 tsp Spice Kitchen garam masala
1 tsp Spice Kitchen paprika powder
1/2 tbsp dried fenugreek leaves
(available at all Asian grocery shops)
Small handful fresh coriander,
Combine all ingredients into a large
mixing bowl and mix well so that the
chicken is coated well
Cover with cling lm and refrigerate
for at least 4 hours (Note: If you want
to cook it straight away you can do but
if you allow the chicken to marinade it
will taste a lot more avourful)
Pre-heat over to 220C (or the highest
temperature your oven goes to). In the
mean time, place each chicken breast
on a lined non stick baking tray.
Once the oven is hot, cook for
approximately 20 minutes. Turn the
chicken pieces over and cook for a
remaining 10-12 minutes or until the
chicken is white all the way through.
Remove from the oven and serve with
brown rice (as pictured) or basmati
rice and fresh salad.

1 medium onion, quartered
2 to 3 green chillies, or to taste
4 large cloves of garlic
2.5cm (1 in) piece root ginger
2 medium potatoes
675g (1 1/2 lb) lamb mince (I have used beef mince and
it comes out equally as good)
1 egg
1 tablespoon gram (chickpea) our
1/2 tablespoon salt
1/2 tablespoon Spice Kitchen chilli powder, or to taste
1/2 tablespoon Spice Kitchen coriander powder
1/2 tablespoon Spice Kitchen whole cumin (crushed)
good handful of nely chopped fresh coriander leaves
1/2 lemon, juiced
5 - 10 Spice Kitchen professional 8mm steel skewers
Process the onion, green chillies, garlic and root ginger
in a food processor until nely chopped.
Finely grate the potatoes and rinse thoroughly with
water. Squeeze out as much water as possible by
squeezing the grated potato in a sieve or clean tea
In a large bowl, combine the onion mixture and the
potatoes with the mince and the remaining ingredients.
Mix well. Cover, and leave in the refrigerator for a
couple of hours or overnight.
Take handfuls of the mixture and wrap around each
skewer in the shape of a sausage. Place under a hot
grill at the highest setting, or cook on a barbecue
heated to high heat. Turn over once whilst cooking.
Kebabs are done when both sides are crisp and
browned, and when juices run clear.
Serve hot with slices of onion and lemon wedges.
TOP TIP: When you are skewering the kebab meat try to
make sausages and then skewer them, spreading them
into even size. This will mean there are less cracks in
the meat and chances of it breaking. Also use a bit of
oil in your palm, this will help bind it together.

Anyone who knows me, knows

how much I love spices and
avour. For any readers who
are the same as me, you need to
have a look at SpiceKitchenUK.
We received a selection of
the spices as seen below in a
Handmade Silk Spice Bag. Your
senses are immediately struck
by all the wonderful aromas
and the website provides a host
of wonderful recipes to follow
using some of these incredible
spices. You can also purchase a
variety of different spices online

10 Indian Spices - 7.99

Wooden Spice Box Containing

8 Handmade Spice Blends &
Masala Chai Teabags

10 Hexagonal Magnetic
Spice Jars with any 10
Spices 39.00 | |

66 | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag



1 bowl of sugar
1 heaped tsp of cinnamon
1 pack of Diddy Dutch Pancakes
1. Mix the sugar with the cinnamon.
2. Heat your Diddys and dip in the sugar.

1 pack Abra-ca-Debora sweet Dutch
Jar of lemon curd
Fruit to serve, blueberries or raspberries
work well
Icing sugar to dust
Put the pancakes in the microwave for 30
seconds to warm through.
Using a 4.5 inch pastry cutter, cut a circle
out of each pancake. Turn a mun tin
upside down and lay each pancake circle
over the the upturned mun tin
Bake the pancakes at 200 degrees for
around 10-15 minutes until crisp and
slightly browned. Carefully remove the
pancakes and allow to cool completely.
Once cooled spoon a heaped tablespoon
of lemon curd into each pancake case and
decorate with your chosen fruit. Dust with
a little icing sugar and serve.
Note: with the pancake pieces you are left
with after cutting, blitz in a food processor until you have crumbs, lay on a tray
and bake in a hot oven until crisp. These
make a great topping for ice creams and

11 pack of lollipop sticks
1 pack Diddy Dutch Pancakes
2 large bars of chocolate
Sprinkles and nuts

I had the pleasure of sampling

the pre-made pancakes and
diddy pancakes from Abra-caDebora last year and each year
I get sent the latest in updates
and recipes. This year they are
incredible and I had to share
some of the easy recipes with
you all. Who said pancakes had
to be boring and who said you
only had to have pancakes on
Pancake Day! Not in this house
anyway !!

1. Stick the lollipop sticks in the Diddys.
2. Melt the chocolate in the microwave,
taking care not to burn it.
3. Dip the Diddys in the chocolate and then
dunk them in the nuts or sprinkles.
4. Put the Diddys in the fridge to set.

1 pack Sweet Dutch Pancakes
150ml double cream
1/2 small tin Carnation Caramel
2 bananas
Stack and heat the pancakes in the
microwave. Meanwhile, whip the double
cream with an electric whisk and chop the
When the pancakes are heated through,
top them with an equal share of half a can
of Carnation Caramel, the sliced banana,
whipped cream and a sprinkle of cocoa.
Delicious! | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

Prices range from 1.75 to

2.00 and are available from
Tescos and Sainsburys.

For more information,

please visit:


I would just like to thank Walker Books, Orion Books, Penguin, Ladybird, Pun Books, Scholastic, Random House, Ebury Publishing,
Harper Collins and independent authors for sending us all the fantastic books this year. With so many wonderful books being
released each month, there is no excuse not to encourage our children (and us adults) to read more.
For more details please visit:
Introducing Glitterbelle, a fun and funky, shimmery and glittery, inspirational
and creative princess starring in her own range of books for ages 6 and up.
Glitterbelle is a glittery, sparkly, EXTRAORDINARY princess. But she has one
not-so-sparkly, very ordinary problem she will not eat her peas! When the
queen reminds her that every princess in the family should LOVE peas because
of that famous one that was hidden under the mattresses, Glitterbelle worries
that she isnt a true princess at all. How can her friends and family convince
her that she really is the sparkliest princess ever? A beautiful picture book
with gorgeous collage-style art to admire.
A fabulous selection of books ranging from activity books, journals and creativity books all with the Glitterbelle
touch. Learn how to be a modern-day princess, and how to let your hair down, too! Fill in all about you, your
friends and your dreams, and hear some of Glitterbelles secrets as well! Perfect for little princesses who love
dress up and stickers. Perfect for taking on your travels or simply occupying your little princess at home.

6+ | Price: From: 4.99 | From:

Thonk! Clonk! Clap! The team behind Roadworks and Demolition returns to the building site with another winner
for pre-school fans of machines and building sites! Another rhythmic read-aloud for machine and building site
enthusiasts from the team behind Roadworks and Demolition. Describing all the heaving and hammering involved in
building a new library, this book is full of action-packed illustrations and irresistible sound words Hoist the wood.
Hoist the wood. Chain and hook and strap. Swing it round, then lower it down. Thonk! Clonk! Clap! It will have kids
clamouring to join in, and includes a pictorial glossary of all the machines in the book, too. Perfect for all little boys
who love building, trucks and machinery.
Author: Sally Sutton | Illustrated by Brian Lovelock | Ages: 2+ Price: 11.99 | From:
Pig is very proud of his neat appearance, so hes horried to discover a spot of squashed cherry on his side. But
when his farmyard friends try to help with disastrous results the spot of bother soon becomes a truly calamitous
catastrophe! Children will love following the exploits of Cow, Goat, Sheep and Pig in this hilarious pig-ture book
romp. Beautifully illustrated and easy to follow.
Author: Jonathan Emmett | Illustrated by Vanessa Cabban | Ages:

3+ | Price: 11.99

Dr Mollys medicine case is the best (and most magical) in the whole world it has everything in it to make anyone
feel better! Can you help her nd just the right cure and heal all her patients? Dr Mollys medicine case is the best
(and most magical) in the whole world it has everything in it to make anyone feel better! Can you help her nd just
the right cure and heal all her patients? From the acclaimed illustrator of The Night Pirates, comes a playful novelty
picture book perfect for children who just love playing doctor! Brilliantly interactive, readers can open Mollys very
special, magical Medicine Case, look in the little pockets and help Molly nd just the right cure to soothe all her
patients back to perfect health. Theres a sneezy polar bear, a clumsy crocodile and one very croaky pelican all in
need of Dr Mollys help! With fun aps, pull-out-and-play elements and a nal gatefold spread ... there is lots of fun
for little hands. My little girl loved this interactive book although I thought that the pull out accessories were a little
small and may end up getting lost. If packed away properly this will provide endless fun.
Author: Miriam Moss | Illustrated by Deborah Allwright | Ages: 3+ | Price: 12.99
A laugh-out-loud page turner from Sean Taylor with wickedly hilarious graphic art from Jean Jullien.
From masterful storyteller Sean Taylor and exciting, celebrated graphic artist Jean Jullien, comes the laugh-outloud tale of Hoot Owl. Hoot Owl is no ordinary owl oh no! hes a master of disguise! And he will use his expert
camouage powers to trick his unsuspecting prey into succumbing to him! Tiny animals of the night ... beware! But,
somehow, Hoot Owl's prey keeps escaping... Hmmm, perhaps he isn't quite as masterful as he believes. Will he ever
succeed in catching himself some dinner? Hilarity, ridiculousness and very bad costume changes abound in this
wildly inventive new title. Brilliantly illustrated and will capture every young reader!
Author: Sean Taylor | Illustrated by Jean Jullien | Ages: 5+ | Price: 11.99 | From:

68 | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

A poetic and original picture book about the value of friendship from a remarkable new author.
A beautifully bold and fresh new picture book, this hopeful and endearing story about moving house, making new
friends and playing imaginative games is told with simple wit and charm, and offers a touching exploration of
feelings. When Simon moves house, Isabel loses her best friend for ever. She is angry and lonely and decides its
better to be by herself. But after a time she faces a new problem that leads her to make a brilliant new friend... I
loved this book, great for both boys and girls.
Author: Daisy Hirst | Ages: 5+ | Price: 11.99 |


Discover what happens when a young imagination armed only with an HB pencil is pitted against its nemesis, an
insipid picture book... When Alex is given a silly, sappy picture book called Birthday Bunny, he picks up a pencil and
turns it into something hed actually like to read: Battle Bunny. An adorable rabbits journey through the forest becomes a secret mission to unleash an evil plan a plan that only Alex can stop. Featuring layered, original artwork,
this dynamic picture book celebrates children as storytellers. Another great book and I loved the illustrations of
this book. I did think that perhaps 4 would be a little hard to understand with all the writing crossed through but
on the whole every young child will love this.
Author: Jon Scieszka & Mac Barnett | Illustrated by: Matthew Myers | Ages: 4+ | Price: 6.99
A lively, rhyming picture book about transport from former Childrens Laureate Michael Rosen, author of Were
Going on a Bear Hunt. A lively rhyming picture book about transport by poet and former Childrens Laureate
Michael Rosen, author of Were Going on a Bear Hunt. Small children take great delight in things that go whether
by bicycle, car, boat, or plane. And best of all is taking the bus, because the bus is for everyone! Complemented by
beautiful artwork from Gillian Tyler, this playful book will captivate little listeners and is perfect for reading aloud.
Easy to read with the most stunning illustrations.
Author: Michael Rosen | Illustrated by: Gillian Tyler | Ages: 2+ | Price: 11.99
Welcome to Stripe Island where everything is stripy - the mountains, the elds, the trees and even a boy called
Stanley. Watch the stripy sun rise over the island, then spend the day celebrating the Festival of Stripes. Visit the
town square, where stripy singers, stongmen and acrobatic baboons entertain stripy spectators. Along the way,
spot all kinds of stripiness in the pictures. Then, before you know it, the stripy sun sets on Stripe Island and its
time for bed. Sweet stripy dreams! An easy to follow story although I thought the pictures were a little busy at
times. Great illustrations though.
Author: Tupera Tupera | Ages: 4+ | Price: 6.99


These are no ordinary monsters...These monsters have wheels...These are MONSTER TRUCKS! Todays the day
of the long-awaited City Trophy. Bolt, Newton, Roxy, Chunk, Fizz and Masher speed through Slick City, but theres
trouble ahead when Masher the cheeky monster swaps the street signs around in an attempt to win...Perfect for
fans of Moshi Monsters and Disneys Cars, this exciting new picture book series is ready to race your way! Features bright, bold, eye-catching illustrations by the the well known artist duo TADO whose work has featured on
everything from designer toys and fashion to advertising campaigns..
Author: Jon Hinton | Illustrator: TADo | Ages: 4+ | Price: 6.99


Whats the craziest outt you can make a tiger in a tutu? An astronaut in cowboy boots? Create your own doodleip
dress-up today! Flip the page sections to mix and match your kooky creations and let your imagination run wild.
The fantastic range of dress up includes swashbuckling pirate attire, intergalactic space-wear and ideas for
creating the perfect party shoes or the most wicked witch hat you can think of! Take inspiration from the pages and
play dress up in real life, or simply live out your wildest fashion dreams within the super-cute pages! Then, when
youre nished for the day, keep your creativity safely tucked away with the sturdy ip format and elastic closer;
perfect for protecting your ip drawings, meaning you can pop it in your favourite dress-up bag for next time, away
from other doodleip eyes! Great illustrations just waiting for a sparkle of creativity and providing hours of fun!
Author: Hennie Haworth | Ages: 3+ | Price: 7.95 | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag



This baby book isnt a new fad, it isnt a poorly thought through regime that you and your baby will struggle to
follow and it isnt out to scaremonger. It is a mix of the authors own experiences that led her to begin her research
on sensory development and the human-nature connection and subsequently to introduce the Babyopathy (and
Nascuropathy) programmes into her nurseries. It is an insight into how you can use the programme at home and
advice that may help support you and your baby during the rst year.
I was so impressed with this book. No nonsense, common sense and non patronising which every parent could do
well without the added pressure!
Author: Angela Spencer | Price: 19.99 (Kindle: 8.39) |


The Good Sleeper helps new parents sift through the vast and often confusing information out there and identify
strategies that make sense. It provides the reader with a fundamental grasp of infant sleep: how it works, how
much they need, and how to shape good habits. This book also addresses head-on the fears and misinformation
about the long-term effects of crying. The book takes a bold stand on controversial issues such as co-sleeping,
attachment, and crying. An incredibly insightful book to help parents address one of the biggest issues that all
parents face. Straight talking and easy to understand, this book is an essential to all parents!
Author: Dr Janet Kennedy | Price: 10.99 From:
Marianne Baker is happy. Sort of. Shes worked at the same job for years (nearly 15, but whos counting), she
lives at home with her mum (who is driving her crazy) and sleeps in a single bed (yep, her love life is stalled).
Playing the violin is her only real passion but nobody like her does that for a living. Then one night everything
changes. The father who abandoned Marianne as a child turns up on her doorstep, with a shocking secret that
changes her life forever. Suddenly Mariannes safe, comfortable world is shattered. If her father isnt the man
she thought he was, then who is he? And, more to the point, who is she?
I was hooked from the minute I turned the rst page and actually couldnt put this down (which didnt help being
4am in the morning!) You could feel yourself in Mariannes shoes and I laughed and cried may through the entire
story. I cant wait to see what Author Jemma Forte has in store for the next story!
Author: Jemma Forte | Price: 7.99 | From:
The potentially toxic effects of sugar are now well known. This book shows how you can still eat the food you enjoy
by replacing sugar with a natural sugar substitute. Youll nd sugar-free, and therefore healthier, recipes for
Brownies, Muns, Sponge cakes and fruit cakes, Scones, pies and tarts
The delicious recipes in this book use xylitol as a natural sugar substitute, because it has benets for your teeth,
and for those with diabetes, and is much less fattening than sugar. Because xylitol is as sweet as sugar, you can
use exactly the same amount of xylitol as you would use sugar in your baking recipes.
Author: Sue Simkins | Price: 7.99


Oodles and oodles of noodles! Get your kids in the kitchen with Noodle Kids. Packed with recipes, tips, suggestions,
and inspiration to introduce children to, and get them involved in, making noodles like Japanese ramen, Italian
spaghetti, Southeast Asian stir-fries, and classic American mac and cheese. The recipes are simple and will take
you on a journey around the world. The tips provided can help you choose the perfect topping and even help you
set up your very own noodle bar dinner party! So go ahead, see where these worldly noodle recipes will take you!
Chef/dad/genius Jonathon Sawyer has combined the two to create this handbook of tasty euphoria that makes the
celebration of the creation and sharing of simple and delightful noodle-bound happiness as a family the ultimate
expression of love and collaboration.
Author: Jonathon Sawyer | Price: 15.99 From:
Kids Dont Come with a Manual: the essential guide to a happy family life (March 2015) has been written from the
unique viewpoint of a married couple with three children who are also parenting coaches Carole and Nadim Saad.
It was their own experience of bringing up three children, and in particular the problems they faced because of
their very opposing parenting techniques (Nadim was of the more disciplinarian tiger parent philosophy whereas
Carole took the more gentle laissez-faire approach) that inspired them to become parenting coaches themselves
to help other parents nd a midway point. They now run very popular parenting courses and private coaching. Kids
Dont Come with a Manual is a practical guide to how to balance different parenting skills and techniques to create
a harmonious family life, and is based on the latest research in child psychology and neuroscience. It also contains
a quick-re troubleshooting section for the most common day-to-day parenting problems.
For me this was one of the best books when it came to parenting tips and advice. Written in a completely understable
format without being condesending or patronising. The real life examples are just essential and you feel like you
can really help not just your child but your whole family.
Author: Carole & Nadim Saad | Price: 12.99 |


From: | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

Product Features & Reviews

MURINE Bright & Moist Eyes is

formulated with a brightener to give
super-white, bright eyes and two
moisturisers helping to refresh and
soothe - one of the few products on the
market to meet both needs in one. Two
other unique selling points are that
the product comes in a liquid gel, which helps
the drops to stay in the eye for longer, and
comes in a larger 15ml size. Available from
Boots, Superdrug, Waitrose and pharmacies
nationwide priced 4.07 for 15ml.
For further information visit:
Health, beauty and wellness
organisation, Arbonne, has
relaunched its successful
range of vegan friendly,
products. The new and
improved ABC Baby Care
range boasts playful new branding which
subtly reects the safe and benecial
ethos of Arbonne. ABC, which has been
dermatologically and allergy tested, includes
four gentle products, which are suitable for
children of all ages and can even be used by
adults with sensitive skin.
For further information visit:
from 6 months
to 12 years.
Super Hero is
the only sh oil
that, in a 1ml
drop, contains
amount of DHA
found in a tin of
sardines* with
465 mg DHA,
133mg EPA &
693mg Omega 3
in total. Omega
3 is essential for children, especially DHA
which is a major component of brain tissue,
but with the best will in the world, its pretty
tricky to get youngsters to eat plates of
oily sh. With Super Hero, you know that
with one little drop your child is getting the
perfect amount so at least one of the many
worries we have as parents is taken care of.
As with all of our products, Super Hero has
been rigorously tested and contains no heavy
metals or nasty contaminants. Importantly,
it also tastes great. It has a very mild lemony
avour but for the very reluctant, it can easily
be added to cold food or drink. Very easy to
take and a great way of getting the essential
oils into your childs diet.

Nordic Oil, a high-grade

omega 3 and vitamin D3
provide easy to swallow
capsules which are ideal for
children, and are in capsule
and oil form too. Omega 3
and vitamin D offer the perfect
health partnership. Perfect for those who
travel a lot, and who always want to have their
Nordic Oil supply close by it has never been
easier to ensure good health and wellness.
The Omega 3 with Vitamin D3 Capsules offer
all the goodness of our omega 3 capsules
combined with the extensive benets of the
sunshine vitamin, vitamin D. These are ideal
for those who are at risk of low vitamin D: from
individuals that are not able to enjoy adequate
amounts of sunshine, are on restrictive diets
or are from an older generation. (60x1000mg
- 12.50). The Omega 3 capsules offer the
most convenient way to enjoy your daily dose
of Nordic Oil and each capsule offers the same
high-grade omega 3 as our award winning oil.
(60x1000mg - 9.99).
We have just started sampling the Omega3
with Vitamin D and High Grade Omega 3
Capsules. Whilst, as with anything, there has
been no instant effect, I am keen to see what
the outcome is at the end of the course.
For more information, please visit:
I wanted to introduce
readers to a newto-the-UK babycare
brand called NAF.
Created by two Dutch
dads, NAF is a
personal care line for
babies and toddlers.
Pure quality with only those ingredients a
baby really needs. Baby care of the highest
quality is what we stand for. Nothing
more, nothing less. Currently NAF family
consists of seven products. The products
are made from the best ingredients nature
has to offer such as cottonseed oil, sweet
almond oil, macadamia oil, avocado oil and
bisabolol (camomile). All our products are
dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic,
PH skin natural and without any harmful
ingredients for babies, parents or our
nature. We reviewed their travel kit. The
Travel Kit is also perfect when your littles
ones are starting at their grand parents.
The original toiletry contains 4 travel size
NAF products and a super soft Cottonbaby
washcloth. Wrapped as a true gift.

For more information, please visit: | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

For more information, please visit:

Babies can be a bit of a mystery and so can baby ailments. Here at

Dentinox we know how worrying
even common baby ailments can
be. In fact, helping you look after
your baby is all we do. And so
for 50 years weve been making
simple, effective baby medicines
and medical devices that you
can rely on to bring gentle
relief - even for the youngest
of babies (not premature). A
well trusted and respected
brand, weve used Dentinox for
many years. With new products
launched including the medicine
dispenser that is in dummy style
and the cleansing wipes for
eyes you know that your child is
looked after.
For more information, please

Make ossing easy

for your little ones.
Fun Floss Picks
for kids feature
thin prongs, a
pick, and shred
proof oss. Angled to easily
reach the back teeth. These
are also useful for children
with braces, as they can reach
behind the brace and remove
food that has become stuck.
Make the habit stick with
uorescent colours and come
in packs of 75 (8.50 Amazon)
For more information visit:

Product Features & Reviews

Created by Belgian skin care

Serum+ is a revolutionary lmforming serum specically
developed for the treatment and
relief of cold sores. Activated
on application, this clever
white serum forms a thin,
transparent lm over the cold
sore lesion to protect and isolate the affected
skin; simultaneously helping to prevent the
spread of the virusand accelerate the healing
For more information, please visit: (7.99)
Revolutionizing the nail care
industry with the worlds rst
nail brush invention, designed
to make nail cleaning quicker,
easier, less messy and more
Fingernails are
notorious for harbouring
dirt and bacteria and are the quickest way
to spread germs and cause illness from
all manner of infectious unmentionables.
Emma Myers has come to the rescue with
her revolutionary BRUZZ nail brush which is
getting rave reviews . Available at
com (as well as Capital and Amazon). 9.99
For further information visit:

Essential for all

the family is this
fabulous range
products from
the The Breath
Co. Dr. Harold
Katz is a dentist
with an advanced degree in bacteriology and
a lifelong advocate of good oral health .Dr.
Harold Katz is the founder of The California
Breath Clinics and the developer of The
Breath Company line of premium oral care
The lozenges are great for everyday use and
are an essential to any handbag for that all
day fresh feeling.
For more information, please visit: |


Intense Overnight Renewal

Cream is a restorative,
concentrated powerful natural
active ingredients and jojoba
to encourage skin renewal. Antioxidants
incuding vitamin E, CoQ10, argan oil and green
tea protect skin from the drying effects of the
environment while marine collagen, sodium
hyaluronate and vitamin A nourish, hydrate
and plump skin, reducing the appearance of
wrinkles when applied to the face, neck and
Benets: A restorative, luxurious cream
with concentrated powerful natural active
ingredients to encourage skin renewal.
Antioxidants including Vitamin E, CoQ10 and
green tea protect skin from drying effects of
the environment, while beta glucan, argan
oil and wild yam nourish and hydrate. Marine
collagen, hyaluronic acid and Vitamin A reduce
the appearance of wrinkles and plump skin.
Just incredible and leaves your skin feeling
fresh with no oily residue. Denitely fresher
looking skin.
For more information, please visit:
(Available at Holland and Barrett)
A wonderful
brand new launch
called Activbod a
complete regime
of exquisitely
fragranced body
care products
designed to aid
recovery and repair, inspire condence and
celebrate active lifestyles, have developed
a number of health related skin products
designed specically to help the body pre
and post exercise including skin coolers,
muscle warmers, and anti-redness
treatments, a rst for the mainstream skin
care market and they are affordable too
!! Ive been using the Mind Over Matter
product religiously and it is a unique hard
balm stick that really delivers. It is a fresh
herby blend of spearmint, galbanum,
peppermint, patchouli, armoise, clary sage,
thyme, absolute, thyme oil, bergamot, and
cedarwood will pick you up with its gorgeous
fragrance, and clear the respiratory tract,
freeing the mind and reminding you to
get your mind over the matter and feel
motivated to get active.

Casmara Face Masks

Introducing the unique and
genuine Rejuvenating Mask
Kit. Rejuvenating and Firming
Beauty Plan. Revitalising,
rming and providing the skin
with unique nutrients. Helps
the skin recover the vitality
of youth. A combination that
will completely pamper your
skin. Carat Gold Dust. High
penetrative active ingredients
which give the mask revitalising
and rming properties.
This mask helps reinforce the
skins structure, provides active
nutrients that restore the skins
balance lost with ageing and
intense moisturisation. Once
applied there is a pleasant
cooling effect which tones and
restores the oval of the face.
Unique care for the eyes and
lips area. Reduces puness
and improves the appearance
of dark circles around the
eyes. Firming, toning and
calming effects while you relax.
Immediately visible results.
The epitomy of relaxation, I
couldnt believe how great
my skin felt afterwards. It
really did feel incredible and
rejuvenating, I just need to try
the rest of the range ...
Treat yourself with your
Casmara Beauty Plan, it will be
the best money you ever spent!
For more information, please
Available from Boots at
just 9.99

For more information, please visit: | | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

Product Features & Reviews



ADVANSAFIX is available now from selected

retailers at an RRP 220 in a choice of stylish
colours; Black Thunder, Chili Pepper, Dark Grape,
Crown Blue and Smart Zebra (RRP 230)
Looking for a seat that will grow with your child? Want
to keep your precious little ones harnessed for longer?
Then look no further, as Britax, leaders in child safety,
is unveiling its new Group 1-2-3 car seat, ADVANSAFIX
- the rst ISOFIX multi-stage car seat that gives parents
the option to keep their child in a ve-point harness up
to 25kg. This cleverly designed multi-stage car seat
has been developed with busy families in mind. Suitable
for children aged from 9 months up to approximately
12 years (9kg 36kg), ADVANSAFIX adapts and grows
with the child, giving parents the freedom to choose
one seat instead of two and the assurance that their
little ones will travel safely from their toddler years
into pre-teen. Whats more, installation is simple and
secure using the ISOFIX+ system for all Group modes
as installation is done using the same safety features
each time: ISOFIX, Top Tether and vehicle seat belt.
The innovative ADVANSAFIX also features:

Multiple recline positions designed to allow

adjustment without disturbing the childs sleep

Extendable head rest up to a height of 150 cm

Softly padded, full side wings, head and neck rest

combine to provide a high level of side impact

Installation with ISOFIX, Top Tether and seat belt

in all installation modes which limits the rotational
movement of the seat.
Frank Heiligers, Head of Car Seats at Britax said,
We constantly seek to meet the evolving needs and
desires of parents in a busy, modern lifestyle. At Britax
weve recently rebranded to focus on everyday family
freedom, made possible by seats like the ADVANSAFIX,
giving parents the all-important choice between using
a car seat belt or a ve point harness to secure their
growing children whilst in Group 2. We understand the
importance of families getting out and about together
and are condent that with this new Group 1-2-3 seat,
families can explore together safely and in style.
This car seat is just paramount to the unmistakeable
brand that is Britax. The seat clicks into place with
such ease and provides not just extreme comfort but
also the expected high safety expectations that comes
with Britax.

Nuna Sena Mini - 120 (John Lewis)

Suitable from birth - 18 months

The New Nuna SENA - Rest Easy

After a busy day away from home, the last things

you want to worry about are an uncooperative cot
and a fussy tot. The chic Nuna SENA and SENA
mini thanks to our clever zigzag leg designpop
open easily into a soft, sturdy dreamland, and
then refold with just one hand for a quick getaway
the next morning. The SENA series belongs to a
Dutch-designed family of smart baby gear, so you
know its revolutionary design is also evolutionary:
growing beyond newborn through toddlerhood,
and even doubling as a playspace.
Smart Design
folds easily with one hand
the only cot with a upper cot that folds with frame
plush, cushy, better for baby certied Oeko-Tex
unique zigzag legs pop cot open quickly and easily
skid-proof feet keep sleep quiet and still
padded edges prevent nger pinches
lush, quilted mattress pad over the cushioned bed
above-ground base keeps baby draft-proof
sturdy aluminum frame is easy to transport

Stokke Scoot - From 529

The newly updated Stokke
Scoot stroller is on a roll
for spring 2015 with the
introduction of two fresh new
colors. The updated stroller
features launched in 2014
included larger foam lled
rubber wheels, an adjustable
rotation handle, additional
seating positions and a larger
canopy with more ventilation.
Now we introduce Stokke
Scoot in a powdery Soft Pink
and crisp Aqua Blue both
colors are accented with subtle
Grey Mlange detailing on the
canopy. Modern, yet classic,
these pastels are on trend and
perfect for sunny days.

For those wishing to add more

SENA specifications
whimsy to their on-the- go
recommended use: birth to 15kg
product dimensions: 78 cm high x 105 cm wide x lifestyle, we also introduce
coordinating Style Kits in
75 cm deep
folded dimensions: 87,7 cm high x 27 cm wide x colorful polka dots, bringing
out the playful side of our
30 cm deep
ultra-functional stroller. Mix or
mattress dimensions: 94 cm x 68 cm
match with your stroller textiles
product weight: 8,9 kg
to change up the look of your
stroller or to reect your own
SENA mini specifications
personal sense of style. The
recommended use: birth to 18 months
product dimensions: 67 cm high x 88 cm wide x Style Kit includes textiles for
the canopy hood, seat liner and
63 cm deep
folded dimensions: 77 cm high x 26,5 cm wide x shoulder harness protectors.
You also get a matching
26,5 cm deep
shopping tote for your own use!
mattress dimensions: 76 cm x 50 cm
product weight: 8,3 kg

With the new colors and Kits,

An essential for any family, this travel cot is a our smart urban stroller is now
dream to use and folds away after use. I loved that more chic than ever.
it had two levels which most travel cots dont have!
For more information, please

Visit for your

chance to win a Sena Mini Travel Cot! | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag


Product Features & Reviews



Use from birth RRP: 445.00
Joie Launches the Stylish Chrome Plus
The new Chrome Plus pushchair from Joie effortlessly
combines a sophisticated and modern look with a
practical and versatile design. A master multi-tasker,
the Chrome Plus is a travel system that makes life that
bit easier for parents with simply brilliant additions! Its
intricate details and fantastic colour packs including
royal blue, tomato red, gorgeous green make it a stand
out from the competition. The pushchair is suitable
from birth to 15kg and provides the perfect transition
throughout the different stages of your baby. It offers
rearward and forward facing options, which can swiftly
and easily be changed and can recline fully at with
a two position leg rest creating the perfect relaxing
Colour pack - Customise the look of your Joie Chrome
Plus pushchair chassis by adding a Chrome Plus Colour
Pack in one of ve stunning colours. It includes a
matching hood for weather protection, harness pads and
comfy seat liner, with a cosy footmuff. 50.00
For a fully functional Joie Chrome Plus pushchair
complete with colour pack, the price is a competitive
Stand Out Features of the Chrome Plus
The chassis creates a stylish and sleek nish whilst
providing a streamlined ride with lockable front swivel
wheels. The Chrome Plus has the impressive ultracompact ability to fold completely collapse with the seat
on, making transporting and storing the Chrome Plus
pushchair effortless.

A spacious shopping basket

Single-step scuff free brake
Adjustable handle for customisable heights

Additional Items to create your dream travel system:

Carrycot The ideal option for parents who want their
babies fully reclined. The additional features include
removable and washable fabrics, reversible mattress for
baby changing and non-slip feet on the base. 100.00
Gemm Car Seat - The Chrome Plus pairs perfectly with
the car seat which can be tted and detached with the
same ease with the adaptors included. 80.00
A delight for parents to push, the Chrome Plus is
available to buy for 270.00.

BABYZEN YOYO is a truly lightweight and compact pushchair that is

perfect for travelling, using on public transport and for storing where
space is limited. The BABYZEN YOYO is suitable for babies from birth up
to 15kg. The new-born stroller is rear facing with a pop up canopy that
can be adjusted to 3 positions, a foot cover, head support and a 5 point
harness. By removing the new-born nest and adding the 6+ pack, (seat
base & hood), parents can easily convert it to an outward facing stroller
with multi-position, reclining seat. Its unique suspension system offers
an incredibly smooth ride. It is also extremely slim (only 44 cm / 17 ins.
wide) and as it has a handlebar you can drive it with one hand: perfect
if you need to hold an umbrella, a mobile, or the hand of an older child.
Suitable from birth to maximum weight of 15kg
Unique, compact fold (52 x 44 x 18cm).
Perfect when storage space is limited, and can be stowed in the
overhead compartments on most airlines.
Comes complete with rain cover and travel bag
One hand fold and unfold
Special soft drive system allows you to push BABYZEN YOYO stroller over both smooth and rough terrain without having to lock the
wheels in a xed position
Multi-position seat recline
Removable, washable fabrics
More information from
What our tester thought:
I absolutely loved the BABYZEN YOYO I was a little sceptical at rst that it
would be easy to fold and unfold whilst holding my daughter so I couldnt
believe it when I managed to open it with such ease whilst holding her and
then how comfortable she was when we were out and about. Being able
to literally throw it on my shoulder when I had to hold her was incredible
and I had numerous people stop me and ask me what brand of stroller it
was and just how practical it appeared (there were a few envious stares
from other mums who were struggling with their own pushchairs!).
Weve put the BABYZEN YOYO through its paces and its withstood every
terrain with ease but most of all my little girl is extremely comfortable
and ultimately thats all that matters. I highly recommend this stroller to
everyone regardless of whether they are city or urban based. I guess the
saying is right that the best things come in small packages.

For your chance to win this amazing BABYZEN YOYO

STROLLER value 445 please visit:
For more information on BABYZEN YOYO visit:

For more information visit

74 | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

Product Features & Reviews

With two children obsessed, and I do mean

obsessed, with colouring and drawing and of course
school, I was thrilled to review such an amazing
collection of colouring crayons, felts and pencils.
The quality is incredible and for me one of the best
products were the Colourpreps Plasiclean. For
my 3 year old, they were a dream to hold and she
could get a good grasp around them. They dont
require much pressure at all and they are lasting
a lot longer than other products weve tried. The
colourpreps jungle is another innovative product as
the base is holds the caps, ensuring you dont lose
them and ultimately the felt doesnt dry up. Prices
range from 2.99 to 15.00 so great value as well!
For more information, please visit:
As many new startup businesses will
someone to design
a website can be a
tricky and sometimes
e x p e n s i v e
experience. We had
the chance to review
the concept behind MrSites Website in a Box.
MrSite was born in 2004 after someone just like you
discovered how dicult it was to create a website
with no web-design knowledge. Knowing that hiring
a professional could be costly and stressful, she
vowed to create a product that would help anyone
get online easily, quickly and affordably.

I personally found it a little complicated to start

off with and at times became a little frustrated.
if you have time to dedicate to building your
own website then this is certainly a good option,
affordable and it gets the job done. The online
support is denitely an added bonus and the
support team are quick and ecient should you
have any diculties.
The packages start from 2.50 per month for the
taster session, 5 per month for the essential,
10 per month for the pro, 15 per month for the
seller package and 34 for the seller pro - a great
affordable option for any business who has the
time to design their own site!
For more information, please visit: | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

I loved this collection of stationary products as it took me straight back to

my childhood. The scented mini gel pens are really good fun to use and
my oldest daughter just loves them! The pencil case is fun and comes in a
variety of colours and the erasers are fun whilst actually usable (we all now
that sometimes that isnt the case!) Smiggle has an incredible collection
ranging from pens, pencil cases, erasers, bags, organisers, lunch bags the list is endless. Prices are good as well ranging from 11.50 for the 24
mini gel pens, 10 for the pen case and 7 for the eraser set (although this
is currently on sale at just 2!) A great alternative for either your youngest
child to play with at home or slightly more grown up for older children to
take to school - a great option all round.
For more information, please visit:
The BT8500 Advanced Call Blocker phone is a great
piece of technology that, for anyone experiencing
endless nuisance calls or unwanted calls, is a blessing.
The phone is BTs most advanced call blocking phone to
date, stopping up to 100 per cent of nuisance calls. Its
Call Guardian feature, based on trueCall technology,
sets this phone apart with the ability to intercept all
calls from people not on the contact list. This virtual
assistant asks unrecognised callers to announce their
name prior to being connected, allowing users to accept
or reject the call. Rejected numbers are then stored so
they are blocked automatically if they call again and the
phone can store up to 1,000 specic blocked numbers. It has the ability
to block withheld numbers and international numbers which account for
a signicant proportion of nuisance calls and users can also block by area
code and mobile number . Theres also a Do Not Disturb mode to give
complete peace and quiet. I had a few surprise family and business calls
all expressing concern at rst as it does catch you quite off-guard but it
lives up to what it claims and stops those pesky calls that we could all do
without! I certainly wont be disconnecting it any time soon.

RRP: single 59.99, twin 79.99, trio 99.99 and quad 119.99. Available
from the BT Shop and the following retailers: Amazon, Argos, Currys,
John Lewis, Maplin, Sainsburys, and Tesco Direct
For more information, please visit:

Power On the Go - Monsters No Waiting Technology

provides all the power needed for the most demanding
smart phones and USB devices. Just plug it in, hit the
charge button, make the call. Auto sensing technology
detects exactly what speed your Smartphone or USB
device requires and provides the speed and power in a
ash - all of this in a sleek package. You wont nd a faster
charger that ts in your wallet. An essential product to
keep you covered! 34.95
For more information, please visit:


Product Features & Reviews

Anyone who knows me

knows how much I love my
coffee. It is the one staple
thing in my diet (I know, I
know not the healthiest of
options). Ive had numerous
coffee machines in the
past and whilst Ive liked
them all, Ive never liked
one as much as I have this
one. It is so simple to use, and the end result
is an incredible beverage! There are so many
different avoured capsules that you can really
indulge in every mood, the only complicated
thing to do is to choose which avour you want!
The Inissia machine is a great introductory
model for those who are new to the world of
Nespresso. This compact, sleek appliance
comes in a range of colours and easily slots
into any kitchen environment. Its recognisably
Nespresso with a fun design, yet advanced
technology, making it an ideal festive gift for
those who are tight on kitchen worktop space
but still wish to enjoy barista-style coffee. It is
available in a range of colours for 89.
For more information, please visit:
Samsonite is pleased to
introduce its rst magical
collection: Disney Wonder.
Retaining the high quality
that is synonymous with
Samsonite, school bags,
pencil cases, backpacks,
luggage and toilet kits
have been transformed
into Disneys most beloved characters
starring: iconic Mickey & Minnie Mouse, the
enchanting Disney Princesses, sweet Tinker
Bell, playful Disney/Pixar Cars, adventurous
Disney Planes and fun Violetta. This collection
will set childrens imagination alight. Young
globetrotters are now able to take the magic
with them wherever they travel!
As you would expect from Samsonite, high end
quality luggage suitable for all the family! I
loved the Disney theme, although my little girl
loved it more having lled it with every toy and
dragging it though the house! There are many
different designs suitable for boys and girls
and there are incredible ranges for adults too.
We cant wait to take these with us on our next

From luggage to school bags to pencil cases,

Samsonite have it covered. Prices start from
10 through to 65 for the disney range.
For more information, please visit:


The secret of the

powerful 600 watt
with bullet cyclonic
action that forces
everything through
the turbo extractor
RPM, breaking down and pulverising stems,
seeds and skins where some of the usually
neglected essential nutrition lies.

Ive been wanting to review one of these

for such a long time as the reviews and
comments from other people are incredible.
I have to say that I wasnt disappointed
and it is an absolute dream to use. Again
your options are endless and you can blitz,
create smoothies and liquidise to your
hearts content. The instructions are easy
and to clean it couldnt be simpler. For
anyone even just thinking about investing in
one of these, dont hesitate - they are worth
every penny!
Prices start from 99.99.
For more information, please visit:

With the NUTRIBABY food

nutritious, preservative free baby
food couldnt be easier NUTRiBABY
purees fresh ingredients into the
perfect baby food consistency, and
isperfect for every stage of your
babys development. So whether
your baby is a few months or even
a toddler, weve got it covered!
Now your baby can benet from
homemade food, quickly and
easily. For most parents, the
thought of making your own baby
food is quite a daunting one. If I
thought the nutribullet was great,
then this was an even more
welcomed experience. I couldnt
believe how simple it was and
with all of the little extras that
come in the package, you dont
have to worry about food storage.
An essential investment for every
parent. Prices start from 59.99.
For more information, please

Ethical home fragrance

pleased to announce
Waggledance collection.
oils, the Waggledance
range includes home fragrance along with
body & bath products. Honeybees perform
the Waggledance to communicate to the
rest of the hive where the sweetest nectar
lies. This collection features stunning fresh
designs hand drawn by illustrator Sharon
Jervis, who launched Beefayre in 2011 after
she was inspired by the plight of the honeybee.
Sharons detailed artwork is found on both
the outer & inner packaging. Beefayres
mission is to produce excellent quality gifts
made in England using the nest ingredients.
Buying Beefayre products means customers
are directly helping save bees - as 3% of
the companys prots are donated to bee
conservation. We reviewed the incredible
Lavender & Geranium candle and it lled
the room with the most incredible aroma,
denitely something wed buy again.

TUMTUM, the multi award winning

childrens dining brand, is starting
2015 with a bang as it launches
two collections, featuring brand
new characters, Scruff the dog and
Bluebell the cat. This is the brands
rst matching sets and includes
TUMTUMs bestselling items;
Easy Scoop Cutlery, Super Stable
Cup, Easy Scoop Dining Set, Mega
Size Mat and a set of 4 Nesting
Snackpots, which incorporate
all of the brands usual design
functionality to help little ones
better able to feed themselves,
by themselves, with the upmost
enthusiasm and expertise! Great
quality and children everywhere
will love the designs!

For more information, please visit:

From 5
Recommended for ages 1-3 | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

Product Features & Reviews

Persil is giving
mums across the
UK a reason to
smile about doing
Together with PG
tips, we are raising
laughs and cash
by teaming up with
Comic Relief to raise a whopping 1
million* for Red Nose Day 2015 for
those living incredibly tough lives
in the UK and across Africa. For a
limited time only, the Persil small
and mighty bottle, will be swapping
out its usual dosing ball for its very
own take on a Red Nose, complete
with funny face. With family-fun to
be had, Persil understands time is
precious. With years of dedicated
research and innovation, Persil
small and mighty now tackles the
toughest stains even in a quick
wash. Equipped with an easy-toopen ip top lid and spout for messfree pouring, the heart of the bottle
is where the action begins with the
innovative multifunctional Stain
Eraser Ball. Giving a helping hand
with the daily load, the ball not
only measures an exact dosage,
but aids as a pre-treater against
tough stains when directly using the
Stain Eraser Balls dimpled surface.
Persil small and mighty has all the
expert cleaning power you need in
one product to remove the toughest

Persil Bio and Colour 525ml

15 washes - 4.69

Persil Bio and Colour 875ml

25 washes - 6.79

Persil Bio and Colour 1400ml

40 washes - 9.99

Persil Bio and Colour 2100ml

60 washes - 13

For more information, please visit:

ACE, one of the

leading stain
removers on
co mpe t it o rs,
ACE is just as
delicates and
baby clothes as it is on muddy
sportswear, allowing users to
love their clothes for longer. In
fact, its so gentle that you can
pour it directly into you wash
allowing ACEs eight point
wash system to get straight
to work on eight different
types of stains - greases,
cosmetics, spreaded dirts,
foods, beverages, enzymatics,
body soils and outdoor stains.
As any parent knows, clothes
never stay clean when it
comes to your little ones. We
used this religiously with our
laundry detergent and every
item came up clean with no
stains. Denitely an essential
to add to your shopping
list! Available at all good
supermarkets from 2.00

Healthy snacks will remain

rmly on the menu and in
the lunchboxes of the nation
this winter with the launch
of four brand new, mouthwatering additions to the Yu!
family. Perfect for kids and
adults alike, Yu!s revamped range of guilt-free treats will
now include mini, star and heart-shaped 100% Fruit Chews
tasty morsels of dried fruit which look and taste just like
sweets, but contain absolutely no added sugar, are high
in bre and make up one of your ve-a-day. Suitable for
vegans, vegetarians and those with intolerances to lactose,
wheat and gluten, these fabulously fruity creations are set
to become rm favourites with all of the family. Nutritious
and delicious, Yu!s mini, heart and star-shaped Just Fruit
Chews are now available in mango, raspberry and strawberry
avours, while Yu!s Fruit Pieces with a Light Yogurt Coating
are available in taste bud-tingling apple, mango, strawberry
and raisin. Prices from 0.65p for a single sachet to 2.00
per 5 x 18g multipack.

Ive never been keen on yoghurt covered anything, but

these were delicious and they were enjoyed by all the
family, not just the children!

Foods works
with a keen
that childrens
taste buds are formed in those rst
important three years, meaning that its
vitally important to not give little ones
too much sugar or sweetness early on.
What you see is what you get with GGF:
their 100% organic and gluten free puree
pouches contain no added sugar, but plenty
of wholesome grains, nutritious avours
and tasty, health-promoting spices. We
had a chance to review a selection of their
pouches and have to admit that they were
delicious. Whilst looking after a friend
of mines little girl I decided to use her as
my little tester and she ate all of the ones
suitable for her age without any hesitation.
The pouche start from 1.05 each and are
available in a great range of avours.
For more information, pease visit:

The British are a nation of self-confessed curry and spice lovers, but
the reality is that many of us cant always take the heat and need a
cooling drink to enjoy with our favourite dish. NOMADIC Mango Lassi is a
refreshing yogurt drink with an exotic fruity twist, the perfect pairing for
any curry or just as a refreshing drink in its own right. The thickness of
this drink is perfect and the balance of avour keeps you wanting more.
Stocked in Tesco and through Ocado, with an RRP of 1.49 for 330ml.
For more information, please vsiti: | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

For more information, please visit:
The last thing
you could blame
Food Kitchens
d e s s e r t s
for being is
ingredients list including sucanat (evaporated
sugar cane juice), Irish moss seaweed and
Himalayan crystal salt, and theres no dairy,
wheat, eggs, gluten or soya in sight. But their
lack of animal based ingredients certainly
doesnt mean the puddings are lacking in
taste. The company use organic produce
wherever possible and all their ingredients
are raw- meaning they are never cooked or
heated over 45C. This not only results in
the ingredients vitamin and mineral content
remaining uncompromised, but it produces a
cleaner purer taste. Whilst their desserts are
deliciously sweet and moist you can still savour
their avours without being overwhelmed by
large quantities of added sugar, sweeteners
or avourings.
We sampled a selection of the desserts
and were pleasantly surprised! The initial
reaction of course is hmm these may taste a
little strange but I had to completely rethink
that once Id tasted them as they are creamy
and full of avour. They are a great option for
those who have intolerances.
Available from www.thelivingfoodkitchen.
com, where prices start at just 2.59


Product Features & Reviews

Ive reviewed numerous changing bags over the last few

years and whilst I have my rm favourites, Ive never been
taken with one such as the Reese Tote from GymTote.
Originally conceived as a gym bag, this handbag features
separate, wipeable areas with a dedicated handbag
section on the top - perfect to save new mums carrying
two bags or one untidy bag! They also have a water
resistant water bottle holder. The images in this case,
really dont do the bag any justice, as the moment we
opened the box I was in love (this coming from someone
who doesnt really do the whole handbags and shoes
thing). The quality is just something far superior to
others on the market and the size is practical without
making you feel like youre carrying a suitcase! The
Reese Tote is tough & modern bag with clean lines, bold
metal & a hard-working interior. Our signature GymTote
is on the colour blocking trend this season, available in
our super-soft marbled black & cream.


Top handbag compartment with additional slip & zip

pockets for all your small items - in our signature
silver stripe lining

Separate base compartment in our ultralight,

water-resistant silver nylon for your gym kit - no
more pulling out your sports bra in meetings

Exterior pull out sleeve pocket for trainers in our

ultralight water resistant silver nylon

Large back exterior ipad/tablet pocket

Mesh eyelets in the kit and trainer compartments to

keep your sweaty kit well ventilated

Extra soft padded handles help make it comfortable

to carry when fully loaded. Longer over-theshoulder handles make sure it ts nicely under
your arm and over your winter coat

Additional cross body strap for days when you feel

like going hands free

Separate water bottle pocket in our ultralight,

water-resistant silver nylon

Exterior zipped phone/mp3 pocket with eyelet to

hold your earphone cord = secure tunes*

Tested to hold up to 40lbs/18kgs

For more information, please visit:


Known for durable and playful footwear that kids love

as much as parents, KEEN is giving active families
more options to choose from this season, with an
extensive collection of fantastic footwear covering
all genres from practical hikers through to insulated
winter boots and pre-walker styles for even the tiniest
of toes. KEEN debuts infant sizing, ranging from 6 to
24 months in two styles for Autumn 2014. The hugely
popular Targhee hiker is now available for trail-ready
tots with a leather and mesh upper, a pigskin lining and a exible
suede outsole with a rubber grip pad.
There is a wide range within the collection, but we were sent a pair
of the Wapato WP Boots (70) a truly stunning boot for little ladies
offering great insulation and fabulous good looks t for any junior
fashionista. Designed in a combination of leather and durable textile
upper with a waterproof membrane and 200 grams of lightweight
KEEN. WARM insulation these boots will keep little toes warm and
dry all day long. Internal pull loops provide easy on/off for little hands,
whilst a grippy rubber outsole provides reliable grip even on ice or
packed snow. A plush, super cosy faux-fur collar adds a touch of
luxury, whilst a bungee draw lacing system is quick to t and keeps
snow and slush out on hard winter days. My rst thoughts were that
they would be too heavy for my little girls feet, but she was running
all over the place without any issues at all. The colour, style and
practicality of these boots are what will impress you the most and
your child will love them!
For more information, please visit:
MUMs Oce was conceived by Emma
Fletcher. With the arrival of her third
baby she found that life took on another
dimension and something had to be
done to bring order to her familys life.
She had to regain control. She had to
get organised.Primarily something
was needed to help reduce the scheduling chaos. As a Mum you
need to manage a number of schedules and coordinate them all to
synchronise, nap times, school runs, after school activities, birthday
parties. You need to know who needs to be where, who will be home for
dinner, what you need to remember to send in to school next Monday
with Freddie!Most diaries have been designed with one user in mind.
When you try to include your activities, your childrens, room for a to
do list and the ultimate in home organisation - meal planning, you
just run out of space. MUMs Diary was born. As with most families
MUMs Oce has grown and we now have many siblings for the
original MUMs Diary. I absolutely love these diaries and have been
wanting to review them for some time, I can honestly say that mine is
a godsend and I dont know how I managed beforehand! Prices from:
For more information, please visit:
Essential for any parents still requiring a bottle
are these MAM Anti Colic Self Sterilising bottles
- they can be sterilised without the need of a
steriliser. Just add water and pop in the microwave
on their own! This makes it perfect for travelling
and being out and about most places or holiday
apartments for familys provide a microwave. They
are so quick to use and make travelling that much easier!
For more information, please visit: | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

Product Features & Reviews

Have you ever wondered what it

would be like to have a real fairy of
your very own? Well now you can!
We were introduced to myowndairy
and had a sample sent to us to see
what it was all about. If I had just
pictured my little girls face when she
saw this, it would melt your heart!
The package, when it arrives, is a
complete fantasty for every little child. A little door, wonderfully
made, a little key, a small bottle of fairy dust (ok glitter to you
and me) and a whole lot of imagination. The stories you can
create with your child are endless and for that alone, I would
recommend it to everyone. Prices are from: 19.99 (accessories
can be bought seperately from wall stickers to more fairy dust)
For more information, please visit: | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

All aboard for a roaring good time with

Thomas and his friends! The engines are lled
with wonder at the fantastical new sights
and sounds on Sodor. Volcanoes sizzle and
dinosaurs roar as the engines help the Earl
with a special surprise. Marion experiences
some dino daydreams, as Bill and Ben send
Timothy on an expedition for a rainbowcoloured truck. Samson discovers his slipups cause confusion and delay, while Emily
marvels at her giant and worldly Special. Its time for big
adventure and dino-sized fun with Thomas & Friends! A great
new story for every little Thomas fan out there! My little girl
has always loved to watch Thomas and she sat happily to watch
this all the way through and thoroughly enjoyed it. For more
information, please visit:


Product Features & Reviews



I confess I am converted! If I liked any of the

previous models that Ive test driven for KIA,
I can now confess that I loved driving the KIA
ceed GT. I had been expecting a standard
model KIA ceed to be dropped off in the
morning and instead I found that I was being
given the suped-up version being the KIA
ceed GT!
Oh yes, even big girls can get excited by a car!
The KIA ceed GT is everything I had expected and so, so much
more. I have yet to feel as excited by a car as I have being behind
the wheel of this model. The sleek design, the ample space and the
fact that it can go full throttle with a simple press of the acelerator
was enough to send me in a spin. The admiring glances from other
drivers and pedestrians only conrmed what I already knew, I was
driving a mean piece of machinery. Oh and did I mention that apart
from the heated seats it had a heated steering wheel! Well, its the
little things that count.... So whats great about it you may ask?
Simply everything! From the 6 speed gearbox, full spec interior
and enough space to hold a pushchair, shopping and probably the
kitchen sink, there isnt anything to complain about.
The Kia ceed GTs standard exterior features include alloy
wheels, body coloured bumpers and door handles, chrome
window surrounds, privacy glass, tinted glass, electrically folding,
adjustable and heated door mirrors with LED indicators and
kerbside lights. The GT also has marginally wider skirts to make
the car look longer and lower.
Interior Features
The Kia ceed GT boasts high levels of interior features as
standard, including black headlining and black high gloss centre
fascia, front console and door trim, leather trimmed handbrake
and stylish chrome nishings. Other interior features on selected
models include Recaro front seats and part leather / part faux
suede upholstery, a leather steering wheel with perforated inserts
and overstitched GT Logo and a sports leather trimmed gear shift.
Audio Specifications
The Kia ceed GT is tted with a radio/CD audio that is easily
operated using steering-wheel mounted controls. USB and AUX
ports allow you to connect a portable audio device whilst Bluetooth
helps you make hands free calls and stream your music wirelessly.
Other features on selected models include 7 touchscreen satellite
navigation with European mapping trac messaging channel
(TMC) and a reversing camera system (integrated into Sat Nav
Safety and Security
The Kia ceed GTs safety features give you complete peace of
mind. The specication as standard includes six airbags, seatbelt
reminder warnings for all ve seats and Isox anchoring points.


The Kia ceed

GT also features
speed sensing door locking, impact sensing door unlocking and
height adjustable headrests.
The Ceed GT handles really well thanks to the improvements to
the suspension and steering upgrades from the regular Ceed
hatchback. The steering is smooth and there is no mis-alighment
when rounding corners.
Overall Review:
I had everyone drive with me in the Ceed and every response was
the same as my own, that it not only looked good but it handled
really well. I would level it down to being perfect for those wanting
a better than average family car but wanting a bit of a wow factor
thrown in, without having to pay the price of a high performance
car. I loved it more than I could describe on a page.


FROM: 20,700
Engine Capacity (litres/cc)


Max Torque (lb ft / rpm)

195 / 1,750 - 4,500

Max Power (bhp/rpm)

201 @ 6000

Top Speed

143 (230)

0 - 60 mph (secs)


Fuel Economy

Urban 29.1 (9.7), Extra Urban:

46.3 (6.1), Combined: 38.2 (7.4)

CO2 Emissions (mpg)



All versions are protected by

a seven-year, 100,000 mile
transferable warranty.

Baby Buzz Rating: 10/10 | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag



This February, Hopes Relief, will

be exhibiting at The Baby Show
(stand no. N24), London ExCel. As
Australias No.1 Natural cream
for people prone to sensitive,
dry itchy skin, eczema, psoriasis
and dermatitis were delighted to
be offering our readers the chance to win two of their
products! Hopes Relief Cleansing bar is ideal to use
with itchy, dry or sensitive skins. It contains a blend
of gentle and nourishing cleansers for your skin. With
triple moisturisers to help soothe any itchy, dry skin and
to help keep moisture in your skin. This cleansing bar
doesnt strip any oil or moisture from your skin when
cleansing, making it ideal for babies and sensitive skin.
Hopes Relief Intensive Dry Skin Rescue Cream helps
to soothe and heal itchy, dry skin prone to eczema
and psoriasis. The award winning formula is rapidly
absorbed, leaving skin feeling calm, soft and supple.
For babies and children with itchy, dry skin who are
prone to eczema, Hopes Relief offers a natural solution
to protect and support delicate skin. It is an effective,
natural alternative to cortisone and other medicated
treatments and suitable for long term use.

CBeebies star Justin Fletcher MBE knows a thing

or two about entertaining children, especially when
comes to compiling the perfect party playlist. Just
Party is Justins brand new album and its jam packed
with toe-tapping tunes that are guaranteed to keep
your party swinging from start to nish! Featuring
an irresistible mix of traditional party songs, popular
contemporary hits and the brand new single Just Party, Justins new
album is the ideal musical soundtrack for your little ones party. Sing
along with Justin on chart toppers including Happy and La Bamba
and get your feet moving on the dance oor with Lets All Do The Conga
and Macarena. Its the only party album youll need all year! There
are lots of things that you need to create a fantastic party, says Justin.
Good friends, delicious food and fun-lled games are all important, but
no party would be complete without some great music to sing and dance
along to. Ive had great fun choosing and performing the tracks on this
album. I hope you enjoy singing along too! Justin will be performing his
new single Just Party as part of Justin & Friends: Mr Tumbles Circus,
the brand new arena spectacular that is touring the UK from 1st -14th

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Bio-Oil is a new product to MultiVits

skincare range. Bio-Oil is a specialist
skincare product for the face and body,
specically formulated to help improve
the appearance of scars, stretch marks
and uneven skin tone. Bio-Oil has won
85 skincare awards and has become
the No.1 selling scar and stretch mark
product in 11 countries.
formulation is a blend of plant extracts
and vitamins suspended in an oil base. Bio-Oil contains
the breakthrough PurCellin Oil, that reduces the
thickness of the Bio Oil formulation making it light and
bio-available. PurCellin Oil is also highly effective for
ageing skin and dehydrated skin.

If your little one is a bit under the weather and may

be going down with a cold, theres nothing like a
cosy cot quilt for extra comfort. Metanium has two
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Lotion. Dont forget that if your baby has a cold,
this can be a trigger for nappy rash and using a barrier ointment or
lotion will help protect your babys delicate skin. Metanium Everyday
Barrier Ointment has a unique double action formula to provide daily
protection from nappy rash and is gentle enough to use every day and
at each nappy change. Its now also available in a handy Spray - new
double-action Metanium Everyday Easy Spray Barrier Lotion protects
and moisturises the skin to help prevent nappy rash. If nappy rash does
strike, Metanium Nappy Rash Ointment is licensed specically to treat
nappy rash. Metanium Nappy Rash Ointment is a medicine, always read
the label. ( The Little White Company patchwork
quilt features a Noahs ark appliqu, two munching giraffes and two
chomping elephants, all exquisitely embroidered between squares of
cool grey stripes and prints. Made of beautifully soft cotton cambric, the
lightweight quilt is perfect for any nursery.

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Healthy snacks will remain rmly
on the menu and in the lunchboxes
of the nation this winter with the
launch of four brand new, mouthwatering additions to the Yu!
family. Perfect for kids and adults
alike, Yu!s revamped range of guilt-free treats will now include
mini, star and heart-shaped 100% Fruit Chews tasty morsels
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absolutely no added sugar, are high in bre and make up one of

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Hello! Nn h
NEW learning app introduces children to languages at a young age
In particular, bilinguals have an advantage over monolinguals in
executive control, a set of brain processes that are the building
blocks for attention, learning and decision-making. Therefore,
second language learning should be encouraged early in life and
apps like Pacca Alpaca provide a great resource for parents to do
What to expect
Pacca Alpaca - Australia is the rst in a series of Pacca Alpaca
adventure apps. Each app will introduce children to a new country
and cultural setting while they play games and learn new words
from ve different languages including English, French, Spanish,
Mandarin and Arabic.

Developed by the creators of the BBCs The Lingo Show, Pacca

Alpaca - Australia introduces children, aged 2 to 6 years, to new
languages and inspires them to become culturally aware as they
embark on a bonza Australian adventure with a cheeky Alpaca.

Key Features of Pacca Alpaca - Australia include:

Globe trot with Pacca Alpaca and learn new words from a
choice of ve different languages

Play educational games and learn about shapes, colours and


Explore exciting places including the Bush, City and Beach

Play however you want! No time limits or strict rules

No in-app purchases, third party ads or links to social media

Pacca Alpaca Australia is available on Google Play, 2.49 and
The App Store, 2.99.

What the expert says

Says Dr. Roberto Filippo, Senior Lecturer in Psychology, Anglia
Ruskin University:There is robust scientic evidence that learning
a second language enriches cognitive abilities across the lifespan.

The ABC of easing cleaning when weaning - the experts help you ease the burden
From around six months of age
babies are often ready to start
trying some new and exciting
foods, such as pureed butternut
squash and carrot foods which
can leave a lasting marks on
their clothes. Beta-carotene,
the pigment which gives the
likes of carrots, sweet potato,
squash and peppers their vibrant
colour is a fantastic antioxidant
however it can bring misery to
bibs, baby grows and mum. If
this isnt enough, as weaning
progresses the likes of beetroot
and tomatoes are lurking in
the fridge waiting to spoil more
fabrics. So what can be done
to make weaning less about cleaning? The stain experts from ACE
reveal their ABC (and D!) to help bin the burden of food blotches and
blemishes, and prolong the life of little ones loved clothes.
A is for ACTION - Take action to deal with the stain as soon as
possible. The longer a stain is left the harder it can be to get out.
Tackling the stains immediately with ACE will help to eradicate
stains completely.
B is for BLOT - Blot the stain rather than rub. Rubbing only enables
the mark to penetrate deeper into the fabric making it more dicult
to remove. Use a white clean cloth and repeatedly press it into the
marks in order to soak up any excess liquid. Once most of the liquid
has been absorbed it is then time to apply ACE stain remover to


really get to work on eliminating unsightly blotches.

C is for CARE - Care for your stain by treating it from underneath so
that the water pressure is directing the mess off the mark and not
deeper into the fabric. Applying ACE stain remover in this manner is
a highly effective way to make stains disappear.
D is for DISCARD - Remove and discard any excess food from the
offending items of clothing before starting to treat the stain with ACE
stain remover. The best way to do this is to use a spatula or plastic
spoon to remove the surplus grime otherwise there is a greater
volume of stain power to deal with and this makes it much harder
to get out
Kevin Day, from Robinson Young, UK distributor of ACE said:
Weaning is such a fun time for parents and their babies but long
after the latest meal is consumed (or worn!) the stains can remain.
Stained clothes are unsightly and can be costly to replace so after
you have treated your kids, remember to treat their clothes too for
fuss and stain free washing.
ACE is currently available from
Waitrose, Tesco, Sainsburys,
some branches of Asda and
Poundland. One litre of ACE
Gentle Classic retails at 1.99 and
ACE capsules retail at 3.99 for
14. A 700ml bottle of ACE Gentle
will be launching in Poundland in
January 2015. | Twitter: BabyBuzzMag

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