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Project Planning Document

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Dayna Laur – U.S. History

Unit of Study

War and Conflict

Duration of

8 Weeks

Description of
Your Project

Students will use the lessons from the 20th Century wars in
US history to create a plan to withdraw US troops from
Afghanistan. Students will also experience the emotional
impact of war through the creation of an oral history of
veterans from WWII-present day conflicts.


Causes of war, war at home, battle strategies, weapons of
war, psychological impact of war, economic impacts of war


Checkpoint: timeline of each war to include 10 major
Checkpoint: Wallwisher posts to describe examples from
each war that exhibits – nationalism, militarism, alliances,
and imperialism
Checkpoint: Daily journal reflection on the DQ

Need to Know/
AKA – Entry

Skype with brother-in-law currently stationed in
Afghanistan to discuss experience during first and second
tour and include a comparison of Desert Storm experience.
--- Will introduce students to the DQ and goal of the


How can we create a plan for a withdrawal of US troops in


1. What are the causes of war?
2. How does propaganda factor into how wars are won or

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Educational Consulting

Communication: Prezi of overall plan. How does the war effort at home impact US citizens? 4. final individual essay (summative assessments). What is the impact of war on soldiers? 6. What is the economic impact of war? 8. How were battle strategies factored into the success of the US military? 7. interviews with veterans Collaboration: Creation of Prezi is a collaborative effort. What are the stories of veterans. © Laur Educational Consulting . 21 Century Skills Critical Thinking: Creation of the plan requires students to apply their understanding of the core concepts from each of the wars to the present day. Students must justify their plan after evaluating possible routes to take. Documentary compilation Voice and Choice Final plan is open-ended choice for each group Revision and Reflection Peer Critique from other groups Teacher feedback Journal entries for personal reflection Public Audience US Special Forces First Group – stationed in Afghanistan Library of Congress – Submission to Veteran’s History Project Summative Assessment Individual – Essay using a minimum of two examples from each of the 20th Century wars to justify their plan for ending US troop involvement in Afghanistan. years after the conclusion of the war in which they served? In-Depth Inquiry Students must use their understanding of the significant content to apply it in the justification for their plan. How do weapons of war change how wars are fought? 5.3.

Group – Prezi describing their plan for troop removal. group production of veteran oral history © Laur Educational Consulting .