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HTI-127 Tourism & Organizational Behaviour
FINAL EXAM (Take Home)
December 2013

1. This exam should be done invidually.
2. Your answers should be concise and well typed.
3. Your answers should be well supported by arguments using the
‘Organizational Behaviour’ theories that you have learned in class.
4. Your final exam is due on 10 January 2014 the latest.
of hard copy to Bu Iin/ Pak Saelan in Ruang Perkuliahan (2nd
floor) and sign the exam attendance list!

Rosenbluth Travel, Inc., isn’t like your typical travel agency. First of all, it’s
huge. It employs 2350 people in 340 offices in the United States, England, and Asia.
It is growing very quickly, adding about forty new offices a year. But what makes
this agency unique is the way its president and chief executive officer, Hal F.
Rosenbluth runs it. Rosenbluth believes he has a responsibility to make work a
pleasant and happy experience, so he has things like the Happiness Barometer
Group. This is made up of eighteen employees, randomly selected from various
offices, who provide feedback on how people are feeling about their jobs. And when
was the last time you heard of a firm that puts its employees ahead of its
customers? Rosenbluth does!
The travel business, according to Rosenbluth, is stressful: ‘It’s like being an
air traffic controller, one call after another. “As a result, turnover in the industry
tends to be high, sometimes up to forty five or fifty percent a year. Yet Rosenbluth’s
turnover is only six percent. His hiring and training programs help explain why.
Job candidates are carefully screened to find people who will fit into the
agency. Rosenbluth wants team players and people with an upbeat attitude. Entry
level candidates undergo three to four hours of interviewing. For senior positions,
Rosenbluth personally gets to know each applicant. For instance, he invited a sales
executive candidate and his wife to go on a vacation with Rosenbluth and his wife.
“On the third day of vacation, things start to come out.”
Once hired, the new employees become acclimated to the agency real quick.
Instead of filling out forms on the first day, the new employee takes a role in skit (a

and billing the customers. under careful management. for example. She has been employed less than a year Steve (27). but stepped down voluntarily because of continuing stomach problems that doctors attributed to supervisory pressures Pearl (59). has worked in P&S for two years 2 . He had been head of the department for two years back in the late 1970s. But the skits are also learning experiences.4 million. Would you want to work for Rosenbluth Travel? Why or why not? 2. She has been at the SFBC for twenty-five years and in P&S for twenty-one years Margaret (31). has worked in P&S for seven years Al (49). Then the experience is analyzed to learn how the episode could be turned into great service. Anyone familiar with the mail-order business realizes that it offers extremely high profit potential because. The biggest problems in mail-order businesses are filling orders. shipping the merchandise. has worked in P&S for three years. entirely by mail order. People who need the individual limelight are released.J (53). partly to allow managers to assess whether they will fit into Rosenbluth’s high energy team-focused environment. If Rosenbluth’s approach to managing people is so effective. was the original employee hired by the founder. He has been with SFBC for ten years.” Questions 1. why do you think so many organizations try hard to create a serious work climate? Karena zaman sekarang it’s all about innovation. jadi kalo suasana kerjanya lebih santai bisa memacu pekerja-pekerja untuk lebih berpikiran terbuka sehingga muncul ide-ide untuk 3.short theatrical episode) means to convey that Rosenbluth wants his people to laugh and have fun. Do you think happy workers are more productive? Elaborate your answer! CASE 2 The Science Book Fiction Club (SFBC) sells a large list of science fiction books. he has even gone so far as to help a corporate client find another travel agency. the club shipped over 370. All new employees go through two to eight weeks of training. has worked in P&S for nine years R. is currently head of P&S. On rare occasions. has worked in P&S for sixteen years. He goes to college at nights and makes no effort to hide that he plans on leaving P&S and probably SFBC when he gets his degree next year George (46).000 books and generated revenues of $6. At SFBC. inventory costs and overhead can be kept quite low. the Packing and Shipping (P&S) Department employs eight full-time people: Ray (44). at discount prices. He notes that usually these are firms that mistreat their own people. and in P&S for six years George (25). New employees may be asked to play out an experience they’ve had with negative service. is the newest member of the department. In 1992. “I think it’s terrible to ask one of our employees to talk with someone who’s rude to them every fifteen minutes. One of Rosenbluth’s more unusual qualities is putting the employee ahead of the customer. so they mistreat his employees on the phone.

Gary is the initiator of the game “Steve. Analyze the group’s interaction using the group behavior model. R. At least. each is played regularly. and makes out bills just like everyone else. “It’s Mr. Pearl enjoys everyone knowing that she doesn’t have to work. 3. and Pearl never fails to take the bait. “Hey. George’s favorite game is “What’s It Like to Be Rich?” which he plays with Pearl. Some of the ones that will be described are played at least once a day. Importantly.’s eyes shining and invariably leads to the unfolding of maps he also keeps in his top drawer. you’re a mechanical spastic” and others in the office join and laugh. R. the department members have created a number of games that they play among themselves. George might also bring up money is some context in order to allow Pearl to complain about high taxes. Big (the president of SFBC). addressing. Usually played in the late afternoon. once a day. George will mention the name of some big shot in town. Either Ray or Gary..The jobs in a shipping department are uniformly dull and repetitive. it’s for you.. showing pictures of last year’s vacation. George spends less than ten percent of his time in supervisory activities. She proceeds to tell how he is a close friend of hers. then “discover” that it’s unplugged. though 53 years old. has never married and lives with his mother. Without exception. an hour or so before everyone goes home.J. or both. but it is obvious that the games mean something to these people. Each person is responsible for wrapping.J. He left her very well off financially. Says he wants you to come over to his office right away.” he yells. “The Stamp Machine is Broken”. The main interests in his life are telling stories. “Hey R. Apparently.J. and making the bills out on anywhere from one hundred to two hundred books a day. Steve. How do these games affect the department’s performance? Are these games functional? Dysfunctional? Explain! 3 . the difficulty in finding good housekeepers. There’s a Call for You. All are played a minimum of twice a week. Gary will pick up the phone and pretend that there is someone on the line.J. You’re going to be the new vice president!” The game is an obvious sarcastic jab at Steve’s going to college and his frequent comments about someday being an executive. The one who finds it unplugged then says “Al. “Hey. However. to deal with the repetitiveness of their jobs. But that doesn’t stop Pearl or George from “setting him up” several times a week. “The stamp machine is broken again.. and planning for this year’s trip. what are you planning to do on your vacation this year?” always gets R. Al goes over to the postage meter in the office and unplugs it. The rest of the time he wraps. Questions 1.”. has a large lovely home. Pearl’s husband had been a successful banker and had died years earlier. can we see those pictures you took last year in Oregon again?” That question always gets RJ to drop whatever he’s doing and pull seventy-five to one hundred pictures from his top drawer. He then proceeds loudly to attempt to make a stamp for a package. business people and politicians among her friends.” he’ll yell out. They seem almost childish. is a game that belongs to Al. addresses. the high cost of travelling to Europe. 2. everyone finds RJ’s vacation talk boring. will come over and spend thirty seconds or so trying to “fix” it. Part of George’s responsibilities is to make allocations to each worker and to ensure that no significant backlogs occur. or some other concern of the affluent.

extracurricular activities and achievements (ten percent). they give the applicants a standardized intelligence test. There is evidence that coaching improves scores by between 40 and 150 points. and those who had limited access to cultural growth experiences? As Alix ponders whether she wants to recommend changing the college’s selection criteria and weights. 2. or something else? 4 . The results. therefore. What do you think SATs measure: aptitude.CASE 3 Alix Maher is the new admissions director at a small. Test scores. had given the following weights to student selection criteria: high school grades (forty percent). Alix thinks that if intelligence tests are used by billion-dollar corporations to screen job applicants. Intelligence. so that the level of student performance that receives an “A” in American history at one school might earn only a “C” at a far more demanding school. Are SAT’s really valid? Or do they discriminate against minorities. if SATs tap intelligence and employers want intelligent job applicants. highly selective New England college. since one of the objectives of a college should be to get its graduates placed in good jobs. Alix’s predecessor. why shouldn’t colleges use them? Moreover. she recognizes that the quality of high schools varies greatly. the Educational Testing Service. He told her that his company regularly uses intelligence tests to help select from among job applicants. Yet. in Educational Administration. may adversely affect the chances of acceptance for students who cannot afford the $500 or $600 to take testcoaching courses. Alix has several concerns: 1. She has a bachelor’s degree in education and a recent M. The pressure of SAT exam is very great and many students suffer from test anxiety. 3. In their defense. After all. For instance. and the quality and creativity of a written theme submitted with the application (ten percent). ability to take tests. achievement potential. therefore. Alix has serious reservations about using SAT scores. in conjunction with the college’s admissions committee (made up of five faculty members). maybe SAT scores should be given even higher weight than forty percent in the selection decision. why not make college selection decisions predominantly on the basis of SAT scores? Or should her college replace the SAT with a pure intelligence test like the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale? Questions 1. Those who fail to score at least in the 80 th percentile are eliminated from the applicant pool. Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) scores (forty percent). may not be truly reflective of what a student knows. And Alix is aware that the people who design the SATs. But she has no prior experience in college admissions. she wonders. innate ability. argue forcibly that these test scores are valid predictors of how well a person will do in college. after the company’s recruiters interview graduating seniors on college campuses and identify possible hires. she is reminded of a recent conversation she had with a friend who is an industrial psychologists with a Fortune 100 company. the poor.A.

The safety of the ministers was well considered. 3. and. put their television in it. GOOD LUCK! 5 . The Maldivian islands are on average only 2 meters (7 feet) above sea level. dove to the depths to view the underwater meeting. If the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. Back on dry land. and the ministers dove 20 feet (6 meters) to meet around a horseshoe-shaped table on the sea floor. in the North Male atoll. Web site in a bid to raise money for protecting coral reefs. coral on the reef was checked for harmful creatures. but here it was through writing on a special white board. though. Inhabitants on Kuda Huvadhoo island built a sealed box. the cabinet minsters were to sign their wet suits for auctioning on the www. the 14 government ministers donned scuba diving gear and also wore name tags. data about this threat were confirmed by the United Nation (UN) Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. President Nasheed Used the meeting venue as a publicity exercise to push for action so that his people can continue to live in Maldives well into the future. 2009. and they comprise the lowestlying nation on the planet. 3. Identify barriers to effective communication in this meeting. Just as in every meeting.2. The meeting agenda highlighted how global warming was threatening disappearance of the Maldives within a century. is an Indian ocean archipelago. following their governments’ lead. discussion took place. Questions 1. paricipants communicated via hand signals to indicate they were okay. The Maldives.” The meeting took place prior to the United Nations climate change conference in December. The meeting ‘room’ was in a lagoon of Girifushi. Describe the communication process and distinguish between its formality and informality. located southwest of Sri Lanka. The decision made at the meeting was to sign off on an agreement for carbon emission cuts: “We must unite in a global effort to halt further temperature rises. warning “that a rise in sea levels of 18 to 59 centimeters (7 to 23 inches) by 2100 would be enough to make the Maldives virtually uninhabitable.protectthemaldives. whose 1192 islands stretch for 850 kilometers (530 miles). Instead of dressing in business suits. Identify the main function of the meeting. 2. forty-two year old and democratically elected Preseident Mohammad Nasheed of the Maldives invited his 13 officials to a cabinet meeting: the world’s first underwater governmental meeting. they held a dress rehearsal the day before. The meeting was broadcast live on television.”. what should college admissions directors use to identify the most qualified applicants? If you were Alix. in anticipation of the renegotiation of the Kyoto Protocol. In 2007. what would you do? Why? CASE 4 On Saturday October.

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