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MDGS 2015 IN Indonesia

Indonesia has been successful in reducing extreme poverty starting position of
20.6 percent in 1990 eased to 7.5 percent in 2010. Indonesia is determined to be able to
achieve the MDGs by 2015. Some of the targets of the Millennium Development Goals
need to work hard among others ; complete the national poverty , give space to women to
further contribute , piped drinking water supply for urban and rural areas , completing
malnutrition in children . For All things necessary Innovation implementation of the
MDGs with an opportunity to interested parties such as the head of the region , the
institutions of society for participation in realizing the targets of the MDGs .
Keywords : MDG aims , target that needs hard work and innovation.
The purpose of every citizen to life is getting a decent life as what is achieved in
all aspire as a nation . Purpose family would want a healthy and happy family , where
each member of her family to get a quality education for their children . Other life
expectancy must obtain sufficient clothing and food as well as having a decent house to
be occupied by the entire family .
Currently, Indonesia has been categorized as a " middle-income " . It is said that
because the income of Indonesian society based on national Gross Index ( GNI ) , which
is calculated from the total market value of goods and services produced by a country in a
given period , the per capita income of Indonesia in 2007 was $ 1,650 . This value is
equivalent to Rp . 1,250,000 per month . When compared with other countries , Indonesia
entered the order of 142 of the 209 countries in the world ( UNDP , 2008) .
The eight MDGs are to be implemented by each country to declare that ;
1 ) reducing poverty and hunger
2 ) achieving universal primary education for all
3 ) promote gender equality and empowerment of women

Purpose MDG Goals and Targets MDGs has been in elaborate in the targets that can be measured and its progress can be monitored and reported using indicators that can be verified and internationally comparable. malaria and other infectious diseases 7 ) ensure environmental sustainability 8 ) develop a global partnership for development . toward a more democratic government and implementing reforms in almost all spheres of life . This is not an easy thing . For more details on the presented in Table 1 below . how the strategies implemented by the Indonesian government to carry out community development programs to realize the Millennium Development Goals. To each state is given the flexibility to customize and localize to these indicators. It requires the cooperation of all walks of life ranging from government .financial crisis in 1997 . especially when Indonesia is still in a transition period to recover from the multidimensional crisis that began with the economic . and academic institutions. . Achievement of the MDGs is a series of long-term continuous process . community. politics . This is what will be studied in this paper . Indonesia as one of the countries that participated in delivering the MDGs have an obligation to make efforts to achieve the MDGs and to monitor the progress of achievement . business .4 ) reduce child mortality 5 ) improve maternal health 6 ) combat HIV / AIDS .

Table . children everywhere men and women . 3. 5. Improve Maternal Health 6. Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger Targets 1. by 2015. 6. 2. Reduce the proportion of people who suffer from hunger by half between the 2. Reduce maternal mortality by threequarters between 1990-2015. Reduce child mortality 5. and 7. able to complete primary education . Reduce the proportion of people whose income is below $ 1 PPP per day to half the period 1990-2015 . Malaria . 1 Purpose and targets of the MDGs The Purpose 1. Reduce child mortality by two-thirds . Combat HIV / AIDS . Promote Gender Equality and Women's 4. Controlling the spread of HIV / AIDS Other Diseases and began to lower the number of new cases in 2015. between 1990 and 2015 . 8. Eliminate gender disparity in primary Empowerment and secondary education in 2005 and in all levels of education no later than 2015 4. ensure environmental sustainability 9. Ensuring Environmental Sustainability 7. Integrate the principles of sustainable development into country policies and . Basic Education for all years 1990 to 2015 3. Ensure that . Controlling malaria and started declining number of cases of malaria and other diseases by 2015.

Combating the problem of foreign loans through national and international measures in order to manage foreign loans are sustainable in the long term . by half . 13. 11. 10. Decrease by half the proportion of people without access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation facilities sustainable and 2015 . as measured by indicators of USD 1. Progress has been made in an effort to further reduce the level of poverty . In cooperation with the countries growing in developing and implementing strategies for creating decent and productive employment for young people 15. can be predicted . 8. and not discriminatory . as measured by the national poverty line and from the current level . Develop a Global Partnership for 12. Conduct further development of trade Development and financial system that is open . 14. Achieve significant improvement in the lives of poor people in the slums by 2020 . rulebased . especially information and communications Indonesia has managed to reduce poverty .programs and reverse the loss of environmental resources . In cooperation with the private sector in the use of new technologies .00 per capita per day .

Efforts to reduce maternal mortality is supported also by increasing the contraceptive prevalence rate and reducing the unmet need through expanding access and quality of family planning and reproductive health . At the elementary school level ( SD / MI ) show disparity in education participation among provinces narrowed with APM in almost every province has reached more than 90. Target child mortality is expected to be achieved . Efforts to promote gender equality and women's empowerment has been achieved and the result has been increased gender equality at all levels and types of education . In the year 2008/2009 gross enrollment rate ( GER ) SD / MI including a package has reached 116.85 in 2009. respectively for 99.73 and 101. Meanwhile .000 live births in 2007 . control of tuberculosis which includes case detection and treatment have reached the target .4 percent in 2007 . The ratio of net enrollment rate ( NER ) of females to males in primary schools and junior high schools . The prevalence of malnutrition in children under five has dropped from 31 percent in 1989 to 18. especially in high-risk groups .68 in 1990 to 1. Even Indonesia establishes basic education exceeds the MDG targets by adding secondary schools as a target of universal primary education . . The number of HIV / AIDS cases reported in Indonesia more than doubled between 2004 and 2005. so that Indonesia is expected to achieve the MDG target of 15.99 in 2009 . In Indonesia . and the ratio of letters melekm women to men in the age group 15 to 24 years have reached 98.33 per cent ( 2010 ) to target 8-10 percent in 2014 . so that the target of 23 per 1. Indonesia's efforts to achieve the MDGs on basic education and literacy towards the achievement of the 2015 target ( on-track ) . namely injecting drug users and sex workers . so that it takes hard work to achieve these targets . Reduce child mortality have shown a significant number of 68 in 1991 to 34 per 1.85 .5 per cent in 2015 .77 percent and net enrollment rate ( NER ) of approximately 95.of 13.000 live births in 2015 is expected to be achieved .0 percent .23 percent. The prevalence rate of HIV / AIDS is likely to rise in Indonesia . The incidence of malaria per 1000 population decreased from 4. maternal mortality rate ( MMR / Maternal Mortality Rate) decreased from 390 in 1991 to 228 per 100.000 live births .

ranging from planning .71 percent in 2009 . In rural areas . implementation. Debt Service Ratio Indonesia also has declined 51 percent in 1996 to 22 percent in 2009 .81 per cent (1993 ) to 51. and the commitment to implement the policy framework to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the next 20 years has been carried out .73 percent in 1993 to 47. the proportion of households with access to adequate sanitation increased from 24. Through a participatory development process . Meanwhile .poor ) . despite efforts to increase forest cover . Jakarta Commitment has been signed with 26 development partners in 2009.9 percent in 2009. Indonesia has benefited from international development partners . Along with this . bilateral partners and the private sector to achieve economic growth patterns that impact on poverty reduction ( pro . primarily to serve the urban population continues to increase . water supply and sanitation is done through empowering people to have responsibility for the management and development of infrastructure facilities. The programs to achieve the MDGs in Indonesia National Program for Community Empowerment ( PNPM) urban and rural To improve the effectiveness of poverty reduction and job creation . Indonesia is an active participant in various international forums and is committed to continue to develop partnerships with other multilateral organizations . critical awareness and . Efforts to accelerate the achievement of drinking water and proper sanitation continue to be given to investments of drinking water and adequate sanitation continues to be done through the investigation of drinking water supply and sanitation .19 per cent (2009 ) . monitoring and evaluation . The proportion of households with access to safe drinking water increased from 37. Indonesia has committed to reduce foreign government debt to GDP ratio of 24. eliminate illegal logging .The level of greenhouse gas emissions in Indonesia is quite high .6 per cent in 1996 to 10. Meanwhile . the government launched the National Program for Community Empowerment ( PNPM) began in 2007. To increase the effectiveness of cooperation and management of development assistance in Indonesia . Through PNPM Mandiri redefined mechanism for poverty alleviation involving elements of society .

These objectives as well as efforts to accelerate the achievement of the MDGs . The shape of the award as a success is the form of a performance award . especially the poor . . The program is also in use as one of the programs that support the achievement of the MDGs by 2015. is determined by the implementation of good governance at district / city level that has autonomy and a huge responsibility in this era of decentralization . need to be given the opportunity to local government district / city to participate actively in implementing policies that lead to the attainment of MDG . This is in line with the target time or the Millennium Development Goals Millennium Development Goals ( MDGs ) . Family Hope Program ( FHP ) Family Hope Program (FHP ) is a poverty reduction program .4 percent . PNPM Mandiri implemented until 2015. or facilitate the implementation of the budget or financing innovation MDGs . among others. Success in achieving the MDGs in Indonesia . PNPM Mandiri based on indicators of success that will help Indonesia realize measurable achievement of the MDG targets . Still not show changes in 1990 amounted to 15. can can be cultivated so that they are not as objects but as subjects of poverty reduction efforts. Innovation Achievement of MDGs Some of the targets of the MDGs aim is to be implemented with hard work . Can be done in the form AWARDS MDGs . This is a challenge in achieving the MDGs by 2015 . Target decrease maternal mortality rate and infant mortality rate and Toddlers face obstacles because the decline is very slow .1 percent in 2010 amounted to 15. The successful implementation of various efforts to achieve the MDGs.independence of the community . The main goal is to help reduce poverty FHP by improving the quality of human resources in very poor communities . is the decline in the national poverty level .


Achievement of the MDGs with existing development strategies would be more meaningful achievement was conducted with the participation of all parties in Indonesia starting from the Government . Private Line . the general public and school community . LSM . A movement in order to realize the achievement of the MDGs by 2015 can be done by holding a competition between local districts / cities throughout Indonesia . Question .

has not been fully achieved . of the eight MDGs in 2015 there was one fight against HIV / AIDS .00 per capita per day . sehingga Indonesia diperkirakan dapat mencapai target MDGs sebesar 15. 1. 2. malaria and other infectious diseases . sebagaimana diukur oleh indikator USD 1. MDG programs such as education . apa upaya yang dilakukan indonesia untuk mencapai target MDGs 2015? 5. apakah Indonesia sudah mencapai target MDGs 2015 ini ? 3. health . an eight. but Indonesia has managed to reduce poverty .sebagai seorang mahasiswa apa yang bisa kamu lakuan untuk mencapai target MDGs 2015? 6. which started in September 2000 . what is the meaning of the MDGs 2015? 1. Deklarasi Milenium hasil kesepakatan kepala negara dan perwakilan dari 189 negara Perserikatan Bangsa-bangsa (PBB) yang mulai dijalankan pada September 2000. apa saja hambatan-hambatan dalam mencapai target MDGs 2015 di indonesia ? 4. Millennium Declaration agreed outcome heads of state and representatives from 189 countries of the United Nations ( UN ).what efforts were made Indonesia to achieve the MDGs by 2015 ? 4. Prevalensi kekurangan gizi pada balita telah menurun dari 31 persen pada tahun 1989 menjadi 18. so that Indonesia is expected to achieve the MDG target of 15. belum sepenuhnya tercapai tetapi Indonesia telah berhasil menurunkan tingkat kemiskinan. whether Indonesia has reached the 2015 MDG target of this ? 2. 3.1.5 per cent in 2015 .4 persen pada tahun 2007. dari delapan target MDGs 2015 ada salah satunya memerangi HIV/AIDS. hunger . menjadi setengahnya.point goals to be achieved by 2015 . malaria dan penyakit menular lainnya.5 persen pada tahun 2015. sebagai seorang calon dokter bagai mana cara anda menyampaikannya kepada masyarakat umum tentang hal ini? Answer 1. Millennium Development Goals by 2015 will be difficult because at the same time the government also had to bear the burden of huge debt payment . what are the obstacles to achieving the 2015 MDG targets in Indonesia ? 3. berupa delapan butir tujuan untuk dicapai pada tahun 2015. as measured by indicators of USD 1. apa arti dari MGDs 2015? 2. . as a student what can you best behavior to achieve the MDGs in 2015 ? 5.00 per kapita per-hari. 2. prevalence of malnutrition in children under five has dropped from 31 percent in 1989 to 18. by half .4 percent in 2007 . poverty . as a medical student as where the way you present it to the general public about this ? 6.

kelaparan. kesetaraan gender. as of August 31. Referring to data from the Directorate General of Debt Management. per 31 Agustus 2008. lingkungan hidup.54 trillion ( 2015 ) for the same time frame achievement of the MDGs 3. the largest Indonesian debt repayment burden will occur in 2009-2015. with amounts ranging from Rp97. Merujuk data Direktorat Jenderal Pengelolaan Utang Departemen Keuangan.the environment . 2008 .7 trillion (2009 ) to Rp81. Program-program MDGs seperti pendidikan. kemiskinan. Tujuan Pembangunan Milenium pada tahun 2015 akan sulit karena pada saat yang sama pemerintah juga harus menanggung beban pembayaran utang yang sangat besar. beban pembayaran utang Indonesia terbesar akan terjadi pada tahun 2009-2015 dengan jumlah berkisar dari Rp97. . gender equality and women's empowerment requires considerable cost .54 triliun (2015) rentang waktu yang sama untuk pencapaian MDGs 4.7 triliun (2009) hingga Rp81. dan pemberdayaan perempuan membutuhkan biaya yang cukup besar. Ministry of Finance . kesehatan.