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Civilization is the condition that
exists when people have developed
effective ways of organizing a society.

Early Asian

Tigris And




Summer Civilization
Mesopotamia identified as the
'cradle of civilization' because it emerged
the first civilized human society. The
Mesopotamia is located in the Middle East
called Fertile Crescent(Iraq). Located in this
area of Tigris and the Euphrates valley
where civilization arose.
The cities that found in here was the
Ur, Uruk, Eridu, Laggash, Nippur and Kish.
They contribute ziggurat, clay tablet,
cuneiform, epic of Giglamesh, sexagesimal
system and wheel.


Indus Civilization
In South Asia will see the river valley of
the Indus and the Ganges. Before civilization
established with the community during the
Neolithic. The community Mergah west of the
river Indus.
The two important city in the Indus is
the Mohenjo-Daro and the Harrapa. Scarce
natural resources of the Indus such as metal
and wood so farming was the main activity


Many people are prepared here by planting. Became the Longshan transition in Shang civilization. The outlook continues to towards the 4 establishment of the empire.Shang Civilization Became the scene of the Han dynasty huang ho river yellow river is also called since then its water flooding are leaving or yellow loess land serves as fertilizer on agricultural land near here. . With the community to join it. Symbol used to writing the ORACLE BONES. Greening the main activities during this period. Assumed by the Chinese that their civilization emerged in the Huang Ho is one of the ancient civilization and living oldest civilization in the world. Calligraphy writing system of their meeting that served as one of the Chinese finishes. Due to consecutive poor leadership of the Shang kings had fallen and it formed the reign of the dynasty. The writing became an important part of Chinese culture. the plants against water as the placement of the embankment.

their sacred emperor descended from Amaterasu. The Muslim leaders called their caliph were nailed command and blessing. According to the Chinese their empire the center of the universe and the ruling was the son of heaven and with the blessing of Divine origin Korea from Prince Hwaning In the Philippines and other countries in south East Asia known as the ruling was based on courage. .Foundation of Early Asia Civilization For the Japanese. competence and intelligence. 5 In India the king was known as Devaraja (God King) and cakravartin as king of the world.

They traded with the people of mountains and desserts King Sargon.Civilization in Ancient West Asia Empire Sumerian 3500 BCE Akkadian Empire 2700-2230 BCE Contribution - They created irrigation . an invader from the Akkad are reconstruction of the city state coupled to the 6 DownFall Main reason for the decline of the Sumerian is often conflict and disunity of the city Become weak their defense system on their territory so they .Built cities using mud .

Babyloni an Empire 17901595 BCE citizens. Beginning of the death of Hammurabi took the attack of different group and they are starting to reconstructio n of the communities . He expanded the territory of Akkad as head covered by the support of the war. Many lieratura the translated and Hammurabi. the sixth king Amorthe. The collection of Hammurabi's 7 they easily conquer of the conqueror. Contracting its lack of confidence in leadership. He expanded his kingdom to reach Guipo of Persia. He developed the system of writing. so he wanted some people to evacuate the area.

The code of Hammurabi consisted of 202 laws that serve as standards of Babylonian civilization.Assyria n Empire 745612 Hammurabi or the Law of Hammurabi is one of the most important contributions of the ancient human civilization. stronger forces and strategies of the Assyrian. Some of their accomplishments 8 Due to the brutality of leadership . Covered by this code are considered With the violence and iron. united the .

Chaldean The Hanging Empire Gardens of 612-539 Babylonian one of the most stunning BCE sights in ancient times reached 75 feet in height. Do the making of the ziggurat to reach 300 feet.people who developed an effective system of leadership in the empire. Nalinang concept of zodiac and horoscopes. Well and good roadway. The invasion of Alexander the Great after 300 years and left almost no pomp of . 9 and Persian in 612 BCE to pagtulungang drive the Assyrian. Effective postal service.

Lydian Empire 680-547 BCE Phoenician Empire 1200-800 BCE Bartter's system of trade by communicating exchange products with other products. ment of Important the contribution is governm the alphabet. Communication became easier learned the trade of people using coins With them Found began the not concept of the concentr colony. alphabet. ent and Here lies the armed modern forces. They are 10 . Became ate on station or lay the colonial goods establish not political.

According to the Old .Hebreo Empire 1000722 The Bible became the foundation of the faith of Judaism and Christianity. Hibit in the worship and sacrifice to the fake God became the basis of 11 because not only the product their part but also the people living in their areas The high tax imposition King Rehoboam caused the insurrection of Solomon's son cause of disunity in Hebrew.

Because it was easy and fast to them the BCE conquest of various empires.the cause of disunity in the quarter to three different kakameron of Israel brought many Hittite Most important invention of the Hittite core iron mining 1600and manufacture of various 52 metal tools. Decided to build Persian Empire Starting a road that a war 550-350 connects a long with from the city foreign BCE susa persia from empire to Ephesus in weakene 12 .

1. Use of silver and gold coins to trade with. Qin/Chin 1050-771 BCE 221-206 BCE   Mandate of Heaven Iron Agriculture 13   Great Wall of China Growth of Power .Zhou/Chou 2.their forces.400 km. They easily conquered by the Greeks and they fallen into the hands of Alexander Civilization in Ancient East and North Asia Minor to reach 2.

220 AD  Military Expansion 4. Han 206 BC. Sui 581.618   Fall Culture 5. Sung 960.1278   14 Fire Dynastic Tan Kingdoms Period . Tang 618.3.907  Middle Chinese 6.

Ming 1368.7. offering nursing 15 . strong eat and drink wine. white.1368  Great Yuan 8. Plain living. Yuan 1278.1644  Ruling Dynasty of China Civilization in Ancient South Asia Indo-Aryan 1500 BCE  Tall.

Aryan became farmers and learned to live in the community.Aryan to Dravidian towards south many Indo. Epic Period  Head toward the eastern Aryan Indoovergrowth in the Ganges River. Reports about 16 . The first community was established in 900 BCE. from 1500-900 BCE derive from the word Vedas (knowledge) chasing away of Indo.Vedic Period  Period lasted 600 years.

4 team in Society     Brahmin / priest Kshatriyas Vaishya Sudras The literature of the IndoAryan Sanskrit language over 100 years carrying the IndoAryan.Establishment of the Caste System  Adopted the Indo-Aryan or reject discrimination against Dravidian to consolidate their power. Vedas call the previous literature 17 .

273 BCE the displace add Asoka Maurya's grandson he led a military campaign. He downed the Persians in 328 BCE. a kingdom in northern Greece. Her dream is to conquer persia. The kanishka the most powerful king of kushan. He erected the building in peshwa. Advocates of buddhism add karishka.Alexander the Great He is the king of Macedonia. 18 . Maurya Empire Add the first king Chandragupta Maurya dynasty. Buddhism spread in Asia The Kushan Their reign lasted 200 BCE.

The best-known and most powerful sultan sultanate was Delvi.Gupta Empire Took the first king of Gupta the valley of the Ganges. Developed new tools and create a knife steelwork. Gupta reaches the highest popularity by king Chandra Gupta II Took the Golden age or Golden Age Developed the science nowadays. Here the first use of decimals and use Muslim invader At first they want to spread Islam. Successful Muslims conquered large parts of India 19 . But they see the enormous wealth of India tried to become king and prince. Rivermoong 320 CE.

As follows the use of metal. the erection of the 20 . Historically fulfilled before the conquered of the Western and other invaders have considered knowledge of civilization and being the people of South East Asia. At the same time they use pleasant Austronesian language. He was a Turk that descendants of Tamerlane and Genghis. nature wildlife. cultivate. Hence they influenced the people of South East Asia to plant.The Mongols and the Mogul Empire Send Babur was a young Muslim invaders came to India. worship and appreciation of the nature. He propagated eastward management. Civilization in Ancient South East Asia The navigation of residential of other race reached the South East Asia. sailing and pasture. making a family.

But the advent of the sixth century it was liberated by the Khmer also called chenla. Chenla and Champa Became strong power of Funan for the help and influence of Indian culture and China. Heritage of Vietnamese in using chinese surname Kingdom of Funan. Been widely covered by China in northern Vietnam.Kingdom of Vietnam Vietnam experienced the leadership of chinese. In southern Vietnam 21 . The vietnam sources of raw product to be brought to China. Given they are the way to Funan defeated.

He founded dharmasastra. Ii Jayavaman headed deemed as the strongest leader of the Khmer. The monument and temple are papatunay contribution of Ayutthaya 22 . Many great leaders here. They covered vast territory. It became the standard law of Thailand.Empire Angkor / Khmer Former sovereign land in the region. A legal code based on Hindu traditions and Thai. See here the different types of architecture. Also fallen due to the conquest of other tribes Kingdom of Ayutthaya It was founded by U Thong . Currently found in the cambodia.. Angkor Wat is the greatest time was required Kingdom of Pagan It has agricultural community.

teach that people have long and good life. respect for all living things. They worship different types and forms of God called polytheism. The Karma will reward people if the sowed is goodness. but suffering turn back when the 23 . but it is gone and replaced by worship of Brahma.Religions in Asia Hinduism Hinduism is the main religion in India. They went to holy places. spirit or soul. Hindus believe in Karma. saints. They believe in many Gods from different creatures of nature. Veda the sacred scriptures of the Hindus. the Arian tribes is the first who believed in Hinduism. Hindus believe in love. The Vedas. Part of Hindus beliefs is reincarnation. Hinduism respects individual worship they have shrine. Hindu Beliefs Hindus believe in solidarity and unity of things in the environment that brings spiritual unity.

pomp and good living. Buddhism has two divisions Mahayana Buddhism. So Buddhism means “Light”. Myanmar.Buddha was recognized as a teacher and holy man. Theravada Buddhism. He left his family and travelled to discover clarity. Laos and 24 . but wanted to ascetic to experience. He left the reality of life. giving up the luxury. It identifies the country of Sri Lanka.Buddha was recognized as God’s savior from the teacher.Buddhism It was founded by Siddharta Gautama. a ypung prince. Thailand. Mahayana was adopted by the inhabitants of East Asia.

Right Speech 4. Right Assets 6. according to Veda's established Rsabbha but most became head of Jainism is Mahavira or Vhardamana. Right Concentration 7. Right Aspiration 3.Four Great Truth of Buddhism • The life and suffering can’t be separated • Desire is the cause of suffering • Suffering only lost if you remove the desire • Desire will eliminate if will follow the eight paths and will attain true happiness or nirvana. Right Perspective 2. Eight Great Way 1. Right Behavior 5. Right Endeavor Jainism-One region in India. He turned all his power and become asetoko of buddha 25 .

Eternal truth his name. Forbidden to eat meat. it is called ahimsa or non violence. Sikhism Founded by Guru Nanak. Pakistan and other parts of the world. Believe in reincarnation. He tried to unite the Muslims in a fraternity. Need temperate and discipline person.Doctrines of Jainism Each person has a purpose to liberate the soul in resurrection and death. And the ascension of the soul from the lower level up 26 . forbidden to have children and have sex. it is illegal to kill insects. it is illegal to steal. Illegally harming any life. The believers of Sikhism is found in India. Beliefs of Sikhism There only one God. lie.

Thou shalt not kill 6.You do not need complicated wife 27 .The Ten Commandments 1. Thou shalt not steal 8. You do not need complicated adultery 7. Honor your father and mother 5. Thou shalt not worship idols 3. Do you yearn to you do not belong 10. To love God above all and especially 2. Hallow the sabbath day 4. Thou shalt not lie 9.

is the belief in one God. The Bible is the holy book of Christianity. Part of the Catholic faith compliance Seven Sacraments. Son and Holy Spirit. Father. from the Old Testament to the teachings of Moses Christ is the promised Messiah and Redeemer. Christianity is the religion from Judaism.Christianity Christianity is the largest number in all the religions of the world. Adopted by the Catholic Church believes in Trinity. Christ the savior sent to save the world. application of the Ten 28 . Christ said that God love all of us and he is glad if he will be loved and serve. It is the religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Christianity is based on two beliefs: The identification of Jesus as the Son of God and belief in his resurrection.

He just sent by 29 . Noah. Only one God. The man can have 4 wives to Muslims. Said the second largest region in the World. Abraham. Allah. Beliefs and Teaching of Islam The Koran is the holy book of the Muslims. Moses. He was the reconstruction of Islam. It comes from the Arabic word Salam which means peace and Si muhammed the last prophet sent by Allah.Islam Region of the Muslims. Jesus is not considered as God’s children. They can’t eat pork and ham and drink alcohol. “Islam aims to bring about prosperity to all Mankind” and “consultative system of leadership”. Jesus and Muhammad are the prophet of Allah.

the Supreme God.Five Pillars of Islam Iman (Faith) Salah (Prayer) Zakah (News Contributors) Sawm (fasting) Hajj (When traveling) Zoroastrianism A religion propagated by Zoroaster. Ahura Mazda will 30 . Led the goodness of Ahura Mazda. At the end of time. a preacher who lives in Persia. while in the direction of evil Ahriman. Agree with these religious life of people in the world are pursuing towards good or evil.

heaven and hell. The wicked will be punished forever. the soul of man. Until now. They also worship their 31 . purgatory. The religious teachings are recorded in the books grouped together under the title Zend-Avesta. the day of Shintoism Shintoism call beliefs About Japanese goddess of the sun and other goddess of nature. The shinto means way or ways of God. as God and the devil.of Ahura Mazda is going to live in a kingdom eternal happiness and wellbeing. Seniors believed it one or more thousand years to other religions. many still believe in this religion in Iran and India. We called God with power likass and they dwell in the mountain river full moon rocks and sun. From here many major doctrine faith.

Asian Philosophies Confucianism A philosophy or way of walking of a person's life. Mga Turo All things are one. When you make the equivalent of evil will make you good. Founded by Confucius in Shantung China on 6-5 th century BC. Taosim Founded by Lao Tzu. His teaching is reflected in his book written. 32 . He was born in 500 BC in Hunan in South China. Confucius believes is the good way of living of a person will bring peace.

33 . Agriculture and armed forces are some of the elements that may be enacted in the state. active lifestyle Legalism Legalism is based on meaningful and powerful forces that brought the state. Tatanggol farming and town as soldiers is a society based on legalism. invisible power within all things Pu.Mga Paniniwala Yin and Yang. Being one with nature Chi. Everything is visible puppet without preconceptions De. energy that comes from nature or human People. A force behind the natural order Wu Wei.

Anyone who violates the law will be judged by heavy penalties comes from the state or Role of Women in Early Societies Code of Hammurabi Treat women like products for sale and buy trade.importantly the legislation the government strictly to all members of society to act and do good and accurate. Manus Code of Law A woman who spoke 34 . Reconciling women to men in exchange for money and dowry. Although still young women reconciling until he reaches adult.