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Wind Energy: A Complete Alternative.

Wind Energy: A Complete Alternative
Maise Natalia Soares da Silva
Sault College – Northland

January 26, Sault Ste Marie.


opponents argue that the turbine blades are able to stop the sunlight and cause unwanted shadows. the governments around the world started to think about alternatives to produce energy. With respect to visual pollution.Wind Energy: A Complete Alternative. Migratory birds are another reason for non-adoption of wind energy. After the last petroleum crisis at 1970s. An other factor than helped the governments to rethink about the energy produced from petroleum was the environmental questions. The wind energy have growing at the global scene with a big investment from multinational companies. according to opponents of the number of birds killed by colliding with wind turbines has grown after the popularization of this type of energy production. Generally the wind farms are installed in rural or remote areas where it is almost non-existent presence of residences or building. Visual and noise pollution are major disadvantages with respect to wind energy. 2 Wind energy is a kind of energy generated when the power of wind is used to produce an other kind of energy. for example. which is not common. Opponents of renewable energy argue that noise pollution can cause discomfort can cause disturbances in sleep. noise and visual pollution and kill some species of birds. such as global warm and the greenhouse effect. The numbers used to talk about the risks caused by wind power are sometimes unrealistic since there is no conclusive research on this topic. which in some countries is . Wind farms are built according to environmental legislation. and that this would increase by 40% the chance for people to develop depression. They fear that the expansion of wind power around the world causes the disappearance of bird species. The sound and visual effects of wind power are felt minimally when the turbines are installed in residential areas. For those reasons today lots of countries prefer produce energy from renewable fonts. stress and even increase the risk of developing depression. The concern of environmentalists is mainly related to endangered birds. Despite the benefits wind energy has opponents who argue that it promotes.

pdf . It is necessary to comply with environmental laws and that the studies related to improved efficiency of energy production are made. Thus it is necessary for the construction of wind farms studies to avoid the construction of these parks in areas of migration corridor. Despite still having opponents. Vol. The wind energy is with out doubt the better option about production of renewable energy. Retrieved from http://www. It is impossible to develop a country without increasing power consumption. Visual Health Effects and Wind Turbines. There is also the issue of environmental responsibility that many companies follow.Wind Energy: A Complete Alternative. 6. 3 extremely severe. Other actions taken by companies avoid collision with migratory Wind Turbines and Birds: A Guidance Document for Environmental Assessment.gouv. Wind energy is a viable and sustainable alternative.bape. Criticisms should be done in a responsible manner in order to stimulate improvement. References The Society for Wind Vigilance. 7 Retrieved from: http://www.windvigilance. For example the proper arrangement of the turbines in the wind farm and the use of tubular towers. p. wind energy is growing and becoming a viable and reliable source of energy. responsible for generating more and more because it has the best cost-benefits when compared with other kinds.