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Government attacks on the PCS

Stop the union-busters!

he recent announcement by HM Revenue and Customs to also finish

check-off for PCS members is the final proof, if any was needed, that the
government intends to try and smash the union by causing financial ruin.

Make no mistake, these are ideologically-driven

attacks as retribution for the PCS being the leading
lights in the anti-cuts movement in the public
sector and having the audacity to take on the
government time and again to protect jobs and
The rest of the trade union movement must rally to
the defence of the PCS and the NSSN urges all of
its individual supporters to do everything they can
to assist. Overleaf is a model resolution you can
take to your union branch. We urge you to do so.
The principal purpose of this attack is to destroy
organised resistance to austerity. Osbornes Autumn
Statement revealed plans for a stepping up of their

unremitting, brutal, class war. Francis Maude slipped

through plans for a staggering 20bn privatisation
bonanza for the City. These cuts must be
challenged or we face catastrophe. The government
knows the PCS will be to the forefront once again
and is taking unprecedented steps to remove them.
These have included:

Refusing to negotiate nationally with

PCS over pay, jobs, privatisation etc in
an attempt to dismantle bargaining

Removing facility time to weaken the

unions ability to effectively represent

PCS has been the backbone of resistance to the coalition

governments austerity cuts and privatisation programme.
Because of that we now face an all out assault aimed at
destroying our ability to represent members and defend
jobs, conditions and services. This is the most serious attack
on trade union and democratic rights since the miners

JOHN McINALLY, PCS Vice President

members. The unions leadership has

been specifically targeted.

Withdrawing check-off in a deliberate

attempt to financially destroy the
union. (The PCS is having to budget for
a potential decrease in income of up to
6.5m ).
Setting up a scab union

The attacks are not just about the survival of PCS

but about what type of trade union movement we
want in Britain - free and independent unions
capable of defending the interests of our members
and our class or toothless company unions.
PCS is facing the greatest crisis of its existence. The
attacks can be defeated but every trade union
activist and shop steward needs to be aware of the
scale of them.
The NSSN is proud of its relationship with the PCS,
one of 8 supporting national trade unions. We will
do all we can to help them resist these scandalous

If you are active in your union, then you too

should get involved in what is a fight for our
movement not just one union.

Visit your local PCS branch and see if theres

anything you can do to help.

Invite a PCS speaker to your union meeting or

even to your workplace so they can let other
workers know what is happening.

Come to the NSSN annual conference in July

to hear the latest updates and get involved.

This branch/trades council notes:-

The Government anti union offensive and

opposition to anyone who challenges them

The Government attacks on the largest civil

service union PCS by attacking facility time, trade
union rights and the latest attack to withdraw the
check-off facility of members to pay union subs from
their salary

The clear intention of Maude and the Tories to

try to destroy PCS financially by withdrawing checkoff
from government departments

The necessity of challenging the cuts and

austerity as a movement
This branch/trades council recognises this is an attack
on our movement and needs to be challenged by our
whole movement to stop any other employers going
down this road. An attack on one is an attack on us all.
This branch/trades council therefore resolves to :-

Contact PCS branches locally to offer solidarity

and support to show PCS that they are not on their

Ask PCS branches what practical assistance we

can provide locally such as helping leaflet workplaces
to get PCS members signed up to direct debit,
lobbying politicians, campaigning against the antiunion attacks
Please email details of motions carried and messages of
support to PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka and president Janice Godrich

Hear PCS general secretary

Mark Serwotka speak at the
9th Annual NSSN Conference
11am-5pm, Saturday July 4th
Conway Hall, Red Lion Square,
London, WC1R 4RL.
More details 07816 134690

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