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Adisa La Pierre

301- 5 Washburn Way Toronto, Ontario- M1B-1K4 Phone: (416) 495-9551 Email:


To Whom It May Concern:

I have recently learned of your company and its activities in employment and
have been impressed with the work your establishment is doing.
I have been working professionally and directly with dynamic digital media content since 1994 and currently
working in my Community creating dynamic multimedia content professionally, providing reports and
suggestions on how to improve operational efficiencies are a part of my current daily operational duties.
I am experienced in Content Management, Customer Service, Customer Conflict Resolution, Network
Administration, Digital Media Development and Data Entry.
By working closely with computers, I have become very fluent in Microsoft Document Development, Graphic
Design, Web Development, Multimedia Content Development, Network Server Administration, Mobile
Application Development and Computer System Technologies, are some of the skills I currently use daily.
In my spare time I develop custom mobile applications, design business solution oriented software and
teach workshops on Web development basics and effective social media posting / networking.
I am presently interested in obtaining a law degree and practicing Internet Law & digital content law as a
career alternative and occasionally I assist a few lawyers as a legal researcher.
I have included my resume along with this letter and would like an opportunity to meet with you to discuss
what your company is looking for and how our mutual objectives can be met.
Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you. If you would like to have further information on
my Professional Work History it is available online at:

Adisa La Pierre
Phone: (416) 495-9551

Detailed information available at

Adisa La Pierre
301- 5 Washburn Way Toronto, Ontario- M1B-1K4 Phone: (416) 495-9551 Email:

Visual Communicator
Content Administrator Digital Developer Multimedia Designer
With well over 10 years of hands on experience in Digital Content Management and Multimedia Production for
Commercial Presentation and over 5 Years of experience as a Microsoft Windows System Administrator. My diverse
skill set also includes HTML and PHP coding, multimedia content design, digital animation audio production and
data entry. My main objective is to obtain full-time employment within a dynamic customer oriented organization
while expanding on my expertise in the areas in digital medium.

My online portfolio available for viewing at:

Additional Information is available upon request.

Computer Skills & Software

Microsoft: Office (Excel, Word, Explorer, Outlook,
Front Page, Access, One Note, Power Point, Visual
Communicator, Windows Server,) Apple: (Quick Time
Pro, iMove, Garage Band, iPhoto, Key Note, Final Cut
Pro) Adobe: (Photoshop, Acrobat, illustrator, Audition,
Flash Builder, InDesign, Flash Pro, Director,
Communicator, DreamWeaver, Fireworks, FileMaker)
Sony (Vagas, Avid, DVD Architect) Steinburg Cubase,
Emagic Logic Audio, DigiDesign ProTools.

Internet, Languages Systems, Applications:

Operating Systems Platforms:
Windows: (95, 98, NT, ME, 2001, XP, Vista, 7, 8, Server
2008, 2010, 2013) MS Exchange 2010, MS Active Directory
Other OS: Mac OSx, OSx Server, OS/2, UNIX, Ubuntu,
UNIX, Linux, Apache, Mac OSx, OSx Server, OS/2, UNIX,
Ubuntu, UNIX, Linux, Apache, Terminal Services

GIF Animators, HTML Editors, HTML5, PHP, (Hand Coding &

WYSIWYG) DHTML, XCode, Python, C#, ColdFusion, .NET,
Cascading Style Sheet (CSS), CCS3, eXensible Markup Language
(XML), Sound/Video Editing Software, Quick Time Files, FTP, CGI
Scripts, Java Script, jQuery, Bootstrap, JavaServer Pages (JSP),
Active Server Pages (ASP), ActionScript, Mambo/Joomla Open
Source (CMS), WordPress (CMS), Drupal (CMS), Rythmyx (CMS),
Percussion (CMS), Ektron (CMS), DotNetNuke (CMS), Internet
Information Server (IIS), DNS, Application Service Providers (ASP),
MS SQL Server, MySQL, PC Anywhere, Payment Gateways, Source
Safe Version Control, DNS, DHCP, IIS, File & Print Server, Windows
Media, Real Media.

Internet Media File Knowledge:

vcd, .mp3, .mpeg, .jpg .tif, .gif .asf, .wmv, .mpg, .pdf .php
.html .xml .swf .mov .js, asp, .net, mp4, .pls .js
Additional Skills: Typing Speed: 40 words per Minute

Summary of Qualifications

Customer Service
Project Management
Technical Support
Retail Cash Experience
Consumer Sales
Product Marketing & Advertising
Content Management
Web Coding & Programming

Computer Servicing / Repair

Graphic Design
Sound Engineering
Audio Editing
Video Presentation Production
Data Entry & Research
Server Management
Network Administration

Ability to Multitask
Good Interpersonal Skills
Very Organized & Clean
Ability to Problem Solve Quickly
Strong Analytical Skills
100% Accountability
Ability Communicate To Clearly &
Concisely Over the Phone or Email

Trebas Institute of Recording Arts

1994 1996
Majored in Recording Arts and studied
Audio Engineering Trebas Institute's Audio Engineering Technology program provided me with the essential
knowledge and skills to get behind the mixing console with confidence.
Duration: 39 Weeks Full

Music Production
Duration: 39 Weeks Full

Music Business

Today's recording studios and post-production facilities are developing a vast range of
technological solutions. This program provided its students with the general knowledge on how
music is produced.
I dreamt of a career in the entertainment industry, Trebas Institute's Entertainment Management
program provided me with first-hand knowledge from music industry professionals as well as
practical skills - all the essentials for success in an exciting and dynamic business!

Detailed information available at

Adisa La Pierre
301- 5 Washburn Way Toronto, Ontario- M1B-1K4 Phone: (416) 495-9551 Email:
Duration: 39 Weeks Full

(Part Time Staff)
September 2012 Present

The S.P.O.T. Youth Digital Arts & Technology Centre

Administrative Support IT Administrator / Web Media

To keep the IT hardware, Software & license list up to date.

Train staff on correct use of programs and systems.
Maintain & Manage Website / All Social Media Accounts.
Train Staff on Social Media & how to use effectively
Train Staff to monitor digital communities & online trends / topics.
Monitor the use of the computers to make sure that staffs are complying and there is no misuse.
To offer IT support to remote workers or site/branch offices.
To monitor the back-up process and ensure it is operating satisfactorily.
To identify any efficiency benefits offer alternative products or suppliers & recommend to the Director.

TAIBU Community Health Centre

Administrative Support Multimedia Developer

(Full Time) April 2012 May 2013

(Part Time) June 2013- December 2014

Content Management of corporate website and employee intranet sites.

Content Design & Layout for Web & Printed Media
Providing Statistics of Web Hits & Social Media Activities
Promoting & Advertising content on other web sites to gain additional visitor hits.
Maintain & Manage All Social Media Accounts
Monitor online community trends & specific topics
Provide suggestions to help market services to online community.
Photo & Video Editing
Updating Converting & Archiving files in various downloadable formats.
Meeting quarterly objectives.

AxiomNET International Computing

Web Content Management & Site Design

(Full Time)
May 2006 October 2008

Content Design and Layout - The actual writing on the pages,

The design of any other media types used to communicate content as opposed to site interaction.
Creating content for online presentations in Macromedias Flash, Shockwave & other formats.
Creating and editing Audio content for optimized Internet playback and online stream distribution.
Configuring Streaming Video files for optimized Internet Presentations and Web Conferences.
Promoting and Advertising content on other web sites to gain additional visitor hits.
Finding potential web advertisers to promote and advertise on clients website.
Managing online advertising of web banners on client website & clients advertising on other domains also.
Managing multiple web client accounts (minimum of 10 accounts).
Back end management of Domain Administration
E-mail account management, managing E-mail Access,
Back end management of file permissions and folder usage limits, managing users & access permissions
Web Stats - producing Site Statistics for daily, weekly or monthly distinct hits of locations of Visitor Reports.
Website Navigation support, homepage layout, templates, SEO, Meta data, installing modules & web scripts.

Detailed information available at