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Adam Kimmel: Man Behind the lens of Filming

Movies are not just about a good script or heavy budget. How a movie is shoot matters more than
you can think of. A great cinematographer will always shoot to show off the real faces in the
most captivating way.

Lets meet one of the best cinematographers of Hollywood, Adam Kimmel. Born in the city
of New York in 1961, nobody at that time was aware that this little boy will play with the camera
and shoot the movies. Camera line is never too easy for director photography. It takes time, it
demands involvement and energy and for most Love to shoot.
Lights Camera Action
Lights camera action is not an easy game. The success of movie is dependent not only on its
story line, but also on its direction and photographic techniques. If you are familiar somewhat
with photography, you probably spot the difference between 5 Megapixel camera and DSLR
high definition photographing. Same is the case with cinematography; a film which is not
captured wisely will not be able to get attention of mass public. A cinematographer is
responsible for all lights and framing work during film making process. Film making cant be
done without involving the mood and sense of story.
As a young boy, Adam Kimmel was interested in film making. At that early age, though he was
not aware of the whole background work needed to present a film on Cinema Screen, but he was
curious to know about it.Seeing his love for camera, his father bought him one. The journey
now started and began taking its initial experimental turns. The future cinematographer, Adam
has started exploring camera line with his brother.
At the age of 17, Adam Kimmel starts working as a trainee with Michael Chapman & Ralf
Bode. Later he became AC with the team in 1981. During 1986, he started to work on
commercial, musical videos and other projects.
Renowned Pieces of Work:
Adam Kimmel is famous for not only his work in movies, but also on TV and advertisements
too. Following is some of his works: Approximately 25 movies are on his credit. Below is
mentioned few of them:
1. Never let me go

2. Capote
3. Lars and the real girl
4. Jesuss Son
5. Chrystal
6. Bed of Roses ,
7. 1 m here
8. Beyond Suspicion
Notable Work on Television
1. MTV, Give Me Back My Life: A Harvard Lampoon Parody
2. Conversations with the Rolling Stones
3. Denis Leary : Lock N Load
4. No Cure for Cancer
Other Projects
He has played his role as a cinematographer in following projects too
1. The Wanderers
2. My Favorite Year
3. Birdy
4. Angel Heart
5. Dice Rules

6. The Verdict
Adam Kimmel as an Actor
As an actor he has worked in two of his work pieces:
1. Capote as Richard Avedon
2. The Wanderers as a folk Singer
1. Adam Kimmel is the member of American Society of Cinematographer s(ASC) since 2009.
2. Independent Spirit Award for , nom Capote (2009)
3. Independent Spirit Award for, nom never Let me Go (2011)