Anglers’ Paradise
WHY SO? The ice-cold, crystal-clear, turbulent streams; mighty springs; high altitude lakes; lofty snow-clad mountains; thick pine forests; lush green meadows; beautiful valleys and hardy fish fauna together with a pleasant climate. That is what makes Kashmir the “Anglers’ Paradise”. Kashmir offers great scope for sport fisheries. That is why Anglers from all over the globe flock every year to enjoy the thrill of angling in the streams and lakes of this valley. TROUT STREAMS AND LAKES Trout is present in all the streams and high altitude lakes of the valley. The important ones are Lidder, Sindh, Kishenganga, Sukhnag, Doodhganga, Erin, Ferozpur, Bringi, Rambiara, Vishav, Madhumati and Puhru. These streams have been divided into a number of trout beats. Some of the important beats are listed below: Beat Name Distance Beat Name Distance Beat Name Distance from from from Srinagar Srinagar Srinagar Lidder Area Bringi Area Bandipura Area Nowbugh 100 Erin Sheesh Sar 86 Nafran Daksum 99 Erin Chuntmulla 69 Aru Upper Aru Lower  Mather 97 Erin Shokhbaba 60 Dyus 97 Erin Papchhan 53 Sheesh Nag Ahlan 95 Madhumati Athwatu 73 Fryslan Dandipora 92 Madhumati Pannar 66 Masjid Kulgam Area Madhumati Sonerwani 60 Langanbal  Aharbal 98 Gurez Area Batkote Yenner  Kutnari 75 Kishenganga 167 Sheikpura Isthal 75 Kishenganga Barzil 155 Bumzu Kandai 67 Kishenganga Dawar 145 Wahdan Tricker  Budgam Area Kanzalwan 133 Nambal  Sukhnag Fall Tangmarg Area Sukhnag Arizal Hamal 65 Panzath Sindh Area Beerwa Drang 42 64 Shaliganga Burzkoor Ferozpur 39 Kullan  60 Doodhpathri Shupien Area Gund  58 Basant Wuder Hirpora 60 Sumbal  52 Doodhganga Frasnag Mammar  40 Doodhganga kalnag Wangath  39 Doodhganga Charji Kangan  34 Doodhganga Yusmarg Wussan 




Doodhganga Branwar

FISHING SEASON Angling is open from mid April to mid September. However the duration can be extended or shortened by the Directorate of Fisheries on the basis of conditions prevailing from time to time. RULES FOR ANGLING Angling is not allowed without a licence / permit procurable from the Directorate of Fisheries. The licence is valid for one day only. The bag limit is 6 fish only. Licence / permit has to be kept along during fishing and produced to the departmental officials on demand. No sub-letting, sharing or transfer of fish permit is allowed. All natural baits, dead or alive, are prohibited. Only artificial-fly-fishing is allowed. No un-authorised persons are allowed to work as shikaries (Gillies). Only one rod per angler is allowed.

ICENCE / PERMITS Fishing licence / permit can be had from the Directorate of Fisheries, Nehru Park, Srinagar. The angling fee is charged on day basis @ Rs. 1000/- per day from the foreign anglers and Rs. 500/- per day from local Anglers. ANGLERS’ LODGES Anglers’ lodges can be allotted subject to the availability. The request for the same should be made at least three days earlier. GILLIES The department can provide the services of experienced Gillis (Shikaries) on request. Other terms and conditions can be given on spot by the officer / officials of the department.