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Geoff Brace

22? North th Street

Allentown, PA 18102

Lehigh County Board of Commissioners

17 S. SeventhStreet
Allentown PA 18101-2400 ,


Dear CommissionerBrowning:

Enclosed,please find this application letter and correspondingsummary of experiences. These two
documentsare intendedto function as my application totfill the vacancy createdin Mr. Bill Leiner's
resignationfrom the Lehigh County Board of Commissionprs.

Accordingto the public notice publishedin the l/1512010edition of The Morning Call, the individual
appointedto fill the vacancyto the Board of Commissionens"shall be a residentand qualified elector of
the County for at least one year..." and "...that the Board appoint a person of the samepolitical parfy
affiliation as the person who vacatedthe office." ln addressingthe specifics of,1hs5. requirements,I
have beena registeredDemocratresiding in the city of Allentown since2006.

Beyond the qualifications required for appointment to the Board, I have been a resident of Lehigh
Counfy for 25 of the 29 years of my life. I have been in contact with just about every living
environment as a resident of the count5l,be it rural, suburbanor urban. I was born on the West End of
Allentown, grew up in North Whitehall Township and currently own a home in Cpnter City Allentown.
I have worked on a farm, mentored inner-city youth and bupported community revitalization efforts in
boroughsin Westernand SouthernLehigh County. LehigihCounty has been my home and played host
to a dominant percentageof my formal education. Our bounty is largely resportsiblefor most of the
defining momentsthat have driven me to a life of intentional serviceto communitiesand people. The
communities of Lehigh County reinforce the values instilled in me by my family a4d faith. These values
will drive me in fulfilling the role of CountyCommissioner.

I am truly excited by the prospectsof serving Lehigh County as a member of the Board of
Commissioners.I havespentmy life in pursuitof a calli4g to serve. I look forwardto the opportunity
to discussthis calling my vision for the countyand waypI can addto the bipartisanand cooperative
nature of the Lehigh County Commissioners.

Geoffrey Brace
227 Nor0r 9a SUE€*
Alleirtovm,PA 18102
o Date of Birth: 09/12/1980
o An identified resourceon communityand economicrevitaliz$ion in Pennsylvania
o Ten yearsof experiencein non-profit settingswith progressivblyincreasedresponsibilities
o Extensiverelationshipsin communitiesttroughout Lehigh CounU
r Understandingof Pennsylvaniagovernmentstructuresand fuhctionsat Commonwealth,oountyandmunicipal levels

Master of the Arh-Political SciencelPublicPoticy (200t
Lehigh University,BethtehemPA
Bachelor of the Arts-Politics (2fi13) '
High SchoolDiploma (1999)
ParHandArea High School

ExecutiveDireetor 2009-Present
KutztownCommunityPartnership, Kutztown,PA

PennsylvaniaFacutty : Present
Centerfor Progressive Leodership, Phil adelphia PA

EasternRegionalCoordinator 2A07-2009
Program Coordinator , 2006-2007
GreaterLehighYalley Chamberof Commerce(Alburtis, Coopers$urgMacangie,Hellertown)

Elm Streetllirector 2005-2006

WestChesterBusinessImprwement District, WestChesterPA

ResearchAnatyst Intern 2004-2005

RobertL. Freemqn EastonPA

Mentor/Teacher 1999-2005
CityspaceCenterfor Children,Allentown,PA

r Old Allentown PreservationAssociation,President
o St. John'sUCC" Iaurys Station,ChurchCouncil, Chair of StqwardshipandFinanceComfnittee
. Centerfor ProgressiveLeadership,Alumni Board l
o GeneralSynodDelegate,United Churchof Christ
o Board for Justiceand Witress Ministries, United Churchof Christ
o Board for Wider ChurchMinistries, United Churchof Christ
o United ChurchBoard for World Ministries, United Churchof Christ
o CommonGlobal Ministries Boardof the United Churchof Christ/Disciplesof Christ
r CaresCenterfor Christ, Board of Directors(WestChester) )
e United Way of ChesterCounty,ChildrenandYouth Communityknpact Tearn
o Allentown ZonrngHearingBoard
r Allentown City CouncilAd-Hoc HousingReview Committeo


r Residesin Allentown with girlfriend Sara
o Memberships: St.John'sUCC in LaurysStatioq Phi KappaSigna InternationalFraternity
o Enjoys abreak-neckfitnessroutine,cooking,football, baseb4ll,Bible Study,Blues,andhistoric restoration