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Math Poems Below are the all-time best Math poems written by Poets on
PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of math poems
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Math Poems Read Math Poems See also: Best Famous Poems Details | Math Poem |
| Probabilities Probabilities fallen fruit exists earthen harvest and ground meet jars
in the pantry 07-24-2014 Details | Math Poem | | Half Mast Can one count the
pieces of a broken heart? Can a flag half staff proudly wave? Will kites still rise in
staccato weather, or partial freedom be less than a slave? Explain this measure of a

100 % I will give it all just for you. Problems make us become variables. my fingers are mathematically smitten seeking warmth within a mitten. Even though it sometimes makes you swell up in wrath. . a seat for one you let them all in. Numbers of the Present Variables of the Future. When the four brought in a five all my counting fingers came alive. EVERYDAY Details | Math Poem | | Number Poem five steps. Cannot explain why this thing is greater than any negative When you expand this formula of “X”. a dozen of matters to talk just one word would make it fine worried six times and more i could only listen to four. But when it is used. Math doesn't have a realistic face. Still. It leaves a remarkable trace! Details | Math Poem | | Deep Low Math Deep Low Math Divide the 1st number by nothing. the other would struggle. They ran through six. Math just causes you stress. for two people one would rejoice. Somehow the ones and two and threes increase in size exponentially. we connect like a proportion Whether our time acts like an acute. But I found out that ½ of my heart fits yours. Details | Math Poem | | Math in Life Shapes of the Past. a room for fifty. Then the quantum leap to ten and shouts of let’s do it again. That’s the meaning of TRUE LOVE. Undefined. Our life is an equation. for places and times and faces that’s just all for one never give in for another if you got none under cover. and why? Why this “X” is = to 1 + 1 is = to us? What is our common factor? Let me tell you in a simplest form.hearts half beat wind that blows yet never reaches the trees the disfigured countenance of a dreamers disgrace how half body dreams cry imbalance in between Tarnished stains of unpolished silver flyblown details of a life unabridged groping for a fortress forged by slivers unfit by the stages between and betwixt shifting weight from east to west dodging shadows of intent and neglect standing at the post where the middle never met like a chromosome missing beholding whats left Oh to be pregnant with hope then giving birth to a portion revoked How does one survive the division of two halves opposing a whole What brightness can a light once shining affect through half of a soul? and where is the joy in knowing without two halves you'll never be whole? A heart scattered in fractions equations refusing an algorithms find These are the conundrums which riddle and the factors left baffling the span of time Details | Math Poem | | Met-a-Four “Met-a-Four” I “met a four” when I was three and oh the things it did to me and fingers counting one-twothree. Its a workers base. Please let me stay with you. Inequalities make us strong. Reaching for the other hand said “times two” is oh so grand. I chose. John G. then seven – eight danced with the nine to celebrate. Our destiny is collinear and coplanar Parallel wherever we are In the start. as I say. Our hands intersect with each other Its so perpendicular as our eyes knew it better And as I push the number 8 into the ground It became infinity the sign of my heart 76 + 67 is in commutative Property Where N is = to 143 These are words that I just want to say. Math is in every place. Let us make a perfect love story using the square root Of the prime tree. and you’re left with none in one heart. and i’m near you one touch is all you got to do not one thing you’re gonna say just that one touch is okay. connection is at the end of Hypotenuse. Even the highest integer in a form of positive. Lawless 12/4/2014 Details | Math Poem | | Math Why do we need math? Because it puts us on a narrow path. To most. But thats not the case. Forever and ever.

Each and Every one. Parallel lines are better each proceeding separately in the same direction balanced by forces of attraction/repulsion. Ex-Smokers would pay less. Non-smokers would taste a financially “bitter pill. At first.” Meantime. they just become additional numbers. Many. Sometimes two intersecting lines may align with a third forming a triangle. businesses and people’s jobs are lost…it’s true. Congress has zero “propensity” to relax it. only later to remember and disappoint. said en masse. the Less you make. once a tax is on the books. what if one Fateful day. Cigarette taxes are frequently raised. of these taxes are “regressive”. Numbers are the same every time you see them. with 1 careless mistake. so we know supporters are “full of it.. whining Non-smokers maintained their hue and cry. And any overtures to reduce those collections are summarily rejected. the More you pay. with the confidence of a youth. Congress will tax it. But “progressive” in a very negative way. while Smokers foot the bill. Variables change every time you try to simplify them. while Non-Smokers would pay more.” Taxed and taxed and taxed some more. the bane and talent of adolescence. Details | Math Poem | | Geometry of love Two lines intersect an inherently unstable situation. need it or want it. Relatively speaking. didn’t really know the score. staying the same throughout. .” Economists use the word “propensity. a constant in problems and mazes of wits. if not most. the odds you’ll spend. And. But Truth is measured in Billions in taxes.Shapes are different for every little hand drawing them. “We’re done!” Congresses would be clamoring to derive Billions in Taxes elsewhere. Very occasionally two lines may meet end to end and curve to form a circle which is One. Smoking Sinners have had their taxes raised again and again and again. you see: The odds you’ll save.” Just a fancy word for “odds”. it changes. Sometimes they miss a point..”. “I quit. in finding it too late to mend. Federal and State. Whether you make it or sell it. All those dreary anti-smoking ads. Just put them down and said. every grown-up touching them. Yet they never change their appearance. reaching the last step. Details | Math Poem | | The Last Laugh One of Life’s indisputable facts: Government reserves the right to tax. love to tax Luxury and Sin. because you wrote in pen. But all those Tax Dollars must come from somewhere. Until that moment. Guess Non-smokers didn’t think far enough ahead. Nonsmokers reap many benefits. But after quitting. Congresses. the “claim” is to drive users to quit. Other taxes are increased and/or new taxes are created. Which is stable but generally disapproved of.the likes of me and you. The basis for U. Yet. That means their actual impact on income is “progressive”. Yes. It’s supposedly done “for the common good. that might be the right or wrong solution. And how many Tax Dollars those odds will rend. When an industry dies. never to be fixed again. government budgets is “Total Tax Dollars Collected”. So righteous. And should a source of taxes have declined or dissipated. later confirmed with substitution. those Smoking Sinners.. but not yet into submission. Non-smokers may not realize the impact they’re about to bear. But if these change the lines diverge or intersect (see above). Smokers could shift their tax burden to Nonsmokers…without their permission.S. And tho’ they waste far more than they should. And if that should change. that broken shape. Ever pushing Congresses to tax those Smoking Sinners… tax them ‘til they die..

Ex-Smokers would serve instead." So. I wish they had smoked 'til they were dead. Details | Math Poem | | MATHEMATICAL LOVE I decide not to worry about the parallelness Of the tangents to the circles of our life story The equation of the curve of my initial decision Of you being my number tan45 was differentiated As the union of your sets and conditions of your answers Of your reply did not intersect with the tangent of the circle of my love I integrated my mind and heart So as to eliminate your love But eliminating substituted the simultaneous equation involving you and I Using completing two squares in solving the quadratic equation Involving you was impossible The almighty formula came into sight When you factorized the algebra of you mind and heart Making the line of your evergreen heart Intersect perpendicularly at the center Of the diameter of my life journey You have rotated my life 180degrees clockwise Details | Math Poem | | Equation of life Y\=X (Y does not equal X) Think about it Details | Math Poem | | Easy Math 2. Would disappear. Details | Math Poem | | A golden rule Why there's is a God Proportions divine hand spirals.the Last Laugh is Best.many of which falsified the cause. much better when shared. In contrast.. Artwork pleasing to the eye the golden rectangle. (Is that a real name and number?). Not theory Details | Math Poem | | Imaginary Numbers Integers are whole numbers that can be positive. Somebody came along and invented numbers that are imaginary. But it cannot be round For this date is renowned As the one when all Pi must be squared. "The bastards are costing me money. On the vertical y-axis. And may be cause for some Non-smokers’ financial distress. they are above the zero as far as they can go... While they ruefully pay more. On the x-axis. Dedicated to my host Skat A. Details | Math Poem | | Fear Of Numbers Fear of Numbers Fear of numbers is real They carry adding machines on their backs And loaded numbered guns Divide and subtract from families and everyone With two times the pleasure two times the fun Double their trouble on the run You cannot escape the digits on your hands and toes They are counting on you to pull them through Children fear math and numbers like the plague Run from them at multiple fractions of a second Poof!. if the discriminate is less than zero. He's shaping patterns not chaos. Ex-smokers' pocket books will attest By reminding Non-smokers daily. And what about all the useless anti-smoking laws? Instead of Non-smokers not liking Smokers. how do you find its square root? In a quadratic formula. So where do you go? This put many early mathematicians in a quandary.Like zero. there are no real roots.. Ex-smokers would be getting healthier and spending far less.. . natural numbers are to the right of the zero.. like all primes. Author: Paul Callus ~ Feb 2014 Contest: What Does The Fox Say? Placed 2nd Details | Math Poem | | Pi Day Today we should all be prepared For some pizza. their values can also be negative.. Clearly seen by His creation check your double helix in every cell. they are gone Figures hide behind accountants glasses Hitting you with tons of taxes Not to be divisive or derisive Or taken down in dividends I think they’re out to get you In the end they have no = Something’s don’t add up You can count on that Details | Math Poem | | What Does The Fox Say wrong calculations bought my love new coats to wear found I broke the bank ----------------------------------------.Wa-pa-pa-pa-papa-pow! is my favourite sound. You may think this question is moot: With a negative number.

how did Parmenides come to believe in the infinity of one? if three is how god is expressed at its best. comes to eight 3. In positing spacetime to be curved by matter. the next prime right in line. algebra and calculus Why digits even exist Three is best Time for home No more counting Two truths Logic. whose convenience I dispute and whole heartedly repute. (Albeit in flights of fancy it seems That gravity follows the laws of dreams. a gravitational source Of controversy. simplify all— ah—thoraeu's lemma Details | Math Poem | | Ones Upon All Numbers Ones Upon All Numbers There are numbers out there counted Six of them speak clear arithmetic The others use fingers to communicate Use fractions to escape their masters Education is required to survive today And six reasons why that is Five of them are excuses Some whole numbers have alibies Figures are another story though Sure. I was Sine while she became Cosine Theta became love to this heart of mine Selfishness took over.) Relativity caused Newton’s view to shatter. the strategy was to make her mine Formed new Laws of Physics.) Gravitons. six so to speak. (The upshot is bodies have odysseys Appropriate to their geodesies. But then scientists aren’t birds of a feather. Math Ones Created on 10/14/14 for The “I Do Not Know”-Poetry Form Contest Details | Math Poem | | Mathematical Chemistry Words would remain caged as her eyes gazed at mine She resided in my Maths and Science book back in Grade nine She visited me in my sleep. ^2: Exponentiated. (Some sit upon their a priori-based fences And come up with theories defying the senses. x3: multiplicated. others that. it seems. numbers will never lie The truth is. Still it's 9?vindicated Details | Math Poem | | The Gravity of Gravity Gravity keeps our feet on the ground. a dozen eggs or a feathery hen? numbers are fun and make no one dumb. three threes is hardly the stuff. once there was a seven. ones grow There are four things I just don’t understand Science. my grades were no longer fine She solved simultaneous equations for me with her exquisite smile Took over my Trigonometry. There are those who suppose that it’s this. simplify. short or long. Stops us from slapdash flying around.) Weak or strong. (Meanwhile gravity. to stop me from snoring. Details | Math Poem | | Three Abstract Steps to Happiness reset at zero all things homogeneous return and be one Details | Math Poem | | simplify simplify. my dreams were no longer mine According to my mom. 2010 > Details | Math Poem | | Numbers if the minimum unity of all that is is two. they all just might have it down pat. he said. joined to eleven. the universe is just what it is. This force of attraction ‘fictitious’ gives weight And makes all fall down at equivalent rate. whose counting little fingers first asked. though we resize and shape it. but eight is no longer enough. how did his image come coded in four? while five has properties completely unique. Will still have its own way— for who can escape it?) – Harley White < November. but never forget what’s behind their neat mask: twenty six magical letters. 3^2 [2 primes] = nine. the real magic begins with a number called ten. what is this thing Called gravity? Wide hypotheses swing. and nine is so boring. So objects will take a particular path That must correspond with Einsteinian math. Maybe someday.fascinates 2^3. are seen as a horse Of a quite different color altogether. put to a task. the attraction I could no longer hide Dark brown watery eyes that made my feet lose a straight line She remained the X Axis .

3/3/1968 Details | Math Poem | | A State of Majors and Algebra A State Of Majors and Algebra From a bridge I lift eyes weary from equation forms Majors and Algebra instruct From on high the state loves us Instinctively feed us what we must know Keep us in place for hours Guns on every head…to get ahead Conclusions always drawn on time Lines of math carried like conversations to their ends Fractions fix themselves in front of us Captured by majors on their heels Algebra comes undone Undressed for our consumption Work.5/7/5 on destiny no.and I the Y Axis that never intersected her line I could claim that she eventually became mine but gravity took over as this love intertwined I fell so hard but I was fortunate to be rescued by this pen of mine I guess she will never know. My three dances atop ten. © 2015 PoetrySoup™. PoetrySoup is an Arczis Web Technologies. goes on forever Tonight it waits for majors and algebra to merge Ranks remove me to seclusion Books fall with rain into retreat Lives are bulletins with holes When government controls Shocked to life with streams of data Or shot to death in line with reason Options can be unkind No one inspects the dark Perhaps it is not there No one suspects me In this my figures lie in wait To see what moves prove A state of majors and algebra Or my escape Terms and Conditions | Privacy Statement | FAQs | Contact Us | About Us | Advertise Poems are © 2015 of their respective authors. Numerology! Haiku. For Andrea's contest 'Tell me your number' Path no.6 Destiny no. Website . Inc. Phumlani Mthethwa Details | Math Poem | | I am a 3 I am a 3 Revealed from heaven. like dreams.3 Dob.