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PLANET 3.3.3.



Dear Readers
EL SER UNO is grateful for the altruistic participation
of a group of men and women from different countries,
who offered their work selflessly to translate this first book,
EL SER UNO I – The Arcana of Thoth, into the English language.
Once again, we confirm “Our strength is in unity”.
We are Human Beings working for other Human Beings.
We do this with love, dedication and solely for the Cosmic Service
of Universal Union and Fraternity.
Thank you, brothers and sisters on the path.
Together we are taking this beautiful journey of LIGHT and LOVE.
May the Universe guide us always along the correct
and true path of spiritual elevation.


Lima - Perú
Franca Rosa Canonico de Schramm

Book published originally by the author and channel:
Franca Rosa Canonico de Schramm
All rights reserved.
Copyright of text and all illustrations reserved for the exclusive use of the author.
No part of this book whatsoever may be REPRODUCED, ALTERED, EDITED OR USED in any
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quotes cited by critical reviews, magazine or newspaper articles, or any means of
communication. Reproduction, change, alteration or undue use of the content and drawings of
this book will be subject to legal process, under the copyright law.
EL SER UNO I – Los Arcanos de Thoth (EL SER UNO I – The Arcana of Thoth)
EL SER UNO II – Planeta 3.3.3. – Los Guardianes de Tera (EL SER UNO II – Planet 3.3.3 –
The Guardians of Tera)
We inform all persons of goodwill that EL SER UNO (The One Being) is not associated with
anyone who might use the name of the author or of the book to give conferences, form groups,
and sell printed copies, videos, advertisement and so on, or charge for services or ask for
donations in the name of this knowledge.
The channel makes it known that she is not accountable for those who transmit and interpret the
knowledge of EL SER UNO (The One Being) in his or her own way, without being based on the
original text. EL SER UNO (The One Being) is free knowledge and it is not associated with any
event or any person who may use it for personal gain.


El Ser Uno II – (The One Being II) – Planet 3.3.3 – The Guardians of Tera is self-knowledge
book. It should be read consecutively. To read it out of sequence would be to no avail because
it would not bring about the desired results. Reading this book will open up and connect the
brain circuits of knowledge, understanding and love.
To help understand the contents, we suggest consulting the following dictionaries, which will aid
you to grasp this knowledge:

English Language and Mother Tongue

Dream symbolism




Knowledge obtained from El Ser Uno II (The One Being II) should never be used for profit,
power, manipulation or personal gain. Those who do so will be responsible for forming their
negative cause and effect. This book was received in order to help the being called Planet Earth
become elevated and to do this humanity will need Knowledge, Understanding and Universal
We would like to make it clear that this book is being published exactly as it was received. The
Guardian Masters of Tera have requested this in order to safeguard the original channelling of
the text. The masters said that they had inserted CODES between lines and words, so that
though sequential reading, channels and circuits would be opened which readers will activate in
their minds as the progress in their reading because this book is KNOWLEDGE OF
Readers should realize that this knowledge is not simple because it is not a story or a novel; it
is a channeling based on questions and answers. We recommend reading this book with an
open mind, slowly, very patiently, and above all, following the SEQUENCE in which it was
written. If you try to read it randomly, you will feel very sleepy, you will have headaches and you
will not understand anything at all. The codes inserted between the lines will cause your circuits
to awaken slowly and thus the understanding will help you assimilate the contents.
We hope that through El Ser Uno II (The One Being II) you will discover your inner self and thus
heal yourself. If you feel that you do not understand this book while reading it, keep on because
all the questions that may arise in you will be fully answered. Read it with interest. There is a
reason for it having reached you. Do not discard it from your life. Analyze it, study it and make it
part of your knowledge, understanding and love.


Brothers and Sisters of Planet Tera,
We are the guardians of Planet Tera. We have always been close to you, safeguarding you
from all negative influence, from all harm and from all energetic disability that your brains may
pick up or distort.
We exist within the alciatic combustion of the planet. Our headquarters are in the Inner City,
located in both poles of the earth. We are the energetic support and balance that Tera needs. If
we did not exist, neither you nor the planet would have maintained life.
You are nourished with our thoughts. If this were not so, the planet would become so dense that
you would not be able to think.
We maintain and safeguard the creativity of the universe intact. We constantly absorb and
emanate energetic continuity, which allows us to recycle and filter all the energy that makes
communication feasible. Without this energy, we would be completely isolated.
We are the primary domes. We accumulate positive thought-energies and send them to the
adjacent domes that send them on to the central ones. In this way, the brain of the One Being is
kept dynamic and active.
We also keep Planet Tera in ongoing movement and nourishment. Thus, we have been able to
maintain it and keep it beyond the reach of increased densification or irreversible petrifaction.
You may be wondering how we came to be the guardians of Planet Tera, how we were able to
become the framers of thought-energies and how you nourish yourselves with our creations.
You need to know the history of Tera. We are going to tell it to you in this book. You will get to
know beyond doubt all that happened throughout time. Nothing will be left veiled in the
mysteries of knowledge.
Everything began when the regular reality of the southern hemisphere of the Cosmic
Confederation decided to colonize the seven planets that were in the Elementary Dimension.
These planets had been thoroughly studied because they had characteristics that differentiated
them from the rest of the planets disseminated in the universe.
The plants and animals that had been implanted in those planets showed certain energetic
contrasts that did not adjust to the basic and original formulas. These planets were classified,
isolated and designated as amorphous planets.
These seven planets descended from Planet Satien, which had exploded a long time before,
due to old age and the petrifaction of its energy. For this reason, Satien’s legacy was
impregnated in their hereditary genes, causing energetic contrasts and molecular deviation from
the universal heritage.
This history involves all of us, namely, colonizers, volunteers, densified beings and guardians of
Planet Tera. We were all victims of the colonization.


Even though we knew what was awaiting us, we fulfilled it consciously and willingly.
We are descendants of those colonizers who were saved from distortion and from the sickness
called ambition. We are the only ones who can retrieve the true history of the planet because
we will tell the truth of the facts.
Many mysteries enshroud knowledge because they became lost in the oblivion of distorted and
sick minds. We have had to wait for the recovery of the thought-energies to be able to reach
you, who were immersed in the obscurity of ignorance and in the unreality of fantasy.
Our existence is eternal and we continue working to rescue you in this eternity. We have never
given up and will never do so. You are our descendants, our beloved offspring and brothers.
We have witnessed the great suffering and affliction you have experienced, and believe us, dear
children, we have suffered along with you.
We live in the alciatic combustion of the poles. We can go in and out through the poles. Our
existence is different from yours, because our bodies are made of helium solar energy. We can
travel throughout the universe by using this energy. We move about by means of the
gravitational forces that propel the planets, systems and constellations.
Our work is to maintain the balance in Planet Tera. We have to recycle it continually with
elevated thought-energies. Since the density is maintained in the central part of the planet and
we are in the poles, we do not let density expand but we keep it confined, rotating around itself.
We gradually decrease this ring of dense energy, of calorific energy, until we create ether of
alciatic combustion around the planet. This is our work, to lessen density so that the planet may
In all eras, we have always sought to communicate with you and make ourselves known.
However, your mind was not yet prepared to grasp true and real knowledge. Those who vaguely
perceived or remembered it have distorted and misrepresented the facts. This is why confusion
reigns in the planet.
Currently we are communicating with those of you who are more awakened, whose thoughtenergies are balanced and whose memories have emerged clear and limpid. These beings
have preserved purity in their hearts. They have worked with themselves and they strive so that
truth may not be hidden or be overlooked in the exclusion of the subconscious.
Children of ours, dearest brothers and sisters, this history unfolded in a vibrational time of our
reality. Our bubble-sphere had discovered the knowledge of reality and it was at the prime of its
creativity. Order and wisdom reigned in the Universal Confederation.
This history will be told truthfully. We hope that all of you who read it will be able to recall and
activate the mental circuits that will enable you to return to the facts. You will have to have an
open mind and much imagination. While reading this history, many of you will close your minds
even more because fear will overwhelm your emotions; but others will open their minds to new
and possible information.

Never fear the truth, dear children. It will enter your hearts to break apart the layers of fear,
ignorance and oblivion.
Everything began when Satien exploded…
The Guardians of Tera.



Chapter I
Regular Dimension
A Planet Named Satien
The regular worlds, created and aided by the Perfect Dimension, had achieved perfect
development of their forms and abilities. Humans of the regular reality were organized in
accordance with their reality and the dynamic process of their mental energy. Development
conformed to the evolution and elevation of its angles, which had intercalated perfectly into one
another according to the images produced by the imagination of the Creator. The mental-energy
was engraved and corresponded totally to the truth of its existence.
Humans of the regular reality were at the height of their consciousness and that quality was
transmitted equally to everyone in the cosmic universe. Those humans, taught and guided by
high-level vibrational consciousness, had achieved their maximum mental expression. Through
them, the thought-energies could shape a broader context and a greater scope of energetic
With the approval of their creators – the Perfect Dimension – humans of the regular reality
achieved a greater development than expected. They developed fully, to the extent that they
were able to evolve and elevate themselves in accordance with their own life experiences. They
created for themselves a universe full of knowledge, which helped them to purify themselves
and become elevated.
This history began when humans of the regular reality were fully developed, elevated and
wonderfully evolved. The universal hierarchies were perfectly organized and the humans that
were disseminated throughout the thousands of planets of the universe thoroughly fulfilled the
task assigned to each one. The Regular Dimension had organized itself in such a way that
human interaction took place on every level: scientific, technological, artistic, and so on. The
dimensions would give feedback to one another and this allowed knowledge to expand and to
attain the uniformity, equilibrium and stability of the universal mind.
When the regular reality reached the highest level of evolution and elevation, it assumed the
responsibility for one-half of its bubble-sphere, that is, the lower worlds. This task gave it the
right to study and research all the energetic process of the vast universe. Thus, they found that
one of the available ways to study and research was to carry out colonization.
Colonization provided much knowledge. Through it, they discovered new formulas for methods,
techniques and creations. They were able to unveil the mysteries of life and creativity. Research
and in-depth studies also enabled them to analyze the universe. They discovered that it already
existed and maintained itself through infinite mathematical sequences, which functioned with
absolute perfection. The colonizers had to adapt themselves rigorously to those sequences.
This meant that they had to carry out the colonization according to those sequences; otherwise,
it would run the risk of being a failure within the universal creative context.
The regular reality questioned, researched, colonized, experimented, experienced and created.
An incredibly long time went by for us to explain the amalgamation of the life events that were
experienced. It is impossible to want to synthesize in a single word the process of existence that

those beings absorbed in knowledge, experiences and forms of life. This accumulation of
wisdom was expressed gradually in the infinite universe, always full of new achievements.
Every time they thought they had finished, it began all over again. The regular reality had to
keep up with the occult meaning of the universal mind. It was not easy. They were only able to
achieve this through the evolution and elevation of their thought-energies.
Colonization brought much suffering and transformation to the humans of those energetic
realities. They underwent painful chemical, genetic, psychological and other mutations because
the colonizers had to adjust to the environments where they were developing. These
transformations brought about new species that mixed with others, forming other new species,
and so on, infinitely.
The human species of the regular reality was one of the few that preserved the genuineness of
its original formula. They remained pure until they began colonizing other planets and realities.
The descent and adjustment to another physical gravity of life gradually transformed them.
Nevertheless, the Ayapliano being of the Regular Dimension always preserved the basic
formulas of creativity.
The species that was created in the laboratories of the Perfect Dimension and implanted in the
regular reality and which preserved the pure basis of its creativity was called Ayapliano. All the
species of humankind disseminated in the lower universe come from only one lineage and from
only one Ayapliano species. The entire lower reality owes its evolution, elevation and life to
this species. The Ayapliano species commands the mankind-universe. It is in charge of
nourishing the universe with ideas and nurturing it with cosmic and universal knowledge. It
recycles the thought-energies, turning them into ideas. It comprises the central domes, the
pineal glands of the universe.
When the Perfect Dimension saw its creature developing fully in the lower reality, it set it free to
take its own responsibility and grow up according to its own parameters of existence. It granted
the creature free will to choose and form its own self. The Perfect Dimension gave it higher
knowledge to enable it to become elevated. However, to be able to evolve it had to acquire all
the life experiences provided by its lower reality. In this way, the humans of the universe were
able to fulfill the two achievements: to become elevated and to evolve.
Hence, when the Ayaplianos felt well prepared, developed and elevated, they realized that the
time had come to outspread, to plant their seeds in other realities of life. In this way, they
acquired more knowledge with which they created new and continual ideas. These ideas would
nurture the universal mind and recycle it with thought-energies coming from new life
experiences. Thus, they would always keep this mind active, dynamic and young.
Everything that exists, all the species, planets, constellations and creations of the universe have
their origins in the Ayaplianos who are very ancient, wise and originally pure. They are the true
offspring of the higher dimensions. All the others descended from them.
Our history begins when the Ayapliano civilizations were fully developed and elevated. The
Ayapliano humans left their sphere of life to increase their wisdom and spread themselves
throughout the infinite of creation.
Ayaplianos have the following features: they are tall, slim, and hairless, with big, clear slanted
eyes, thin arms and legs, long fingers, and smooth reddish-brown skin. They are eternal and
entirely energetic beings. They nourish themselves with energy and dwell in helium. Since the

Regular Dimension is very close to the Perfect Dimension, their bodies are delicate, very light
and slightly transparent.
In order to carry out the colonization, the Ayaplianos had to adjust the delicate energy of their
bodies to the secondary and elementary density. This adjustment was first tested by their
scientists in an experimental laboratory before it was carried out on the selected planets. For
this reason, colonization was accomplished slowly.
The Ayapliano energy first had to adjust to the environment in which it was developing. During
the process of adjustment, it took on characteristics of the surroundings. Thus, as it descended,
it assimilated the density and consequently lost its gracefulness, lightness and transparency. In
this way, many Ayapliano races were created, which when compared to one another, had lost
the image of their origins.
It was sad for the Ayaplianos to see that many of the planets of the secondary reality, especially
those closer to the elementary reality, had devastating levels of dense gravity that hindered
them from carrying out perfect colonization or adequate adjustment. This meant that the
elementary reality was in the worst situation because it did not offer any conditions for
colonization or life.
Colonization took place through a gradual process of the energy. This meant that those beings
who colonized a planet and who had adjusted fully to its density would be the ones to colonize
the following planet because a greater density would no longer affect them. Since they had
assimilated adjustment, they would be able to withstand the gravity because their bodies had
already become adjusted to it. All the colonized planets were first prepared by the Ayaplianos
who implanted the vegetal kingdom and then the animal kingdom. They were able to determine
the level of the density and the development of the energy through the implanted vegetal and
animal kingdoms.
When everything was perfectly developed, the colonizers arrived. Entire families were relocated
in large spacecraft. They settled in different parts of the planet to study the behavior and
development in different climatic zones, which often transformed the energy, so they had to
adjust for their own survival. The colonizers were aware that, once they settled, they would not
be able to return to their home planets. They would remain on the planet, researching it in depth
and conveying the data of their findings to the higher realities. The Cosmic Confederation
granted the volunteer colonizers the full responsibility for the planet and for their descendants.
This is how the volunteers were formed. They were scientists who were willing to take risks in
order to disseminate the thought-energy to the confines of the universe and through their
research, to be able to improve the all, keeping it healthy, active, dynamic and updated.
The scientists took in all areas of knowledge. Their wisdom was complete and ancient. They
had all the tools necessary for their research and discoveries. Large laboratories were set up
with updated technology. Everything was studied and thoroughly analyzed. Nothing was left out
and each finding was recorded in crystals for the eternity of the universal wisdom.
The volunteer Ayaplianos began to colonize the universe. The descent was gradual to avoid any
energetic interference that could contaminate them or make them ill. In this way, the universe
also expanded, interconnected and grew in wisdom. It was a laborious work of evolution and
elevation. The secondary reality was colonized and those planets developed marvelously, in full
splendor and development.

The regular reality was very pleased to see its brothers and offspring disseminated throughout
the vast universe, united as a single family and a single being. The universe was full of harmony
and love. Knowledge nurtured the realities. They were all; they were one, until the day came…
The Cosmic Confederation of planets faced a serious problem. The planet and the beings of a
secondary planet called Satien, located in the constellation of Ursa Major (Great Bear), began to
show strange symptoms in their energy. The beings were not recycling cosmic knowledge,
which meant that they were not nourishing themselves with universal wisdom. This caused
inertia in them and slowness in processing and comprehending thought. Because of this
anomaly, they had to avail themselves of feedback from their own thoughts, thus forming a
vicious and retroactive circle.
We have to recall that in the first book, El Ser Uno (The One Being – The Arcana of Thoth), the
Ayaplianos of Planet Satien and others were becoming adapted through their evolution in such
a way that many of them kept their Ayapliano energy intact, while others reshaped the basic
formulas and adapted them to the environment where they were developing.
The atmosphere of Planet Satien was charged with ions and that condensed charge caused the
molecular alteration that they suffered. The entire energetic environment was overloaded with
electricity and when this occurred, their brains could not bear the additional electrical charge.
The material energy began adjusting to the elevated electric charge, causing molecular
transformation. The energy gradually hardened for their own protection. On the other hand, the
thought-energies of these beings became sluggish, because they were charged with much
electricity, which also started to overcharge their cerebral circuits, thus neutralizing the energetic
Warned about this, the Cosmic Confederation of Alpha Centauri, the Pleiades and Orion,
decided to gather a group of volunteer scientists who would be in charge of making an in-depth
study of Planet Satien to discover the environmental causes and why its atmosphere had
become ionized.
They chose a group of scientist-volunteers from four planets belonging to the Pleiades who
were under the command of Planet Morlem. This group would be in charge of thoroughly
studying the environmental problem and the cerebral functioning of the beings of Satien. The 66
chosen volunteers would have to descend to the planet and live with the densified beings of
Satien to study the altered reactions of the planet and of its beings. The 66 volunteer scientists
coordinated by Luzbel, one of greatest scientists of Planet Morlem, prepared for the journey,
taking along great ancient wisdom that would help them find out what was happening there.
They set out in a large laboratory spacecraft that had been technologically prepared and would
navigate across sidereal space. They were all confident that they would return as soon as
possible with the answers that the Confederation had requested. The trip took place without any
setback. When they arrived on Planet Satien, they landed in the coolest part of the planet, the
poles, to avoid a possible contamination because ionization would not affect them there. Satien
was not yet fully developed. The planet had delayed its evolution, and its elevation was still in
process of definition because of the sluggishness of its densified thought-energies. The lack of
evolution had caused many problems. The planet and its dwellers were in a low and dense
vibrational level, and this was enclosing them in a sequential retardation that continued to
become a bigger and bigger problem.

The laboratory spacecraft was installed in the South Pole of the planet. Luzbel and his group
began the research. After much study and profound findings, they concluded that Satien was
ionized due to the emanation of thought-energies that the beings of Satien produced in their
brains. These ionized thought-energies had spread around the planet, generating a dense,
calorific and extremely violent web. This web produced gaseous accumulations of condensed
electricity, which burst out as storms, tornados, torrential rains and, above all, electrical
discharges. These discharges were so violent and intense that when they hit the ground, they
electrified the soil. The seeds that were sown absorbed the violent energy and the inhabitants
fed from all that uncontrolled energy, which, in turn, affected the health of their own energy, in a
vicious circle.
It was a sick energetic circle that had been created by the inhabitants themselves. Furthermore,
they discovered that all the technology of the planet functioned according to the same
uncontrolled electricity. This affected the senses and caused strange diseases that the
inhabitants of Satien could not understand or avoid and much less, heal.
Uncontrolled electricity was the root of the problems of Planet Satien. Ionization was also
damaging their minds deeply. The beings became increasingly violent, aggressive, dissatisfied,
sad and anguished, because the calorific web charged with ions around the planet was making
them insane. The light that the planet absorbed from its sun was filtered through the ions, thus
distorting it. When this light reached the surface of the planet, it was totally charged with an
artificial luminosity, which produced additional electric charge that also affected the energy.
When the beings breathed the ion-charged energy, they reacted furiously and violently. As time
went by, the problems intensified. Technology and science reinforced the negative
consequences. They used the resources that the planet offered them incorrectly and
indiscriminately, taking the planet to a deplorable state. The alleged science and technology
went on expanding discrepancy with the energy, contaminating and aggravating the ongoing
Planet Satien was very sick. Electricity, vibrational waves and the density of ionization were
disestablishing the planet. The inhabitants, unaware of all the negative consequences they
themselves were causing, continued producing new technologies that they called progress,
modernization, advancement and evolution. Planet Satien was immersed in an immense
electrified calorific stove of uncontrolled ions, which in time would bring about a colossal
energetic condensation, comparable to a nuclear bomb.
Luzbel and his group of scientists notified the Cosmic Confederation about all that was
happening there. They proposed an urgent and immediate conscious awakening of the planet,
affirming that this process would bring about the following in the inhabitants of Satien:
Organization of thoughts
Stability of energy
Control of electricity
Lessening of the density
Elimination of the ion web
True perception of the light
Healing of the planet.
Planet Satien began to grow in awareness through the cosmic knowledge. Its inhabitants were
meant to awaken their consciousness to a higher level of vibration. By raising their thought12

vibrations they would attain stability of the energy, consequently, everything else would
automatically be in good order.
Luzbel and his group of volunteers would be in charge of transmitting the knowledge and were
thereby appointed by the Confederation as guardians of Planet Satien. They would dwell in
the poles of the planet and disseminate the knowledge through the messengers – a group of
inhabitants selected and especially prepared for this task.
Luzbel and his group could never have imagined what was awaiting them. They did not know
that they were on a planet where energy no longer operated the way they thought it did. The
planet had become corrupted; it had pursued uncertain and crooked ways and had lost the
purity of its creation.
The inhabitants of Satien were certainly not living according to the parameters of the universe.
They had created their own norms and ways of existence. The inhabitants of Satien were no
longer considered Ayaplianos; they were reptilian-Ayaplianos.
The amalgamation of energy and ionization caused profound changes in the energy of the
planet and of the beings of Satien. The structure of the Ayapliano-beings had become reptilian.
They kept their basic human form, but no longer their genetic formula. Their skin became scaly
and greenish, their head big and hairless, their forehead prominent, their eyes slit, clear and
with slanting pupils. They were tall and slim, with thin legs and arms; they had cold blood and
internal systems adjusted to their nutrition. Their constitution was strong and very malleable to
the varied gravitational shifts. The brains of the reptilian-Ayaplianos did not adapt to the cosmic
knowledge that Luzbel and the volunteers disclosed; their teachings were too deep for the
reptilians. Since they could not assimilate or understand them, the thought reversal did not take
place because of their strong reptilian nature.
To a certain extent, they did assimilate and try to understand the universal knowledge, but they
did not recognize love and could not assimilate it. This was the big problem that Luzbel faced.
The reptilian nature was a great challenge, a confrontation that neither Luzbel nor the
Confederation could ever imagine.
During their research, transmission of knowledge, in-depth study of the reptilian nature, direct
contact with the inhabitants of the planet, and in their going back and forth, Luzbel and his group
began to notice certain discrepancies in their energy that drew their attention.
Although the volunteers were living in the iciness of the poles to avoid contamination, the
vibration of the planet had somehow caught up with them. They had taken all precautions to
avoid any possible infection. The laboratory spacecraft was located at parallel zero. The
atmosphere of the planet did not cover the entire planet and when the sick energy reached that
parallel, it was dislocated by the polar winds, which froze any trace of energy coming from other
parallels. In short, the laboratory was placed at neutral point latitude of Planet Satien. The
laboratory spacecraft generated its own atmosphere and recycled its own combustion that it
extracted from the cosmic light. They also produced their own food. How, then, were they
perceiving a tiny anomaly in their energies? From where was it coming? What was causing it?
The reptilian-Ayaplianos, chosen and prepared by the volunteers to be messengers, were
spread all over Planet Satien. They taught and transmitted the knowledge that they received
telepathically from the volunteers.

The work of the messengers was hard, slow and drawn out. In spite of all the efforts, the beings
of Satien did not understand, and therefore did not assimilate, the knowledge. Thus, the
problems kept on emerging – wars, famines, desolation, impoverishment, violence and evil
dominated the planet. When one sick thought-energy seemed to have been overcome, a new
and stronger one emerged, even sicker than the previous one.
The governments of the planet, unaware of the secret intervention of the Cosmic Confederation,
could not even imagine what was going on and much less realize the help that they were
receiving from other planets, especially from the presence of laboratory spacecraft at the poles
of the planet.
Up until that time, Luzbel had worked in silence. However, since he realized that not all the
efforts were giving the results hoped for, he decided that the time had come for them to present
themselves to the governments of the planet, to explain personally the seriousness of the
situation. The guardians had worked in a subtle and hidden way, expecting that by doing so, the
transformation of the planet and of the beings would come about through their own effort and
work. In that way, the beings would preserve the authenticity of their work, without attributing it
either to magic or to miracle, but rather to their own intention to achieve it. This transformation,
carried out in an honorable way, would nourish the planet for future achievements.
Advised by Luzbel, the Cosmic Confederation allowed him to go ahead with his idea of
disclosing himself to the governments of the planet, considering that they would have taken all
the necessary precautions. Luzbel and the volunteers announced their presence through the
messengers and asked for a meeting with the leaders of the planet who had been chosen for
their elevated energy and purity of thought. The meeting would be held in the South Pole, where
the laboratory spacecraft was located. Some of the governments of Satien responded positively,
with delight and much hope for the planet. Others remained attentive, in anticipation of the
events and some reacted negatively, suspiciously rejecting any help.
The governments chose twenty-two representative scientists, who, together with the volunteers,
would study the causes of the sickness of Satien. These representatives would be housed in the
laboratory spacecraft with the volunteers, who would teach them. In this way, the planet would
receive the knowledge to benefit everyone equally. It would reach the population faster and
uniformly through education.
Luzbel and his group transmitted the universal scientific, technological and philosophical
knowledge to the twenty-two representatives. They prepared and trained them thoroughly in
cosmic wisdom, teaching them the codes, formulas, mathematical sequences, numerical
correlations, and so forth. They were given all the knowledge. The volunteers prepared those
beings by teaching them the secrets of the universe with much dedication and love.
Luzbel and his group could never have imagined that the sickness of Satien was so deep-rooted
in the energy of those beings. They never suspected that, in spite of all the efforts put into the
processes of transmission and teaching, the disorder of the sickness still prevailed deep in the
minds of Satien. Furthermore, the distortion increased with the added wisdom of knowledge.
After long periods of coexisting with the representatives, Luzbel and his group were pleased
because the scientists of Satien had learned absolutely everything taught to them. They were
totally prepared to cope with the sickness of the planet. They could begin the healing process
with the reactivation of thoughts that would lead to the cleansing of the energy of the planet.

Notwithstanding all the extreme precautions that Luzbel and his group took to avoid becoming
contaminated with the energy of the planet, the inevitable happened. The volunteers became
contaminated and their thought-energies gradually began to lose the mathematical sequence
and correlation. It was a very slow and subtle loss, but serious enough for them to be
considered isolated from the universe.
The Cosmic Confederation was informed and it immediately prohibited the return of Luzbel and
his group to Morlem until they were completely healed and able to recover the sequence of their
thought-energies. The Confederation also decided to quarantine Planet Satien, isolating it from
any interference or approach by other planets or spacecraft that could become contaminated.
They immediately placed an etheric web around the planet to avoid the thought-energies from
spreading to the cosmos.
Luzbel and his group became trapped in a sick planet, without being able to return to their
planet of origin and, above all, contaminated with a dense and electrified energy, without
knowing the consequences and collateral effects of that energy on them.
Volunteers and the scientist-representatives united their efforts to find a radical cure for the
planet, the beings and the Ayaplianos, but they could not find any. The sickness was
transmitted from generation to generation. The energies were transformed and adapted by
disguising and hiding so well, that it was impossible to overcome them. For the first time in the
created universe, a strange gene emerged that was unknown in any reality of the cosmos. That
gene was named virus.
They noticed that the virus lodged in the thought-energies, from where it produced irritability,
anguish, stress, fear, violence, anxiety, rage, amnesia, distortion and so on, in the minds of the
beings. As the sickness advanced, the symptoms increased to the extent that people ended up
exterminating themselves or others. The symptoms worsened and developed as the sickness
progressed, taking on new forms that adapted and entered the individual’s character and
personality. These were so deeply enrooted in the minds of the beings that eventually they
considered them to be learning, adjustment, development, adolescence youth, stages, growth,
evolution, psychological problems, and so on.
Since the inhabitants of Satien did not know how to deal with this virus, they tried to cure it
through their own inexperience, ignorance and lack of knowledge. They invented useless
solutions for each anomalous aspect and created fanciful cures that never reached any
conclusion or understanding. One of those cures that brought them wellbeing and tranquility
was the accumulation of material possessions.
Luzbel and his group observed and studied the compulsive behavior of the beings of Satien and
based on exhaustive and deep analysis they came to the following conclusion.
The virus attacking Planet Satien and its inhabitants was an adapted metamorphosis of
the idea-energies that had formerly attacked the higher realities: an energy that had been
called intellectuality. This virus-energy was a continuity of intellectuality and to
differentiate it they designated it virus-ambition.
They also realized that this virus could not be neutralized only by knowledge. It was so strong
and so adaptable that there was only one way to get rid of it, that is, by creating in the brains of

the beings thought-energies contrary to that virus. The antidote was called renunciation. Only
through this antihistamine were they able to control the sickness and the mutation of the virus.
Scientists also noticed that the color of the thought-energies of the beings of Satien was dark
amber. Their distorted frequency, vibration and rhythm emitted low sounds and did not maintain
a stable or rhythmical frequency.
The dark amber color gave rise to the word ambition. It meant the action of amber. This color
did not exist in the cosmos; it was discovered in Planet Satien. Since the thought-energies were
dark and did not have their natural color, due to ionization and electricity of the environment, the
brain had neutralized the universal colors. They became burnt crystals. Since the crystals were
dark and burnt, they blocked the absorption of cosmic thought-energies. For this reason, Planet
Satien and its beings could not pick up universal energy or nourish themselves with it.
Renunciation, or rather, the antihistamine, cleared up the crystals. It made the color amber
return to its natural light yellow. When the crystals became clear, the light passing through them
burnished them and the cosmic communication to them was sharp and clear. But to carry out
this process, first, they had to heal themselves and then they had to heal the planet.
Let us look at the meaning of the word amber.
Amber. Thales discovered the magnetic properties of amber. Yellow amber in Greek is called
electron, from which the word electricity is derived. Amber represents the psychic thread that
binds individual energy to cosmic energy. It symbolizes solar, spiritual and divine attraction.
Ionization and an excessive charge of electricity activated the dormant energies that Planet
Satien and its inhabitants had inherited from their ancestors, the higher worlds. Even though
those intellectual thought-energies were believed to have been eradicated, it was not so. They
were still there, causing harm in one way or another. Unfortunately, the virus of intellectuality
had become modified and had turned into ambition.
Luzbel and his group also came to alarming conclusions because they discovered that although
Planet Satien had activated the gene of intellectuality, which had mutated into the virus of
ambition, the thought-beings living on the planet were not aware of the distortion. They were
oblivious and thought that every deficiency was part of their imperfect nature and, therefore,
normal. They had no idea of what was happening in their atmosphere or in their reality.
Luzbel knew that, even though they were Ayaplianos, the virus of ambition would also make
them sick; however, unlike the inhabitants of Satien, they would be completely aware of it.
After much effort, dedication, study and research about this, the 22 representatives of their
respective governments were quite prepared to carry out the work commissioned by the
volunteers. They returned to their countries as messengers of the Ayaplianos, filled with wisdom
and earnestness to help their planet and fellow beings. They informed their governments of the
plan to be carried out. Nevertheless, since the sickness had overcome the inhabitants of Satien,
the inevitable happened. Self-interest and power generated by the virus of ambition eliminated,
annulled and hid any trace of knowledge that they had acquired.
The messengers became culprits and victims of their own countries and governments. Those
who refused to let their knowledge be manipulated were wiped out. Those who cooperated were
used for the benefit of technology and egocentric science as well as religions, exclusively for

control and power. Religions took advantage of the obscurity in which the knowledge had been
received to distort many of its teachings. Consequently, the true history remained buried in
ignorance and evil. Planet Satien sank into the ostracism of evil, injustice, obliviousness,
amorality, absence of ethics, manipulation, and lies of power and of the virus of ambition.
Meanwhile, Luzbel and his group struggled to hold back the sickness, which was gradually
overtaking them. They maintained the laboratory of the spacecraft in the South Pole until the
day came, when they were tired out and deprived of the sustenance of knowledge, far from their
source and planet, they decided to disclose themselves to the beings of Satien. They thought
that perhaps their presence and direct contact with these beings would help the cure of the
sickness. Up to that time, they had been able to control it but not to eliminate it. The beings of
the planet generated the sickness and nourished themselves with it. But they would never be
able to heal it until they understood that they would have to work together.
Luzbel and his group also understood that they could not go back to Morlem. They were
contaminated; their destiny was ordained. Even knowing this, they decided to continue helping
the planet, at all costs. As long as knowledge, understanding and love remained with them, they
would help and struggle to overcome the sickness.
Planet Satien had managed to develop slowly in the course of its evolution. Helped by the
information stolen from the messengers, the beings were able to advance in science and
technology. Memories of the contacts with extraterrestrials were lost in their minds. Only a few
beings, through word of mouth, retained somewhat clearer information of the time when the
messengers transmitted the knowledge given by the Ayaplianos. Obscurity prevailed throughout
the planet. Those who were more aware somehow handed down the Ayapliano knowledge to
their descendants, but since this was done verbally, it also gradually lost its accuracy.
Gathered in the laboratory of the spacecraft, the volunteers conceived a new form of “contact”.
They all agreed that it was an extraordinary idea and it was approved by the group.
They began working on it. To be able to implement it, they had to reactivate the technique of the
holograms. Since they could not appear personally to the beings of Satien because they could
become even more contaminated, they envisioned holograms of reptilian beings, which
conformed to the religious beliefs of the planet. By means of those holograms, they would
convey very simple knowledge, based on a central figure that would instill respect, fatherhood,
love, gentleness, support and, above all, trustworthiness.
So they created the father-god idea, represented by an elderly benevolent and understanding
figure that was sometimes lovable and at other times choleric, very gentle or very compelling. It
was a paternal figure that all the beings of Satien needed for psychological support.
This figure was carried with a fundamental belief that conformed to the environment, and was
based on norms and foundational aims of the planetary society of Satien. The hologram-figure
would appear to certain selected individuals who, upon seeing and talking to it, would attest with
faith to the existence of a higher God. That faith and belief would make the beings of Satien lift
their eyes to the universe and, through it, begin to uplift their thought-energies. Step by step,
and very simply, that benevolent and endearing father would teach them universal knowledge.
The volunteers understood that the brain of the beings of Satien was in a retroactive state. To
activate it, they had to instill a belief, something new in their lives, something that would prevail
upon and reactivate their dormant energies, especially to upgrade the thought-crystals with new
data and new expectations of life and existence

They created a new concept, a new opportunity for the inhabitants of Satien. Through it, the
beings would gain greater, global and cosmic consciousness. They also created a new gene
called factor X (probability) which would counterattack the virus of ambition. The new concept
would offer the beings of Satien rewards for their efforts and for the renunciation of their
ambitions. By means of these bonuses, the beings would renounce material possessions, for
their reward would be extraordinary. They would be offered heaven and eternal life where that
loving and benevolent father would be waiting for them, to offer them all the gold and riches that
they deserved because of their good deeds.
Luzbel and his group created and activated factor X (probability) without realizing that at some
time the creature would turn against the creator. Factor X revolutionized Planet Satien, but also
enslaved it to a belief. At first this belief was positive, but as always happens, it did not set them
free because it was imposed by faith, fear and obligation and not by belief in knowledge,
understanding and universal love.
The Confederation was not informed of Luzbel’s good intention and the creation of a new idea.
The volunteers decided to carry out this project independently and through their own initiative. A
terrible mistake! With that attitude, they severed their last ties with their origins and with the
telepathic communication that they still had with the higher hierarchies. Luzbel took on the full
responsibility for the decision. The plan was established and they would put it into practice. The
apparitions of the hologram were circulated throughout the planet, impacting the population with
dread and fear. The new concept began to be recorded in the minds of the beings. They all
obeyed the precepts unquestioningly.
The new rule worked like this: God the father, creator and maker, had mercy of them and had
descended to forgive them and to promise them eternal life together with him for they were his
beloved children. If they behaved well according to the decreed precepts, they would go to a
heaven, a promised paradise. If they misbehaved and did not obey the precepts, they would
burn in hell (amber ionized energy), where they would sizzle in their evil and sins.
In the midst of his sickness and contamination, Luzbel created a belief based on fear,
ignorance, revenge and reward. He created a concept based on his own distortion, since
everything created was a reflection of the sickness that afflicted them: ambition.
The holograms not only served to transmit the concept but also to control the sick minds and
dominate the masses. Through the holograms, Luzbel, in particular, spied on the governments
and controlled the entire planet of Satien. Nothing escaped his dominion.
Some governments were not deceived since they knew about the existence of the volunteers in
the South Pole. However, for fear of the technology of the extraterrestrials and of their control
over the planet, they were afraid to intervene and confront them. The sick good intentions of
Luzbel turned into domination, manipulation and control. Unlike the inhabitants, who were
unaware of their sickness, Luzbel was very conscious of it, because all his actions, deeds and
thoughts were carried out with knowledge of their cause and effect. Luzbel and his group were
sicker than the very beings of Satien.
Aware of what was happening, the Cosmic Confederation decisively closed off any possibility
for Luzbel and his group to return. The etheric web that had been placed around the planet was
reinforced so that the contaminated energies would not be able to escape.

This was how the degradation of the senses and ambition began to dominate Planet Satien.
Luzbel and part of his group succumbed in full to the sickness. They deceived, lied, corrupted,
abused and contaminated … in the name of the Father-God. Luzbel began to lose control
because of so many lies and so much manipulation.
The governments had taken advantage of the fear and terror of the beings and new leaders
appeared out of this deliberate control of a system that was totally manipulated and dominated.
These leaders would govern the entire planet.
One of the most influential leaders was called Lucifer.
Lucifer, one of the greatest leaders and scientists of Planet Satien, ruled one of the richest and
most developed countries of the planet. He was one of the direct descendants of the twenty-two
messenger representatives who were originally instructed by the volunteers. Through this
legacy, he had all Luzbel’s scientific and technological information. He was just as well prepared
as the volunteers themselves. Based on all the information he had, he knew how to manipulate
the other governments to keep them completely enslaved under his domination. Lucifer had
used negatively all the technology inherited from the representatives. Lucifer had the knowledge
of the ionization of the planet. By using technology, he created satellites to control the direction
of electricity. This generated more havoc and fear among the inhabitants of Satien. When
Luzbel sensed that his influence was decreasing, he joined up with Lucifer to continue his
operations of domination and manipulation.
As the events unfolded, Luzbel and his group began feeling the burden of years. They knew that
they would soon have to face an inevitable reality that they could no longer control –
disembodiment. They were not sure if the reptilian bodies would be able to shelter them to
continue subsisting. Even though their thought-energies were sick, they had preserved their
healthy and entirely Ayapliano bodies in the laboratory of the spacecraft.
The possibility of incarnating in a reptilian body would be carried out if they found, among the
reptilians, beings that were not totally distorted and that, in the midst of chaos, had kept their
thoughts in a more reliable and original state. To ensure their survival, they sought and found a
caste of reptilians, on a mountaintop that, in spite of the sickness, had remained pure of heart.
Thus, their thought-energies were not completely distorted. They were the only ones suitable to
shelter them because their thought-energies were compatible with those of the Ayaplianos.
These beings were chosen to shelter the volunteers, who would incarnate in their descendants
to form an extraterrestrial lineage and a dynasty that would bring about extraordinary future
The volunteers contacted the chosen beings and told them of the plan. A very harmonious and
loving relationship was established among them. The reptilian-beings accepted to shelter the
Ayaplianos who began to prepare them for the task. They transmitted their universal knowledge
to the reptilians and adapted them mentally for the forthcoming incarnations. Their mental
circuits were equipped and the hereditary genes were linked up with the upcoming
Each of the 66 reptilians that were prepared would shelter a volunteer, who would always
reincarnate in the same line of descendants to preserve the teachings and memories throughout
all their generations. They became the guardians and messengers of that wisdom and they
were instructed to use it exclusively for the good of the beings and Planet Satien and never for
their own benefit.

During their preparation, the reptilians began manifesting high frequency cerebral activations,
which resulted in extrasensory phenomena. The genetic mixture gave excellent results and
those beings became a privileged caste with special gifts that were beyond the reach of most of
the beings of the planet.
Little by little, the volunteers disembodied and incarnated in those special reptilian beings.
Luzbel was one of the last to do so. After some time, the 66 volunteers were lodged in reptilian
bodies, ready to continue struggling and spreading the universal knowledge that would help the
planet to get out of its density and sickness.
The adaptation of the Ayaplianos to the reptilian bodies was excellent. The results were
extraordinary because they were thus able to mix with the reptilians and mingle with them, to
the point that their descendants were called sons of the gods.
Since Lucifer had the same knowledge as the volunteers, through his descendants he also
prepared the eternal life that would shelter him, giving him continuity of life. Lucifer had
discovered the technological secrets of reincarnation and continuity that would enable him to
have the planet under his dominion and power.
The Cosmic Confederation watched the development of the events with uneasiness. The etheric
web that they had placed to prevent the spreading of the sickness was completely
contaminated. They had no communication with the volunteers. The planet was encapsulated
and was nurturing itself with its own sick thoughts.
When Luzbel disembodied and then incarnated in a reptilian-form he consolidated his
supremacy, since he was sure that he could live eternally in a form that would allow him to
move freely and disguise himself in the midst of the inhabitants. He would be one of them and
now, together with Lucifer, he could really take possession of the whole planet.
Luzbel deceived and betrayed his group. While the other volunteers struggled to get free from
the burden of the sickness, he manifested deliberate and inordinate ambition. He had always
been working with Lucifer covertly, sharing with him all the secrets of the research and findings.
Luzbel sensed Lucifer’s unrestricted ambition and gave free rein to all his repressed desires of
greed and possession. The union of Luzbel and Lucifer aggravated the situation for the beings
and the planet of Satien. Universal knowledge was used entirely for negative creativity. The
seed of evil spread and the beings of Satien were born with an extra gene that differentiated
them from the Ayapliano species.
The virus of ambition was so strong that it generated factor X (probability). This gene intervened
in the molecular structure and the crystals modified the basic structure. This meant that their
thought-energies became unified and amalgamated into a single atomic structure. They became
so condensed that thought was only one. Their thought-energies turned into isotopic crystals so
that the cerebral functioning could not distinguish right from wrong, good from evil. Contrasts
ceased to exist. The beings of Satien linked their thoughts forming a single one based on a
collective process of thinking.
This process can be compared to that of insects, which have isotopic crystals. This means that
the encephalic mass of insects functions electrically by signals that activate common and
collective movements. Insects are unified by vibrational waves that genetically drive them to

have systematic reactions for the wellbeing of the collectivity. We can say that in the universe
this type of thought-energy would be regarded as the lowest level of cerebral functioning.
Factor X (probability) has not held the same gradation throughout evolution; it has developed
and has thousands of levels differentiating it. Thus, the beings of Satien reached their minimal
cerebral expression and their maximal expression of the density. The brain of Planet Satien
functioned according to the directives imposed by Luzbel and Lucifer, two powerful united forces
that moved the thought-energies for their own convenience.
The messenger-volunteers who were struggling against that collective control had to escape to
the highest mountains and the deepest caverns in order to break free from the unrestricted
control reigning on the planet. Luzbel and Lucifer proclaimed themselves as gods and creators
of factor X (probability). Planet Satien and its beings were entirely controlled by them. Their
ambition was so great that they not only wanted to take over the planet but also to become
kings of the universe.
Meanwhile, the web around the planet held them prisoners; not even holograms could get
through it. They were in a jailhouse. The higher worlds had placed a triangular-shaped etheric
web of energy around the planet. They knew that reptilian thought-energies could not go
through it because their energies were rejected by the color, form and sign of the web. During
the evolution process this web had become hardened, darkened and was as rigid as the
thoughts of the reptilians.
If the web continued that way, it would first start to crack and in the end, it would explode in a
way that it would destroy not only all of Planet Satien but other neighboring planets as well.
Even though the higher worlds did everything to keep the web stable and flexible, it no longer
responded because the web had hardened so much that it could not withstand the strong
density. Luzbel and Lucifer knew about this problem, which was slipping out of their hands. So,
they began to figure out a way to escape, with the idea of colonizing other planets and thus be
able to expand their reign to other worlds and realities.
Their secret investigations focused on discovering a way to get through the web. Luzbel had
kept the Ayapliano crystals, which were rounded. Using the available technology, Lucifer had
refined his crystals, while those of the beings of the planet were isotopic, forming a single
consciousness and identity. They carried out in-depth research and came to the conclusion that
only two families could leave the planet, that is, Luzbel’s lineage and Lucifer’s lineage. The rest
were condemned to be incorporated with the planet. The condensation, atmosphere and
electrification were so intense that the planet had formed a ball of compacted nuclear energy,
ready to detonate at any moment, which would cause a tremendous catastrophe.
The Cosmic Confederation knew that with such explosion, evil would spread through the
universe. The virus of ambition would be out of control and would attack and ravage anything in
its way. The sickness would increase and outspread.
Luzbel and Lucifer created holograms of themselves, transforming the rounded energy into
triangular. They achieved this by joining both energies. They formed two triangles and
intercrossed them, forming a six-pointed star. One triangle represented elevation and the other
evolution. When the star was spun at a given speed, its tips became rounded which, in turn,
altered vibration and frequency. Thus, energy was attracted to another reality of existence.


The web had been created triangularly, which meant that no energy from Planet Satien could
get through it because the energies of the beings of Satien were deformed and distorted. Luzbel
and Lucifer discovered the geometric shape of the web through research based on many
mathematical experiments. They created holograms with triangular energy, one triangle upright
and the other inverted. When they made the star rotate, they could go through the center of the
web, that is, they could go through the nucleus of the star.
The Cosmic Confederation had inverted the triangle with the sole purpose of confusing them to
prevent their escape, but Luzbel and Lucifer managed to decipher and interconnect the triangles
in such a way that they could create perfect holograms to be able to escape. They imprinted on
those holograms all the essence of their life experiences, preparing for their escape, which
would take place when the planet was very close its annihilation.
The Cosmic Confederation took every precaution. When they learned that the planet would
explode, they placed an etheric web around each inhabitant to prevent the virus of ambition
from spreading more than was anticipated.
Even though everything was protected, through precise calculations the Confederation knew
where the fragments of the planet would fall after the big explosion. These fragments would
have to be classified and again protected with the etheric web, because they knew that each
one would turn into a new planet. If each one of the fragments were not protected and isolated,
it would contaminate nearby planets. The Confederation could not allow the virus to spread.
They had to take all precautions.
On the other hand, the Confederation placed a reinforced protective web to separate
constellation of Ursa Major (Big Bear) from the lower worlds of dense energy. The initial web
was entirely modified. The protection was no longer a triangle. The Confederation created a
different mathematical sequence as well as many webs, formed of triangular and square
energy, placed one over the other. The unification of these would turn into a cube, which, in
mathematics means the result that is obtained by multiplying an amount three times by itself,
referring to a base of a potency of exponent 3.
However, Luzbel and Lucifer did almost the same. They demarcated the planet into various
fragments and placed mathematical signs to recognize them in future. Furthermore, they
devised a mathematical plan that would enable them not only to recognize, but also to liberate
the thought-energies of Satien.
Planet Satien belonged to them and they were not going to abandon it and much less let it be a
part of the Confederation. Luzbel and Lucifer were sure and confident that the explosion of
Satien would give them the great opportunity to grow and spread out in the universe because
they would form other similar planets, systems and constellations and their kingdom would
become bigger and bigger. They never suspected that the Confederation had taken every
precaution to stop them from ever being able to invade the universe and much less proclaim
themselves gods of those realities.
The awaited day arrived. Planet Satien, totally ionized and electrified, exploded so intensely and
violently that its fragments plummeted at an incredible speed, spreading to the lower reality.
They reached unexpected places, which had never been studied or even discovered. Nearby
planets protected themselves, however the radiation of this harmful energy infected adjacent
zones, which were kept quarantined for billions of years.

Satien, a planet that had been created with so much care and where the man-form had
developed under the care of the higher worlds, no longer existed. But its evil was impregnated
in each one of its fragments. The sickness had spread and the virus of factor x had reached the
densest realities.
Luzbel and Lucifer had escaped unharmed from that devastating explosion. Their holograms
roamed around for billions of years, an unbelievable length of time, until they found some
fragments of Satien.
In the course of evolution, the fragments had become strong planets that rotated around some
sun and they were adapted to more complete systems. These systems were very young and
were in full evolutionary process. Fire, gases, and very high temperatures still enveloped part of
the unexplored universe. Many of the fragments of Satien were in that part of the universe.
The Cosmic Confederation had classified them and assigned a mathematical number to
differentiate them. In the midst of that distorted reality, still in a process of development, there
was a huge fragment of Satien that had attached to a system and had become a planet with all
the appropriate features to shelter life in the future. The Cosmic Confederation assigned it
the number 3.3.3.


Chapter II
Evolution 3.3.3
Fragment 3.3.3 had fallen into a very dense and hard to reach reality. It had been attracted by
the gravity of that density and, through evolution; the same gravity refined it and gave it shape.
The fragment linked up to a system and consequently the translation and rotation gravitational
movements ended giving it a rounded form. The attraction of other minor fragments and cosmic
dust compacted the layers of dense energy, forming a lovely planet with perfect characteristics
for the future development of life.
Six other fragments of Satien had also developed in a similar way. Planet Satien had become
divided into seven large main fragments, and other smaller ones that were attracted and
absorbed by other bigger ones. Those seven large fragments settled in systems that sheltered
them. The gravitational force attracted them, adjusting them to its atmosphere and living
conditions. All of them were in a very similar gravitational line and for that reason they were
classified and numbered in mathematical order, from 3.3.1 to 3.3.7.
As the fragments rotated and moved through the universe, thousands of other small fragments
formed a protection around them that molded them.
The sick fragments of Satien were covered beneath billions of layers of healthy energy. Those
planets seemed to be healthy, but it was not so. The sickness of Satien was hidden beneath
millions of positive energies that covered them, giving them a wonderful appearance of a strong
and very healthy evolution.
Step by step, through study and research, the Cosmic Confederation monitored the
development of those planets. They came to the conclusion that the protective layers had
isolated and apparently suffocated the sickness of Satien. The seven planets were fully
controlled, watched over and constantly researched.
The Confederation would never allow the evil of Satien to spread. They would do everything
possible for the sickness to remain buried. Their idea was to keep the sickness controlled in the
center of those planets in order to study it and later heal it. Besides all the precautions taken,
the seven planets received a protective web around them, which, in a certain way, put the
universe more at ease.
Morlem was in charge of the seven planets. More than just researching them and taking care of
them, the beings of Morlem had to provide whatever was needed for them to develop according
to laws of creation. However, it was impossible to go down to those planets because of their
intense density and even worse, their gravity.
To alleviate the massive and crushing gravitational force, they decided to place around the
planets energy charged with the element air (gaseous energy), that is, with much oxygen and
nitrogen. This way they created an artificial atmosphere that would help the planets to evolve
quicker and would allow life to develop according to the implanted energy. They studied a way
to produce a heater, like a hothouse, to keep those planets at a stable temperature.
So, they created the sun, heat and light. Those elements, mixed with oxygen and nitrogen,
would radiate light, air and heat (calorific energy) to the planets, thus nourishing them. With
these three elements, the more delicate energy would become diluted in certain parts of the

planets, turning into water (liquid energy). This element would keep the atmosphere humid so
that energy of the planet would not harden or dry up. In this way, the planets (solid energy)
would be maintained supple and flexible.
It took Planet Morlem billions of unbelievable years to be able to transform the seven planets
and to leave with them a vague remembrance of where they came from and of the beginnings of
their origin. They waited patiently for the planets to settle down and little by little, they began to
implant life, which adapted to the particular characteristics of each planet. Each one of the
seven planets developed its own forms and tendencies independently, because regardless of
being in a same gravitational line, each one manifested differences in frequency and rhythm.
Whatever was implanted in one of them gave different results in the other; the creative
expressions took different routes.
Through life experiences, Morlem went on experimenting and interchanging creations from one
planet to another. Specimens of the vegetal and animal kingdoms were implanted in different
planets and, curiously, in each one the result was very different. However, there was a common
denominator in all of them, a similarity. The seven fragments had been attracted by a
gravitational force that held them in a peculiarly oblique line. Apparently, the development of the
planets remained stable and beauteous. All of the planets were located in the southern
hemisphere of the universe.
1. How did electricity affect the beings of Satien?
To know this we first have to know what Planet Satien was like and how its inhabitants
Satien was colonized because the first experiences of implantation by the beings of the Regular
Dimension did not produce the expected outcomes. They were the first colonizers who dared to
enter a descending dimension. Through study and research, those scientists were meant to
discover how humans behaved in density. Since they did not know how to go about it, they had
to carry out the research through volunteers who offered themselves for those experiments.
It was also important for them to discover which species and lineage would be able to withstand
the descent because not all beings of the Regular Dimension were capable of descending.
Thus, based on lineage and hierarchy, they were able to select a few beings that were prepared
and chosen for the task.
At that time, the Regular Dimension was at its height of development. The beings had achieved
a perfect interaction among them and they had spread out to some planets that sheltered them.
Their dimension was composed of only nine planets. Even today, we can say that it is a
dimension of quality, not quantity. A couple was chosen from each of those planets to descend
to the Secondary Dimension to colonize Planet Satien, which had been already prepared to
shelter them. The colonization was a success, the nine couples, that is, the eighteen beings,
adapted perfectly and formed their families and descendants.
A long time went by before the Regular Dimension perceived a tiny anomaly that showed up in
the later generations. That slight genetic flaw first began in the thought-energy that was
expressed as a desire that at first seemed to be part of the Ayapliano nature, but later turned
into uncontrolled cravings for possession. Those uncontrolled desires generated harmful
thought-energy, which penetrated other minds causing corrosion, rust and annihilation.

It is important to emphasize that those desires came out imprinted with an energetic vibration
that did not correspond to the mathematical correlation, but rather to an altered numeration of
adverse codes, which began to imprint an altered and inconsistent variation on the crystals.
This was where ionization began. The electric frequency altered and so did the thought
vibration. The altered states of thought were not in accord with the fluidity of the action, which
was left cut off and unable to be executed or materialized.
This uncontrolled and inconsistent desire projected a need that had to be filled. This caused the
beings of Satien to start restlessly producing superfluous and unessential needs for the simple
pleasure of obtaining them. The accumulation of vain and capricious possessions turned the
beings of Satien into unbalanced thought-energies. They were the reflection of their own
2. How did the ions distort the light in the thought-energy of the beings of Satien and
what does artificial light mean?
The vibrational alteration in the thought-energies of the beings of Satien caused the vibration to
be emitted in form of engraved thoughts, which tended to become accumulated and
agglomerated. The vibration had no fluidity; it constantly got jammed. This lack of fluidity and
the buildup of energy were called ionized energy. The crystals absorbed cosmic light, but when
it went through the ion buildup, it was sidetracked towards other channels. The beings of Satien
were not able to understand what the cosmos was transmitting and consequently they
understood it in their own way and acted according to their distorted understanding.
The vision they had of their lives was no longer in accord with the directives of the universe.
Thus, an artificial light was created within them, which meant that their needs altered and the
projection of their existence adjusted to a path that they themselves had contrived. The energy
conformed to the people’s self-image and to environment and society in which they developed.
They themselves were the light of their lives, and not the real universe, which was their origin
and their way back. In short, they created an artificial light, invented, without knowledge or
understanding, which led them into obscurity and ostracism.
This artificial light means that beings cut off all communication with their origin and create
another parallel reality, invented and constructed by them, which gives pleasure and satisfaction
to their external senses. This invented reality is manifested according to norms that are decreed
by other forceful beings who dominate the environment and other thought-energies. These
dominant beings become the artificial light of the weaker and ignorant beings.
3. When you speak about Satien, it seems to me that you are referring to the Earth. Isn’t it
very similar?
You are the children of Satien; therefore, you carry in your genes the heritage of the virus of
ambition. The beings of Morlem were never able to avoid contagion, in spite of all their efforts to
prevent you from becoming contaminated.
The scientists of Morlem did halt the contagion to a certain extent, but they did not count on the
slyness and intelligence of Luzbel and Lucifer. Before the explosion, through research and indepth study, the two had succeeded in transforming solid and compacted energy into liquid
energy. When they were able to understand how energy functioned, they were also able to
manipulate and transform energy. They knew that the fragments of the planet would be spread

about the universe and when Morlem classified and numbered them, Luzbel and Lucifer
classified them as well because the fragments belonged to them by right and energetic
Luzbel and Lucifer were never willing to give up their rights regarding their Planet Satien. They
considered themselves absolute owners of the fragments. For this reason, before the explosion,
they put an additive called convulsive energy into the matter-energy of the planet and its
inhabitants, with the sole intent of liberating the thought-energies in those fragments that were
fused and almost petrified.
When the explosion occurred and those fragments were hurled to the infinite of the universe,
Luzbel and Lucifer were able to locate them due to the convulsive-energy because the
fragments began manifesting certain compulsive and involuntary movements by which they
could be detected. Even though the fragments had been covered by layers upon layers of
positive and pure energy, evil was hiding and was ready to show up.
When you say that Planet Earth looks much alike Satien, it is true. Luzbel and Lucifer knew
what they were doing because the convulsive-energy helped the thought-energy that was
amalgamated and almost petrified in the center of Planet Earth to find a way to get out.
Currently it is invading Planet Earth and the virus of ambition is free, taking possession of minds
and fomenting wars, division, death, anguish, sadness, distortion and very, very much ambition
and power. You call it petroleum.
Petroleum is Satien’s thought-energy that became liquefied and it is flowing out through the
pores of the Earth. The fragment of Satien, which is inside the Earth, is coming out in the form
of petroleum and you are becoming ionized, electrified and amalgamated. You are repeating the
history of Satien. The thought-energies of your minds are darkening and if you continue this
way, you will be the same as Satien.
Your energies, which are meant to be clear, diaphanous and subtle, are darkening and
becoming dark amber in color. It will be dangerous when you start amalgamating. When that
happens, we will not be able to do anything. In those conditions, energy cannot be separated or
saved and it will fuse, abolishing the individuality of your thoughts. This is why we insist on
helping you before it sets in and before Luzbel and Lucifer attain their goal: to bond and fuse
you with them forevermore.
4. Why could Morlem not prevent what was going to happen?
Morlem did prevent it and placed everything imaginable around the fragment to protect and
isolate it. Unfortunately, the convulsive-energy had been placed before the explosion.
Therefore, notwithstanding all the care taken, Morlem was unable to prevent the energy from
transforming from solid to liquid. All the precautions taken by Morlem were based on studies of
densified energy and thought-energy. They never thought that Luzbel and Lucifer would liquefy
it, especially since the energy was amalgamated and totally fused.
Luzbel and Lucifer also took all precautions. First, they separated the thought-energies from the
densified energy and made them into a hologram, which they protected by hiding it in the center
of Planet Satien. They knew that when the planet exploded, each fragment of the planet would
carry along a part of the hologram that would be activated at a given time. They only left the
continuity of the species recorded in the matter-energy. Hence, the thought-energies that were

contaminated with the virus of ambition were shielded by Luzbel and Lucifer and would be
activated when development attained a certain level of evolution and recorded thoughtenergies.
5. What will happen to matter-energy that preserves the continuity of the species of the
thought-energies of Satien? Will it affect us?
When Planet Earth reached a certain level of evolution, it activated the formula devised by
Luzbel and Lucifer. This formula impelled and discharged the liquefied fragment, which began to
come out through certain strategic points that Luzbel and Lucifer had programmed.
Millions of years ago, when the continents separated, the liquefied fragment of Satien, which
you call petroleum, began to exit from the same canals that had been formed by internal rivers.
Those canals of water had dried up due to the telluric movements, which caused the heat of the
center of Earth to escape and to dissolve the external compacted mass, causing it to crack and
bring about the separation of the continents.
This slackening produced the rerouting and evaporation of the water that ran along the internal
channels. The black liquid found the exit and, when in contact with the outside, especially with
the rays of the sun, it caught on fire. In this way, the humans of the outer Earth learned about
the element fire. This was also how the vegetal, animal and human kingdoms became
contaminated with the sick energies of Satien by breathing them and feeding on them.
When the humans of Planet Earth began using this dark amber liquid indiscriminately and using
it scientifically in what humans call technology and modernization, it allowed the sick thoughtenergies of Satien to proliferate on a planetary level, taking possession of fragile and ignorant
minds that are predisposed to the sickness of ambition and power.
When scientists discovered petroleum, about 120 years ago, and they began to carry out
experiments with it, the problem became aggravated. Ambition and power have taken over the
minds of humans, dispersing and spreading in order to cause chaos and suffering among them.
If Planet Earth goes on this way, it runs the risk of becoming ionized as Satien did, because all
its technology is centered on electricity derived from petroleum. Unfortunately, this will have a
negative impact on the thought-energies of the planet. It will have an effect on the thoughtenergies of humans and on their matter energy, because the thought-energy of their brains will
begin to transform into reptilian and their human characteristics will tend to disappear.
Notwithstanding all the possibilities for elevation through evolution and the alignments, those
who do not become elevated or who are completely sick with the virus of ambition, will have
their destiny determined. In the same way that thoughts of positive energy will become humanAyapliano, the energy of sick negative thoughts will turn into human-reptilians.
6. Is it a punishment to become a human reptilian?
We cannot compare it to a punishment, but we can affirm that for a human-Ayapliano to become
a reptilian would be going against his or her own nature of origin. Ayapliano features are subtle,
clear, crystalline, transparent and light, whereas the sick-reptilian aspects are dense, dark,
amalgamated and heavy. How can we think that an Ayapliano would like to have those
characteristics or become one of them?

7. Do you mean that Luzbel and Lucifer have already activated the hologram of the
thought-energies of Satien on our planet?
Before the huge explosion that disintegrated Planet Satien, through their scientific research
Luzbel and Lucifer thoroughly monitored each detail to assure that nothing would escape their
When the thought-energies amalgamated in Planet Satien, they became a single thought;
everyone thought and acted in the same way. There were no differences among them; the
energy was isotopic. We mean that individuality was annulled, giving way to a momentous
collective consciousness. Since it was collective, it was easy for Luzbel and Lucifer to adjust it
to a hologram. They absorbed the thought-energies of the inhabitants and recorded them in
hologram-crystals, which were placed in many inner locations of the planet, so that when it
exploded, the hologram-crystals would become fused with the fragments.
The crystals had been programmed to be released when they reached a certain level of
evolution, becoming sheltered in the minds of those who were susceptible and weak. The
advancement of evolution activated a mathematical code, which had been the key to reactivate
the holograms that were in the amalgamated crystals of Planet Satien.
8. What is the formula and where in the Earth are the crystals of Planet Satien located?
The scientific discovery of petroleum in Planet Earth is recent. We say that it is recent because
formerly the thought-energies of Satien were localized in certain places of the planet. Nowadays
these sick energies have proliferated throughout the planetary environment. They have become
encysted in the mineral, vegetal and animal kingdoms, as well as in the brains of the beings of
Planet Earth.
When Planet Satien exploded, its sick fragments were hurled all the way to the Elementary
Dimension, that is, down to the One Being’s digestive system. Before that explosion, Luzbel and
Lucifer had turned themselves into two holograms. The energies of those holograms had
absorbed the entire knowledge of all the amalgamated thought-energies of Planet Satien. These
two holograms became a single entity, which saved itself because it got out before the
explosion. Luzbel and Lucifer achieved this because their rounded energy, which had become
distorted, was holographically converted into two virtual triangles.
The two holograms wandered around for millions of years until they found the fragments of
Planet Satien that were totally camouflaged and hidden under the appearance of beautiful
rounded planets that were gravitating around splendorous suns which nurtured them with
calorific energy. These planets-cells were protected by the Cosmic Confederation, which had
taken care of them and had given them life in every sense.
When the holograms of Luzbel and Lucifer reached Kryon, Antares and Aberon, they faced a
strong resistance from their inhabitants. Even though these beings had become materially
distorted, their thought-energies had not been contaminated and their energy was pure. The
fragments of Planet Satien that were in the center had been reduced, dried up and they offered
no danger of contamination. The beings from these three planets had reached the
understanding and thereby the healing of their planets.
Luzbel and Lucifer had to go away because they did not find the needed shelter to continue
living in that environment which rejected them. They found the shelter they needed in the other

four planets, namely, Cyrus, Tera, Alpha Nova and Abiares. Since the distortion was deep in
these planets and the brains of the beings were also deformed, the four planets did not have the
capability or the understanding to reject them. So the holograms of Luzbel and Lucifer entered
the deep caverns of the planet-cells and began to proliferate. Through evolution, they became
the creatures that inhabit those planets today.
You may be wondering how a hologram can materialize. When we speak about holograms we
are referring to an imprinted energy, be it artificial, virtual, unreal or real. Luzbel and Lucifer
wielded the knowledge of energy and they made virtual holograms. The same happens with
your computers. Whatever is recorded will always go on existing while the computer retransmits
it. However, if you turn it off, rerecord or delete it, what is recorded will cease to exist. Luzbel
and Lucifer recorded themselves and placed three codes to access them in three different parts
of Planet Tera in order to be able to revive and materialize themselves.
We, the volunteers, discovered these codes. When they were revealed to us, we could prevent
the exorbitant proliferation of the thought-energies of Planet Satien. This has been the main and
most important reason for us, volunteers and intra-terrestrials, to save the seven sick planets.
In order to discover the formula and the locations in Tera where Luzbel and Lucifer placed the
codes, we first had to wait for the tectonic plates of the planet to open and give us the access
we needed.
First formula
The Cosmic Confederation knew that Luzbel and Lucifer would seek and find the fragments of
Planet Satien. The Confederation also knew that they wanted to take over these planets to
consolidate and continue their kingdom.
Luzbel’s and Lucifer’s first code consisted in adapting their triangles by fitting them alongside
the already existing triangles of the universal creation. If the triangles of universal creation were
vertical, then Luzbel and Lucifer’s would be horizontal. In this way, they would disguise
themselves and would subtly take over the thought-energies.
So they placed themselves horizontally and whenever the hands of the vertical clock of Tera’s
psychic energy moved forward, they would get stuck with the horizontal hands of Tera-matterenergy. This caused a delay in the brain of Planet Tera and in the thought-energies of its
inhabitants, a retrocession in the energetic progress of evolution and elevation
We, the volunteers, were able to counterbalance the horizontal triangles by creating the second
hand (mental energy), which is so quick that the horizontal triangles do not perceive it or get
jammed or blocked.
Second formula
When Luzbel’s and Lucifer’s holograms were placed horizontally, they hampered the electrons
and protons of Tera’s brain from spinning faster. By making them denser and slower, they
wanted to stop the minute hand of the clock (psychic energy) from moving forward. When this
hand is marking the minutes and descends through the horizontal phase, the protons and
electrons of the Tera-cell tend to become slow and this slowing down causes many changes in
evolution and elevation.

The Tera-brain stagnates, producing lethargy, numbness, laziness, sleepiness, inactivity,
laggardness and energetic slowdown. It is as though time stopped, meaning that the pituitary
gland of the Planet-Tera-brain does not rotate at its proper speed, therefore nothing advances,
nothing moves forward and nothing develops. In this way, Luzbel and Lucifer wanted to
transform the planet-cells into amorphous-cells (ignorant) to keep them under their total
dominion, oppression and tyranny.
We, the volunteers, were able to compensate the electrons and protons by sending them quarks
(love). Acting dynamically, this element mixed with the others, averted lethargy and prevented
them from getting stagnated or immobilized.
Third formula
It was a real challenge for us, volunteers and intra-terrestrials, to discover the third formula
implanted by Luzbel and Lucifer.
The horizontal holograms of Luzbel and Lucifer also impeded the matter-clock’s timeline
(matter-energy) of Planet Tera from moving in step and in rhythm with the minute hand (soul)
and the second hand (spirit). Luzbel and Lucifer’s intention was to keep the hands of the clock
pointed at three o’clock (third level, third plane and third dimension). As soon as that time
arrived, the holograms would be activated and would show an entirely virtual reality to the
thought-energies. In this way, the thought-energies would live in unreality and fantasy. This
meant that, when the thought-energies were trapped in this unreal life, their psychic energy
would set back its time clock to 12 PM. So, everything would start again. They would spin in a
vicious circle of illusory beliefs, delirium and confusion.
For Luzbel and Lucifer this way of living would be considered joyful, a delight to be spread
widely and to submerge deeply the thought-energies into the terrible sickness that they suffered.
We, the volunteers and intra-terrestrials, counterbalanced this formula of unreality by tilting the
brain of Planet Tera towards the right. In this way, the hours (matter-energy) will point to the
correct time. We have abducted you through dreams and have implanted the real images in
you. We replaced the virtual by suffering and sorrow, and the fantasy by restriction and
When we, the volunteers and intra-terrestrials, discovered the holograms of Luzbel and Lucifer,
we were able to save Tera-cell and we will continue working in this way to eradicate the
formulas implanted by Luzbel and Lucifer in the cells Alpha Nova and Abiares.
9. Why did the energy of Planet Satien become distorted and turn them into reptiles?
To understand this, we first have to know the environment in which the inhabitants of Planet
Satien developed. We said that Satien was a planet belonging to Ursa Major, which you know
today as the Great Bear. The Regular Dimension selected this constellation to carry out the first
implantation of everything they had created in the laboratory.
Planet Satien was the first planet that they considered apt for those experiences, because its
reality was similar to the regular reality and it was very close to them. Planet Satien had a
helium atmosphere, three white suns and two cold moons. This planet belonged to a system
without any gravity and with a slight, almost imperceptible, rotation and translation. It was
selected because of its proximity and evolutionary similarity to the Regular Dimension. Due to

its ideal attributes, Planet Satien was the first planet of the secondary reality to be colonized by
the volunteers, who took with them the entire heritage of their progenitors, the Regular
Dimension. However, the chemical elements of the soil of the planet made a terrible difference
to the colonizers.
The planet was rich in coactive elements. That is, the soil of Planet Satien had an elementary
obstruction of analogous substances, which, when they were absorbed by the produce and
these were eaten by the volunteers, trapped their crystals and made them heavier and also
deprived them of their natural movement of the species. Through evolution, the beings of Planet
Satien who descended from the volunteer colonizers began feeling dense, heavy and slow.
They handed these characteristics down to their following generations. Through evolution, their
normal matter-energy protected itself from ionization by forming a scaly shell that was renewed
every so often.
When the Regular Dimension found this out, it always knew that the development and evolution
of Planet Satien would head for its own destruction. The Regular Dimension warned the beings
and forbade them to eat any food coming from the soil, but the majority did not obey. They
continued eating the forbidden fruits regardless of the warning and the calamitous
consequences that it would bring about. Many memories that you have do not belong to you;
they are events that took place on Planet Satien and not on Planet Earth, such as the story of
Adam and Eve. You adopted them without being part of your history.
When the Regular Dimension noticed that the evolution was not coming about according to the
universal norms, they rescued many reptilians and took them away in their immense spacecraft.
These reptilians had obeyed and had not fed themselves incorrectly, keeping their mental and
psychic energy pure. They were placed on other planets of the Elementary Dimension. At
present, they are in the constellations of the Great and Little Bear. They have adjusted and
developed in those planets according to all that was determined. Nowadays, these reptilians
form a very special species, strong, intelligent, advanced and highly elevated in knowledge,
understanding and love.
10. Did this reptilian species that was taken to other planets preserve the Ayapliano
They did preserve the Ayapliano mental characteristics, but their matter energy became
adjusted to ionization. Their energy became compressed and their matter densified, becoming a
reptilian species. They were able to get rid of the mental-energetic amalgamation but they could
not remove the material one. Although they fed on nutrients that they themselves prepared in
the laboratories, they were not able to escape from a possible contamination.
What happened in Planet Satien was horrible and indescribable. This sickness, called the virus
of ambition, is known to you as cancer. It is important to point out that the sickness of
cancer has different levels of manifestation, both psychological and material.
Psychological sicknesses can be closely compared to the sicknesses that attack the material
cells. Sick thought-crystals cluster together, unify and work with very low frequency electric
reflexes. After becoming compressed, psychic-cancer spreads through the brain and ends up in
what you call madness. The same thing happens in the sick cells in matter-cancer.


11. Why did the Cosmic Confederation not eliminate Planet Satien as a cancer instead of
letting it grow and spread?
The Confederation did not know this sickness. It was all new to their knowledge. The universe
never eliminates any energy; it always recycles it and sends it to new creations. The first idea
was to attempt to heal and recycle it. As always, they had to learn and assimilate what the
universal body teaches them through life experiences. There is no other way. How do you heal
cancer? First, you try to stop it from growing, to prevent it from spreading and contaminating the
rest of the body. That is what the Cosmic Confederation did. They sent Luzbel and the
volunteers to do this. We could compare it to the chemotherapy that you use with your cancer
patients. Through this process, they managed to stop the disease from spreading and
nowadays it is entirely isolated and controlled.
12. If Planet Earth is a fragment of Planet Satien, what will take place if the same happens
to us?
If the same happens, the universe will never allow the sickness to spread as it did in Planet
Satien. Planet Tera would be eliminated, absorbed and its energy would be transmuted to new
creations. The process would really be very different.
13. Is the same thing happening to us?
We are struggling to prevent the same thing from happening. We are the guardians of the planet
and we are aware that the same thing that happened on Planet Satien could also occur on the
We know that Planet Tera is in the subconscious of the universal mind. If you got sick, as
happened with Planet Satien, the universe would protect itself by absorbing and eliminating you.
For the universe, this would be very simple, but not so for the universal mind, because you
would turn into a subconscious thought-energy that had not been worked on, analyzed and
transmuted. This would be a real problem for the One Being.
By not working on Its subconscious, the One Being would file that sick thought-energy, that is,
you yourselves, and would not be concerned about your transcending. You would be eternally
forgotten, rejected and living in a fantasy reality. In the end, you would become such an
uncomfortable reality for the One Being that It would not know how to transmute you because It
had never done anything for you.
What we explained above is just a supposition. The One Being would never act that way. When
the universal mind detects even a tiny anomaly in its mind, it immediately sets about recovering
that energy. It will work on, understand and transmute it to make it conscious.
When Planet Satien exploded and became fragmented, the universal mind did not understand
what was happening. By not knowing, the problem got worse and subdivided into other smaller
problems that were placed in the lower levels of the subconscious, that is, the elementary
reality. The universal mind did not confront or work out the problem called the virus of ambition.
It simply hid it, camouflaged it and did not give it any real importance.
The realities of the higher levels made the One Being understand that It was not dealing with
that problem, or rather, It was not eradicating the problem from Itself. They, together with the
higher dimensions, are working on the virus and transmuting it into renunciation. They are

raising its vibration in order to elevate it and thus place that thought-energy in the conscious
side of the universal mind.
14. What does it mean when you say that the thought-energy of Planet Satien became
The beings of Planet Satien became amalgamated because they turned into rigid thoughts.
They did not question, doubt, or ask anything at all, about what was happening on Planet
Satien. They simply turned into an inert collective-thought, without any strength or capacity to
evolve, much less to become elevated. When thoughts are rigid, they become petrified and
solidified, turning into the skeletal system of the universe, that is, the support of the universematter body. These inflexible thoughts remain relegated to zone 3 and level 3.
We mean that Planet Satien had turned into a cancerous cell of the universal skeletal system.
When it exploded, its fragments reached the digestive system. For the universal body, this
meant that its nutrition would become difficult and consequently understanding would close off
any possibility of universal nurturing.
The Regular Dimension was able to heal and eradicate the cancer in the skeletal system and it
is healing the cancerous cells of the digestive system as well. Planet Earth is feeling in its own
flesh the ravages of this sickness.
You have to understand that the universe functions the same as your bodies and minds. It is a
gigantic One Being, and all of us live and exist within it. When the thought-energy of a planet
amalgamates, it tends to eject harmful chemical substances, which will soon attack matter-cells,
because these substances later turn into a thick liquid that oozes from the cancerous cell. This
sick and very contagious liquid will contaminate other planet-cells that approach it.
When a planet cell is infected, the universal body immediately sends white cells to stop the
infection from spreading. This is what happened with Planet Satien. Luzbel and his group of
volunteers would be universally compared to white cells, which arrived on Planet Satien with the
task of healing the planet. Unfortunately, the sickness prevailed and they succumbed during the
healing process.
Let us look at the meaning of Luzbel and Lucifer.
Luz: (lux, from Latin light – a system of illumination) a form of energy that illuminates. Clarity or
sparkle that some bodies emit. Model that serves as example or guide. Clarification or help.
Permission or liberty to act. To be born into life. Understanding of an idea.
Bel: international denomination of belio
Bel: basic unit to measure the level of intensity of sound. A higher sound, unbearable to the
human ear.
Luci: (luc-lux=light) Comes from the word lucidity, which means mental clarity. Clarity in
reasoning. Ability to reason easily and swiftly.
Fer: comes from the word fermium, which it is a chemical element, metallic and artificial, that
has atomic number 100. It is a radioactive element that belongs to the group of rare soils.
Fermium and einsteinium were found in the remains of the first hydrogen bomb. It also comes

from the word ferment, which means a water-soluble organic substance that intervenes in
diverse biochemical processes, without becoming altered by the reaction itself. Cause or motive
for arousing or altering of tempers. Social revolt.
So we can understand that Luzbel and his group of volunteers were sent to Planet Satien, as if
they were supposed to be like an injection of white cells to heal the planet of its demonization
due to lack of light and understanding, the low vibration, chemical and psychological alteration
that were being produced on the planet. We can compare their task to chemotherapy or
radiotherapy, which you use to cure cancer.
Demonization: to represent as evil or diabolic.
Angels and demons, as you want to see them, do not exist; they are a fantasy of your own
The universe functions scientifically, and all that happens in it is science. Any negative
process that occurs in it is considered by the universe as an energetic imbalance caused
by uneven rhythm, frequency and vibration.
15. So, if petroleum is the liquid that the Tera-cell is emitting and that is contaminating
the planet as well, what would be the white cell that we need to counteract it?
We already know what Luzbel means. Then, we can understand that knowledge, understanding
and love were sent to Planet Satien through the volunteers. The beings of Planet Satien could
only be healed through the light of wisdom that the volunteers imparted. It failed because the
inhabitants were ionized and thus did not understand what they were trying to transmit. Their
energy was carbonized. Since we already have this information, we can see how we can
counteract the sickness, so that Planet Tera does not suffer the same consequences.
If we say that light is the cure, then we know that the light of knowledge, understanding and
love will heal the thought-energies of the beings of Planet Tera. Then, who will heal the matterenergy of the beings of the planet? Light from the sun will heal matter. This means that you
should use solar energy to avoid ionization and electrification of your thought-energies, and stop
using petroleum-energy.
Can’t you see what is happening because of petroleum – how much war and suffering,
how many ethnic, racial, social and religious differences among the people, dividing
them more and more each day?
Power and ambition proliferate through petroleum. They are the thought-energies of Planet
Satien that continue invading and lodging in the weak and predisposed minds of the planet. If
they used solar energy, ambition would not be a problem because the sun is for everyone. The
planet nourishes itself with it and it sends its energy equally to all. In this way, countries would
end their indigence, hunger and basic needs of millions of beings who are suffering.
Some countries are already using a different type of fuel. They already understand that they
have to free themselves from the yoke of ambition and from those who wield the power and
control of the planet. You must find alternatives; otherwise, you will follow the same path as
Planet Satien.
Let us go on with the history…

The Colonization
About 600 million years ago, of Tera’s years, Planet Morlem considered that Planet Satien’s 7
offspring planets were ready for colonization, even though they knew that the history of Satien
could be repeated. The Cosmic Confederation met and decided to regard the 7 planets as huge
laboratories to filter dense energy. This energy would first go through elementary minds and
then transcend them.
It was crucial to take these precautions to avoid the energetic propagation of Planet Satien’s
legacy. The 7 planets would represent the hierarchy of evolution and elevation of their future
inhabitants, and none of them would be able to turn aside from the established path. Each
being’s path would be accompanied by evolution and elevation. This path had to be channeled
according to the order that the Confederation set for that process. Let us see now the
hierarchical order of each planet:
Planet Kryon…………………………………………….…………….3.3.7
Planet Antares………………………………………….……………..3.3.6
Planet Aberon…………………………………………………………3.3.5
Planet Cyrius…………………………………………………………..3.3.4
Planet Tera……………………………………………………………..3.3.3
Planet Alpha Nova…………………………………………………….3.3.2
Planet Abiares................................................................................3.3.1
The 7 fragments that had become 7 planets would shelter the colonizers chosen by the Cosmic
Confederation. These 7 planets had already been prepared by Planet Morlem. They had been
provided with everything necessary to receive the vegetal and animal kingdoms, and finally the
human kingdom. The two first kingdoms progressed and developed perfectly and acquired their
own characteristics according to their environment.
Hierarchy among the planets consisted of their energetic differences according to how near or
how far they were in reference to other more subtle or dense realities. Planets Kryon, Antares
and Aberon were energetically more subtle. Through evolution, these planets had shown that
life would develop according to the universal guidelines of creativity for the colonizers. However,
time would reveal that, in spite of the apparent evolution, there was an almost imperceptible flaw
in those planets, which would require them to reformulate the research and the assumptions of
the study. Through evolution, the other 4 planets would turn out to be a big surprise.
The 7 fragments of Planet Satien, which the Ayaplianos turned into beautiful planets, were
aligned in a sequential and vibrational straight line that adjusted perfectly to the anomalous
states of the universe.
Satisfied with the progress achieved, the Cosmic Confederation was aware of the
consequences of colonization the in denser planets, but it was ready to bear with the results. If it
did not do so, they would never acquire the knowledge and without it, the sickness coming from
Planet Satien would advance without any cure.
The 7 planets would be settled at the same time, during the same period, and by the same
species that belonged to planets in similar conditions. The Confederation had to wait for a
cosmic alignment to form, so that the 7 planets were aligned in straight row, to be as close as
possible to those planets chosen to colonize them voluntarily. The alignment would have to form

an obtuse angle, which would allow the spacecraft to enter the planets and thus they would
traverse the density without any problem.
Tenezia, Ebiar, Retryon and Ambiares were the planets chosen by the Confederation for
voluntary colonization. They all belonged to the Pleiades. The universe called them Ayaplianos
and their headquarters was Morlem. They were chosen by their characteristics and their great
ability to adjust, which they had demonstrated on other planets and in other colonization. Entire
families were minutely selected. Scientists, philosophers, doctors, engineers, administrators,
artists and others made up the range of specialties that would be allotted to the 7 planets. The
volunteer-colonizers knew what was awaiting them and they were very aware of this venture,
especially those who would colonize the denser and more problematical planets.
We know from the first book –El Ser Uno I – Los Arcanos de Thoth – (The One Being I – The
Arcana of Thoth) - that all of them became distorted and suffered terribly in the colonization. We
also know that through their evolution, the first four planets are already out of danger and are
totally recovered because they worked hard with knowledge of cause and corrected their
energy, thus they returned to their origins.
Nowadays we can say that all 7 planets are siblings of a same race and species.
Notwithstanding their specific characteristics due to their different evolutions and levels, we
reaffirm that all of you are a single species: Human-Ayapliano. One has to understand that all
processes are delayed and the correction that took place in the 7 planets has produced new
elements for the universe that have also contributed to universal knowledge.
The Cosmic Confederation has learned so much from the distortion and correction that nothing
escapes to its wisdom. Today, the tangible and intangible universe is known, studied and
continually researched. The universal mind has nurtured itself with the thought, and its children
have cooperated profoundly and will continue doing so because the mind is eternal and so are
we, the thoughts.
16. Why did they have to wait for an alignment to be able to enter the planets?
First, we have to know in what way the colonizers had to travel through the universe and how
they did it.
The 4 races in charge of colonizing the 7 planets were at their peak of technology and science.
They belonged to the Cosmic Confederation, so they had all the universal information that they
manifested in their evolutionary process. Since they were accustomed to traveling and
relocating through the sidereal universe, they had profoundly developed the study of the
universal energy. There were no secrets about it that they did not unveil.
Since they knew the universe and were a part of it, they were aware that during alignments the
approach of the constellations facilitated the passage from one reality or level to another.
The alignment that enabled the spacecraft to enter had formed into an obtuse angle. This meant
that the spacecraft could go through that angle closely and thus they would arrive in the dense
reality without undergoing any energetic interference.
Before taking that journey, they had to wait for the 7 planets to be in line, one behind the other,
in such a way that the obtuse angle reached all of them equally. This meant that the energy
within the angle had the same frequency, vibration, rhythm and colors. The energetic uniformity

allowed the spacecraft to glide gently without any setbacks. Since they were all within the
obtuse angle, each planet would shelter them energetically without any abrupt variations. In this
way, they were able to adjust gradually to the density. They knew that as the alignment
decreased, the gravity would increase.
17. Were the seven planets colonized at the same time?
Yes. They had to take advantage of the alignment. The tactics of the colonization included a
technique that had already been tried out in other planets with surprising and entirely positive
When they were able to penetrate the density through the alignment, the energy there was
subtle, diaphanous and with a high vibration. They felt no difference. They could lodge in the
planets, adjust to them, and begin the study and research. The chosen families carried on with
their lives and their descendants, who continued the work of their ancestors, began to populate
the planet.
As long as the alignment protected them, during thousands of years, the lineage remained
intact. The 7 planets were kept in an energetic womb formed by the alignment. Therefore, they
evolved according to the norms of the universe, maintaining contact with their planets of origin
that helped them in every way necessary. When the effects of the alignment began to wear off
and the 7 planets took their respective places, they no longer had the energetic protection that
sheltered them. When they stopped being nourished with the energetic uterus, the descendants
of those volunteer-beings felt the terrible ravage of what was awaiting them.
18. What happened?
We already know part of this history. The energetic distortion, gravity, genetic inheritance from
the One Origin and the oblique belt where the planets were located, caused an energetic
imbalance that went on crushing and deforming them. The subtleness of their energy could not
withstand the density.
The first three planets (Kryon, Antares and Aberon) were the least affected because they were
closer to the realities that were less dense and more subtle. So, in a certain way, they were able
to escape from a more far-reaching distortion. The remaining 4 planets were located in the
center of the oblique belt and, for this reason they absorbed the energetic density to a greater
Their planets of origin were unable to do anything for them. They could not approach them and
much less descend to such a crushing and deformed reality. Planets 3.3.4 and 3.3.3 were in the
middle of alternate frequencies, which flowed from one side to the other, allowing these two
planets to position themselves within alternative states of vibrational frequency. This meant that,
due to their location and helped by the universal movement of translation, at times, these
planets were within a more subtle energy and at other moments, they were within denser
energies. This did not happen with planets 3.3.2 and 3.3.1, which, unfortunately, were totally
immersed in the more intense level of density.
19. How did the planets move out of the protective line?
We have to understand that the universe is not flat; it is horizontal, vertical, oblique, etc. When
an alignment takes place, constellations intercross. As the configuration of the alignment

changes, constellations in certain conjunctures tend to form others. This means that the
universe adapts and restructures its bases. Nothing stays exactly the same forever. The
universe is in constant movement, always interconnecting angles, forming incredible geometric
What had to happen did happen. The universe restructured itself. The planets located in the
straight line were displaced and positioned themselves in other locations. New alignments were
also forming in other angles of the universe that deconstructed the alignment where the planets
were originally placed. It was inevitable and they knew it. What they did not know for certain was
the effect of density on all that. To find out, they had to experience it in their own flesh. That was
really the research they had to carry out. They were volunteers and had always been aware of
the risks this work entailed.
Throughout this history, you will go on discovering what really happened. We will not go into
details about the other planets. What really interests you is Planet Tera. We are going to talk
about your planet.
Planet 3.3.3
To be able to communicate with you, we, the guardians of the Inner-Earth City, had to wait for
you to activate your consciousness, so that we could communicate to you the truth of the facts
and the suffering that we all endured to get to be what we are today. We arrived on planet 3.3.3
knowing what was awaiting us. After all, we are ourselves reincarnated billions of times. We
reproduced and colonized the planet as the Confederation wanted, but not as they expected.
The four spacecraft entered the obtuse angle and descended to the poles of the planet (two
spacecraft –Ambiares and Retryon- went to the North Pole, and the other two –Tenezia and
Ebiar- to the South Pole).
Millions of years went by for the Cosmic Confederation to determine that the planets were
ready, an inconceivable time for the 7 planets to be capable of receiving Ayapliano-life. Billions
of experiments were carried out with the vegetal and animal kingdoms for the sole purpose of
ensuring life and, above all, for the colonizers to be able to turn those planets into a home for
their descendants.
Certain places were still in very elementary conditions and undergoing formation. The layers
that had formed there were not conducive to life. Gases and volcanic eruptions predominated in
some inhospitable places.
They descended and established themselves in the icy poles, which provided the location and
temperature needed for them to begin their studies and research. The spacecraft were built and
fitted in such a way that they were like cities, with everything necessary for their own
An extensive, solid, hard and compacted mass had formed near the poles in planet 3.3.3. The
vegetal and animal kingdoms had developed beautifully on that mass. Diversified specimens
populated the planet, for evolution had followed its own path, adjusting to the energetic
characteristics of the planet.


The volunteers could not to leave their spacecraft while the alignment lasted. They observed,
studied and researched everything possible about the planet, protected by the energy of the
alignment and by the atmosphere of their spacecraft.
They always kept in touch with the other volunteers and with their planets of origin. All the
findings on density were transmitted to the Confederation, which kept itself updated on
information referring to density. During that time, they procreated their descendants and lodged
in them, bequeathing their knowledge from generation to generation.
They did a wonderful job on the planet. They improved the atmosphere, cleaned the seas, grew
edible foodstuff, developed technology, science, medicine, and many other things for the
wellbeing of the planet and for their own future. All that preparation had a reason: it was time to
leave their spacecraft and populate the planet.
The planet had become a beautiful paradise where the kingdoms flourished in full splendor.
With all their science and technology, the Ayaplianos had transformed it into a wonderful place
where they would live and procreate their offspring, to whom they would give a home and a
promised land.
The spacecraft cities
The 660 beings from the 4 spacecraft had always kept in contact, interchanging all the
information from their discoveries. All the experiences were continually communicated to the
Confederation, which was in charge of transmitting them to the other dimensions.
By common accord and after much research and study, the four species decided that the time
had come to colonize the planet. They were to leave their spacecraft and face the dense
They began examining the best place to settle, since certain parts of the planet, especially its
center (the line of the equator) were still in a sweltering state of effervescence. Even though the
vegetal and animal kingdoms had developed very well, the planet was still somewhat unstable.
A great mass of compacted energy had formed between the two poles. It was given the name
Tera by the four species. They had to find an adequate place to settle on that compacted mass.
The spacecraft-cities where they were born, reincarnated, had grown and acquired all
knowledge, had protected them for millions of years. They had reincarnated in their same
offspring, preserving their own lineage and the clear memory of their origin. The offspring were
entirely controlled in the spacecraft. Whenever a volunteer disembodied, he or she left his or her
own continuity in the lineage by lodging and reincarnating in it. In this way, the same original
number of beings was maintained. The four species decided that the energetic assimilation from
the outside should be progressive and slow. Therefore, they had to settle very close to the
spacecraft since they could return to it in case a problem cropped up.
The Ambearians and the Retronyans dwelling in the North Pole decided to settle in what today
you call Greenland and Norway. The Ebiarians and the Tenezians who were in the South Pole
decided to settle in what is known today as South America and Africa. At that time, Tera was a
single unified continent. Even though it was one compacted mass, there were different climates
due to the position of the sun and the gradual cooling of the planet, which still was in a process
of lineation.

We can surmise that adaptation was also gradual. The beings that went in and out of the
spacecraft-city gradually got adjusted and settled in that reality. They also built their houses
according to their environment. They experimented with the cultivated foodstuff and molded
their lives, experience upon experience, to learn how their bodies responded to dense energy
and, above all, to get used to it.
The process of colonization was slow and gradual throughout time and evolution. The later
generations began to perceive a slight distortion in their energy. They had always been aware
that this could happen, but when the inevitable occurred, they took drastic measures. They
selected the uncontaminated ones who had remained and sent them back to the spacecraftcities. Those who got sick remained at the mercy of Planet Tera, willing to take on sacrifice and
an uncertain future. They dedicated themselves more than ever to research and study, since
their recovery and the knowledge of the planet depended on that. There was no other way out.
Their choice of cold places to settle did slow down the distortion somewhat, but it did not
release them from their destiny. The material and mental genetic elements had already been
transformed. As evolution advanced and the beings spread out, moving to the warmer parts of
Tera, the distortion reached its maximum density. It deformed them, eliminating all remaining
vestiges of their origins and erasing all that remained of their memory.
20. What happened to those who went back to the spacecraft-cities?
The spacecraft-cities were transformed into the planet’s Inner-Earth City. Of the 660 volunteers,
only 84 returned to the spacecraft and we became the guardians of the planet. Inside the
vessels, without leaving them, we continue looking after our brothers and sisters trapped in the
density of Tera. We, who are telling you this story, are the 84 and we are still in our spacecraft,
in our Inner-Earth City.
21. How could you be only 84 guardians? Did you not procreate?
Our procreation was, is and will be, entirely controlled. We only procreate when we have to
continue in our descendants.
22. What happen to those who stayed on the surface of the planet?
They became totally distorted. Their genetic elements did not withstand the dense energy.
There was a time in evolution that there was no difference between them and animals. They did
not control procreation and subdivided energetically into billions of themselves, proliferating all
over Tera. Those who were trapped on the outside of the planet are nowadays the 6 billion
beings that will have to become unified again to return to their origins.
23. How can they unify to be able to return?
It is all a MATHEMATICAL SEQUENCE. You should become unified by sign, rhythm,
frequency, vibration, element, color, and so forth.
24. Is it possible to attain this?
Yes, it is possible. Those who are awakened because they are remembering are the ones who
are already seeking their origins. You can recognize them: they are beings with open minds,
who dare, discover, question, ask and inform themselves without fear. They are those who have

broken down old, antiquated, obsolete patterns. We can assure you that these are on their way
25. What will our return be like?
We, the 84 guardians who are in the spacecraft-cities, will have to shelter all the descendants
from the outside in our bubble-spheres. In this way, both you and we will be able to return to our
planets of origin.
That is why we say that you will have to come to the Inner-Earth City to be able to go on to
another reality of existence. The 84 bubble-spheres of the Inner-Earth City are the spacecraft
and the means you need to depart from Tera. There is no other way. Each time one of you
enters the Inner-Earth City to go through the levels of evolution and elevation that you still need,
one of us will shelter you. You will go to the place where you belong.
We have already unified our races and nowadays we form a single one. Likewise, you will form
one race and will unite with us who are waiting for you.
26. Would these be all the energies that are on the outside?
When the volunteers became trapped on the outside and procreated their descendants, they
were aware that distortion would lead them to the depths of oblivion and isolation. We worked
hard to leave much information for them in different parts of the planet, so that when they
awakened they would be able to understand what had happened and activate genetic codes of
their lineage and species, through symbols. In different places of Planet Tera, we also placed
recorded crystals with all the information needed to be able to overcome the density and thus
recover your memory. The symbols are becoming activated and you are remembering; much
information is emerging. We will endeavor to recover you in a larger number than expected.
We will not rest until we have fulfilled this. We are in harvest time. In the forthcoming 7 thousand
years we will recover and shelter you to go back home together.
27. If you were 660 volunteers and we will return to our planets of origin in 84 volunteers,
what will happen to those volunteers who remained outside?
They became distorted, divided into millions more beings and spread out through procreation.
Their thoughts fragmented infinitely. You are the ones who must unite to be able to return.
When we say that you must unite, we refer to zones 1, 2 and 3. Let us look at the following
mathematical calculation.
We were 660 volunteers who arrived, of which 576 became trapped on the outside and 84 were
saved. If we put the numbers in order, we have the following: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Numbers 1, 2, 3 were
formed from the listing of the beings on the outside. If we add up all of the numbers, we will get
36 = 9. To obtain this we will need numbers 1, 2, and 3 to join us. This is the only way we will be
able to leave the planet with the assurance that the cancer has been eliminated, healed and
eradicated forever.
We, the volunteers who remained in the Inner-Earth City, will commit ourselves to taking you
along with us, because you will lodge in your descendants, and in the lineage that awaits you.
When we return to our planets of origin, you will prepare to continue incarnating in bodies of
your own lineage, which will enable you to continue evolving. The universe is very organized.

We cannot go from one reality to another without respecting the course and correlation. When
we reach our planets, we will enter the bubble-spheres of our Inner-Earth City and they will be in
charge of elevating us to another level and plane of existence.
28. How will your return take place?
When we returned to the spacecraft-cities, we knew that we would have to wait for your
energetic recovery, which would happen through evolution and through a great alignment as
well. The time has come. The announced alignment will give us the opportunity because it will
be an obtuse alignment, similar to the one that allowed us to enter and now it will enable us to
leave. The 7 planets will become aligned, allowing subtle energy to enter, which will help us in
our exit. The spacecraft-city will depart from the North Pole. When that time comes, many of you
will offer yourselves as volunteers and will stay on as guardians of the planet. You will have to
help recover the distorted ones who come behind, who have not yet developed and are
continuing their evolutionary process.
We intermixed the four species that remained in the spacecraft, forming a single species: the
human Ayaplianos. We are your future. We have unified the four elements and right now we
are in South America because we are bonding with the element ether in order to exit later
through the element helium.
When an alignment takes place, it is the center, the axis, the One Origin that is expanding its
energy and flooding its reality with a high content of ideas that spread and nourish the universe.
With the process of each alignment, the ebb and flow of the energetic stream expands and
retracts. We came through the flow, and will return through the refluence.
29. If you have already intermixed forming a single species, how can you return to your
planets of origin?
All the planets of the Cosmic Confederation are one. There are no longer any differences. The
species is a single one: the human. We are considered human-Ayaplianos because we belong
to the 7 aforementioned planets.
30. How are we going to remain as volunteers if we do not have bodies to do that?
We will leave the necessary descendants for you to incarnate in those bodies and continue the
assigned mission. Through those bodies, you will continue to shelter in your bubble-spheres all
those who arrive at the Inner-Earth City. Volunteers will be chosen by their vibration, rhythm,
frequency, colors, merit, and efforts of correction and elevation.
31. Do you still live in the four spacecraft?
When we, the four species, left our planets, we belonged to a secondary reality. We had some
idea of what could happen to us since we were descending to an elementary reality. That is why
we took advantage of the alignment. In this way, the colonization was carried out without any
setbacks. For a long time the energy of the alignment protected us, because both the energy of
the alignment and we were very subtle.
We are telling you it in this way for you to understand that to you, our spacecraft and we are
almost etheric. Our material bodies are very subtle and the spacecraft are compressed platelets
of energy.

For a long time each species lived in its own spacecraft. Then we began interchanging with
extraordinary results. We intermixed through procreation, which gave us the wonderful joy of
unifying the four elements. We are working to unify the other two – ether and helium – so that
when they are incorporated we will be able to exit the planet.
For a long time the spacecraft had remained in the same place. When we placed the six-pointed
star in the center of the planet and made it rotate at will to help you and make the energy on the
outside more subtle, we were able to transit from one place to another using the spacecraft
because the star lightened the energy surrounding the planet. In this way, the spacecraft were
able to take advantage of this subtlety and navigate within it.
32. Why is it necessary to add the other two elements to leave the planet?
Nowadays the six-pointed star, combined with the subtle thought of the beings of the planet, is
helping us to move about from one place to another. The elements of ether and helium are
necessary because they enable us to enter into the energy of refluence and go to another
Every time an alignment takes place, energy is emanated that fills, supplies and nurtures the
realities of the universe. When the alignment begins to withdraw, it extracts from those realities
the same energy that it emanated, but now full of life experiences. These are the billions of
thought-energies that will nourish it, entering the large domes that produce the necessary
alchemy to bring forth the One Being’s brilliant ideas.
This is why we say it is harvest time. This means that any thought-energy in an alignment that
has the 6 elements within it will be attracted by the refluence of the universal energy with which
it will become identified. The thought-energy that does not have the 6 elements will not feel
attracted and will be rejected for lack of affinity.
One must also understand that for a thought-energy to be attracted by the universal energy, it
will not only have to have affinity with it, but it must have the same components and elements.
This is why, if you were on the surface of the planet, you could not be attracted, you would have
to enter the Inner-Earth City and become a subtle thought-energy with the same characteristics.
33. What is your relationship to the Arcana of Thoth?
The Arcana of Thoth are in charge of transmitting the universal wisdom. They are the norms
that govern the tangible and intangible universe. The Cosmic Confederation bases its beliefs on
knowledge, understanding and love, which the One Origin has bequeathed Its thought-children
who regulate their existence accordingly.
Let us go on with the history
When we left the spacecraft, those of us dwelling in the South Pole settled in what today is
known as Peru, Bolivia and Africa. At that time, the continents were joined and they
intercommunicated. Africa was attached to South America, very close to the South Pole. Peru
and Bolivia did not have the altitude that they have today; they were flat lands, very different to
what you know now. We went to those places because the climate was very favorable to our
needs and because the central part of the planet was very hot and still in a process of cooling
down. We always tried to stay near the poles so that we could gradually adjust to the

atmosphere of the planet. Those who were in the North Pole settled in what today you call
Greenland and Norway.
Adjustment was gradual and very slow. It was not easy for us. We had to learn to live in dense
energy. Our movements were slow and heavy. At first, we used oxygen masks and special
outfits that we adapted to help us in the energetic transition.
The vegetal and animal kingdoms were developed. They had adapted totally to their new
habitat. The earth produced the nourishment and the animals fed and procreated. They
reproduced the species that had been implanted and others that had developed specifically
indigenous to the planet.
After a while, the volunteers began feeling slight and imperceptible changes in the energy.
Concerned, they took all precautions, but some were already feeling unexplainable symptoms.
This was when they had to select those who were free of the symptoms and send them back to
the spacecraft. If they had not done that, all of them would have remained on the surface of the
planet without any help to get away.
When we returned to the spacecraft we continued studying and researching. This was the only
way we were able to help our brothers who remained trapped and sick. Although we had
chosen the places and had taken so much care, our energy was incompatible with density. It
was terrible for us not to know what could happen to those who remained on the outside. Only
time and evolution would teach us the terrible effects that the dense energy had on them.
We, who had returned to the spacecraft, never abandoned our brothers and sisters. We lived
every moment of theirs, every suffering. We witnessed the distortion that attacked them and
transformed them genetically into beings who did not adjust to the norms of creativity. We had
never known ugliness, distortion, sickness, suffering or pain. It was a great learning experience
for all of us, such a profound experience that it marked us for all eternity.
34. When did you arrive on the planet?
In Earthly time, we can estimate that we arrived approximately 600 million years ago. We had to
wait another 250 million years to leave the spacecraft and many more millions of years to
communicate with you.
35. Were there not any other alignments so that you could exit?
There were, but we were not going to abandon them. Our work was dedicated to recovering
them. We are volunteers, ready for sacrifice and renunciation. The brothers and sisters who
remained on the surface were gradually losing all traces of their origins and of their memory.
They began procreating in a disorderly way and with no control, thus distributing their thoughtenergies among all their descendants. When they divided their energies, they forgot who they
were and where they had come from. We were unable to communicate with them. The vibration
and frequency of their thoughts sank into obscurity, without emitting any signal. We can imagine
what happened. The time came when there was no difference between them and animals.
However, evolution continued its course and we kept on working hard to recover them, helping
them secretly to improve their energies. We never stopped communicating with the Cosmic
Confederation and, with their help and our experience, we were able to recover you. Little by
little, you are awakening and remembering.

Everyone went through evolution, even us, to the point that nowadays we cannot consider
ourselves indigenous to the planets that we left. Like you, we are human Ayaplianos, offspring
of the same planet – 3.3.3. All human beings of the universe come from the same origin. We
come from planets that have level, plane and dimension 6 (Perfect Dimension). When you unite
with us, we will form 9.9.9 and so we will be able to exit.
Your true recovery happened 150.000 years ago, when 4 volunteers from the spacecraft went
out to procreate with the human female. Their offspring were born with the three energetic
glands activated. It was the only way for future generations to get out of obscurity and begin to
understand their environment and themselves. That was when your real history started. Only
then could we regard you as humans. Before that time, the Confederation considered you to be
part of the animal kingdom, guided by instinct and sensation, with a brain but without a mind,
without continuity of thoughts and with no understanding of your reality.
36. Do you continue living in your spacecraft in the poles?
Our technology is imperceptible to you. We are still on the planet but no longer in the same
places. We are always changing depending on the vibration of the planet and the position of the
six-pointed star. We have had to adjust to the movement and partitioning of the mass.
When the distortion began, many of our brothers and sisters who had remained on the surface
fled to the coldest places. Others sought refuge in deep caverns thinking that they would slow
down the rapid advancement of the sickness. In spite of all their efforts, they could not halt it,
but they did succeed in slowing it down and this way they could heal it. Only those of us who
returned to the spacecraft were totally saved from distortion.
37. Then, is the Inner-Earth City the spacecraft?
Spacecraft are a part of it. Those who fled and healed themselves created inner cities. They
made their homes and their existence there and also procreated. They continued
communicating with us to avoid losing their continuity with universal knowledge. Nowadays the
cities are thriving. Their technology overcomes all adversity and they have the necessary
knowledge to go in and out and to traverse the universe. Like us, they are human-Ayaplianos.
Their races intermixed and formed a single one. They are known as intra-terrestrials.
When the 4 volunteers left their spacecraft to procreate with the human female, they did not
reproduce with those who were outside the planet, but with the intra-terrestrials. Later on these
procreated with you. We have to understand that in the universe everything is carried out in an
orderly manner. Since the beings of the spacecraft were formed of subtle energy, they could not
procreate with a coarse and completely distorted energy. They had to look for a happy medium
that would enable them to reproduce. Nevertheless, they had to take all precautions, such as
using apparel and oxygen masks.
Even though the intra-terrestrials took refuge in the coldest areas and in the deepest caverns,
their energy continued modifying because they were at the mercy of a different atmosphere and,
above all, because they had to grow their food in a contaminated soil. The distortion attacked
them lightly, however, it was enough to transform them into what they are today – human intraterrestrials. Today, the groups that took refuge and founded the intra-terrestrial inner cities are
at different levels of evolution and elevation.


That is, when you disembody and are ready to enter the Inner-Earth City, they are the ones who
will initially shelter you in their bubble-spheres. You will first have to adjust to them in the even
reality and then incarnate in their bodies.
As you progress, you will incarnate in more subtle bodies. The process will be slow; you will go
through different levels and grades of energy, until you get to lodge in one of the 84 volunteers
of the spacecraft.
38. What are the intra-terrestrials like?
They are very similar to you and to us. They preserved the subtlety of their thoughts, the
universal memory, knowledge, understanding and love. They never stopped being Ayaplianos.
It was the matter-energy that became transformed in them. Their form became defined in a way
that was different to us and to you. Their technology is advanced and they have total dominion
over energy. They built spacecraft that allow them to travel and transit throughout the
elementary universe. The intra-terrestrials are divided into levels and planes and there are some
physical differences among them.
39. Are they in contact with us?
Many of you believe that you are seeing extraterrestrial beings when they show up. The
amusing thing is that both you and they are extraterrestrial beings, but you do not remember.
They appear to you in their material bodies because they are adapted to the outside. As we did,
they had to wait millions of years to attain it. First, they had to adjust gradually and today they
can go in and out without any problem. Currently they enter unnoticed without being recognized.
They are volunteers and their mission is to procreate with you. Thus, you progress and are born
with other life qualities, improving your energy, elevating it and preparing it for universal
40. Where are the intra-terrestrial cities located?
What you know as Lemuria and Atlantis were cities of the intra-terrestrials. When they fled to
the coldest places and went inside the Earth, they founded great cities, which sheltered them for
millions of years. At that time, the outside of the Earth was inhospitable and very dangerous.
There were wild animals, poisonous gasses, carnivorous plants and so on. They would never
build their cities in such an environment. So, they sought and found caverns inside the Earth
that provided safety and, above all, did not have any atmospheric contamination.
These caverns were near the poles where the spacecraft were stationed. In this way, they never
lost contact and they continued nourishing themselves with universal knowledge. Those who
were on the outside had become so distorted that they became hermaphrodites. The newborns
there did not acquire masculine and feminine energy, but instead the energy of these beings
fused forming a single one called transverse energy.
Transverse: pulling away or deviating from the principal direction or straight line.
You remained that way for a long time until the intra-terrestrials built huge laboratories in their
cities. There, under our supervision and with universal knowledge, we began to carry out
experiments to reach the cure that you needed. When the intra-terrestrials reached a promising
outcome, they implanted it in the matter of some external beings and waited for the results.

In this way, they were able to transform the distorted energy and direct it again towards the
correct formulas that the universe required. The intra-terrestrials worked hard to straighten up
your distorted material energy and we worked firmly to do the same with the energy of your
mind. You are a result of the laboratory experiments.
41. Where are the inner cities of the intra-terrestrials located?
At that time two cities were founded, one in the North Pole and the other in the South Pole. The
intra-terrestrials from the north took refuge in the highest parts of Greenland and Norway. They
established one of the most prosperous cities of that time, which was called Lemuria.
The volunteers of the spacecraft and the intra-terrestrials in the North Pole were always in
contact with the intra-terrestrial descendants of the Ebiarians and Tenezians that were in South
America and part of Africa. These also founded another flourishing and advanced city named
Communication between these two cities was carried out telepathically. Since the atmosphere
in certain places was detrimental, they could not go out to the surface of the planet. Through
many experiments carried out in the study laboratory, the intra-terrestrials managed to transform
the atmosphere and the planet into a suitable place for their basic survival and development
needs. When they were able to go out to the surface, the northern and the southern races
intermixed and procreated. Thus they created two important races of that time – the Lemurian
and the Atlantean races.
42. Are we a result of laboratory experiments?
Yes, you are the outcome of laboratory experiments. When intra-terrestrials redirected the
matter-energy, they were able to correct and separate the masculine and feminine energy and
place them in their respective bodies and forms. From that time on, we can say that you began
to return. Women of the surface began to be genetically prepared to receive intra-terrestrial
semen. In this way, the offspring would be born with 50% of energy that was not distorted and
evolution would take care of correcting the other 50%.
First, they had to correct the energy that had totally deviated from its creative path. At that time,
due to the tremendous distortion, beings of the exterior had become hermaphrodites.
Procreation weakened more and more and offspring were born with no cellular and genetic
renewal. The laboratories served for study and research as well as to improve the descendants.
In this way, extinction of the species was averted on Planet Tera.
Lemuria and Atlantis assumed that task. They selected some women from the surface who
were taken to the laboratories and artificially inseminated. We must clarify that these women
were still in an animalized and savage state. They had no idea of what they were undergoing.
They would keep the memory of it but were unable to transmit it. Once inseminated, they were
left in their habitat on the surface to continue the procreation process. In this way the intraterrestrials gradually improved the descendants and the race of the surface began recovering,
correcting its energy and directing it towards the correct path of creation. A long time went by
and many experiments were needed to achieve their aim to prevent the distortion from
We began this process of improvement about 2 million years ago.

43. Did our thought-energy keep up with the correction of matter?
No, it did not. The intra-terrestrials achieved the correction of matter but mental energy was in
absolute obscurity. The brain functioned in rudimentary conditions, like an animal. When the
energy was rectified through evolution, we were also able to inspire humans to awaken their
consciousness. This work was assigned to us, the volunteers who live in the spacecraft.
44. How was thought-energy amended?
The women who had been inseminated formed a lineage of experiences. All their descendants
were chosen to continue the experiments. Through evolution, these women remained able to
procreate. Their bodies manifested great improvements, which they bequeathed from
generation to generation.
Approximately 150 thousand years ago, evolution had advanced splendidly. Humans from the
surface were developed and strong. Their matter-energy progressed within universal
parameters. The intra-terrestrials had managed to help their brothers and sisters, but through
the implants they had not been able to activate thought correlation, which was dormant and
Just as the intra-terrestrials had been able to help humans and amend them through evolution,
we, the volunteers of the spacecraft, had to mentally inseminate the human woman for her to
bequeath our energy to her offspring and so activate the circuits that were still dormant.
The 4 chosen volunteers disincarnated and then incarnated in 4 intra-terrestrials. These grew
up and were prepared to procreate with four women belonging to the amended lineage. Their
offspring were born with their pineal, pituitary and rima glands energetically activated, which
began functioning. Thus, thought-energy awakened and first activated consciousness and after,
correlatively, all the rest. That was how the 4 four volunteers, incarnated mentally in the
generations of those who were on the surface, were able to help you to be what you are today.
45. Can we know the names of the 4 volunteers?
The 4 volunteers who went out to procreate with the human woman knew that they would be
trapped in deformed minds and bodies. Nevertheless, they sacrificed themselves in order to
bequeath the amendment of their species to their offspring. Nowadays their energies are
disseminated in millions of beings who carry in themselves the legacy handed down by these
Every so often an avatar emerges among you. It is the seed that sprouts and gives its fruits. It is
the legacy of all of us who are in the spacecraft. Our energies live within you and issue forth as
evolution and elevation progress.
The four species chosen by Morlem came from 4 planets. The 660 volunteers were divided in
165 from each species, and each one of them came from a lineage that presumably had already
been formed in his or her own planet. They were:






46. Did Lemuria and Atlantis exist at the same time? I thought there were two different
They were founded at the same time and developed parallel. The 4 volunteers that incarnated in
the 4 intra-terrestrials also left part of their energy in them, and helped them surpass and perfect
their thought-energy. Since then, the intra-terrestrials were also helped by us and became a
lineage because while procreating with the human woman from the surface they passed on both
their and our lineage. When the two lineages were joined, they were separated according to:
Lineage of intra-terrestrial material-energy
Lineage of mental-energy of the volunteers.
Therefore, your lineage is part of two legacies: the mental volunteer and the material intraterrestrial. The amendment of the distorted ones on the surface comes from these two
47. Are the 6 billion inhabitants from the surface of the Earth part of the abovementioned lineage?
The 6 billion inhabitants do have that lineage, although some have it in a greater proportion than
Let us go on with the history for you to understand…
We can say that of the 576 volunteers who were trapped in the outside, 144 fled and were
saved by going into the deep caverns of Tera. The others, who stayed on the outside,
procreated and spread throughout the planet. We have to realize that the distortion came about
slowly, the same as happened with the correction.
Time went by. The humans on the outside became deformed and animalized. They lived in the
darkness of their sickness. Meanwhile, the 144 living inside Tera also developed, procreated
and formed their families. It was during this time that the human women on the surface were
inseminated by intra-terrestrials, thousands of times and in different periods, so many times that
one could say that the return was taking place. The offspring being born had not been
procreated with semen from the outside, because it was impaired, genetically distorted and with
no force of creation.
For a long time, the offspring that were born were children of the intra-terrestrials. It was the
only way to recover them. The descendants were born with abilities and with correlated thoughtenergy. This went on until humans began to understand their environment and to make it a
reflection of their own needs.
When masculine energy corrected its genes and started to show signs of recovery, the intraterrestrials discontinued the insemination of the women because the male humans would form
the characteristics of their descendants. When the intra-terrestrials stopped inseminating the
women, the offspring no longer manifested superhuman characteristics, as in some cases. The
progeny suffered a slight regression in development, but it was necessary to let it happen

because in that way the intra-terrestrials permitted the humans on the surface to develop
completely and through their own inheritance.
The women who descended from the intra-terrestrial genetic legacy procreated normally with
the men and through their energy the offspring were born with intra-terrestrial qualities, which
were passed down from generation to generation. In this way and through the women, the
lineage spread to all the beings on the surface. This goes on today. The woman is an important
key to genetic heritage. If she deviates from the legacy, the distortion will start all over again.
Moreover, this is what is happening. Women are losing their legacy of evolution and elevation,
handing down to their children the vices of the external senses.
Meanwhile, parallel to the development of the race of the surface, the continent of Tera, unified
by the two poles, went on evolving.
The intra-terrestrial cities went on developing and due to rotation and translation, the exterior
earth turned into a solid, strong and easily accessible mass, which allowed both intra-terrestrials
and humans of the surface to advance and develop.
However, the day came, 300 million years ago, when the spacecraft-cities perceived a strange
and wavy movement coming from the center of the Earth. So far, the tectonic plates along the
equator had remained stable. But they knew and were aware that in the center of Tera, there
was a fragment of Planet Satien that presumably had remained stable and was not dangerous.
They examined the signs and came to the conclusion that some instability in the center had
produced unexpected movements. They never imagined that it was a fragment of Planet Satien
that had awakened and was seeking an exit that would allow its amalgamated energy to find a
shelter in which to continue living.
These movements caused the solid mass to break up. Powerful telluric movements shattered
and partitioned the solid mass of Tera, dividing it into segments that branched out to different
places. These segments are what you now call continents. Greenland separated from Norway
and South America from Africa. However, the cities of Lemuria and Atlantis suffered very little
damages caused by the movement of the earthquakes because they were protected by their
proximity to the poles, which remained stable.
Due to those telluric movements, the liquid energy of Planet Satien found a way out through the
center of Tera, where the earth was still hot and in a process of cooling. When the energy of
Planet Satien perceived its freedom, the first thing it did was to incarnate in the vegetal and
animal kingdoms where it could continue developing its life process.
We can imagine the damages that this energy caused throughout the millions of years of
evolution. Plants were transformed and animals grew into gigantic reptiles. The distortion was
so immense that the intra-terrestrials and volunteers from the spacecraft knew that the energy
of Planet Satien had somehow found its way out because up until then reptiles or similar
creatures did not exist on Planet Tera.
Always in communication with the Cosmic Confederation, the intra-terrestrials informed them
about the terrible tragedy. The universe took all precautions, but the evil had already emerged.
The intra-terrestrials were warned to avoid eating foodstuff produced in the soil of the planet.
They had to prepare their own food organically and artificially. However, this did not occur with
the humans of the surface who, in their animalistic, ignorant and distorted way, continued eating

all that they were used to. This opened the great opportunity for the energy of Planet Satien to
lodge in their sick brains.
In their city, the intra-terrestrials obeyed the instructions of the volunteers meticulously.
Even though the intra-terrestrials had been warned not to eat the foodstuff from the outside,
some of them did not obey and began eating the food produced on the earth. This group was
expelled by the intra-terrestrials. Without a home, they had to go out to the surface in search of
the best place to live. They left the cold of Greenland and became nomads, wandering from
place to place. They would settle wherever they found food and animals until these were
depleted and then would move on.
These intra-terrestrials who were expelled intermixed, lived and procreated with the beings of
the surface, but since they were much more advanced and had a higher intelligence, they were
regarded by the beings of the exterior as gods, prophets and very special people.
These nomads were called the Adam Clan. They gave rise to one of the lineages that
populated Earth, formed by the white and yellow races (Ambiarians and Retronyans), which
later spread out to the north of Europe and reached the Mediterranean Sea. They took along
and disseminated the universal belief of knowledge, understanding and love of the Ayaplianos.
In the beginning this belief was fully understood but, but as always happens, when intraterrestrials handed down this knowledge from generation to generation, it gradually got
distorted, the same as their minds.
God forbade Adam and Eve to eat the fruit of the tree but the snake appeared to Eve and
tempted her, saying: “Eat the fruit of this tree and do not believe what they say”. She ate it and
gave it to Adam and for that reason they were expelled from Paradise…
The intra-terrestrials who had been ousted evolved on the surface, formed clans, procreated
their descendants in the Mediterranean area, and were called the Adam Clan. Meanwhile, there
was another group, descendants of the volunteers from the spacecraft and the intra-terrestrials,
who had incarnated and had been born of human women, called the Ra-Vis-Mor Clan.
This group had settled in the north of Asia. They were humans of great wisdom. They preserved
and followed with great devotion the teachings of their ancestors, who were the first generation
of Ra and Vis, also were called Mor from their origin and lineages from Morlem. These two
clans settled together and formed casts and hierarchies of great wisdom. Even though they had
been born of human women, they preserved clearly the knowledge of their origins and planets
and taught their descendants the wisdom of the universe. Then, one day, Ra-Mor´s
descendants decided to spread out in order to disseminate the universal word and knowledge,
so that their brothers and sisters would be able to remember and return where they belonged,
that is, in the Inner-Earth City of the intra-terrestrials – Lemuria.
They crossed the desert and arrived at what you know as North Africa. They settled on the
desert sands where they founded and built big cities. And so they maintained the lineage, which
characterized and differentiated them. Those who remained in Asia, the Vis-Mor Clan, also
continued outspreading. They went south and founded cities of great culture and technology,
where, through their descendants, they went on transmitting the teachings of their origins.
In this way, two intra-terrestrial lineages were formed. One group descended from those who
had been expelled for having fed themselves incorrectly and carried the dead weight of the

energy of Planet Satien. That energy had become installed in their brains, corrupting their
thought-energies. Nevertheless, these intra-terrestrials had the universal knowledge from their
origins and transmitted it, but since they were sick with ambition, they transformed this
knowledge to their own advantage. The transmission was not pure because it was contaminated
with the energy of Planet Satien.
The other intra-terrestrials bore the pure descent of Ra-Vis-Mor. Even though they had been
engendered by human women of the surface and had also fed incorrectly through necessity,
they were able to preserve their minds pure. They had been constantly nourished by elevated
thought-energies, which enabled them to transmute the energy of Planet Satien. They
transmuted it into an elevated energy, healed it and turned it into energy of knowledge,
understanding and love.
The harmful energy was reverted by the intra-terrestrials who were pure of heart
because, by making it part of themselves and their pure thoughts, they healed all traces
of the sickness.
Thus, they understood that the energy of Planet Satien could be healed by the elevation of
thoughts. Thus, they decided to disseminate this knowledge so that their brothers and sisters
scattered around the planet would be able to understand it and heal themselves through the
knowledge and understanding that was disclosed.
While the ousted northern intra-terrestrials developed and mixed with the exterior beings, those
from the North Pole had preserved their energy intact in the city of Atlantis. They preserved and
meticulously followed all knowledge coming from volunteers and the universe.
Unlike the northern intra-terrestrials, who had been expelled, the intra-terrestrials of the south
decided to go out and voluntarily unite with the humans of the surface. Millions of years had
gone by since the terrible experience. South America was totally changed, with high peaks and
no longer a flat and homogeneous land. Geographically, Tera was no longer the same as when
they first arrived. As the solid mass broke up, it had also divided the settlements of the humans
of the surface, who became insulated, forming clans and tribes for their own survival.
Africa was the continent that suffered most of all with the partitioning. It was right on the line of
the equator where the violent volcanic eruptions occurred, turning that land into a hot zone of
difficult access. Humans, animals and vegetation in that area underwent all kinds of horrible and
extremely painful genetic transformations. South America was very close to the South Pole and
Africa had turned into an isolated and remote land after the traumatic separation of the
continents. After many attempts, the intra-terrestrials of Atlantis were able to go out, with the
intention of mixing with the beings of the surface and upgrading their descendants.
The 2 intra-terrestrial volunteers, Tarik and Hak, who had incarnated on the surface, retained
clear memories and their origin. Therefore, they knew that the exterior beings were still
savages. So, taking all possible precautions, they settled in the peaks of the mountains of Peru
and Bolivia. These places had excellent farmlands, abundant water and a pure atmosphere.
There they founded a large city where they professed and taught the universal knowledge,
passing it on through their descendants.
The same as the intra-terrestrials of the north, Tarik decided to venture forth to disseminate his
vast knowledge even more. He went north with his descendants and a group of volunteers.

There they founded a few cities and in each of them, they left some families that would be in
charge of building and farming for themselves and their descendants.
Tarik went as far as what you call Mexico, where he founded a city as big and as important as
the one in the south. There his descendants proliferated and kept the teachings of universal
knowledge. They procreated, increased and developed as philosophers, historians, artists,
physicians and so on. Science and technology advanced greatly. The beings communicated
telepathically with the volunteers of the spacecraft and the intra-terrestrials of the Inner-Earth
City. Hak, together with Tarik, the volunteers and the intra-terrestrials, decided to name the
entire territory that had been occupied and the two large cities: Atlantis.
Ever since about 150 thousand years ago humans had formed their clans and lived in groups.
The correction was progressing and was giving the expected results. The women who had been
inseminated continued their lineage and their offspring were born with special qualities, which
aroused adoration on the part of those who did not have those gifts. They considered them to
be sons of the gods, without knowing that all had the same gifts, which had been bequeathed to
them by the volunteers and intra-terrestrials. Humans of the surface, who were aware of their
life, were in the process of healing. They had adapted perfectly to the planet and, above all, to a
new race. The Human-Ayapliano was developing in the universe.
During this time, the humans of the surface had been disregarded. For thousands of years they
had not intermixed with intra-terrestrial energy. This was the case with the beings in Africa who
were entirely led by their instinct and sensation. The animal side had dominated them for a long
time and had kept them savage.
The volunteers and intra-terrestrials had abandoned their research and studies in those lands
because of their difficult and dangerous access. For this reason, those lands turned into a
paradise for the proliferation of the energy of Satien. They were dominated by barbarism,
cannibalism, wars, killings and, above all, the thirst for territorial power. These humans of the
surface were isolated by fear and terror and their brains were not developed. As a result, they
had no knowledge of other lands, other places and other humans.
So we can understand that while some places in Tera developed prosperously, savagery and
barbarism proliferated in other places. Two different and distant realities that you misidentify,
unify and regard as a single reality.
As the soil of Africa cooled and became compacted, the vegetal and animal kingdoms adjusted
to its forms and the humans of the surface began feeling the changes in their evolution.
The humans started living together and formed tribes. Certain norms were imposed by their
leaders until the time came when they decided to go north to conquer whatever they found
along their path. This backward, ignorant and much distorted race of the surface was belligerent
by nature. That was how they had been formed and their thought-energies had been recorded
that way. These warriors headed towards the north of Africa and as they went, they left behind
them descendants and families, which in turn formed their own tribes. In this way, they
diversified and spread out through the African territory. Those who went to the north conquered
other populaces and thus the mixture of ethnicity, customs and ways of life began.
48. Did the lineages of Adam and of Ra-Vis-Mor set off any difference in the humans of
the surface?

The energy of Satien has done a lot of damage to Planet Tera, because it greatly retarded its
evolution and elevation. Adam’s lineage had become corrupted. Even though they transmitted
the universal knowledge, they did not do so with profound consciousness but for their own
benefit, dominion and power. And they still do so today.
When they settled in the region of the Mediterranean, they knew that they were descendants of
Adam’s lineage. They also knew their real history but they hid it, lied and founded a religion
based on fear, punishment and ignorance. They created a vindictive and cruel God and thus
they could keep the power in their hands … and this still prevails today.
49. Do you mean to say that Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and the entire story that we know
came from Adam’s lineage?
That is right. What is happening today in those lands? Are they not fighting for petroleum and for
power? They continue to be sick with the energy of Satien.
However, let us look at the history of the other lineage, that is, Ra-Vis-Mor. They transmitted the
truth of the facts through the Arcana of Thoth. They kept this knowledge from generation to
generation, until they got sick because they intermixed with the descendants of Adam. That was
where Ra’s people began to decline.
While Adam’s lineage was expelled from the Inner-Earth City of Lemuria and became
wanderers until they settled in the Mediterranean region, Ra-Vis-Mor’s lineage maintained the
tradition and origins of their wisdom. They settled in Asia. Ra-Mor and Vis-Mor separated with
the aim of disseminating their knowledge. Ra and his followers gradually journeyed southward,
and in their exodus, they left cities, families and descendants until they reached the north of
Africa. They are known as Arians (a name that came from Ambi-arians). It was a strong race,
tall and slim, blonde-haired people, with fair skin and light eyes.
50. To what period does this history belong?
Ra-Mor separated from Vis-Mor about 120 thousand years ago. We are referring to the first
intra-terrestrials who intermixed with human women and whose offspring were born with the
three glands activated. These beings were the volunteers incarnated in intra-terrestrial bodies,
who continued reincarnating from generation to generation. They offered themselves willingly,
even knowing that they would be trapped on the surface of the planet. At the same time, while
Ra and Vis transmitted the universal knowledge, on another side of the planet, the humans of
the surface who were at the mercy of the conditions of the exterior and of evolution, went on
overcoming the damages of distortion.
51. What happened to Vis-Mor?
Vis-Mor and his descendants populated Asia, China, Mongolia and India, as far as Indonesia.
They transmitted the universal knowledge, but across the eras, their descendants gradually lost
the truth of the facts and distorted the teachings.
52. When and how did they populate North America?
North America was populated much after the time we have been talking about. The intraterrestrials of Lemuria left their city at different times. As the planet evolved and anchored its
structure, the intra-terrestrials would go out and colonize.

North America was colonized by the intra-terrestrials of Lemuria about 20 thousand years ago. It
is a comparatively new continent for the planet. These intra-terrestrials left Lemuria welladjusted to the reality of the surface and, as always happens with colonization, they went on
moving southward and leaving descendants and families who founded and built their
settlements. The Eskimos and indigenous peoples of Canada and United States are
descendants of the intra-terrestrials of Lemuria who intermixed with the lineage of Tarik. On the
other hand, the inhabitants of Mexico and South America descended from the intra-terrestrials
of Atlantis who also intermixed with the women of the surface. These two races retained their
purity for a long time, until they were conquered, when the 4 species mixed and resulted in what
we have today.
53. According to your explanation, are the people from Africa the most distorted?
Unfortunately, they were the most affected because they remained isolated. Their energy was
not recycled and it did not receive the renewed energy from intermixing that the others obtained
from the intra-terrestrials. Their energy was perverted and degraded, which delayed their
evolution. Their children were born with the same energy and this retarded their evolution.
Nevertheless, material evolution continued and reached certain development, which could not
remain static. The problem was that evolution developed them materially, but mentally they
lagged very far behind the expectations of the intra-terrestrials.
This may explain why this race has always been enslaved for the benefit of others. The race
was dominated because the others discovered that their intelligence was insufficient. For this
reason, throughout all times, they have been considered inferior. Nowadays we can no longer
think that way because they have fully overcome their past. They have suffered much, but today
they are elevating their energy, just the same as the other races.
When they began heading towards North Africa, they found more advanced people and they
began learning and nourishing themselves with their teachings. They also intermixed
energetically, and their future generations were born with intra-terrestrial genes, which helped
their minds evolve.
By this explanation, we can understand how Planet Tera developed along the same lines but at
different times and with different levels of evolution and elevation of its races.
Global communication did not exist in those unequal and uneven times. Therefore, the
settlements and the inhabitants did not know that there were other races. They were so
separated from one another that there was no possibility of mixing or unifying. Does not the
same thing actually happen today? While some are going to the moon and sending satellites to
Mars and other parts of the universe, others are living in tribes and dancing and chanting as
they did 20 thousand years ago. The only difference is that today you can communicate.
Science and technology help you know and understand, but this disparity is still present and
marks your civilizations.
54. Why do we not attain equality?
It is because of a hereditary sequence. Let us analyze the previous explanations. We know that
Planet Tera was colonized by intra-terrestrials in different eras. Some of the times the intraterrestrials kept themselves pure of lineage, at other times, they intermixed with the human
woman of the surface, and at still other times, humans got terribly distorted. If we look at the

past and you compare it with the present-day countries, you will see that each country is exactly
where it should be. Some are more backward and others more advanced.
55. What work do you do as spacecraft-cities?
Our work has developed along with the evolution of the planet. In the beginning, when we
arrived here, our work was to research absolutely everything about the planet. Through our
knowledge and technology, we improved the evolutionary process and steered it within
universal creative norms.
This was not, nor will be, the first or the last time that we do this type of work. We are used to it.
We did this work many times in the colonization of other planets. The most important task that
we have had so far has been to carry out a profound study of the subconscious, since the seven
planets belong to a low vibration of the universal mind.
Nowadays we not only know, but we can also deal with this type of thought-energy. We know
this is a confused, entangled and controversial energy. When we think we understand and know
it, it splits up into a thousand different energies. But since we know the routes it will take, it
cannot elude our control. This has been the hardest work and we continue doing it, because
thought-energy is eternal. We will never cease learning from it.
On the other hand, we continue protecting the planet and the thought-beings. To do this, we
send a lot of elevated energy around the planet for beings to nourish themselves.
Currently the planet is immersed in very intense calorific energy. This means that tectonic plates
are heating up due to the breakdown of the energy web that surrounds the planet. This is
happening because you are becoming ionized, the same as happened with Satien.
It is a repetition, on a lesser scale, of what happened in Planet Satien. So far we are controlling
it. We have reduced and compressed the energy of hothouse effect in the center of the planet.
This has produced a ring around the line of the equator. Our mission is to reduce the ring to the
point that it will not harm the planet. We are doing this to protect the poles from melting,
because if this continues, the planet will tilt 3.5 degrees to the left, which, in the future, could
cause great catastrophes on Tera.
56. In our history, have you already been sheltering thought-energies from the surface in
your bubble-spheres?
For some time now, we have been sheltering some thought-energies from the surface. Thoughtenergies from zones 1, 2 and 3 still have to take their place, that is, to awaken and organize
themselves in a correlative sequence.
When most of you have fulfilled this, we will be ready to shelter everyone. You will be lodged
first in the intra-terrestrials and after in us, the volunteers.
We know that you can awaken the first three zones on the surface and develop them. Then, you
will be able to activate zones 4 and 5. Zones 6 and 7 will be activated in the Inner-Earth City,
and up to zone 9 will be completed when you are lodged in our bubble-spheres.
57. It appears to be by your explanations that Lemuria and Atlantis still exist. Is this so?

They do exist and are situated in the same places where they were founded. The intraterrestrials continue living there, working with you and the universe.
58. What work do the intra-terrestrials do?
While our work is entirely mental, that is, with the thought-energies of elevation, they work with
the thought-energies of evolution.
When they founded the Inner-Earth Cities and set up the large laboratories. They did it to help
their brothers and sisters of the surface. They did more than just this work. If it had not been for
the intra-terrestrials, the planet would be in utterly backward conditions. They applied all their
knowledge to help the planet overcome the adversities that devastated it. They are
intermediaries between us and humans. Without them, we, in a subtle state, and you, in a
dense state, would never have been able to communicate. Furthermore, the planet, you and we
would not be narrating this history.
The intra-terrestrials taught, and still continue teaching, science, technology, art, economy,
astrology, astronomy, philosophy, psychology, and so on. All that you are and know comes from
intra-terrestrial knowledge. They are your great teachers. Any idea that you think you have,
does not come from you. They and we are the ones who infuse the thoughts, formulas,
inventions and advances of the thought-energies of the planet. You still cannot develop alone
because you are not yet linked with the Universal Mind. We can say that you are linked to the
minds of the intra-terrestrials. They are linked to ours and we are linked to the Universal Mind,
always in order and in a mathematical sequence.
59. Do the spacecraft that are sighted belong to the intra-terrestrials?
The Ayapliano- Intra-terrestrials coexist with you because you are very similar. Their spacecraft
enter and exit through the poles, but their technology is so advanced that you cannot perceive
or detect them. They traverse the elementary reality and are in communication with the Cosmic
Confederation. They are your mentors and guardians. Their work is to protect the planet and the
beings living on it.
60. How are you helping us to avoid contaminating ourselves with the energy of Satien?
Currently, through us, the Cosmic Confederation has all the data on the energy of Planet Satien
and the density of the Elementary Dimension. When all the problems of Planet Satien arose,
universal knowledge did not have the means to fight the sickness that attacked them and, above
all, to revert the ionization. Today things are different. The wisdom of the universe already has
the antihistamine to heal the sickness you call cancer. We came to the conclusion that if the
sickness comes out through the pores of the planet in a liquid form, the sun will take care of
eradicating it. Since you are absorbing the energy of Satien in your thought-energies, we are
transmuting it with the light of knowledge and understanding, sending you new chemical
formulas for you to work with other elements.
We have understood and know the functioning of your thought-energies. We are no longer
worried as before, when we let the sickness spread, because we did not know how to combat it.
Nowadays we always find a way out. The fact of having gone through all that we experienced,
of having learned to survive with the only weapons we had, that is, our own selves, has taught
us that there is a solution for everything.

It is a fact that the energy of Satien is exiting and is poisoning minds with ambition and greed.
But it is also true that the positive minds of the planet struggle to transmute petroleum and
substitute it for other elements that can help you continue with a technology that will help you
get by unharmed.
We want to point out that today the sickness is not healed by counteracting it with antidotes and
medications. Nowadays it has to be transmuted by reversing its elements and counterattacking
them with other elements that are just as efficient, to be able to offset the strength of the
sickness. In this way, the sickness weakens and disappears. This means that if petroleum
serves to produce energy, there are other elements able to do the same work, such as vegetal
alcohol, solar energy, etc.
We are counterbalancing the energy of Satien by sending the scientists of the planet new
formulas for them to “invent” ways to replace the harmful energy. There are ecological groups
and movements working and struggling to keep the planet free from all contamination. Others
are striving to protect the animal kingdom from predators. In this way, we are advancing and
fulfilling our work and mission to make you understand that the planet is a home, a house where
we all live and exist. We want you to be conscious of your acts and, when we achieve this, you
will advance through knowledge, understanding and love.

61. So, regardless of everything, is our planet going to join the Cosmic Confederation?
Yes. During the forthcoming alignment, which will happen in the next 7 thousand years, we will
be ready to carry out the largest harvest of Planet Tera. The descendants of Ra, Vis, Tarik and
Hak will become a single one and thus we will be able to make them part of us.
We know from the previous book, El Ser Uno I – The Arcana of Thoth, that behind you there
are other creatures evolving, namely, the yeti, gorilla, chimpanzee, kuturo monkey and
Malaysian monkey. The yeti has been seen in Tibet and in the cold areas of Canada. These
Ayaplianos that are still in a backward state of evolution, as well as those that belong to the
earth element, will not be part of this alignment. The intra-terrestrials and we are helping these
creatures for we are concerned about their evolution. Just as we carried out thousands of
experiments with you, we are currently doing the same with them. Some of them are presently
in the Inner-Earth City and we are doing everything possible for them to recover and be routed
back to the universal directives. Once this is achieved, we will place them back on the surface of
the planet so that they can transmit the transmuted genes to their offspring.
62. What happened to them?
These are the gravest cases of distortion. If you want to see your past and the different
gradations you experienced, you can observe them in this order: Malaysian monkey, kuturo
monkey, chimpanzee, gorilla, yeti and current human. That would be the order and the
gradations of the distortion and of the return.
You may be asking why they did not evolve as you did. They did not evolve because they had
no contact or energy blend with the intra-terrestrials. This is why we said that if intra-terrestrials
or we did not exist, you would be in the same condition as them. After the catastrophe, many
distorted Ayaplianos branched out and separated from their groups. They remained alone and
very far removed from everything that could have helped them evolve.

When the intra-terrestrials became aware of them, it was too late. There was an enormous
evolutionary difference between you and them. However, they have not been abandoned. The
intra-terrestrials continue working with them in the laboratories. Every so often, they bring in the
females and inseminate them, doing exactly the same as they did with you.
The yeti is the creature that comes right below you. Its evolutionary state is approximately 120
thousand years behind. When the appropriate time comes, they will be placed on the surface to
continue their process and development.
63. Why did Ra-Mor settle in northern Africa?
The locations on which to found the cities were entirely calculated by the intra-terrestrials and
us. This was based on mathematical knowledge for the following reasons.
After the catastrophe that dismembered the earth and turned it into several detached solid
masses, the volunteers of the spacecraft and the intra-terrestrials had to redo their
mathematical calculations. They had to build a new six-pointed star that would be able to rotate
at an adequate speed so that the mass could adjust sufficiently, without losing the calculation
and strategy that had already been formulated when the volunteers arrived on the planet.
Before the catastrophe, what you call Europe and the Mediterranean area were incased in the
Gulf of Mexico. They belonged to the city of Lemuria. These lands sheltered the intra-terrestrials
and the neighboring cities. Lemuria covered an area of 18 thousand square kilometers.
When the earth broke up, it also caused Lemuria to divide into in two continents. When Hak
founded the city of Atlantis, he, Ra, the intra-terrestrials and the volunteers unified Lemuria
again, using a new mathematical calculation through the six-pointed star. Ra founded the city of
Lemuria again in northern Africa, because it was located in the correct angle straight to Atlantis.
In this way, the unified cities of Ra, Hak and Tarik formed a perfect triangle, in which the three
tips of water, fire and air converged with the other three tips of the elements earth, ether and
helium. Ra founded the city of Lemuria mathematically because he had to energetically unify the
2 poles, the 4 elements and the 4 species. He was guided by the volunteers and the intraterrestrials. Ra transmitted the knowledge of Thoth to his descendants. But, as always happens,
in the long run it was also distorted and forgotten.
64. Why did the six-pointed star have to be built?
First of all, the spacecraft had to gyrate because they could not remain static. In this way, the
energy of the planet was recycled and so the energy was continually renewed. We have to
understand that spacecraft are etheric and their energy is very subtle. This means that they are
in the soul of the universe, that is, in the energy that all living beings of the universe partake.
This energy is not static; it is always revolving to give life to the beings. If we say that each
planet in the universe is a cell of the One Being, then Tera had to have that energy around it.
Let us also understand that the speed of the energy revolving around each living cell in the
universe will qualify each being’s own evolution and elevation.
The spacecraft placed themselves within the energy of the soul of Planet Tera. By making this
energy rotate at higher speeds, they were able to induce the planet to develop and have a high
vibration of astral energy. Through their achievement life developed in its full splendor.
When we arrived on the planet, life was at very low level of energy, manifested in the vegetal
and animal kingdoms. So the star that was rotating around the planet had only four points,

which characterized the four elements that gave life to the planet. When we arrived and settled
in the poles, we formed a six-pointed star, that is, we added two more elements, ether and
helium. With them, energy gyrated faster, which allowed humans to live in it. In short, we made
it possible for the soul of the planet to have a spirit – thought-energy.
65. Then, am I to understand that the energetic being is formed by billions of six-pointed
What we call six-pointed stars are elements that gyrate around all living beings of the universe.
There are stars with 8, 12, 16 and countless points, depending on the being and on the
elements within that being.
The etheric dimensions travel in their platelet-spacecraft through the soul and spirit of the living
being. Their spacecraft can go into in this type of vibrational energy without any problem and
remain there for a long time, in conformity with their needs and the work they have to do. We
would like you to do the following. Draw a cell on a piece of paper. Then, on another piece of
paper, draw the energy and place it over the cell. On a third piece of paper, draw the light that
this energy emits and place it over the other two.
Cut a hole in the middle of the three papers. You will understand what we are trying to explain.
The larger the circle in the center, the more etheric and invisible it will be to your material eyes.
And if that circle is immense, this thought-energy will have to incarnate in a gigantic One Being,
bigger than you. When this occurs, its star will not be 6, 8, or even 12-pointed. It will have 22, 42
or even countless points. The speed of its star will be such that you will not notice it because
you will not be able to detect it due to your characteristic slowness. This happens with our
spacecraft. Their core matter is so imperceptible and their vibration so rapid that they are
invisible to you.
When you work with elevated thought-energies, cells of the physical, astral and mental body
accelerate their vibration. This means that the elements that are spinning around the cells
speed up their frequency and rhythm. With this energetic acceleration, you could avoid sickness
and renew yourselves constantly. Old age would be deferred and thus you would live longer.
Currently, you only work with 4 elements. If your minds worked with 2 additional elements, ether
and helium, we could say that you had entered eternal life.
66. Do you mean to say that you are the elements of ether and helium?
Yes, we and our spacecraft subsist in those elements. We live in them and are those elements.
The same way that you, as elementary neurons and as sensors, are considered to be the
digestive system of the universe, we are elements of the body of the One Being. Perhaps it is
hard to imagine this, but you have to understand that the whole functions like a gigantic body
and we all are part of it. The same happens in your body, soul and energetic being. There are
elements that you have attracted and they have settled in your bodies, giving them different
characteristics. We call these elements thought-energies. We, human beings, are the ones who
think and live in the universe of the One Being.
67. Why did Ra’s decadence begin when his descendants intermixed with Adam’s
Ra’s descendants were no longer the same. The universal knowledge was barely understood
and they ended up adoring the sun. Their priests transmitted such distorted, erroneous and

confusing knowledge that the history of Lemuria remained buried in their minds. The
intermixture and unification with other races had transformed them into the core of greed and
ambition. Ra, the great initiator and volunteer, was mistaken for a God and adored as such.
Universal knowledge coming from Thoth had been suppressed in their thought-energies and in
the ignorance of their brains.
The descendants of Adam were in the same conditions. Superstition prevailed. The old beliefs
were transmitted only to a few priests who used their knowledge to dominate the masses.
These priests decreed that by uniting the descendants of Ra and of Adam they would recover
the power of the gods and the lost paradise. To what paradise were they referring? Not even
they knew it. They did not even remember that one day they had been intra-terrestrials. The
distortion escalated and ignorance increased.
This intermixing was fatal for Ra’s descendants. Up until that time, the thought-energies had
remained unified, but they began splitting into millions of thoughts that eventually made them
utterly forget universal knowledge.
68. Why did they split into millions of thoughts?
Until that time, Ra’s descendants had maintained the purity of their beliefs. Thoth was present in
their thought-energies. When intermixing with a corrupted progeny, their offspring were born
with the sign of fatality. They had not descended from the chosen woman but from the human
woman who bore the stigma of not being part of the lineage of mental energy but of the lineage
of material energy. This extraction is what you call original sin. They are the offspring of matter
and not offspring of the mind, that is, of the volunteers.
69. What happened to Ra’s descendants when they intermixed with Adam’s
Let us go back in time. When Ra procreated with the intra-terrestrial woman, they had a son
who grew up and his semen was inseminated in a human woman. When Ra offered himself as
a volunteer, aware that by going out he would be trapped in the density, he did so together with
his wife, Miriak. Miriak had already incarnated in an intra-terrestrial woman and Ra was born as
her son. This son (Ra) procreated again with her because Miriak was incarnated in a woman of
the surface. This is a story that has been repeated in all times.
Ra and Miriak went to northern Africa, where they settled and procreated their offspring. They
unceasingly transmitted the universal knowledge, until the day came when their descendants
procreated with Adam’s descendants. From then on, their thought-energies were never the
same. The pure belief of the universe became warped because it was used for the benefit of
those in power.
When that occurred, Ra and Miriak, who had reincarnated again in their descendants, took
another path and headed towards Greece, where they founded the city of Parthenon. There,
their lives were guided by parthenogenesis and this knowledge was recorded in their thoughtenergies forever.
Parthenogenesis: Form of sexual reproduction without the direct participation of the male sex.
The result of parthenogenesis is the production of genetically identical descendants. From the
Greek parthénos (virgin damsel) and génesis (generation).

Ra and Miriak founded the occult and secret schools. They chose women from different places
who descended from the intra-terrestrials. They prepared and inseminated these women with
intra-terrestrial semen, thus drawing elevated thought-energies to life on the surface in order to
disseminate them throughout the planet and in all generations.
One of their greatest sons, who was also the reincarnation of Ra, is Joshua Emmanuel (Jesus)
who was the son of Myriam, a priestess of Greece and direct descendant of the lineage of Ra.
Myriam was the reincarnation of Miriak and an elevated daughter of intra-terrestrial ancestry.
She was chosen and inseminated to receive in her womb Ra and bring him into the world for a
great entrusted mission: to bring new hope to humanity and leave eternal salvation recorded in
the energy of his descendants.
Let us continue with the questions.
70. Where are the lower and creative dimensions located?
When the spacecraft entered the obtuse alignment and went to their respective planets, the
spacecraft and Ayaplianos who were meant to colonize Alpha Nova and Abiares were exposed
to crushing density. They had to hide in the deep caverns of the poles. They had to remain
frozen for a long time otherwise they would have been in danger of becoming disintegrated and
turning into elements.
We can affirm that what happened was that the energy of Satien in the seven planets turned
into sick-cinnabar elements. The first 4 planets have already transmuted those elements,
turning them into mercury, by raising those energies towards the zones of the right side of the
In Planet Tera, the sick-cinnabar elements still continue attacking the brains of the beings.
When any of those elements has taken shape and appeared to you, you have classified them
as devils or demons. The energy of Satien has been transformed into sick-cinnabar elements
and when these elements control the brain, they turn the humans into demons.
In Alpha Nova and Abiares, the Ayaplianos who became distorted on the surface of the planet
are now in the process of becoming humans. Currently their form is simian. This is why they will
not yet be ready to enter the cosmic alignment now. You are the ones who are meant to recover
them. Only the spacecraft that remained in the poles and the beings that never left them will be
able to return during this alignment.
71. What does cinnabar mean?
Cinnabar: a very heavy and dark red mineral composed of sulfur and mercury. Cinnabar or
vermilion (for its color) is also known as cinnabarine. It belongs to the sulfur class. It is
composed of 85% mercury and 15% sulfur. In symmetry and optical characters, it has a close
resemblance to quartz. The same as quartz, it has a circular polarization. Alfred Des Cloizeaux
proved that it has fifteen times more revolving power than quartz. It chemical formula is HgS
(sulfur of mercury). Cinnabar is composed of sulfur and mercury; it is translucent. Its name
probably comes from the Latin word Cinnabaris, which means “dragon blood”. It is found mostly
in China, but also in Austria, France, Mexico, Unites States of America and Spain. (Wikipedia)
72. What is going to happen to humans when the yetis are placed on the surface?

The cosmic alignment that is approaching will bring about many changes for Planet Tera.
Throughout the 7 thousand years of the alignment, the planet will slowly tilt towards the left,
bringing about terrible atmospheric alterations that will change the face of Tera. These terrible
events will produce such iciness that only one third of the planet will be able to sustain life
because the rest will be frozen. Since the yetis are familiar with the extreme cold of the poles,
they will be the only survivors on the Earth.
Humans will not be able to live under those conditions so they will have to seek their survival on
other planets. Meanwhile the yetis will develop just as you did when you were in those same
The yetis will live in caverns and will feed from hunting and fishing. Those of you who
volunteered to be the guardians of the planet will take care of them and will inseminate their
females until the species is perfected, as we did with you.
The thought-energies that did not become elevated and will not enter the obtuse alignment, will
take care of the yetis and will help them to evolve. Those who did elevate their thought-energies
will incarnate in the Inner-Earth City where the intra-terrestrials will give them the necessary
shelter to continue with their evolution and elevation. There will be those thought-energies that
did not achieve anything. They will be absorbed and sent to new creations. This means that
they will go to the lower and creative dimension. They will become elemental-cinnabar
substances to start life again.
73. How could the energy of Satien incarnate in the vegetal and animal kingdoms if it
was a human energy?
Correct, the universe does not allow a human energy to descend to the lower kingdoms, such
as the vegetal and animal kingdoms.
Earth you are and to earth you will return…
Wise words that we have to understand. For human energy to become unified and to become
conscious energy forever, it has to go through the processes of evolution and elevation.
When the One Origin creates a new idea, the energy is born in pure essence. Through its
manifestation and implementation, it acquires and records in itself everything related to that
idea. The elements go on transforming along the way, because the universe is chemical and
mathematical. In the beginning, these elements are created in such a way that they adapt to any
creative process. Once they have adapted, they really can no longer belong to any other
creativity, but they can adapt, link and relate to another idea.
The energy of Planet Satien had become isotopic. It had become amalgamated. This energy
had degenerated in creativity. It had undergone a retrogression that prevented it from going on.
In these cases, the universe absorbs it and sends it to new creations. However, we should
understand that if this energy adjusted to the vegetal and animal kingdoms, the energies that
had been human did not necessarily turn into a plant or animal. Let us see why.
We know that energy generally needs electricity to continue living. Since the energy of Satien
had decreased its energetic voltage, that is, the electricity was at its minimum, it found a shelter
in those kingdoms to continue living. Its cinnabar elements remained latent in the live organisms
of the Earth. These were absorbed by the plants and eaten by the animals, which later became

food for the humans. This was the process that the isotopic energies had to undergo in order to
get to be humans again.
One could say that cinnabar elements are the lower and more elementary human state. These
elements join others until they form an aggregate of elements that in the end becomes a living
being, in this case, a human.
74. Where did Luzbel and Lucifer go when they escaped from Planet Satien and where
are they now?
The web that the Cosmic Confederation put around Planet Satien to hold back the sick energies
and to prevent them from spreading through the universe, was not sufficient to restrain Luzbel
and Lucifer. They managed to escape and exit through it. How did they do it?
While the planet and living beings became isotopic energies, through profound studies Luzbel
and Lucifer had managed to get their energy to break loose from the energetic amalgamation.
They, their descendants and some followers became cinnabar elements, which could be
artificially converted into mercury.
To exit through the web they transformed themselves into the element mercury and not sulfur.
Mercury gave them the flexibility and adaptation to go through the web and come out
transformed into that element. In that way, they could escape and find refuge in planets of the
same Secondary Dimension. They remained camouflaged for a long time, giving the impression
that they were mercury. Thus, the Cosmic Confederation was unable to detect them. However,
some of them could no longer hide anymore and their cinnabar element surfaced. When they
were discovered, the Confederation isolated and sent them to the lower and creative dimension,
where they are at present.
You may be wondering how Luzbel and Lucifer managed to transform the element cinnabar into
They did not transform it; they hid the element cinnabar inside the element mercury. It is a very
complicated, but not impossible, chemical process. The problem was that when the element
mercury is exposed to heat and intense solar rays, it tends to dilate. That is why they were
detected by the Cosmic Confederation.
Currently the cinnabar energy of Satien continues trying to dominate the brains of the dense
realities. You would say that they are in hell, with the devils and demons. We tell you that the
sick cinnabar-energies live in zones 1 and 2 of the left brain of the humans that shelter them.
The same is being repeated in Planet Tera. When you transmute the sick-cinnabar elements in
your thought-energies and these are turned into mercury, you are separating these elements,
because the element sulfur will become relegated to zones 1, 2 and part of 3, while the element
mercury will be elevated to zones 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.
75. Do you mean that what we call spirituality is a chemical process? Does our brain
function with the mercury element?
That is right. Everything depends on the chemical elements with which the brain works. If each
one of them is in its respective zone, we can say this brain is working in a well-balanced way. If
the elements are in an altered state, we will classify the brain as being unbalanced. If among the
elements there are others that form the brain, separating them will mean elevating the thought65

energy to place the elements in the higher zones. In this way the energy will continue becoming
elevated. This entire chemical process is what you call spirituality.
We can imagine that if a brain works with the element cinnabar, density will be its main
characteristic because the brain will be working with the element sulfur.
Sulfur. It is a nonmetallic and solid chemical element, atomic number 16, breakable, insipid,
yellow-colored. It is very much used to obtain sulfuric acid to manufacture plastic substances
and as insecticide.
Mercury. Chemical, metallic and liquid element, atomic number 80, symbol Hg, bright whitecolored and very heavy. In Latin, mercurios (messenger of the gods).
So, if we say that the energies of Satien became amalgamated and turned into isotopic energy,
and that its energy was dark-yellow colored (amber), we understand that it was the sulfur
element, when ionized, that became amalgamated and darkened the energy of the thoughts
and thus understanding ceased to function.
The cinnabar elements are located in the lowest zones of the brain. Mercury can be detected in
zones 4 and 5, magnesium in zones 6 and 7, and actinium in zones 8 and 9.
76. Then, which are the elements that help us to understand?
They are mercury, magnesium and actinium.
Magnesium: Chemical element, metallic and solid, atomic number 12, white silvery colored,
easily deformable and light, easily ignitable and produces a clear bright light.
Mercury: Chemical, metallic and liquid element, atomic number 80, bright white-colored and
very heavy. In Latin, mercurios (messenger of the gods).
Actinium: Chemical element, metallic and solid, atomic number 89, silvery colored, radioactive
and scarce. From the Greek aktís, meaning ray.
77. What is the true story of Joshua Emmanuel?
Ra, Miriak’s husband, was born of the womb of Myriam, priestess descendant from the Ra
dynasty. Miriak was chosen among all women for her energetic purity and for her direct lineage
with the first intra-terrestrials that sheltered Ra and Miriak. She was inseminated with the
elevated semen of Joseft, descendant from the first intra-terrestrials of the Inner-Earth City. She
was taught and introduced into the secret and hermetic teachings of the Parthenon Temple.
Ever since her childhood, Myriam had been prepared for the great mission entrusted to her by
the volunteers and intra-terrestrials; that is, to bring into the world the reincarnation of Ra, who
would be born among humans, the ones who had the seed of the intra-terrestrials, but not the
mental seed of the volunteers (they had a soul but no spirit).
According to astrology and the movements of the earth, the perfect angle of Atlantis was no
longer in northern Africa. Through mathematical studies carried out by the volunteers and intraterrestrials, Joshua Emmanuel (Ra) would have to be born in the Mediterranean area.

With the chosen being in Myriam’s womb, she and Joseft journeyed to the Mediterranean. It
took them months to reach Palestine, where Joshua Emmanuel was born and where they
settled and formed a well-off family of noble lineage.
Joshua Emmanuel grew up under the supervision of his mother, who taught him the ageless
universal knowledge. When he was seventeen years old, he went to Egypt, where he was
received by the priests who knew who he was and where he came from.
During twelve years of profound study under the supervision of the Egyptian priests, Joshua
Emmanuel learned the great secrets of the human body and mind. He got to know the depths of
the human soul and studied about energy, the mysteries of our origins, the truth of the InnerEarth City, universal knowledge and the reincarnation of Ra.
The knowledge of his existence was revealed to him in its entire splendor. Joshua Emmanuel
became a physician of the body and the soul.
When he was twenty-nine years old, he went back to his parents’ home, where he met his
brothers and other family members who had been born during his absence. Upon returning to
his town, he came upon an ignorant and superstitious people, where injustice prevailed, wealthy
families did not care about the needy. The government was divided and was under the control
of other oppressive and domineering people.
Joshua Emmanuel came from a well-to-do family. Moved by compassion and full of love for his
fellow beings, he decided to devote all he had learned in Egypt to serve and help the poor and
needy. At the age of 30, his mission and the sacrifice he would have to undergo were revealed
to him, as well as the reason for his coming to this world. When he began to fulfill his mission,
he was called the Messiah in the Mediterranean, and Kristós in Greek.
Messiah: Leader, in whom an absolute confidence has been placed and who is expected to
provide the solution of all problems. From the Hebrew Masih, which means anointed.
Kristós: in Greek, also meaning the anointed one.
At that time, the Mediterranean doctors did not have the deep knowledge that the Greeks and
Egyptians had. They based themselves on rudimentary and superficial information. They only
served for the sake of convenience and were at the disposal of the wealthy families.
The populace did not know this type of medicine. The poor and needy people were treated by
quack doctors and charlatans. When Joshua Emmanuel appeared, a true physician with deep
knowledge of body and mind, it was a revelation for the unfortunate, the afflicted and
disadvantaged, a miracle of extraordinary experiences that they had never experienced or
heard of. For those ignorant people he was a miracle, a phenomenon, a God-sent marvel from
Jehovah who had not abandoned them. Joshua’s fame crossed borders and people came from
all over the Mediterranean to be healed by the one who performed magic and miracles, and not
only healed the body, but also the soul and mind.
The peoples of the Mediterranean, subjugated by the oppressors, had lost their freedom and
their rights. When the religious leaders perceived that there was a man who was respected and
loved by the populace, they proposed to Joshua to become the leader of the people, with the
intention of manipulating him. They wanted to attract him to what suited them, to make the
people believe that Joshua worked in accordance and in unity with them. They thought that if he

was able to perform miracles and was the son of God, the awaited Messiah, then he could ask
God to send an army to get rid of the government imposed by the oppressors.
Since their minds were ruled by ignorance, they did not understand the words and the message
that Joshua wanted to transmit to them. Even though he spoke in parables, the people did not
understand him.
When the religious leaders realized that he would never let himself be manipulated by
ignorance, ambition and superstition, when they perceived that he was loved and respected by
the people who followed him, when they noticed that not only the populace but also the wealthy
families followed him, these religious leaders decided to eliminate him. They turned him over to
the oppressors, accusing him of inciting the people against them. You know all this history. But
what must be kept clear is that he was not crucified nor did he die on the cross, as the religions
When Joseft and Myriam realized that there was a political plot against their son, they decided
to flee together with others who had supported and protected him, and become exiled in some
other place. So, Joshua, his parents, brothers and sisters and many followers left voluntarily and
moved to a city what would shelter them, so that they could keep their descendants and lineage
pure. They went to Egypt, then to Greece and afterwards to India. Many years later their
descendants went to Europe and then to North America. Ultimately, in the future, they will have
to arrive in South America.
The history that is told of Joshua was distorted purposely, for entirely political reasons.
When Joshua and his family understood they would be killed by the Pharisees, they hid in the
homes of their family and friends and later they fled to Egypt. The Pharisees and the Romans,
by common accord, united to discredit Joshua and make him into a myth. In this way they could
recover their power. They contrived a farce and crucified three thieves, one of them who looked
like Joshua. By killing him, they ended the uprisings and rebellions that they were confronting.
Joshua’s story remained in the minds of the people and his legend was handed down from
generation to generation, until five historians, hired by those declaring to be followers of Joshua
and his teachings, began to investigate and discover the truth of the facts. However, these facts
were silenced by those leading the new religion and they were obliged to write a fanciful history
that did not conform to the real facts. In this way, they continued with the manipulation and
ignorance that still remains today.
78. Did Joshua Emmanuel get married and have children? What about Mary Magdalene
and Joshua Emmanuel?
That is right. After the farce was over, Joshua proposed to his followers and they agreed to say
that he had resurrected. Joshua Emmanuel traveled with his wife Mary Magdalene and his
family to Egypt, then to Greece and India, and then returned to Egypt.
When Joshua fled with his family and followers to Egypt, Mary Magdalene was his wife. Mary
Magdalene was never a prostitute as religions claim. She, as well as many other followers of
Joshua, was Essene. They knew the ancient knowledge coming from Lemuria. She was the
daughter of Joseph of Arimathea, a wealthy man, and had been promised to Joshua since
childhood. Joshua and Mary Magdalene got married in Canaan and had four children, who later
went to Europe and settled in Spain and France.

After having lived with her husband, Joshua Emmanuel, Mary Magdalene died in Egypt at the
age of 54. She left her offspring the profound knowledge of the Essene truths. These
descendants thoroughly fulfilled the task of transmitting the knowledge acquired from the
paternal side (Joshua Emmanuel, Ra) and handed down by the maternal side (Mary
Magdalene, Adam).
After a few years Myriam, Joshua’s mother, disembodied and reincarnated in her descendant,
the Egyptian Miriak. When Joshua Emmanuel became a widower, he married the mental
reincarnation of his wife Miriak (his mother), when he was sixty years old. She was also named
Myriam. They had six children, who could give them shelter when they disincarnated. The
following generations traveled to different places, spreading the universal knowledge
everywhere they went.
Ra’s mission was fulfilled. In his descendants with his two wives, he left imprinted the union of
the clans of Ra and Adam. Thus, he bequeathed to the future generations eternal salvation of
all the thought-energies of Adam’s clan.
79. Are Ra, Miriak and Mary Magdalene incarnated at the present time?
They exist in their descendants. They have divided into millions of thought-energies. We will
explain this so you can understand how fractionizing and reincarnation function.
Ra and Miriak are present in the minds of all their descendants. Every 2,800 years a
descendant is born who has mentally accumulated in him or herself much thought-energy of Ra
and Miriak. This being is born with outstanding characteristics and the wisdom of the ancestors.
This could be compared to the cosmic alignments.
This means that from time to time the descendants gather thought-energies from generation to
generation, until a time comes when a special being is born because a mental alignment was
produced. This energy takes a human form in a descendant, who will represent and transmit
this alignment because it is wisdom that has been accumulated life after life.
You call such a being an avatar. Every 2,800 years, when an avatar appears, he or she is very
wise and has harvested many thought-energies that will be passed on to the future generations.
This is how harvest is carried out. That is, in the 7 thousand years in which the obtuse alignment
will take place, the avatar that has accumulated the most energy will be the one who will take
you to the Inner-Earth City. It will be Ra and Miriak, incarnated again, who will be returning with
all their descendants and their life experiences. The same will happen with Vis, Tarik and Hak.
Joshua and Mary Magdalene’s descendants followed the same course. Through the later
generations built on their descendants, an alignment was formed of the thought-energies of the
intra-terrestrials and volunteers: Ra on one side and Adam on the other. This created a very
strong descent of knowledge, understanding and love, which still prevails.
These beings of very special thought-energies (Ra and Adam), continue transmitting knowledge
and they are the current channels and messengers of the volunteers and intra-terrestrials. They
are workers of the light and universal knowledge. The heritage is legitimate and the harvest will
be carried out similar to Ra Miriak because these energies belong to them.


80. Why were the descendants of Ra and Miriak meant to go to South America?
Through their descendants, the reincarnations of the two volunteers that came from Lemuria
were supposed to reach South America. In these lands, the new avatar will be born, namely,
Ra-Vis-Mor (west and east; air and water), who will be in charge of harvesting the thoughtenergies that will enter the Inner City of Atlantis. These thought-energies are to be nourished
with the element ether, and then go on to the Inner City of Lemuria to be nourished with the
element helium. This is the only way they will be prepared to return. In the next 2,800 years
another avatar will be born, who will be from Tarik and Hak’s (east and west, fire and earth)
descent. They were the sowers of knowledge and now they will return to harvest the fruits of
their sacrifice.
In the same way that every 2,800 years an avatar appears, the cinnabar thought-energies of
Luzbel and Lucifer become manifested every so often.
To understand the process and the possession of the elements that install themselves in the
brain, we have to go back to the One Origin.
When It went on creating Its desires and manifested them first in Its imagination, It was not
aware of the quantity of elements that the desire needed to express itself. The desire simply
came out with a force in its composition that steered it towards the path of its fulfillment. That
force accumulated so many different elements that during its manifestation the desires were
expressed either correctly or not. The union of elements determined the correlation and
continuity of the desire. Thus, the lapse of time of the manifestation could be very short or
become an eternity.
You may be wondering why, if Luzbel and Lucifer were able to get through the web and save
themselves from the amalgamation, they did not save the beings of Satien as well.
They did not save them on purpose, because they needed the sick-cinnabar elements to join
together to have the force to be expressed. They knew that the planet would explode because it
could not withstand the pressure of the ionization. So they programmed the events accordingly.
If they did not amalgamate the sick-cinnabar elements, these would disappear. They would be
absorbed and sent to new creations. The only way they found to keep on living eternally was to
consolidate the thought-energies of Satien. They knew that the universal mind is positive and,
for this reason, it could not absorb big quantities of sick-negative energy because that would
contaminate the all. The sickness would enter the circulatory system and with it, the universe of
its One Being. They knew that the universal mind had to let the sickness spread, then locate the
sick fragments and heal them. In this way, It would prevent the sickness from spreading
Luzbel and Lucifer grouped together the sick-cinnabar thought-energies in the Elementary,
Lower and Creative Dimensions. These energies manifest every so often. In the same way that
the avatars are formed by the accumulation of positive thought-energies and bring with them
peace, harmony, love, knowledge, understanding, union among humans and hope of eternal
life, the Yugas are accumulations of negative thought-energies that take on human forms and
manifest, causing sickness, plagues, wars, suffering, disasters, discord among humans, and no
hope for eternal life.


Kali Yuga: The Dark Age. This is the era we are currently living in. It began on February 17,
3,102 BC. It is the worst era that is supposed to end with a restorative catastrophe, which will be
forewarned by the arrival of Vishnu in its incarnation of Kalki. (Esoteric Dictionary)
81. Will Abigahel be the reincarnation of Ra-Vis-Mor?
We have to realize that in the universe everything functions in perfect order. When a
reincarnation occurs in the Elementary Dimension, we know that this dimension works with the
triad matter, astral body, and energetic body. Reincarnations function as a triad. Let us see the
example of Joshua Emmanuel.
Material Body………………………………………….Joshua Emmanuel (Jesus)
Astral Body…………………………………………….Ra
Energetic Body………………………………………..Christ
Universal Body…………………………………..…...Thoth
When Ra arrived as a volunteer on Planet Tera, he brought with him the lineage and legacy not
only from his planet but also from the universe, because the lineage is inherited from the higher
dimensions and is formed when one leaves the regular reality.
Thoth is the sign of the universal lineage. Christ is the sign of the mental lineage. Ra is the sign
of his planetary inheritance and Joshua Emmanuel is the sign of his work as a volunteer.
That is, the material body of the volunteer Joshua Emmanuel, worked with his soul, Ra, whose
messenger (energetic being, spirit) was Christ, guided by the universal mind named Thoth.
Abigahel will be the next avatar who will appear in the year 2,800. He will represent Ra-Vis-Mor
because the West and East will unite. After this avatar, Zetihel will arrive. He will be the
unification of Ra Vis Tarik Mor. Hak will not enter this alignment. He will join those who belong
to the element earth and did not become elevated, and will wait until the next alignment, which
will occur 21 thousand years later.
82. What is the meaning of planetary inheritance and universal lineage?
Planetary Heritage
Let us go on with Ra to understand how heritage and lineage function.
Ra came from the planet Ambiares, located in the Pleiades, which belongs to the Secondary
Dimension and to the constellation of Alpha Centauri. This planet was colonized by the
Ayaplianos of the Constellation of Orion. As we can see, there is an energetic heritage of
knowledge, a marked line in the descendants coming from the Regular Dimension, which
bequeathed to the planet Antares all its evolution and elevation.
We know that universal descendants come from the regular reality, but they also come from the
perfect reality. So, we come to the conclusion that energetic and genetic heritage is important,
especially to know that throughout evolution the energy did not become contaminated, that even
though the path was difficult, it did not lose the purity of its condition. For a thought-energy to
return, it is important to confirm if its elements display quality, not quantity.


What does the sower do at harvest time? First, he or she separates the good quality fruit from
that which did not grow well. The latter is discarded and used as compost for the following
sowings. The best seeds are selected from the good fruit and planted in the best soil, because
in this way they will go on producing better fruits.
Ra’s heritage came from Orion. His thought-energy descended from universal knowledge and it
always remained pure. Even though he was in the elementary reality, he always retained his
memory, knowledge, and understanding. He sacrificed himself for his brothers and sisters and
renounced the stability of his existence to bring them hope, a reason to return and continue
existing. He partitioned himself into thousands of thought-energies to leave in his descendants
the indelible sign of elevation.
Universal Lineage
Unlike heredity, lineage records in the thought-energy all the achievements and life experiences
throughout their lives. The lineage will determine how the return will be.
When Ra and Miriak procreated and formed their descent, their thought-energies went on either
strengthening or diluting. This means that the return of their descendants will take place at
different times and they will take their place in an intra-terrestrial body depending on their
experiences and energetic work. This means that some will take on matter, others the astral
body and still others, the mind.
When all the thought-energies of Ra and Miriak’s lineage return, they will have assembled Ra’s
energetic body, which is called Christ. It is Christ who will return in the volunteers’ spacecraft
because Ra’s lineage comes from Orion.
Ra is a descendant of Christ and it is Christ who should recover his descent in Orion to become
Thoth (knowledge, understanding, love), whose mind belongs to the descent of the Perfect
Dimension. In this way, he will recover his body, which is in a cryogenic state in that dimension.
All those who are identified with the teachings of the universal knowledge are returning. They
will all form a single body. East and West together will undergo the elevation process. The same
will happen with the descendants of Vis, Tarik and Hak.
Let us not confuse the Catholic Church with Christ. This religion does not come from the same
source or from the descendants of Ra and Miriak. This religion comes from Adam’s clan. Its
teachings continue to be contaminated with the thought-energies of Satien. These old and
obsolete traditions that do not want to perish were inherited from Adam’s clan.
83. When did Ra and Miriak go to Greece?
They went about 13 thousand years ago. When Egyptian dynasties began, Ra’s descendants
were already intermixed with the humans of the surface. The knowledge of Thoth governed their
lives but, as always, due to the distortion of their thoughts, it gradually faded in the brains of the
humans. Much knowledge has been lost and the memory that you have of your history is very
short. At the time when Ra and Miriak went to Greece, the knowledge of Thoth ruled their lives
and traditions while they commingled with humans from different places.
Let’s go back in time to 300 million years ago, when the solid mass of Tera formed a single
continent. Africa, Egypt, Greece and Palestine were unified and interlocked, forming a single

territory that belonged to the angle of Atlantis. Nowadays those lands are separated and have
different names and cultures.
Ra and Miriak knew that these territories had once been unified. They had that knowledge
because they remembered absolutely everything since their arrival on Tera. When they reached
Greece, they looked for a virgin land, uncontaminated, that could shelter the purity of the
thought-energies. Much later, Ra would prepare the birth of Joshua Emmanuel, which would be
in Palestine.
If we sum up Ra’s lives, we will notice that he was born in the same place over and over, during
a long time, with the intent of leaving in his descent the seed that would afterwards spread
worldwide. He formed a One Origin of knowledge, understanding and love. He prepared women
who would carry the seed in their wombs and these beings would plant it wherever they went.
He offered them Atlantis and inseminated the minds with universal knowledge. He elevated
thought-energy and gave the beings the opportunity to return. He gave his love to humans and
taught them that the only way to become elevated was through him.
84. Why was Ra always born in the same place?
When Atlantis formed the angle linking North Africa, Mexico, Peru and Bolivia, the six-pointed
star worked perfectly, recycling the thought-energies and making the energy of the planet lighter
more diaphanous.
The terrible catastrophe that divided the solid mass also separated one of the angles. What
today is North Africa (Egypt), the Mediterranean (Palestine), Greece and Italy once formed the
unification of Atlantis. When this angle separated, communication among them was no longer
carried out with the same precision. Ra took on the task of uniting them through the
transmission of knowledge, understanding and love. That unification was to be accomplished
through his various births in those places.
He was born first in Egypt with the name of Athotis, then in Greece as Hermes, and
finally in Palestine as Christ.
In this way, the angle was unified and the six-pointed star began to rotate powerfully, activating
the energy of the planet and enabling the beings to recycle their thought-energies. We would
like to point out that the six-pointed star had been inactive for almost 300 million years, which
meant that during that time the spacecraft could not move out from where they were.
To help Planet Tera, we created a solar disk that helped very much. The intra-terrestrials placed
this disk in the center of the angle of Atlantis. We directed and supervised the work because it
had to rotate at a speed that was faster than the rotation of the planet. This way we managed to
make the planet rotate and displace through its system at a greater speed, thus shortening time.
By rotating at a greater speed, we could convert the energy that fed the planet into a clearer and
more diaphanous crystal, because its angles were chiseled faster and as a result, knowledge
and understanding flourished in their minds.
It was different in regard to love. The solar disk was unable to reach the speed and frequency
required by this energy. Only a thought being having in itself the six-pointed star would be able
to reconnect the angle of Egypt, Palestine, Greece, which had divided. This being would

accomplish the feat to make the angle of Atlantis function again, which in turn would get the sixpointed star to rotate again.
In short, the solar disk allowed spacecraft to rotate around Tera, recycling energies and
achieving the current results.
This is the reason why you have advanced so much in science and technology, and love is
gradually becoming more understood.
85. How did intra-terrestrials help to place the solar disk in the center of the angle of
Atlantis? What was its diameter?
First, we have to know what a solar disk is to understand its utility.
When we arrived in our spacecraft and installed ourselves in the poles, we knew that the Teracell was not communicating with the other cells of the universe. The fragment of Planet Satien in
its center had barred and annulled any communication.
We also knew that in those conditions the Tera-cell would not be able to stay alive for long. So
our first work was to create an artificial communication that would be able to keep the cell stable
and the energy recycled. To achieve this, we counted on the help of the intra-terrestrials. In the
center of the angle of Atlantis, we placed an energetic ring that could absorb the solar energy
and distribute it through the cell.
Tera needed to be nourished with the universal nutrient: energy.
The energetic ring
Even though nowadays the solar disk no longer has any function that helps the planet, it
continues demarcating the center of the angle of Atlantis.
When we placed the solar disk with the help of the intra-terrestrials, through gravity we were
able to annul the calamitous attraction of the fragment of Satien on the planet.
The fragment of Satien did not want to be transformed. The thought-energies living in it wanted
to get out, to continue proliferating. In this way, they could keep the planet under their dominion
of sickness and destruction. Today, those energies are gyrating in the center of the planet
because we keep them imprisoned. Thus their energies fuse and do not spread around causing
irreparable disasters.
The solar disk was built by the intra-terrestrials of the Inner-Earth Cities, under our supervision
and guided by the universal knowledge of the Pleiades.
This disk, made of pure mercury, had four adverse and convening points. These points
intersected the fragment of Satien forming an X. When the disk rotated around itself, it cut off
the magnetism and the gravity force, causing an imbalance of vibrational waves. In this way, it
prevented the energy from accumulating by outstretching it to the 4 points of the planet.
To know where we had to put the 4 exit points we had to measure the planet and divide it in
half, as if we were cutting an orange in half. By doing that we counteracted the energetic
ambiguity and allowed energy to renovate itself and nourish the planet. At the same time the

force of its rotation drew cosmic energy into the planet, which the opposite points distributed
evenly and uniformly. Thus, Planet Tera acquired feedback and communicated with other
neighboring planets.
86. How could they build a solar disk of pure mercury?
When we say the word Mercury, you imagine the mercury element, but we here we are
referring to the sun, which it is formed of the helium element, white and bright, perfect for
transmission and reception of vibratory waves.
Helium: It is a nonmetallic and gaseous chemical element, atomic number 2. It is very light,
colorless and insipid, with little chemical activity. Helium is part of the solar atmosphere. It is a
noble gas. From the Greek helios (sun). Its chemical symbol is He.
Mercury: We will divide this in two words:
Me: From Latin accusative of ego (me)
Curio: It is a metallic and artificial chemical element, atomic number 96. Radioactive, it is
obtained by bombarding plutonium with alpha particles. Curio is used in some spacecraft
Plutonium: It is a metallic chemical element with atomic number 94, belonging to the group of
rare soil. It is silvery white, very toxic and used for nuclear combustion. Plutonium is utilized to
manufacture nuclear arms.
The sun is composed of the above-mentioned elements. From it we extracted all that was
needed to create and build the solar disk. By fusing several elements, we compressed the
energy that was called Mercury. This energy enabled us to control and accelerate the rotation
and translation movements, and thus rotate the disk. The disk in turn absorbed the cosmic
energy and nurtured the planet, which was completely undernourished and had almost no
strength to continue. We were also able to prevent the petrifaction of the elements and, above
all, control the energy of Satien, thus reducing the attraction and production of cinnabar
87. When and how are the cinnabar elements chemically produced?
These elements were discovered in Satien. Do you recall that in the beginning of the all, when
the One Origin went on creating, the thought-energies did not know what to do with the useless
energy? Well, that energy turned into cinnabar elements.
Even though it was useless, that energy belonged to the universal mind. It took its place in the
thoughts of the One Origin and installed itself in the innermost part of Its mind – the
subconscious. The thought-energies of Satien activated this cinnabar energy because they
sheltered it, gave it form, helped it to develop, and gave it knowledge and survival.
Luzbel and the group of volunteers got sick from absorbing this useless energy. We can
compare it to a virus that installs in a computer and starts destroying the files of its recorded
memory. The energies of Satien aggravated the situation because, in addition to activating this
detrimental energy, they overloaded and ionized it. It is impossible to explain in just a few words
the tremendous damage and the consequences that it produced in the minds of the 7 planets.

Universal reality is chemical. Everything is produced chemically, even your own thought-energy.
Your minds work through chemical reactions. Emotions and feelings are formed by the quantity
of elements that intermix and generate antagonistic reactions. When thought-energies are
permeated with cinnabar elements, disastrous chemical reactions are produced and these
express in a negative way. You give them different names: evil, demon, etc. We are trying to get
you to transmute these cinnabar elements into mercurial elements, because these are the
elements that will help you get out of the unreality where you live.
You also have to understand that chemical elements and your reactions are manifested in what
you call illness.
For example, cancer is a reaction that the body cells undergo for lack of communication with
their One Being and for the continual overload of electrical instability that the cells suffer. An
accumulation of cinnabar elements is localized in a given part of the body. After some time, if
they are not transmuted by the mind, they explode and spread to other parts to keep on living
and proliferating.
If we compare this with that is happening in Planet Tera, we will realize by the symptoms that
the planet has cancer.
88. Then, can we do what you are doing to heal the planet, to cure cancer?
It is exactly the same. Each cell of the human body is a planet in miniature, with the same
characteristics. If we see that some cells in the physical body are sick with cancer, then you will
have to activate the six-pointed star that each cell has. In this way, you will be able to recycle
the energy in each of them. The six-pointed star will spin at such a speed and vibration that it
will compress the cinnabar energy and send it to the center of the cell. In this way, sickness will
not spread. When this harmful energy is in the center of the cell, the mass surrounding it will
take care of transmuting it into the element Mercury.
If we said that Mercury meant Me = Ego (self), then, it is the Self, that is, the will and
understanding, that will transmute the cinnabar elements into mercurial ones. If we said the
Curio is a radioactive element that is obtained by bombarding plutonium with alpha particles…
Alpha: the name of the first letter of the alphabet. Alpha and Omega. Beginning and end.
then we must understand that to cure cancer you will have to reach the alpha of your minds,
that is, the One Origin, who will help you to transmute it, by building a six-pointed star in each
cell of your bodies. You will absorb the mercurial elements from the cosmos for each cell to
nourish itself and so be able to counteract the cinnabar elements. Here we can explain what you
call miracles. How do they work?
The will, that is, the person’s self, is so strong that it asks “God”, or the One Origin, to be
healed. It does not matter what name or image is invoked. When the force of the desire is
strong and the person is willing to carry out the mental work, the pineal gland is activated. The
pineal gland, in turn, contacts the universal mind and absorbs the energy of healing, that is,
cosmic mercurial elements.
These elements will begin to rotate around the thought-energies and they will go into the cells of
the material body (they will have the form of a six-pointed star and will be very similar to the

atom). This will impede the spreading of the cinnabar elements, for they will be pushed by force
of gravity into the center of the cell. First, the cinnabar elements will be compressed and then
transmuted into mercurial elements. This work of course must be accompanied by the
expression, correlation and continuity of a healthy life, supported by continuous positive
thoughts of elevation.
89. Do people get cancer because they are bad?
Do not understand it that way. We are referring to the great accumulation of these elements that
proliferate and live in zones 1 and 2 of the brain. We must realize that the accumulation of
cinnabar energy in the thought-energies, zones 1 and 2, and in the matter energy, provoke
negative symptoms that set in and manifest through reaction according to the quantity that is
When the brain contains only a little cinnabar energy, then it is called anger, sadness, envy,
indifference, passions, fears, dreads, jealousy, greed, rage, rancor, violence, excitation,
imbalance, boldness and anything that produces an energetic imbalance, in the brain as well as
in the physical body, that causes a lot of discord and lack of peace.
These cinnabar elements are inside all of you because you still have not managed to transmute
those undisciplined emotions. Unfortunately, they control your brains in different energetic
gradations. These uncontrolled cinnabar elements tend to corrode, rust and produce a thoughtenergy that will spread through the physical body and produce energetic instability, which later
will manifest in the form of sicknesses that can be light or very destructive. Everything will
depend on the quantity of cinnabar elements that the brain produces and that the physical body
Cancer and other sicknesses are the answer to the accumulation of cinnabar elements that
became encysted and reproduced, first in the thought-energies and then by seizing upon and
feeding inappropriately on the cells of the physical body to continue living.
The Ayapliano bodies of the universe were not created to endure or to coexist with this type of
destructive element. This element does not exist in other planets because the Ayaplianos did
not allow it to proliferate and reproduce. This particular element disappeared; it was absorbed
and transmuted into the mercurial element.
Your bodies are Ayapliano. They also were not made to endure these elements. When they
enter your thought-energies and your physical bodies, they produce the sicknesses that you do
not know how to avoid, eliminate or transmute. You may wonder, if the cinnabar elements are
negative, why they exist in the body of the One Being.
Cinnabar elements are not negative. They serve the One Being’s body chemically. They
become sick-negative cinnabar elements when they are affected by a distorted brain.
90. Is the healing of Planet Tera being carried out in the same way?
Yes, exactly the same. We are in our spacecraft and we represent the elements of the planet.
We are mercurial elements and rotate around the planet, forming the six-pointed star. Any sickcinnabar energy that we identify, we send to the central line of the planet, which you know as

This thought-energy is very hot, dense, heavy, hard to reach and has a strong odor of sulfur.
Comparatively, you would classify it as the place of hell. For us, it is zone 1 and 2 of Planet
We keep this sick-cinnabar thought-energy under control. We confine it and compact it to keep it
far away from the poles. When we compact it, we automatically transmute it, turning it into
mercurial energy.
All disasters brought about on the planet, such as tsunamis, earthquakes or ecological
devastations, are due to this energy. Even though we have it under control, the planet is still
young, and when its tectonic plates move, this energy tries to get out and spread. When it
manages to do so, it causes catastrophes and much suffering.
After demarcating the central line of Tera, we can say that whatever comes next is purgatory,
and we consider close to the poles to be the planet’s heaven. If you look at a map, you can
certainly decipher what it is happening on the planet.
With this explanation you can locate the Tera-brain and realize why those Ayaplianos who had
to remain on the surface of the planet were so overpowered by distortion. You will also
understand why those countries situated in the line of hell are the way they are. Planet Tera has
a configured brain, which contains thousands of thought-energies – your own selves – and that
brain will behave exactly as you are.
91. If there were four volunteers who left the intra-terrestrial city with their spouses,
would there not have been eight volunteers?
The four beings who volunteered brought along their own planetary heritage and their universal
Universal lineage………………………………………. father (masculine energy)
Planetary heritage ….…..…………………...………... mother (feminine energy)
This means that Ra, Vis, Tarik and Hak were divided in their two parts, by their heritage in a
woman’s body and by their lineage in a man’s body.
You know this sequence by the name of twin souls. When two thought-energies bond and
each of them is the accumulated descent of one of the volunteers, we say that an energy
alignment was formed. They are two souls that bond, complementing each other, and as they
do so they form a complete being that will bring about extraordinary results.
The great masters, messengers, avatars and beings of the Inner-Earth City bear in themselves
the universal lineage and the planetary heritage. The two cosmic forces – masculine and
feminine – live and develop in a perfect communion of ideas and thoughts. It does not matter in
which physical body they are, they will express themselves in perfect balance and harmony, and
will adapt to their material state. This means that they bonded their mental twin souls into a
single energy of knowledge, understanding and love. When reaching this energetic perfection of
kindred thoughts, they succeeded in developing equanimity.
92. Does it mean that you, who are in the spacecraft, have both genders in yourselves?

We, the same as you, are expressed in both masculine and feminine thought-energies. For us it
makes no difference if we are in a male or female body; our thought-energies are exactly the
same. The difference among us is the vibrational state and intensity of each one, and that
gradation will determine if the expression will be masculine or feminine.
93. How do you procreate?
We procreate for a need for descendants and we create for a need for existence.
94. Can you explain that?
When two thought-energies unite in our reality, it is to create what we desire. That is, the need
will create its form. When we unite mentally with another being, we will create our descendants
according to the expression that was needed. We instill, into that form, the unification of our
thoughts. When we unite, the strongest energy at that moment, masculine or feminine, will
prevail. At the same time, what was created will recognize its function.
We do not unite like you, by physical or sexual attraction. Our union occurs by an energetic
attraction of complementarity. This means that the energy seeks what it lacks through that
complementarity. In this way, our descent goes on improving the quality of its heritage and
Those who went out to the surface and became distorted were considered hermaphrodites.
They were unable to procreate because they did not have the mental means to do so. Their
thought-energies could not keep a balance between masculine and feminine.
That is why we had to help them. We created a special form of man and of woman, separating
what was integrated in us. The results were not as precise as we wanted, because sometimes
the masculine energy is incarnated in a woman’s body and the feminine in a man’s body.
Nowadays, the intra-terrestrial Inner-Earth City is completely defined, organized and entirely
balanced. We cannot say the same regarding you. The confusion continues and the balance in
incarnation is very unstable.
95. Is this the problem with homosexuals?
Yes. The intra-terrestrials went through the same process. At present, they are in perfect
harmony with their thought-energies. We are saying that it is a process and not an anomaly.
Homosexuality must be understood, not judged or condemned. It is the process of evolution and
of the distortion that you underwent. Nature is wise. Through its wisdom you will get to define
yourselves and place yourselves where you belong.
96. How will we get to define ourselves?
Sometimes you are born as Ra and other times as Miriak. When you manage to incarnate
uniting the masculine and feminine energies into one, we can say that you will be ready to enter
the Inner-Earth City. In short, we are saying what we have always repeated: unify the left side
(Ra) and the right side (Miriak) of the thought-energies of the brain.
97. When Ra was born as Athotis, Hermes and Joshua Emmanuel, did he bear both the
masculine and feminine energies?

In the three cases he was born balanced. When he accomplished the feat of unifying the
Mediterranean angle, he gave humanity the possibility to achieve balance because he gave
them love. That was the third thought-energy that was lacking. With it, the thought-energies of
the beings of the planet were able to interlock properly and be placed in the three angles of the
triangle of Atlantis.
When he was born as Athotis, knowledge was expressed; with the birth of Hermes,
understanding took on form, and with the birth of Joshua Emmanuel, it was love that
closed the circle.
With these three manifestations we were able to make the triangle definitively close the doors of
hell. Thus, the cinnabar thought-energies of Satien, especially the strongest and most
dangerous ones, remained in the center of the triangle once and for all, unable ever to
reincarnate again because they were obliged to return to the fragment from where they came.
Today, we still continue this work and we will not rest until we decontaminate the planet and
eradicate this calamitous and very harmful energy.
98. Will the next Avatar be born in North America?
Yes, more precisely, in the United States. This avatar, named Abigahel, will be born about the
year 2800, as a ruler and coordinator of the free and sovereign countries.
At that time, the planet will have gone through many changes and it will have a deep
understanding of its reality. There will be no wars, and laws and norms will govern the
consciousness of the beings. What we are describing will apply to the majority of the planet but
there will always be renegades who will be excluded from the society. Countries will unite in a
single force of peace. All who seek knowledge, understanding and love will be able to circulate
freely. Planet Tera will then be in touch with the intra-terrestrials who will be the great masters
and brothers of the beings on the surface.
99. Will Abigahel be an intra-terrestrial or will he be born from a surface being?
At that time intra-terrestrials and the beings of the surface will live together in perfect harmony.
Abigahel will be born of an intra-terrestrial union, which will come from the Inner-Earth City (Ra,
masculine) and a woman of the surface (Miriak, feminine), direct and most pure descendant of
Ra. The union of the two will form an alignment of thought-energies that will bring about the
expected result – to bring to the planet a being with knowledge, understanding and love in its
maximum expression. They will call him the harvester and he will be especially prepared for this
work in the Inner-Earth City. His name will be MICHAEL.
100. When will the energy of Satien be controlled and transmuted?
We will never be able to transmute it entirely, but we can restrain its advancement and
development. Even though these are sick-cinnabar elements, negative and harmful, they belong
to the One Being and were created by Its mind. Once created, they cannot be eliminated, but
they can be transmuted.
Our work is to prevent this thought-energy from spreading and causing damage in the universe.
This is why we steer it towards some useful work that could benefit the One Being, for example,
by recycling it to new creations.

When you sow a large field, you always have to cope with pests that can destroy the crop.
Some time ago, for lack of knowledge, you used to fumigate the crop with pesticides that killed
off the pests. This was considered correct, but while doing it you contaminated the fruit and the
plants, causing great harm to human health. Nowadays a plague is counteracted with another
agent. For example, if the crop is attacked by insects, birds will be placed to eat this insect
without harming the plants. In this way, the plantation is not contaminated.
Cinnabar elements are destructive and harmful negative thought-energies, but if we look at the
other side of the coin, we understand that they are necessary to be converted into sulfuric acid,
which can be used as pesticide to preserve plants from harmful insects and germs.
We cluster these sick-cinnabar energies coming from harmful thoughts; we aggregate and
compress them, and then we send them back to the fragment of Satien located in the center of
the planet.
We also know that sulfur, or cinnabar elements, are heavy, hot and dark. If we simply
transmuted those elements without giving them any use, the planet would become hardened,
because the tectonic plates would become petrified and would turn the planet into a hard brittle
Nowadays, the knowledge and understanding we have compiled over the ages have made us
understand that nothing is wasted in the universe; everything is recycled and given a use. The
same as we do with hell, we prevent these energies from causing harm and at the same time
we make them work for us.
101. Then, is this cinnabar energy of sick-thought-energies always going in and out in
Yes, they are thought-energies. Even though they are negative, the universe gives them the
opportunity to recycle and incarnate for you to transmute them.
They could be compared to those people who leave prison and have to adapt to society again.
Some of them succeed and others don’t. They will repeat it over and over again until they learn;
they will incarnate many times until they understand.
There is a reason to keep hell, purgatory and heaven in their respective places.
These energies, be they negative or positive, are working to maintain Tera cell in perfect
conditions and they are preventing it from becoming sicker than it is now.
Purgatory prevents the sick-cinnabar energy from spreading and it works to bring about the
transmutation of those elements. Heaven prevents both cinnabar and mercurial-cinnabar energy
from spreading through the universe. It does not let them get out because its helium elements
keep them captive and frozen.
Everyone is working for the all. Do you think that when you go to the Inner-Earth City you will
only dedicate yourself to learning, studying and preparing for your next incarnation? No way!
We all work for our sustenance and survival. We are always working and never resting; in some
way or other we are cooperating with our One Being, that is, our own selves.

102. And what will happen to Planet Tera when all cinnabar energy has been
The Tera-cell is a living organism. It will reach old age and explode and turn into fragments that
will become other cells. In this way the One Being recycles Itself and so that It lives eternally,
always young, dynamic and active. Doesn’t the same thing happen with your physical bodies?
Some cells die and others are born, and it is always you.
The sick-cinnabar energy no longer exists in the planets Kryon, Antares, Aberon and Cyrius. It
has been totally transmuted.
When they understood what was happening to them, they mentally activated the six-pointed
star, compressed the cinnabar energy, and compacted the fragment. In the center of the
triangle, they created an additional force, also in the shape of a triangle, which rotated in the
opposite direction. When the cinnabar energy entered it was absorbed into the solid center of
the fragment because the two opposite forces became a magnet.
Unlike Planet Tera, the fragments of Planet Satien in these four planets did not become totally
liquefied. They remained fairly solid and this helped their absorption.
When the fragments of Satien in these planets absorbed the last sick-cinnabar elements, the
volunteers of the spacecraft extracted the mercury from them and solidified it, and then
transformed it into white quartz crystals, which were created to absorb solar energy.
By this explanation we can understand that in the center of each of these planets, there is a
white quartz crystal, which maintains the 4 planets in perfect stability and provides them the
necessary heat to live, and the silica supplies them with oxygen.
Quartz – a mineral of silica, hard, glassy, colorless or white when it is pure, which contains high
calorific conductivity and is present in many rocks.
All this work was done by the volunteers who had spread throughout in the planets and had
fulfilled their mission and colonization. Unlike you, they did not become seriously distorted. They
preserved the universal memory from generation to generation and their bodies underwent
modifications that characterized them more as human race than Ayapliano.
103. Is this why we are always seeking crystals and their wonderful cures?
Your solar plexus is the center of your bodies. The sick-cinnabar energies that are in you should
be taken to that center and converted into mercury. You have to work on your ego – your me,
myself – until it is transmuted into a white quartz crystal.
The cinnabar energies that are accumulated in zones 1 and 2 (subconscious) tend to become
encysted in the energetic center of the solar plexus where the emotions are located. They
produce conflicts and antagonism that cause terrible anxiety and distress.
When emotions are worked on and understood, the sick-cinnabar elements are transformed into
mercurial elements that become compacted and form a white quartz crystal, which will emit
such a special light that it will nourish the being with warmth of life and light of wisdom.


This special energy enters and exits through the energetic centers, purifying and cleansing
them. This energy will nourish the energetic being in its process of gestation and formation.
104. What really is cancer?
Conflicts, rage, sadness, envy, jealousy, fear, loneliness, impotence, distress, improbability,
desperation, desolation, depression, discouragement, melancholy, bitterness, pain, distortion,
ambiguity, disorder, instability, lies, insecurity, noncompliance, suffering and much more. All
these sick-cinnabar elements accumulate in the solar plexus and prevent it from radiating the
light of understanding on the emotions.
They are hidden thought-energies. They dwell in the darkness of life clamoring to get out and be
discovered. They live in the hell of their ignorance, concealed under veils of disgrace and
slander. They are thought-energies that have been accumulated life after life. When
understanding accomplishes its work, it transmutes the destructive emotions. This means that
heaven (the mind) conveyed by reasoning, reason, logic, discovery and analysis (helium
energy), descends to the energetic center of the solar plexus and cools down the emotions,
calming and tranquilizing them. By doing this, it gives them the capacity to be transmuted and to
enter the heaven of their existence.
Cancer is the reaction of matter when it is attacked and invaded by sick-cinnabar thoughtenergies, which become encysted in the cells and begin to modify them. They are monsters like
vampires that feed on everything that keep them alive.
The thought-energies of Planet Satien turned into sick-cinnabar elements and these are the
energies that invade and attack you. You call them illnesses. Cinnabar energies are monsters.
They have a definite form. Each one of them represents a form in the universe: a rhythm,
vibration and frequency that differentiate them. In the same way that on the planet there are
eggs, larvae, worms and insects, the sick-cinnabar energies look like them, taking on varied
forms to become manifested according to their levels of negativity.
They began proliferating when the energy of Satien started getting free. Currently, they are an
evolved mixture of useless energy, Satien’s energy, distorted energy, recorded energy and sick
energy. They behave exactly like a virus or bacteria, except that they are intelligent and they
think. They are sick-cinnabar thought-energies and as long as they find a place to lodge, they
will live eternally.
105. And are reptilian also sick-cinnabar energies?
No, they emerged and proliferated when the energy of Satien got free. Unlike sick-cinnabar
energy, they represent the distortion of Planet Satien but not the actual sickness. They are
creatures of darkness and ignorance; they live and procreate without knowing what it is going
106. What do you do to send them to the center of the triangle and confine them in the
fragment of Satien?
We are repeating what our brothers did on the other planets. We divided the six-pointed star
into two triangles. One is placed in the Arctic Circle and the other in the Antarctic.


If we look at it from above, it forms a six-pointed star. Each triangle will rotate inversely and will
emit helium energy. In this way, we trap the sick-cinnabar energy in the center line of the planet,
forming a vortex in the center of the star. This will restrain the sick-cinnabar energy in the
depths of the fragment.
The sick-cinnabar energy will not be able to get out unless it is permitted to do so. This will only
happen when any one of them, through suffering, understands and fervently desires healing.
107. If you say that sick-cinnabar energies take on forms according to color, rhythm,
frequency, etc., does it mean that we could differentiate the sick-cinnabar energies in our
You could. Everything your eyes see has a reason to be. When we arrived on the seven
planets, the vegetal and animal kingdoms had already been implanted through the alignments.
We must understand that evolutionism and creationism occurred parallel.
We cannot affirm that one of them came first. In our reality, to imagine is to create, and to create
means to carry out and materialize. When this occurs, the creative desire takes on the form of
its expression: either wonderful or horrible. The cinnabar elements are the expression of zones
1 and 2. These elements will adapt and take on form according to the desire that emanated
them. Since they belong to the world of thoughts, they have the intelligence to conduct
themselves as such. They had been incarnated and had obtained life experiences as humans.
108. What is the work of the intra-terrestrials in regard to the sick-cinnabar energy?
In order to understand this we first have to see how, when and why the inner-earth cities were
founded. The Ayapliano volunteers who left the spacecraft knew that they were running the risk
of picking up some anomaly. They did not know what would happen to them, but they were
ready to make the sacrifice for their survival and the definitive healing of the One Being.
Before attempting such an achievement, they studied the environment profoundly and, wearing
special suits, they ventured into a scientific reconnaissance and study of what could happen.
In order to take all precautions and avoid any possible contamination, they decided to build two
huge laboratory-cities under the polar surface, at the level of the Arctic Circle (Lemuria) and the
Antarctic Circle (Atlantis) that would help out in any contingency. Should the worst occur, these
two cities would be considered two laboratories to continue the work they had come to do.
These cities were built as precise replicas of the spacecraft but the material they used was
made of quartz crystals, which was more compatible and dense. They were built with the
intention of not being immobile, but capable of moving about and also carrying out special tasks
that were needed within the angle of the triangle.
The two spacecraft-cities were built. The inner-earth cities of the intra-terrestrials function as
follows: they rotate around the planet; they enter through the large caverns of the poles and exit
through the seas and lakes. The work of the intra-terrestrials is to recycle all sick-cinnabar
energy that could attack the Tera-cell. Jointly with the spacecraft of the volunteers, they help to
spin the two triangles. Together with the other four spacecraft of the volunteers in each angle,
they recycle the energy and Tera-cell is nourished with it.


109. How the do they join the other spacecraft in the angles of the triangle?
Each triangle located in the Arctic Circle and in the Antarctic Circle has three plane angles.
These turn into three conic triangles that outspread upwards and downwards into two converse
points, which, as they unite, expand the magnetism of the planet.
These magnetic waves tend to repeat themselves infinitely and universally. When these waves
get stuck midway, they tend to seek an exit and they often find it where it was not meant to be.
Therefore, they cause catastrophes and irreparable losses because the way they chose was not
the proper one nor was it adequate.
The spacecraft, or rather, the elements, place themselves in the points of the triangles and help
them spin, and with this movement they generate magnetism. When a cell has no magnetism,
the sick-cinnabar elements feel attracted by it because they identify with the elements of the
cell, causing sickness, chaos and its incommunicability.
This is what you call cancer. The lack of magnetism will attract the sick-cinnabar elements and
magnetism will reject them.
The triangle of the Antarctic Circle represents the planet’s body (soul). This will rotate in an
opposite direction to the other triangle located in the Arctic Circle, which represents the head of
the planet (spirit). Both will rotate because the former attracts the sick-cinnabar elements and
the latter thrusts them towards the center of the Tera-cell.
Antarctic Circle: ether, fire and earth. Atlantis, Ebiar and Tenezia.
Arctic Circle: helium, air and water. Lemuria, Ambiares and Retryon.
When attraction and rejection do not complement each other due to distortion in the brain of
Tera, sickness is brought on. The elements enter and exit where they are not meant to, because
the magnetism becomes distorted and disorganized. This distortion is manifested as hurricanes,
earthquakes, tsunamis, atmospheric and climatic changes, and so on.
On a mental level, it can be compared to negative emotions such as anguish, suffering,
discouragement, sadness, etc. It means that the negative energies of zones 1 and 2, which
should exit through the feet, go out through the nervous, digestive, respiratory, circulatory
systems, and so on, producing cerebral disorders and physical sicknesses.
110. Why should negative energy exit through the feet?
Because it is an earth element and the earth should absorb all cinnabar energy that
accumulates in the cells. You are earth and to earth you will return…
112. Why do ether, fire and earth attract cinnabar elements and helium, air and water
repel them?
Everything in the universe is chemical.
Ether: This word comes from etheric and means volatile, sublime, vague, subtle. On the other
hand, ether is integrated into two hydrocarbon radicals, which are formed of carbon and
hydrogen. They are the principal components of all organic substances existing on the planet
and in the universe. The Earth is composed of these elements.

Fire: Heat and light emanating from the combustion of a body. We know from the first book, El
Ser Uno(The One Being) – The Arcana of Thoth, that calorific combustion exists and is
necessary for life in the lower worlds.
While the first three (ether, fire and earth) belong to evolution, the other three (helium, air and
water) pertain to elevation. This is the difference.
113. So is cancer due to a lack of magnetism?
Magnetism, in greater or lesser scale, has always existed. Everything depends on what state it
is in and what waves it emits. Without magnetism there would be no life. When we talk about
feedback, communication, vibration, frequency, rhythm and so on, we are referring to
magnetism and universal beat of life. Everything is attracted and repelled in the universe.
Magnetism: Physical agent by which magnets and electrical currents produce a set of magnetic
All illnesses or distortions are due to the magnetic attraction of elements that are attracted or
repelled; there is no other possible or clearer explanation to define them.
114. What can we do to keep our positive magnetism always stable?
Stability: Permanence or duration in time, without producing essential changes. Steadiness or
security in location or direction. Attribute of a body or system to return to its position of balance
after having been separated from it. Situation characterized by the resistance to the production
of changes.
Magnetism is composed of magnetic elements, which generate electrical currents and are
formed by one or more permanent magnets that influence or transmit to a device. The quantity
of magnets that a given energy possesses will mark the difference between attraction and
115. Why is the magnetism of the planet not stable?
Because its energetic centers are in similar conditions. Tera is still a young planet. It has not yet
reached energetic maturity. This is why we are doing all the work needed to stabilize it. This
lack of stability corresponds precisely to the fluctuation of the thought-energies of the living
beings among themselves. It is a vicious cycle that we are trying to break.
You have always asked what happened in the Bermuda Triangle.
It was a problem related to the lack of magnetism, due to the rotation and translation of the
Tera-cell around the sun and especially because of the inclination of the planet that began
around 1940.
The magnetic waves of the planet circulate from the bottom up and vice versa. This type of
circulation causes the planet to adjust its rotation and translation around the sun every so often.
When the unexplainable incidents of the Bermuda Triangle occurred, Planet Tera was closer to
the sun. For this reason, its rotation became slower and this caused the vibratory and magnetic

waves to stop gliding from the bottom up and vice versa, but to glide from the top to the bottom,
from the bottom to the sides and from the sides up, in a way that was disorderly and
incomprehensible for the scientists who did not know what to do or what was happening.
Ships, planes and people disappeared. The energy dispersed and they disintegrated. Their
remains floated in the air in millions of particles that dispersed without leaving any traces.
The vibratory and magnetic disorder of the planet was caused by the accumulation of poisonous
gasses emanated from the bombs of the Second World War. The atmosphere was so full of
ions that they electrified the planet, which temporarily turned into a proton. This made the planet
attract electrons, causing them to discharge their force on it, which made the planet tilt some
degrees. When the planet became a proton, it disorganized the magnetic waves and caused
what happened.
We, the volunteers, inverted the polarity of the magnetic waves, charged them with more
electrons and thus we avoided a bigger disaster. We purified the atmosphere and transmuted
ions into electrons. In this way the planet has been able to remain stabilized until now.
116. Why are the spacecraft placed in each angle of the triangle?
There are really three spacecraft in the three angles of the triangle. It is important to mention
that two of them are etheric and the third is more solid and dense. This latter will wield the
energetic control because its density will mark the rhythm of the planetary magnetism.
When the two Inner-Earth Cities of the intra-terrestrials were built, they were based on precise
and meticulous studies. These two spacecraft had to contain the weight, volume, gravity, rhythm
and vibration needed to counterbalance the other two spacecraft.
We knew where to put the cinnabar energy, but we did not have a place to shelter the mercurial
thought-energies that we were recovering, because they could not remain in our spacecraft. So
the two intra-terrestrial cities served both purposes: to safeguard the intra-terrestrials and to
receive you as you went on becoming elevated. So, three energetic levels were created, which
would shelter you until you reached the final level of energetic cleansing.
Currently the magnetic instability of the planet is caused by the spacecraft of the intraterrestrials that are not receiving enough elevated energies. For this reason, the planet has
much more cinnabar energy circulating around it than mercurial energy in the two angles of the
triangle. This is making the magnetic attraction of their energy concentrate more in the center
than in the poles. If it continues this way, the planet will tilt 3.5 degrees to the left.
Cinnabar energy is presently circulating around the planet. We are accumulating it to be
compacted and amalgamated with the fragment of Satien. This process should start before the
cosmic alignment takes place.
117. Why do you have to compact and amalgamate the cinnabar energy before the
cosmic alignment?
For Tera to enter and be a part of the cosmic alignment, it will have to be situated in a straight
line with the other six planets. If the cinnabar energy is not compacted and amalgamated with
the fragment of Satien, and the mercurial energy of the surface does not reflect its light, the
planet will not magnetically attract the energy of the alignment.

We have to eliminate the sick-cinnabar energy from the face of the Earth, or rather, increase the
extension of purgatory, which currently is more or less equal to the cinnabar circle. In this way
we will be able to accumulate more mercurial energy within the inner spacecraft-cities. In this
way we will be able to maintain the equilibrium of the triangle. Thus we will rotate faster, forming
a circle, to reach the rhythm, vibration, frequency and magnetism of the energy of the alignment.
The energy of the alignment attains frequency levels of high energetic power.
In short, what we are doing is producing more alciatic combustion to be able to depart with our
spacecraft and go back where we belong.
118. By your explanations, I perceive that the six-pointed star is a gigantic spacecraft – is
that so?
Yes, it is. At the moment, they are two triangles gyrating inversely. There is a spacecraft at each
point, which gyrates in its own axis (rotation) and also helps the triangle gyrate in an upwards
and downwards movement (translation). In this way, the triangles compress cinnabar energy.
On the other hand, energy is constantly being transmuted and recycled. These movements
allow the cell to become renewed. If this were not so, the Tera-cell would be lifeless and would
not be able to shelter the thought-energies of the universe.
When both triangles are close to each other, a planetary alignment occurs. Great positive
thought-energies emerge, such as philosophical movements, cosmic knowledge, paranormal
phenomena, and so on. We could say that the planetary beings are becoming elevated, which
means that the cinnabar energies are being transmuted and converted into mercurial energy.
When the triangles move away from each other, the thought-energies of the beings of Tera tend
to reprogram themselves through what they had learned. We can say that the beings of the
planet are closer to matter, and when this occurs, the cinnabar energies emerge and incarnate.
It is the ebb and flow of the energies.
119. Where is the six-pointed star now?
It is moving towards the center of the planet. In the next 7 thousand years the two triangles will
become one, forming a six-pointed star. This star will rotate so strongly that it will attract to itself
the cosmic energy of the alignment. It will nourish itself with that cosmic energy and it will
radiate its light and wisdom to the planet and thus will also transmute the thought-energies in
purgatory that are in good conditions of energy.
At this moment both triangles are on the level the Tropic of Capricorn and the Tropic of Cancer.
120. What is going to happen with the spacecraft and the Inner-Earth Cities?
Since cinnabar energy will have been compacted with the fragment of Satien and all the energy
of purgatory will also have been transmuted into mercurial energy, the six-pointed star will be
able to function with its own alciatic energy. This will allow the 4 spacecraft of the volunteers to
be freed, to enter the reflux of the alignment and go back where they came from.


The two other spacecraft of the intra-terrestrials should stay on to build another four, with the
help of the beings on the surface. These will aid the planet to maintain equilibrium since in the
future the planet will belong to the Cosmic Confederation. Tera will have universal help because
it will be considered a conscious adult cell, generator of its own subsistence.
Thus, when what we are telling you comes about, Tera will have totally eliminated all traces of
sick-cinnabar energy. The thought-energies will look up to the universe and will nourish
themselves with knowledge, understanding and universal love.
121. Did the intra-terrestrials procreate in their spacecraft-cities?
They have maintained an appropriate number of beings, preserving the essential limits of their
space and capacity. They could not increase due to the limitations they faced, but they have
kept an unlimited mental openness to be able to shelter thought-energies from the surface,
classified by lineage and heritage.
Nowadays, you are over 6 billion inhabitants. To be able to enter the Inner-Earth City you have
to be unified energetically by vibration, color, form, sign, and frequency and so on, in order to
lodge in the minds of the intra-terrestrials who, in turn, will also lodge in the minds of the
volunteers. The Ayaplianos are the volunteers in the spacecraft and you are all their life
experiences, which at some point will take form and be manifested.
Many of you will return through them totally aware, some forming their mental component,
others forming their astral or material part. To take up your own place will depend very much on
the energetic vibration of each of you.
122. Where and how will the cinnabar energies enter to become amalgamated with the
fragment of Satien?
The cosmic alignment will begin in 2014. It will take from 200 to 300 years for the alignment to
set in fully. During that time, some doorways will have been opened and others closed in
different locations of the equatorial line, where cinnabar energy will enter and exit. These
doorways will be opened and closed by the groups of beings that are working with us and they
will receive precise guidelines to carry out the task. The first will be opened in Ecuador and the
last in Malaysia.
To be able to compress the cinnabar energies we will need to slant the six-pointed star so that
the vortex of the magnetism is pointed to the open door. When the cinnabar energy enters it will
automatically cancel the exit of the energy of Satien. This means that the petroleum deposits in
the planet will dry up. In this way, the oil wells will close down and so we will prevent new
123. Why would you have to slant the six-pointed star?
Magnetism functions like a prism and the activation or rejection of energies will depend a lot on
how it is placed before the sun-star.
If we slant the star and place ourselves in a given position before the sun, we will attract its rays
towards us. Since cinnabar energy dwells in darkness, it will not bear the light and
automatically, through inaction, will enter the doorway offering it the dark shelter that it needs to
keep living. This process will be slow but effective. With the lack of petroleum the countries will

have to think about vegetal substitutes, such as alcohol, the organic elements of which are
derived from hydrocarbons. When used correctly, they do not contaminate the atmosphere or
the living beings of the planet. Later they will use solar energy, which will be the last step that
Tera must discover and implement.
124. Will the attraction of the solar rays affect us? The planet is currently suffering from
the hothouse effect; does this have anything to do with the slanting of the six-pointed
It will not affect Tera. While on the one hand we attract the solar rays, on the other, the helium
energy will be compressed to the equator and will spread throughout the planet. Since it is a
slow process, you will perceive it gradually according to the manifestation of the environmental
Furthermore, when we speak of rays, we are referring to the light of knowledge, understanding
and love and not to the heat that solar energy produces. What we are explaining is a physical
phenomenon, but it is also a psychic mental one. The energetic transformation does not only
take place in the material space of the planet. It is an individual transmutation in each one of
you. What happens in the planet immediately affects everything that surrounds you. When we
speak about rays, we are referring to the colors of the alignment where 4 dimensions will align,
communicate and give feedback to one another.
The hothouse problem that is occurring is caused by the gasses emitted from petroleum and its
by-products. It is a terrible impediment that we are trying to solve by slanting the star to attract
more solar energy to help us decrease the cinnabar circle around the planet.
125. How will the return take place through the alignment?
Many are called but few are chosen…
This alignment, which will begin in 2014 of Tera’s time, will be the only one allowing us to return
to our origins. It will never repeat again. We say this with knowledge of cause and effect.
We know what the One Being thinks, because we are part of Its subconscious. It understood
what was happening to It. This is why It will allow us return in the refluence of Its thoughts. It is
recovering the thought-energies It sent to discover and heal the sickness of ambition. We, Its
offspring-thoughts, will return to It full of life experiences.
We will be seven planets and twenty eight spacecraft entering the alignment. Each one will have
harvested its crop and will take along the best seeds. Those who did not attain the correct
elevation will remain to continue the task that was requested of them.
The five planets that will become elevated – Kryon, Antares, Aberon, Cyrius and Tera –
represent the five zones of the left side of the brain (knowledge and understanding), which will
be unified with Alpha Centauri to form number six: the dimension of love.
The 28 spacecraft will fuse with universal love, because it was through love that the One Being
understood Its reality. This love will reach the confines of the universe and will flood the thoughtenergies, which will nevermore become sick because they will have been elevated to the One
Being’s understanding. This is why the forthcoming alignment will never be repeated.

126. What is going to happen to those who remained behind? How will they return?
The intra-terrestrials of the Inner-Earth City are in charge of harvesting as many thoughtenergies as possible to prepare them for the return. To the volunteers, these harvested energies
represent all the life experiences they were not able to live directly. The volunteers have
experienced them mentally through all their external descendants, the intra-terrestrials, the 4
volunteers who went to the surface and those intra-terrestrials who were ousted from the Inner
The best thought-energies to be harvested and prepared in the Inner-Earth City will be sheltered
in the minds of the volunteers and taken to the planets of origin. The alignment will give all these
thought-energies the opportunity to take a quantum leap in the universe, without having to go
through the levels and planes of a conventional elevation.
This will happen because the three great masters, Ra, Vis and Tarik, will gather their thoughtenergies to form the content of their minds with the millions of life experiences that each one of
them went through.
The descendants of these three great volunteers will be those returning with them, because
they belong to their knowledge, understanding and love. They and part of them, will become
Ayaplianos, first in the even reality, then they will incarnate in the odd reality. The descendants
of Hak (earth element) have not yet achieved the unification of thoughts and elevation they
would need to accomplish this.
You may ask yourselves about Adam’s descendants. Those will be chosen from among these
descendants whose seed and lineage are intermixed with Ra and Miriak’s energy, and whose
merit is bestowed and gained. We should not worry about those who will not take part in the
quantum leap in this alignment; the universe never abandons its thought-children. They will
have another opportunity and we will tell them how they are going to do it. The path will be
longer, but the end will be the same.
Those who do not manage to enter the Inner-Earth City in this alignment will have to continue
the “normal” path. They will have to wait for minor alignments that will be formed by the planets
Cyrius, Aberon, Antares and Kryon.
Since their thought-energies, like yours, are human-Ayaplianos, they will be akin since all of you
are siblings in species. Your thought-energies will identify with, and attract theirs. The abovementioned planets will give all those thought-energies not entering the alignment the opportunity
to lodge and be sheltered in them because you are fellow humans with kindred thoughtenergies.
These thought-energies will not be able to take the quantum leap during this alignment, but they
will have an opportunity to do so in the solstices that will happen gradually later, insofar as their
energies adapt to and identify with those planets. When their energies are elevated and
prepared and have been through the corresponding levels and planes, they will be able to return
to their planets of origin, and later reach Orion, which is the beginning of all.


127. How would the quantum leap take place?
When the 4 volunteer-Ayaplianos offered to go out to the surface, they had to transfer their
thought-energies and incarnate in intra-terrestrial bodies, which had been kept as close as
possible to their original Ayapliano bodies.
One must realize that for volunteers to have been able to be born from an intra-terrestrial man
and woman, they had to go through various incarnations and prepare themselves for their birth:
the word became man. They went through a metamorphosis, first to become intra-terrestrials,
then to go out to the surface of the earth and be born of a woman from the surface.
The adaptation was terrible for them because they had to descend the evolutionary scale: on
the third day he descended into hell. This was their real sacrifice and this sacrifice will be
compensated because they will return full of knowledge, understanding and love. They achieved
their purpose: to improve, recover and guide their brothers and sisters along the path of
evolution and elevation of the universe.
When they went out and incarnated in dense bodies, they left their Ayapliano bodies intact in
cryogenic state in the spacecraft. These will be recovered by millions of thought-energies, which
will take their own place by vibration, rhythm, color, frequency, and so on. The physical, astral
and mental bodies of Ra, Vis and Tarik will take all of you along, for you are their descendants.
You have struggled and worked and we can say for sure that you have earned this by your
own merit.
128. How can we know if we deserve the quantum leap?
When we mentioned Hak, we were not classifying the black race in this context; it is the
earth element that will not enter the alignment.
What does this mean? It refers to all of those who live in the material pleasures and vices.
Those who have not been able to overcome the virus of ambition and who are sick with power,
avarice, greed, lies, lust, deceit, drugs, alcoholism, degeneration of the senses and so on.
They are the ones whose brains are full of cinnabar energies and they function only with their
left side, because the right side is atrophied or unused. If you do not identify with the cinnabar
energies, you will be preparing to enter the Inner-Earth City.
129. What will happen to Hak’s body and his descendants?
Unfortunately, we have to recognize that Hak’s descendants went astray and became an energy
loaded with cinnabar elements, very dense and difficult to reach.
At present this thought-energy is in a process of rectification. The universe is doing everything
possible to recover it. It will not enter this alignment, but it will contribute to the evolution and
elevation. It will unite to the intra-terrestrials, which will help it return to the normal paths of
Hak’s body will be taken and preserved in his planet of origin, where it will await the return of his
thought-energies that will have to take up the long journey through levels and planes.


130. If Planet Tera is suffering so much because of the distortion caused by sickcinnabar elements, what happened with Alpha Nova and Abiares?
The seven planets were colonized in the same way and the same was done in all of them. For
this reason, all of them were attacked by the cinnabar elements, some more and others less
The three last –Tera, Alpha Nova and Abiares- were the most affected, because they were far
away from the Secondary Dimension. Nevertheless, Tera has overcome the problems of the
evolution and elevation of energy, due to hard work and endeavor. This is why it can enter the
The planets of Alpha Nova and Abiares are being helped exactly the same as Tera was, but the
difference is that the beings of those planets are much more backward than you. Men are still
like animals. The unification of volunteers and the surface beings has not yet come about. The
improvement through laboratory transplants still goes on.
The element-spacecraft of these planets still struggle against the strong and dense gravity and
magnetism. The thought-energies of mankind on the surface are neither ready nor fit for the
harvest. Nonetheless, the spacecraft will return during the alignment and will leave the 5
planets in charge of recovering them.
Unfortunately, the density in these planets is so strong that if they do not take advantage of this
alignment, they will never again get out of there. Even though the Ayaplianos of the spacecraft
have not finished the work, they guided them towards a healing process, which they have
entrusted to the five planets (Kryon, Antares, Aberon, Cyrius and Tera). These planets are
amply prepared to help them transcend and to recover their energetic fulfillment.
131. If the 28 spacecraft are returning to their origin, does it mean that the 7 planets are
healed, that is, that they overcame the sickness of ambition?
The ambition-cancer will be overcome and eliminated, at least in our sphere-bubble. The
cinnabar elements will be totally transmuted forever.
When the 7 planets reach agedness and explode, dividing into small planets, there will be no
fragment of Satien in them. They will be fragments of quartz crystal that will turn into beautiful
planets that will shelter thought-energy beings of light. The Elementary Dimension will develop
according to the directives of the universe and there will be no remnant of sickness and
Let us go on with the history for you to understand why you are what you are and subsist
as you do.
Satien exploded; the cancer spread. Why did this planet, created with all the knowledge,
understanding and love, become contaminated? How could our One Being have this sickness
within Itself? We realized that one cell of Its body was not functioning properly because its
elements had become uncontrolled and had ionized the cell. Why did it become ionized?
After much study, we came to the conclusion that the ionization was due to the radiation of the
light of the sun and solar heat. The solar rays were radiated in a disorderly manner and were
not spread uniformly all over the planet. In this way, some places received more heat and light

than others, and where this happened it caused a greater and more serious ionization. This
problem began in the hotter places, where solar radiation was absorbed the most. This brought
about irreparable genetic mutations in the vegetal, animal and human kingdoms.
This is how the problems started in Satien. They went on getting worse as the electromagnetic
waves distorted the universal sound and obstructed communication between Satien and the
other planets. Apparently, 7 beautiful planets had been formed. But we knew that we were
facing 7 cancerous cells, sick and full of cinnabar elements, ready to eliminate us for them to
keep on living. We were sure that they would do the impossible to achieve it. We confronted
them courageously, head on, the real demons of Satien.
We, the volunteers of Tera, would have not achieved the healing of the planet if it had not been
for the help of our fellow beings from Kryon, Antares and Aberon, three planets that struggled
and succeeded. Today we can say that Cyrius is in its final stretch of cleansing and elevation
and, like Tera, is struggling fervently to heal itself. The 4 chosen planets were in charge of
colonizing the 7 planets. This means that Ra, Vis, Tarik and Hak, with their descendants and
respective manifestations, are in all of them. Each planet represents each one of them on
different levels and planes.
Kryon…………………………. Divine
Antares…………………….….. Etheric
Aberon………………………… Perfect
Cyrius…………………………. Regular
Tera……………………………. Secondary
Alpha Nova…………………… Elementary
Abiares………………………... Lower
When the alignment ends, the 7 planets will have been elevated and the 4 species of colonizers
will have the opportunity to return to their respective planets of origin. The descendants will be
in charge of their planets and become their guardians by right and merit.
When the refluence of the alignment occurs, it will take along the seven manifestations of Ra,
Vis and Tarik, to complete the bodies of each one of them. The thought-energies will take on the
body that pertains to them, with which they will take the quantum leap.
When they recover their bodies in the planets of origin, they will grant all the thought-energies
that they took along, the opportunity to incarnate at some time in the odd reality. To do that they
will first have to exist in the even reality and gradually become accustomed and adjusted, then
be converted into and incarnate as Ayapliano beings.
To you, Kryon, Antares and Aberon represent the elevated expressions of thought. For
instance, if on Planet Tera there is an elevated thought-energy from Ra, it will be located on a
level and plane of the Secondary Dimension, and Kryon will represent Ra in his manifestation of
the Divine Dimension.
When the alignment occurs, Ra, Vis and Tarik will be taken back in all their 7 expressions. Their
bodies will be complete. On each planet the 4 volunteers manifested themselves according to
the level and vibratory force that each planet provided them. This was because the density of
thought could not emerge beyond that point.

We are talking of an alignment of thoughts in all its phases of vibrational gradation. These
thoughts should be situated in the same direction and lineup.
For you to enter the Inner-Earth City, you have to be aligned with the universal thoughts and
with knowledge, understanding and cosmic love. This means that a thought-energy of another
belief, invented or distorted by you, cannot be part of a universal thought because there is no
affinity; the two would collide and would not attract each other.
There are 4 very clear lines of planetary knowledge. These are the four teachings that Ra, Vis,
Tarik and Hak conveyed to you, all based on cosmic knowledge of constellations, stars, suns
and planets. But you keep on clinging to invented, obsolete beliefs, removed from concise
Greek mythology constantly shows you a universe full of wisdom. Mayans had the cosmic
knowledge in their hands. African beliefs are full of mythological gods and even though they
have been distorted, making them into living legends, their tales contain deep truths. The
teaching of the Egyptians is the correct and truthful transmission of Thoth. Where is all this
wisdom? You have simply made it disappear and have buried it deep within the subconscious,
and time after time you have invented and reinvented new religions that you claim to be
absolute truths.
If you want to return, you should dig deep into your memory and deactivate all that is
confined there. All the beliefs that end in ‘ism’ are outside of all reality.
Ism: philosophical movements that head toward the same direction.
These philosophical trends did nothing but distort the universal truths because they were written
and invented by distorted humans who perceived and understood them in that way.
Kryon, Antares and Aberon preserved the knowledge, understanding, love and cosmic beliefs,
always safeguarding them and this has furthered their technological and scientific advancement.
Their minds are clear, diaphanous and organized. Their beliefs are based on universal
guidelines. They never allowed cinnabar energies to become installed in their brains; they
immediately detected and eliminated them with the speed of understanding.
132. What are your spacecraft really like and how do you live in them?
We are going to explain it to you the best way possible for you to understand us. What we call
spacecraft are actually our minds, which do this work.
Looking at in it another way, we could say that 4,620 thought-energies from the secondary-even
reality descended to the lower reality, that is, to the digestive system. These thought-energies
were sent by the universal mind through the energetic channels of the universal-etheric body.
Their task was to heal the 7 sick cells that were in their psychic and physical body, because
later on they could cause serious problems to the One Being.
The One Being, alerted by Its sensors, perceived in Its subconscious, that is, in Its psychic and
material body, that there was an unresolved problem that It would have to understand and work


It did not really know what it was about. It had to send Its thought-children to help It understand
and then It could transmute the negative energy and make it positive.
Then, with the force of creative desire, the One Being created a healing idea and sent it
through Its thought-children who came out from Its pineal gland and entered the energetic
stream –the cosmic alignment – that would take them to the digestive system, zone 3, to study
the 7 sick cells.
With this explanation, we would like you to realize that when the universal mind emits a creative
desire, it will create it first in the world of its thoughts. It is then already created but not yet
materialized or accomplished.
This desire will be perceived and understood by its thought-children who are in the odd side of
existence. They will be in charge of carrying out the One Being’s desire. This desire, created in
Its thoughts, contains a defined form that classifies it. When It emits the desire, we ought to
interpret it, and based on the understanding of it, we will fulfill and manifest that desire.
Desire is a chemical reaction that will emanate the precise elements to build the “spacecraft”
that will take us to a given place to carry out the required mission. Because that “spacecraft”
contains the basis of all the elements needed, which will allow us to go directly to the action
without having to search.
Summing up, the desire spacecraft are first created in the One Being’s even reality and we build
replicas of them in the odd reality. This gives us the certainty of never being mistaken.
If we say that we are the elements and that we were sent by our One Being to heal the 7 cells
and that we descended as 4,620 thought-energies, it is because it had to be that way. We were
exactly what the One Being needed to be healed, to prevent this sickness from spreading. This
is why we are called antibiotics, white cells, leucocytes, and so on.
133. Do you mean that we can cure cancer with the six elements?
You are the six elements. When you find out that ether and helium are part of your
existence, you will heal your sicknesses and become part of the universe.
We know that the universe is chemical and mathematical, but within chemistry there are
negative elements and within mathematics there is an inexistent numeration. The universe has
remained alive, active, stable and dynamic because it has always dealt with the positive aspect
of the elements. This has been the only way it could survive and all of us with it.
134. What did the One Being understand to allow the refluence of Its thoughts?
1. Through all this healing process, the One Being understood that It should never have
created useless energy within Its thoughts, because through evolution this energy
came back strengthened and full of experiences, which caused incredible disasters
along that path of return, ravaging everything it encountered.
2. It also understood clearly that It should never undervalue any energy of Its existence,
giving them all their due importance and attention.


3. It understood that at the beginning of Its existence, and though ignorance, It had
created a lack of continuity within Its thought-children because they were bonded by
similarity and not by chemical and mathematical correlation.
4. It intended, with determination and effort, to discover Its subconscious. To do so, It
counted on Its thought-children that helped It in this undertaking.
5. It discovered that the thought-energies of Its subconscious did not adjust to a
chemical and mathematical sequence. They subsisted by feeding off other useless
energies, which unfortunately, It had created. While these energies continued to be
inside of It, they would always produce the same sicknesses, repeating them over
and over again.
6. It understood that it was the cause that made one of the cells of Its body (Planet
Satien) get sick and then spread the sickness to 7 more cells.
7. It recognized that It had created the sickness.
8. It made a deep analysis of what had happened to It and with knowledge,
understanding and love, It transmuted Its thought-energies, radiating the light of
wisdom to them. It sent them the necessary help and strengthened them with
antibiotics (the six elements), raising the immunological system and eliminating the
cinnabar energy. After all this work, It allowed Its thought-energies to return through
the refluence of Its own desires.
135. Is this the way to cure cancer and all other sicknesses that attack us?
Yes. This is why we do not have any sicknesses. Our immunological system is totally stable.
We do not create any chemically useless energy in our thoughts. We keep our elements in
perfect harmony and our bodies are nourished with them, recycling them uniformly through the
energetic channels of our systems. Thus we send the light of knowledge, understanding and
love through all of them.
Unfortunately, we have brought along genetically all that is happening and we are aware of it.
Our One Being did not have the life experiences that It has today. It kept on creating without
correlation or continuity, and this is the effect that we undergo today. However, today we also
have all the experience to face it without any aftereffect.
136. How did you confront the real demons of Satien?
As the thought-energies of Satien went on amalgamating, they gradually lost their mercurial
elements. These energies turned into cinnabar energies, which grouped together and formed
such a strong bacterial cluster that we knew it would spread through the universal body.
Before this cinnabar formation took place, the cluster had already been formed in the thoughtenergies of the beings of Planet Satien. The bacteria, that is, the virus had become encysted in
the thoughts. Ambition was the cause of this sickness. You may be wondering how this mental
sickness can cause a physical sickness and how these thought-energies could turn into
cinnabar elements. What is the relationship between one and the other?
All the sicknesses that you develop come from a single source: ambition.

Ambition: A strong desire to obtain something: power, wealth or fame.
We can also compare ambition to avarice, greed, covetousness, craving, envy, bias, yearning,
anxiety, lust, selfishness, and so on. These are the characteristics that move Planet Tera. You
are made that way and as long as you continue being so, without changing or transmuting these
traits that define you, you will never be able to eradicate the cinnabar elements. These have
become a part of you.
When we say that we have eliminated ambition from our sphere-bubble forever, that is, the
cinnabar elements, we are not affirming that they will be totally removed. We will send them to
another bubble-sphere with a lower vibration than ours. Whatever is created, remains created.
We can only transform it and turn it into a useful creation that will benefit the One Being and us.
Ambition, in greater or lesser manifestation, will cause what you call sicknesses of all kinds,
from a simple cold to cancer or AIDS. The tumors produced in your bodies are the accumulation
of cinnabar elements, that is, the thought-energies of ambition that cluster and externalize. They
show up because when they become unified they have the strength to continue subsisting.
These are the real demons that we refer to. The same happens on Planet Tera as in your
physical and psychological bodies. We can say that currently several tumors of cinnabar
elements have appeared on the planet, which are located in the Mediterranean, Venezuela,
China and Central Africa, and others. They are places where ambition has generated malignant
cancerous tumors. In the next 400 years we will determine the cleansing and extraction of these
tumors and their ramifications.
137. How are you going to do that?
We are already working with mercurial elements, spinning and compressing the cinnabar
elements in the center of the planet. You are receiving a lot of mercurial energy from the
atmosphere; you are breathing it and nourishing yourselves with it. An important door was
opened in Cusco, where 660 billion mercurial energies are being liberated, and they are already
doing their work. If the tumors do not decrease or disappear in spite of all our efforts, then we
will have to eradicate them.
138. How will the process of eradication take place?
If the Tera-cell begins to perceive that the sickness could expand and produce new tumors, then
it will tilt 3.5 degrees to the left. This will cause a freeze-up and only a third of the planet will be
That way we will manage to deter the spreading of the cancer. Meanwhile, we will continue
sending cinnabar elements to the center of the planet to amalgamate them with the fragment of
Satien. This process will give us the time we need to eradicate the tumors. The cinnabar
elements will be frozen so it will be easier to uproot them. During this process the minds of
humans will have suffered so much that ambition will be frozen in their hearts.
The slant of the six-pointed star will help us in this work; solar rays, heat and the magnetism of
the planet will help us eradicate the tumors.


139. How will magnetism help to remove the tumors?
When we tilt the six-pointed star, on the contrary, we will slant it 3.5 degrees to the right. In this
way we will allow the solar rays to enter Planet Tera with more strength. This will bring about a
transformation of the mercurial elements, because the force of the light will induce a
metamorphosis that will lead to the energetic compression of the light.
Solar energy will take on a form that will become compacted. But to do this it will have to go
through several levels, one of which will be to turn into the magnesium element. This element
will really completely eradicate the tumors. In time, the combined elements will turn into quartz
Magnesium: a metallic and solid chemical element, atomic number 12 (3), white-silver colored,
light and malleable, that burns easily and produces a clear and brilliant light (radiation).
Magnesia: earthy substance, alkaline, white colored, which combined with certain acids forms
salts that are very much used in medicine (dissolution).
This means that tumors will be radiated by the sun and dissolved by the mercurial elements, of
which the most important is magnesium.
140. Do you mean that the sick people of the planet will be able to heal themselves with
The food you eat has very little magnesium and this has an explanation. The location of Planet
Tera within the universal brain is not one of the best. The planet is in an oblique belt and due to
that it does not receive enough light rays from the universal mind. This causes a slippage in the
elements, which tend to fork out to places that do not belong to them.
Actually, when we say that the six-pointed star of Tera will tilt 3.5 degrees to the right, we are
saying that this is its correct place. It will be located face to face with the sun and in perfect line
with the other six planets.
When it becomes correctly aligned, the mercurial elements will start producing magnesium and
the food you eat will be rich in energetic proteins and vitamins. Consequently, your brains will be
better nourished and thus the photonic channels will open to readily receive the rays of the sun,
which will provide the nutrients for the development and metamorphosis that you need to enter
the Inner-Earth City. Your DNA will adapt to a different metabolic sequence; it will be quick,
agile, dynamic, and will have atomic structure 33.
The intra-terrestrials dealt with the distortion and sickness by building their spacecraft in such a
way that the quartz crystals absorbed solar light correctly and distributed the nutritional
elements that have nurtured and sustained them forever, uniformly to everyone.
141. How did intra-terrestrials situate their spacecraft-cities to be able to nourish
themselves correctly?
The two triangles that today are slightly tilted to the right have enabled the planet to nourish
itself correctly during the millions of years that the star carried out its work. But for Tera to
continue receiving the universal nutrients after we go away, we will have to tilt it 3.5 degrees to

the right, to be able to sustain and continue nourishing itself. This slant will permit it to glean the
necessary nutrients from the cosmos and continue its evolution and elevation.
142. How did the intra-terrestrials build their spacecraft-cities?
We have to realize that the intra-terrestrials went through a gradual process of evolution and
elevation. Like you, they have their material reality and their antimatter one, the same as
everything that exists in the universe. When we refer to the six-pointed star, we understand that
it exists simultaneously in two realities. While one exists on the left side of Tera’s brain, the
other is on its right side; one is in the odd reality and the other in the even one. The one on the
left side functions with calorific combustion, and the one on the right side with alciatic
With this explanation we understand that while the spacecraft-cities of evolution are stationary in
certain places of the planet, the others belonging to the anti-matter world move around the
planet gyrating, traveling, entering, etc. This is why you cannot see them.
143. Do they only traverse the planet or can they travel through the universe?
There are no parameters for the anti-matter world. They can move through all the levels and
planes to which they belong. The same can be said about us, the volunteers. Mentally we can
enter, exit, ascend and descend through reality itself.
When we talk about cosmic alignment, we are referring to a total return – with our developed
material bodies and our elevated mental energy, with bodies that will be much more advanced
than those we had when we arrived.
144. So are you going to return with two six-pointed stars, one anti-matter and the other
Actually, we the volunteers arrived in Tera with our own anti-matter and matter stars. We came
from the Secondary Dimension. Our three bodies had already attained energetic fusion. Rather,
it will be the intra-terrestrials and you who will have to rebuild them completely to be able to
145. Are the sicknesses generated because we humans are not well positioned before
the light of the universe? What would be the perfect slant for us?
That is correct. This is exactly what happens to the planet and to you. The position is not correct
and we will see why.
If we say that the correct slant of the planet is 3.5 degrees to the right, this means that 3 + 5 = 8
= infinite.
Infinite: without any limits or with no ending. In mathematics, the graphic sign in form of 8
reclining that expresses a greater value than any quantity; an indefinite or remote place. From
Latin, infinitus, and this, from in (negation) and finitus (finished, concluded).
See also dictionary meanings for infinity, infinitesimal, infinitive, infinitude.


For humans, number 8 signifies to unify both sides of the brain and work with them in a
balanced way. Today, most of you have slanted the energy of evolution only towards the left
side of the brain. This prevents the light of understanding (elevation) from radiating as it should,
because the rays branch out towards the wrong places. This means that you have not
understood the number 8. You keep it upright and not laying down. Thus, it goes into the earth,
enrooting and burrowing towards the fragment of Satien with earthy, not infinite, knowledge.
To unify both sides of the brain with the horizontal 8 means that it is placed in the correct
position. It will not become embedded in whatever stops it. It will be an infinite and free thoughtenergy. It will not outstretch upwards or downwards, but only to the sides. Therefore, it will be
Side: In a symmetric body, the bounding surface or the right or left half. In a delimited space or
in a body, the area closer to the limits. In a plane figure, each one of its surfaces. In geometry, it
is each one of the lines that limit and form an angle, a polygon, or surface of a regular
polyhedron. A square has four equal sides.
146. Is Tera going to tilt to the left?
We are doing all possible to avoid it. Our work consists of eradicating cancerous tumors and we
are working hard at it. One of the more radical ways to do this is through the suffering brought
about by cause and effect. This is why we often allow terrible disasters to happen, because
they help us maintain the balance.
You may ask why we, as guardians of the planet, do not avert events that make you suffer, such
as ecological disasters, wars and unexplainable deaths.
We know and understand the effect very well and if this will help you to advance and learn, then
we do not intervene unless the effect could cause a greater series of harmful results.
Tera’s brain is definitely tilting towards the left side. This is why we are tilting the star to the
right. Thus we are maintaining the equilibrium between the left and right sides. When we leave
the planet, we will leave the two sides fused.
147. How are you going to leave the two sides fused?
When the right side has merged with the left side, the star will have become fulfilled and you will
be ready to go to the Inner-Earth City. This will happen when:
*the material world has merged with the anti-matter world,
*calorific combustion has merged with alciatic combustion,
*matter and spirit have become one,
*the pituitary gland has merged with the rima gland,
*the pineal gland is working for both sides (infinite).
You have to understand that Tera and you are the spacecraft. The world of your thoughts will be
the combustion that will transport you to the infinite of existence. You have to work to achieve
The 4 spacecraft of the volunteers have always been with you. They voluntarily entered an
abyss of gravitational force and now that they have fulfilled their mission. They are repairing

their anti-matter spacecraft to be able to return with all their life experiences, which are you,
their offspring and brother/sisters.
148. Why are you repairing your anti-matter spacecraft?
When we arrived, our antimatter spacecraft were in perfect conditions. We had to gradually
adjust to the process of the planet’s and your own evolution and elevation, and this affected all
of us.
While you and the intra-terrestrials became physically and mentally distorted, we, the
volunteers, had to adapt to the circumstances, so we also did not evade the process. This
adjustment meant that we had to absorb the life experiences that you provided us and place
them within our minds without harming it.
This is why we say that we are repairing our anti-matter spacecraft. Our minds will shelter all
those thought-energies that will return with us. We are the ones who are returning but we will
never be the same. Our antimatter world is a compendium of millions of experiences, therefore
our spacecraft are no longer the same or equivalent to those that arrived.
149. Why are the spacecraft not the same as when you arrived?
If we say that our spacecraft are no longer the same and that they will never be the same, we
can imagine what is going to happen when the alignment takes place. There will be 28
spacecraft and 4,620 volunteers, all of them taking along billions of thought-energies that
developed in 7 different planets. All belong to the lineages and heritage of Ra, Vis, Tarik and
Hak, but in 7 different expressions that each planet provided.
In the same way that we had to adjust to Planet Tera and all its thought-energies, we will also
have to adapt to the other six planets and become attuned to their thought-energies.
150. How will the energetic adjustment of thoughts be carried out?
The inner-earth cities of each of the 7 planets will provide the energetic adjustment of thoughts.
The antimatter worlds of each planet will be available to adapt and settle the energies, which will
gradually be transmuted, going from level to level and from plane to plane.
When you become part of the Inner-Earth City of Tera you will no longer have to reincarnate on
the surface. You will first be sheltered in the even reality of the intra-terrestrials and in that
reality you will have the opportunity to travel throughout the even realities of the 7 planets,
learning, adjusting, transmuting, and absorbing, and so on. You will learn about everything
related to those planets. In this way, when the fusion of the 7 planets takes place, all the
energies will be perfectly adjusted as to vibration, rhythm, frequency, color, knowledge,
understanding and love.
As long as you are incarnated on the surface of the planet you will not be able to go on this
journey. Very few attain communication through energetic contacts and these generally do not
happen physically. The contact will always be from energy to energy, from mind to mind, or
through dreams.


151. When are these contacts held, and what are they like?
You call them angels or extra-terrestrials. They belong to the antimatter world of the Inner-Earth
City and traverse the 7 planets. They all form the same race: human-Ayapliano.
They belong to the antimatter world of the right side brains of the 7 planets and no longer have
to incarnate on the surface of their planet. When you disembody, you belong to the antimatter
world of the left side brains of the 7 planets. This is why you live in the odd reality and they exist
in the even reality. These two realities do not mix, but they coexist energetically.
These thought-energies are very close to you. They exist in parallel worlds that belong to the
right side of the brains of the 7 planets. This is why they can ascend, descend, enter and exit
through realities that are beyond the reach of the bubble-spheres.
There is a great difference between the antimatter reality of the left side and the antimatter
reality of the right side. The former incarnate in matter and when they disincarnate they lodge in
a bubble-sphere of their own planet and level, which they need to continue living. The latter
generate their existence and shelter in a gigantic bubble-sphere. They do not need to incarnate
in matter because they have already formed their energetic body, which will allow them to move
freely through the infinite universe.
152. You say that intra-terrestrials are intermixed with us on the surface. Do they know
that they belong to the Inner-Earth City?
Many of them are really aware of it. They perceive that they do not belong to this dense reality.
But since this dense reality is very strong, they often tend to forget the details.
When the intra-terrestrials are going to incarnate on the surface, they are well prepared to carry
out their mission. They will be born with all the necessary tools to fulfill what was required of
them. At some time in their lives and for some motive that had already been recorded, they will
activate, awaken and start working on what was entrusted to them.
Many of those that you call masters belong to the Inner-Earth City. Sometimes these thoughtenergies get sick with their ego, ambition or lack of love. When this happens, they tend to distort
the truth of the facts, forgetting their origins and the task they came to fulfill.
Everyone is a master of everyone else. The fact that one may have more knowledge,
understanding and love does not mean that this person is energetically more elevated. The only
difference is that this person awakened earlier and because of this, he or she will have to help
awaken the others.
Here lies the real problem of sickness and distortion. Since they feel different to the others, they
feel special and it is not so. All beings are special. The only difference between them and the
others is that they awakened before. Awakening does not happen at the same time or in the
same degree. If they do not understand their awakening, they get sick because their knowledge,
understanding and love are confused and disorganized. They think they are unique, chosen,
illuminated and special. In short, ambition attacks them and makes them sick.
The first symptoms are clear: they proclaim themselves as ascended masters, gurus, guides,
God’s representatives on Earth, and other self-conferred titles to grant themselves the
importance that they think they deserve. Ambition will attack the ego, which will blind them and

prevent them from understanding, assimilating, projecting, and increasing their abilities and,
above all, growing and maturing.
Consequently, all those negative emotions will degenerate into vanity, arrogance, greed and all
the symptoms of this terrible sickness. Their inner senses will cease and, invariably, knowledge,
understanding and universal love will disappear from their lives and existences. Since they no
longer have these qualities in their lives, they will take refuge in a fantasy that they themselves
will create to continue subsisting.
Since they will no longer have the inner and natural ability of their own elevation, they will begin
to generate and invent it through their fantasy, ceremonies, rites, chants, magic and miracles, to
be able to sustain their lack of universal nourishment. Those who are dormant, unwary, ignorant
and blind will be their followers.
Those who are awakened will not let themselves be fooled by them because their inner senses
will be alert and lucid. These will find out the deceit and lies by themselves, because they live
and exist in the truth of their own elevation. Universal knowledge, understanding and love will
protect them from all evil..
153. What is the relationship of the dimension of creativity to the lower dimension and to
the vegetal and animal kingdoms?
Total. When Planet Satien exploded and divided into 7 fragments, all the basic formulas created
by the One Origin, which had been activated by the Interstellar Cosmic Confederation, had
already been recorded in their energy.
The vegetal and animal kingdoms were forms created by the imagination of the One Origin.
When It outstretched and sent Its imagination to the confines of Its bubble-sphere, the elements
became compressed and densified, creating matter, which took on form and became
manifested. This externalization eluded the parameters and guidelines of the universe. It
developed and adapted to the density, petrifaction and solidification that applied to it.
For instance, we can take a certain species of bird. This same bird that was in the 7 planets
developed in 7 different ways. Even though it belonged to the same species, it adjusted to the
conditions of each reality. Humans experienced something similar. Their form persisted in the 7
planets, but in each one the distortion was distinct. Due to these dissimilarities of evolution, the
7 human Ayapliano races have noticeable differences. We can say that creationism and
evolutionism advanced concurrently, in the same sequence and frequency.
The Dimension of Creativity and the Lower Dimension are presently in the same conditions as
Planet Tera was millions of years ago.
When you colonize and descend to those realities you will run into many surprises because you
will find species that seem very similar to those of Tera, but they will have many differences.
These differences and diverse forms come about because the density and gravity are more
subtle or denser according to each planet. Due to those differences, the development of energy
in the universe took different paths. This is why we always say that the universe is a single
energy. It may be more subtle or denser, but it is always the same energy.


154. What is the correct way to transmute the cinnabar energies sheltered by Tera into
mercurial energies?
Cinnabar energy is very similar to elemental energy. The universe needs the universal elements
for its sustenance and life. They are chemical elements that the universal mind needs for its
Let us recall that cinnabar energy existed in the One Origin’s imagination and that it was
classified by the thought-energies as a useless energy (elemental cinnabar energy), because it
was of no use to the One Being. They were thoughts that wavered and did not become
concrete. They were filed until the thought-children discovered how they could be used. They
did not eliminate them but simply transformed them and used to their own advantage.
Since the 7 planets have a same origin (Satien), the inherited cinnabar energy could no longer
be classified as elemental energy, because it had been negatively recorded by the thoughtenergies of the beings of Planet Satien. We know that they were amalgamated and turned into
isotopic energy. Unfortunately, when Planet Tera, like the other 6 planets, developed the
vegetal and animal kingdoms, it did so with the ill-fated legacy of sick-cinnabar energy. It was
energy formed of contaminated elements.
When the Ayapliano volunteers became trapped on the surface of the planet, they nourished
themselves with that sick-cinnabar energy. This was one of the circumstances that intensified
the distortion, which worsened their situation and consequently the degeneration in which you
are today.
Planet Tera and all the beings that inhabit it are continually transmuting the sick-cinnabar
energy through knowledge, understanding and love. Many are already working consciously for
the benefit of the planet and themselves. When the fragment of Satien becomes transmuted
and turned into a quartz crystal, we will have put an end to the calamitous legacy of Satien.
Planet Tera still continues to be contaminated, although perhaps not with the same potency as
when it all began. Currently sick-cinnabar energy has been weakened through our effort and
work during millions of years. Nevertheless, we must continue striving and working until it is
completely eradicated.
155. We know that when the human Ayaplianos became distorted in Tera, they turned
into simians. Why did they not take on another form such as an insect or a bird? Could it
be because the genetic experiment to attain the man-form was closer to a simian?
Yes, the closest was the simian. In the first book – El Ser Uno I (The One Being I) – The Arcana
of Thoth – we explained that the human form was already defined in the imagination of the One
Origin. It had a head and higher and lower terminals. The man-form could not be defined as an
insect or a bird, which were prototypes that the Perfect Dimension tested to finally define the
man-form in a dense reality.
We should remember that the dense man-form was created in a laboratory and that it was
shaped by inverting the antimatter expression of energy into matter-energy. The man-form in
the universe has been kept unimpaired. Whether it is formed of very subtle or very dense
energy, it always has the same form and goes on being itself.


156. What caused the extinction of the large reptiles in Tera and when did it really
About 300 million years ago, Planet Tera had a huge solid mass located in the center of the
planet. One part of it was very hot while the other was in a process of cooling due to the
movements of rotation and translation.
A powerful telluric movement broke up the solid mass forming what it is now known as
continents. With this separation, the liquefied fragment of Satien began getting free and exiting
through the hotter part. This energetic releasing of sick-negative-cinnabar energies brought
about the birth and procreation of reptiles that had only existed on Planet Satien and nowhere
else in the universe.
These animals transformed and distorted their original elements. They became deformed, grew
and adapted to the density of the planet. The reptiles coexisted with the human Ayaplianos on
the surface who hunted them to feed their tribes. As the tectonic plates of the planet cooled
down, while the solid mass of the surface remained firm, these animals diminished in size,
transforming and adapting their elements. Some current species of birds, reptiles and mammals
came from them.
Evolution never eliminates what it is created; it simply transforms it. What you think has
disappeared, comes back stronger and sometimes completely modified. For example, the flying
reptiles nowadays are called heron, swan, ostrich, stork, bat, and so on. Planet Tera, its
mineral, vegetal, animal and human kingdoms, have all developed their elements through
evolution and the energy has adjusted according to the universal energetic advancement.
157. If the distortion happened on Tera millions of years ago, can we suppose that the
distorted Ayapliano beings had to live side by side with the large reptiles? If so, how did
they coexist and how were they able to survive?
First there was the huge solid mass. Fire, lava and incandescent soil filled its center. A powerful
telluric movement occurred and that mass was broken up. Part of the fragments of Satien began
to appear first on the African continent. The animal kingdom proliferated there and rare and
unknown species were generated. Thousands of years went by and the liquefied fragment
started seeping out in Asia where new species of gigantic animals appeared. Evolution
continued and the species went on developing.
While a strange evolution was unfolding on those continents, in other parts of the planet
evolution continued. Humans living on other parts of the continents did not know and could not
even imagine that those gigantic reptiles existed.
Only we, the volunteers, and the intra-terrestrials, knew what was happening on the planet. We
knew that in certain parts of the planet evolution had taken different routes and we worked to
prevent those reptilian species from proliferating and procreating on other parts of Tera.
So we confined those species in their habitat. We did not let them get out but kept them there
for study and research and also for food for the humans of the surface. Humans living in those
lands were able to survive because they learned to confront them.
Thus, we would like you to realize that the evolution of mineral, vegetal and animal kingdoms,
including the human kingdom, was carried out in conformity with the place where they were

situated. It is certain and has been proved, that reptilian species did not appear in colder places
as the poles or even in nearby areas.
158. What is the evolutionary chronology of the stages of evolution of the vegetal and
animal kingdoms and of primitive man? To what extent was it either natural or activated?
Everything that we are telling you began 600 million years ago of Tera-time. When we, the
volunteers arrived, the vegetal and animal kingdoms already existed. The implantation of those
kingdoms was carried out in different stages and in diverse forms. Let us see why.
One of the most common forms of evolution is through propagation and birth of species brought
about by the pollination of cosmic elements that traverse the universe bearing creativity and
When Planet Tera began to be formed, it attracted this cosmic dust, which enveloped the
fragment of Satien, forming billions of layers upon layers of those elements. That cosmic dust
was composed of basic universal elements. It could be compared to the basic DNA of a plant or
an animal.
When basic primary elements find a suitable place to develop, such as water, humidity and
oxygen, they develop and began to take on the characteristics of the environment. In this way,
the 7 planets developed their own mineral, vegetal and animal kingdoms, which took on their
specific characteristics according to where each planet was located.
Another form of evolution would be when beings from more advanced planets implant energetic
elements in the planet in order to research and study them. This happened on the 7 planets.
The planets of the Confederation implanted elements on Kryon, which in turn implanted them on
Antares, then each planet successively implanted them in the following planet – Aberon, Cyrius,
Tera, Alpha Nova and lastly Abiares. This process was carried out with the aim of giving those
planets the evolutionary advancement they needed to speed up progress.
In the last stage of the evolution, the mineral, vegetal and animal kingdoms are not implanted
but they arrive on the planet as colonizers and fully developed. These are placed so as to
intermix with the other local energetic elements of the planet that also are developed, producing
unpredictable results.
Evolution takes place in levels, which are defined by the kind of vegetation, and animal species
that develop in different periods or stages of evolution. These are established by the diversity of
species that develop parallel to the evolution of the planet.
The evolution is researched and studied according to the periods in which each species
subsists and these periods are cyclical. Whenever a species increases, another one tends to
recede. This is how the evolution of the universe takes place. Nothing is stable or rigid;
everything is in movement and is recycled.
159. Why is the reptile form considered to be the most distorted one?
No human species within our sphere-bubble has become as distorted as the sick-reptilian
species. This is the only one that has its specific and very negative particularity.


This sick species does not have, in its energy, the formula of its origin. For this reason, it does
not have the ability or the right to return because when it became isotopic energy, it lost its
faculty of individuality. This means that it cannot form its energetic being and consequently its
return is negated.
We must make it clear that in our sphere-bubble there are planets that are inhabited by this
reptilian species, which has accurately followed the guidelines of the universe. Even though
materially they are reptilians, they have preserved their minds in accord with the universal
guidelines and so they have attained elevation and the right to return.
160. If the 7 planets stemming from Planet Satien had not been colonized, what would
have been the current reality?
They would have remained as amorphous planet-cells.
Amorphous: that has no proper form. From the Greek amorphos: (without) and morphé (form).
The One Being would have had serious problems with these 7 cancerous cells. They would
have reached the depths of the sickness. They would have exploded and spread the cancer to
other realities and systems. The One Being would have had cancer in Its digestive system and
a serious unresolved psychological problem in Its center and zone 3. All the neighboring
systems would have become contaminated, consequently, the cancer would have metastasized
and the One Being, to whom we all belong, and all of us, would have ceased existing.
What we have described is just a hypothesis. It is impossible for this to happen in the universe.
Our One Being would never be unaware of what happens to It and would not allow something
like that to happen. It would mean Its annihilation and this is totally improbable.
161. If the yeti is the species that follows us, how many of them are physically preserved
and where? Or, are they only in the form of genes in the intra-terrestrial laboratories?
They have been preserved by the intra-terrestrials for a long time. The yetis belong to the
Ambiarian species. The intra-terrestrials have safeguarded and hidden them in the caverns of
the North Pole.
The intra-terrestrials have had to help them and preserve them from anything that could have
exterminated them, such as, weather, contaminated atmosphere, water, food, etc. The
reproduction of this species is slow and limited. A few yetis are in the laboratories of the intraterrestrials. The females are being inseminated with the sperm of the man of the surface. In this
way, their species is evolving and they are being prepared to be placed on the surface at the
right time.
The intra-terrestrials are not only safeguarding the continuity of these beings but of all the
species on this planet. This process is what you call Noah’s Ark. Plato mentioned Noah’s Ark in
his writings but no one understood it. He referred to a context, to a unification of thoughts that
formed a single intellectual and intuitive thought. The word ark comes from archon, which in the
ancient Greece meant magistrate, the one great in power who was in charge of the government
in some city-states.


Archon comes from the Greek arkho, which means I govern. Plato wanted to say that
intellectual thoughts should be governed and safeguarded in an arkhon by the governments of
the planet.
The intra-terrestrials are also shielding other species that are meant to develop, such as
gorillas, chimpanzees, kuturo monkeys, and Malaysian monkeys. This process of rectification
should be completed in 13 billion years. Tera will have become old and it will have exploded and
its fragments will have turned into new planet-cells.
162. What really is the evolutionary chain of Tera? Are the stages necessary for the
energy to be recovered as mineral, vegetal, animal, and human and finally Ayapliano
beings? Are these the permit to go from dimension to dimension?
The only recoverable energy is the energy of thoughts. The other types of energy will evolve
according to their recording, following a path that will define their form, vibration and frequency
in the infinity of evolution.
We have to understand that the mineral, vegetal and animal kingdoms are the elemental
composites to form the all. If we compare their DNA we will see that all contain the same
creative elements. Undoubtedly we will have to accept that chemically, parallels do not exist.
This does not mean that man will have to go through the mineral, vegetal and animal kingdoms
to become a human. Humans bear in themselves all these components because they are
formed of them, not as composition but as elements.
Man was formed in the regular worlds. A formula was created in that reality that has remained
ever since it was created and which will persist eternally. Humans will never be able to
retrogress in the evolutionary context.
If you want to verify the most elementary aspect of humans and classify it within the mineral,
vegetal or animal kingdom, look at their fetal state. At this stage humans are a composite of the
3 kingdoms: a mixture of salts, minerals, water, nucleic acids, enzymes, amino acids, etc. From
this point on we can no longer say that they belong to the mineral, vegetal or animal
kingdoms… Humans are all that and much more.
You may wonder how humans process the mineral, vegetal and animal kingdoms if they feed on
The volunteers, together with the intra-terrestrials, started carrying out experiments in their
spacecraft laboratory and in the inner-earth cities. Those experiments consisted of extracting
chemical elements from the mineral and vegetal kingdoms to turn them into food and
sustenance for the future. The intra-terrestrials knew that at any moment they would go out to
the surface and they had to adapt their energy gradually to those kinds of elements and
They knew that by feeding on them, those kingdoms would help them generate the calorific
combustion they needed to live on the surface. In that way, they would continue producing the
chemical process of life, chemically nourishing their encephalic mass to generate thoughts.
They also knew that when they fed on those kingdoms, through their thought they would
transmute all negative and useless energy that was enrooted in the energy of the earth. They
would raise it chemically and place it at its energetic level. In this way, the mineral and vegetal

kingdoms would no longer belong to their origin and would adapt to a new chemical and mental
When they went out to the surface they already were energetically and chemically prepared to
feed on the nutrients extracted from both kingdoms. They went on like that for a long time, until
they began perceiving certain changes in their energy. That was when they began to get
The problem began because they extracted the nutrients from the mineral and vegetal
kingdoms but in the evolutionary chain these kingdoms fed on the energy of the earth. The earth
energy was contaminated by the animal kingdom (decomposed dead animals mixed with the
soil), by the useless energies that the One Origin had bequeathed to them, by the negative and
sick energy from Planet Satien, and by the location of the planet within the oblique belt.
They perceived that the calorific combustion produced in their material bodies was sick and
contaminated, thus the energy of their thoughts generated by this combustion would also
become sick. They had entered a circle of energetic corruption.
The original idea of the volunteers was always to extract the nutrients from the mineral and
vegetal kingdoms. They never thought about the animal kingdom. This was one of the factors
that aggravated the distortion with the consequences that we still see today.
The human Ayaplianos were never prepared to eat red and white meat and their byproducts.
They were prepared to feed on vegetables and minerals. When they began feeding on the
animal kingdom this caused a terrible metabolic imbalance in them, which lead them to an
unprecedented distortion. Nowadays, for lack of knowledge, humans continue feeding on the
animal kingdom.
Many beings on the surface, through knowledge, understanding, effort, will and perseverance,
are managing to get out of density and the sick vicious circle. They are transmuting their energy
because they have stopped eating any contaminated food and thus they are preparing for great
accomplishments in the future.
Humans today have the scientific knowledge to transmute their food, except that most do not
have the will to do it. The system and vested interests do not permit a global change in nutrition
thus the transmutation of food still has to happen on an individual basis.
We want to warn you that change in eating habits should be carried out gradually and
with the knowledge of cause and effect. It should be supervised by medical doctors or
well-qualified persons who know how to substitute one food for another without
resulting in chemical disorders that could cause irreparable damages to the physical and
psychological bodies. We want you to understand that radical changes should not be
taken up because of a simple observation. All changes should be analyzed, studied and
assimilated in perfect agreement of cause and effect.
You are entering the cosmic alignment that will last 7 thousand years. You will have
many lives ahead of you and, above all, those who will govern the planet will be aware
and awakened to make necessary changes for the wellbeing of all the inhabitants of the
Through evolution you will know for sure what food you should eat and what you should
avoid. Much information will be available so you will gradually eliminate from your brain

and your material body anything that could cause damage. The evolution of Tera in the
future will be abounding in awareness, responsibility, endeavor, common sense, good
judgment, maturity and equilibrium.
Let us go on with the topics and questions.
163. If we know that the priests of Egypt were distorted, why did Joshua Emmanuel
study universal knowledge in Egypt? Who were his teachers – where were they, to what
dynasty did they belong and who knew about his existence?
Not all of the priests of Egypt were distorted. There was a cast among them, the school of the
mysteries, in which the priests had the knowledge of Thoth, Lemuria and Atlantis.
This knowledge was given to the initiates of Ibis. Joshua Emmanuel was secretly prepared by
them because very few knew of his existence. While he was receiving the teachings he was
sent to the desert to undergo a tough and difficult test. It was there that he found the Essenes,
which in Hebrew means, healers.
The Essenes prepared him for his mission. They were the guardians of the Dead Sea scrolls,
the content of which was shown and transmitted to Joshua. Through those precepts, he
accepted his divine origin and offered it to the universe. When he did that, Christ revealed
himself to Joshua in his full splendor. From then on, Christ became his great master and guide.
Christ: One of the twenty four elders of the White Brotherhood.
164. Since every 2,800 Tera-years, a descendant of Ra Miriak is born who has
accumulated much thought-energy throughout his incarnations, what are the names of
those who preceded Joshua Emmanuel and where did they develop?
Many reincarnations are needed for an avatar to develop. This is the accumulation of many very
elevated thought-energies, which take on form and externalize.
We have established a span of 2,800 years of Tera-time because it is the interim the thoughtenergy needs to mature, like the fruit on the tree. During that time, the thought-energy
articulates and weaves its mission and in those lives it accumulates life experiences full of
knowledge, understanding and universal love.
This means that in every life, many of them not having anything distinctive in the history of the
planet, the being expresses different specialties. For instance, in one it was philosopher, in
another a mathematician, a government leader, a priest, a man, a woman, and so on,
specializing in each one to form an all. Finally, the day comes when the being will be born with
all those lives merged and articulated into one. When these special thought-energies are sent
out and projected, they take extraordinary routes. They will mark cycles, eras and vibratory
states of the planet and of the beings inhabiting it.
We will mention a few names that formed Joshua Emmanuel’s energy: Ra, Zoroaster, Rama,
Thothis, Akhenaton, Hermes, Moses, Orpheus, Pythagoras, and others. All of them composed
the preparation to sculpt and chisel the avatar Joshua Emmanuel (Jesus).
After his death, he incarnated again as Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint Germain, and many others.
We recognize that among these known lives, there are many others that did not become noticed

in the history of the planet but that they are indispensable and vital for the formation and
recording of the avatar’s thought-energy.
Currently, Joshua is in the Inner-Earth City, reincarnating in intra-terrestrial bodies and
preparing himself to be born as Abigahel in 8 hundred years’ time. He will be born with full
knowledge, understanding and love. Before incarnating as Abigahel, Joshua will go in and out of
the Inner-Earth City many times, preparing during 4 hundred years for the great event to be
born in the Ra-Miriak lineage (in the year 2400).
Abigahel is his cosmic name; what will his earthly name be?
His earthly name will be MICHAEL.
165. Can you explain Adam’s descent?
Adam: the one engendered. According to the Bible, the first inhabitants of the Earth. They
represent the human race, which gradually assumed the power of procreation, thus becoming
human spirits and free agents. When this freedom was attained, humanity was accountable
before the law of consequences, remaining separated from the tree of life and from the state
that today we know as ethereal. (Esoteric Dictionary)
The Inner-Earth City of Lemuria periodically sent a group of intra-terrestrials to research and to
study the surface humans. This group was led by Eblis, a great intra-terrestrial scientist and
descendent of the four lineages. Eblis and the 144 intra-terrestrials working with him would go in
and out of Lemuria, working hard to improve the lives of their brothers and sisters on the
They were in charge of selecting the human women who were to be inseminated. They were
also in charge of the evolutionary advancement of the planet and its inhabitants. They were
used to living in aseptic environments that were very different to the ones on the surface, so
when they went out they would take all the necessary precautions.
The Inner-Earth City was built in a huge cavern, which currently is located near the North Pole.
Its doorway is in the Bay of Baffin, at the level of the Arctic Circle. The only way the spacecraft
can enter and exit is through water.
This great city is built entirely of quartz crystal and it is protected by a bubble-sphere of the
same material that enables its inhabitants to withstand the atmosphere and the cold artificial
sun. The sea supplies the city with its needs. Its inhabitants nourish themselves with the
nutrients that they themselves prepare. Plankton and seaweeds are the essential nutrients of
their nourishment.
The atmosphere that they breathe is extracted from the cosmos and it contains a basic and
indispensable element that you know by the name of manna or prana. We call it vital fluid.
This nutrient is absorbed through breathing. Thus, currently most of the inhabitants cannot go
out to the surface physically or remain exposed to the atmosphere of the planet for any length of
time, except for those who have been specifically trained for this work. Most often when they
appear to you, they do so in holograms or inside their spacecraft, which protect and shield them
in any contingency.


The intra-terrestrials, like the entire universe, live and exist within levels and planes. These
levels are classified in the Inner-Earth City and they are manifested according to each one’s
work. It is a very methodical society, related to very specific, effective and well organized tasks.
When intra-terrestrials began to go out, about 120 thousand years ago, humans on the surface
were taking their first evolutionary steps. The laboratory experiments had given extraordinary
results for advancement.
Humans were showing tangible signs of understanding and their knowledge had collected in
their brains, which brought about continuity and correlation. Memory started to form images that
were expressed through needs, which the humans manifested and externalized. It was at that
point that the intra-terrestrials considered that it was the right time to go out from the Inner-Earth
City and begin teaching them. Thus, evolution would take a quantum leap.
Eblis and the group of scientists exited through the North Pole in a spacecraft and settled in
Greenland. The spacecraft was used as laboratory for their research and studies. Each finding
was informed to the Inner-Earth City and from there to the volunteers. In this way, they worked
together and the research advanced tremendously. During the course of their experiences the
intra-terrestrial scientists, backed by Eblis, began eating some of the food from the surface that
they thought was harmless. As they ate this food, they noticed certain energetic changes in
themselves, which were increased by the direct contact they had with the humans of the
The humans on the surface did not understand who they were or where they had come from.
They simply accepted them as gods and adored them.
History was repeated. They got sick, exactly the same as on Planet Satien. The food they ate
was contaminated with the recorded sick-cinnabar energy from Satien. The Inner-Earth City
detected this deviation and they were not allowed to return. They were expressly prohibited to
have any direct contact with the beings of the Inner-Earth City until their total recovery could be
The 144 men and women scientists in charge of the surface became confined and unable to
return to the Inner-Earth City – they were expelled from paradise – for having disobeyed the
directives of the universe and the volunteers who had warned them of the danger.
The thought-energies of Satien lodged in the bubble-spheres of these advanced and wise
beings and propagated the sickness of ambition through and through, turning those beings into
their slaves. The 144 intra-terrestrials, who were contaminated with ambition, used their
knowledge and intelligence to further power, ignorance, obscurity and all that this sickness
It was there that the thought-energy of Satien, the offspring of Luzbel and Lucifer, found a
favorable environment and shelter to develop. At the same time they came upon a way to take
possession of the beings on the surface and the planet.
Eblis and his followers had no choice except to live with humans, to procreate with their women
and reincarnate in their descent. A dynasty was formed of special beings who were more
intelligent, advanced, developed and who lived longer. They called themselves the children of
God, the chosen ones, the Elohim.


Elohim: Plural form of elohah (majesty). The real God. Also applied to false gods or creative
spirits or divine beings of lower level. Creative Hierarchies, which belong to our evolution and
cooperate with God in the formation of the universe.
Eblis and his followers formed a cast of unique beings. They were adored and venerated by all
who were part of their clans. They wrote the norms, laws, guidelines, and obligations based on
fear. Above all, they told and wrote false histories about where they came from and where they
would return. As always, history was distorted and totally changed by the sick minds of the
The clan called itself the Adamic Clan. They led the humans on the surface to believe that they
were the only beings of the universe and that nothing and no one existed beyond them. It was a
technique that still prevails today, that is, to make the unwary believe that the dominant belief is
the true and only one, and if they do not believe in it, they will burn in hell. None of the 144
expelled from the Inner-Earth City have returned to it. They continue to be contaminated and
Joshua Emmanuel was born in their midst to give them the opportunity to return. He taught
them love, but they did not want it nor did they want to know anything about him.
They steal, kill and lie in the name of the god that they themselves have invented. They found
institutions and huge temples to worship themselves and the power that they engender. They
build their corrupt precepts within governments which, like them, follow the same path of
immorality and lack of ethics. They continue to be moved by the cruelty of control over the
ignorant and blind masses.
Nowadays, some western and eastern religions transmit their teachings from generation to
generation, as if they were the only and true ones. All of them are sick with ambition and power,
and they are still ruled by the sick thought-energies of Satien.
What was called Luzbel and Lucifer on Planet Satien, on Planet Tera is called Satan.
These satanic thought-energies are presently incarnated in the west and east. They are the 144
expelled intra-terrestrials, led by Eblis. In each incarnation they continue bringing with
themselves destruction, war, pain, death and suffering. They are not able to understand their
reality and much less to remember their origins.
This cancer has to be eradicated. When the right time comes, we will take care of
uprooting this cancer.
Eblis: Name given by the Koran to the demon that was expelled from paradise for refusing to
adore Adam, arguing that he was fire whereas man was made of clay.
166. Why were the spacecraft unable to move during 300 million years? Could they not
generate enough mercurial energy by themselves?
They could not because the density of the location of the planet, and the amount of sickcinnabar energy it contained, weighed more than all the effort and elevation of their mercurial
energy. The other planets could not help because their energy was more subtle and could not
be used for the work to be done.

This also happens to you. Love and goodwill are not sufficient to transmute sick-cinnabar
energy. To transmute it, all your work and effort have to be complemented with other
components that will help that task, such as, knowledge and understanding. You may be
wondering whether or not they had those qualities.
When we arrived we did have love to carry out all that we did, but we lacked sufficient
knowledge and understanding of an unknown and dense reality.
You have to understand that, even though we are beings who are very advanced in
technology and science and we have elevated energy, it does not mean that we know
everything, or that nothing eludes our research and studies.
The universe, and even the One Being Itself, have had to grow, learn, experiment and live
their experiences to be what they are today. The imagination of the One Being creates
and does so with absolute perfection, but when this is manifested and materialized in
density, variations occur that are small, sometimes imperceptible, but sufficient to learn
something new.
Throughout the millions of years we knew and understood what we were meant to do and how
we should accomplish it. At the same time that we were learning, other similar information was
coming to us from planets Kryon, Antares and Aberon. They had been through the same
problems, but each of them had to resolve them within the parameters of the reality in which
they were. We came to the conclusion that each planet had its own particular life experiences
even though they were all very similar.
167. Does the planet that we call Mercury have any relationship with mercurial energy?
Why is it so close to the sun? What is its content and function?
Yes, they are related. The difference is the terminology:
Mercurial: positively transmuted thought-energies that are ready to go to planet Mercury.
Mercury: the thought-energies dwelling in planet Mercury.
168. What is the relationship of all the planets of the solar system to Planet Earth and
how, when and where does this occur?
Through this knowledge we have always told you about the anti-matter worlds and we have
always assured you that the discarnate from Tera lodge in some bubble-sphere of some
descendant or inhabitant that has the same frequency and vibration.
We have also explained that Planet Tera has a brain, exactly the same as you, and its brain is
divided into left and right zones. This brain is part of a bigger one and that one, of an even
bigger brain, infinitely.
We know that you are in the odd reality, on the left side of the brain. But what we have not
clarified so far, is the how, when and where of this antimatter reality.
The planets of the solar system where Tera is located form the 9 zones of the brain where the
thought-energies go when they disembody, because they are attracted by the energetic
characteristics that identify them.

Pluto, Neptune and Uranus…………………………….…..Hell
Saturn, Jupiter and Mars…………………………………...Purgatory
Earth, Venus and Mercury………………………………….Heaven
There is life on all of these planets, and in all of them life is expressed according to the elements
that form it. If we want to locate the zones of the brain of the system, we will realize that each
planet will represent a zone. Thus we will understand that Tera is zone 7 of the left brain and in
zone 3 of the right side. Its thought-energies still have to go through Venus (8) and Mercury (9)
in their horizontal evolution and through Cyrius, Aberon, Antares and Kryon in their vertical
If we say that everything is chemical and mathematical in the universe and if we know that
thought-energies are chemical and mathematical elements, when they disincarnate they will feel
attracted to the zone that chemically and mathematically matches them.
For example, let us compare the thought-energies of zone 1 of the brain.
These thought-energies are composed of elements such as sulfur, methane, gasses, etc. For
this reason, when the thought-energies of zone 1 disincarnate they will go the antimatter world 1
of Pluto, Neptune or Uranus, because these planets will offer them shelter to continue
However, 70% of the thought-energies of Planet Tera are no longer located in zones 1 or 2,
because they have long eliminated such low elements from their matter and brain. Its thoughtenergies are in zone 3 and so the three above mentioned planets will not be considered shelter
for any discarnate from Tera.
Most of the discarnate of Tera nowadays are being sheltered in Saturn, Jupiter and Mars. In
their material life these discarnate thought-energies worked on a little knowledge and a little
understanding, but many do not even know or understand love.
The thought-energies that have worked on knowledge and understanding and learning to love,
are preparing to enter the Inner-Earth City of the same planet because they will be the only
ones that will have completed their external learning.
After going through the Inner-Earth City, they will prepare to go to the antimatter world of Venus
(love) and Mercury (wisdom). When they succeed there, and form their energetic being (light
body with the same components as the sun) they will enter the vertical antimatter world of the
sun. Then, in their energetic being, they will enter the antimatter world of Cyrius, Aberon,
Antares and Kryon. These planets will offer the inner elevations of the self:
Regular Self……………………………………………….Cyrius
Perfect Self………………………………………………..Aberon
Etheric Self...................................................................Antares
Divine Self……………………..……………………….…Kryon
The Inner-Earth City of Tera will teach them how to elevate their inner, elementary and
secondary self.


169. When the thought-energies are on those planets, do they incarnate in bodies like
The antimatter world is as real as the one you live in, but you will never find life there exactly like
terrestrial life.
To understand what we are explaining, you would have to grasp the knowledge and meaning of
the three planets that govern you. To understand why you behave as you do, you will find very
interesting comparative aspects that will make you reflect (we recommend reading about the
meaning of Saturn, Jupiter and Mars in specialized books).
All the planets of the solar system have moons surrounding them and in them, and that is where
the antimatter world is located.
Antimatter world
Pluto………………………….. Charon
Neptune……………………… Triton
Uranus……………………….. Oberon
Saturn………………………… Lapetus
Jupiter……………………….. Ganimedes
Marte………………………….. Delmos
Tera........................................ Moon
Venus..................................... Neith
Mercury.................................. Mercury
The antimatter world of your brain is a universe full of constellations, galaxies, planets and
moons, exactly like the one that you see on the surface. Depending on the vibrational level of
your thought-energies, we could compare the universe of a bubble-sphere (even reality) with the
universe on the surface (odd reality).
When thought-energies disincarnate, the antimatter world becomes a single energy. This reality
functions under other parameters of existence, such as rhythm, frequency, vibration, colors, and
so on. When they disembody, most of the thought-energies of Tera do not perceive their reality
clearly. They do not know how to discern where they are because they do not have the
knowledge to recognize or differentiate it. They could be on a moon in Jupiter or on a moon of a
bubble-sphere. To them it will be the same because those two moons are governed by the
elements and characteristics that compose them and not where they are located.
You must be aware that when you disincarnate, you will be in a gigantic brain that shelters you,
for you are thought-energies. You will feel attracted by the same frequency that regulates and
identifies you. This gigantic brain is our home and our reality.
170. You said that when you divided the hermaphrodite human into masculine and
feminine the results were not exact. Why does a masculine energy incarnate in the body
of a woman and a feminine energy in the body of a man? Should we understand that the
ideal, at least in our reality, would be for the masculine energy always to incarnate in a
man’s body and the feminine energy in a woman’s body?
This is true. As long as the thought-energy does not attain equilibrium between two universal
forces, masculine and feminine, it tends to become imbalanced when it enters a body that does
not offer it the characteristics that pertain to it.

It is not a question of weighing or measuring which of the two forces will prevail, influence or
dominate. The ideal is for them to work together, regardless the body in which they are
incarnated. The imbalance comes from not understanding this important point and consequently
taking drastic measures which end up on a path of no return.
A classic example is radical plastic surgery. The problem starts when the being does not try to
understand his or her problem or to balance the two inner forces through psychotherapy,
understanding of past lives or to accept that he or she was born this way due to some inherited
DNA or some karma that has to be worked on.
Wanting to change the form through radical plastic surgery it is not very useful, because the
being will go into a maelstrom, a whirlwind of sensations, which will take it to a reality of fantasy,
because it wants to be what it cannot. The ideal would be to understand the causes and know
the effects, to accept the reality and face it.
Each case is a case of its own. One cannot judge an action without knowing the underlying
causes. There are very deep-rooted problems that have to be handled carefully, with profound
analysis to understand the origins and feelings that induced the contradictory emotions, which
usually, or always, bring much suffering to this type of energetic process.
171. Are names like Christ, Abigahel, etc., used only on our planet only or are they also
known in the rest of the universe?
These names are given only on Planet Tera. Names are very important to you, because without
them humans would not be able to differentiate amongst them. However, for us, only lineage
and heritage are transcendental.
We have to understand that the lineage and heritage of the seven planets is the same because
all the volunteers have the same origins. If avatars emerged and had their respective names on
Tera, on other planets they also had them. Each one was expressed according to the vibration
he was in, but in universal correlation and importance, all of them belonged to the lineages of
Ra, Vis, Tarik and Hak.
The day you enter the Inner-Earth City you will not learn the names of those who fulfilled some
mission or sacrificed their lives, nor will you find Joshua Emmanuel or other notable beings
Continuity, correlation and the sum of existences are carried out through vibration, frequency,
rhythm, colors, signs, and so on. When a being excels and becomes an avatar, it is not a single
energy that enters the process of the task. There are millions of energies that are incarnated in
a single body that represents them, and they work according to their vibration. Thus, we cannot
highlight any one of them. They all have the merit of the work that was fulfilled and when they
disincarnate, they understand and accept this. The same happens with sports; one or other
player excels, but it is really the team together that makes the joint effort and so they win.
This is your big problem. You want to stand out individually, which causes great inner conflicts
that you cannot overcome. One of them is thinking with your ego, believing in the fantasy that
you are the chosen, illuminated, sanctified, anointed, God’s representatives on Earth, gurus,
masters, masterminds of great missions, appointed by extra-terrestrials, reincarnations of those

important historical figures and all the fabulous fantasies that you invent to satisfy your external
If many of you give yourselves those names and feel to have the right to use those titles,
we have bad news for you – you have the sickness of ambition.
These classifications, which you yourselves have invented, exist only on Planet Tera. In the
universe thought-energy adjusts to an all and is not individualistic. We are all, we are one. When
an alignment of ideas or thoughts is formed in the universe, millions of thought-energies
together manifest and externalize it. In Tera, you can be coordinators, mediators, organizers,
founders, producers, manufacturers, workers, etc.
172. Why are some beings so sure that they had been important historical figures in
other lives?
We have to understand how the sheltering of thought-energies functions in the bubble-sphere.
We have always said that everything is attracted and repelled in the universe. This is very true.
We have also said that, according to level, rhythm, frequency, sign and color, thought-energies
can move around anywhere their energy exerts attraction. When beings are in the odd reality,
they tend to attract the same frequency of thought-energies from the even reality, which can be
either positive or negative.
All Planet Tera’s beings are influenced, to a greater or lesser extent, by discarnate thoughtenergies that live in the brain and in the 9 zones of the planet and the system. These energies
move around the bubble-spheres of the odd reality and influence the incarnated beings,
positively or negatively, depending on their vibration.
When incarnated beings awaken and begin nourishing themselves with universal knowledge,
they tend to attract and shelter thought-energies that are similar to their desires and energetic
condition. This is where they will identify with great thoughts and with those beings who made
these thoughts known, through either their word or their history.
The more they nourish themselves with them, the more identified they will feel. As this thoughtenergy continues growing within them, life after life, through time and reincarnations, it will
become part of that universal vibration eternally, because when they disincarnate they will bond
with it by attraction and vibrational characteristics.
This entire process does not happen only in one life. Many reincarnations are needed to form
the predominant characteristics which will build it. This is how the energetic being molds and
manifests itself.
In each of its lives, it will feel that it is that historical figure and from the point of view of its
energetic nourishment, it really is that figure, because it attracted from the universe the thoughts
related to that figure and when doing so, its own thought-energy is expressed likewise. This
means that in one life you could, for example, have,
20% of Pythagoras’s thought-energies
10% of Akhenaton’s
10% of Hermes’
60% of thought-energies from many compiled lives.

Let us analyze the first 40%. There are two possibilities: either during the life of these three
figures the being lived in them as even or odd thought-energy and this energy is part of its
essence; or the being is totally identified with the thought-energies of those beings and therefore
the being is them because it belongs to the universal vibration of those thought-energies.
This means that when the being reincarnates, it will bring in its essence its own characteristics
that are very similar to the ones that are known. Thus it will feel certain that it was a certain
This form of thought-energy does not exist in other realities because their thought-energies are
stable. They do not jump around from the left to the right side. They are unified energies that
form the thought-energies of the energetic body and since this body is part of the universal
energy, the being will identify with the universe and not with some personage from the planet
that stood out in some of its lives.
Thought-energies that come from realities which are higher than Planet Tera, no longer
vampirize their own thought-energies. These realities nourish themselves with universal
knowledge, understanding and love. With this nourishment they avoid becoming identified with
energies that were prominent. They produce their own energy within themselves, or rather, their
own alciatic combustion. In this way, they preserve their self in perfect stability, harmony and
173. In our universe, do the sick and distorted energies only come from Satien or do
they come from some other place?
Sick Energy: This is procreated by the lower dimensions. It is an elemental thought-energy that
is negatively recorded by humans. This type of energy does not distort the basic elements of
creation. It simply makes them sick, turning them into useless elements that occupy a space in
the subconscious and which disturb the One Being profoundly and psychologically.
Distorted Energy: This comes from Planet Satien. It was absorbed by the thought-energy of
humans, mixed with the negatively recorded thought-energy and became completely distorted.
The humans who were formed on the surface of Tera were Ayaplianos. These beings came
from other more advanced worlds and had elevated thought-energy in their brains. This was the
only way they could counteract the spreading of the distortion and the deformed elements of this
harmful energy could be reverted through evolution. If the distortion of this energy had
advanced infinitely, this energy would be amorphous, detrimental, corrosive, sick and mortal.
174. Is this the first time you will put cinnabar energy into the nucleus of the planet?
Yes, in Tera this is the first time. We will do exactly the same as the other planets that freed
themselves from this energy. We follow the guidelines of the universe and we have to fulfill them
according to the indications of our brothers from the universe.
175. What kind of quartz is there on the planet? Is it cinnabar energy transformed into
mercurial energy?
Not necessarily. The mineral kingdom often has compacted energies that came from the
beginning of creation.

Remember that the One Origin exploded and emitted Its elements to the confines of the
universe. When that happened, Its energy densified. Many of these element-energies are in
their natural state. Through evolution, these energies free themselves and enter the
atmosphere. The vegetal, animal and human kingdoms breathe them and nourish themselves
with them. They record them and make them part of the reality of the planet.
Quartz, precious stones, minerals and bodies of hard mineral are energies that come from the
One Being’s matter-universe body. They are formed of salts and minerals. They are the
chemical elements of the One Origin.
When we refer to cinnabar and mercurial energies we are talking about sick-negative or
elevated-positive thought-energies which, after all, are also formed of chemical elements
emanated from the One Being. Thought-energy absorbs and records them, and thus makes
them part of its thought-flow.
176. From where did you extract the 660 billion thought-energies – from the fragment of
Satien, from quartz, from precious stones, or metals? And where did you store them?
Those energies come from the Inner-Earth City. This amount of energy does not need a place
to be stored. It is located in the bubble-spheres of the intra-terrestrials and it was extracted and
absorbed from the mineral kingdom.
When the intra-terrestrials founded the Inner City–Lemuria, they entered through Baffin Bay,
near Greenland, because they knew that there was an immense cavity beneath it which would
allow them build the city. When they arrived in this enormous cavern, to their surprise they
found that the magma had turned into a gigantic quartz rock. The intra-terrestrials perforated the
quartz and built the Inner-Earth City inside of it.
The same thing happened with Atlantis. When they entered the deep cavern through the
Weddell Sea in the Antarctic, they found that the high temperatures of the planet had
crystallized the rocks, forming millions of quartz rocks and precious stones. The same as the
city of Lemuria, the intra-terrestrials built their Inner-Earth City inside the quartz.
All the densified energies that came from the One Origin were freed through perforations and
constructions. These freed energies were absorbed by the intra-terrestrials, who recorded them
positively with knowledge, understanding and love and stored them in their minds to use at the
appropriate time, that is, when evolution would make energetic feedback feasible to the surface
177. Do you mean that under the icecaps of the poles there are two huge deposits of
precious stones?
Yes, but for us and the intra-terrestrials these precious stones do not have the value that you
give to them. They serve as protection and communication, because through them intraterrestrials communicate with us and with the universe. Precious stones are crystals that
absorb, retain and disseminate the rays of the sun.
178. If we know that volunteers were trapped in the density, what was the original plan to
rescue the densified energies? Could it have been done through the vegetal and animal

We could not have rescued them through the vegetal and animal kingdoms because they were,
are and always will be thought-energies of the children of the universal mind. Furthermore, all
that we did was part of the original plan, even the distortion. We knew the risk we were taking
and we were always ready to face it. We do not regret anything. If we had to repeat it, we would
do it again.
179. If the intra-terrestrials built their spacecraft from quartz, how could we on the
surface make use of this material in our constructions?
In the future you will use quartz and precious stones to heal sicknesses, stabilize magnetism,
control solar radiation, carry out interstellar communication, detect uncontrolled emotions, X-ray
the brain, eliminate cancerous tumors, avoid infections, close wounds, restore burnt skin, reach
tridimensional vision and much more. Crystals and precious stones are not to be used as
ornaments. They provide endless applications for science, technology and spiritual
advancement. When you discover them, you will really begin to know the universe and extract
from it all you need for your own subsistence.
180. If sea salt is made of solidified crystals, what really is sea salt?
Sea salt is formed of the silicon element, which is a compound of minerals, oxygen and
hydrogen, which together form quartz. The sea is liquefied quartz.
181. What measures did the intra-terrestrials take and how did they help the densified
beings on the surface when the solid mass divided and the continents were formed?
When it all happened, we were in the spacecraft and the intra-terrestrials were in the InnerEarth City. We could not avoid it; we just let everything happen. We have to understand that the
separation of each solid mass lasted 17 thousand years.
It started in the center of the planet and then spread towards the poles. This separation
benefited the planet because it balanced its mass, equalized its weight that had concentrated in
its center, and speeded up the cooling. This enabled us to go ahead with the work we had to do.
We could not do much for our brothers on the surface because communication was null. Their
brains did not perceive us. Mankind was immersed in the darkness of its mind. Those who
survived continued their evolution and the procreation of the species.
182. In light of the hierarchical order of the planets, what would 3.3.3 mean?
It would mean that this creation is still taking on form in the imagination of love of the One
Origin. It would be classified as a thought-energy in the process of being desired and imagined
by the One Being.
183. If the maximum distortion on Tera was to reach the simian form, what was the
maximum distortion in the other six planets?
In the first three planets – Kryon, Antares and Aberon – the Ayapliano species kept its
characteristics almost intact, although with certain differences. The distortion in Cyrius is very
similar to the intra-terrestrials of Tera. In Alpha Nova and Abiares humans are in their
rudimental state. They could be compared to apes. They are short in stature due to the gravity
in those planets. They have fangs and claws, are almost four-footed and are in a totally savage

184. How could foodstuff be prepared nowadays without becoming contaminated by the
ionization of Tera?
The only way would be to cultivate them in the deep caverns of the earth or in the ionosphere
very far away from the ionization.
Ionization is produced by the unstable layer of ozone. This layer is completely debilitated by the
gases emanated by the huge calorific stoves of the volcanoes, by the artificial gases stemming
from petroleum and from the accelerated evaporation of the seas.
If we say that the sea is composed of silicon and it is liquefied quartz, when it evaporates and
becomes part of the atmosphere, the rays of the sun that go through its crystals radiate a
distorted light. Since the rays go through distortedly, the colors do not decompose uniformly.
They branch out in a disorderly way because the planet is surrounded by cinnabar energy,
which refracts and stops the rays of the sun from penetrating and nourishing the planet.
This is one of the main reasons why the ozone layer has weakened. The contamination in the
atmosphere and the stratosphere is full of crystals that have absorbed burnt petroleum,
methane and sulfur. These crystals obstruct and close the passage of the sparse gamma rays
emitted by the sun, which would neutralize the ionized particles and the cinnabar elements that
drift the atmosphere.
185. Could gamma rays kill us?
The gamma rays emitted by the sun star would not harm you, because they would be sparks or
flashes. These would be sufficient to help you nourish yourselves adequately with the sun and
breathe purer oxygen.
186. Would they not produce skin cancer?
The sunrays do not cause skin cancer. It is the solar light that penetrates the earth in a
refractive and distorted way. That is, the branching out of the light is not even so it recharges
some colors strongly, for example, red light. The red solar light produces cancer. The ideal
would for that sunlight to come mixed with blue and green to form greenish violet, for these
colors are for healing and purification.
Not everything that happens on the planet is due to ionization. It is also caused by its tilt and by
being inside an oblique belt.
187. How does an obtuse angle allow the passage from one dimension to another
without causing any problem?
We have first to clarify that going from one dimension to another does not always take place
through an obtuse angle. In this case, it was necessary because of the position of the 7 planets,
which were located within an oblique belt.
Obtuse angle: an angle that measures more than ninety degrees and less than one hundred
eighty degrees. This angle is more open than the right angle.


This opening allowed the spacecraft to slide in and go from a vertical line to a horizontal one.
The 4 above-mentioned planets were chosen to be colonized because they happened to be in
the vertical line which adjusted to the 7 planets, forming an obtuse angle.
When we enter in the forthcoming alignment of 7 thousand years, the angle that will be formed
for the return will no longer be obtuse; it will change into a right angle. The horizontal oblique
belt will straighten up and compose a straight line with the vertical one, forming a 90 degree
angle on both sides. This will form a 180-degree angle and thus evolution and elevation will be
side by side.
188. Why will Planet Tera form the point of the 180-degree angle?
Because Tera represents the number three and this number is crucial for the alignment.
We have always said that everything comes from number three. The three bodies, when unified,
will form one, and when this occurs, the horizontal line will begin to move upright joining the
vertical line. The angle will close into a vertical line of 90 degrees. This line will have to link to
the others and form new angles – right, acute, concave, dead, adjacent, consecutive,
complementary, convex, and so forth.
It will all depend on the creator desire and the line of Its creations. In this way, the diamond of
the One Being’s pineal gland will form millions of angles and geometrical figures. Each one,
each mathematical set, will mean a different idea and all the ideas together will form the
universal mind.
189. What were the 4 planets from the Pleiades chosen to colonize Tera? What was their
relationship with the origins of Planet Satien?
First, as we said before, because the 4 planets were in the vertical line forming an obtuse angle
with the 7 planets.
Second, because they belonged to the Pleiades. Planet Morlem, from the Pleiades, had
monitored the implantation of life in Satien, and they had been in charge of the research and
study of all that happened in that planet.
Third, because Morlem has the most advanced scientists of our bubble-sphere. It is the oldest
planet of our universe and it was the first to be formed in the regular dimension.
All of us are their descendants, their children. Morlem mathematically selected the 4 planets
which would colonize the 7 fragments of Satien. These 4 planets will continue researching and
studying the evolution and progress of the 7 planets for the wellbeing of our bubble-sphere.
190. Has the hologram technique used in Satien been used or is it used, here in Tera as
Humans on the surface of the planet have no knowledge of the hologram or of its technique. At
present it is only used by intra-terrestrials and in very special cases. They use it when they have
to carry out some mission of teaching or communication of an important fact, and also for a
scientific or technological transmission related to the planet or to the beings living on it.


Nowadays that technique is used by many planets, especially when they have to travel over
great distances. Satien knew about that technique but unlike the other planets, it was used for
its own benefit, for domination and power.
191. If Satien controlled ionization through satellites, is the same thing happening in
Unfortunately, on Planet Tera you are not using satellite technology to control ionization. You
are using satellites to control science, technology and the masses of ignorant beings. These are
the governments and religious institutions that are working for ambition, profit and power.
192. When Satien exploded, were the ejected fragments solid, liquid or gaseous?
Planet Satien belonged to the Secondary Dimension. It was a planet with very subtle and
etheric energy. It was selected especially by the regular reality to observe the implantation and
development of the human there. Satien was considered by Morlem to be the Eden, the
Paradise, because it had all the positive characteristics for an excellent implantation.
When Planet Satien exploded, the same thing happened as with the One Origin. Its fragments
of subtle energy were hurled to incredible distances and reached the Elementary Dimension.
These fragments became condensed and turned into a very dense matter-energy, similar to the
reality you know and where you live. Billions of years – something unimaginable in Tera’s time –
went by and with the help of the Cosmic Confederation those fragments became beautiful
planets which sheltered humans in different periods of evolution and elevation.
193. What is the real value of numbers and what is their meaning when they are
recurrent, either single or double?
Number: comes from the Greek noumenon, which means the essence or idea that exists
behind each thing.
Nous: it is intelligence or spirit. Greek philosophy elaborated this concept, which for
Anaxagoras, was the true principle of individualization, order and living. It forms and gives
meaning to preexisting matter. Aristotle, in turn, considered it to be the higher part of the soul.
For the Stoics it was a material breath that penetrates all reality and predetermines it. According
to Plotinus it was the second hypostasis, emanating from the Ones and emitter of the soul of the
world. For Pythagoreans nous is the unity of ideas and numbers.
Numbers: Number is the principle of order by which the world exists. Esoteric literature
mentions that during the creation of the world the first thoughts of God were expressed in
numbers. Number implies form, sound, vibration and underlies in the root of the manifested
When numbers are recurrent and are manifested in specific moments or places, we say that it is
a case of numerology or magic numbers.
Numerology: is the science that considers that certain numbers and their combinations
possess a magic power and represent divine and creative mysteries. These ancient beliefs are
in great part based on Pythagorean doctrines, according to which numbers contain elements of
all that exists.

Numbers are: knowledge.
Chemistry is: understanding.
The positive result of both is: love.
194. Why do they say that Joshua Emmanuel had to face the hardest tests in the desert?
To Joshua Emmanuel the desert meant to leave behind luxuries, comforts and flattery. It was
the renunciation of all that could make him vain or get sick with ambition.
He knew that in the desert he would find the answers that he sought of his past lives, of what he
was and what he had to do. He found the longed-for answers. He discovered the ageless
wisdom of his brothers, the Essenes, and while getting to know his past he affirmed his lineage
and heritage. He knew where he was coming from, who he was and where he would have to
He learned about, studied and remembered his planet of origin. While in the desert he was
taken to the Inner-Earth City of the intra-terrestrials where he developed his knowledge of
healing. There, he became aware and knew that he should work to recover the descendants of
Adam. He controlled matter. He knew the human soul deeply and understood how energy
Joshua Emmanuel accepted his extra-terrestrial and human origins.
He struggled against the negative force of Satien, for the thought-energies of Satien lived, fed
from and lodged in the sick descendants of Adam’s clan.
Satien’s thought-energies tempted him several times, adoring him as the son of God, offering
him material wealth and eternal life in matter, but he prevailed. With his victory he also gained
the right to save his brothers – Adam’s descent – and to give them the opportunity to recover
their thought-energies. He infused them with knowledge and understanding, breaking the chains
of ignorance because he taught them to love. He freed them from talons of Satien that
imprisoned and enslaved them.
195. What did Joshua Emmanuel have to do to recover the descendants of Adam?
Throughout his incarnations, Joshua Emmanuel had been prepared to be an avatar. The
thought-energies that formed and accompanied him belonged to the Christic vibration of the
bubble-sphere and consequently, also to the 4 planets that came to colonize Tera.
Christ: Anointed, Messiah, Christ, second person of Trinity and, at the same time, God and
human. The son, the most elevated initiate in the solar period, the word, the second aspect of
the Supreme Being or God, characterized as love and wisdom.
Christ was one of the spirits that had achieved the human state during the solar period.
According to the cosmic laws, he was unable to build himself a vital, and a dense body, since
the lowest body for that group of spirits was the body of desires.
He could have worked on the humanity with this type of vehicle as archangels did in their aspect
of spirits of race. However, the religions of race were under the direction of Jehovah, whose
lower vehicle is the human spirit, which correlates him to the world of abstract thought where
everything is separatist and conducive to self-benefit.

For this reason, Christ intervened through the avatar Joshua Emmanuel, since under Jehovah’s
regime, unity was impossible. Christ had to express himself through a dense body to be a man
and win the salvation of Adam’s descendants from the inside.
Christ took the vital-energetic body of Ra and, and this at the same time, the dense body of
Joshua Emmanuel when he was twenty eight years old. This body had twelve planes of
elevation, going from the physical body all the way up to the One Origin. Christ is the only
thought-energy of our universe that is in contact with both – the most elevated and the densest.
He is also the only one who can mediate between them because he has experienced all the
situations of existence.
Christ’s body is in cryogenic state in the Perfect Dimension. When he has finished compiling the
billions of thought-energies within himself, he will be ready to return and recover his body, to be
part of the higher worlds again, from which he left as a great volunteer.
196. If the most distorted and affected planets are Alpha Nova and Abiares, how can we
help them if they live in a density that is worse than ours? How will their recovery
The recovery could take place through evolution, when you meet with them in conjoined
conditions – you to colonize them and them to be colonized.
197. Looking at the hierarchical order of the 7 planet-offspring of Satien, why does it
seem that 2 planets are missing?
Although it may seem so, they are not missing. The fact is that two of the planets (3.3.8 and
3.3.9) transcended to etheric states and they no longer belong to material reality. They are
alciatic antimatter-reality worlds. In comparison, they would belong to
the sublime self
the universal self (One Origin).
198. You say that currently some intra-terrestrials are present on the surface of Tera
without being recognized and that they have different missions, one of them being to
procreate with us. Can you give us more details on this matter?
Evolution and elevation are allowing interaction to take place between you and intra-terrestrials.
But we cannot affirm that this contact is happening fully. There is still a long way to go to
accomplish the contact, which will occur in about 300 years’ time and even then it will be
As has always happened throughout time and goes on today, the intra-terrestrials carry out
laboratory research to continue helping you in your evolution and elevation. These studies and
research require your and their direct participation. The intra-terrestrials have to communicate
with those whose minds are more open and whose thought-energy is freer, more subtle and has
been worked on through reincarnations and directed to this objective.
The intra-terrestrials work very much with you on a telepathic level. Many beings on the surface
communicate with them, and many of you know and have been in the Inner-Earth City, where
you were taught by them and entrusted with certain missions.

When the designated mission is important, in certain cases they help with their presence. They
do this to awaken consciousness or when they need important witnesses to support a mission
so that it can be fulfilled without setbacks. If there has to be any physical presence, they prefer
to work in silence. This means that many of you, without knowing it, come from an intraterrestrial lineage, because the genetic line comes from those that have been inseminated and
abducted during sleep.
Abduction: From Latin abduction, action of separating or taking something away.
Intra-terrestrials do not have procreative relationships like the ones you are accustomed to.
They are far too evolved and elevated for that.
199. How are we inseminated and abducted during sleep?
When we the volunteers, arrived on Planet Tera, our bodies were very subtle, slender and light.
Our bodies are thin, tall and somewhat transparent. We have no digestive or skeletal systems.
We do not have hair, voice, teeth, fingernails, skin, sexual organs, and so forth. Our senses are
inner and we communicate telepathically. As you can see, we have a human form but with
fundamental differences.

When we left our spacecraft we could not avoid facing the crushing reality that deformed us and
turned us into distorted beings. Some volunteers were able to save themselves by entering the
caverns. Although they escaped from the surface and from the devastating gravity, they could
not avoid some degree of distortion that came over them. Their original DNA formula changed
gradually and subtly.
For this reason, the Inner-Earth Cities were built inside quartz caverns where they could be
protected from the atmosphere, the gravity, the energy of Satien and the One Origin’s useless
energy. The quartz and precious stones prevented the distortion from spreading and thus the
intra-terrestrials were rapidly able to reverse the energy and return to their natural state.
As time went by and the volunteers on the surface got more and more distorted, we noticed how
their brain would protect itself and retard the distortion. This brain would go into a selfprogrammed lethargy in which the thought-energies were suspended between unconsciousness
and reality. With this process, the gaps in the progression of the sickness grew wider because it
produced the break that the brain needed to gain strength and be able to return to vital
The intra-terrestrials discovered that those lethargic gaps, called dreams, could influence their
brothers and sisters on the surface with implanted images. When the thought-energies
awakened from a dream, their behavior was defined according to the implanted images. These
images were recorded with symbols that, at given moments, became activated and influenced
the evolutionary behavior. In this way, they could recover their fellow beings quicker than they
had thought.
They also discovered that they were able to procreate with the beings on the surface by
inseminating them with their semen and so they could form their intra-terrestrial descendants.
This procreation was not and is not done the way you currently know it. It is an artificial
insemination where the ovule is removed, inseminated in the laboratory and placed back into

the woman’s uterus. This process has been used by the intra-terrestrials for millions of years. It
was the best way to retrieve you and to allow evolution to advance by leaps and bounds.
Thus, throughout time, the intra-terrestrials have helped you to evolve, making dreams a very
important part of your lives. Without them, you would not have advanced the way you did.
Through them, you were also able to develop imagination, because it retained images in the
memory, which were repeated over and over again until you understood them. Once they were
understood, they were filed in the brain forming knowledge, understanding, correlation,
continuity and everything that you are today.
Sleep does not exist in the universe. You are the only ones in our bubble-sphere who sleep.
Even in other distorted planets, there is no action of sleeping or dreaming. This only happens to
you because of the transmigration of thought-energies from the left side to the right side and
vice versa, which makes the brain tired. Sleeping helps the brain regain forces to continue. This
feedback is carried out through dreaming.
200. Do the intra-terrestrials still keep on implanting images in our dreams?
They do, because nowadays dream symbolism is a language, a form of communication that the
intra-terrestrials and we have with you.
Dreams are very important because they organize the thought-energies and place them in the
zone in which they belong. You transcribe dreams through imagination, which is being
externalized in the images of the movies, television and magazines, among others. Much of
what you believe to be science fiction is the true crude reality of your existences.
201. How can we recognize the children of the intra-terrestrials?
The children of the intra-terrestrials are all those who are awakened, who use the right side
of the brain, who have an open mind that is directed toward the universe, whose mind
expresses through extrasensory phenomena. They are those whose dreams reveal the truth,
whose beliefs guide them to the path of return. They are the ones who seek, ask, question,
analyze and reason, who have positive thoughts, who love life and their fellow beings. They are
all who live in the light of truth.
202. Are we talking about the physical children of the intra-terrestrials, or of kindred
We are talking about both of them.
203. How is it possible to be a physical child of an intra-terrestrial?
Most of you are physical children of intra-terrestrials. Millions of years ago, women were
inseminated for you to be recovered. Nowadays about 65% of you are human intra-terrestrials
and 20% are human-men. The latter are those that still live far away from civilization, who fell
behind and are backward in their evolution. There are also about 15% who are more animals
than men. We are continually inseminating part of the 20% human-men and all of the animalmen. We carry out many experiments in the laboratory to accelerate evolution.


204. Do you and the intra-terrestrials sleep and dream?
Our mental-energetic composition is different from yours. We do not dream; we imagine wideawake.
Since we do have feedback from the left side to the right side of the brain, our thought-energies
are stable and so we have no useless attrition of energy. That keeps us totally lucid. For us
there is no day and night. We live in the light of the energy and this light suspends
understanding; thus we do not think – we are.
Knowledge, understanding and love are part of our essence. We do not need to continually
remember the why, where and when of our existence. Our consciousness is always active,
dynamic and updated in our minds. This is what enables us to have thoughts, acts and deeds
that are always positive.
When we say that we imagine wide-awake, we mean that our mind functions on a basis of
chemistry, mathematics, geometry, symbols and images that are so real that when they appear
in the mind, their meaning is instantly grasped without analysis, reasoning or itemizing. It simply
205. How is life carried out in the inner-earth cities?
We have to understand that the reality of Planet Tera is subdivided into levels of existence. We
cannot want to see it as a simple, uniform and flat cell. In its various levels, it receives and
shelters realities inhabited by thought-beings that coexist without intermixing because each one
remains in its own habitat and environment.
To understand these forms of existence, we first have to know how the universal mind functions.
If we say that we all were created in its image and likeness, then we will get to know the
material and mental worlds of Planet Tera.
When the intra-terrestrials went to live inside the planet, they discovered and faced realities of
existence quite different to ours for we were already present on the planet. This reality of inner
life did not know the surface and did not even know it existed.
When they went into the deep caverns, they found rare and strange forms of life that had
evolved according to the recorded formulas of the universe and of Planet Satien. The
amalgamated thought-energies of Satien and the thought-energies absorbed by the cosmic dust
formed some creatures that were unfamiliar to all that was seen and known in the universe. The
same as with the human species, these developed according to their environment. Their bodies
and brains corresponded to their evolution and capacity.
Furthermore, there were levels of evolution among them. Some lived in the darkness, in very
deep caverns and others developed in an environment with little light but fairly close to the
When we studied them, we understood that they had been formed from the millions of
experiences that Morlem and the Cosmic Confederation had carried out with the vegetal and
animal kingdoms, preparing the planet to receive the future colonizers. One part of this animal
kingdom developed from unicellular organisms. Another part came from the same animals that
used to live on the surface but for some reason went into the caverns and became distorted by

absorbing cinnabar energies, sick thought-energies coming from Satien and the cosmic dust
that surrounded the planet.
Throughout evolution these creatures adapted and took on defined material forms. Many of
them, especially the winged creatures, developed a kind of language that enabled them
maintain communication and coexistence.
The intra-terrestrial volunteers who had not become distorted were seeking a place to settle.
When they realized that the interior of the planet was inhabited by unknown creatures, they
decided to move to the poles. They knew that those creatures could not follow them or disturb
them there because those beings were used to living in darkness and in high temperatures,
such as those of that inhospitable reality.
206. What were those creatures like?
You call them devils or demons. When we studied them, we found out that they were microbes,
bacteria, germs, parasites, bacilli, etc. The history and description of those beings is found in
many religions and ancient documents, which describe them as demons, with an animal form
but a human head, horns and wings. They live in hell, and are considered evil creatures.
We have to understand that Tera is a living organism, a live cell of the universal material body of
the One Being.
For Ayaplianos, used to the subtlety, purity, and clarity of their existences, to enter the depths of
a live cell of the planet’s digestive system, was indescribable and sometimes grim. They faced
astonishing realities.
The Tera-cell provided them with an extraordinary and wide range of studies and research.
Through their research, they discovered that these creatures of darkness fed off cinnabarenergies. Instead of eliminating them from the sequence of evolution, they kept them alive, but
under control, because they recognized that they were necessary in that chain to keep the cell
balanced and in good conditions.
To eliminate a negative energy is often not the correct thing to do. It is better to give the
negative energy a task that will lead it towards work that is positive and necessary for the
universal body.
Nowadays we work quickly to compress the sick-cinnabar energy and send it to the center of
the planet. The fragment of Satien absorbs it. Hence, these creatures keep feeding off this
cancerous energy and thus help eliminate it, preventing it from accumulating or spreading to the
207- If these creatures feed on sick-cinnabar energy, are you not thereby helping them
increase cancer in the planet?
No, because they not only feed on cancer, but also on all the sick-cinnabar energies that can
contaminate the cells of the One Being.
We have to understand that the center of the planet is Tera’s digestive system. Through this
system, the planet discards energy that has been processed and digested. The most unusual
creatures we could ever imagine live in this system, but not all of them are harmful. If we

observe them separately, we will think that they are devouring and evil monsters, but many of
them help keep the material body in perfect conditions. If these creatures did not exist,
nowadays you would not have bactericides to combat them. In short, illness has to emerge at a
given point in order to create its opposite, that is, the defenses needed to fight them.
We feed them, first of all, to keep them satisfied, so that they do not cause more damage, and
also to prevent cinnabar-energy from spreading. It is a way of maintaining balance without
eliminating or destroying.
For the present they are useful because they feed off the fragment of Satien. The time will come
when they will no longer have any more food because the fragment of Satien will have come to
an end. By the force of nature itself and the lack of food, the creatures will expire by themselves.
Since the humans on the surface will no longer produce sick-cinnabar energy, but mercurial
energy instead, these creatures will disappear. Hence, when they are no longer useful for
Planet Tera, the sick-cinnabar energies will be absorbed, transmuted and sent to new creations.
208. If religions and ancient documents describe these winged-creatures, is it because
they went out to the surface?
They did go out at a certain time and they sowed evil, malevolence, Satanism and corruption all
over the face of Tera. Since the beings on the surface were distorted and unable to reason, they
adored and venerated them as gods. They formed cults where Satanism gave free rein to
depravation and disgrace. They are the real offspring of Satien, direct heirs of the thoughtenergies that were amalgamated in the cancerous fragment, which is still in the center of the
planet and goes on feeding them.
209. How were they sent back inside the planet?
They were sent back by the solar disk and the six-pointed star. When the vibratory frequency of
the planet was elevated, the creatures could no longer live on the surface because the
atmosphere did not provide them the conditions they needed. When the planet began cooling, it
automatically eliminated them from the surface of the Earth.
Nowadays it would be impossible for those creatures to live on the surface; the atmospheric and
climatic conditions would make it unfeasible. There was a time when they went out, since a
great part of the Earth was very hot due to volcanoes and magma that poured out. They were
able to adapt to the climate of that time.
210. Are they intelligent creatures?
Even though they had developed in an inhospitable environment, these creatures have a certain
degree of intelligence. Throughout evolution, their brains have not stopped absorbing the
thought-energies of Satien, which gave them the possibility and conditions for their brains as
well as their encephalic tissue, to function. In this way, their cerebral energy was kept active.
The slight intelligence they have, which is distorted and sick, is used to contaminate, infect,
corrupt, pervert, debase and scourge anything that they find in their way. Nevertheless, they are
useful in the natural process of purification and cleansing that the planet needs. If these
creatures did not exist, we would have had to transmute the sick-cinnabar energy artificially.


This reality symbolizes the two lowest levels of the material energy and thought-energies. They
are zones 1 and 2 of the brain of Planet Tera. These creatures represent the most ancient era
of the planet; they come from the fragment of Satien.
When the Cosmic Confederation began preparing the 7 planets to shelter the colonizers, these
creatures already existed in their cellular and primary condition. Through evolution, they took on
a more definite form, due to their contact with the animal kingdom and even with the man of the
surface. They have always fed off the cancerous fragment and thought-energy of Satien.
The day will come when cinnabar energy will end. When this happens, the creatures will be
exterminated and will disappear from inside the planet. Only then can we be sure that the Teracell is completely healed.
211. When we let the bacteria form in our material body and expose ourselves to an
infection, does the same thing happen? Are the bacteria creatures of the microcosm?
When you get an infection, it is because the microbes and bacteria have reproduced. This
infection will be cured with antibiotics. We are doing the same with the infection of the fragment
of Satien. Microbes and bacteria, that is, creatures from the interior of Tera, emerged because
they fed off the infection of the fragment. We are neutralizing the sickness with antibiotics. Or
rather, we are the antibiotics. We are combating and eliminating the infectious energy.
212. But by giving them more cinnabar-energy you are feeding those creatures. In this
way, they will never die out...
Let’s look at this way.
The surface of the planet is also infected. What we are doing is eliminating the infection on the
surface through knowledge and understanding, and sending it inside. This sick-cinnabar
thought-energy will be expelled through the planet’s digestive system, which will take care of
digesting, transmuting and eliminating it.
If you had an external infection, the first thing you would do is cleanse the infection with the
proper medicine. Then you would take antibiotics to attack it internally. This infection would be
eliminated by the digestive system through the feces and urine. In the case of the planet, the
feces and urine could be compared to the elimination of gasses, magma and lava through the
volcanic eruptions, which represent the intestines of the planet.
The creatures will die because when there is no more cinnabar-energy on the surface they will
have nothing to feed on. The fragment of Satien will dry up because it will not receive any
213. How could we take this example to heal the cancer in our psychological and material
The antibiotic to heal psychological cancer would be thought-energies of knowledge,
understanding and love. When beings are able to deepen and transmute the causes of the
sickness, they will have eliminated the sick-cinnabar energy and thus definitively abolished
material-sickness. Human beings eliminate all sick-cinnabar energy through their digestive
system. Sickness is generated and also eliminated through this system.

214. Are these creatures that exist in our material body the same as those in the center
of Tera?
Yes, they are the same. Macrocosms and microcosms. When the creatures came out to the
surface and they merged with the sick energy of Satien, they contaminated the planet. The
Ayapliano volunteers confronted the real demons of the planet. It was an enormous challenge
that took them to the depths of the sickness – the cinnabar-energy of Satien, a malignant
virus that battles to survive. We want you to understand that what happens in the macrocosm
is exactly the same as what occurs in the microcosm.
Each of your cells is a planet. Within these cells there is sick-cinnabar energy as well as
creatures living inside of them, such as viruses, microbes, bacteria, germs, parasites and so on.
These feed off the energy that you yourselves provide them.
This is the real reason why we recommend that you avoid eating meat and its byproducts. This
food generates much cinnabar energy and calorific combustion and this is the ideal habitat for
the proliferation of these creatures.
When a demographic explosion takes place inside a cell, these creatures look for other places
to go on living. They attack other cells, organs and systems and so the illness spreads.
If you became aware through knowledge, then you would avoid feeding the creatures with sicknegative thoughts and you could eradicate them forever from your bodies and from the planet.
Follow our instructions. You can eradicate them by elevating the mercurial energy and
the alciatic combustion of your thoughts. This is the only way to do it; there is no other.
215. Do these creatures have different levels of evolution?
The question is well stated. In effect, these creatures do have levels of evolution, but not of
elevation. This was denied them because they are sick-cinnabar energies.
These sick-cinnabar energies will not be transmuted into mercurial ones because the creatures
do not have a proper brain to shelter continued, correlated and elevated thought-energies. They
are classified as animal kingdom and for this reason they only will be able to shelter thoughtenergies of that level of evolution and of very low vibration. Their encephalic tissue could only
shelter thought-energies from zone and level 1 and 2. These energies will be classified
according to the extent of their sick-cinnabar state.
On these levels, one can find the creatures dwelling in deep caverns as well as those closer to
the surface. However, even though they are closer to the surface, they cannot go out to the
surface of the planet because their matter is not prepared to adapt to its atmosphere. They need
much heat, humidity, sulfur and methane to live.
This is the food additive by which the fragments of Satien sustain them. Luzbel and Lucifer
placed methanol in different parts of Satien before it exploded. In this way, they were able to
liquefy the fragment so that it could exit in the form of petroleum. When the petroleum flowed
out, it contaminated the atmosphere with germs, microbes and bacteria, which mutated their
forms, which lodged in the warmer and more humid zones of earth, in plants, animals and even

Nowadays these creatures that dwell in the deep caverns of the planet would not be able to
survive as they did millions of years ago. Those on the surface of the planet are microscopic.
Continued and profound mutations throughout evolution have weakened them. Tera is
cleansing its elements and it is currently in a more purified state.
There are very efficient scientific and technological means to combat them. They are being
gradually eradicated from the planet and from human beings.
216. What are the creatures dwelling closer to the surface of the planet like?
These winged creatures live in the caverns of Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, the Philippines,
Malaysia, Indonesia, north and south of India, Bangladesh, Nepal and southern China. The
history of these countries is full of descriptions of these creatures. They represent the demons
of their religions.
Physically they do not differ much from those that live in the deep caverns, but they are
somewhat better adapted to the sunlight. We say somewhat because they do not go out to the
surface. If they did, they would die. They are creatures of darkness.
The human beings were the ones to enter the caverns and contact them. Writers of ancient
times left literature describing them and reporting terrifying stories that were evidently received
and accepted in the annals of history as mere fiction.
Recollections of those times in which distorted humans adored these creatures, believing they
were gods spitting fire from their mouths and eyes, still abound in the memory of the planet’s
brain. They were dominated by terror and ignorance.
Nowadays these creatures that swarm around still go on harming the brains of those who attract
and feed them with sick-cinnabar energies. These energies are what you call demonic
217. What happened to the volunteers who had to confront those creatures?
The volunteers were fleeing from distortion and they never imagined that the sickness of Satien
had externalized and taken on form. The volunteers were beings of light therefore the creatures
could not attack or even approach them.
When they entered the deep caverns, they also had to cope with rudimentary unicellular
organisms. Although these organisms lived near the fragment of Satien, they had not become
infected. When the volunteers studied them, they discovered that the organisms were not
contaminated because lived near, and nourished themselves with, the inner rivers of crystalline
water, which sprang from the water that filtered through quartz stones.
The water was made up of liquefied quartz that came from a huge deposit that originated in the
base of the poles and ended almost in the center of Tera. Its conical form reflected as if it were
a mirror.
One deposit belonged to the North Pole and the other to the South Pole. Both triangles drew the
universal energy. This meant that the North Pole attracted cosmic energy, which went through
the quartz and became purified. Then it flowed into the other quartz deposit of the South Pole,
which also became purified, and emanated it again to another planet, which did the same thing.

The volunteers realized that the planet communicated with other planets, that it was not alone or
abandoned. There was hope for Tera.
They decided to journey to the poles following the paths of the inner rivers that converged into a
single one. They traveled through the water and thus shielded themselves from possible
contamination and protected themselves using the chemical components of quartz. Thus, they
avoided the sickness and contagion from the creatures because they discovered that infection
only came about through direct contact.
They travelled from the center of the planet to the North Pole following the path of the main river
and they came out at Baffin Bay in Greenland. They settled on the surface of Greenland
because from that land the spacecraft could go in and out of the caverns. They could navigate
and travel through the great caverns and enter the immense quartz deposit that covered the
entire area of the North Pole. The idea was to build the Inner-Earth City there because inside
the quartz they could nourish themselves with universal energy and thus avoid contamination
and distortion.
These deposits had the form of two cones. One belonged to the North Pole and the other to the
South Pole, which were united and communicated through their tips. In time, with research and
study, they managed to make the cones spin on their own axis and form a solar disk that greatly
helped the evolution of the planet and the elevation of humankind. Nowadays that solar disk is
only rotated when it is needed or when the planet is at its farthest point from the sun, in order to
attract cosmic energy, which is the nourishment needed for the planet and for the human beings
who inhabit it.
218. How did the journey come about?
The history we are telling you happened 300 million years ago of Tera’s time. Our technology
and science was and still is extremely advanced. You have to imagine our etheric and
antimatter reality.
We, the volunteers, came from the 4 planets that still exist in the mental reality of the One
Being. This is why we could enter through an obtuse angle. We were able to lodge in the poles
(alciatic combustion) and could go up, down, enter and exit through realities you have never
imagined. In short, our reality is in no way remotely similar to Planet Tera or to the reality of an
Elementary Dimension.
In spite of these differences we had to adjust to an inhospitable and dense environment, an
incomprehensible and unpleasant part of the universal mind. We had to penetrate into the
subconscious of that mind, live in it, know it, study it and research it.
It is our work; we are scientists. We knew that 7 cells of the One Being were sick and infected
and we had to heal them. So we entered the alignment and we are here to help. Density
affected a part of our crew, for it condensed and distorted their energies, however, that did not
surprise us. We were expecting that to happen. In that way we could study the cell closer and
we could also get to know it to be able to heal it.
Those of us volunteers who remained in the spacecraft guided the volunteers who offered to go
out through telepathic communication. They always had our support and our scientific and
technological help. Up until now, the densified volunteers from the interior and the surface of the
planet still receive our assistance for evolution to progress correctly.

The volunteers who left the mother-spacecraft and settled in the quartz caverns developed
through evolution and acquired the characteristics of the planet. As the planet received new
parameters of life and reality in its evolution, the volunteers also transformed their energy and
adapted to the new situation of their existence. The journey, in general, was carried out with
reconnaissance spacecraft that were prepared for this type of expedition.
219. If the creatures living in the center of Tera are bacteria, microbes, germs, parasites,
etc., how is they cannot live on the surface of the planet if it is full of creatures that
constantly infect us and make us sick when we breathe them and are in contact with
The viruses, microbes, bacteria, parasites and germs that live on the surface are mutations of
the creatures of the center of Tera. The creatures on the surface are completely debilitated.
They do not have the strength of those living in the interior, even though in certain cases they
may cause death.
The creatures on the surface are being eradicated through science and technology. Humans on
the surface have become stronger and have created invulnerable antibodies that protect them,
preserve them and ward off any contagion.
220. If the creatures in the interior infected us, what would be the consequences?
These would be terrible and devastating. Human matter-energy is not prepared to resist it; there
is neither science nor technology to cope with such a problem. The results would be destructive
and catastrophic.
When new illnesses emerge, they are often new pathological germs that come out through
petroleum and its byproducts. You breathe them, eat them and they become encysted in your
brains and matter, taking on new manifestations.
Nowadays the planet is undergoing global warming: the hothouse effect. The planet is tilting to
the left and because of this the rays of the sun are not being evenly distributed. This is why they
warm up certain parts of the planet more than others, which are cooling down terribly. This
global condition is very dangerous because it allows these creatures to proliferate. They are
going to gain strength and new sicknesses will appear.
This is why we will tilt the planet 3.5 degrees to the right, for this effect to disappear and for the
planet to level itself off 15 degrees, which is the ideal time to keep it in balance.
This tilting has to be carried out gradually and imperceptibly. Otherwise, we will cause
earthquakes and climate changes, which are currently happening because the tectonic plates
are not yet stable. This is the only way to preserve the degrees of the climate and prevent the
hothouse effect from advancing and augmenting. We are preventing all this by centrifuging the
cones, one to the left and the other to the right, and thus we are maintaining balance.
We are with you, taking care of our planet and of all that live on it. Do not fear; we will
never stop protecting you. This is our work and mission. We are the guardians of Tera.


221. When the creatures came out 300 million years ago, why was it not terrible and
Humans 300 million years ago were in full process of regression and distortion. The viruses,
germs, bacteria, parasites and microbes descended with them into the depths of that
transformation and became part of man’s distorted matter-energy. These creatures looked for
shelter in the matter and found it in the center of the cells of the digestive system, which gave
them ideal conditions to go on subsisting.
When humans work with calorific combustion and nourish themselves inappropriately with
products that stimulate calorific energy, they are feeding and helping these creatures to
proliferate. They invade the nearby cells and spread throughout the body, propagating the
sickness. If humans worked mentally with alciatic energies, they would help to control the
creatures because these would remain frozen, unable to multiply and much less spread.
If we say that energy is handed down from parents to children, it may happen that the offspring
inherit from the parents much calorific energy in their cells. This means that, by inheritance, they
are already born with the stigma of having millions of creatures living in the sick-cinnabar energy
in the center of their cells that their parents bequeathed them.
If they are not aware of it, and continue nurturing the creatures of calorific energy through their
nutrition, we can classify it as a hereditary sickness. This will become manifested at some time,
invade the cells and produce sickness.
If they or their parents realize what is happening through knowledge and understanding, as they
grow up they will be able to transmute them by adequately changing their food intake.
222. Can these creatures invade our psychic body?
No, they cannot because they are part of the animal kingdom. Therefore, they will attack the
denser energy, that is, matter. We cannot say that viruses, germs, microbes, parasites and
bacteria invade thoughts, but we do know that there is sick-cinnabar thought-energy that attacks
The sick-energy that attacks thoughts cannot be classified as creatures. We will simply identify it
as sick-cinnabar energy created and emanated by the sick brain of a human being.
We have to understand that the creatures and the sick-cinnabar energy, like all creation, have
many levels. These levels go from the denser, lower, harmful, corrosive, dangerous, calamitous
and inhuman levels (creatures that live in the center of Tera), to those that, while they are also
sick-cinnabar energy, are viruses, germs, microbes, parasites and bacteria that live on the
surface of Tera and are less harmful and did not come to cause irreparable damage. They are
lighter and less dense energies, as such creatures that transmit a common cold.
223. Can we classify the creatures that dwell in the center of Tera as extraterrestrial
We can regard them as such. Everything that exists on Planet Tera is extraterrestrial. The
planet itself and even you are extraterrestrial. So why is it surprising?


224. Are these creatures living in the air that we breathe the ones that cause allergies?
The creatures cause illnesses, not allergies. Allergies are caused by chemical reactions of the
material body defended by its lymphatic and metabolic systems.
Allergies are chemical reactions caused either by chemical products in the respiratory system or
by food that has been incorrectly prepared and preserved for human consumption and treated
with chemical products. These foods were prepared and processed for the so-called well-being
of humans.
Allergies start through the digestive and respiratory systems. In the digestive system allergies
come about when people eat food that has been badly prepared and with the use of chemical
products. The gastric juices in the stomach are not even able to dilute the food because of the
strong and dense chemical overload. The liver is also unable to process it for the same reason
so the chemical substances go into the intestines.
Undiluted chemical substances attack and weaken the intestinal enzymes that cannot dissolve
the density and potency of the products with which the food was prepared. Since the ingested
food could not be processed, the chemical substances enter the circulatory system. This
system, in turn, will intoxicate the other systems, causing reactions, and oozing out through the
pores as spots, itching, lumps and so on.
The chemical substances begin to be absorbed by the farm produce from the very moment it is
cultivated. The earth is fertilized, watered and prepared with those substances. Edible plants are
fumigated to protect them from parasites and predators. Thus, when the foodstuff reaches the
table, you are not only ingesting vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, calcium and so on, but also
chemical substances. It is even worse when food is manufactured and processed in factories for
human consumption throughout the world.
Allergies that start in the respiratory system are caused by thousands of chemical substances
that humans breathe. Among the most dangerous and pollutant ones are the by-products of
You are a natural chemical factory. When the physical body indiscriminately absorbs other
chemical substances, the reaction of the body will be forthcoming and drastic.
The human-Ayapliano was not meant to, or prepared to, digest chemical substances in high
quantity and frequency. You should realize that the physical and psychic bodies were made to
digest light, simple, mild, fine and subtle food and thought-energies, and, above all, natural and
genuine ones.
225. Are the creatures that live in the center of Tera and that feed on the cancerous
fragment of Satien, the same ones that we have in our cells and that feed on cancer?
They are exactly the same germs, bacteria, parasites and microbes that live in the microcosm.
The harm they cause follows the same sequence and the healing is carried out in the same
You can carry out the same healing for your cells that we are performing for the planet. You
have a solar disk and a six-pointed star in each cell of your body. To make them rotate you have
to purify your thought-energies. They will not become activated as long as the energy that

predominates on the planet and in you is dense and of low vibration. In those conditions, they
will remain static and paralyzed.
We said that mathematics was knowledge, chemistry understanding and the positive result of
both is love. Then chemistry, the profound understanding, is what each one achieves within him
or herself. The analysis of the emotions, together with the work of positively transmuting them,
will bring about the miraculous alchemy of healing in the brain.
This means that beings will transmute cinnabar energy into mercurial energy and elevate it
towards the right side of the brain. By doing this they will bring about balance, which will be
reflected in their way of living, eating, feeling, understanding and perceiving.
In this way, viruses, bacteria, germs and parasites will also disappear from their thoughtenergies and as a result the cells will get rid of the sick-cinnabar energies.
When cells feel free, the six-pointed star that was stuck and motionless will rotate, producing
alciatic energy and forming a gravitational field of light around each cell. In this process, light will
expand knowledge, understanding and love and thus the being will be enfolded in its cocoon of
light and wisdom. This is the true healing that the universe is teaching you.
226. Most of the beings of this planet do not have the mental ability or the energetic
elevation to bring about self-healing. This is why we use chemical products, or
medications, to help the healing. Is this correct?
You do the same thing with your food – fumigating it to kill parasites and predators. While you
fumigate one place, they attack somewhere else. It is not a long-term solution, but only a
To heal cancer or other sicknesses means to undergo a radical change of life,
understanding, thought, and way of acting, thinking, believing and assimilating. It is a
way of living, a way of existing.
The fulfillment of this process cannot be cut short. You need many lives to understand it, to
make it part of the planet and of your lives and to bequeath it to the next generations. Since you
want immediate results, you will keep on fumigating, praying, performing rituals, chanting the
glories of God, until you understand that these actions are part of mysticism but are not enough
to be able to transmute the sick-cinnabar energies. For an action to effectively become work
and thought, it will have to attain true alchemy, that is, action, work and thought have to
become your own selves and you do not have to be a part of them, rather, be them.
227. The history of religions and of peoples is full of myths, such as winged angels,
vampires, werewolves, the same as in Greek mythology. What truth is there in those
There is a lot, however, not much. The thought-energies that drift from sphere to sphere hold in
their memory a past of terrible or wonderful events – the frightening, dreadful or terrifying
distortion of sinister characters or the exaltation and veneration of divine beings. People
remember and describe these events transcribing them in their ancestral memories through
their dense fantasy or elevated imagination.


Humans have to become elevated to be able to report true facts and believe in them. Only
through elevation will they be able to remember and transmit the truth of what they lived, of what
really happened or will happen. The clarity of their crystals, where everything is recorded, will
show them the reality without errors or misunderstandings and, above all, without distortions.
228. What are the inner cities like?
Using two reconnaissance spacecraft, the intra-terrestrial volunteers followed the path of the
inner river that led them to the North Pole. They exited in Baffin Bay where they came upon the
mother spacecraft of the Ambiarian and Retryonian volunteers.
The huge caverns that had been formed there enabled them to enter into the hollow quartz
cone. The mother spacecraft was totally protected and sealed to prevent any contamination
from the surface.
The intra-terrestrial volunteers who went out to reconnoiter could not remain on the surface of
the planet because their spacecraft were not suitably protected and sealed. Neither they nor
their spacecraft would be able to endure the tempestuous weather. They had to seek a shelter
in which to settle and to keep clear of the surface to avoid becoming distorted.
They entered through the caverns and when they reached the center of the quartz cone, there,
amidst the glistening beauty of the precious stones, they installed their spacecraft to protect
them and to make them their home. Thus they founded the first Inner City named Lemuria.
The 84 intra-terrestrial volunteers divided into two groups of 42. One group remained in Lemuria
and the other went to the cone of the South Pole to carry out the same task. This group also
found the mother spacecraft of the Tenezianos and Ebiarianos. When they settled in the center
of the southern cone with their reconnaissance spacecraft amid the quartz stones, they founded
the Inner City of Atlantis.
Notwithstanding all the care that the intra-terrestrial volunteers took, distortion somehow altered
the evolutionary path of these beings and marked their DNA. These small changes were
corrected and transmuted through evolution and energetic elevation.
Their matter-energy took on energetic variations and mutations and, like you, their energy was
imprinted with marked characteristics that still differentiate them.
As the intra-terrestrials approached or interacted with the exterior, their changes intensified,
making them more like the beings of the surface. This gradual transformation between interior
and exterior brought about nine different levels of evolution and elevation in them.
These nine levels of evolution and elevation of the intra-terrestrial volunteers are the shelters
where you, humans of the surface, are to incarnate. After going through the nine levels of intraterrestrial evolution and elevation, you will be ready to embody in the Ayapliano volunteers who
are in the mother spacecraft.
When you reach the sixth level of evolution and elevation on the surface, you will be able to
incarnate in the first level of the antimatter world of the intra-terrestrials, located in Antarctica.
This means that by going in through Antarctica you will be entering through ether. When you are
mentally adjusted to the thought of the intra-terrestrials you will be ready to incarnate in their

matter-energy. As you continue the energetic unfolding of evolution and elevation, you will go
through the first five levels of evolution and elevation in Antarctica.
The alignment will begin in the year 2014, which means that, from then on, the southern cone of
quartz will shelter all those thought-energies from the surface that have reached the sixth level
of elevation on the surface. These energies will be ready to lodge first in the antimatter world of
the first level of the intra-terrestrials that are in the city of Atlantis. They will enter through the
dimensional doorways located in Cusco, Bolivia, and part of Brazil, Chile and Argentina.
We know that the alignment will go on for 7 thousand years. During that time, the thoughtenergies of the beings of the surface will be harvested, sheltered and prepared for the return to
their planets of origin.
During that time of preparation, the southern cone-crystal, like the hands of a clock, will turn,
marking the 7 thousand years. This cone-crystal will accentuate its passage through South
America, Central America and North America. At the end of those 7 thousand years it will join
up with the northern cone-crystal to form a single crystal.
The mother spacecraft from the south will join up with the mother spacecraft of the north, one
above the other. This way, when the time comes to return, the southern and northern conecrystals will be united for final departure.
Cone-crystals are like the hands of a clock. We have to understand that the hour hand
(southern cone-crystal) and the minute hand (northern cone-crystal) were once joined in the
North Pole and at a given time, they divided. This division marked the time when we arrived on
the planet as volunteers and it will mark the time when our exit will take place. If you look at a
drawing of the two cone-crystals joined by their points, (horizontally) you will clearly see Cronus,
the god of the time (whose real name is Cones). If you look at the drawing vertically you will
notice the number 8 (infinity). By this explanation we mean to say that time is infinite. Let us now
look at the minute hand.
Going back to the One Origin, when It exploded It divided into billions of crystals that were sent
to the limits of Its bubble-sphere. Some crystals were denser and heavier, because they were
those idea-energies that the One Being had not understood. For this reason, they were
compressed in Its subconscious and forgotten.
Others were idea-energies that left their One Origin in the form of crystals with infinite geometric
contours that were situated in, and extended throughout, that mental and imaginative universe.
Those geometric symbols expressed language, linkup and communication from the One Being.
It had extended Its ideas and these had taken on crystalline forms which manifested Its ideas.
Many of those ideas in the form of cone-crystals landed in the Elementary Dimension. There
they became condensed and turned into the skeleton and support of the planet-cells. These
cone-crystals rotated on their own axis and in time attracted cosmic dust. The dust that
surrounded the planets turned them into globes, which camouflaged and concealed their real
conic shape.
One of these cone-crystals, one of the ideas of the One Origin – which later was named Planet
3.3.3 -- was attracted by the gravity and density of the Elementary Dimension and settled there
together with other planets that gave it shelter. In the midst of that hostile, static and unfavorable
environment, it began to manifest itself and materialize.

It remained that way for a long time, until all the crystals that were in the Elementary Dimension
began to feel a slight movement that attracted them, enabling them to rotate around their own
axis. The One Origin had not abandoned them.
We cannot tell how much time went by, but at some moment, the thought-energy of the One
Origin took on a definite form. Man had been created and dimensions had materialized and
developed. Man – the incarnated offspring of the One Origin-- had reached its maximum
expression and he was in charge of organizing and disseminating the ideas of his father and
The higher dimensions were able to classify the other dimensions according to the form of their
crystals. Each one had its corresponding form. The Elementary Dimension was classified by its
cone-crystals. We can see how the word knowledge derives from the Old English cancan.
Cone. A geometric surface generated by a straight line, the generator, passing through a fixed
point, the vertex, and moving along a fixed curve, the directrix.
Cement. The foundation underneath the earth, which sustains an entire construction. What
makes up the base or beginning and root. From Latin caementum ( construction border, rough
We know from previous explanations that much later the Cosmic Confederation discovered that
the Elementary Dimension was the digestive system of the One Being. Therefore, we have to
imagine and understand what happened when the One Origin exploded and hurled the ideaenergies It could not understand, to the infinite confines of Its bubble-sphere. When dispersing
the energy that was useless and not understood, It created Its material-digestive system and Its
psychic subconscious. It is important to imaginatively perceive that this system logically became
contaminated with the useless and discarded residues of the creator’s imagination.
The universal mind was aware of the process it had activated and through natural knowledge it
began to attract cone-crystals from its mind to make them rotate around their nuclei. Through
this movement of translation, the cone-crystals of the Elementary Dimension began to rotate
around their own axes. As a result, they attracted cosmic residues and debris which adhered to
the cone-crystals due to gravity and coated them with dirt, waste, impurities and grime.
While this was happening with the cone-crystals of the Elementary Dimension, in another part of
the universe, that is the Secondary Dimension, a planet named Satien was suffering from an
unknown and contagious sickness. The Cosmic Confederation was doing everything possible to
prevent the sickness from spreading. Unfortunately, it was to no avail. The planet exploded and
the sickness spread.
Planet Satien broke up into 7 enormous fragments that were propelled to incredible distances
until they landed in the Elementary Dimension. There, they felt attracted to 7 cone-crystals. The
sick fragments adhered to them and with the overburden of the weight, the 7 cone-crystals
became slower and heavier. This caused irreparable damages to their development and
Since the crystals were covered in garbage, residues, cosmic waste, and with the added weight
of the sick fragments of Satien, they did not have a natural development. On the contrary, they
became unavoidably curbed on the path of universal evolution and elevation.

Time went on. The Elementary Dimension was a mystery to the Cosmic Confederation. They
knew that the sickness of Planet Satien had become installed in that dimension and they were
concerned about other planets being contaminated.
Studies, investigations and laboratory tests determined the right moment to confront and get to
know the Elementary Dimension. They located those planets that had absorbed the fragments
of Satien. They thanked the universe for having kept those fragments under layers and layers of
cosmic waste, which had prevented the sickness from spreading to nearby planets. Seven
planets were contaminated. The Cosmic Confederation put all of its knowledge and effort into
healing them.
The first thing they did was to create a parallel antimatter psychic cone-crystal to
counterbalance the lack of vibration and speed of that matter cone-crystal. Since it was
damaged and dulled by the sick fragment of Satien and covered with cosmic waste, the natural
universal DNA that was meant to be recorded in it was not working. The recording of its DNA
had become distorted.
They had to create a mental cone-crystal to counterbalance the one that was not working
properly. With knowledge, understanding and love they built a duplicate. They created a parallel
mind with the correct DNA to command and give instructions to the planet, since the other
matter-cone was damaged and ineffectual.
The matter-cone of the planet was almost static. It rotated slowly and with great difficulty. The
lack of force hindered the cosmic waste from being pulverized in order to be transformed into
cosmic dust. For this reason, the material body of the One Being could not absorb it and send it
to new creations. The residues accumulated and became petrified, becoming increasingly
heavy and massive. The effort was so strong that the matter-cone was unable to rotate around
The antimatter-cone gave its first command:
Let there be light. It was 12:00 and light was created. The antimatter-cone placed itself in front
of the matter-cone and like the hands of the clock (12 noon), they created the atmosphere,
allowing the sunrays to enter and warm up the cosmic residues and debris. The heat diluted
them and prevented their petrifaction, which lightened the weight. This eased up the movement
of the matter cone-crystal. Since it became lighter, Tera was able to speed up its rotation and it
could also get into the universal movement of translation. Ten minutes went by.
Let there be water. It was 12:10. The clock had started to mark the time. Like the minute hand
of the clock, the antimatter cone-crystal began marking the time on the evolutionary plane. Six
hundred million years in one hour of sixty minutes. Thirty minutes for evolution and the
remaining thirty for the elevation. An element was created every ten minutes. Due to the heat of
the light, the quartz matter cone-crystal liquefied the first six layers and water poured onto the
surface of the planet to prevent the cosmic waste from becoming petrified and to help it to dilute.
Thus, the surface would be flexible and soft. Water created the necessary conditions for life to
develop. The clock marked 12:20.
Let there be earth. The hands of the clock started at 12:20 and it did not stop until 12:30. The
first three stages were finished. Through the effect of heat and water, the cosmic residues
became amalgamated and condensed, forming the earth, which would balance the weight of the

fragment of Satien. Thus, the matter cone-crystal would remain stable, allowing the rotation
movement to be uniform, firm and permanent. The amalgamated and fused mass of cosmic
waste permitted the vegetal and animal kingdoms to develop.
The first three elements -–helium, water and earth— had been established, organized and
extended on the planet.
The antimatter cone-crystal was placed exactly beneath the Arctic, forming time and infinity. By
being placed that way, the cone prepared the planet to receive mental life, that is, the human
species. When the planet was prepared with everything necessary to receive us, we, the
volunteers, arrived and sheltered in the poles. Our planets of origin, together with the Cosmic
Confederation, had been working hard to recover the 7 planets.
Three of them – Kryon, Antares and Aberon – had no problems in healing. Their recovery was
quick and totally positive. Cyrius took longer to understand the process of healing, but it also
achieved it and currently it is out of danger and entirely recovered. Tera is going through its
worst period of the sickness. However, many beings do understand and perceive the serious
warnings of the situation and are taking intuitive measures, however, without the knowledge of
cause and effect. Alfa Nova and Abiares are presently being healed and recovered, as we did
with Tera 600 million years ago.
When we, the volunteers arrived on Tera, we lodged in the circle of the matter cone-crystal,
because our priority as scientists and researchers was to know the exact location of the
fragment of Satien. This was the only way we could confine the tumor, keep it stable, and
prevent it from growing.
Reconnaissance spacecraft entered the intestines of the Tera-cell and they reached the base of
the matter cone-crystal. Since this cone was dim and covered by the fragment of Satien, the
matter and antimatter cone-crystals were unable to communicate. So, we liquefied part of
matter cone-crystal producing an artificial centrifugation which made the matter cone spin and
spurt the water to the sides. With this procedure, the tumor got loose and attached to the walls
of the center, leaving the two cones free and allowing energetic communication to flow between
the two cones. Once we got the two cones communicating, we could go on to the 3,600
The work of the Cosmic Confederation regarding the 7 sick planets was first to give them the
breath of life –the birth, time—and after to recover them.
The 7 cells of the One Being were waning, heading to irrecoverable extinction due the sickness.
By creating the antimatter duplicate of the matter cone-crystal, a soul (life, hands of the clock)
was able to be installed in the amorphous planets. We, the volunteers, who came to colonize
them and to work hard with that reanimated matter, had to raise their vibration, rhythm and
frequency and teach them as if they were babies, to awaken in them universal knowledge and
show them the correct path. It meant infusing them with the spirit so they would be able to take
the path of return.
To carry out all this work in the 7 sick planets we had to create another antimatter mental conecrystal, raising the vibration at the speed of the second hand (the energetic being – the second
hand of the clock), which enabled us, and will go on enabling us, to carry out our mission to
terminate what the other cones crystallized.

The third antimatter mental cone-crystal was created by us, the volunteers. The second hand of
the clock is a replica of the minute hand of the clock, with the difference that it vibrates much
faster, is more delicate and subtle. While the minute hand (the soul, evolution) makes a circuit of
60 minutes to mark one hour, the second hand (the spirit, elevation) makes sixty circuits of
3,600 seconds to mark the same hour. When creating the third cone, we raised the vibration of
the planet to a great extent, as well as the vibration of the descendants of the volunteers.
So far, the second hand has made thirty circuits, that is, 1,800 seconds. This has helped the
soul of the planet and of all beings inhabiting it, to raise their energetic frequency, rhythm and
vibration so that they can link to the universal energy and be able to find shelter in more
elevated vibration, such as the intra-terrestrials living in the Inner-Earth City number one of
Whenever the second hand makes a circuit of 60 seconds, it sows and harvests, taking along
the energies of the surface that have reached the sixth degree of elevation and it shelters them
in the Inner City (first level). There they are prepared to be able to go on to the following levels,
until they reach the fifth.
During the process of sowing and harvesting, the thought-energy will incarnate alternately in the
even reality of the interior and in the odd reality of the surface. When the thought-energies reach
a higher level of energetic elevation, they will be harvested by the second hand cone-crystal.
They will merge with the thought-energies sheltered in the intra-terrestrials of levels 6, 7 and 8.
They will then incarnate in the level 9 bubble-sphere of any volunteer who gives them shelter.
This will be the last stage of preparation for their return to their planet of origin.
Up to the third surface level of elevation, thought-energies jump from bubble-sphere to bubblesphere of the surface. Starting with the fourth level, they incarnate in both the even and odd
realities. This journey from outer to inner and vice versa is carried out through the second hand.
When the second hand goes through those areas where the thought-energies have reached the
sixth level of the surface or those that are already entering and exiting from the interior to the
exterior, the harvest takes them along to the place where they belong. We could say that it is
the UFO that the thought-energies need, to be transported from one place to another within the
planetary antimatter- reality.
229. Why did the first command, or the beginning of the amendment of Tera, start at
According to the explanations, it took 600 million years to prepare the planet and another 600
million to amend it. Adding these two, we get the number 12. The process will take 1.2 billion
years. There are still 300 million years remaining. That means that the most part of the path –
900 million years – has already been covered. During the remaining 300 million years, the
amendment should already be finished and the first part of the Ayapliano descendants will be
totally recovered.
If we say that each hour represents 60 million years, then there are 4 hours 30 minutes – 270
million years— still remaining to terminate the first part of the process. The amendment process
and recovery of the first distorted descendants will have started when the planetary clock of
Tera marks 5 o’clock. The second hand of the clock will go to the element 5, that is, ether.
During 300 million years, it will harvest those thought-energies within it, to take them to element
6, that is, helium, to be prepared for the return journey in the mother spacecraft that will be

waiting for them. We have always said that 5 would link up with 6 and together would form the
8, which means infinity and endlessness.
230. Are the crystals that form the skeleton of Tera conical? What were they like in
Satien? What are they like in other planets and satellites?
Satien belonged to the Secondary Dimension. Its crystals had been created to work with the
circulatory system of the One Being and this system has quadrilateral crystals.
Quadrilateral. It is a polygon having four sides. A rectangle and a rhomboid are quadrilateral.
We have to understand that the crystals contain within them the universal mathematical
sequence. They are always the same, but through evolution and elevation, and depending on
the level to which they belong, they keep on being refined until they become circles. We can say
that they start on the triangular plane and keep on until they reach the dimensional circle. It is
impossible to define them. Millions of forms, colors, signs, and so on, classify and define them.
Circle. An area or surface delimited by a circumference. Plane or closed curve everywhere
equidistant from a given fixed point, the center.
231. The quartz matter cone-crystal liquefied its six first layers, then how many are left?
After liquefying the first six layers, three more remained. The real intention of this process was
not just to allow water to help the planet avoid becoming petrified, and to keep cosmic residues
and waste under control. The volunteers had another intention that was to make the matter
cone-crystal (the hour) lighter and more subtle, less heavy and more malleable. By doing so,
evolution could be channeled, and the movements of rotation and translation speeded up. This
would allow Tera to become integrated into the universal structure and be part of the matterbody of the One Being.
By accelerating its movement, in a certain way Tera avoided attracting more heavy cosmic
debris, and thus lessened its gravitational density. This was an extraordinary advancement in its
evolution. Thus, the thought-energies also were able to recycle and flow, partly reducing the
dense and useless thoughts.
232. What is the relationship between the 60 minutes with the respective 30 and 30, and
the 6 times of 10 in our daily life, that is, in our biological clock? Are our thoughts
influenced by this time beat?
In the first book – El Ser Uno I (The One Being) – The Arcana of Thoth – we explained that
human life on Planet Tera was divided into 30-year stages.
During the first 30 years humans are born, grow up, procreate their species and decide the path
they will follow. In the following 30 years, according to the choices they make, they develop a
path that will take them to their fulfillment as a species and as individuals. It may happen that
they fail to develop anything at all and fall behind in their evolution and elevation. From 60 to 90
years of age, they will record in their thought-energies what was positive and negative in their
own effort and work. If they had proceeded positively, this thought-energy will stay with them in
the continuation and correlation of their lives and incarnations.


Up to the age of 60, humans have worked basically with two cone-crystals: hour (physical,
matter) and minutes (psyche, soul). When entering old age, if they have developed the previous
two, they will work with the cone-crystal seconds (energetic being, spirit). They will have until
the age of 90 to do so. If, for any reason their lives are shortened and they disembody before
achieving it, they will have the time and tools to achieve it in the following life.
The cells of the human body are basically formed by two cone-crystals: one material and the
other psychic. The mental cone-crystal (energetic being) has to be created and developed
through energetic elevation. When humans create this mental cone-crystal, they elevate their
vibration, rhythm and frequency. This is the way to reach the sixth level and the only way to
enter the Inner City. You have 7 thousand years to gain it through your own merit.
233. We can understand that 60 minutes represent the passage of 600 million years. Are
we in Tera living in the past of 600 million years ago?
With these explanations we would like you to understand that time in the universe is entirely
different as to intervals, duration, distance, frequencies, and so on. For you, 600 million years
are an enormous time span, while for us they are just 10 hours. Everything is relative. While you
are living your future, we have been and come back countless times. On each round, we
become spectators of evolution and elevation. We know what the future will be and the past is
present to us. We are the second hand of the clock. We go past the same place over and over.
This is why our viewpoint is global. We see the all and work for it.
If we look at this from your point of view, you are, in fact, in the past for us and we are in the
future for you. But we cannot look at it like that. It is not time that governs the universe but
energetic vibration, subtleness and denseness, rhythm and arrhythmia, and so on. To the
universe, everything is present and is working at the same time, in different vibrations and in
consistent instants.
234. What minute are we at right now?
Tera’s clock is currently marking precisely 12 hours, 30 minutes and 33 seconds. It is a perfect
time to enter the cosmic alignment that will start in 2014.
The young Tera-cell was born consciously; it grew up and became a beautiful planet. Mother
Tera procreated its beloved children who are the thought-energies and it is ready to enter its
second phase of life, that is, to fulfill and manifest itself. Will it do so positively or negatively?
All that we, your parents, taught you should be materialized and crystallized. Tera is
approaching its 60 years of age, the last 30 years of its life. Tera will experience its 60 to 90
years of age alternately and simultaneously in the Inner-Earth City.
235. If you say that 300 million years are 5 hours, we can infer that 600 million years are
10 hours. Is there a time lag of 2 hours?
There is no time lag. When the time clock for Tera will have moved forward the 30 minutes, that
is, the 300 million years that remain to complete the hour, we will understand that the hands of
the clock moved forward, marking 1:00 p.m. From there on, there will be 5 hours left to reach
the element 5. The same will happen when the clock moves forward to reach element 6.
236. What will happen to the Tera-cell?

The Tera-cell will continue doing the work for which it was created. It belongs to the digestive
system of the One Being. When it reaches old age, it will disintegrate to form new cells that will
forever belong to the digestive system.
237. How long it will take for the yeti, gorilla, chimpanzee, kuturo monkey and Malaysian
monkey to transcend?
Every 21 thousand years there is a seeding and every 7 thousand years a harvest. This
vibratory time span is counted in thousandths of time lags between seconds. Planet Tera-cell
has a life of approximately 18 billion years. We can be assured that during that time the
Ayapliano-human species will have become totally recovered.
The Tera-cell is currently 6 billion years old. This means that it has already lived a third of its life.
There are still 12 billion years for Tera to reach old age. We mean, and we affirm with total
assuredness, that every 2.4 billion years a distorted species will recover. Just as you took 1.2
billion years to be what you are today, they will have the same opportunity of amendment,
recovery and return.
238. Do we all have to wait 12 billion years to go back to our planets of origin?
Yes. However, while for you this length of time is unimaginable, for us it is 200 hours. In 300
hours (18 billion years) which would be about 12 days, we will have arrived, amended, healed,
and recovered the planet and our descendants. When this work is finished, we should return to
our planets. We can say with confidence, conviction and firmness, that this journey has been
very beneficial and we will return to our planets with mission accomplished.
239. Is this the life span of Planet Tera – only twelve days?
Yes. The cellular recovery of the One Being is quick. This is why It keeps active, young and
240. How were you able to link up twice, or rather, two different vibrations? You
yourselves vibrate very rapidly and on the other hand, we vibrate slowly.
That is why we had to create two cone-crystals. The matter cone-crystal already existed, for it
had come from the One Origin when it exploded and outspread its crystals through Its bubblesphere. Due to the force of the explosion, many crystals reached the Elementary Dimension and
became compressed and densified. These then became the support and skeletal structure of
the planets. These cone crystals represent matter. When they became densified, they lost their
subtleness, velocity and lightness, turning into very slow bulky cone-crystals. You even make
calculations based on these parameters.
The dense reality where you live makes you see, feel and live according to the same slowness
of the matter-planet. For this reason you mark time and classify it in hours, minutes and
seconds. Through this matter cone-crystal you establish time, distance, speed and everything
that makes up the reality in which you live. Based on these calculations and concepts, there
really are still 12 billion years for Tera to reach old age.
Having created two cone-crystals – one psychic and the other mental – is enabling us to recover
you and heal the planet. We could have never achieved this without these two cones

When we, the volunteers who are in a mental spacecraft created and sent by the One Being,
arrived on Tera, we had to adapt a shelter of high vibration because the planet had no brain or
mind. At that time, the planet only had an encephalic tissue (matter cone-crystal.)
We were unable enter and to live in the energy of the matter-cone (encephalic tissue) because
of its very low vibration. The mental-spacecraft that brought us here and that will take us back
was able to subsist and give us the necessary shelter because we protected it with high
vibratory energy. Thus, we were able to settle in an environment suitable to our energetic
needs. This was the only way we could fulfill what we came here to do: to save the Tera-cell
and recover our descendants.
The same happens when you really want to heal some sickness. Wanting, in this case, is not
enough. It has to be supplemented with the necessary tools for healing, the foremost of which is
to have the chemical reaction of the desire, that is, understanding.
Once there is understanding, the creator desire in the mind will emerge in the brain. When
this desire arises, the recorded energy will be sent to its healing thought-children that will go to
the location of the sickness. They will place themselves in their spacecraft, which are the sixpointed stars, and position themselves around the sick cells. The stars will begin to rotate so
quickly that they will attract alciatic energy and send it to the sick-cinnabarine energy in the
center of the cell until it disappears. This helium energy belongs to the energetic being (the
spirit) and it is this being that will heal the sickness.
The energetic being will also heal the offspring of the cells because during the process of
healing many cells will die so that others may be born. True healing consists of eradicating the
root of the sickness.
When there is desire but without any deep understanding coming from an elevated and positive
mind or from the strength of the spirit, this cannot be called desire. It is merely longing, the
brain’s need for fantasy.
241. Our Planet Tera has three cone crystals. Is it the same on other levels, planes and
All the crystal energies disseminated in the universe have an energy-form that makes them
rotate, vibrate, shelter, recycle, exist and be eternal. We know that crystals have different forms
and each one was created to serve the One Being. Depending on the creator desire and the
kind of work for which they were created, they will have the appropriate form, which can be a
star, a square, a hexagon or any other.
The crystals disseminated in the universe were created for different and manifold desires and,
accordingly, they will work and rotate to bring about the precision of the desire.
242. When thought-energies enter the Inner-Earth City, how is incarnation brought about
in the inner and outer reality?
Planet Tera-brain is divided into three parts: matter cone-crystal, psyche cone-crystal and
energetic being cone-crystal. Each one of these cone-crystals encompasses three zones of life

The matter cone-crystal will shelter all those thought-energies that were totally immersed in the
materiality of their needs and completely engrossed in satisfying them. Such thought-energies
have no moral or ethics. Their parameters of life are measured by the basic functions of
satisfaction and pleasure. They are very sick with the virus of ambition. These energies supply
their own feedback. They coexist, forming groups of contaminated thoughts, which proliferate
and attack other thought-energies in hordes, just like wild insects.
As they disincarnate and descend in the gradations of elevation, these thought-energies will be
sheltered in the corresponding levels of the matter cone-crystal. This crystal is formed by the
centers and zones 1 and 2. This reality is governed by the creatures, which lodge this kind of
thought-energy in their encephalic tissue. There is a serious problem regarding the thoughtenergies from the surface that are sheltered by these creatures. As they keep feeding off
evolved thought-energies, in time they will be helped to form a brain that as yet they do not
have. This evolution would be counterproductive for you and the planet.
When a thought-energy disincarnates on the surface and had not elevated its thought-energies,
but on the contrary, had degraded them, the matter cone-crystal will shelter it according to the
density of its degradation and place it in the corresponding level. Although this thought-energy
lacks elevation, it does have evolution, so before falling into the depths of degradation, it will
work to help the planet and the beings of the surface to keep matter alive.
As thought-energies go on becoming degraded throughout their lives, they incarnate in the even
reality (matter cone-crystal) and in the odd reality (bubble-sphere of the surface human, zones 1
and 2). They keep on descending and getting closer to the center. The levels of degradation will
be numbered, beginning with the ninth, which is located in the wider part of the cone and marks
the hours of Planet Tera time, until reaching levels 2 and 1, which are in the narrowest and most
central parts of the planet, and where the creatures are to be found.
Thought-energy that enters retroactive states of distortion and energetic degeneration will have
many opportunities, in its incarnations on the surface, to get out of the state it is in. The universe
does not abandon it. Much to the contrary, it will be offered all the needed and possible
opportunities to progress. The thought-energy that cannot get out of the sick and negative state
in all its incarnations and lives on the surface will go on descending until the third level.
Beginning with the third level, the universe will not be able to do anything more for it. The
thought-energy will have to get out of its condition by its own will and with much effort. If it keeps
descending, it will become food for the creatures that will shelter it in their encephalic tissue. If
we said that the creatures are germs, viruses, bacteria and parasites, then it will really turn into
one of them: offspring of Satien and personification of ambition.
We should understand that, in the same way that there are thought-energies that degrade
themselves there are others that ascend and carry out their work with much awareness and
love. These energies help to evolve the material body of the One Being. These thoughtenergies are not sick; they are simply elementary, ignorant and incipient. When a thoughtenergy disincarnates in Planet Tera and it has not yet awakened, or rather, it has not yet been
born to the light of elevated knowledge and understanding, it will incarnate in the even reality
that corresponds to it, that is, in the matter cone-crystal. This type of energy will be sheltered in
the two first levels.
As it evolves during its incarnations on the surface, this thought-energy will continue acquiring
knowledge and understanding through its life experiences. If it carried out positive work in the

course of those lives, then as it becomes elevated it will get out of the ninth material level and
will enter the first level of the psychic cone-crystal (minute hand). There, it will unite with the
other millions of thought-energies that form the psychic body of the Universal Mind, with the
intent of manifesting, forming and molding its energetic being. If it manages to do this up to the
sixth level, it will go to the mental cone-crystal (second hand) and start to be a part of the
spiritual body of the One Being.
When the sickness of Planet Tera is eradicated, the material life and animal form of the
creatures will be annulled. Their energy will be transmuted and it will become healthy cinnabar
energy that will be used by the One Being in Its new creations.
Summarizing, this means that the sick and harmful cancerous tumor that was full of
bacteria and germs that attacked the Tera-cell, was dissolved. Its sick elements were
transmuted and absorbed by the material body. They will serve to form new and healthy
cells in the digestive system of the One Being.
In conclusion, the radiation and antibiotics that we are providing you in the twelve days
of convalescence and healing are producing a very positive result.
243. Do the intra-terrestrials live in the matter cone-crystal?
It is important to define the cone-crystals. Planet Tera-cell is formed in its bubble-sphere by
three different cone-crystals that rotate and move according to the levels of vibration; the cone
crystals of the bubble-spheres of each human being of the surface function in the same way.
The sheltering of thought-energies will take place uniformly on the level where they belong.
The seven existing levels of the intra-terrestrials will shelter themselves and you as well when
you are in the Inner-Earth City, that is, in the even reality. The intra-terrestrials are the mediators
of thought-energies between you and the volunteers. We know from previous explanations that
it is not possible to take quantum leaps. The universe is very organized, systematic and
The intra-terrestrials eliminated the first two levels from their bubble-spheres, therefore, they do
not live in the matter cone-crystal. They function from the third level on (psychic cone-crystal). In
their even reality, they shelter the thought-energies of the surface that, in their evolution and
elevation, have attained this energetic level, that is, the minute cone-crystal (psyche, soul).
As long as humans of the surface do not complete the third level and merit the fourth, they will
continue incarnating in their even reality, in levels 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 of the matter cone-crystal
of the planet, or in any bubble-sphere affording them the appropriate shelter on the left side of
the brain. In order to incarnate in a bubble-sphere of an intra-terrestrial and belong to the InnerEarth City of the minute cone-crystal (the soul), they will have to vibrate on the fourth level of
evolution and elevation on the right side of the brain. In this way, they will begin to go in and out
from the inner reality to the surface and vice versa, because this is the only way they will begin
to gestate their energetic being.
For the thought-energies of the surface, the first level of intra-terrestrials begins with their fourth
level of evolution and elevation. When an intra-terrestrial receives and gives shelter to thoughtenergies coming from the surface, it compiles the essence of what it receives, summarizes it
and adapts it to itself in order to elevate it and make it part of its own thought-energies. Thoughtenergies that incarnate in the bubble-sphere of an intra-terrestrial for the first time will work to

learn how to sustain the energetic body, that is, the matter cone-crystal or the psychic conecrystal of the intra-terrestrial.
Through energetic adaptation, these thought-energies will continue incarnating in both realities,
even and odd. They will carry with them the learning acquired on both sides, which they will
interweave as they live in both realities at the same time. This will form a symbiosis of energetic
structures and the thought-energies will amalgamate. The intra-terrestrial will learn everything
related to the surface and the surface being will learn everything related to the interior. In short,
both will exist in two cone-crystals, material and psychic (left and right sides of the brain).
When you hear, see and learn all that is positive in universal knowledge from those great
leaders, avatars, philosophers, inventors and messengers that show you the path to follow, that
lead you along paths of peace and love, that illuminate you with knowledge, helping you to
awaken, that have the gift of the transforming word, know that these beings are intraterrestrials. They dress like humans but their minds are intra-terrestrial. They often go by
unnoticed under the mantle of humility. They are hidden, working for the truth to flourish and not
to submerge under ignorance and oblivion.
These beings are among you, camouflaged under the veil of discretion, moderation, poise,
circumspection, good sense and wisdom. They live in the silence of their lives and work for the
universe with much love and dedication. And so it is … the intra-terrestrials live among you, in
the right side of the brain.
You will have to enter and exit from the surface to the interior; you will have to transmute your
thought-energies of the left side of your brain into positive ones until you complete the fifth level
of evolution and elevation.
When you reach the sixth level with all the knowledge, understanding and love of both sides of
the brain, then you will go on to the second cone-crystal. You will no longer reincarnate or return
to the surface. You will live in the Inner-Earth City and be part of the physical and psychic body
of an intra-terrestrial that is on levels 6, 7 and 8, until you complete the ninth level.
During this time, the intra-terrestrial who sheltered you, will be prepared to become sheltered in
a bubble-sphere of a volunteer who will merge the intra-terrestrial with himself and take him
back to his home, to the planet from where he came, to continue the journey along the path that
will lead to his creator, the One Being.
244. What is it like when we are in the even reality of the Inner-Earth City of an intraterrestrial?
If we stated that many of you are intra-terrestrials who are on the surface, when disincarnating
many of you can also become sheltered in a bubble-sphere of an intra-terrestrial who is
reincarnated among you on the surface. We should not consider the antimatter world as a rigid
and inflexible reality. The antimatter world has a wide array of possibilities in which the thoughtenergies can lodge and continue existing.
When we talk about an Inner-Earth City, we are referring to the deepest knowledge and
understanding of the human soul. Until the thought-energies reach the fifth level of evolution
and elevation, they will continue being sheltered in the bubble-spheres that vibrate in unison.
When the thought-energies enter the sixth level of the second cone-crystal (energetic being),

then we can say that they will lodge in a bubble-sphere of an intra-terrestrial who is physically,
psychically and mentally within the Inner-Earth City of the planet.
245. When the thought-energies have reached the fifth level and go on to be sheltered in
a bubble-sphere of an intra-terrestrial in the Inner-Earth City of the second cone-crystal,
will they enter that reality as humans or as intra-terrestrials?
They will enter as both. Beginning with the fourth level, humans of the surface start to become
transformed; they are no longer the same. The intra-terrestrial that shelters them is sheltering
an intra-terrestrial at the same time.
When the thought-energy of the intra-terrestrial is on the surface, it turns inward to its mind. It
exists in two parallel worlds and its behavior is the same. It will hear inner voices, write elevated
messages, dream of other realities and express itself through their behavior, character and
personality. Its thought-energies will be sophisticated, unblemished and refined, forming its
physical and psychological manifestation. In short, we can say that physically he will be a
human and psychologically an intra-terrestrial. When he has advanced and attained the
expected evolution and elevation, he will go to the second cone-crystal to be prepared to
mentally become a volunteer.
As they progress and the symbiosis of the kindred thought-energies unfolds, the intra-terrestrial
will come forth more and more. The day will arrive when the two will face each other and merge
into a single one. During the merging the intra-terrestrial and the human will work together,
teaching one another, the human about the surface world and the intra-terrestrial about the
inner world.
Since the intra-terrestrial is much more advanced in evolution and elevation, he will teach the
human to refine his human aspect. In this way, human thought-energies will become being
thought-energies. Thus, when he is on his odd side he will stand out as a special being who will
teach humans the truth of the universe and when he is on the even side as a human, the intraterrestrials will learn from him how to survive in density and distortion.
246. Why does all this happen?
It happens because when the thought-energies are in the even world, they will communicate all
possible data to the volunteers who have to keep updated about everything that happens on the
surface and in the interior. In this way, when a volunteer offers shelter, he assimilates and
adapts those thought-energies to himself and will do so with those with which he has more
affinity. It is also the best way for both surface and interior beings to learn and acquire
knowledge, understanding and love for their environment and reality. In certain way, they have
both existed separately and do not know each other’s reality.
This is also the way to enter and exit, go up and down without any hindrance in the adjustment
and transformation of both their thought-energies. This interchange should be carried out
without traumas and in much harmony and peace.
247. Why do most beings have no clear memories regarding the above explanation?
Most of the thought-energies are still on the human level.


Those humans that are on different levels of evolution and elevation will remember whenever
their intra-terrestrial psyches have adapted to the surface reality. Memories generally appear
first as dreams, visions, extrasensory experiences, mediumism and others.
The first thing they want to discover is their cosmic name and they often communicate with their
inner self or begin to use their inner senses, which are really the intra-terrestrials sheltering
In this way, humans will go on discovering until they get to know the truth of the facts with
assurance. This will happen when their progress reaches a high energetic level.
248. What do the intra-terrestrials who shelter us in the even reality and belong to levels
6, 7, 8 and 9, look like physically?
Let us look back. 120 thousand years ago, when Ra, Vis, Tarik and Hak went out to coexist with
humans of Tera, the intra-terrestrials had already carried out many experiments with men and
women of the surface. Due to these experiments, their offspring had been born with the pineal
gland of the soul activated. Only then did the intra-terrestrials begin to go out and lodge in
humans –their brothers and sisters—to help them return.
Unlike the four volunteers who went out physically and psychically, living and procreating with
human women in order to help their brothers and sisters evolve and become elevated, the other
intra-terrestrials could only go out by reincarnating in the descendants of the four volunteers. In
this way, the intra-terrestrials have been able to maintain the entry and exit of the Inner-Earth
City at levels 3, 4 and 5.
When the intra-terrestrials are able to absorb and adapt the surface thought-energies into
themselves and become human Ayaplianos, they go to levels 6, 7, 8 and 9 because they have
to adjust and transform the thought-energies so that they can coexist with the Ayapliano nature.
Transformation has to be total, that is, physical, psychical and mental.
Notwithstanding all the transformation and transmutation, they will never be the same again
because the human energy will always appear beneath their Ayapliano energy, even though it
may be elevated to very high levels of universal wisdom.
Through evolution and mixture of races the Ayaplianos of levels 6, 7, 8 and 9 gradually take on
defined forms, very similar to the universal Ayapliano, that is, they are tall, slim, with slanted and
clear eyes, long hands, legs and feet, smooth caramel colored skin, no head or body hair, small
ears, mouth and nose. They communicate telepathically.
The human intra-terrestrials who have reached the sixth level no longer need to reincarnate on
the surface of the planet. Their reincarnations will take place in intra-terrestrial bodies that will
help them in the evolutionary transformation of their genes and DNA. For transmutation of
evolution and elevation to occur, the human thought-energies have to live in the even reality of
an intra-terrestrial during many lives and eventually go out and incarnate in the physical body of
an intra-terrestrial. To do this, their thought-energies will first have to become a psychic intraterrestrial and then incarnate in the matter-body of an intra-terrestrial.
249. Why could the other intra-terrestrials only go out by reincarnating in the
descendants of the four volunteers?

Thinking logically and considering the answer to the previous question, you should realize that
the four volunteers who offered to go out physically to the surface first had to incarnate in the
even reality of a human of the surface. To do so, their high energetic voltage had to be adjusted
to a brain of very low vibration. It was the only way to do it, for it allowed them to coexist with
humans and be part of them. These volunteers underwent countless painful and evolutionary
metamorphoses. The transformation and adjustment were carried out gradually through a
process of incarnations into human matter-bodies of very dense evolutionary levels.
The energetic descent of the 4 volunteers was gradual, slow, progressive and graded. When the
matter-bodies of the humans of the surface were in fairly good conditions, the intra-terrestrials
were allowed to incarnate in them and go to the surface. This sacrifice of love on the part of the
4 volunteers enabled other intra-terrestrials to go out and undergo the same process on the
surface, since evolution had to go on.
The four volunteers were the ones who prepared the earth for the sowing. By activating the right
side of the brain in humans, they were able to shelter the intra-terrestrials. Thus, they
safeguarded continuity and activated the process of elevation and return.
Many intra-terrestrials who had saved themselves by escaping to the interior of the planet
began to go out and adapt and they remained living closer to the surface. These were not as
fortunate as the others, who went deeper into the quartz caverns of the earth and built their
homes there. The former took the risk of coming out gradually, facing unknown realities. They
had to come out because they bodies needed to be energetically regenerated. Since they
procreated among their own, their energy tended to weaken.
For this, and other reasons, the 4 volunteers had to go out and procreate with human women. In
that way they revitalized the energy and gave shelter to their intra-terrestrial brothers.
Distortion called for an endless chain of solutions and resources. This happened because when
they thought that something had ended, everything would begin all over again; when the energy
seemed to be recovered, it found another route and distortion continued. This problem still goes
The reincarnation of the intra-terrestrials in the descendants of the 4 volunteers has always
been gradual. Intra-terrestrials have been able to reincarnate whenever an elevated human
energy is available to shelter them and continue the process.
250. How will the return to the planets of origin take place?
We have always stated that the element 5 (ether) would turn around and link up with the 6
(helium) to form the 8, which means infinity.
The real shape of Planet Tera should have been a conical crystal that would have rotated
around its own axis to attract other crystals that, all together, would form a diamond. The work
of this diamond would be to unite with the others so that together they would demolish
everything that would cause the One Being a bad digestion.
This would be the correct definition of Planet Tera, but we know by its history that it was not like
that. Tera is a cell that was created in the image and likeness of its own thoughts.


The Cosmic Confederation had to create another parallel diamond to make it work. It instilled
the soul in it to keep it working towards the healing of the sickness bequeathed by Satien.
When we, the volunteers, arrived on the planet, the first thing that we did was to instill a soul –
that is, a brain in Tera so that it could function. We did this by creating a parallel crystal, a
duplicate of the original, but which opened downwards. Thus time was created.
For us to be able to return we will have to invert the two cones pointing upwards and with the
widest part in the center. This inversion of the two cones will allow us to unite the two spacecraft
located in the poles and we will join the psyche and the mind of the planet, forming a single
energy. This will also happen with us, with you and the intra-terrestrials. Our mental crystals will
unite with the psychic crystals of the intra-terrestrials. When this fusion takes place, we will
rotate at an incredible speed. Time will cease to exist and with the unified spacecraft we will
enter into the infinity of the Cosmic Alignment, that is, to another dimension.
251. Why is the external space of our planet dark, even when it is lighted by the sun?
Could it need a receptor such as the crystals and if so, would the radiation of the light
depend on the quality of the crystals? What is the dark space?
Space, as you call it, does not exist; it is all full up. Since you are unable to see it, you think that
it is dark and without any light.
If we compare a higher and a lower dimension, we will notice and feel great differences. The
energy of the right side brain is luminous, full of colors, crystals in movement, sounds and
modulated frequencies. The energy of the left side (zones 5, 4 and part of 3) is lit by a dimmer
light. As the level descends, the light becomes indistinct; the crystals rotate slowly and their
sound and frequency are almost imperceptible. The energy of zones 1, 2 and part of zone 3 is
dark, its crystals are opaque and sound and frequency are nonexistent. Crystals are really the
source of light and everything will depend on how they absorb the solar light or of the photonic
252. What would our vision actually be like?
If the cone-crystals of Planet Tera were diaphanous, clear, crystalline and elevated, the
universe you see would be very different. Everything would be illuminated. There would be no
night because one side would have solar light and the other, photonic light. What you see as
planets and stars are crystals of energy that are spinning. They would radiate colored lights and
emit a high-pitched, peaceful, restful and uplifting sound. The frequency and rhythm of a reality
in movement would give you the feeling of being within the incomparable beauty of a mutable
and transformable universe.
You would feel like giants because worlds and realities would go through your bodies of pure
energy. You would be part of the universe, fed and nourished by it. You would see your bodies
as they are – energies of light.
253. If we understand that the universe is mathematical, how many inhabitants will there
be on the surface of Tera in 7 thousand years’ time? What transformations will we have
undergone by then?


In the year 2014 you will enter the Cosmic Alignment. During the 7 thousand years, a healing
process will take place, in which your thought-energies will become humanized and will be an
important part of the right side of the brain. What is the humanization of thought-energies?
Many messages are received and transmitted. We have sent you and left many proofs.
Countless people have seen us. Our spacecraft cross the skies. Our presence has been
detected and, in spite of all that, ignorance and lack of belief continue ruling your minds.
We have warned you of the terrible catastrophes that Tera will undergo if you continue sending
petroleum solvents and by-products into the atmosphere, spreading them all over the planet,
heating it up and melting the glaciers. Because of this, and for you to understand, you will have
to undergo the suffering that will befall in different parts of the planet. There will be 7 thousand
years of restraint and renunciation. There will be no other way to understand.
Man’s conversion to become human will not happen, as you think, through love, but
through suffering.
The distortion in your brains is incredible. You avow and believe that the sentiment of love will
elevate and transmute you to enter the fourth plane, but it is not so. The pleasure of the senses
is so deeply rooted in you that you will never be willing to renounce, much less to sacrifice what
gives satisfaction of your senses. In these 7 thousand years, beings will attest to themselves the
true value of their thought-energies.
Planet Tera will enter a process of cleansing of its energy. To do so, it will have to feel and
deeply understand the cause and effect of what it created. The suffering will be the effect of its
lack of responsibility; throughout these 7 thousand years it will receive the effects of its terrible
sickness and distortion.
The universe functions by the law of compensation. This means that the planet and all the
beings inhabiting it will go through horrible cellular and energetic transformations.
This means that the planet and its inhabitants will have to seek and find the balance that is
lacking. To do so, they will have to annul the X factor that is, improbability, in their thoughtenergies and in the Tera-cell.
The X factor will no longer be able to form part of humans, who will have to have the certainty
and assurance of their essence and belief. Through these qualities, they will have to direct
their thought-energies to the mathematical style of the all. Correlation and continuity will be the
source of their existence and thus they will commit themselves to renounce and transform the
external senses into inner qualities.
When these inner transformations come about, the intra-terrestrials who live in your right side
will be strengthened and will absorb the entire left side, forming a single thought that will be
distributed equally through the seven energetic zones and centers.
Man will become human. Humans will transmute the energetic zones and centers 1 and 2 in
their brains. Their mathematical frequency will start with the number 3. Their correlation will be
chemical because, since they will not have the X factor; logic will disappear from their existence.
These thought-energies will have prepared themselves to enter the Inner-Earth City and they
will be ready to become transformed into intra-terrestrials, with all their scientific and
technological capacity.

While this is happening to those who earned it by merit, there will be others who will not attain
the energetic progress. These thought-energies will be held, as far as possible, in the antimatter
world of the brain of Planet Tera. After the 7 thousand years, they will be sent to incarnate in the
yeti creature, to help it evolve.
This process can be accomplished because the number of births in Tera will decrease
considerably. When humans see, feel and live the suffering in their own flesh, they will not want
to bring more children into a world in such adverse conditions. Consequently, this will bring
about a decrease in the inhabitants of Tera. If the planet currently has 6 billion inhabitants, by
the year 9 thousand they will have been reduced to 600 million. It will become a planet of quality
and not of quantity.
Tera will have changed its appearance in the year 9 thousand. Throughout the next 21
thousand years, huge telluric movements will change the current form of Tera. The weak
tectonic plates of certain places will produce telluric movements, causing terrible catastrophes.
During the next 7 thousand years, the planet and humans will have to undergo painful physical
and psychological adjustments. It will not be easy because these will bring destruction and
horrendous adjustments.
Transformation and adaptation of Tera-cell in the next 21 thousand years will be progressive
and slow. The South American continent will separate from the northern one. It will become
attached to Australia, Madagascar, New Zealand, New Guinea and Antarctica. It will become a
cold continent, where the ice and glacier airs will purify the thought-energies. The ones living
there will be those who are being purged so that through suffering, they will be able to enter the
Inner City of ether and then go on to the Inner City of helium.
Mexico, the Caribbean islands, United States of America, Canada and Alaska will be attached
to Greenland, Europe, Norway and Iceland to interlink with the North Pole.
China, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Japan, North and South Korea, the Philippines, Taiwan and
part of Mongolia will split and gradually attach to the South Pole or North Pole, depending on
the tides and the attraction of the axes.
The countries of Southwest Asia and the African continent, as well as the Russian federation,
the South and the Southeast of Asia, will stay in the same place.
The countries of Central America will wander across the oceans until, like the others, they will
gradually attach themselves to the North Pole. All those beings living near and unified with the
North Pole are the thought-energies that are being prepared energetically to enter the Inner City
of helium.
By this explanation, we can see that only a part of the planet will remain warm – the ones who
will live along the line of the Equator. The other three other parts will be frozen. The planet will
have tilted its axis 3.5 degrees to the left, which will bring on the ice cap. This history is being
repeated for the third time on Planet Earth.


254. Why will all this happen?
It will happen because it is the only way for the Tera-cell to renew its elements and components.
When the organic elements of a cell stagnate or rot, they do not let the cell breathe and be
nourished with new substances. This causes its elements to rotate in a vicious circle,
obstructing its evolutionary progress. A cell is wise and its components were universally
recorded to subsist and be renewed when appropriate.
The One Being cannot allow Its elements to decay; It recycles constantly. If the sick-negative
thought-energies of the Tera-cell do not allow for its renewal, It will take upon Itself the
necessary measures.
It will freeze the edges to prevent the putrefaction from spreading. It will accumulate all the sickcinnabar energies in its center to keep them inactive and unable to spread because the cold of
the edges will hold them in. When the cinnabar energies are compressed, they will not be able
to reproduce. In this way, they will gradually be depleted until they are absorbed by the healthy
elements, which will transform them into raw material and calorific combustion.
The universe applies a chemical process when necessary. Thus, the cell itself will fight sickness
when it does not have the support and help of the thought-energies.
It is necessary to freeze the elements; this will allow the photonic light to penetrate deeply
through the ice crystals, which will help us renew the cells and their components. This light will
penetrate profoundly and will give us transparency and clarity to observe and heal the sick
elements. This cannot be done currently because of all the rubbish and organic debris that
cover the cell.
255. How could we compare the partial freezing of the Tera-cell in the universal body with
our cells of the matter-body?
The self-healing of the Tera-cell comes from an order emitted by the mind of the One Being.
The One Being was fully aware that the sickness stemming from the Satien-cell had spread and
reached Its digestive system. It knew that 7 sick fragments had attacked 7 healthy cells of the
system. When It perceived this, It emanated the creative desire of healing. It sent Its thoughtenergies of healing to take charge. We already know the history. Twenty eight spacecraft
(thought-energies) arrived and spread out among the 7 planet cells.
When they arrived on the 7 planets, the first thing the volunteers did was to restructure the cells
and cover them with alciatic energy (helium). By doing this, they froze the cells to stabilize them
in order to carry out the healing.
The Tera-cell is undergoing the healing process. This means that the planet will have to freeze
part of its cellular structure to revitalize itself and transform its sick elements into healthy ones.
This process will be done on a physical level, but concurrently with the freezing of emotions.
This means that the alciatic energy will transform the sick-cinnabar energy into alciatic energy,
bringing stability and balance to the psyche. When this alciatic energy envelops and penetrates
the matter of the Tera-cell, of your physical bodies and of your psyche, we can say by way of
comparison, that the planet and you are frozen.

This healing process works in exactly the same way as when you detect a sickness in the
material body or in the psyche. When the mind emanates the creative desire of healing in the
material body, that thought-energy travels throughout the material body in balls of light
(spacecraft) until it reaches the affected area. These balls of light are filled with alciatic energy.
When they reach the sick energy, they will submerge it and enclose it to protect and heal it –
freeze it. This means that it will not allow the sickness (sick-cinnabar energy) to continue
When the healing desire is sent to restore the psyche, the alciatic energy of knowledge will take
care of transmuting the sick-cinnabar energy into alciatic energy through freezing the emotions
that are producing the sickness.
This is what is happening on Planet Tera.
Both the matter and the psyche are sick and this will bring about the partial freezing of the
planet. If you were sick only in your psyche, then through understanding you alone could
transmute the harmful emotions, without needing to freeze the planet. This is not the case. So if
you continue without understanding, without working, without discovering the inner healing, then
the Tera-cell will probably have to find its balance and its own self-healing. There is no other
256. Will the Tera-cell end up becoming totally frozen?
When it finishes its cycle of 18 billion years, it will explode due to old age.
The Tera-cell cannot freeze itself totally because it needs calorific combustion to keep alive. We
will keep it partially frozen for long periods. In this way, we will maintain the sickness totally
under control and aimed for cure. During the next 7 thousand years, we will transform the planet
and the thought-energies so that they will be ready and prepared for the future harvests.
In this way, those who remain as guardians of the planet will not have to face what we went
through and the sickness of ambition will have been totally eradicated.
257. You said before that you would tilt the planet to the right so that what you have
explained would not happen. Is the tilt of the planet towards the left inevitable?
We are keeping the balance of the energy and making the clock of the planet function correctly.
The partial freezing of the planet is cyclical. Every time it happens, the Tera-cell draws in the
sick elements and transmutes them into healthy ones. It does this for self-protection. We are
tilting the planet towards the right. If we did not do so, the tilt towards the left would be worse.
We cannot let this happen for the good of the One Being.
258. What would happen if the tilt to the left were greater?
The planet would freeze entirely and all traces of life would disappear. The Tera-cell would no
longer serve the universe and the digestive system to which it belongs.
For the One Being to have a frozen cell inside Its body would mean It could not absorb it. Thus
this cell would contaminate Its whole because by not having been healed, the sickness would lie
dormant within It.

In such conditions, the Tera-cell would roam around until it found a system that functioned with
calorific combustion. This system would take it in, melt the ice, in doing so, the sickness would
revive, spread, and everything would begin all over again, but in worse conditions.
It is not a question of totally freezing it; it is a question of keeping it partially frozen. In this way,
we would be able to heal, transmute and eliminate the sickness so that it could nevermore do
any harm.
259. How are you going to prepare the planet so that future generations can avoid the
problems that you are facing?
At the end of the 7 thousand years, we will have left the planet prepared for the next 28
thousand years during which the element earth should develop. If during these first 28 thousand
years part of the air, fire and water elements will be able to develop, during the following 28
thousand years the elements earth, ether and helium will have to excel.
Every 28 thousand years the chemical elements will merge proportionally and mathematically.
This means that the chemical proportion and the mathematical number will be the key to
evolution and elevation. It also means that the thought-energy will have fulfilled the
transmutation and chemical blending and that the thoughts will have become aligned in a
straight vertical line of 180 degrees.
260. What kind of transformation will you carry out on Tera to control the sickness?
The transformation of the Planet Tera-cell already entered the healing process; however, the
healing of the physical energy and the thought-energy of the beings will be more difficult.
While the Tera-cell links up with and adjusts to all the changes that it will experience, the
beings will undergo these changes within themselves… painfully.
It is not in vain that thought-energies enter and leave the Inner-Earth City without experiencing
inner changes. Each entry and exit will be considered a chiseling that the energy needs to be
transmuted and adapted to the intra-terrestrial material-cerebral reality and then to the
Ayapliano material-cerebral and mental reality.
You need to understand that the matter-cellular changes always come with very subtle genetic
variations, which will be necessary for a successful genetic adaptation of the return to your
origin. You have to be genetically transformed – a metamorphosis that will influence the
evolution of the species and the elevation of thought-energy.
261. How can we know or be aware of our transformation?
The transformation we are referring to will be very subtle. In the forthcoming 7 thousand years,
we will be able to verify it. The matter-energy will adapt to a new reality of the Tera-cell. This
means that the cells of the physical-body will adjust and conform to the new events.
262. What will all these changes mean for us and for the planet?
They will mean a change in the DNA of the planet and of all the beings of the surface that
inhabit it.

When we refer to DNA, we are talking about a deep molecular transformation. Many of you will
let the intra-terrestrial in you emerge. In this way, it will take on a physical, psychological and
mental form. Thus, the “contact” will have begun.
For humans to enter the fourth level and plane, they will have to become intra-terrestrials.
These intra-terrestrials will transform the face of Tera.
Religions teach and preach that there will be resurrection of the dead. This means that the
ancient thought-energies of the Ayaplianos that were saved in the Inner-Earth Cities, and that
are reincarnating on the right side of the brain of the surface humans today, will return to Earth
and reincarnate in humans, that is, on the left side of the brain. They will do that with the sole
intention of helping their fellow beings of the surface and of the Tera-cell to change and be
transformed through evolution and elevation.
Nowadays they are in the Inner-Earth City (right side of the brain, antimatter world) waiting for
their physical reincarnation in order to begin the hard work of definitively healing the Tera-cell.
Let us identify the INTRA-TERRESTRIALS.
When we, the volunteers, arrived 600 million years ago, we were 660 beings coming from 4
planets of the Pleiades. Each one of us brought along an enormous load of thought-energies
that were sheltered in our bubble-sphere, that is, our even reality. Because of the destructive
circumstances and events that separated us, our thought-energies also got divided.
To be able to accomplish the work that the One Being had entrusted to us, we had to unite and
form a single consciousness. We, the 660 beings, became a single thought-energy.
Distortion, the gradual division of the thought-energies, the different frequencies that we were
emanating, inevitably separated us. Our thoughts became dispersed and turned into different
physical, psychological and mental expressions.
We can say that today we, the volunteers of Tera, are no longer the same, and will never be.
Since our thought-energies had scattered, we would have to unify them again. But on that path
of return, they will come back full of life experiences gathered from the nine levels into which
they spread out. Each level has been expressed according to its environment and development.
This difference, this fractionalization, is what we call intra-terrestrials.
In the very beginning, when we were the only beings on Planet Tera, we could say that our
thoughts were divided and apportioned among the inner cities and the humans of the surface.
Now it is different. The beings of Planet Tera are sheltering countless universal thoughtenergies in their bubble-spheres coming from infinite realities and from other bubble-spheres.
The universal opening is imminent. This is what we call to form the Universal Consciousness.
The human brain is prepared to receive and give shelter to thought-energies coming from other
frequencies, which come for the sole purpose of studying and getting to know these elementary
All thought-energies that lodge in the right side of the brain of a human being are definitely intraterrestrial. They can come from an Inner-Earth City of the planet itself or from Inner Cities of

other planets, galaxies, constellations or parallel realities. There are thousands of forms of
expression and thousands forms of existence.
We could say that humans from Tera are becoming galactic beings and this is necessary for
them to go on to the fourth plane of existence. Their minds must be universal. Therefore,
thousands of intra-terrestrial thought-energies have to be sheltered in the right side of their
brains. This is the only way they can become Cosmic Beings.
In the midst of all this development and interchange of cosmic energies, we, the 660 volunteers,
will have to unite our thought-energies. We will do this through the lineage and heredity of the
intra-terrestrials and of the exterior beings who have always represented us. We know who they
are and we have always protected them. They are our lineage and heritage and they will return
to us because we are them and they are us.
In some way, the 6 billion inhabitants bear our energetic seed.
We have to understand that, when we fractionalized, our soul was disseminated through all the
beings of the planet, but our spirit is only borne by those who are forming their energetic being.
These are intra-terrestrial and human beings who are gathering our thought-energies. These too
will come with us when we return.
Many are called and few are chosen...
The Elementary Dimension is a seedbed of thought-energies, a laboratory where countless
realities have sown and are waiting for the harvest.
We, the volunteers, are one of those realties. We arrived here, sowed, healed and will be on our
way back. But when we return we cannot leave our thought-energies behind. We had to divide
ourselves up to get to know, understand and work on the task of healing that our One Being
entrusted to us.
So those who belong to our lineage and heredity will be gathered together to form part of our
thought-energies, and to prepare all of us for the return journey, which will take place during the
next 7 thousand years.
263. How can we know to which lineage and heredity we belong?
Memories will emerge subtly. In the universe, everything is attracted and rejected. The thoughtenergies will be aligned through organization. Not all of them belong to the same lineage or the
same heredity. Currently humans shelter in their brains thought-energies that come from
tangible and intangible universes.
Through its many reincarnations, mankind will proceed to fulfill its great accomplishment
– to become human. It is the intra-terrestrial who will take man by the hand and lead him
along that path, and this intra-terrestrial will be the one to manifest along the way.
We, the volunteers, will draw together our lineage and heredity. Other realities will gather theirs.
It is impossible to count up exactly the number or the paths of the thought-energies. The
universe is one; the ONE BEING is ONE. We all belong to It, although in different expressions.
Ultimately, we all are in Its mind and we form Its thoughts.

264. What is your lineage and heredity as volunteers?
Our lineage and heredity definitively come from those intra-terrestrial volunteers of Lemuria and
Atlantis. They have reincarnated countless times and they continue being … us.
All those whose memories of that time emerge … who dream, who have vivid memories, who
really know that they belonged to those times and were part of those cultures, who
communicate with their own intra-terrestrial side and know that it comes from those times, who
do not doubt and have the inner assurance that they belong to our lineage and heredity – all
these are definitely our direct descendants.
They are our brothers and sisters and our offspring as well. They are not in a single place nor
do they belong to a specific civilization. They are scattered all over the planet. They have
different races, creeds and cultures but all have a common factor: they have raised their eyes
to the universe and have asked themselves thousands of questions. These beings have
received answers. They have been heard along the path of their lives and reincarnations.
We, the volunteers and your intra-terrestrial being, have been in charge of guiding you to
the path of return.
265. What will happen to those who are not your descendants?
During the next 7 thousand years, we will gather them and withdraw all the thought-energy that
belongs to us. It will be a great harvest. We will gradually fit these thought-energies into the
Inner-Earth City. Then we will gather them into our bubble sphere.
During these 7 thousand years the people of Tera will actually have decreased considerably.
This will happen due to the transformations that Tera will be undergoing, the telluric movements
of its tectonic plates that are weak and fragile, and all the suffering and darkness that the planet
and humanity will experience. The beings on the exterior will not want to bear and raise children
in such precarious conditions.
Thus, thought-energies that have not attained the corresponding vibration will not be able to
incarnate. They will not find any shelter and will remain in the antimatter world, especially those
that not belong to our lineage and heredity. Do not think that they are being discriminated. They
will have their time and place to continue reincarnating.
Only those thought-energies that vibrate at a certain frequency will continue reincarnating to go
on elevating their vibration until they are ready for the harvest. This will be their right by merit in
the next 7 thousand years.
The thought-energies that we are referring to are the intra-terrestrials.
These thought-energies have been present on the right side of the brain of the beings on the
surface, but they could not be manifested because the encephalic tissue and brain of humans
were not adequately developed. Today humans on the surface who have elevated their
frequencies are prepared to receive them and to interchange universal information with them.
The Ayaplianos, who fled to the interior of Tera, the ones who remained on the exterior and
became distorted, and the descendants of Ra, Vis and Tarik, will be the humans of the next 7
thousand years. They will have the opportunity to express themselves and incarnate in both

sides of the brain of the human on the surface. They will work to unify both sides and thus
definitively heal the distortion. In this way, they will prepare for the return and will later
reincarnate in the volunteers who are in the spacecraft waiting for their brothers and sisters.
Those thought-energies that will remain in the antimatter world of the brain of Planet Tera during
the 7 thousand years without being able to reincarnate, will be classified according to their
vibration, color, frequency and rhythm and sent where they belong.
When time comes, many of them will return to incarnate in the yeti, which will shelter them,
enabling them to take an evolutionary leap. At that time, the yeti will be in the Stone Age. By
sheltering more evolved thought-energies, it will be able to evolve greatly, going from beast to
man and starting a new cycle. This will be the fourth time the cycle is repeated.
Other thought-energies will be sent to Alpha Nova to help the distorted beings there that are 120
thousand years behind Tera. These thought-energies will remain there until they evolve and
become elevated.
The universe will consider the more downgraded, sick and incurable thought-energies as
harmful cinnabar energy, without any possibility of being transmuted and will classify them as
dangerous and contagious virus. This energy will be used as food by the creatures in the interior
of Tera.
To prevent this harmful energy from escaping, we confined them to the encephalic tissue of
those creatures. Since those creatures are not intelligent and their brains are incipient, there is
no danger of the energies getting loose. They will remain trapped in the lowest zones where
they will not be able to get out or to get free.
Since they will not be fed by humans on the surface, these energies will die from lack of
nourishment. The virus, that is, all thought-energies trapped inside the creatures, will also
become exterminated. They will turn into elemental cinnabar energy that is useful for the body
of the One Being, and no longer be sick-cinnabar thought-energies.
And there are also the thought-energies that came from another planets and realities. These
energies do not belong to Tera. They came for a specific purpose, for a planned time, for an
assigned mission and many other reasons. These thought-energies will continue reincarnating
in the pineal gland of the intra-terrestrials until their purpose and task are fulfilled. Then they will
return to where they came from and where they belong.
266. Who, among the personages we know, would be a human Ayapliano- intraterrestrial?
We cannot point them out by name. For us an intra-terrestrial is the one whose thought-energy
vibrates at a high note.
Intra-terrestrials are thought-energies. They belong to a universal vibratory wave. We cannot
define them as you do, with names and faces. The reality we are referring to is very different. It
is true that they will reincarnate, but when they do so, it will perhaps be a composite of many
beings whom you knew or who existed in your history.
The intra-terrestrials form a compilation of thought-energies that have united and they work
together to take you knowledge, understanding and love. Among them are the volunteers who

fled to the deep caverns. They have been able to come out gradually by incarnating in the
descendants of Ra, Vis, Tarik and Hak on the surface, or in those who have kept themselves
purer and whose thought-energies have not been contaminated. They know who they were and
what their cluster of thought-energies is. They will be given missions by merit, according to their
elevation and energetic vibration.
267. If the intra-terrestrials will inhabit Tera, why do they have to go through all the
suffering and afflictions during the 7 thousand years?
When we talk of suffering and affliction, we are referring to the terrible changes that the planet
will undergo, added to the painful transformation that the humans on the surface will experience.
These changes will produce much pain, but it will be necessary for them to come to a deeper
understanding. In this way, the planet and humans will be healed and will elevate their energy to
measure up to the frequency of the universal vibration.
The thought-energies of humans on the surface and the thought-energies of the intra-terrestrials
should merge into a single one. For that to happen, the thought-energies on the surface have to
awaken, understand and heal themselves.
The intra-terrestrials are what you know as: Inner World, the ‘I am’, the higher self, the
inner master, the guardian angel and many other names you give them.
For intra-terrestrials be able to manifest themselves by incarnating on the surface as humans,
they will first have to smooth out the path of return. To do this, they will have to work with you
and help you bring out the subconscious. This subconscious is entangled of conflictive, difficult,
complicated, intolerant, snarled, confused, numbed, darkened and complex emotions.
The work of the inner thought-energies will be to bring out harmful emotions and transform them
into sentiments.
268. How will emotions be transformed into sentiments? Are they not the same?
They are not the same. Emotions are sentiments that are not understood. By not being
understood, they degenerate into endless complications.
269. Which are the basic sentiments?
There are 9 basic sentiments in the thought-energies. All known emotions have degenerated
from these 9 sentiments. These sentiments are:
9. Order
8. Equanimity
7. Belief
6. Love
5. Freedom
4. Consciousness
3. Cause and Effect
2. Survival
1. Antagonism


Emotions are degenerations of these 9 basic sentiments. These emotions have been deformed
and distorted by the surface humans who turned them into countless complicated and entangled
thought-energies, which currently even they cannot understand or know where they come from.
The greatest difficulty concerning emotions is that they have proliferated in a negative and sick
way. You call them sicknesses. These are manifested and externalized going from a simple
cold to severe incurable sicknesses.
The Inner World, that is the thought-energies of the intra-terrestrials, will help you disclose these
harmful and destructive emotions until you understand them and thus get to the origin of the
9. Order: energetic center and zone 9. Immune and endocrine system.
Positive Emotions
Impartiality, order, precept, law, ordinance, decision, resolution, enouncement, rule, norm,
decree, commandment, prescription, warning, placement, installation, orientation, situation,
place, rhythm, eurhythmy, symmetry, harmony, peace, security, adjustment, tranquility, method,
system, habit, mode, style, structure, brotherhood, congregation, rank, line, sequence,
dependence, organization, classification, functioning, numeration, articulation, hierarchy,
degree, mandate, and so forth.
Sick Negative Emotions
Turmoil, upset, disturbance, agitation, uproar, revolution, swarm, indiscipline, disorder,
consternation, disorganization, misgovernment, noise, snarl, embroilment, scramble, confusion,
fuss, disproportion, imbalance, etc.
8. Equanimity: energetic center and zone 8. Nervous system.
Positive Emotions
Impartiality, justice, equality, reason, legitimacy, uprightness, honesty, morality, reason,
integrity, balance, aplomb, deliberation, serenity, calm, quietness, patience, stoicism, reliability,
equilibrium, consideration, assurance, etc.
Sick Negative Emotions
Vehemence, madness, impetuousness, passion, ardor, fieriness, violence, impatience,
fanaticism, obstinacy, torpor, stubbornness, intolerance, injustice, etc.
7. Belief: energetic center and zone 7. Circulatory and respiratory systems.
Positive Emotions
Dogma, creed, affirmation, recognition, declaration, opinion, credit, idea, judgment, confidence,
conviction, ideology, credibility, doctrine, supposition, conjecture, presumption, assuredness,
credibility, etc.
Sick Negative Emotions

Superstition, fanaticism, sectarianism, heresy, incredulity, skepticism, despair, etc.
6. Love: energetic center and zone 6. Reproductive and articular systems.
Positive Emotions
Affection, attachment, endearment, tenderness, cohesion, friendship, respect, confidence,
congeniality, cordiality, devotion, fondness, attraction, intimacy, will, ecstasy, relaxation,
appreciation, calmness, tranquility, esteem, inclination, tendency, wanting, predilection,
propensity, partiality, dating, courtship, flirting, romance, coquetry, sexuality, delight,
tenderness, fragility, delicateness, attention, interest, carefulness, zeal, piety, charity,
philanthropy, heart, core, etc.
Sick Negative Emotions
Hatred, antipathy, disdain, scorn, indifference, aversion, inhumanity, offense, mistreatment,
humiliation, agitation, fluster, bewilderment, palpitations, restlessness, anguish, pains, euphoria,
fury, contempt, rejection, repudiation, offense, defamation, inconsideration, denigration,
despising, arrogance, mocking, pride, deceit, spurn, adoration, idolatry, passion, jealousy, etc.
5. Freedom: center and zone 5. Bone and muscular systems.
Positive Emotions
Independence, autonomy, frankness, liberation, rescue, detachment, emancipation, freewill, will,
easiness, ease, release, leeway, space, relief, agility, immunity, permission, privilege, simplicity,
sincerity, spontaneity, confidence, interrelatedness, unpretentiousness, etc.
Sick Negative Emotions
Presumption, impudence, debauchery, immorality, dishonesty, laziness, insolence, dissipation,
disorder, slavery, subservience, anarchy, chaos, submission, intimidation, oppression, tyranny,
limitation, prohibition, clumsiness, awkwardness, etc.
4. Consciousness: energetic center and zone 4. Blood and oxygen.
Positive Emotions
Knowledge, cognition, reason, learning, spiritual intuition, wisdom, care, seriousness,
delicateness, regard, consideration, reserve, circumspection, reserve, prevision,
meticulousness, soul, heart, self, spirit, personality, discernment, reflection, responsibility,
understanding, notion, concept, intelligence, thought, idea, will, morality, integrity, observation,
contrition, repentance, etc.
Sick Negative Emotions
Grief, imprudence, heedlessness, recklessness, instinct, sensation, etc..
3. Cause and effect: energetic center and zone 3. Digestive system.
Positive Emotions

Origin, beginning, root, birth, antecedence, source, cause, foundation, base, support, depth,
genesis, sprout, mother, nucleus, motive, reason, pretext, title, motor, purpose, aim, agent,
factor, element, author, doctrine, belief, side, circumstance, case, fact, precedence, derivative,
trail, effect, reach, conclusion, substance, cause, form, incitement, release, unleash, redound,
give way to, have consequences, contribute, etc.
Sick Negative Emotions
Provocation, incitation, repercussion, implication, consequences,
impediment, hindrance, avoidance, stoppage, difficulty, obstruction, etc.



2. Survival: energetic center and zone 2. Mobility system.
Positive Emotions
Remain, subsist, be, coexist, feel, have, last, remain, establish, survive, preserve, sustain,
preserve, inhabit, live, nest, lodge, cohabit, coexist, refuge, establish, settle, reside, die, retreat,
go, move, etc.
Sick Negative Emotions
Hunger, fear, scarceness, struggle, subsistence, displacement, inexistence, etc.
1. Antagonism: energetic center and zone 1. Excretory system.
Positive emotions
Conformity, friendship, parity, etc.
Sick Negative Emotions
Opposition, annoyance, discrepancy, inconformity, dissent, difference, disparity, rivalry, enmity,
emulation, competition, contest, annulment, etc.
Summing up and using terrestrial wording, we could say that you live and behave at the
level of the antonyms and not the way you should do, applying the synonyms.
Distorted and misunderstood emotions have turned the planet and the beings living on it into
chaos. The distortion began when the thought-energy of the distorted Ayapliano did not
understand the meaning of its reality and made its environment into the image and likeness of
its own self.
While you, humans on the surface, represent and express the antonyms, the intra-terrestrials
will manifest the synonyms. They will work through each negative emotion that you bring
When the 9 sentiments are understood and you live according to them, you can say that you are
becoming healed.


270. Who really are the intra-terrestrials?
We have to classify them into three groups.
First. Intra-terrestrials are all thought-energies considered to be human.
These would be the disincarnate positive thought-energies on the surface, which are in the
antimatter world of the brain of Planet Tera. These energies are in the process of being defined.
It means that they do not yet have the knowledge, understanding and universal love in the
specific degree needed to become intra-terrestrials. That is, they are in the third month of
gestation of their energetic being. As long as they are on this level, their entrance and exit
between the even and odd realities will always take place through the antimatter world of the
brain of the planet.
Second. Intra-terrestrials are those discarnate positive thought-energies on the surface
that, by merit, reincarnate in the right side of the brain.
Unlike the first ones that go through the antimatter world of the brain of the planet, these go
through the antimatter world of the bubble-sphere.
We are referring to the thought-energies in levels 4 and 5, and in the energetic centers 4 and 5.
They had earned it through many reincarnations of hard work carried out from life to life,
accumulation of knowledge and understanding, superhuman dedication and endeavor. We
could say that through merit they are carrying out wonderful work in both the even and odd
realities, together with the Ayapliano intra-terrestrials who fled to the deep caverns and founded
the inner cities.
Third. Ayapliano intra-terrestrials are those who are in the levels, zones and energetic
centers 4 and 5, preparing to become part of the Inner-Earth City in levels, zones and
energetic centers 6, 7, 8, and 9, which is the left side of an intra-terrestrial in that
While these positive thought-energies are in the above-mentioned levels, zones and centers,
they will all be working in unity with the intra-terrestrials to improve the planet and the beings
that inhabit it.
For these thought-energies reincarnation in the odd reality is carried out in specific cycles and
without the speed or continuity of the first thought-energies, which are in the antimatter world of
the brain of Planet Tera and have to incarnate continually to be able to advance energetically.
The reincarnation in the odd reality of these energies that work with the intra-terrestrials, is
carried out by a mathematical sequence, at set times and for specific tasks or missions.
The ongoing work they do together will enable them to merge their thought-energies. The
exterior thought-energy will start to think, act and live like an intra-terrestrial and will express its
way of life according to the parameters of an inner existence. During the next 7 thousand years,
humans on the surface will begin their energetic transformation.
During those 7 thousand years, the intra-terrestrials will start to externalize on the surface.
Therefore, they will occupy key posts. By working in important sectors, they will have the great

opportunity to change many norms, laws, institutions, governments, beliefs, and so on, that are
currently wrong or simply obsolete, slow, antiquated, useless, inept, deteriorated, idle, worthless
or inefficient, etc.
They will give the example through their impeccable lives. They will transmit knowledge,
understanding and love. The beings of the planet will definitively start transforming their thoughtenergies because they will be taught, led and channeled towards universal awakening. The
beings of Tera will open their minds to cosmic knowledge and with that, their energetic advance
will have no limits.
The thought-energies that cannot adjust to the forthcoming changes, those that refuse energetic
progress or simply have not opened their minds to universal knowledge, will not have the
opportunity to continue incarnating. The thought-energies on the surface of Tera will not be able
to shelter them because of differences in frequency and vibration.
These thought-energies will be guided to specific places in accordance with their vibratory state.
Many of them will remain suspended in the antimatter world of the Planet Tera brain until they
can incarnate in the yeti. At a certain point of its development, this creature will shelter them for
it will need them to continue evolving.
The 6 billion inhabitants of Tera today will be reduced to 600 million. This is why we say that
Tera will be a planet of quality and not of quantity. We will gather in the harvest from among
these 600 million.
271. What will happen with those thought-energies that came from other realities and do
not belong to the lineage and heredity of the volunteers?
We could say that today you are an accumulation of thought-energies from countless realities
that incarnated in your brains for different reasons. This is why we are calling the process of this
alignment harvesting.
For us volunteers it is very important to harvest our thought-energies, which we know partitioned
into infinite possibilities. We would have to use our thought-energies and our lineage and
heredity, to go back and enter the alignment to return.
All thought-energies that do not belong to our lineage and heredity, will take the path of return
according to their level, plane and dimension. There are so many possibilities and pathways that
we cannot even enumerate them.
These thought-energies will know the time, vibration and path that will lead them to the realities
that will enable them to continue learning, evolving and becoming elevated.
272. Will only those energies belonging to your lineage and heredity continue
The harvest will be progressive and while the process unfolds, the thought-energies of our
lineage and heredity, as well as those that do not belong to us will be aligning. As the 7
thousand years proceed, the thought-energies will align in attunement with the cosmic


When we use the word alignment, we are referring to the order that is established in the
The thought-energies will take their place in the human brain that corresponds to their vibration,
frequency, rhythm and so forth. Not all of them will be in the same zone or energetic center. You
have to imagine that within the brain of the human being, thought-energies will carry out
innumerable tasks which be classified according to the organization of the universe and its One
272a. Do the intra-terrestrials that will materialize belong to your lineage and heredity?
Yes. This is our cycle of 7 thousand years. We have earned it by right and merit. We have been
the guardians of the planet and we have done everything possible to heal you. We have fulfilled
our mission and are on our way back.
The forthcoming races will be entrusted to others because when came to the planet to heal it,
this was our mission and we have fulfilled it entirely. The next guardians in charge of Tera will
be those thought-energies that will focus on teaching.
They are the Masters in charge of the place that we are leaving. These Masters will be
guardians and missionaries. They will find the earth prepared, fertile and furrowed. We will leave
Tera ready for the thought-energies to be able to start acquiring universal knowledge. Tera will
be healed and ready for its cosmic and interstellar development.
When we said that we are leaving the earth prepared, it is because we chiseled your minds and
inserted the seed of knowledge. We have sent so many messages through books, movies,
television, group coordinators, communications and everything that means Awaken!
We brought healing; other volunteers will bring other benefits.
272b. Who are going to be the next volunteers, the masters who will bring us knowledge?
You, the current race, had to go through three cycles to be able to be harvested. This will not
happen with the yeti. The yeti is man-creature that is currently in the process of evolutionary
development. It is 70% animal and 30% human. Its forms are taking the path of return to
become exactly as you were in the Stone Age.
The thought-energies that did not become elevated will be held back in the antimatter world of
the left-brain of Planet Tera. They cannot incarnate because the humans of the surface will not
be able to shelter them since their energetic conditions will be more refined and elevated.
These thought-energies held in the antimatter world will not have become elevated but they will
have evolved. This evolution will be utilized to the maximum by the Cosmic Confederation to
benefit the yeti. When the yetis receive those thought-energies into their encephalic tissue, they
will quickly start forming its brain. With you, it was different. You had to wait three cycles since
there were no thought-energies to be reused, because Kryon, Antares, Aberon and Cyrius had
recycled and transmuted all their thought-energies.
The evolution of the next species will be very quick because they will not start from zero but
from three. You will have bequeathed this inheritance to them. The volunteer masters who


arrive on the planet will transmit universal knowledge to them. Since they will be on level 3, the
evolution and elevation of their understanding will be at the same speed and rate.
Each race that develops in the next cycles will be faster because the previous races will
bequeath their thought-energies to it. The five races that will develop will receive all the help and
recycling of cosmic thought-energies from the Cosmic Confederation. In this way, the beings of
Tera will unite with the Confederation and when they do so, they will enter eternal evolution and
273. When the yeti emerges as the next man of the planet, will be there human beings on
the surface of Tera?
The yeti will not appear in the next 7 thousand years. It will come forth in the future 28 thousand
years. When it materializes, the current humans will have totally disappeared from the face of
274. How long will the planet remain frozen?
After the 7 thousand years of the alignment, the planet will slowly find its balance. Tera will
begin to tilt to the right, allowing the continents to thaw. When the continents are freed from the
frozen mass that imprisoned them, they will begin to drift until they reach the place where
gravity takes them. The calorific energy of the sun will radiate, allowing life to emerge on the
planet. A new cycle will begin and a new race will be born.
You are the third race and the first that will be harvested. The two previous races that were your
own selves had to wait three cycles to be gathered in.
275. If Kryon, Antares, Aberon, and Cyrius had transmuted all their thought-energies,
from where did the Cosmic Confederation send us thought-energies to help us develop?
You had to wait until the second cycle of evolution to actually receive thought-energies that
were sent from other realities to help your evolution and elevation.
You proliferated so rapidly that we did not have enough thought-energies to help you come out
of the darkness you were in. For this reason, the Cosmic Confederation sent volunteer thoughtenergies to incarnate in the humans of the surface, to help them advance. These energies came
from Orion, the Pleiades, Alfa Centauri and Andromeda. These thought-energies intermixed
with our lineage and heredity. This gave the surface humans an extraordinary boost in their
evolution and elevation.
276. Are these volunteer thought-energies of Orion, the Pleiades, Alfa Centauri and
Andromeda, which mixed with those of your lineage and heredity, going to be harvested
as well?
They are not going to be harvested by us. They do not belong to us or to our lineage and
Like us, they were volunteers and they will take their path of return. Many of them will return to
their origins. Others will stay on as volunteers and will become great masters of knowledge.
There will be those that, like us, will become sick and will continue serving the universe by
reincarnating in the yeti to help it in its evolution and elevation. In this way, they will heal

themselves and then they will return to their origins. While they are on Tera and doing their
work, they will be called also intra-terrestrials.
We will harvest our thought-energies, those that belong to Ra, Vis, Tarik and Hak.
277. What will happen to the descendants of Adam – will they also be harvested?
They are our linage and heredity. Those who deserve it will also be harvested, without
discrimination and differences.
278. If you entered through one alignment and are exiting through another, how are those
thought-energies that arrived afterwards going to exit?
Currently, thought-energies ascend and descend, enter and exit using the solstices and
equinoxes, which could be compared to small alignments in the cosmos.
We have to understand that when we arrived on Tera, to us it was an unknown reality. It was an
obtuse angle, a reality that we had never seen before. Humankind of the universe did not know
what it was; it had never lived in a reality like that. We had to enter taking all possible
precautions and precise measures. Nevertheless, the inevitable happened. We became
distorted and sick.
When thought-energies offer themselves willingly for universal experiences, they are prepared
to suffer any contingency, whatever it might be. Volunteers are ready to do anything for the
good of the One Being, that is, for themselves. All experiences result in outcomes for or against
the beings that are disseminated in the universal body. These beings are willing to do anything
to know their reality in the smallest detail.
279. How will our molecular transformation take place?
During the 7 thousand years, Planet Tera will transform and purify its elements. This means that
the mineral, vegetal and animal kingdoms will not be the same as you know them today.
Humans will learn to respect these kingdoms because they will not utilize them for scientific
purposes but they will use energy instead. They will develop a precise science that will lead
them to endless discoveries that will help them progress and evolve.
The vegetal kingdom will serve as food for the animal kingdom. Humans will prepare their own
nourishment that will be obtained from the nutritious extraction of energy and carried out
through rigorous procedures. This sophisticated nourishment will be extracted from the
atmosphere and prepared according to formulas to be taught by the intra-terrestrials. The intraterrestrials have been nurturing themselves this way for millions of years. Humans will adapt to
these changes gradually – first their psyches and then their physical bodies. They will have to
become purified in order to enter levels 6, 7, 8 and 9 of the Inner-Earth City.
This nutritional cleansing will gradually change their DNA. When their thought-energies become
organized, clear, quiet, gentle, lucid, conscious, positive, and so on, humans will form chemical
elements in their encephalic tissues that will benefit their psyches and physical bodies. Little by
little, humans will stop suffering from ailments and sicknesses. The energetic cleansing will be
total. Energy will flow through the three bodies making their biorhythmic and frequency channels
function perfectly.


This energetic process will activate mathematical and chemical sequences which are already
recorded in your Ayapliano genes. These activated genes will coalesce in humans and will start
transforming their predominant characteristics, their systems, features, size, skin color,
excretion of waste, loss of head and body hair and nails.
The intra-terrestrials will activate your psychic Ayapliano-genes, which are frequency codes
located in zones and energetic centers 4 and 5. These codes are represented by geometric
figures and specific colors that are imprinted on the energy crystals. When the codes are
activated, humans will live through both their external and inner senses. Thus, by having their
senses so awakened, humans will not tolerate even the smallest alteration of their psyche and
Humans will behave in consonance with the activation of those crystals, which hold universal
knowledge and understanding.
The basic sentiments will be their priority. That is, their emotions will be increasingly
understood, studied, analyzed, weighed, investigated and itemized. For this to happen, the
intra-terrestrial governors will provide everything necessary for humans to reprogram
themselves and to correctly position each emotion from their past lives that they never even
knew existed.
280. Will the thought-energies that came to Tera from other realities also return to their
origins as Ayapliano-humans?
In our bubble-sphere, the races are completely intermixed. We can say that the purest
Ayaplianos can only be found in the regular reality where they are direct descendants of the
Perfect Dimension. All other human-species disseminated throughout the universe have been
transformed into thousands of races. This means that the thought-energies that have been on
Tera will return to their origins bearing human characteristics. For the universe there will be no
differences whether they are Ayapliano-humans or from some other place; all of them are
considered … human-species.
281. What sicknesses do we generate with our emotions that are not worked on and least
To understand the degenerative process of sentiment, we are going to place the sick-negative
emotion in the system where it belongs. Then we will be able to know what sickness will turn up,
depending on the seriousness and complication of the emotion. We can take the following
Let us choose the negative-emotion called difficulty.
This emotion attacks the digestive system in its physical expression, but before materializing we
will find it first in the third zone and third energetic center of the brain. What would be the
psychological and physical symptoms to recognize it?
When this emotion is in the brain it tends to cause anguish, worry, insecurity, uneasiness,
unrest, anxiety, insomnia, restlessness, nervousness, impatience, excitation, agitation,
alteration, turmoil, distress, fear, discouragement, suspicion, doubts, confusion, disbelief, pangs,
discomfort, yearning, conflict, etc.

When emotions are in this state, you should know that if they are not somehow contained, at
some moment they will externalize in the physical body and depending on their seriousness,
they will cause stomach ache, constipation, indigestion, diarrhea, ulcers, bile, nausea, fever,
muscular aches, and so on. They will cause endless disorders in the digestive system that will
result, in the deterioration of first the psychic and then the physical health. In the worst case,
they could manifest cancer, which would be the effect of the emotional-sickness in its severest
It is important for you to define the synonyms and antonyms.
Study the terms one by one and look at yourselves in the mirror of life. Be sincere with
yourselves and, if you find what really disturbs you, work it through, analyze it, study it. This
deep analysis will prevent the sickness from reaching the matter and will safeguard you from
sicknesses and the chaos they cause.
You will not be able to avoid old age. However, it is very different to reach old age sick, feeble,
suffering, moaning, hanging on, weathering, bearing up, languishing, tortured and tormented
instead of reaching it happy, relaxed, with full use of faculties, serene, enjoyably, active and
You have to understand deeply and record in your thought-energy, that sickness is
nothing more than the manifestation of a psychic process that is still in the state of
thought-energy. When this thought-energy begins to get sick it produces an electric
overcharge, which destabilizes fluidity, frequency and rhythm. Thus, vibration weakens,
which allows the sick-cinnabar energies to enter and live and feed off this type of
undulating vibration.
282. How can we avoid sicknesses, if they appear when we least perceive them?
1. If you want to see your future, then study your thought-energies and you will know
what sicknesses you will have.
2. It is generally due to slowness and your lack of knowledge about this process that
make you simply become reaction instead of action.
3. On the other hand, you always attack the symptoms and do not go to the causes.
This means that you take care of sicknesses when they are already externalized or
when it is too late.
4. Priority for Planet Tera is to have hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies, clinics, doctors,
medications, vaccinations and all that is aimed at curing sicknesses. However, you
never build or create specialized places to how to prevent sickness from materializing.
5. There are undoubtedly many interests involved in the issue. If you had institutes or
places that taught how to prevent sicknesses, how would hospitals, laboratories,
pharmacies, doctors and all that deal with health issues, sustain themselves?


6. So, in regard to all that we are mentioning, we have to accept the fact that sickness is
a lucrative business, which has to keep going for the greediness of many and
the interests created by some.
7. So we come to the conclusion that the work has to be individual. Each one of you will
have to carry it out. Each one of you will have to heal yourself through knowledge and
understanding. You have to realize that to do this means to love your own selves.
Thus far we have explained everything regarding the Tera-cell. We, the volunteers, have
always been present in your lives and have never ceased watching over your wellbeing
and your return.
The planet is getting ready to enter the Cosmic Alignment in the year 2014. The door will
be kept open until 2400 to receive all those who work with their thought-energies. We are
doing everything possible for you to advance, improve, evolve and become elevated.
When we arrived on Tera, we knew what was going to happen to us. That is why today we
are aware and have the duty to help you. We cannot allow the sickness to spread. It
would mean that our bubble-sphere would become contaminated and eventually all of us
as well.
You have to transform your sick-cinnabar thought-energies into mercurial energies. We
are close to you to help and support you in whatever you may need.
Relinquish mysticism, esotericism, contemplation and emotions.
Look at the truth of the facts and confront them without fear. It is necessary to
understand and see truth face to face. Thus, you will grow and mature. Existence should
not be based on an invented story. It is real. To see the truth and to not know what to do,
frightens you. Knowledge, understanding and love will help you along the path of truth
and light.
From now on, in this book we will continue explaining to you whatever you may want to
know. This work will consist of a set of questions and answers. The volunteers of the
planet and the intra-terrestrials in the antimatter worlds of the right side of the universal
brain, including Tera’s, will take up the task of answering and clarifying whatever you
would like to know.
They are your mentors and the guardians of the 7 planets. They have profound
knowledge of the emotions and sentiments that you experience. They have lived in their
own flesh all that you are undergoing. They have thoroughly studied Planet Tera and the
behavior of the earth-humans from all vantage points.
They are the most qualified to respond to all your doubts regarding the planet and
yourselves. They are your elder brothers. They are all those who came to you with
different names, to help you on the path of return.
We would like you to understand that even though they had different names and
appearances – some tall, others short, others angelical, men and women, some having


extraterrestrial forms, and so on – all of them work for knowledge, understanding and
universal love.
These thought-energies are on different levels and planes. This means that your
questions will be classified as to content. Depending on their energetic vibration, your
questions will be channeled and answered on the same level. The questions should take
the following into account:
if you knew that there were other more advanced and wiser beings in the universe, what
questions would you ask them regarding Planet Tera and its inhabitants?



283. There are many human beings carrying out activities to raise their vibrations in
order to ascend. Is this sufficient or do you recommend additional exercises to help our
elevation? (Puerto Rico)
Many humans are in fact applying great effort to upraise their energetic vibration. We know it is
hard especially because of the dense environment where you are. Elevating the vibration of
thought-energies is a joint endeavor of many qualities that the human being has to cultivate,
develop and put it into practice in daily life.
When we talk about knowledge, understanding and love, we are referring to the three bodies
that form you.
Knowledge……… physical body.
Understanding…. psychic body.
Love…………….. spiritual body.
To be able to elevate the energetic vibration you will have to work with the three bodies
simultaneously. It is no use taking care of matter if the psyche is unbalanced or the physical
body is not organized and balanced. Spirituality will not develop that way. Rites, chants,
ceremonies, readings, spiritual study groups help much because they activate dormant
energies. However, all these actions should be accompanied by an authentic and real positive
You may be asking yourselves: how will we know if we are on the correct path? How can we
recognize if this or that is the truth? If something is true, how should we follow it? How can we
discern a real transmitter of Universal Knowledge?
If something causes you discomfort, sadness, anguish, indifference, anger, agitation, it
is because the path is not correct. When this happens, stop, go back and start all over
again. Listen to your inner voice of cause and effect. This will be the only way you will
know if you are on the correct path.
You do not have to accomplish great tasks. Do the best you can in the ordinary life that is yours
to live. The greatest mission that all of us thought-energies have in the universe is our own
selves. It is a great challenge that we have ahead. But it becomes much easier if we do all this
work with love. When you have produced positive causes in your lives, at some time or other
you will receive their effects.
284. Can we permanently counteract the psychic attacks of negative entities that
populate our planet? With our physical limitations, could we eliminate them? (Puerto
When Planet Tera was formed, it brought along a negative legacy, a fragment of Satien, which
has been with it until today. We, the volunteers who arrived on the planet, knew what we were
going to find. We were aware that this negative legacy would be part of the evolution and would
greatly affect the elevation. We have worked hard to eliminate the negative thought-energies.

We will accomplish this with the unity and help of the universe that has never abandoned us,
much to the contrary, it has always kept us updated with knowledge, understanding and love.
We, the guardian-volunteers of Planet Tera 3.3.3 work to safeguard the planet from possible
attacks that could affect its stability and security. There is a web (etheric body) around Tera that
prevents any negative energy from other realities from entering. The negative energy that
already exists on the planet is created and fed by your own selves. We are healing this energy.
Psychic attacks are produced by the discarnate creatures that live in the antimatter world of the
left side of the brain of Tera. They struggle to survive, provoking disorder and chaos in the
minds of weak, ignorant, disoriented and confused humans. They will go on living in this way
like viruses. As long as humans feed this type of energy, they will never free themselves from it.
But they will be able to eliminate it from the planet.
You humans have to understand that your thoughts have a life of their own and that your sicknegative thought-energies at some time will come alive. These forms will externalize and will be
like monsters created by distorted, infected and sick minds – monsters that someday will
devour you.
When humans awaken consciously and activate the work with their three bodies positively, they
begin to transmute the sick-negative energy into positive energy, activating zones 3 and 4 of the
brain. This is where they begin to build their defense and protection, because the transmuted
thought-energies that will be in their brain will have a high vibratory content. Thought-crystals
that formerly were coarse, dense and dark will begin to become refined and turn into the most
beautiful diamonds your eyes have ever beheld.
No negative energy could ever attack those who live in truth and light. The light will drive away
the virus of darkness, because knowledge will be its skill, understanding its strength, and
love its truth.
The positive being will create around itself a web (gravitational field, its cocoon) of knowledge,
understanding and love that will always protect it. This protection will not allow sick-negative
energies that could cause contamination and sickness to enter its brain. This being will start to
form its energetic being (spirit), and will be able to go on to other planes and dimensions with
this body of light.
285. Is our elevation process accelerating? (Puerto Rico)
Yes, the process of elevation is accelerating because both the planet and you are entering the
Cosmic Alignment, which will begin in the year 2014 and will go on for 7 thousand years. During
those years, all the beings who had become elevated will be ready to incarnate in the InnerEarth City of the planet. We will receive them and continue preparing them to incarnate on other
higher planes.
In the first book EL SER UNO (THE ONE BEING I – The Arcana of Thoth) and in this second
one, we explained step by step how the elevation process will take place and who will be ready
for the return journey.


286. We learned that, after the tsunami, the axis of the Earth had moved. How was this
movement and how has it affected worldwide weather? (Puerto Rico)
Yes, the axis of Tera did undergo a slight movement but without major consequences. However,
this movement has not affected the weather of the planet. What is really causing damage to the
climate are the toxic gases emanated from the petroleum and its by-products. These have also
contributed to destabilizing the ozone layer. As long as these gases continue polluting, the
seriousness we are mentioning will double.
The global warming is caused by this problem and if it is not resolved, the Tera-cell will take the
necessary steps. This means that Tera will heal itself by tilting its axis 3.5 degrees to the left.
This will bring about freezing which will be the only way for the planet to survive. When this
happens, only one-third part of the planet will survive. Tera-cell is programmed to react in this
way. It is called self-preservation.
Governments are aware of the destruction yet they do not do anything to eradicate the problem
because of interests and power built up around the black gold, as petroleum is called. We are
working to awaken consciousness and we hope that through the elevated beings that are
present on the planet, we will be able to reverse this situation.
287. What is the meaning of the word ‘human’? (Puerto Rico)
Human. Pertaining to man or with the characteristics of mankind. One who has or manifests
good feelings or who shows solidarity and understanding towards others. Person or individual
who belongs to humankind.
Humanize. To become more human, less cruel, more pleasant and less harsh.
Humanitarianism. Sensitivity, compassion or sympathy towards others.
Humanitarian. That seeks the good of all human beings.
Beings of Planet Tera should move up and become elevated through knowledge, understanding
and love. If they work hard at it, with dedication, will, constancy and so forth, they will follow this

The positive work carried out in all their existences will be rewarded. The evolution and
elevation gained by merit will enable man to go on to other levels of existence.
288. The message of Jesus was distorted and continues to be so today. This shows how
the negative energy is strong. Are we ready to receive the real message of Jesus? (Puerto
The real message of the avatar Joshua Emmanuel is in all of you, recorded in your thoughtenergies and hearts. This message is universal, and it came from the One Origin. All was
created by It and is within It.
Those who awaken to the reality of existence will be ready to reactivate what already exists
within them: knowledge, understanding and universal love. They will never allow the
negative energy to distort them or destroy the strength of their beliefs. Breaking away from the
creator only happens with those who live the sick darkness of their ignorance and their lack of
289. Do we, beings of Planet Earth, have to learn with a guru, master or group, to be able
to ascend? Is this a group or an individual type of work? Where do we have to go to find
knowledge, understanding and love? (Puerto Rico)
Thought-energy finds thousands of ways to reach the path of return. When the One Origin
created us, It imprinted in our crystals Its knowledge, understanding and love. It made us in Its
image and likeness and as such, we are It and part of It. We could never indicate a single
formula to find the path. Each one of you is a One Origin and each one will find your own way to
discover the path of return.
There is generally a common denominator – the impulse called the cause and effect that directs
the thought-energy. This is continually perfected through life experiences that are accrued from
one life to another.
This accumulation of experiences is recorded eternally in each one’s essence and it is always
activated when you need it, or when you question, doubt or ask yourselves.
In one way or another, you will always find the answers because the inner desire of your
thoughts formed a cause (the question) to receive the answers. In a certain way, this cause will
activate the thought-energies that will culminate in the effect (the answer). Then you will know
inwardly if the deed, action and thought are correct.
The inner work can be done individually or in group, as long as it is kept in balance and
individual or collective self-help is activated without personal, harmful, ambitious or power
seeking interests.
It is important for you to know how to discern which institutions or groups are authentic. In
general, the movements that have the moral and spiritual elevation of the human nature as their
real single purpose of existence are on the correct path. However, those that profit by exploiting
the good faith of the people and the spiritual aspirations of honest men and women are
completely wrong.


Another important factor is to know how to distinguish the true instructor. This is the key to good
spiritual work. How can one recognize real instructors? They will be recognized by their deeds,
actions and thoughts.
290. Why does a large part of humanity seek explanations and solutions for the problems
of existence through religious faith? (Brazil)
Whatever humans of Planet Tera do not understand, they call religion. All that they do
understand, they call science. Humans of the future will seek and find their answers by
researching and studying the universe. To their surprise, there they will discover that all they
were looking for is within their own selves. When they do discover this, they will form their own
religion based on the cause and effect of their actions. We have to point out the difference
between religious institution and religion.
Religious Institution
Most people on the planet belong to a religious institution. These devotees accept its bylaws
and try to live according to them. Each one of these institutions has created the representation
of a religion that sponsors it. Its followers believe blindly what they are told, without questioning
the alleged truth of that religion.
Religion, as they understand it, and the constant repetition that they hold the truth in their
hands, makes their belief a placebo for their lives, which these worshippers use when they do
not want to, or are not able to, face their problems. These kinds of humans depend on and feed
off this placebo, because it frees them from the responsibility of their deeds, actions and
thoughts. While some feed on the placebo, others turn it into such a powerful drug that through
it, they retain the dominion and power of the planet.
Fanatics of religious institutions are generally beings in great need of moral support. Their
deprivation and needs are impelled by their terrible loneliness, fatalism, and lack of order and
priorities. Since they live with those serious shortcomings, they have to lean on someone or
something that will give them the security they need to keep on living.
People like this also fall easily into the hands of charlatans, profiteers, deceivers of good faith
and their own ignorance. They cannot free themselves from these predators because they do
not have the strength, courage and will power to face life with their own decisions so they rely
on crutches that do not help them to grow.
Many problems of the planet are due to oblivion and the lack of knowledge and mental
openness. Most beings have narrow, rigid, illusionary, infantile and easily manipulated minds.
Inner teaching that each race or nation develops according to its needs and idiosyncrasies.
It is important to point out that for the universe the word religion becomes belief. Belief is
characterized by innate, intuitive and inner knowledge that beings have of the positive causes
and effects, which they accumulate through life experiences. These are recorded in the thoughtidea-energy and this energy forms the energetic being (spirit). Therefore, it is the being’s
essence that will guide him or her positively and correctly throughout existence.


Universal positive belief is the attitude, virtue, moral, ethical behavior and existential codes
taught and transmitted by great thinkers and philosophers. These, in turn, were inspired by the
great universal mind-ideas, which nurture the thought-energy of all thinking and conscious
minds disseminated in the humankind-universe.
When a man obtains this universal knowledge, he will work inherently without the need to
understand, organize or learn it. He is and, by being, he becomes his inner belief. He does not
need a religion; the knowledge, understanding and love of his positive life experiences from life
to life are recorded in him. In this way, his essence will be the expression of his positive belief,
which will stay with him eternally.
He is for what he is, not for what he aspires to be. By their fruits, you will know them.
Wise words from a great avatar. Humans of Planet Tera will still have to acquire many more
positive life experiences in order to record the positive cause and effects to develop their
energetic being.
Nowadays, humans are like flighty, rude, rebellious, restless, uncouth, fanciful, playful,
irresponsible, mischievous, aggressive, violent, malicious children, eager to try everything that
brings pleasure to the external senses.
If we consider that humans of the planet are in this stage of development, how could we hope
that an inner belief would be recorded to lead them to the universal path? While they remain in
this stage of the process, it is useless to ask them to understand what a mathematical set is if
they are still simply adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. They will not understand, no
matter how much it is explained to them. They will first have to learn the mathematical system
and then, little by little, they will attain a greater understanding.
With this explanation, we also do not intend to downplay the responsibility of the process.
Today, you have schools, teachings, techniques, global transmissions, methods and so on, so
that no children should be uneducated. If these badly brought up children continue proliferating,
it is because the educational process is not adequate and it is wrongly transmitted from
generation to generation. In these cases, the thought-energy is incorrectly recorded and to be
able to re-record requires much effort, time and above all, many incarnations.
291. Why are many governments dominated by mediocre and unqualified politicians who
are not prepared to promote solutions to serious problems affecting a great part of the
population of the planet? (Brazil)
Tera is a young planet, situated on the third level, plane and dimension. It had a problematic
origin that complicated its evolution and above all, its elevation. Because of this drawback, the
beings living on the surface of the planet are continually adjusting their energy to be able to
conform to the universal parameters and return to the first formula. In these adverse conditions
of development, humans struggle to continue surviving.
In spite of all the adversities they experience, they continue struggling as far as possible against
all that hinders their development. Throughout the struggle, they defend themselves in any way
they can, without thinking, without analyzing, without any knowledge of what it all means, lying,
deceiving, stealing, betraying, falsifying, adulterating, inventing, pretending, disguising,

representing, hiding and deforming, in order to get what they want and to appease their
Worse still, humans live in a system that has the same conditions. This means that the
environment in which they develop does not help them in their energetic amendment. Much to
the contrary, it aggravates their situation because it often instigates them to be violent in order
to survive. This can be seen in all social levels.
For these reasons, behavior, interaction and feedback of ideas and thoughts of humans of the
planet spin in a vicious circle, being repeated repeatedly until through suffering they begin to
correct them and learn what should rightly prevail.
Planet Tera is a clear projection of the beings that inhabit it. It is an exact mirror of the mind that
governs it, and it is the result of distorted thought-energies. Humans will build everything in their
own image and likeness.
Other inhabited planets of the universe, which understood their existential problem deeply, were
able to amend, organize and transmit knowledge, understanding and universal love, correctly.
They educated their offspring, instilling in them the ethical and moral values. In these realities,
positions of responsibility are granted by merit.
292. What chance do we have to stop the deterioration of the environment that threatens
a great part of humanity in the near future? (Brazil)
You have great chances. Scientists and conscious beings of the planet are working hard to
improve the environment. They are forewarning what could happen if gases and contamination
by the widespread use of petroleum and its byproducts continue.
Governments are aware that global warming is caused by the chaotic expansion of this calorific
energy. They are taking measures and their results will be seen clearly within the next 25 years.
The planet will learn to use solar energy; space travels are helping them to reach this
conclusion. Soon they will discover a new element in the stratosphere that will be used for the
benefit of humanity.
293. How many generations would be needed to reach an adequate level of education in
countries of Islamic faith, to surmount religious beliefs that hinder tolerance towards
other religions? (Brazil)
Actually, intolerance is found on all levels and in all religions of the planet; each one of them
claims to have the indisputable, rigid and immutable truth.
As long as humans continue isolated, amidst an unexplored and unknown universe, as long as
a “contact” with other realities is not carried out and they do not feel part of the universe, their
minds will always be dissipated, disunited and egocentric, since they are not accustomed to
being part of an all and to having an all-round knowledge of that all.
They are in their process of being larvae enclosed in their cocoons, unable to see, feel, hear or
perceive their surroundings. They are insulated in an unknown reality. There, in the darkness of
their casing, groping blindly, they understand what they can and not what they should. So they
cling desperately to those who claim to have seen a tiny light in the firmament. In their
ignorance, they believe that it is the only truth because they do not know any other. The trouble

with this process is not to believe in that tiny light and learn from it, rather it is to fanatically
convert it into their only reality of existence and not turn on other lights that can illuminate them
more than one alone.
Humans go through an inner metamorphosis, the natural process of the species. Just as the
larva becomes a beautiful butterfly, throughout its evolution and elevation human thoughtenergy takes on different nuances that will characterize and classify it. These are cycles where
energy moves up levels, and is gradually transformed until it becomes light. When it reaches
this phase, the thought-energy has the innate ability to understand and to open up mental
conduits that enable it to have a broad and deep mind. Thus thought-energy is able to perceive
the essence of the religious teachings inclusively, which, seen from the point of view of the flight
of a butterfly, all are one.
294. Why are humans unable to activate their mental faculties more so that they can
control their violent impulses when confronting stressful situations in their daily life?
Violence. Impulsive haste or tendency to be driven by anger or to apply force.
When we, the volunteers, arrived on the planet, there was no violence, furor, rage, turmoil,
anger, deviousness, rudeness, abruptness, brutality, cruelty, barbarism and so forth, in our
thought-energies. These elements did not, do not and will not pertain to our nature. These
thought-energies were studied and classified as part of the animal nature and behavior, which is
governed by instinct and sensation.
The instinctive and sensitive reactions of animals adjusted to the level, subtleness, frequency,
rhythm and vibration of each of the 7 planets. We can imagine, then, what happened on Planet
Tera in this regard.
The animal kingdom evolved according to the energy and density of its environment. It
developed, fed and absorbed the energy of the planet. Mankind on the surface ate the plants
and animals. This created a vicious circle of very similar traits, without differentiation.
The Ayapliano-man on the surface absorbed sensitive, instinctive, wild and aggressive elements
and part of his energy became animalized. The DNA of man and animal intermixed, and so the
energetic behavior became one. From then on, the Ayapliano-man began to experience new
sensations, negatively converting his Ayapliano energy into sick-man-energy. This animal
energy lives still in humans today. It is lodged in the two first zones of his brain and sometimes it
emerges and rebels.
Although conscious humans struggle to eliminate this energy from their thoughts, it is present
there, day in, day out, reminding them of their gloomy, dark and animal past.
Humans, who start to contemplate their being and their humanity, begin to transmute their
animal thought-energy into conscious-thought-energy, making it part of their being as cause and
By knowing the cause, humans will work on this energy by means of understanding, love of
reasoning, logic and life experience. They know that when this energy is worked on and
understood, it will lead them to the correct path. Throughout their lives, they record their

rejection of sick-negative thought-energies in their essence and in their thought-energy. They
know that those thoughts only bring suffering and grief.
Thus, little by little, humans eradicate this harmful type of thought-energies from their thoughtenergy. They will transmute whatever causes violence, rage, anger, wrath, cruelty and so forth
into patience, understanding, compassion, love, tenderness, sensibility and so on.
This is how man is transformed into human.
295. When humans disembody, what happens with the thought-energies that they
sheltered? (Puerto Rico)
In the same way that they gave shelter, they will be sheltered. To understand this process, we
have first to differentiate the meaning of soul and spirit. After defining them precisely, we will
understand the difference between incarnation and reincarnation.
Soul. Synonym for life. The all exists and lives through this energy. It is also the recorded
energy that humans inherit from their ancestors. During their lives they will continue recording or
amending it through their life experiences. This process of recording can be positive or sicknegative. It will all depend on the knowledge, understanding and love that beings put into their
lives. If the life of the beings, and their own or inherited thought-energies, are positive, through
inner work, elevated to a higher understanding of existence, they will start to form their energetic
being (spirit).
Spirit. When the thought-energies are elevated, they form a body called Energetic Being. This
body will be with them eternally. It is made up of thousands of thought-energies that formed
one. They became unified by vibration, belief, frequency, rhythm, colors, and so on. What
happens when thought-energies disembody? Let us look at an example.
Let us suppose that at the moment of disembodying, a human were composed of 60% of
positive thought-energies (energetic being) and 40% of sick-negative thought-energies (soul).
When disincarnating, the 60% of positive thought-energies, which vibrate at the same
frequency, will lodge together in another bubble-sphere (antimatter world-brain) that will attract
them by affinity. This bubble could be found in its own family descendants, in other beings, in
the bubble-sphere (antimatter world-brain) of the same planet or in some moon of the solar
system. This energetic body will reincarnate many times in the bubble-spheres of the human
beings until its energetic being reaches its sixth month of gestation.
When this occurs, the energetic being will lodge in the antimatter world (bubble-sphere of an
intra-terrestrial), in the Inner-Earth City of the intra-terrestrials, to continue reincarnating in them
until the ninth month of gestation, when its energetic being is entirely formed. Then a bubblesphere of a volunteer will shelter it.
In this way, it will be able to continue its elevation and transcend to other levels, planes and
higher dimensions of existence.
The remaining 40% sick-negative thought-energies will vibrate in different frequencies. This is
why, when disincarnating, the thought-energies will scatter and take shelter in other bubblespheres of humans. Like the other ones, these will find their corresponding shelter by vibration,
rhythm, frequency and so forth. The bubble-spheres of humans will shelter them, because they

will continue working through the brain that attracted them by affinity. In this way, they will be
able to be transmuted into mercurial positive-energy, and thus help form the energetic being.
296. Why do certain people today affirm that they are reincarnations of some important
personage of our history? (Brazil)
We can understand this by the above explanation. Let us take as example, an important
personage such as Moses.
When Moses disincarnated, exactly the same thing happened as we described above. Part of
his positive energy, which forms his energetic being (spirit), still continues reincarnating. It will
have to complete the sixth level to be able to be sheltered in the antimatter world of the intraterrestrials in the Inner-Earth City.
The other part of him, composed by sick-negative thought-energies (soul), nowadays is
sheltered and spread out in many bubble-spheres. Everyone affirms to be Moses and it is true,
because all are part of him, but only a single one is the most complete. That will be the one that
shelters the structure of the energetic being of Moses. Each time the structure of the energetic
being of Moses incarnates, it extracts positive thought-energies from the soul in which he is
reincarnated, to continue forming his energetic being.
297. If reincarnation comes about through affinity, how does the structure of the
energetic being feel attracted when it reincarnates? (Brazil)
Let us continue with Moses.
In order to develop continuity and correlation, the form of the energetic being of Moses will find
affinity in a soul that is similar and identifies with him because this is not only Moses, this is one
of the thousands of names he had before getting to be Moses. The energetic being generally
seeks continuity in its own lineage and heredity, which has belonged to it by right ever since it
arrived on this planet.
We also have to understand that when reincarnation takes place, the names that those beings
had in their material lives are irrelevant to the universe. What is transcendent for the thoughtenergy is to continue its lineage and universal heredity because that will enable it to return.
Without this identification, energetic beings will not be able to achieve their goals, which are the
to gather the maximum positive thought-energies to develop the energetic being, and to
become unified with the millions of energetic beings of the universe of their own lineage
and descent. By doing this, they will recover the body they left in cryogenic state in the
perfect dimension and thus they will be able to ascend and return to their source, the
One Origin.
The lineage of Moses, and of all the names that he chose to have through his descendants, is
Ra-Mor. This is the way that he will take the path of return. This is his identification, his seal
recorded in his energetic being, which will guide him on his journey.


The procreation of the inhabitants of Tera is carried out on the level of the soul. Those who form
their energetic being are the continuity of themselves from life to life. They are Ra, Vis, Tarik,
and Hak who are gathering their thought-energies. They will take along with them millions of
souls, that is, their kindred thought-energies. They have appeared to you with thousands of
different faces and names, but always being their own selves. The 660 volunteers who arrived
on Tera will return as 660 volunteers. We are all, we are one.
298. How can we consciously contact high frequency energies (nimeos) that serve as
antibiotics so that we can become immune to the virus of ambition? (Puerto Rico)
As soon as humans actuate the thought-energies of their brain, focusing them consciously to
the positive side of life, based on the cause and effect that produces knowledge, understanding
and love in their lives, they activate positive thought-energies that will produce the
antihistamine for ambition.
It is a force field of strength based in positive belief, openness, intuition, sensibility, perception,
character and personality, which will guide humans along the correct way. First, their common
sense and balance will be activated – qualities that will always go hand in hand with sacrifice
and renunciation. These two elements will always help and support them in their path of
elevation. In time and through their lives, they will acquire equanimity, the final phase and
outcome to overcome ambition.
299. Will we have a single, united government on the Earth without boundaries? (Peru)
Yes, Planet Tera will unite. It will be a difficult task, which will be carried out during the next 3
thousand years.
Science and technology will be for all, boundaries will disappear, and Tera will become a
conscious reality.
The intra-terrestrial and surface beings will form alliances that will bring about interchange and
wellness for the beings who will progress in their evolution and elevation.
Humans will have total knowledge of their cosmic reality, consequently, religions will fade and
will be transmuted into a universal belief.
The government of Tera will base its moral and ethical norms on justice and consciousness.
Those who will govern will have to be elected for their qualities that should form a harmonic
summation of life experiences that will qualify them for the task.
Education will be consistently accessible and through it, humans will understand and work on
their subconscious, healing themselves of the distortion-sickness that did not let them see, feel,
hear and touch true reality.
Ambition will be healed and eradicated from the planet, for humans will understand that it only
brings suffering and destruction.
Hunger, destitution, pain, sicknesses, prisons, injustice, violence, slander and so forth, will no
longer exist.


Humans will work so that their brothers and sisters do not to suffer and are able to live befittingly
and with dignity.
Humans will travel through the cosmos, opening new horizons of knowledge and leaving behind
them the light of wisdom.
We are portraying a world of peace, harmony and love. We have to understand that to attain it
much suffering still has to be endured. Through suffering humans will gain profound
understanding to become more aware of their acts, deeds and thoughts. They will have to attain
it through sacrifice, renunciation, understanding, constancy, will, love and others. Humans will
have to merit it and therefore they will have to work tirelessly on their existence.
You are going to achieve it. We are doing everything possible to help you because it is
you who will have to build your heaven, your paradise of light and love.
300. How will the first real contact between the governments and countries and the intraterrestrials take place? (Peru)
About the year 2300, we will begin contacting you physically, since up to now our contacts with
you have generally been telepathic. We are preparing you psychologically to receive this
It will be possible to observe and confirm our presence as the alignment is positioned in the
direction of its vertical line. When this happens, you will be mentally prepared because science
and technology will be very advanced and humans will be aware of their surroundings, of their
reality and of the cosmos.
Astronomy will give you many answers and based on them you will have the assurance that life
exists everywhere in the universe just the same as on Earth.
You will know the use of energy and will utilize it for your own benefit. Thus you will not be
surprised when we appear. You will accept it tranquilly, making it a fruitful and extraordinary
interchange of knowledge.
301. What suffering must the planet undergo in order to be able to have a world of peace,
harmony and love? (Peru)
Planet Tera is currently between two forces that are struggling to prevail. From our vantage
point, we are helping you and doing everything possible to tilt the balance towards the positive
of creation. Due to the joint efforts, we will succeed in this operation. But as in every battle that
is won, suffering is part of the process to attain the result hoped for.
Tera will still have to face painful tests that will show you the right path. Serious and unknown
consequences, which will bring about very deep pain, will impel the radical change that beings
need to understand. This will show them that ignorance is the cause of adversity and
misfortune. You are already living the beginning of this process. To particularize all that will
occur will not change the effect of the causes.
You may be wondering why we, with all our technology and science do not ward off the future


Direct intervention in a species is totally adverse and contrary to our beliefs. The Cosmic
Confederation decrees that to intervene in the evolution and elevation of a given species in the
universe would cause greater damage to what is already there.
The oldest species of the universe, through their life experiences, concluded that the energetic
nature itself reorganizes and realigns the parameters and directives of the universal body. For
these ancient species, direct intervention from other species will not make of them a stronger,
healthier and entirely independent species. On the contrary, it will make them hybrids and very
dependent on others.
Universal belief is based on cause and effect. Once the cause is engendered, nothing or no one
can prevent the effect. If we intervened, we would be annulling the effect and by doing this, we
would render the understanding ineffective. Thus, you would not understand the reason why
things happen and much less the result of the cause. This is mainly why you should live your
own life experiences, because through them you will record whatever is correct.
302. In the case of a threat of a third world war, would you help us to avoid it? (Peru)
We are constantly sending you much concrete information about the planet. In this way, through
the disclosed knowledge, we expect you yourselves to be aware of what a war would mean on
Planet Tera. You are the only ones who could prevent a third world war because you are the
ones who will suffer the effects and the terrible consequences of your acts.
Our work is to teach you the enormous responsibility you have towards your planet and your
own selves. We are always sending you much knowledge and working with the positive thoughtenergies on the surface. The planet has a great deal of elevated literature. There are
institutions, groups and volunteers working for the planet, taking care of it and preventing
potential and serious contamination of the environment.
This is how you will get to understand and when you do so, you will transform your planet into
an Eden of harmony, peace and love.
We will not arrive in our spacecraft, extolling universal knowledge and telling you what to do or
not to do. We are not imbrued with our wisdom, telling you magical and miraculous stories,
about how, without doing any work, you will transform your planet with a magic wand just by a
We will not be responsible for your acts, as though you were abandoned children...
The human species is the thought of the universal mind, thus it must be a responsible, prudent,
sensible, conscious, precise, mature, accomplisher and administrator of what the creator
entrusted to it, that is, to look after creation and to do so with all its love.
303. When will terminal diseases end and will we find the cure for them? (Peru)
Going back to our previous question, we said that cause and effect is the universal belief. The
cause and effect of the sick-distorted thought-energies of the planet is causing the sickness in


Ignorance in regard to the knowledge and functioning of energy is causing serious energetic
distortions in the planet and in the beings inhabiting it.
When thought-energies are produced in the brain and emanated, the crystals that emerge are
imprinted in geometrical forms. These forms express the desire, shape, vibration, frequency and
colors of the thoughts. The crystals will conduct themselves and adjust according to the
expression of the thoughts.
If the thought-energy crystals are produced, emanated and recorded with knowledge,
understanding, love, common sense and balance of the cause and effect, the geometrical
shapes of these crystals will come out in the form, rhythm, vibration, frequency and colors
molded according to the desired thought. If the opposite happens, the thought-energy crystals
will come out distorted and deformed.
Here you should understand that you are feeding off this negative and sick energetic
expression, causing great harm to both your matter and psychic bodies. The brain of Tera is
taking in this terrible food that is spoiled, putrid, of the worst quality and devoid of nutrients. We
know that such thought-energy erodes, rusts, exhausts and depletes whatever it touches.
Sicknesses as you call them, will continue emerging and manifesting as long as you do
not understand that the most important nutrient is called positive thought-energy,
externalizing it and making it part of your lives and of the planet.
304. Why is it so hard for humans to live in peace? (Puerto Rico)
Let us go back in time and see when the Ayaplianos became distorted. For those of us who
remained in the spacecraft, to see our brothers gradually becoming distorted and in time turning
into simian beings, was indescribable. To see them disappear in the darkness of their minds, to
hear them and not understand them, to feel that they were far away from our reality, is
something that we will never forget. We will take these experiences with us, recorded in our
thought-energies, forever and ever. Nothing in our bubble-sphere can be compared to them.
They are singular experiences that will remain eternally in the memory of the One Being.
The horrors and memories live within you; you hold them in your subconscious. When they
surface, they are frightful, terrifying, gruesome, bloodcurdling, dismal, ugly, repulsive, monstrous
and violent.
How can we blame you when you react violently to a situation that awakens your subconscious
of horror, fear and insecurity?
It is not easy for you, after going through terrible traumas of distortion, to amend them simply
through faith or religion; it is not possible nor is it enough. You deserve to have an in-depth
explanation through the analysis of your lives to be able to remember and understand the
atrocities you experienced.
So far, no professional approach of the planet has been able to give you with this explanation.
You will only be able to understand it when you discover your extra-terrestrial origin and accept
it as solid truth.


When this happens, clear memories will emerge. You will have to be prepared to see
yourselves face to face as the animals and violent and savage beasts that you were. Have you
ever asked yourselves why you cannot bear ugliness, physical and psychological deficiency,
deformity and hereditary defects? It is because you see yourselves face to face with what you
went through and you cannot stand it. So you chase after ephemeral and fanciful beauty, in wild
pursuit of vanity, superficiality and materialism, believing that in this way you can correct the
inner distortion that is latent in you.
Violence and all that surrounds it comes from those times. When you started to become
deformed and distorted, you did not have the image of the memories of when you were
Ayaplianos. The only image you retained was of the animal kingdom, because they were the
only creatures living with you. Since you did not have another image to guide you, you started to
imitate and behave like the animals.
You had to survive. Like the animals, you killed to eat and to guard your food. You killed and
fought savagely instinctively to protect your offspring and your space. You killed violently, with
blind fury and brutality, because it meant survival, prolongation, sustainment, and overcoming
the subconscious hardships that impelled you to continue.
Violence is an emotion that has been in you ever since that time. It is still present in zones 1 and
2, and emerges at certain times. Violence is driven by other emotions that activate it, such as
fear, insecurity, mistrust, edginess, agitation, anxiety, suspicion, remorse, doubt, panic, fright,
dread, need and so many more that are hidden and disguised within emotions.
You have to transmute violence through understanding. This means that if you consciously find
out the feeling that is generating the emotions that trigger violence and other negative emotions,
and realize why they happen, then you will start to understand them and by doing so, they will
automatically disappear from your life.
When you no longer have emotions of fear, dread and distrust in you, you will not foment
violence or any other negative emotion, and by not being fed, these will die out.
305. What would be the consequences if people demolished the balance of nature?
(Puerto Rico)
What you call nature, we consider to the material body of the One Being in the universe. Nature
is wise and was programmed by the One Origin so that nothing could intervene in its evolution,
which was regulated in the infinity of its creation.
As soon as one of the sick fragments of Satien became Planet Tera, which fell into the oblique
belt, the balance was broken. The One Being perceived what had happened and sent Its
thought-children to correct this deviation.
Ever since we arrived on this planet, we have been working to balance it and place it in the
correct angle. We have not slacked off for an instant, working hard to heal it and prevent the
sickness of Satien from spreading. We have achieved it and we are sure that the results will be
totally positive for us and for the One Being.


306. What is happening on the planet with the ozone layer? (Peru)
The hole that was formed in the ozone layer is due to the contamination of the atmosphere by
the widespread use of petroleum and its by-products.
Scientists of the planet are aware of what could happen in the future and they are taking
measures, which will bring positive results in 25 years’ time. These measures involve
decreasing contamination by using fuel that does not affect the magnetism or the electric
currents coming from the sun.
What is taking place on the planet already happened with Satien. We do not mean that Tera is
following the same catastrophic path as its precursor, because together with the intra-terrestrials
we have taken the necessary measures for history not to be repeated. We have been
controlling this precautionary measure for the past 300 million years. Humans will take the
correct path by eliminating petroleum and working with other organic, vegetable and solar fuels.
In this way, the hole that was formed will close automatically.
307. Is it possible that there is life on other planets of our system, without necessarily
being the same as our life? (Peru)
Many systems, galaxies and planets of the universe are inhabited. The universe has countless
forms of life that populate the material, psychic and spiritual bodies of the One Being. Life, as
you know and imagine it, only exists in the reality where you happen to live.
Human-species can only be found on the 7 planets that were formed from the fragments of
Satien. They are your only brothers in species, but with certain differences. If by this question
you are referring to intelligent life, this life is disseminated in the tangible and intangible
universe, in parallel realities, in millions of levels, planes and dimensions.
The planets of the solar system are inhabited by energy which is in the process of definition.
This energy has not yet incarnated in man. It is in an elementary state, ready to be molded and
to take on the human-man form.
308. Why is homosexuality emerging with so much force? (Peru)
Homosexuality is not emerging with force; in all times it has always been latent. Let us see why.
To understand it, let us take off from knowledge of the higher reality. The mental-energy of the
beings that inhabit the Sublime, Divine, Etheric and Perfect Dimensions is hermaphrodite. The
energy of their minds works in a balanced way with both feminine and masculine energetic
forces. The emanation and creativity of their ideas are impregnated with these two forces, which
take different paths when they are disseminated through the universe.
We know from previous explanations, that these ideas keep descending from level to level, from
plane to plane, and from dimension to dimension, until they reach the lower reality. The regular
worlds are the first to perceive these ideas. These worlds are organized, stable and well
When the matter-man was created in the Regular Dimension by the Perfect Dimension, both
energetic forces – masculine and feminine – developed in a single material body. However, in


time they manifested collateral effects causing the lack of procreation. The Perfect Dimension
had to separate them into two different material bodies – man and woman.
When the energy became densified the two forces got unbalanced, causing one to prevail over
the other. The Perfect Dimension solved the problem by creating two bodies in which each one
of them would contribute 50% of its energy. In this way, they managed to maintain equilibrium in
the procreation of the species.
The Ayaplianos of the Regular, Secondary and Elementary Dimensions of the universe
developed according to universal formulas and directives. These dimensions have maintained
masculine and feminine energies in accordance with their physical, psychic and spiritual bodies,
but they have kept the energy of their thoughts hermaphrodite.
Both forces, masculine and feminine, of their thought-energies are perfectly balanced;
regardless if they are in a female or a male material body, their behavior is the same. They have
a quality that you lack: equanimity. This quality enables them to behave homogeneously.
In these equable realities, the bonding and procreation of men and women are attracted and
produced by vibration, frequency, rhythm, color and so forth. Their children are born with an
ideal quantity of essential energy, which forms a unique energy. The new being is born
physically, psychologically and spiritually totally endowed and balanced because it manifests
the two forces.
In your case, since there is no balance and your thought-energies fluctuate between the right
and left sides, the unbalanced energies do not know where they belong, so they tend to
incarnate in bodies that are not in accord with them.
The more serious problem rests in the distorted heredity that is passed down from parents to
children. Homosexuality is classified as follows.
Homosexuality due to distortion.
Homosexuality due to inheritance.
Homosexuality due to option.
Homosexuality due to degeneration.
Homosexuality due to ignorance.
Homosexuality due to the environment.
Since the beings of Tera and of the other six planets became distorted, we can no longer adjust
the rules to what was established by the universe as correct. We have to understand that the 7
distorted planets are different and their development is unique.
When we, the volunteers, arrived on Tera, we faced many challenges, especially the distortion
of our brothers who had remained on the surface of the planet. To counteract and correct this
terrible experience and to recover them, we had to carry out countless experiments. The
distortion had made them sterile, unable to produce semen and ova. Gradually, by means of
implants, in the distorted beings on the surface by the intra-terrestrials living in the Inner-Earth
City, we were able to reverse the situation.

Through this process, we could also bring about a more defined energetic procreation that was
better adjusted to their bodies. We mean that the thought-energy could not be hermaphrodite; it
had to be masculine or feminine. If this were not done, the energetic reformulation would not
adjust to a specific route of evolution and elevation, instead, it would cause confusion in the
energetic reorganization of the matter.
This energetic reorganization steered the thought and encased it in a continuous and correlative
development that still prevails today.
First, we had to direct, define, determine, stabilize and resolve you, and then go on to the
second phase. In the second phase, we had to unify, adjoin, connect and consolidate you so
that your thought-energies would have the two universal forces, masculine and feminine, well
The problem is that, due to the distortion in which you live, you have confused the forces and
have linked them to a hereditary, distorted, sexual, degenerated, ignorant material option,
instead of to a balanced option of understanding and of mental procreation, of stable thoughtenergies.
Therefore you should understand that if feminine energy is incarnated in a masculine physical
body, it does not mean that you should behave like a woman with a man’s physical body.
Rather, the feminine energy should know and adjust to the masculine body and thus be able to
equilibrate its thought-energies. But, by not understanding this, you have distorted it even more,
turning it into a totally sexual, and not mental, option.
The thought-energy evolves and is elevated through life experiences. It means that if a thoughtenergy lives an experience like this, it should not run away or feel left out of the masculine
context. We are not referring to a same-sex experience of a man with a man or a woman with a
woman, but the experience that such a body offers. When this has been understood and
learned, then both forces will be balanced.
When incarnating in a masculine or feminine body, the energy that is totally balanced will not be
concerned about where it is because both masculine and feminine bodies will continue offering
it experiences and its thought-energies will know how to behave accordingly.
In this way, you will learn through the two forces. You will unite them mentally into a single force
and through that understanding and work; you will interlock the thought-energies to go back to
their real universal behavior.
Thought-energies do not have a gender the way you understand it. The difference among them
is marked by the vibration, rhythm and frequency that define them. When the two forces are
united in a well-balanced single force, we will have to classify them simply as energies.
309. What happens with the feelings of those persons who want to love and be loved?
Discrimination of those beings is the real problem. Actually, love has nothing to do with this
subject because they can love and be loved as people, individuals, and human beings, with
their qualities and defects. There should be no differences, such as the way you deal with


You are all human beings and as such, you should respect and love one another. The real
dilemma is not concerning the unconditional acceptance of these beings; it is the distorted
option that these beings make in their lives, choosing and concentrating this option on sexual
relationships, which cause even more confusion in their thought-energies and feelings.
We really want you to understand that in the universe there is not only a single option, there are
thousands of them. For you to understand what we mean, you will have to open your minds. We
are not saying that these beings have to renounce to love, but to make their lives an expression
of love according to their expectations.
It is hard for us to explain to you and for you to understand the organization of thought-energies,
or how should they be classified. In other realities of existence higher than yours, beings are
joined by vibration, rhythm, frequency, colors, and so forth.
These unions are carried out between men and women, and sexual desires are totally directed
toward procreation. Nonetheless, when two beings join, they do so with real love that will unite
them forever like great companions, friends and spouses. They will work with their inner senses,
because the external senses are to be used for other purposes. We know from previous
explanations that in this reality beings have sentiments and not emotions.
Since you work with emotions and these are entangled, complicated, mixed up and confused,
your emotions lead you to the only love you know: passion. In Tera, the climax of passion is the
sexual relationship.
In the material and psychic reality of the planet, sentiments take different routes. The thoughtenergies are broken down into thousands of emotions and you only work with the external
senses, which are focused on the pleasure of the senses. For you, one of the most important is
sexual pleasure.
It is important to clarify that for the universe the physical-sexual union of two beings of the same
sex does not have the importance you give it, provided the behavior of those beings does not go
overboard, letting their emotions degenerate the senses or cause greater distortion and
sickness. If this does occur, each one of them would be accountable for his or her acts and their
subsequent effects.
The only drawback regarding this union is the lack of procreation for the continuity of the
species. While the cases are isolated, it is not predominant in the evolution of the universe, but
if all the beings on a planet were to unite physically with their own sex, the species of that planet
would become extinct.
The universe knows that these are thought-energies in the process of definition. For the
universe, what matters is the psychic and spiritual union of the thought-energies, whether they
are of the same or of different genders.
Energetic feedback of ideas and thoughts is the principal nutrient of all beings in the universe.
Only by uniting both forces, masculine and feminine, will thoughts be balanced and able to
create the most beautiful and brilliant ideas.


310. Are organ transplants and blood transfusion contrary to nature or the universe?
People who receive an organ through a transplant are seeking a short-range solution. This will
extend their material life, but they do not effectively understand or record a more feasible and
real solution in their thought-energies. This solution would be to project themselves to future
lives, transmuting the transmitted or inherited physical sickness in this life. If they did this, they
would not need a transplant.
That is, if humans understood the real cause and its effects, they would not seek this kind of
short-range solution. They should become profoundly aware of themselves and their
surroundings and then, through knowledge and understanding, work to prevent it from being
repeated in future lives.
Humans create problems in order to sell solutions…
Sickness should not be combated with chemical medication because this will only create
another type of problem, which will affect another part of the physical body. Sickness is
combated by discovering its psychic origin. This is the only way to prevent it from emerging and
Nowadays, beings of the planet have to survive with whatever means are available, using
transplants, surgeries, transfusions and so on, because they lack knowledge of a conscious and
universal alternative medicine. Humans of the planet will have to learn how to prevent because
they only know how to attack.
To prevent signifies having a profound awareness of the cause in order to avoid the
It means to analyze, examine, study, ponder, determine and specify the knowledge and
understanding of the thought-energies. In this way, you would get to the origin and cause of the
sicknesses and, by doing it, you would eradicate them from the planet forever.
311. In terms of energy, what happens to a person who lives with an alcoholic or a drug
addict? (Peru)
Everything will depend on one’s psychological and spiritual strength to face this kind of life,
reality and situation. A family that is connected, bonded, linked, surrounded and close to this
type of thought-energies runs the risk of getting physically or psychologically sick. It is
impossible to believe that thought-energies can stand apart, without getting directly or indirectly
involved with these persons. In some way and in different degrees, they will be committed to
They are sicknesses and they should be treated as such.
What can one do when one experiences this type of painful, horrible and deplorable situation?
How can one come to grips with these sicknesses objectively?


The analysis and cure of these sicknesses will have to start from the knowledge that humans
are formed of three bodies: physical (matter), psychic (soul) and spiritual (energetic being). If
you accept this truth, you will steer the healing towards the correct reality.
These sicknesses attack the first two bodies. Firstly, the psychic body (soul) and then the
physical body (matter). We are going to leave aside the third body because it is understood that
a person who is an alcoholic or a drug addict is not yet ready to form his or her energetic being.
The soul gets sick for many reasons: lack of love, rejection at birth, environment, distorted
education, vices, pleasure of the external senses, insecurity, lack of self-esteem, character and
personality disorders, losses, energetic contamination and others. When the soul gets sick, it
enters retroactive states. This means that the brain is fed by thought-energies that have very
low vibration, frequency, rhythm, and so on.
When beings are in these conditions, they lower their energetic voltage, consequently their
physical and mental health deteriorates. Since they cannot understand what is happening they
do not take the necessary measures, such as analysis, reasoning, logic, knowledge,
understanding of what is happening to them; they compensate their needs with chemical
substances that make them feel better.
These substances occasionally uplift their energetic voltage, thus deceiving their material and
psychic bodies. The bodies then become chemical dependents and so they no longer listen,
analyze, and reason. At the same time, they begin to deteriorate and waste away the natural
functioning of the brain. In these detrimental conditions, the psychic body does not send the
correct orders to the material body, which then starts to function with its elementary state, that
is, with zones 1 and 2 of instinct and feeling.
This is why the beings who are dependent on alcohol and drugs cannot understand the logical
reasoning of healthy beings. How could they be healed?
The first thing is to divest them of the physical dependency. The second is to divest them of
psychological dependency. This entire process should be supervised and controlled by medical
treatment. This is the only way to attain healing. You should understand that there is no love
that could heal them… but there is knowledge, understanding and love that could heal
Knowledge……… material body.
Understanding….. psychic body
Love……………… energetic body
Work should be done simultaneously with both sick bodies and it is only at this point that we
could envision forming the third body, the spiritual one.
This explains why many families think that only with much love they will get their loved ones to
give up vice. Love is wonderful but it often confuses, because it annuls logical reasoning that is
needed to treat this type of case. Love is part of it, but it is not all. One cannot work only with
love; knowledge and understanding are needed to reach the bottom of the problem.


This is why human beings are often surprised when they believe that they will achieve the
results through love, but the results never come about. You have been reprogrammed that way
for 2000 years and have been taught that love is magic and miraculous.
If, regardless of all the knowledge, understanding and love that the family provides, they do not
reach their goal because the chemically dependent being refuses to get out of the stagnation in
which he or she lives, then you should not feel entirely responsible. You should try to
understand the extent of your responsibility concerning the problem. In this way, you will be able
to help yourselves and not turn the lack of understanding into karma that you will take with you
to other lives until you understand it.
It is important to discover the origin; without it, you will never be able to understand the
source of the cause and much less the consequences of the effect.
312. Do all the thoughts drifting in our brain ever become manifested? (Peru)
Yes, all of them do become manifested at some moment of your existences.
313. Do the prayers and masses we offer for the discarnate help them become elevated
or do they disturb them? (Peru)
You are neither helping them become elevated nor disturbing them. What they do receive are
good energetic vibrations and the good wishes of all those who loved, respected and admired
them. In the opposite case, they will receive bad vibrations from those who hated, rejected,
detested, and despised them.
To pray, ask, implore, invoke, thank, commend the soul, and so forth, are rites that the religious
institutions have taught throughout the times. The only intent of these rites was to unite and
interconnect the material reality of the incarnated being with the antimatter reality of the
discarnate. They are emotional relationships that bind, attach and shackle the thought-energies.
We say that they do not help them to become elevated because each one of you is responsible
for your deeds, actions and thoughts. Prayer directed for the benefit of other persons is a wellmeaning thought, but good intentions are not enough; they need to be externalized and become
real in each one’s life.
Praying is sending petitions up to a divinity or a being worthy of worship. It is asking such
divinity for the soul of the discarnate being. Unfortunately, only the discarnate person is
responsible for his or her soul because he or she engendered the causes and will have to wait
for the effects.
Divinity, in these cases, cannot have favorites because thousands of persons are praying for
thousands of thought-energies. In the antimatter reality, there are no privileges, indults,
immunities, monopolies, benefits, concessions, favors and protections, such as you have. That
is why the planet where you live is the way it is, full of favoritisms that lead you along crooked
paths, and worst of all, religious institutions that charge money to offer a ritual for a discarnate,
promising it forgiveness and salvation of its soul.


As long as you continue to be imprudent, naïve, inexperienced, simpleminded and
credulous, sects and institutions will go on getting rich, taking advantage of the
credence of mankind for the sake of man.
314. When you refer to the human foodstuff and tell us to abstain from eating red meat,
do you also include birds, fish and their by-products? (Peru)
The only animal group that we currently recommend not to eat is the mammalian. Everything
else is energy that is still necessary for subsistence and life.
You are undergoing an evolutionary process. This means that through understanding you will
stop eating a lot of useless food that you consume nowadays for the pleasure of the external
senses and not for real nutrition. Thus, humans will gradually understand what should and
should not be part of them. When it becomes clear to them, they alone, and through their own
initiative and decision, will stop eating what is useless and replace it with what is useful.
When we mention mammals and suggest that you avoid feeding on them, it is because this line
of creation belongs to the experiments and prototypes carried out by the regular reality in order
to create man. For this reason, the universe considers that these creatures should not be used
as food, otherwise the universe would consider it to be a form of cannibalism. Everything else
was created and implanted on Planet Tera to serve as the food chain and to maintain the
calorific energy needed to sustain life in humans and other live species.
The Ayapliano bodies were not and are not made for this type of food. This was one of the
causes of the distortion. If you want to enter the Inner City and incarnate in a more subtle and
perfected intra-terrestrial body, you cannot eat the same distorted elements that were so
harmful for you. For the elements of your body to begin to be energetically cleansed, you should
provide them with less calorific and more alciatic fuel.
Amidst all this distortion, we suggest that you eat fish and fowl for they are considered to have
been less affected by the distortion because of their brains. Since fish and fowl do not have
brains that function like the mammals, the sick-cinnabar energies of Satien could not penetrate
them totally. The sick-cinnabar energies could not lodge there because the brains of fish and
fowl are very simple and elementary, so the distortion remained only on the first level.
315. Do you mean that the thought-energies of Satien lodged first in the animals and after
in humans?
Yes, the thought-energies of Satien lodged in minerals, vegetables and animals. When the
volunteers went out and fed off these kingdoms, the sick-cinnabar energies lodged in their
There was a time in evolution when there was no energetic difference between animal and man.
The distortion was deep and caused such a huge imbalance that the brains of the volunteers on
the surface began to function with amalgamated energies of very low vibration, which impeded
their evolutionary progress. This set them back millions of years.


316. Did the thought-energies of Satien also retard the evolution of the mammals?
Yes, they retarded and hindered their evolution. Mammals have been downgraded in the
evolutionary chain.
Could you give us an example?
Dolphins are a good example. In their evolutionary progress, they were programmed to go out
of the water, and develop lungs and legs to move about on the surface of the planet. In time,
they would get smaller and become a docile and domestic creature. For humans, they would
have been good companions and very intelligent creatures. Up until now, their evolution has
remained stationary and they have not attained the process programmed for them.
Another example is the whales. Like the dolphins, the whales were supposed to get smaller and
become little mammals, leave the water, grow lungs and legs, and move about on the surface.
We know, through our studies and research, that they will slowly achieve this development,
although not as they were meant to have done, or as evolution required, but nevertheless they
will succeed.
317. What type of food would be the least or the most distorted?
The least distorted would be the creatures that live 100% in the sea. Next, are those that live
partly in and partly out of the sea. Then come the birds, reptiles, insects and lastly the
mammals, which are the most affected by distortion.
318. What about the byproducts such as milk, eggs, cheese, processed foods, etc.?
These foods contain the same distortion as their origin. Since humans process them, increasing
and mixing them with countless chemical substances to preserve them, this makes the situation
even more complicated. When humans eat these products, they will be ingesting the distortions
from both the source and the processing.
319. What happens with the vegetal and mineral kingdoms in regard to the level of
The vegetal and mineral kingdoms also did not avoid distortion. Unlike the animal kingdom that
has a brain, these kingdoms absorbed the distortion through the elements contained in them.
For instance, some vegetables and minerals are more distorted than others are. They are
denser, heavier, and more harmful. As you go on classifying them, you will be able to find out
which ones are more and which are less distorted. For example, some vegetables are
carnivorous, poisonous and unsuitable to eat. However, others are edible, light and easy to
Some minerals can cause allergies or poisoning by simple skin contact. However, others are
harmless and can even be used in the preparation and production of special alloys. In this way,
through study and research you can discover their degree of distortion.
320. If everything is distorted, based on your explanations, what kind of food would be


You should eat the least distorted. It is very different to eat a fowl that was farmed and fed only
for human consumption or a wild bird that fed off decayed animals.
You should weigh these differences so that you will prevent the energy that enters your body
from harming, corroding, and oxidizing your material energy. This is how you can keep your
physical bodies healthy. Analyze the food thoroughly. You can freely eat the foodstuff that you
consider the least distorted and tainted, although all food contains a certain degree of distortion.
321. If someone is correct, but drinks socially and eats red meat, will this person
progress on the spiritual path? (Peru)
Spiritual impulse is very specific and personal. It all depends on the person’s understanding of
the necessary steps to be taken in order to progress.
We cannot say that if a good person drinks or eats something that is not recommended, this
person will no longer be good. This person probably does not understand the counsel that the
universe is giving to help people find the way to the spiritual path.
This advice means to put aside all that can cause harm, both physically and psychologically. In
this way, people could be cleansed of everything that could contaminate them and thus purify
their energy to elevate their physical and psychic bodies.
This understanding is very personal for human beings. It should come from deep within their
desire, will and persistence. When they understand it, they themselves will set aside everything
that could retard, taint, corrupt and contaminate them and cause addiction.
322. Is there any relationship between the blood type of the inhabitants of the planet and
their cosmic origin? (Peru)
We can say that the blood types were formed by chemical elements that were adapted by the
distortion. What really is blood?
Blood. Red colored liquid that circulates through the arteries and veins of people and animals.
For the Ayapliano-humans disseminated through the universe, blood would be a white colored
liquid that circulates through the systems, cleansing them of impurities and recycling them to
sustain life.
We, the volunteers, and part of the intra-terrestrials, have white and liquid energy flowing in our
bodies. This is composed of diaphanous, clear and very light crystals, running in our systems,
keeping us intact, young and totally purified. This energy, which we draw from the universe,
comes from the main source – the One Origin. We have to nourish ourselves with it, otherwise
we would cease to exist. This energetic nutrition that gives us life is produced through the pineal
gland. This gland extracts and absorbs from the universe the exact amount of energy we need
for our sustenance.
When some of the volunteers came out of the spacecraft to start studying the planet, they
noticed after some time that the cosmic energy, which nurtured them, was not the same as
when they drew it from the universe. On the outside, they began to nourish themselves with the
energy of the sun star. This energy was not the same as what they had known. When the rays
of the sun permeated their crystals, they densified and thickened them. They turned the
energetic movements into slow and heavy vibrations.

Their diaphanous crystals of white energy darkened and the red rays of the sun tinted them.
This color still prevails.
As time went by and you began to react by struggling against distortion, emotions surfaced and
the colors of the emotional energy mixed with the blood fluid. This established the chemical
differences that now you call blood types 0, A, B and AB.
Nowadays, through blood (white-energetic fluid, tinted red) you can detect many irregularities
and sicknesses. What you have not discovered yet is that through blood you can also detect
feelings and emotions.
In the future you will discover that the sick-negative and positive emotions are recorded in the
blood. Since this energetic-fluid runs through all the systems, it carries healthy and sick
energies. Along that course, it leaves traces that can be wonderful or deplorable.
If they are positive, they will take happiness, love, fulfillment, peace, harmony, etc. If they are
sick-negative, they take energetic oxidation and moldering, which blocks the conduits wherever
it goes, causing sicknesses, senility, disintegration and lastly material and psychic decay.
When blood carries along positive and elevated energies, a similar process happens, but in this
case, wherever it goes it recycles, rejuvenates, enlivens and revitalizes material and psychic
323. How can emotions be detected in the blood?
You can do this through the amount of platelets, red and white cells, oxygen and the color of the
blood. When the blood is dark red, with many red cells and a dense consistency, we can
describe the person as bad tempered, frustrated, unhappy, irritable, outraged, disillusioned,
disappointed, and so on.
If the blood is bright red and the red and white cells and platelets are stable and balanced, and
its consistency is fluid, we can say that the person is tranquil, patient, happy, stable, active,
hardworking, etc.
If the blood is imbalanced with more white cells than red, is slightly dark red and runny, the
person is phlegmatic, indifferent, inactive, repressed, obsessive, insecure, etc.
If someone has very bright red blood, fluid, a balanced amount of red and white cells, very many
platelets and a lot of oxygen, this individual will be creative, brilliant, positive, outstanding, lively,
joyful, original and elevated.
When the humans of Planet Tera nourish themselves with elevated thought-energies and these
begin to be part of their matter and psychic energy, the red blood will start clearing and the
thought-energies will go through several levels until they reach their sixth level of evolution and
elevation. In this process, their blood will have been transformed into a very light red color,
almost orange.
When their matter and psychic energy have this color of blood, their energetic being will be
prepared to enter the Inner-Earth City and lodge in the body of an intra-terrestrial. The intraterrestrials have pale yellow energetic fluid. The two colors are then attracted to one another
and when they merge, they form the color of the sun.

At this point, the energetic being is ready to incarnate materially and psychically in an intraterrestrial body. Since it still has to go through three more levels, the seventh, eighth and ninth,
it will continue grading the color, going from yellow, to light yellow to bright white. This is the
color it needs to incarnate in the body of a volunteer. This is the only way it will be able to return
to its point of origin.
324. Do those who die in catastrophes, wars, earthquakes, and so on, incarnate sooner?
It is generally traumatic for a thought-energy to disembody in a tragic way. It will overcome this
trauma during its future lives.
Fears are thought-energies that are often carried from life to life. If these energies pile up, and
they are not understood or worked through, they degenerate into syndromes of terror, panic,
phobia and anguish. If life after life the individuals still do not work on them, their condition will
worsen, creating syndromes such as schizophrenia, psychosis, derangement and insanity.
When thought-energies disembody in drastic conditions, the Planet Tera brain will shelter them.
Each one will go to its corresponding level. They will be received and energetically treated by
more advanced thought-energies so that they can heal the trauma they underwent. Some will
manage to do so, others will not. It will depend on the degree of trauma that the thought-energy
Those, who in their material life could not complete their cycle of existence, will return
immediately to material life. They will incarnate in lives similar to those they had, so that they do
not to lose the order and continuity and thus fulfill their cycle of life. Those who had already
fulfilled their cycle of material life will be treated energetically and sent to be sheltered according
to their vibration, rhythm, frequency, colors, etc.
When they incarnate, some of them will take with them the trauma they experienced, while
others will have overcome it. It will depend on their understanding of the problem and work they
do, to overcome it in the antimatter and material reality.
For the universe, mass disembodying and almost instant reincarnating of thought-energies, is
considered to be a shot of revitalizing energy. This is because those thought-energies that are
incarnating in such conditions were specially treated by the antimatter reality, and were rerecorded with new, updated, healthier and dynamic thought-energies. Children born with these
revitalized thought-energies will grow and become very special individuals, above all, very
positive, spiritualized, open-minded and advanced for their time. You call them crystal children,
indigo children.
325. If we understand that humans of Planet Tera are transported energetically and not in
their physical bodies, how do you explain the reported cases of abductions? (Peru)
It all depends on who carries out the abduction and with what aim. We, the volunteers, together
with the intra-terrestrials, have abducted you in all times and will continue doing so until you are
healed and in excellent energetic conditions. Abduction, in your case, is carried out with the one
aim of helping you overcome your distortion. We cannot manipulate, steer, maneuver, dominate
or impose any influence on your minds. To do this would mean possession of thought-energies.

When humans on the surface of Planet Tera are abducted by us and taken to the Inner-Earth
City or to our spacecraft, they are transported exclusively in their astral bodies. There is no
other way to do it. Humans undergoing this will feel that they were taken in their physical bodies
because their experiences will be so crystal-clear that to them there will be no difference.
326. Why do you carry out those abductions?
We, the volunteers and intra-terrestrials, have precise control over each one of you. We have to
do so because in this way we know every energetic and mathematical detail about you. Nothing
at all evades us concerning the evolution and elevation of the beings of the planet. The
evolution and elevation of your thought-energies have been set up ever since we arrived on the
Abductions are carried out on all levels. The most common and most meaningful way is through
dreams when the astral body is taken to another place or reality. You are under our supervision.
We are responsible for you. Perhaps abduction is not the best method for us to use, but it is the
only one that has given us positive results in terms of progress. In this way, we have been able
to direct thought-energy towards elevation.
When you dream and wake up the following day, most of you do not pay attention to your
dreams. You think they do not mean anything. This is not so. Your lives are as exactly the
same as your dreams. Dreams are often clear and transparently precise. This is telling the
dreamer that his or her life is correctly aligned. If it is the opposite, the dreamer’s life is
confused, disturbed, and undefined.
This is where we intervene, abducting the dream and organizing the thought-energies, placing
the symbols to configure the meaning of the dream. When the person awakens, he or she will
vaguely remember the dream or will not remember anything at all. It is not important to
remember. What is really significant and fundamental is the organization of the thoughts.
The abduction that we continually practice on you consists of organizing the thought-energies of
the dream and inserting correct thought-energies in your imagination. In this way, when you
wake up the imagination will carry out the work entrusted to it.
327. By doing this, are you not manipulating our minds?
To manipulate. To maneuver through cunning or illicit means in one’s own benefit. In a
laboratory, special gloves are used to manipulate toxic substances.
In a way, the intervention that we carry out is on the level of a laboratory. We eliminate the toxic
substances and organize thought-energies for the good of the all and of everyone.
You are sick and distorted. We cannot allow the sickness to spread. We somehow have to stop
it. What do you do stop a sickness from spreading? You manipulate the cells or viruses for them
to react and overcome the sickness. Isn’t this so? We do the same. We prevent the sicknegative thought-energies from spreading and causing greater harm to you and the planet.


328. How does abduction really work if most people work with their fantasy and not with
their imagination?
Here is the real problem. Although they may think that they are awakened, those living in
fantasy are dreaming and sleeping. Fantasy is a chronic dream that hinders you from
awakening to real life. As long as you live in fantasy, you will be considered by the universe as
dormant thought-energies.
Dormant thought-energy will behave and live in dreams of material accomplishments, of unreal
events that are illusory, fake, vain, fictitious, uncertain, virtual, unfeasible, make-believe,
fantastic, strange, deceptive and untrue, without any correlation. You may ask why. Life
answers you: because they live in fantasy, chasing pipe dreams, illusions and delusions. Their
entire life is spent struggling, working, buying and paying for whatever the artful ones have
329. What can we do if the system is like that?
The sick-negative-energy takes advantage of the needs of unreal and fanciful desire,
inventing what is unthinkable to create a dependency called pleasure of the external
This is the worst scourge of all times, the most potent drug that matter-energy and psychicenergy struggle strenuously to combat. It was here that all you know as system got started.
330. If we wanted to get out of the system we could not, because how could we survive
outside of it?
It is not a question of either persisting or fleeing; the issue is to organize. Your greatest problem
is your disorderly lack of priorities. In general, the system is not entirely wrong, but you would
have to conduct it correctly so that the effects could bring about extraordinary results.
This is why we are continually abducting you with the only aim of organizing your thoughtenergies, which jump from the left to the right side of the brain, making you live in confusion and
disorder. If you live that way you will never find the answers or the balance that you seek so
331. Do you continue abducting those who are already awakened?
Those who are awakened do not need to be abducted. They are contacted and they
communicate with, and relate to, the antimatter world. This interrelationship between the two
parallel worlds is carried out through telepathy or channeling, through other beings who are
already awakened or by means of some information that reaches them.
Awakened beings sleep, because their matter needs to rest and restore its energy. When they
sleep, they dream. Their dreams are profound and real because they are an exact reflection of
their waking life. They are continually awakened. They are always the same because they do
not work with fantasy but with imagination, which allows their thought-energies to be continuous,
correlated, organized, real and, above all, healthy.


Awakened beings do not need to be abducted. They are responsible for their existence. They
are aware of cause and effect. They continually receive information and know how to tell right
from wrong.
332. Is it correct to cremate physical bodies when they disincarnate? (Peru)
There is an evolutionary chain in the universe. When a physical body is cremated, in some way
the continuity of the natural process is broken down. Let us see what happens when energy
We have always said that humans are formed of three bodies: material, psychic and spiritual.
When the energy that makes up these three bodies disincarnates, it will be attracted by the
vibration and frequency that pertain to it.
When humans breathe their last breath, the energy that formed them and gave them life (soul)
will cluster by vibration, frequency, rhythm, colors, and so on. This energetic concentration will
exit by its corresponding energetic center. It will merge with other human discarnate energies
drifting in the environment and will seek shelter in a kindred brain to continue subsisting.
If the energy is of low vibration, frequency, rhythm and color, it will exit by the procreation
energetic center. It will take this energy a few days to detach from those needs and pleasures
that its physical body generated. During that time it will have no idea of what it is happening, for
it is unaware of its reality. It will be like having sensations in dream, feeling fenced in, caught
and in darkness.
When the time comes, the energy will exit and will be received by other energies, which will
treat it and heal it. Once having let go, the energy will have to incarnate again in a new life; its
needs and memories will have faded. Here it will feel attracted by other energies in similar
conditions. It will merge with them and together they will seek a physical body in embryonic
state to continue the process of life.
If the energy is of average elevation, it will exit through the solar plexus energetic center. This
energy will also take a few days to understand its reality, for the same reasons mentioned
above. As it detaches from its needs and earthy pleasures, its soul will understand its reality.
Vivid images of its life will appear before it in a profound examination. Through this assessment,
it will have a clear perception of the work that it will have to do.
During this process, it will become aware of its disembodying. It will not feel any pain, rejection
or fear. It will be like a spiritual retreat where other energies receive it and lead it where it
belongs until it feels ready for a new life. When time comes, it will unite with other similar
energies by attraction and all together they will seek shelter in a psychic body to continue living.
If it is an elevated energy with knowledge of cause and effect, if it is an energy that was worked
on, understood and loved, it will exit through the pineal gland energetic center. Its exit will be
instant and just as quickly it will find shelter in an energetic being that will already be prepared to
receive it. Its consciousness is awakened. It knows where it is and by knowing and
understanding what is happening to it, it will go on in love, peace and harmony until the time
comes to reincarnate. In this case, it will feel attracted by a spiritual body of its same vibration
that will give it all the elements it needs to continue its existence and elevation.

The cremation of a physical body does not allow for the time needed for the energy (soul) that
gave life to that being, to exit, cluster and set out on its path. Fire will immediately expel the
energy from the body. The energy then will find itself drifting without knowing what is happening
to it.
We can compare the traumatic disembodying of these energies to those who die in tragic
accidents. In these delicate cases, the energy that detaches from the matter and psyche is
received and sheltered by the brain of the planet. It is treated and then sent to a new life to be
able to get over it.
This is why we do not recommend cremation. However, if this is done for lack of knowledge or
through ignorance, we try to control the situation until you understand it.
333. Does it mean that physical and psychic energy that remains in the body sees and
feels its putrefaction and decay?
No, that is not so.
334. Then, if this is not the case, why can we not cremate that body if the energy no
longer lives in it?
Thought-energy does not live in it, but the creatures that always coexisted with the material
body do. It is a question of the evolutionary chain. In that putrefied and decayed body, there are
creatures that fed off it in the microcosm of its existence. They will continue feeding off it as they
had always done and in time, when they no longer have any food, they will disincarnate and
look for another physical body to continue living. We have to understand that the soul exists in
the macrocosm and also in the microcosm. There is a very strong bond that links the collective
soul of the universe. It is a single energy that is manifested in millions of levels.
335. How can apparitions, phantoms and ghosts be explained?
This is the energetic bond that we are referring to. When a thought-energy that lived totally
attached to physical needs and pleasures disembodies, this thought-energy is deeply bonded
with the creatures that coexisted with it. The energy of these creatures forms the lowest level of
energy of the soul of the one who died. While the discarnate thought-energies link to others that
drift the environment looking for a new body in which to incarnate, the degraded soul of that
creature keeps the memory of the last physical form in which they dwelled. These are the ones
that haunt and project the image that gave them life.
They will remain that way for a while until the time comes when their energy breaks away and
joins others that drift in the environment, to seek together a new physical body to incarnate and
continue their lives. This is the lowest expression of the collective soul.
336. Why are there currently so many cases of brain tumors? (Peru)
Tumor. Pathological alteration of an organ or part of it, produced by the abnormal proliferation
of cells that compose it.
Tumors have many causes, such as poor nutrition, psychological alterations, defective electroenergetic system, energetic variations and alterations, change of behavior, chemical


transformations of the cells, modifications and mutations, inherited disorders and disruptions,
Medicine on the planet still lacks the knowledge to define precisely the type of tumor and its
causes. Medicine generalizes the classification of the tumor based on overall characteristics.
Each type of tumor and the place where it is located can give us the key to treat and heal it. This
identification should be carried out by matching the two bodies, material and psychic. By
comparing them, you will discover why the tumor formed and why it appeared in that specific
part of the material body. In this way, its source will be revealed and we know that by
discovering and working on it, you will be able to eradicate it forever from your lives.
Tumors have always existed. When the volunteers became trapped on the exterior and began
to get distorted, genetic mutations caused great damage in the Ayapliano nature. We are
amending it through evolution.
Now that the cases are widespread and everybody has access to information through literature
and media, you think that issues like homosexuality, tumors and illnesses are emerging full
force. They have always appeared. They have always existed and been combated. They were
known by other names but have always been the same.
337. What does it mean when a tumor appears specifically in the brain? What association
should we make with the psychic body? I know the case of a 7 year-old child…
From a medical point of view, a tumor is produced when the cells are chemically altered. What
could chemically alter the cells of a 7-year-old child? It could be acute sensitivity, fear,
insecurity, lack of attention and love, dominating parents, feminine environment, unhappiness,
rejection of his or her life, imposed obligations, etc.
The psyche reacts in some way to draw your attention. Tumors generally are the response to a
subconscious pleading that wants to come out, be expressed, be revealed and it does not dare
do so because of the above reasons.
Thought-energies of the being are often restrained, stifled, hidden, covered up, silenced,
disguised, masked, feigned, negated, secret and faked. By not being able to express or defend
himself or herself, the being, in this case a child, goes on accumulating a mixture of emotions in
his or her psyche. Since these emotions are not released and are not expressed, to be able to
alleviate the emotional pressure, pent-up thought-energies of ire, anger, fear, violence, irritation,
indignation and so on, go on forming what in metaphysics is called a knot. This knot blocks the
energy from flowing through the conduits of the brain.
Since this accumulated energy does not find an exit, it gets wedged somewhere in the brain. It
continues being fed by those feelings until the encephalic tissue absorbs it and manifests it as a
tumor. If the accrued emotive energy is not very aggressive, it will be classified as a benign
tumor; otherwise, it will be a malignant tumor.
When the tumor is benign, the being’s psyche is warning in a language that you have to
decipher, that if the source of the problem is not understood, worked on and resolved,
the tumor will be manifested again sometime in the future and then it will be malignant.


338. After the age of 40, women lose more calcium than men, with the tendency of
developing osteoporosis. How can this loss be prevented? (Peru)
Men and women on the surface of the planet are still subject to old age, sicknesses and
disincarnating. The process of cellular decay and old age is actually manifested after they reach
the age of 50.
Currently humans are running against time, doing everything possible to reverse the process
and consequently they are jeopardizing other phases of the evolutionary process.
Medicine should be used to prevent sicknesses from spreading, but you let the sicknesses
appear and only then, you start thinking about them, inventing countless medications to combat
them. The loss of calcium and cellular deterioration in men and women after a certain age is the
natural process of the species that, like any living being, are born, grow, procreate, live and die.
Laboratories, medicine and doctors are working to combat sicknesses and old age. Except that
they are not adapting themselves to follow the natural process instead of an artificial one. The
medications created to relieve the effects that the physical body experiences are often not
adequate. The treatment carried out is often not correct. Each person is an individual case and
should be treated as such.
Therefore, deeper analyses should be carried out. Medicine and treatment should be in accord
with the chemical outcome that each being needs. Today, the more awakened beings are
seeking alternative treatments and medicine adapted to their nature, nutrition and beliefs, with
less radical methods and medical procedures.
Debilitation is inevitable. Through a healthy, fruitful, positive, dynamic and active life, you could
acquire the following benefits:
prolonging of your life and decrease of the effects of the aging process, thus enabling
you to live old age with dignity and with full use of all your faculties.
339. What is the Holy Grail and what mystery does it veil? (Peru)
Grail. According to the books of medieval knighthood, this cup was used by Jesus Christ during
the Last Supper to institute the sacrament of Eucharist. Its origin is uncertain. This word grail
comes from others…
Gres. Ceramic paste of plastic clay that contains quartz, and is used to manufacture objects,
which baked at very high temperatures become resistant, waterproof and withstands heat very
well. Comes from the French Grès (sandstone).
Grey. Herd, flock or cattle. The shepherd gathered his flock. Group of Christian followers,
gathered under the leadership of a priest. Comes from Latin Grex (flock).
The Egyptians knew about the ceramic paste grès(stoneware). The knowledge and
manufacturing of this ceramic was handed down by Lemuria and Atlantis. They used it because
it had properties to preserve food for long periods and also for mummification. The deceased
were buried in this clay and then mummified.
The Egyptian priests used this ceramic for their sacred ceremonies and considered it divine.
Vases and instruments used in their ceremonies were made with this clay. They knew the

properties of quartz and used it for the passage and journey of the souls of the dead. Through
the quartz, the souls would be able to reach paradise faster. They were sure that quartz
functioned as a communicator between the two realities – the worlds of the living and of the
The Essenes and Joshua Emmanuel also had this knowledge and used this clay for their
religious ceremonies. Joshua Emmanuel also used the Egyptian ceramic having these
properties in his ceremonies and to share the sacred wine with his followers. In time, the word
was distorted and today it is known as grail.
It is the joining of gre-y-al transformed by the Saxons (English) who adapted it to their language.
All the rest is legend, created and manipulated for power purposes. As we always know, the
system has used, still uses and will use these stories to create a need and through it, to sell
340. Why and wherefore was money created? If we say that as above, so below, is there
anything comparable to money on other planets or dimensions?
The word money comes from the word moneta (mint, in Rome), originally an epithet of Juno
(wife of Jupiter and goddess of marriage and childbirth) in whose temple the money was coined.
In Spanish, the word dinero comes from the word dynasty which means a group of kings and
sovereign princes that belong to the same family.
These kings and sovereigns created their fortunes through the gold, which they had obtained in
wars and conquests. This gold became the patrimony that backed them up.
Many of them lost the gold in wars and battles, but they did not lose their dynasty that made
them distinctive. So they invented a coin, a symbol, which characterized them. They imprinted
their images, names and hierarchies on those symbols, which became their weapon of power.
Through their symbols, they continued dominating without losing the status of their dynasties.
Power goes hand in hand with money and it is always backed up by the acquisition of material
possessions. The money-centered system has spread all over the planet.
Today, an enormous malignant tumor called Financial System has been created. Power has
become the head of this monster created by mankind. This monster has outstretched its
tentacles and is gradually devouring ambitious people. It is driving governments, institutions,
foundations, corporations, organisms, societies, centers, religions, systems and humans
themselves to the despair of their ambitious desires. In many cases, they sell their souls to this
monster to hold on to their place in the power system and not succumb.
Money in itself is not sick-negative energy, but humans have made it so. We are speaking in
general terms because the entire planet is not sick because of it. Many institutions,
governments, foundations and individuals themselves do use money in a balanced and correct
All thought-energy that activates the sickness called ambition cannot be positive thoughtenergy. Money can be a need, but it should not become an end.


341. Is there money in Kryon, Antares and Aberon?
Money has never existed there. Money is a fanciful invention of ambition. Kryon, Antares and
Oberon are communitarian societies, where each one works for everyone. Positions of
responsibility are given by merit. These planets share their products equitably to benefit all.
Since these planets have developed knowledge of energy, they understand and work
profoundly with this wisdom, distributing it to all the strata of the planetary society.
The beings are born in a community where parents, brothers and sisters, and relatives live
together with other families that are energetically akin. Thus, their interrelationship is based on
very sensitive conditioning. The energetic gradations are very important because they enable
the community to draw out the essence of the existence and transform it into reality.
Each one works for everyone, without conflictive emotions or contrary feelings. The beings
accept their work conditions because they know for sure the quality of their energy. As they
learn and work, they will be given tasks of greater responsibility. In this way, they will live in
communities that will provide the necessary knowledge for their energetic state.
They are all equal, none higher and none lower that the others. The allotted responsibility does
not mean that some are better and others worse.
All are necessary for the community, from the simplest jobs to those who govern and lead these
planetary societies.
Thought-energy is free. The beings choose their paths. Since energy is wise, they know what
they have to learn and how they should anchor it. Knowledge is part of these energetically
advanced beings, and understanding forms the essence of their being, because this was
handed down from parents to children. They are born remembering their past lives and they
know the reality of their existence.
They unite by energy and procreate through unification. This means:
Unit. Attribute that cannot be divided without causing its essence to be destroyed or altered.
Attribute of what it is united and not divided.
Unification. Union of two or more things to form a whole. (Late Latin, uni-one; ficare-make)
Union and procreation are carried out strictly for a compensatory and mathematical need. When
a being in a community disembodies, procreation is activated. This will enable the disembodied
energy to reincarnate with the single purpose of continuing its essence.
In this case, man and woman having energy that is more akin to the energy of the disincarnated
being, unite physically, psychologically and mentally to procreate. Thus, the disembodied
energy can carry on the continuity and correlativity of its thought-energies. This means that the
new parents will offer the offspring some new quality, which the individual will have to learn,
work on and integrate into the new life.
342. Is union and procreation among close and distant relatives permitted?
It is not necessary. The new energetic characteristic will prevent union and procreation among


When we say that a man and a woman unite in the energetic characteristic of the discarnate
energy, we are referring to the X factors that will mark the difference. The new parents will pass
on the former qualities, but they always will add on some more that the offspring will have to
absorb as something new in its existence. This is so because the unions are chosen from
different communities. Each union is studied, analyzed and offset. Nothing happens by chance
in these planets; everything has a reason to be and a precise answer.
Could you give us an example?
Unfortunately, when you unite, you do not have the knowledge nor do you know the importance
of energy in this entire process. You have to understand that recorded energy is handed down
from generation to generation. If this energy is not worked on, understood or transmuted, it will
undermine the future generations, becoming a very heavy burden.
You are attracted by other motives, such as sexual, physical, intellectual, mental convenience,
duty, obligation, pleasure, comfort and so on. In these cases, the external senses are operating
to give the parameters of the union. When you procreate in those conditions, the children will be
born with the following energies:
they will have dense energy (soul) bequeathed by their parents, who, in turn, inherited it from
their parents; their own low energy that is not worked on (soul) which they brought from other
lives; the low vibration energy (soul) that united to others; the negative energy (soul) of the
planet itself.
The brain of this poor being is loaded with such dense energy that throughout its life it will not
be able to reason, think, or analyze. It will grow up like that, develop and live that way, without
having the least awareness of what is happening to it.
In Kryon, Antares and Aberon procreation is carried out with the inner senses. The being is born
without the additional burden of an ancestral negative energy, without any dense and heavy
energy of its past lives, without energy intermixed with others and without the terrible burden of
the negative energy of its own planet. They are light, tenuous, subtle and etheric planets. The
being is born with its own energy, which it formed from life to life. Since this energy is subtle, it
will feel free of any energetic burden that could harm it or cause future damage.
343. Are procreation and birthing in these planets similar to ours?
They are the same, but it is important to point out that the union is carried out for the purpose of
procreating and not for sexual pleasure, which is quite unimportant to them.
344. Why do we attach so much importance to sexual relationships and to the pleasure
that they produce?
You place a lot of importance on all that brings wellbeing, pleasure and enjoyment to the
external senses. It is the palpable, what it is felt, the immediate.
The distortion caused deep and irreparable harm to your bodies. To be able to recover you, we
had to centralize the systems into a single one. To do so, we had to create a new system called
the nervous system. When you eat, sleep, feel happy, sorrowful, sad, satisfied, etc., it is the
nervous system that controls the motor coordination of the body.


The brain emanates the desire and this materializes through the nervous system, which tends to
produce endorphins that cause pleasure and orgasm. Thus, you value them so much because
this is your greatest palpable pleasure; you have no other. All the other pleasures that you
experience are psychic, and since they are felt emotionally, and not by sensation, you do not
pay much attention to them.
345. What would be the ideal age to procreate in our planet?
There is no ideal age; there is chronological age. This means the correct time for the energy to
procreate, fulfill, carry out, bring about, consume, materialize, conclude, proceed, work, etc.
You do not avail yourselves of the most adequate and ideal moment in your lives, so this is why
there are many different levels of energy, and these differences bring about disorganization and
anarchy that always degenerate into violence.
The planets that are inhabited by Ayaplianos who evolved and became elevated according to
the directives of the universe are very organized. This quality prompts them to do what is fitting
at the right moment, with correct and appropriate thought-energy. This is why their
manifestations do not go overboard or get lost along the ways of projection or implementation.
On the contrary, since the thoughts are concrete, organized and systematic, they always lead to
a precise and defined achievement because they were imagined with knowledge of cause and
effect and at their chronological age.
346. What is effect of contraceptive pills and can we take them? (Peru)
Like all chemical medication, contraceptive pills entail calamitous future consequences for the
evolutionary process.
It is true that we all have to admit that in the present moment of your evolution, the use of
chemical substances is often inevitable. These substances have been invented by you to
prevent the development or spreading of sicknesses that attack you. We know that the ideal
would be to have no sickness at all, but this thought is idealistic and unreal at this stage of
The real problem that taking medications presents to the process of evolution is that both the
material and psychic energies become accustomed to functioning based on stimulants and
placebos, instead of having a deep understanding that would combat the origin of the distortion.
Furthermore, if the energy of the thought (soul) is recorded in that way, in its next lives it will
always need and demand the placebo and stimulant on which it had become dependent. Thus,
it will become a weak, anemic, frail and sick energy throughout its future incarnations. The way
to overcome this dependence is to use placebos the least possible.
When some sickness appears, you should try to understand the underlying cause. In this way,
from life to life you will gradually eliminate and transmute the need through understanding.
When you understand it, the distortion will disappear from your lives.
347. How is it possible for a woman to engender another being within herself? How did
they accomplish this? (Peru)
The universe is cellular and if creation is made in the image and likeness, then all that exists is
also cellular. So the cell divides itself millions of times, creating formulas that are repeated over

and over, forming the One Being. The universe functions based on mathematics and chemistry
and the positive result of the two brings about love. Cellular reproduction is what we call
continuity and correlation.
348. Does time stretch in the equator and shrink as we approach the poles? (Los Angeles)
When you approach the poles, it is not time but gravity that becomes compacted. We have to
look at it and understand it through the movement of rotation of the Earth. While at the center,
on the level of the equator, the planet takes 24 hours to rotate, in the poles the rotation occurs
almost around its own axis, also taking 24 hours. The difference is that the days and nights are
either shorter or longer. This does not depend on the line of the equator or on the poles; it is the
result of the movement of translation. For us time does not exist. Our parameter is vibration and
based on this we measure the meridian spans of events.
Meridian. Very clear or very luminous. The great circle of the terrestrial sphere that passes the
poles and cuts the parallel lines perpendicularly. The great circle of the celestial sphere that
passes through the celestial poles. From Latin Meridianus (referring to midday or south).
349. Is there life on all the planets of the solar system? (Los Angeles)
Life like yours, human-Ayaplianos, is only present on the 7 planets that distorted. Other
Ayapliano species are sheltered in the elementary dimension on levels that are more elevated
than yours. Their energies are more subtle and less dense.
We also have Ayapliano thought-energies sheltered in the brain of the One Being as well as
those that exist in mental-energy. All these Ayapliano thought-energies fill up the reality of the
One Being.
Innumerable systems working with calorific and alciatic combustion shelter the thought-energies
whose forms are manifested in the physical, psychic and mental universes of the One Being.
350. What is the origin of the asteroid belt? (Los Angeles)
The asteroid belt is cosmic dust floating among the planets of the solar system. The universe
considers the asteroids to be future planets. They will take on form as they go on attracting
other fragments. Currently the function of the asteroid belt is to filter the harmful elements that
leave Planet Tera and head towards Pluto, Neptune and Uranus, or vice versa. Sometime in the
future, when the spacecraft of Tera reach the asteroid belt, they will use it to extract the fuel
they need to continue their journeys.
351. Is Hercolubus an asteroid or a planet? Can it collide with the Earth? (Los Angeles)
Planet Tera has already created solid web around itself so it is impossible for a large asteroid to
approach it or collide with it. Tera generally attracts small fragments that go through its
energetic web without causing great calamity.
When refer to the energetic web, we mean a specific grid of very well established thoughtenergies that encircles the planet. It has been formed and interwoven in such a way that it has
created additional protection. We know it as the gravitational field.


For a large fragment to collide with a planet that is well protected such as Tera, the planet would
have to have cracks or crevices in that web that allow foreign bodies to enter. This is not the
case of Tera. Furthermore, we are here to take care of it so that nothing could befall it beyond
its natural problems of evolution.
352. Why does the movement of the moon only show one side to the Earth? (Los Angeles)
When Satien exploded and its fragments were attracted to the elementary dimension, some of
the smaller fragments remained drifting around the bigger ones and became a part of them.
The moon is a small fragment of Satien, which just like Tera, attracted cosmic dust and debris to
itself through its movement of translation. Tera was unable to absorb it because it was too big,
so the moon got trapped in terrestrial gravity without being part of the planet or its gravity. Not
all the moons or planets in the solar system are legacies of Satien.
We have to understand that the digestive system is made up of thousands of castoffs that drift
around until they are absorbed by other systems. These systems in turn are absorbed by the
black holes and sent to other systems and so on. The universe is always in movement and
being recycled, and even more so the digestive system because it has to continually digest
every element that enters it.
The small fragments of Satien travelled enormous distances and reached the solar system.
They clung to the planets there, and became trapped, without being able to get free. By
attracting the sick fragments, the planets became contaminated with their sick and damaging
elements. Pluto, Neptune and Uranus were the most affected. The Cosmic Confederation
placed these planets and their moons in quarantine.
The Confederation artificially installed and implanted the asteroid belt to isolate them and filter
them energetically in order to protect the other planets of the system that were not affected by
the sickness. The only planet that was damaged by a big and a small fragment of Satien, was
Tera. We, the volunteers, chose to colonize Planet Tera because of its characteristics and
353. Have Pluto, Neptune, Uranus and their moons been healed?
Like Planet Tera, they are undergoing the process of healing. We, as well as the intraterrestrials, cannot travel physically or mentally to those planets because their sick-cinnabar
elements are very strong. We have managed to stop the thought-energy of Satien from
reproducing, thus preventing the sick elements from spreading.
These planets have never been as severely affected as Tera simply because no thoughtenergies are able to lodge or reproduce there, since these planets do not have vegetal and
animal kingdoms due to their very unfavorable conditions.
354. How are you going to heal the sick elements of these three planets and their
respective moons?
We are radiating light and solar energy to them. The Cosmic Confederation placed the asteroid
belt with two aims: to filter and to absorb the light and solar energy. The planets and their sick
moons are radiated with the photonic light that passes through the filters of their asteroidcrystals.

Actually, what you call asteroids for us are cone crystals that spin at incredible speeds and draw
to themselves much light and solar energy. These crystals absorb and accumulate great
amounts of alciatic energy, which they then radiate and heal whatever is around them.
We do the same with your moon. This fragment has no light of its own. It absorbs photonic light
from the sun and stores it within itself, giving the real impression of being an illuminated crystal.
The shining of the moon is really the emanation of its inner crystal that hinders the splendor of
its light from shining out because it is covered with cosmic dust and debris.
For Tera, the moon is a prism that picks up the rays of the sun and directs them towards Tera.
In this way, it helps the planet by suffusing it with rays of alciatic light. According to the location
and translation movement of Tera, those rays will enter and focus on the places in the planet
that are most sick and in need of healing. If the moon were cleaner and more crystalline, these
rays would be purer and in that case Tera would benefit more from the moon than it actually
355. What is photonic light?
Photon. The smallest particle of luminous energy that is disseminated in empty space at the
speed of the light. The flow of photons forms the light ray. From Greek Phós (light).
That is, the photonic-crystals absorb light from the photosphere of the sun star and continuously
emit it in form of flashes (sparks) to transmute sick-cinnabar energy into mercurial energy. In
short, it is photolysis.
Photolysis. Chemical decomposition of a substance by the action of light. Photolysis is
fundamental in the process of photosynthesis. It comes from the Greek Lýsis (dissolution).
356. What other influences does the moon have on Planet Tera?
You attribute negative and calamitous influences to the moon, but on the contrary, the moon
radiates a very positive energy to you. Although it was a tiny fragment of Satien, we were able
to heal it rapidly and turned it into a photonic-crystal for the planet. The moon is now totally
healed of its menacing origin. If it did not have cosmic dust around it, it would be seen as a
diaphanous and transparent cone-crystal. The name moon (lunar-pertaining to the moon)
comes from the word luminous.
Luminous. That sends out light. That has much natural light. It refers to a clear, correct and
brilliant idea. That emits light without raising the temperature or without reaching
357. If we had to heal cancer in our physical body, how could we radiate photonic light
to the cancerous cells?
The photonic light in your bodies is the energetic being (spirit).
The purest, most diaphanous and transparent crystals that allow cosmic light to get through are
those of the energetic being. We can only attribute the cure of cancerous cells of the physical
and psychic bodies to these crystals; there is no other way. Photonic light is produced when a
pure and diaphanous crystal, is placed before the crystal (pineal gland) of the One Origin, and
radiates its brilliant white light. This is how a cancerous cell can be healed. This is what we are

doing to Planet Tera. We are refining its crystal so that it can face its own self and be able to
see itself one on one, reflecting its image like a mirror and being diffused with the light of the
universe, that is, its own self.
Creative desire is not enough. You believe that it is sufficient to desire healing and also that the
moment you desire, the process would start and activate healing. We tell you, to desire is very
good, in a certain way it activates healing, but that is not enough. True healing begins with the
transmutation and reversal of the crystals. The real miracle is to know and understand universal
knowledge and when you do so, you have to put it into practice in your existence. In this way
you will gradually cleanse any traces of impurity that your crystals might have absorbed.
358. Has the moon been there since the beginning of Planet Earth? (Los Angeles)
Yes, it has always been part of Planet Tera. When we, the volunteers, arrived on the planet, we
found a small fragment of Satien that was spinning haphazardly around the planet. We say
haphazardly because at that time Tera was being stabilized by the Confederation of planets.
When the Confederation was able to balance and level the axis of Tera, we could also stabilize
the small fragment. To do so, we stopped its natural rotation around the planet and made the
fragment to become static and fixed. In this way, it could serve as a prism to receive and radiate
the photonic light of the sun. Thus, we also could make Tera firm and secure because by
starting to rotate on its axis it stirred up many telluric movements due to the adjustment and
cooling of its mass, which were caused by the light that the moon emitted to it.
Thus, once the small fragment of Satien was healed and stabilized it became a protection for
the planet. Ancient civilizations attributed supernatural powers to the moon. This was because
at given times during the year, when Tera was closer to the sun, the moon radiated its photonic
light more powerfully, effectively healing the planet and its inhabitants.
359. Why does the moon heal the planet and humans on the exterior more effectively
when it is closer to the sun?
The photonic rays that go through the lunar prism at the time when Tera is closer to the sun,
tend to radiate to every living being in or on the planet. All are nourished with the photonic rays
and this brings about an extraordinary increase of energies that accumulate in the thoughts,
producing remarkable results of psychic and mental activity. It is the same as the result you get
from solar panels. The encephalic tissue, the brain and the mind are nourished with electric
energy, which they diffuse through the bodies that benefit greatly from this extra energy.
360. Does this mean that lunar baths are better than sunbaths?
It is not necessary to take either sun or moon baths. It is sufficient to know that the moon
radiates and emanates its photonic light and that you nourish yourselves with it. The sun
nurtures you with calorific energy and the moon with alciatic energy. When these energies are
separated they do not bring about good results; they should always be together to maintain


361. What benefits do we get from photonic light?
The mineral, vegetal and animal kingdoms are benefited because they attract and absorb good
quality elements present in nature. When these elements receive the radiated photonic-alciatic
light, they are charged with protons. A profusion of these elements will automatically transmute
all negative elements, thus furthering better evolution. The same thing happens in human
evolution, with the difference that in their elevation, the profusion of protons produced by this
photonic light causes the negative-energies on the left side of the brain to become transmuted
into positive ones.
However, there is a problem. Since humans do not have cerebral stability, their thoughtenergies jump from the left side to the right side of the brain. This hinders total nutrition from this
abundance of protons because it is manifested in very short time spans. Humans will absorb it
as sparks of light, that is, as flashes of profound understanding.
It is very different when the brains of humans are more stable because their thought-energies
do not keep on jumping from the left to the right side. Then the alciatic nutrition of the photonic
light will nourish their brains, enabling humans to produce thought-energies with high content of
knowledge and understanding. When they are nourished with a profusion of protons, the quarks
are in charge of giving them balance. Consequently, love will stabilize their brains giving them
equanimity, a quality that is necessary for elevation.
362. How can we come to know our cosmic name? (Los Angeles)
A cosmic name is really a specific energetic vibration of thought-energies, which are always
adjoined by rhythm, sound, frequency, colors, and so on, that classify it in particular category of
existence. This name is transformed from life to life, depending on the vibration where it is.
Through knowledge, understanding and the love that you put into your lives, each one of you
will discover to what vibration you belong and your classification. Do not try to know it ahead of
time; you will have to wait for all knowledge to come to you at the right moment.
363. Is it possible to shelter a thought-energy in a device that is electronic or artificially
created by humans? (Los Angeles)
Planet Tera was classified as a cell of the digestive system; therefore, its science and
technology will always be centered on this task. Technically, other dimensions could do this, but
what for?
There is not a single thought-energy in the universe; there are thought-energies… because they
represent an all. If we wanted to put one thought-energy into a special device, we would have to
put in all the thoughts that exist in the universe because all of them form a universal web. They
are intertwined in such a way that one cannot exist without the other.
It is not possible to pigeonhole, keep, collect, store, file, retain, secure, bottle or deprive any
thought-energy of its freedom. What can be done without invading someone else’s space and
with utmost respect, is to study and observe the thought-energies in their own habitat, without
invading or manipulating them and without violating universal norms and directives.
364. Is a possible nowadays for a human being to nourish himself or herself only with
water and solar energy? (Los Angeles)

The physical body of humans in the Elementary Dimension and in its nine levels of evolution is
neither equipped nor prepared to be nourished only with water and solar energy.
365. What would happen to humans if they did consume only water and solar energy?
On each planet humans developed by adapting to the environment where their energetic
elements evolved and took on the characteristics that molded them. Due to these specific,
unique and distinct particularities, nourishment and nutrition should be governed strictly
according to these innate and inherent qualities.
It is impossible and impractical to want a cell from the circulatory system to be fed the same as
one from the digestive system. It is true that the universal elements are the same; the difference
lies in how those elements are used.
Humans of Planet Tera have not yet understood and assimilated the knowledge that the three
bodies – physical, psychic and mental – whether they are dense or subtle, should remain unified
for ever and ever, wherever they may be. Humans will always have their three bodies, which will
allow them evolve and be elevated. A very badly nourished physical body will not be able to
nourish the brain and much less to gestate the mental body.
When we hear of someone who believes to have found the answer in this distorted and
fanatically applied thought-energy, he or she will suffer the consequences of his or her sickness:
ambition. It is the ambition and the ego that are leading the person in that direction. The depth
of its complacent holiness will show him or her reality that is out of the normal context. What we
really have to observe is the meaning that impels a person to carry out such a great deviation
and incongruity of thought-energies.
We can definitely classify people like this as being unbalanced, ignorant of cause and effect,
unaware of themselves, of their surroundings, and of the universal knowledge and functioning.
The thought-energies of such people belong to the unrealistic unconscious of the One Being.
Awakening will come about when they themselves feel the consequences of their deeds,
actions and thoughts.
366. Is it necessary for humans of Tera to develop a specific professional area in their
lives, such as to be a painter, musician, athlete, etc., in order to be fulfilled?
We have always said that thought-energies are energetic continuity and correlation.
Professional areas as you consider them, we consider vibratory characteristics of rhythm, color,
form, frequency, etc. In each life, humans acquire and adapt the knowledge and understanding
that such a life offers them, and depending on that, they will or will not make them part of
themselves. Their lives will be a continuity of those experiences that will form them and overflow
into their life experiences. These life experiences will have very marked characteristics, which
will identify them. This determination will make them vibrate and seek within their reality, a
shelter akin to their energetic sequence.
It is impossible for thought-energy to take quantum leaps; the universe is very orderly.
Let us look at a case of a man who was a mathematics professor in his previous life. We can
assure you that in his current life he will continue being a mathematician, perhaps not a

professor but a researcher. We can see by this example, that his continuity was the essence
that will be with him during all his lives: mathematics. The difference will be in the way that he
applies it in each of his reincarnations.
We have to understand that this man is also a range of other practices and life experiences. He
will be a father, brother, son, husband, athlete, cook, singer, composer, musician, mountain
climber, etc. He will have one or more traits that will be accentuated in him and he will base his
next lives on them. It is in his even reality that he will discover through knowledge and
understanding, what, why, when and where he will have to apply them to further the progress of
his evolution and elevation.
Let us go on with the same example. Let us imagine that this mathematician, in his current life,
is no longer a professor or a researcher. Since mathematics is an important trait of his essence,
he will continue using it but in a lighter way by being an economist. However, in previous lives
he excelled in mountain climbing. So, by fulfilling and applying this specificity in his current life
as his most outstanding characteristic, he will know and learn the meaning of risk, fear, heights
and everything related to mountain climbing, which in his previous life as mathematician he did
not know or learn.
We see then that in each application of life experiences, humans assimilate the experiences
that culminate in more complicated and wiser tasks. This continuous assimilation from life to life
will cause man to go from human, to being and to extra-terrestrial.
Humans will obtain the clarity to know and accomplish the tasks from the right side of their
brains – their intra-terrestrial that will help them choose the correct path.
You often think that what you live is not important because it does not stand out, but you are
wrong. Every accomplishment, no matter how simple it may be, will have its corresponding
value along this path of life and existence. Do not underestimate anything or anybody. The
steps that you take on that path are traced by your even reality and this reality, be assured, is
never wrong.
There are beings who live in confusion, who never know what they want, who get into countless
things and never finish them. We could say that such beings are not sheltering any intraterrestrial thought energy in their right side of the brain. We can assure you that they are
working only with the left side of their brain.
367. Although we all have a mission, how do we discover it? Is it an individual mission or
does it belong to our lineage? (Los Angeles)
More than the word mission, we would say that you have an individual and collective task. The
task of a lineage would be considered something very special, given to messengers and
avatars. The individual task is carried out on your own selves and the collective task is planetary
and universal.
368. Is the atom the way science explains it and does it really function that way? (Los
What we can really tell you is that through its research and studies, science on Planet Tera is
achieving good results that are being applied in the progress of evolution. What Tera and its

science are lacking are deeper knowledge and observation of their conclusions and assertions.
Until it discovers the knowledge of energy on all levels of existence, science will not be unified; it
will go on being dismantled, partitioned, fragmented and divided. This is why science does not
come to real conclusions; it is always amending what came before that was supposed to be the
We consider the atoms to be planets, inside systems, which in turn, form constellations, etc.
There are no differences between macrocosm and microcosm. When humans discover this, we
will be able to say that they know their universe, their function, their surroundings and their
interaction with all of it.
369. Is it healthier for humans to have orgasms with or without ejaculation? (Los Angeles)
It makes no difference if the orgasms are with or without ejaculation. What matters is the
manner and the intention. Everything that is done without balance, moderation, common sense,
sensitivity and criteria, tends to disorganize the thought-energy. As long as humans use their
external senses with full knowledge of cause and effect, they will be able to use them in the
correct measure, since they are the only ones who will know how to actuate the orgasm and
ejaculation with equilibrium. It is a question of their free will.
370. Is it necessary to form couples and marriages? If so, why and for what purpose?
(Los Angeles)
In the universe, each planet has its system of life. Norms and laws are established to maintain
order and thus set up and build an organized society. We cannot say that these laws and norms
are the most adequate to lead you toward a correct path. Very often what it is believed to be
correct, brings about chaotic, disastrous and opposite results.
On a planet like Tera, the constitutions, codes and statutes have to be strict. Humans of the
planet are not yet ready to assume responsibility for their deeds, actions and thoughts. This is
why there are rigid and inflexible laws and precepts. Their intent is to establish measures to
prevent the primitive proliferation that still prevails on the planet. In these conditions, it is
important to have legalized relationship between man and woman. This is the only way to learn
and know the meaning of responsibility, duty, commitment, obligation, compliance and security.
All of these will always have to be adjoined with understanding, love, devotion, feeling, will,
attention and dedication. In this way, man assumes his condition of human and learns to value
what he has and what he loves.
In other planets like Kryon, Antares and Aberon, marriage as you know it, does not exist. When
the time comes for procreation, the couple is chosen for their suitable energetic qualities. When
these energies unite and are bequeathed to the offspring, these will be born with the balanced
energy transmitted by the father and the mother. They have already surmounted physical
attraction, passion, sexual desire and all that you are. The greatest love they have is to know
that they brought into their world a thought-energy of high vibratory level, which will come into
that world full of ideas, to lead and teach them everything the One Origin wants to


371. Is there any advantage in setting up a single-parent family? (Los Angeles)
The vibrational states of thought-energies on Planet Tera are irregular. This is why you drift
between the left and right sides of your brain. It is also why relationships between the beings of
the planet every so often are adjusted to different vibrations, giving the impression of deep
changes, especially in marriage relationships. It is hard to determine how deep these changes
are, and how they affect the union of the couples. The most important would be for each of you
to check out and appraise the relationship, and by putting it on a scale, apply your freewill to
make the correct decisions.
To establish a relationship with only one person is an entirely individual decision, which has to
be adjusted to the equilibrium and to the common sense of life, as well as to its why, how and
where. Each one of you would want to be placed in that reality, adding the need that energy
produces for your psychological and mental progress.
372. Was the initial purpose of the sexual relationship for procreation or for pleasure?
(Los Angeles)
To answer this question we have to go back to the times when the volunteer Ayaplianos
remained on the exterior of the planet. We know that they became totally distorted, submerged
in total forgetfulness of their reality and origin. The distortion was so intense that we had to
recover them first in the laboratories, built by the intra-terrestrials of the Inner-Earth City. Under
our guidance and teachings, the intra-terrestrials did everything possible to get them back to
what they have always been, Ayaplianos.
In the beginning, when you disembodied we had to clone you time after time so that you could
have the shelter needed for your subsistence.
In time, the cloning did not bring good results; the energy weakened every time it was
duplicated. We had to adapt a sexual and reproductive system to enable you to form energetic
descendants and with them, the necessary shelter.
With this adaptation you became hermaphrodites. You produced the two genes, masculine and
feminine, in your own selves. Your offspring proliferated, but the same as happened in cloning,
the energy started repeating and weakening after each reproduction. In order to prevent the
inherited energy from weakening in the energetic duplication, we had to separate the two
energies into masculine and feminine, giving each of them very defined characteristics. When
the offspring were born, the strongest energy was the more distinct. This was the only way we
could halt the energetic degeneration. By having two predominant forces that united, we created
another stronger force that classified it.
To obtain an even better result to what we are describing, we had to infuse and record in the
encephalic tissue of those beings, in zones 1 and 2, the preservation of the species.
In this way we obliged them to reproduce and by doing so, the energy became increasingly
stronger. However, for this reproduction to bring about the desired effects, we also recorded in
their zone 3, the pleasure of generating. Thus, it is clear that reproduction and conservation of
the species belong to zones 1 and 2, and pleasure to zone 3.


Why did we do it this way?
Because this pleasure you feel belongs to the external senses. It is necessary so that you
continue procreating and the species be kept active, dynamic and always young. When the
thought-energy advances in evolution and elevation and goes on to other levels of existence,
this pleasure that belongs to the encephalic tissue also evolves and becomes elevated, turning
into satisfaction, delight, liking, joy, wellbeing, retribution, fulfillment and happiness.
We are not saying that you should not experience sexual pleasure, but that you are going to
transform it gradually. The feeling of the soul will convert it into the energetic being, and we
know that the spirit is not nourished with the pleasures of the external senses but with the joys
that the inner senses provide it.
You have to let your own nature guide you along the path of evolution and elevation. There is a
saying, when the disciple is ready, the master appears…
373. In what moment of the gestation process does the thought-energy incarnate? (Los
We are going to explain this as follows. There are three types of incarnation.
Physical-material incarnation.
Psychic-astral incarnation.
Mental-spiritual incarnation.
At the moment of conception, the father and the mother will give the child the energy (physicalmaterial) for the physical body to develop adequately, based on the correct man-formula. The
thought-energy of zones 1 and 2 that the parents bequeathed will incarnate in the new being at
the moment of conception. The universal formulas related to the formation of a human matterbody will be recorded in that energy, plus the material genetic heritage from the parents and
ancestors. When gestation reaches the third month, the encephalic tissue that is already formed
will automatically activate the astral genetic heritage that mother, father and ancestors also
bequeathed. This means that on the third month, the left side of the “brain” starts to be formed
according to the metaphysical genetic-heritage.
Up until the sixth month, the new being develops with the astral thought-energies that the
parents bequeathed. If they are of low quality, the baby will only develop the astral left side of its
brain (soul). Consequently, it will have to develop its astral right side of the brain (energetic
being-spirit) throughout its successive lives.
If the parents bequeath a nourishment of high quality astral thought-energies during the
gestation process, the astral right side of the brain will be activated. Since this astral right side
will have a high vibration and energy, it will certainly be able to shelter an energetic being.
The energetic being will reincarnate in this baby when it takes its first breath. It will enter through
the breathing and first lodge in the pineal gland of the mother and then go to the baby’s pineal
gland. The energetic being will lodge according to its corresponding level, because, just like the
baby, the energetic being may also be in process of gestation, in its first, second or other levels
of formation.

When conception takes place the father and mother give the new being a certain percentage of
thought-energies that each one contributes. Physically speaking, that being is complete, a man
or woman will be formed with all the characteristics of the species. The difference among
humans is the vibrational and energetic level that the parents bestow when conception takes
place, during the nine months of gestation and during the first seven years of development.
During gestation, the brain is formed as of the third month. How will that new being be
nourished by the mother and father, to form a brain with a high content of thought-energies?
If the mother and the father feed themselves with rubbish-thought-energies, for sure the brain of
that new being will be formed of useless and worthless thought-energies. It will be born with the
stigma of growing up, developing, behaving and living … with only the left side of the brain. It is
very different when during the gestation process parents nourish both sides of the brain of the
new being with correct and elevated thoughts, full of knowledge, understanding and love. In
these conditions, the new being will really be prepared to shelter an energetic being (spirit),
because its right side of the brain was activated and nurtured. When these babies are born
sheltering an energetic being, you call them crystal and indigo children.
374. How do the mother and father feed it with thought-energies during the gestation
The brain of the new being feeds psychically through the mother because the two of them form
a single being. The brain of the mother, father and baby is only one. The baby absorbs as its
own every thought-energy that goes through the mother’s brain. If the father feels happy about
the arrival of the baby, the mother will take in this happy thought and will transmit this happiness
to the baby. They are correlative thoughts that join forming a single brain. The baby takes in all
thought-energies related to it as its own. This is how its brain is formed and also how the family
is responsible for the baby’s formation. The transmission of feelings from mother to child is very
important. But we have to make it clear that thought-energies will be part of the baby from the
time its brain is formed, that is, after the third month of gestation.
This means that until its third month of gestation the fetus will have no perception of the thoughtenergies that its parents and family want to transmit to it. This is different to the fetus of six or
more months that already has a brain in the process of formation, which feeds on all kinds of
feelings and thought-energies related to it.
In short, during the first three months the fetus is matter energy. Its functioning is based on the
directives of cellular reproduction that encephalic mass has recorded in the human species.
During the three following months, the baby in gestation is matter energy (encephalic tissue). In
this period, the encephalic tissue activates the astral-cerebral energy and develops the left side
of the brain, sheltering thought-energies coming from the mother, father and all its perception of
the environment.
From its sixth to ninth month the baby is complete. It is matter energy (encephalic mass) and
psychic energy (brain). As of the sixth month, the gestation, depending on the type of thoughtenergies it is feeding on, will define if it will be born with its metaphysical-brain completely
functioning, that is, with both sides of the brain working. This means a left side with high quality
astral-energy and a right side with the energy of the energetic being.

375. What happens when a baby is born premature?
The baby will need two or three months to complete the cycle. In these cases, since the process
of feeding of the left side and of the nourishment of the right side with thought-energies was not
completed, the being will be able to continue and complete this process during its first seven
years of life.
376. What if the baby is born with a congenital defect?
This means that its encephalic tissue developed with a flaw in its man-formula. There was some
error in the energetic contribution from the parents, which caused a wrong correlation. In these
special cases, the thought-energies will be nourished according to the understanding and
perception that this being has of its own self and its surroundings.
377. Is it possible to interrupt a pregnancy without causing harm, for instance, without
affecting the outcome or before a thought-energy is sheltered, and do this without
generating negative cause and effect? (Los Angeles)
From the above explanations, we have seen that up to the first three months of gestation,
matter energy is incarnated. From three to six months of gestation, the left-brain is formed, and
from six months to birth, the right brain either does or does not become prepared to receive the
spirit. For the universe nothing is lost, everything is recycled and returns to its place.
As we have always stated, the why, how, when and where are very important. The cause and
effect are based on these questions. How could we say if abortion is correct or not? Each case
is individual and each one of you will have to seek your own answer, not only concerning these
cases, but also in all that happens in your lives.
We are not and will never be the ones to tell you if your deeds and actions are correct or not.
We always tell you how thought-energy functions. It is up to you to decide how you are going to
adapt these teachings to yourselves, and depending on the results, you will understand if you
were right or not.
We can only say that when a cause is formed, be it positive or negative, it will always have an
impact on you, returning in one way or another, in this life or in others. Everything depends on
the how, when, why and where you formed the cause.
Life experiences, the essence of your lives, are a mirror that you yourselves made. We cannot
intervene in your actions, deeds or thoughts. It is a decision of the free will.
378. What is your opinion of artificial insemination, cloning, stem cells, the freezing of
semen and ovules, and surrogate wombs for impregnation and procreation? (Los
Science on the planet is developing and one of the methods it uses is experimentation. The
same thing happened on the other four distorted planets. They had to go on testing, trying,
verifying, and proving, differentiating, probing, examining, recognizing, suffering, enduring,
theorizing and practicing. This was the only way for them to attain their objectives.
Experimentation is carried out for lack of the knowledge of cause and effect. In an elementary
planet like yours, there is no other way to find out.


We are not endorsing the ways that you use to test and learn. Only experience and the result of
the effect will lead you to sanction or disallow, based on the laws that govern the planet. Painful
experiences will make you take correct measures and continue on the evolutionary path. It
would be of no use if we, the volunteers, told you what is correct or incorrect. You have to live
your own experiences, thus you will record them deeply in your brains. When you do so, it will
be hard, but not impossible, for you to repeat them. It will all depend on the understanding and
suffering that it caused, and how it was recorded in your thought-energies.
379. Not long ago there was a terrible earthquake in Peru. Could it have been caused by
the cinnabar energies accumulated in the equator that you are sending inside Tera?
On the one hand, it does relate to the sick-cinnabar energies that are located along the equator
and that we are in fact accumulating in the center of Tera. On the other hand, Tera is tilting to
the left and this is causing the movement of the tectonic plates that are adjusting to this incline.
The accumulation of negative-energies is causing the planet to tilt. We are counteracting this by
making the six-pointed star rotate quicker, and also tilting it to the right to make it
counterbalance the weight. Through this process, we prevent the accumulation, volume and
gravity of the sick-cinnabar energies from agglomerating in a single place. We spread them out
and make them enter by the other side of the planet, that is, Malaysia. Notwithstanding this
outspreading, we cannot prevent the sick-cinnabar energies from entering and bringing in
disasters, telluric movements and tsunamis. If we did not do this work, the catastrophes would
be enormous and inconceivable.
380. Is what history tells about the life of Moses true?
History, in general, also tends to become distorted because often facts are mixed up, badly
written or very misunderstood or, perhaps, they were described a long time after the events
The real history of Moses
History distorted the real life of Moses. It is not true that the daughter of the pharaoh adopted a
son whom she found floating in a basket in the river and that he was son of slaves. When the
daughter of Akhenaton was 12 years old, she gave birth to a child begotten by her father, the
pharaoh Akhenaton. That son received the Egyptian name of Tutankhamen, but to hide him
from the high priests, they gave a false version, saying that the child had been found in the
waters of the river. To confirm that story they gave him the Israeli name Moses.
Akhenaton was married to Nefertiti and they had six daughters but no son to succeed him. So
Akhenaton had to reveal his male child who had been hidden under the false name of Moses,
saying that he had begotten the child with a slave. The disgruntled high priests had to accept
this imposition, and took the child to be educated with all the honors of a future pharaoh and be
brought up like a member of the royal family. Since Akhenaton did not have a son to succeed
him, he appointed Tutankhamen as his successor.


Time went by. Akhenaton eliminated the false gods and created monotheism, announcing the
existence of only one God called Aton. The high priests saw their power being progressively
withdrawn so they decided to kill the pharaoh. Warned of the plot by those loyal to him,
Akhenaton had to flee from Egypt. Nefertiti refused to go with him. Alone, with only a small
group of followers, he took refuge in the desert.
By leaving the kingdom and fleeing, Akhenaton left the field open for ambition and greed. A
general from the court named Smenkhare married Nefertiti and they appointed Tutankhamen as
pharaoh, with his mother Nefertiti and her husband Smenkhare, as his regents.
In the desert, Akhenaton adopted his son’s Israeli name: Moses. He traveled across the Arabian
countries and married Sephora, the daughter of Jethro, who adopted Moses as a son and
taught him the tradition of his people. Many years later Akhenaton returned to Egypt to liberate
the people of Israel. Old, gray-haired, hunched and with a long beard, he was not recognized.
Nefertiti and Smenkhare were both dead. Tutankhamen had been assassinated. He had to deal
with the new pharaoh named Ramses I.
You already know the rest of the story. He did, in fact, liberate the people of Israel, but who
really led them was Joshua, because Moses died on the way. He was 80 years old, a very
advanced age for that time.
381. Is it true that he separated the waters for the people of Israel to go through? (Brazil)
Let us look at it this way. Moses was a very educated man. He had been educated in Egypt
under the supervision of the best teachers of that time. He was well schooled in astronomy,
mathematics, history, etc. He knew those lands like the palm of his hand. When they reached
the sea and came up against the waters that blocked their passage, Moses waited until low tide
and when the water receded, they crossed over without any problem. He knew that the tide
would rise, and that those who were persecuting him would not be able to cross because they
knew nothing about the process and the ebb and flow of the tides.
Many natural phenomena were considered magical and miraculous by the people of that time
because they were very ignorant. In those days, education was provided exclusively for families
of royal blood.
382. How did Moses receive the tables of the Ten Commandments? Is what people say,
that God gave them to him or that he communicated with extraterrestrial beings, true ?
Once again, history is distorted. Let us see the story of Jethro.
Jethro means the one who showed the real path.
Jethro lived east of Mount Sinai. He was known as a prophet and a man of great wisdom.
Nowadays we would say that he was a contactee, a telepath, a channel who communicated
with the inner worlds, that is, with us. We were the ones who guided Jethro and Moses to be our
transmitters of universal wisdom.


Akhenaton heard that there was a very wise man living in Mount Sinai and went to seek him.
Akhenaton and his retinue went to find the answers that God Aton could not decipher. When he
found the old wise man, Akhenaton adopted the name Moses and became his fervent disciple.
Through his master, Jethro, he got to know the real universe and his mind opened to cosmic
knowledge. He filled his soul and spirit as he drank the water of wisdom.
Jethro, philosopher, statesman, mathematician, astronomer and physician, transmitted to
Moses all he knew and all he learned from his teachers of higher realities. Little by little, he
counseled Moses on the steps he should take and on his mission with the people of Israel.
Moses entered the depths of his thought-energy and remembered his past lives; he soared to
the future of humanity, communicated with his intra-terrestrial and knew the reality of the Earth.
In that learning experience, Moses unveiled the secrets and mysteries of life, reincarnation and
the reason why he was being prepared for the great mission: to save the people of Israel, where
he had been born in past lives and where in future lives he would be received as Joshua
Emmanuel. If we compare the lives of Moses and Joshua Emmanuel, we will see a great
similarity between their lives and accomplishments.
Moses, together with Jethro and the masters of the higher realities, envisioned the norms and
laws for the people of Israel. They had to be very simple for the people to understand, respect
and obey. They had to be adapted to the times and especially to the ignorance that ruled that
people. You know these norms as the Ten Commandments, but in reality the manuscripts that
were written contain more than ten commandments.
Moses wrote a complete book about it. It was a treatise of norms and laws for the people of
Israel. Its whereabouts is unknown. It disappeared during the exodus and when Moses died
during the journey, Joshua assumed the task of rewriting it, but he did it as he understood and
remembered it. The Ten Commandments are not really the original laws and norms given by
Moses. They were written by Joshua, who had to do that to retain the strength, command and
power to continue the work entrusted to him by Moses, that is, to find the Promised Land…
This is why the body of Akhenaton was never found. It is buried on Mount Sinai.
383. What was the real aim in Moses taking the people of Israel to the Promised Land?
The writings of Moses ad Joshua are strongly based on symbolisms, and let us see why.
To liberate the people of Israel.
Moses knew that he had to liberate the people of Israel, not only from material slavery, but also
from their sinister and sick psychic slavery. They were direct descendants of the Adam Clan.
They bore the stigma of the sickness of ambition. Moses had to free them from that stigma to
give them the opportunity to return to their Ayapliano origins. Moses knew his future and knew
that he had to be born as Joshua Emmanuel. He also knew that a new religion would emerge
from the teachings of Joshua, which would move millions of thought-energies. This religion
would transmit love, forgiveness, eternal salvation, charity, etc. Even though this religion has
been very distorted, the key teachings of Joshua have still been preserved. These are important
norms that have helped humanity elevate their thoughts. This is the reason why Moses had to

liberate the people of Israel and prepare their descendants, bequeathing to them knowledge,
understanding and love through their children and their children’s children.
The desert symbolizes the aridity, dryness, solitude, abandonment, rigor, abrasiveness and
devastation, of the people of Israel. Moses had to sow in their thought-energies fear of God,
knowledge of the existence of a higher being, the inner presence of that God. They were
ignorant. Their lives wore on without any productive knowledge; they let feeling and instinct
govern the actions of their lives.
We have to understand that the history of that time was written in symbols. You cannot give it
literal meaning. Written history always adapts to the time in which events occurred and to
understand them, you also have to adapt to that period of time. Nowadays you are quick, direct
and practical. In the time of Moses, facts were written descriptively in form of documented
references or narratives with versions and anecdotes that bore the characteristics of the
author’s thought and belief. Many manuscripts that have been discovered do not have scientific
authenticity or historical proof, as happens today. They were written by individuals who often did
not have global knowledge of the planet; rather, they had partial and limited knowledge. Based
on that limited understanding they expressed the events that happened.
384. Who really was Aaron, the so-called brother of Moses? (Los Angeles)
Aaron was the older brother of Akhenaton and one of his followers who escaped with him to the
desert. He became the right arm of Moses (Akhenaton) and helped him to liberate the people of
385. Is it true that Joshua Emmanuel (Jesus) resurrected Lazarus? (Brazil)
History continues to be distorted. When Joshua Emmanuel talked to the people, he told them
stories so that they could easily understand what he wanted to communicate them.
For Joshua Emmanuel, any person who was not awakened, who did not follow the norms and
precepts of God… was dead… that is why he always said, let the dead bury their dead.
Lazarus was Joshua Emmanuel’s first cousin. When Joshua Emmanuel was 17 years old, he
was sent by his parents to study with the Essenes and also to go to Egypt. When he returned at
the age of 27, many things had changed. His beloved cousin Lazarus lived a wild, dissipated
and uncontrolled life, so much so, that for Joshua Emmanuel, Lazarus did not have spirit, and
therefore he was dead.
The resurrection of Lazarus was told incorrectly. He never died physically; he was spiritually
dead. With his love and dedication, Joshua Emmanuel transformed the life that was lost by
steering Lazarus to the right path of a life that was consecrated and dedicated to the
transmission of knowledge and love. In short, he gave Lazarus life; he resurrected him to
eternal life.
Lazarus became one of the beloved disciples of Joshua Emmanuel; you know him by the name
of James.


386. Were the Apostles fishermen? (Brazil)
Yes, they fished souls. Confusion persists … the astrological sign of Joshua Emmanuel was
Pisces, for that reason people said that they were fishermen. What they really fished were
souls. It would also be good to clarify here that when Joshua Emmanuel talked to the people
and they gathered to hear him, he did not multiply fishes to feed people, he multiplied the ones
who followed him, bringing them round to the sign of Pisces, or rather, to the Era of Pisces.
The history of Tera, its religions, geography, science, technology, and so on, is full of mistakes.
The confusion of facts, the distortion of the truth has influenced your minds. Since you never
questioned them, you made them part of your thought-energies and you built your life based on
those lies. This is why we say that you are distorted, because reality has to be founded on
unquestionable truths, on authentic, precise and verifiable events.
387. How can we know the truth if we do not have the ability to go back or make a
regression in history?
Those who are awakened will be entrusted with seeing the truth and making it known. The day
will come when everyone will be awakened and their inner world will make them see, hear and
feel the reality of all that exists. When they do, they will have no doubt because that reality will
surface from the depths of their minds.
388. The deepest amendment that has ever existed in the universe was with Satien and
the distortion of the 7 planets. Was this the biggest and most important challenge
experienced by the One Being? (Los Angeles)
The Universal Mind of the One Being faces millions and infinite challenges but we should point
out that the greatest of them is Its subconscious. This means, Its zone 3, Its energetic center 3
and Its digestive system. Apart from these, there is no other problem disturbing It or causing It
serious problems. If you are in that zone, in that energetic center and in that system, then you
are part of Its subconscious problem and as such, the One Being has to heal and rectify you.
What we are explaining about the One Being is really knowledge that interests you. What is the
use of speaking about challenges occurring on the far end of the bubble-sphere if you do not
even know your own challenges?
The Ayaplianos disseminated throughout the universe of the One Being are always working to
maintain the reality of this being undisturbed, stable and totally organized.
389. Are there bases and physical beings on the moon? (Los Angeles)
There are no bases or beings from Planet Tera on the moon-satellite yet. This project will be
carried out in the year 2018 by the USA, Germany, China, France, England and the Russian
390. Is it true that there are secret bases in the USA that work together with
extraterrestrial beings? If so, who are those extraterrestrials? What is Area 51? (Brazil)
Yes, it is true that there are secret bases in some countries, but they DO NOT work with
extraterrestrials. What happened is that the military have captured some intra-terrestrials and
their spacecraft. Since these do not have human features, they insist on saying that they are

extraterrestrials that came from space and other constellations. We will tell the real story
because, as always happen in the external reality, most of the facts are distorted.
Ever since we, the volunteers, arrived 600 million years ago, Tera and its external and inner
inhabitants (our descendants), have evolved and adapted to harmful conditions, having to
endure the development, changes and genetic alterations that each one had to undergo.
We have to take into account that in 600 million years, the changes, transformations and
modifications occurring in the genes of those Ayaplianos who went out to the surface represent
quantum leaps in the Ayapliano-human species. This evolutionary process of species has taken
place only and exclusively in all those Ayaplianos who arrived on this planet, became distorted
and modified their genes to the extent that they created a new Ayapliano-man-species. In the
course of the distortion, they became species with marked differences, which depended on
many accentuated factors that defined them in their evolution. If we compare an intra-terrestrial
of level 5 with another of level 2, we would not recognize them. If we compare you with the intraterrestrials in general … there is a difference. So you would say that they are extraterrestrials
because they are not you, nor are us.
Remember that we, the volunteers, came from four planets. We were four Ayapliano species
that had already become adapted and transformed in our planets of origin. We all had
characteristics that differentiated us, but throughout that genetic adaptation of the species, the
man-form has prevailed and it has never become deformed or ceased to exist.
Something similar happened with you and the intra-terrestrials. Since they lived in deep caverns
of the planet, nourished themselves with artificial light, through evolution acquired elements that
do not exist in the exterior DNA, they evidently had to become transformed into beings who
were different to you.
We want to tell you with accuracy and truth that… Planet Tera does not receive
extraterrestrial visits of beings or spacecraft. The spacecraft that you see in the sky, the
ones seized by the military, the beings in Area 51 that are frozen for study – all of them
are intra-terrestrials that came out of the level 4 Inner-Earth City. They belong to the
Inner-Earth City that is located beneath Australia. They are called the Reptilian-Grays
because their skin is whitish, their body short, with long arms and legs, hairless and with
big black slanted eyes.
We know from previous explanations that levels one and two are occupied by the creatures.
Our descendants, the intra-terrestrials, developed as of level three.
The Grays
These are our descendants. Of the 576 volunteers who remained trapped on the exterior, they
are the ones who went to live in the deepest caverns of Tera. Frightened with the distortion,
they penetrated the caverns of Antarctica where they founded their inner city and never again
went out. While they kept their lucidity, they worked hard to avoid becoming affected by the
sickness of distortion like the ones who had remained on the surface. In spite of all their efforts,
they could not hold back the sickness, but they were able to retard it to a certain point until it


The expansion of the distortion deformed the beautiful structure of their matter and psyche.
They stopped being Ayaplianos to become amorphous, indefinite, anomalous, apathetic and
imperfect beings. The distortion went as far as transforming their brains, making their vision and
perception of their reality follow a line of knowledge and understanding that was merely material
and for the pleasure of their external senses. They have no imagination. Their movements are
entirely regulated by instinct and sensation. Their brains work through correlated images that
develop for their subsistence.
They are short, from 70 centimeters to a meter tall. They have very white and slightly
transparent skin, enormous black eyes and tiny nose and mouth, long arms and fingers and no
hair. They were held back in evolution and elevation and since they were kept apart from any
traces of evolution, they remained very backward, forgotten, exiled and confined to their own
luck. These are called the petrified ones.
Today you are the ones who will recover them. Through you, they will have the opportunity to
return. This is the only way we will attain the unification and linkage of the thought-energies.
These grays have never left their reality. They do not know any life apart from their own. They
live without having the slightest idea of their surroundings or the existence of other beings
around them.
The Reptilian Grays
These belong to the fourth level and their inner city is very close to Australia. Like the others,
these beings also fled to deep caverns but, unlike them, they got used to going in and out from
the interior to the exterior. This helped them cope with the distortion because they were able to
nourish themselves and breathe the calorific energy of the sun. Although the distortion also
attacked them, they kept their knowledge intact; however, they lost the understanding of
elevation. By retaining their knowledge, their science and technology are very advanced and
they can enter and exit the planet in their spacecraft.
When they entered the caverns they came across the creatures. In attempting to study them,
they got contaminated with the thought-energies of Satien that were amalgamated in the
fragment. At that time, petroleum began to flow, contaminating everything along its way. When
they became infected with the thought-energies of Satien, their thoughts got mixed with those of
Satien. Thus, their minds got confused and, like Satien, they became sick with greed and
They are short, scaly-skinned and darker than the others. They have a big head, with two
bulges on their forehead. Their ears, nose and mouth are very small. They have large slanted
clear eyes with oblique pupils, long fingers and no hair. They are highly intelligent and have
advanced technology.
These Reptilian-Grays are the ones who kidnap animals and human beings to carry out
experiments because they want to know absolutely everything about the exterior. They have the
stigma of Satien running through their blood. They are sick with ambition and like Luzbel and
Lucifer, they want to rule the planet. They cannot live long in the atmosphere of the exterior, if
they attempted to do so it would kill them.


We, the volunteers, know all their steps and we have them totally under control. We do not allow
them to communicate with the governments of the exterior; they are strictly forbidden to do so.
Even though they try, they cannot because they do not have the means. Even with all their
science and technology, they are unable to communicate with you. They do not understand you
and you understand them even less. Some beings of the exterior have seen them and of
course, for them, these Reptilian-Grays are extraterrestrials.
The Seramitas = SER-RA-MITHRAS
These intra-terrestrial Seramitas later on will become the Semites. They did not flee to the deep
caverns, but started their history living in a cavern very close to Greenland. From them comes
the entire history of the planet and of all that you know. This is the beginning of the west and the
east, of Adam and Eve and of the first inhabitants that populated the Earth.
You carry the seed of the Seramitas. Ra and Vis Mor came from them. They are the ones who
transmit the knowledge of universal reality. They are up to 2 meters tall, with large clear eyes,
smooth white skin, rather long arms and fingers, blond hair and strong bodies. They have the
science, technology and universal knowledge from their origins, the Pleiades (Orion).
They are very similar to you. This is why they can intermix and procreate with women of the
exterior. Even though they look like you, they have certain differences that characterize them.
They live longer, their children are born with special gifts, and they have global vision and
transmit knowledge that does not belong to Earth.
They talk about inner cities and the mysteries of the universe. They are the engineers who built
the great external pyramids, which were adjoined to the inner solar disc and the six-pointed star.
Their descendants are great philosophers, mathematicians and astronomers. They also
founded important cities like Lemuria and Atlantis, and later on, Mesopotamia and Egypt.
Among their descendants were the great Seramita intra-terrestrials who became kings and
pharaohs and who still go on bequeathing to their lineage the essence of universal knowledge.
In all times they transmitted cosmic knowledge and its origins and will go on radiating it. They
will choose the most elevated beings on the exterior and make them messengers who will be
entrusted with disseminating the universal teachings. Throughout all their reincarnations,
messengers have never forgotten their origins and life after life, reincarnation after
reincarnation, they will go on diffusing and transmitting the knowledge with sacrifice, struggling
against ignorance.
Through their teachings, the Seramitas have given humans on the surface the opportunity to
return to their origins. They showed them the path of return, recovering them from distortion.
Seramitas have their science, technology and elevation of their thought-energies intact; their
ancestral heritage remains safe.
They travel in huge interplanetary spacecraft. They do not intervene directly in the development
of the planets or their inhabitants. They only intercede in serious cases and do so with the strict
permission of the Confederation of Planets.


They are known by you as the White Brotherhood or the 24 Elders. Some of them have
imprinted their material presence on the planet, such as Rama, Zoroaster, Krishna, Buddha,
Mohammed, Joshua Emmanuel, Saint Germain, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Michael, Elias,
Athotis, Moses, Pythagoras, Aristotle, Confucius, Hermes Trismegistus, Ashtar Sheran,
Kuthumi, Maia, Aznahel, and others.
The three Ayapliano intra-terrestrial races, you, the yeti, the gorilla, chimpanzee, kuturo monkey
and Malaysian monkey, are the nine Ayapliano races materially present on planet Tera. All the
rest, all extraterrestrial appearances, and that come from other physical or etheric realities,
cannot descend physically to the planet. They will always appear before you in a holographic,
telepathic or imaginative form.
When you say that you have communicated with beings from Cyrius, Kryon, the Pleiades,
Orion, Andromeda, etc. all this is holographic or telepathic projection. Beings from these
constellations cannot, in any way, descend to an Elementary Dimension. They would become
contaminated and die. This is why their contact is telepathic. It would be like wanting a cell of
the circulatory system to enter the digestive system; it is impossible. Only the Seramitas and
Reptilian-Grays can appear before you in a material body because they belong to Tera.
391. According to this description, the beings that the military found in Roswell are
grays. How did they come out of their inner city? (Brazil)
Currently in the inner city of the reptilian-grays, there are people from the exterior that the grays
have abducted and keep them there to study them and carry out genetic experiments. Many
people of the exterior disappear without leaving a trace. We have to say with much pain and
sorrow that they have been abducted and kidnapped by those beings.
After carrying out experiments on them, they are returned to their surroundings to continue the
experiences. The reptilian-grays have no emotions. They act according to their technology
which is their reptilian essence.
392. And does not their Ayapliano essence emerge?
No, it does not. That essence was cancelled totally, when they became reptilians. Their return
can take place through you; they will have to become human-reptilians.
393. Why do you not help the grays and the reptilian-grays?
It is a process that is physical, genetic, chemical, and mathematical and so on. The same as in
your case, we cannot intervene directly, but we are helping by infusing thought-energies coming
from humans.
394. How is this possible?
You, beings on the exterior, have been the ones who best responded to the process of healing
and correction. When we observed that, we focused on you, to get you out of the stagnation
where you were. Today we can say that many of you have evolved but only a few have become
elevated. Those who evolved will help the grays because when the grays incarnate in their
bubble-spheres, they will transmit to them all that they learned and lived. But those who have
become elevated will take the direct path of return by incarnating in the bubble-spheres of the
Seramitas. Comparatively we can say that,

the grays are the solidified,
the reptilian grays are the petrified.
The mathematical formula is simple. You will be in charge of bringing them out to the surface
and teaching them all that you know. The thought-energies will mix and in the end, all of you will
take the path of return as human-Ayaplianos. Nothing is lost in the universe; all energy is
We are within a mind. When the ideas of the One Being are not fulfilled, they are absorbed and
sent to other creations and to creativity. We are the thoughts that have the knowledge and
understanding of how this mind works, so we will know how to keep alive by positioning
ourselves where we belong.
When thought-energy disappears, is absorbed and recycled, this is because it has no
knowledge of its reality; it is asleep and since it is dreaming, it will let itself be carried by the
current. However, the awakened thought-energy will know the secrets of existence and will
never get carried away; on the contrary, it will take control of its place and existence.
395. How will the ones who have become elevated in the bubble-spheres of the Seramitas
The following order is observed in the two cones that form Tera.
Cone of the Antarctic
Cone level 1 ………………….. Creatures
Cone level 2 ………………….. Grays
Cone level 3 ………………….. Reptilian-Grays
Cone level 4 ………………….. Men
Cone level 5 ………………….. Humans
Cone of the Artic
Cone level 6 …………………… Seramita-Humans
Cone level 7 …………………… Volunteer-Seramitas
Cone level 8 …………………… Ayapliano-volunteers
Cone level 9 …………………… Ayaplianos
This would be the order in which thought-energies should incarnate.
Since the universe is totally organized, the thought-energies take either of two paths: evolution
and elevation. Those that developed but did not become elevated will incarnate in the bubblespheres of the level that pertains to them. During the evolution of the yeti, those thoughtenergies will come out and will incarnate in the yeti or in others such as the gorilla, chimpanzee,
kuturo monkey, and Malaysian monkey, to help those beings evolve. We know from previous
explanations that the ones that really turned into thought-energies that were entirely useless for
evolution and elevation will serve as food for the creatures in level 1.

The order is impervious. The grays have to incarnate in the reptilian-grays, these in man, man in
humans, humans in Seramitas (North cone), Seramitas in volunteer intra-terrestrials and finally,
volunteers in the Ayaplianos.
396. Are the Seramitas not the intra-terrestrials?
Intra-terrestrial. All those that physically and ethereally live in the interior of the planet. They
are also those thought-energies that interiorize their thought-energies by focusing them inwardly
and on the depths of their existence. We can classify human thought-energies on the surface
as intra-terrestrials, when these are the awakened beings that will shelter the Seramitas in their
right side of the brain. These Volunteer-Seramitas will manifest themselves during the next 7
thousand years.
Who really are the Seramitas?
Seramita. Actually the real name of this race is Sephirath, which means divine emanation, one
of the ten Sephiroth.
In time the name was changed to Seramitas (Lemurians) to later become Semites (Atlantians).
The word also comes from SER-RA-MITHAS – the Arians who went down from India to found
Egypt. They took with them the knowledge and those who lived in Mesopotamia knew them as
the descendants of the god MITHRA.
Semite. It is the fifth and most important of the seven Atlantean sub-races, because they
developed the first seeds of thought. Progeny of the Arian race, their members spread through
Asia, Africa and America. The people of Israel and all East and West descended from them.
The Christian religion adopted the word and changed it to Seraphim, which means the same as
Sephirot. When the continents divided and the great cities of Lemuria and Atlantis were
dismantled, their descendants dispersed and started to forget cosmic knowledge, which was
transmitted by word of mouth. Egyptians then transcribed all the inherited knowledge and in
doing so they changed the word Sephiroth into Seth and Thoth, attributing to them a meaning
that differed from the original.
Sephiroth. These are the divine emanations, Ten in number, composed of the Sephirah. Each
Sephirah represents a group of ideas, titles and attributes, which correspond to a part of the
body, a planet, etc. The Sephiroth have been given the following names, Kether, Chokmah,
Binah, Cesid, Gueburah, Tiphareth, Nethzas, Hod, Jesod and Malkuth.
When the Israelis were waiting for their Messiah and Joshua Emmanuel appeared, they
received him as one of the Sephiroth, the one called Jesod. In time this named was changed to
Joshua and Jesus in the western world.
The Seramitas founded the inner city of Lemuria and they are still there today. They are the real
mentors of the human race of the surface, which was the first to become distorted and the first
to recover from distortion. You are their children; your physical appearance comes from them.
As the corrective process of the Seramitas proceeded, the Ayapliano features gradually
disappeared. Finally, they were so close to the exterior that they became humans, such as you
did. In this way, they were able to intermix with you and procreate with the human women.
Today all of humanity descends from them.

All of them who became distorted were restored through the semen of the Seramitas united with
human women who were specially prepared to conceive the offspring of the gods. They belong
to the Arctic cone, where you will be able to enter whenever you elevate your humanity and
attain their vibration. The Seramitas will be those who will incarnate in you, to mentally
transform the beings of Tera.
Every so often some Seramita intra-terrestrial incarnates in the man of the surface (Avatar)
bringing about great and significant changes. Here thought-energies are renewed, nourished
and minds seek the path of elevation. These masters, incarnated in humans on the surface,
move an immense amount of thought-energies that benefit both the beings and the planet itself.
Great philosophers and sages have been, and will go on being, the manifestation of the
Seramitas. They are the leaders and real guardians of Planet Tera.
397. Whom could we consider to be Seramita-humans?
They are those who lodge in thought-energies of the Seramitas in the right side of their brains,
those who keep physical and mental contact with them.
We should understand and recall that telepathy is carried out on the level, gradation and
vibration of the contactee. So we will understand that the Seramitas also have different levels
and energetic vibrations. Some are on level six, others on eight, and so on.
The mission of the Seramitas is to take care and guide humans on the surface. We could say,
for example, that they are your guardian angels. Each human will be protected according to his
or her level and vibration by different Seramitas who will look after the individual. Thus, we can
understand that depending on their level and vibration, humans will link to the Seramitas that
correspond to them and will learn whatever their level is able to perceive. This is why there are
so many differences in the messages and knowledge that you receive. Each person will record
the information received and will understand it according to his or her vibration until these
messages become a single one: Knowledge of the Universe.
398. What is the Seramita society like? How do they live and reproduce?
The Seramita society would be the dream of the governments on the exterior. There is no
hunger, money, power, ambition, corruption, violence, etc. The Seramitas live according to
norms of organization, stability, fraternity, and shared activities. Since their material subsistence
has been totally taken care of, they dedicate themselves to the study of the universe. They are
chemists, engineers, mathematicians, artist, historians, geologists, musicians and much more.
Although you are their descendants, the material body of a Seramita is entirely cleansed of
germs, bacteria, viruses and parasites. They achieved this through energetic nourishment that
they drew from the stratosphere and turned into nutritious food. Their physical bodies gradually
became refined, purified and filtered.
From the crude Seramitas that they had been, today they are extremely sensitive to the
contamination of the atmosphere of the Earth. For this reason, they do not appear physically to
you nor do they leave their spacecraft. Their communication with the exterior is on a holographic
level. Their thought-energies only incarnate when they find a being of elevated vibration, with an


adequately purified physical body. Otherwise, they communicate telepathically with those
awakened beings who believe and want to return to their origins willingly.
The Seramitas form their families and have children in the same way that you do, with the
difference that marriages are not carried out by physical or psychic attraction. They unite by
level, vibration, colors, frequency, etc. The union between a man and a woman is not imposed;
they are free to choose and they do so with the inner wisdom of the universal knowledge. In this
way, families or couples hardly ever break up. They remain united until they disembody.
The purpose of procreation in a family is to take in their discarnate ancestors. When a baby is
conceived, they know which energetic-being will incarnate. This occurs by chemical attraction of
creative elements that are in attunement with the discarnate being.
The Seramita woman gestates and conceives her baby in nine months. The baby will be born
exactly like those on the exterior; it will remain with its parents until it is seven years old. Then
the child will be placed with several families in a community, which the parents themselves will
also join.
The society of the Seramitas is not individual, each one for himself or herself. They work, live
and study in communion with other beings who become brothers and sisters. They are a single
family, without jealousy, envy, pride, arrogance, competition, etc. Everyone works for all of them
and there is a real unity of love and companionship amongst them.
399. If procreation takes place through sexual relationship, do Seramita men and woman
experience the orgasm of sexual pleasure? Do they use the sexual relationship for
pleasure or only for procreation?
The Seramitas are very elevated beings. Through their evolution they transformed their physical
sexual pleasure into a deep inner feeling, complete and full of experiences, that gives them a
strictly mental pleasure.
We know that matter has to be crafted in order to conceive a new life. They form that matter
according to the physical needs of the one who will reincarnate. The union between Seramita
men and women is a sexual relationship similar to yours, but we must make it clear that this
relationship is not based on the pleasure of a physical orgasm. They will experience an ecstasy
of love and union at the time of ejaculation, which will be caused by a natural spasm of the
species. At the moment of conception they will fully and consciously feel the merging of two
thought-energies that will form a single one, and this will be done with awareness of cause and
Orgasm, if we want to call it that, will be consciousness of having conceived a being with highly
elevated characteristics. Conceiving in this way, gives Seramita men and women such great
mental satisfaction that it will exceed any orgasm or joy that you could experience.
They conceive their children experiencing this bliss, this joy of love. They have no sexual
pleasure but there is the glory, delight and elation of having participated in the creativity and
union of two thought-energies that will form and receive a new being.


400. Do they travel to other constellations in their spacecraft?
Regardless of their cultural, scientific and technological advancement, they cannot physically
distance themselves from the planet. The Cosmic Confederation has forbidden the beings of
Tera to go beyond their planetary boundaries.
According to the Confederation, Tera is sick. Until Tera eradicates entirely the sickness of
ambition and is healed, it will not be able to commune with other inhabited planets. Tera is
confined and is under constant surveillance.
The only way that Seramitas found to travel to other inhabited constellations was
holographically and telepathically. Thus they have been able to preserve their origins and keep
universal knowledge updated.
The Seramitas have entirely eliminated the sickness of ambition from their lives. In general,
sicknesses do not exist because they mentally do not let them enter. They know about cinnabar
energy through their studies but this element is not part of their lives.
401. How have the Seramitas dealt with the existence of their brothers – the grays and
the reptilian-grays?
They help them, just as they do with you. The grays are our main concern. They do not react to
imaginative stimuli of continuity and correlation; their memory is totally channeled to the
production of repetitive images and always with the same pattern. This is how they function.
They are entirely instinctive.
This is why we say that they are solidified. The molecular and dynamic structures of their brain
are kept functioning by an instinctive and very rudimental capacity. Although the thoughtenergies of the reptilians are sick with ambition, we are sheltering them in the grays.
Looking at it from a wider perspective, we know that the sick thought-energy of ambition is
harmful, corrosive and extremely dangerous. Despite these difficulties, we are placing them in
the left side of the brain of the grays, for this strong and ambitious energy to somehow activate
the circuits of the brain. We can see it this way: we are counteracting an anomaly by injecting a
virus, a sickness.
The virus of ambition is extremely strong. Since it wants to surface and develop, it pushes and
frantically opens the circuits of the brain to be able to get a foothold and develop itself fully.
We know and are aware that the grays will get sick with ambition, but we prefer to have them to
suffer this sickness than to suffer the solidification of their brain. Since we know how to heal
ambition, the recovery of the grays and reptilian-grays will come about.
We are doing something very similar with the reptilian-grays. We are instilling them and placing
in their left side thought-energies of humans on the exterior. By having both energies fused, the
reptilian-grays will start having emotions, something that they do not know or experience.
Through emotions, we will recover feeling in them and with this very important element we will
be able to heal them of the virus of ambition.


Reptilian-grays do not have feeling, and that is why they do not reflect, think things over,
speculate, ponder, doubt, meditate, deliberate, etc. They act by sensation and instinct, unlike
the grays that are only instinctive.
Sensation prevented solidification; so we can instill feeling in them and we will get to them
through sensation.
402. When grays and reptilian-grays recover, will their form be like ours?
Yes, as they nourish themselves with human thought-energies, their brain will restructure their
physical form, eventually making it manlike, just as you are. They will go out to the surface,
procreate with humans and, progressively, their offspring will be born with human characteristics
until they become like you and like the Seramitas.
The reptilian energy will be eradicated entirely from the beings and from the planet. It is a sick
energy. We cannot let it proliferate; we have to annul it totally.
Do the reptilian-grays work with the governments on the surface?
Although some governments know about them and want to communicate with them, they have
not been able to do so. Scientists have used all means possible to contact them, but it will be
impossible. Reptilian-grays are isotopes. They do not have the ability to communicate and most
of them are governed by sensation.
It is important to mention that there are evident levels among the reptilian-grays in the way they
live and develop. They have very marked characteristics that separate them into hierarchies,
ranks, scales and categories.
What we can affirm is that telepathic or holographic communication with some persons of
government with elevated thought-energies is carried out on a personal level with the
Seramitas. They are the ones who transmit universal knowledge with full consciousness, to the
extent and limits allowed by such an elementary planet as Tera.
Some reptilian-grays have been caught and are in secret bases of some governments. They
have not been kept alive because they cannot survive on the surface. The bodies of these
beings have been used for studies carried out by scientists on the surface. These studies have
found that there is much similarity with your bodies. Even though they carried out profound
research on those bodies, the scientists have not been able to come to any conclusion about
them. They do not know what they are or where they come from.
The Seramitas are responsible for not allowing communication to take place between inner
cities and the surface. Although the reptilian-grays go in and out in their spacecraft and have the
technology to communicate, they are closely monitored and forbidden by the Seramitas to
approach humans. However, they break the surveillance and interdiction and do it anyway.
They abduct animals and humans, and gather samples of vegetables and minerals for study
and research. It is within their essence. By their reptilian nature, they are hunters.
The SERAMITAS have been, are and will be the true mentors – yours and the planet’s.


We, the volunteers who are in the spacecraft, ARE YOUR PARENTS IN ELEVATION; THE
They formed you, helped you get out of distortion, and implanted new organs in you that helped
you live. They shaped your physical bodies that were horrid, deformed and simian-like. They
helped you reactivate imagination and by means of this quality, they abducted your brains and
inserted thought-energies in them that saved you from petrifaction and rigidity.
In the third book, you will know everything about the SERAMITAS – the work they did, do and
will do with you, with the grays, the reptilian-grays and all the future races of the planet.
There will be 7 thousand years of RENUNCIATION and ENERGETIC TRANSMUTATION. The
Seramitas will come back and incarnate in you. Many AVATARS will come. This is the only way,
with the strength of many minds together, that the objectives will be attained. They will transform
the face of Tera, filling it with the light of KNOWLEDGE, UNDERSTANDING AND LOVE.
They will harvest what they sowed with such great effort. The Seramitas molded themselves
first and with that experience, they were able to rectify you. It has been hard work of
laboratories, research and profound studies… THEY ACHIEVED IT and you are the ANSWER.
Today the MESSENGERS working with them on the surface transmit fervently the messages
that they send. These messengers were prepared during many lives. They are direct
descendants of the Seramitas and were initiated into Universal Knowledge. They began their
preparation in Lemuria and Atlantis where they were taught and guided to steer the thoughtenergies of mankind to the right path, turning them into humans, awakening them to a
conscious and real life based on universal norms and directives.
The last phase of the work will be defined in these coming 7 thousand years. You will choose
your path using the free will that you and all beings in the universe have. You will be free to
make choices because, by being aware of existence and by having the knowledge received
from the Seramitas, you will not be able to deny having received it.
Many of you are preparing to be the future rulers that the planet needs for PEACE AND
HARMONY to exist among humans.
SUFFERING will come and that will be inevitable. It will be 7 thousand years of purification of
your thought-energies.
MY CHILDREN, COSMIC BROTHERS AND SISTERS, we are waiting for you. You are the
living proof that there is no sick-cinnabar energy that cannot be saved, transmuted and healed.
You showed the strength of positive thought and all of us who belong to the KNOWLEDGE,
UNDERSTANDING AND LOVE OF THE ONE BEING, have struggled and worked tirelessly in
the eternity of our existence.
WE ARE THE EXPERIENCE and because of it, we know what we are saying.
We are giving you this knowledge for you to AWAKEN and leave behind the unattainable
dreams of a mystical and unreal existence. We are giving you this knowledge in a DIRECT AND


TRUTHFUL way, so that you can take a hold of your lives and follow the path of LIGHT AND

The Guardians of Tera