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Price list 2013

Industrial Data Communications


We are open from 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday
excluding bank holidays. If we have the item you require
in stock and receive your order before 2.30pm we will
despatch same day.
Phone: 01489 580585
01489 580586
Westermo Data Communications Ltd
Talisman Business Centre
Duncan Road, Park Gate
Southampton SO31 7GA
Please include your order number, delivery address,
invoice address and VAT number with all orders.
We can accept orders by telephone, fax, email
or by post.
Payment Options
We offer a 30 day credit facility, subject to status, on
completion and approval of an account application form.
To apply, please contact sales for an application form.
Please refer to our terms and conditions for details.

Cheque with order
We will be happy to fax/email a proforma invoice if required. Goods can be shipped once funds have cleared.
£ Sterling
Sort Code: 40-48-78
Account No: 46224301
€ Euro
Sort Code: 30-97-80
Account No: 86219377

Delivery Charges
Standard Next Day Delivery*
UK – optional Post Office Recorded for weights
below 500g ................................................................................................................. £2.50
Mainland UK orders under £1000 (ex VAT) ....... £12.50
Mainland UK orders over £1000 (ex VAT) ................... Free
Ireland & UK islands less than 3kg
volumetric** .......................................................................................................... £20.00
Ireland & UK islands more than 3kg
volumetric** ................................................................................................ +£2.50/kg
*   Subject to area – please call to confirm
** Volumetric calculation assumes 1m3 weighs 333kg.

Credit/Debit card
and VISA debit, credit and corporate purchasing cards.


Special Delivery Services Mainland UK Only
Timed Delivery
Before 10.30am* ............................................................................................ £25.00
Before 12noon* .............................................................................................. £17.50
Saturday morning* ................................................................................ £40.00
* We will verify the best delivery time for your area.
For special delivery to non UK mainland addresses,
please call us to arrange the best option.

A Beijer Electronics Group Company –

integral DIN-rail clip £650. Number Model Description 3621-0110 1 x 10/100BaseTX.00 3623-0001 MRD-310 2 x 10/100BaseTX.00 3622-0201 MR-210 1 x 10/100BaseTX. Wi-Fi. Number Model Description Price 3623-0301 ADSL-350 2 x 10/100BaseTX.00 DDW-120 Price Unmanaged – ATEX Approved 3621-5110 DDW-120EX Managed (WeOS) 3642-0300 DDW-142 Layer 3 Routing (WeOS) 3642-0250 DDW-225 4 x 10/100BaseTX. 1 x – A Beijer Electronics Group Company 3 . 1 x RS-422/485 £763.130. analogue dial up / leased line (2-wire) £781. I/O £956.00 1 x 10/100BaseTX. integral DIN-rail clip £650. 1 x RS-232. ATEX approved £1.233. 1 x RS-232 £900. 1 x RS-232 £650. 3 x RS-232. ATEX approved £1. 1 x RS-232 £ 3622-0230 DR-260A+3G+PSTN 4 x 10/100BaseTX.00 ED-200 4 x 10/100BaseTX. 1 x RS-232. GSM / GPRS only £556.00 2 x 10/100BaseTX. 1 x RS-232. 1 x RS-232 £650. point to point pair bonding (30Mbit/s) £795.00 3622-0210 DR-260A 4 x 10/100BaseTX.00 ED-210 4 x 10/100Base TX. point to point £632.00 3642-0240 DDW-226 4 x 10/100BaseTX.00 3G / GPRS PSTN 3609-5001 Serial 3609-5010 www. 1 x RS-232 £854. multidrop. redundant ring. 3G and PSTN backup 3622-1000 DR-260A+WIFI 4 x 10/100BaseTX. 1 x RS-232.westermo.00 3623-0201 MRD-350 2 x 10/100BaseTX.00 3623-0101 MRD-330 2 x 10/100BaseTX. 1 x RS-232. 1 x RS-232.00 Remote Access Routers Broadband ADSL Art. point to point £494.293.00 £1.Wolverine Ethernet Extenders – SHDSL Unmanaged Art. redundant ring. 1 x RS-232.00 3622-0205 MR-270 4 x 10/100BaseTX.00 3622-0202 MR-260 1 x 10/100BaseTX.00 3622-0220 DR-260A+3G 4 x 10/100BaseTX. 3G backup £949.

20 concurrent user connections £1.00 9600-0025 VPNe25 25 remote connections. 50 concurrent user connections £1. 30km. 20 concurrent user connections £1. 1 concurrent user connection* VPNeFree Price £ . 2km.00* * Restrictions apply – contact us for more information 9600-0010 VPNe10 10 remote connections.200. SC £200. 2 x single mode. 1 x SFP Gbit £200.00 Price 3624-0100 MCI-422-MM-SC2 2 x 10/100BaseTX.00 3624-0110 MCI-422-SM-SC30 2 x 10/100BaseTX. Number Model Description 9600-0001 3 remote connections.00 9600-0250 VPNe250 250 remote connections. 2 x 100BaseFX. SC £312. Number Model Description 3624-0001 MCI-211G 1 x 1000BaseTX.800.WestermoConnect – Industrial Cloud Remote Connectivity Art.00 9600-0500 VPNe500 500 remote connections.00 A Beijer Electronics Group Company – www.00 9600-1000 VPNe1000 1000 remote connections.600.00 9600-1500 VPNe1500 1500 remote connections. 15 concurrent user connections 9600-0100 VPNe100 100 remote connections.00 WestermoConnect is an annual subscription service i-line Ethernet Media Converters Unmanaged 4 Art. 5 concurrent user connections £530. 50 concurrent user connections £1.00 £850. multimode.700.400. 25 concurrent user connections £1.00 9600-0050 VPNe50 50 remote connections. 10 concurrent user connections £690.

30km. 4 x SFP Gbit or 4 x 1000BaseTX £2. 2 x 100BaseFX. 100W. 24V DC £367.163.00 3624-0250 MDI-112-F4G 8 x 10/100BaseTX. 2 x 100BaseFX. 18-32V DC / 18-27V AC £140.00 3625-0100 SDI-880 8 x 10/100BaseTX £105. 4 x SFP Gbit or 4 x 1000BaseTX £1.00 3626-0120 PSI-1010G-48V 8 x 10/100BaseTX 802.00 3624-0370 MRI-128-F4G-PSE/24 24 x 10/100BaseTX 802. 90-264V AC £660. 48V DC £484.591. 8 x 10/100BaseTX.3af/at PoE.i-line Ethernet Switches Unmanaged Art.00 Managed Unmanaged Rack Mount 3624-0340 MRI-128-F4G 24 x 10/100BaseTX. 1 x 100BaseFX.00 3624-0360 MRI-128-F4G-PSE/16 16 x 10/100BaseTX 802. SC £377.00 3624-0260 MDI-118-F2G 16 x 10/100BaseTX. 18-32V DC / 18-27V AC £195. 2 x SFP Gbit or 2 x 1000BaseTX £986.00 Managed Power over Ethernet Rack Mount 3624-0300 MRI-120-F4G-PSE/8 8 x 10/100BaseTX 802. 100W. multimode.00 3624-0210 MDI-110-F3G 7 x 10/100BaseTX. 4 x SFP Gbit or 4 x 1000BaseTX £1.00 3625-0110 SDI-862-MM-SC2 6 x 10/100BaseTX.westermo.3af – A Beijer Electronics Group Company 5 . 3 x SFP Gbit or 3 x 1000BaseTX £721.00 £65.3af PoE.3af PoE. 2 x SFP Gbit or 2 x 1000BaseTX £828. 60W. 30km.00 3626-0110 PSI-1010G-24V 8 x 10/100BaseTX 802. 12-48V DC £744. 8 x 10/100BaseTX.3af/at PoE.00 3625-0120 SDI-862-SM-SC30 6 x 10/100BaseTX. 2km.00 Unmanaged Power over Ethernet 3626-0100 PSI-660G-24V 4 x 10/100BaseTX 802. 2 x 1000BaseTX. Number Model Description Price 3625-0050 SDI-550 5 x 10/100BaseTX.3af PoE.00 3625-0010 SDI-541-SM-SC30 4 x 10/100BaseTX. 4 x SFP Gbit or 4 x 1000BaseTX. 2 x 1000BaseTX.00 3624-0350 MRI-128-F4G/DC 24 x 10/100BaseTX. 18-32V DC / 18-27V AC 3625-0001 SDI-541-MM-SC2 4 x 10/100BaseTX. 1 x 100BaseFX. multimode. SC £293. single mode.3af/at PoE. SC.00 www. SC. 2 x SFP Gbit.00 3624-0200 MDI-110-F3 7 x 10/100BaseTX. 24V DC £456. single mode. 2 x 1000BaseTX. 2 x 1000BaseTX. 48V DC £419. 3 x SFP or 3 x 10/100BaseTX £ 100W. 2km. 4 x SFP Gbit or 4 x 1000BaseTX.00 3626-0150 PSI-1010G-F2G-48V 8 x 10/100BaseTX 802. 2 x SFP Gbit.

40km. SC £560. multimode. 2 x 100BaseFX.00 3644-5024 SDW-541EX-SM-SC15 4 x 10/100BaseTX.00 3644-0034 SDW-532-SM-SC15 3 x 10/100BaseTX. multimode.00 3644-0024 SDW-541-SM-SC15 4 x 10/100BaseTX. 2km. 2 x 100BaseFX.00 3644-5023 SDW-541EX-MM-LC2 4 x 10/100BaseTX. single mode. LC £916.00 3644-5021 SDW-541EX-MM-ST2 4 x 10/100BaseTX.00 3644-0025 SDW-541-SM-LC40 4 x 10/100BaseTX.00 3644-0022 SDW-541-SM-LC15 4 x 10/100BaseTX. 2km. 2km. 2 x 100BaseFX. single mode.00 3644-0033 SDW-532-MM-LC2 3 x 10/100BaseTX. SC £421. single mode. LC £370.00 3644-0030 SDW-532-MM-SC2 3 x 10/100BaseTX.00 3644-5034 SDW-532EX-SM-SC15 3 x 10/100BaseTX. single mode. 1 x 100BaseFX. SC £603.00 3644-0035 SDW-532-SM-LC40 3 x 10/100BaseTX. multimode. 40km. single mode. 2 x 100BaseFX.00 3644-5020 SDW-541EX-MM-SC2 4 x 10/100BaseTX. 1 x 100BaseFX.00 3644-5032 SDW-532EX-SM-LC15 3 x 10/100BaseTX. LC £864. multimode. 1 x 100BaseFX.00 A Beijer Electronics Group Company – www. single mode.00 Unmanaged – ATEX Approved 6 3644-5001 SDW-550EX 5 x 10/100BaseTX £247. 2km. 15km. LC £422. multimode.00 3644-5022 SDW-541EX-SM-LC15 4 x 10/100BaseTX.00 3644-5033 SDW-532EX-MM-LC2 3 x 10/100BaseTX. multimode. SC £603. 2km.00 3644-5035 SDW-532EX-SM-LC40 3 x 10/100BaseTX. LC £551. multimode. 15km. 2 x 100BaseFX. single mode. 1 x 100BaseFX. Number Model Description Price 3644-0001 SDW-550 5 x 10/100BaseTX £153. 1 x 100BaseFX.00 3644-5030 SDW-532EX-MM-SC2 3 x 10/100BaseTX. LC £835. ST £ . 1 x 100BaseFX. LC £603. 2 x 100BaseFX. 2km. SC £887. single mode. SC £370.00 3644-0031 SDW-532-MM-ST2 3 x 10/100BaseTX. 15km. 1 x 100BaseFX. SC £508. LC £560. 2 x 100BaseFX. 15km. 2 x 100BaseFX. 2km. 15km.00 3644-0032 SDW-532-SM-LC15 3 x 10/100BaseTX. SC £ LC £508. 2 x 100BaseFX. ST £370.00 3644-0023 SDW-541-MM-LC2 4 x 10/100BaseTX. ST £508. 40km. 2km. 2 x 100BaseFX.00 3644-0021 SDW-541-MM-ST2 4 x 10/100BaseTX.00 3644-0020 SDW-541-MM-SC2 4 x 10/100BaseTX. 1 x 100BaseFX. single mode. 15km. 2km. 1 x 100BaseFX. LC £887. 2 x 100BaseFX. 1 x 100BaseFX. 15km. ST £422.Industrial Ethernet Switches Unmanaged Art.westermo. 15km. multimode. multimode. multimode. 2km. single mode. 40km. 2 x 100BaseFX. SC £580. multimode.00 3644-5025 SDW-541EX-SM-LC40 4 x 10/100BaseTX. 1 x 100BaseFX. 2km. 1 x 100BaseFX. single mode. multimode. 2km. SC £835.00 3644-5031 SDW-532EX-MM-ST2 3 x 10/100BaseTX. single mode.

00 3645-5040 MCW-211EX-SM-LC40 1 x 10/100BaseTX.00 3616-5010 EDW-120EX Serial to Ethernet. 1 x RS-232. multimode. 1 x 100BaseFX. 1 x 100BaseFX. 2km. 2km.westermo.00 3616-0010 EDW-120 Serial to Ethernet. LC £555. Number Model Description 3645-0050 MCW-211-MM-LC2 1 x 10/100BaseTX. 1 x 100BaseFX. 2 x RS-232 £433. 1 x 10/100BaseTX.00 3645-0030 MCW-211-SM-LC15 1 x 10/100BaseTX. 1 x RS-422/485 £352. multimode. 1 x 100BaseFX. 15km. ST £304. 1 x 100BaseFX. 1 x 100BaseFX. 15km. 2km. multimode.Industrial Media Converters Unmanaged Ethernet Art. single mode. 1 x 100BaseFX. 2km. 1 x RS-232. 1 x 100BaseFX. single mode. multimode.00 3645-0020 MCW-211-SM-SC15 1 x 10/100BaseTX. LC £356. LC £304. multimode. 1 x RS-422/485 £404.00 3645-0040 MCW-211-SM-LC40 1 x 10/100BaseTX. SC £503.00 3645-5010 MCW-211EX-MM-ST2 1 x 10/100BaseTX. single mode. 2km. multimode.00 Price 3645-0001 MCW-211-MM-SC2 1 x 10/100BaseTX. 2km. ST £356.00 3645-0010 MCW-211-MM-ST2 1 x 10/100BaseTX. 1 x 10/100BaseTX. 1 x 100BaseFX.00 Serial Serial – ATEX Approved 3616-5020 EDW-100EX Serial to Ethernet. LC £717. SC £356. 40km. 1 x 10/ – A Beijer Electronics Group Company 7 .co. LC £503. 1 x 100BaseFX.00 3616-0020 EDW-100 Serial to Ethernet. 40km.00 www. 15km. 1 x 100BaseFX.00 3645-5020 MCW-211EX-SM-SC15 1 x 10/100BaseTX.00 3645-5030 MCW-211EX-SM-LC15 1 x 10/100BaseTX. single mode. SC £304. 1 x 10/100BaseTX. single mode.00 3645-5001 MCW-211EX-MM-SC2 1 x 10/100BaseTX. single mode.00 Unmanaged Ethernet – ATEX Approved 3645-5050 MCW-211EX-MM-LC2 1 x 10/100BaseTX. LC £664. 15km. 1 x 100BaseFX. 2 x RS-232 £380. SC £555.

178. 1 x RS-232 £791.375.westermo.898. 1 x RS-232. 4 x SFP Gbit. 4 x 1000BaseTX.460. 1 x RS-232/422/485 £1. ATEX approved £1. 1 x RS-232/422/485 £ .00 3643-0235 L206-F2G 4 x 10/100BaseTX.186. Number Model Description Price 3643-0100 L110-F2G 8 x 10/100BaseTX.153.00 3641-3200 RFI-14-F4G 10 x 10/100BaseTX. ATEX approved £2. ATEX approved £1.00 3641-3410 RFI-10-F8 2 x 10/100BaseTX.00 3643-0230 L106-F2G 4 x 10/100BaseTX.854. 1 x RS-232.00 Layer 3 Routing Device Server (WeOS) 3643-0205 L208-F2G-S2 4 x 10/100BaseTX.688. 8 x SFP 100Mbit/s £2.Lynx Ethernet Switches Managed (WeOS) Art. 8 x SFP 100Mbit/s £2.981. ATEX approved £1. 4 x SFP Gbit. layer 2 £558. M12 connectors. 2 x SFP Gbit.00 3641-3220 RFI-14-F4G-F8 2 x 10/100BaseTX. 2 x SFP Gbit. 4 x SFP Gbit. EN 50155 approved £2. 2 x SFP Gbit. 1 x RS-232/422/485 £977.270. ATEX approved £1.00 RedFox Ethernet Switches Layer 3 Routing (WeOS) 8 Art.00 3641-3100 RFI-18 18 x 10/100BaseTX. layer 2 £646. 4 x 1000BaseTX.00 3643-0225 L206-S2 4 x 10/100BaseTX.00 3641-3210 RFI-6-F4G 2 x 10/100BaseTX. 4 x SFP Gbit.00 3643-0220 L106-S2 4 x 10/100BaseTX.163.795.00 3641-3400 RFI-18-F8 10 x 10/100BaseTX. 4 x 1000BaseTX. 2 x SFP Gbit £901.00 A Beijer Electronics Group Company – www.00 3643-0210 L105-S1 4 x 10/100BaseTX. Number Model Description Price 3641-3110 RFI-10 10 x 10/100BaseTX. 1 x RS-232 £651. 8 x SFP 100Mbit/s £1. 4 x SFP Gbit.591. 2 x SFP Gbit £837. 1 x RS-232. 1 x RS-232/422/485 £791.00 Layer 3 Routing (WeOS) 3643-0105 L210-F2G 8 x 10/100BaseTX. 2 x SFP Gbit. 16 x SFP 100Mbit/s £2.00 3641-3420 RFI-18-F16 2 x 10/100BaseTX.00 3641-3310 RFI-10-F4G-T4G 2 x 10/100BaseTX. 1 x RS-232.00 Managed Device Server (WeOS) 3643-0200 L108-F2G-S2 4 x 10/100BaseTX. ATEX approved £1.00 3641-1630 RFR-12-FB 12 x 10/100BaseTX.00 3641-3320 RFI-18-F4G-T4G-F8 2 x 10/100BaseTX.00 3641-3300 RFI-18-F4G-T4G 10 x 10/ 4 x SFP Gbit. 8 x SFP 100Mbit/s £2.00 3643-0215 L205-S1 4 x 10/100BaseTX.

00 Managed Power over Ethernet (WeOS) 3641-0570 Viper-112-T3G-P8 8 x 10/100BaseTX 802.00 Viper-408 8 x 10/100BaseTX. Number Model Description Price 3641-0340 Viper-008 8 x 10/100BaseTX.381. M12 connectors £ 3641-0540 Viper-012 12 x 10/100BaseTX.00 www.00 Managed 3641-0360 Managed (WeOS) 3641-0555 Viper-112 12 x 10/100BaseTX. M12 connectors £1. 3 x 10/100/ – A Beijer Electronics Group Company 9 . 4 x 10/100BaseTX. M12 connectors £875. M12 connectors £1.00 3641-0580 Viper-112-P8 8 x 10/100BaseTX 802. M12 connectors £1.3af/at PoE. 3 x 10/100/1000BaseTX.879. 3 x 10/100/1000BaseTX.00 Layer 3 Routing Power over Ethernet (WeOS) 3641-0595 Viper-212-T3G-P8 8 x 10/100BaseTX 802.Viper EN 50155 Approved Robust Ethernet Switches Unmanaged Art. M12 connectors £2.3af/at PoE.3af/at PoE.377. 3 x 10/100/1000BaseTX. M12 connectors £512.833. M12 connectors £958.00 3641-0590 Viper-212-P8 8 x 10/100BaseTX 802. 4 x 10/100BaseTX. 1 x 10/100BaseTX.335.westermo.837. M12 connectors £2. M12 connectors £2.879.00 3641-0530 Viper-112-T3G 9 x 10/100BaseTX.3af/at PoE. M12 connectors £2. 1 x 10/100BaseTX.00 3641-0550 Viper-212-T3G 9 x 10/100BaseTX.335.00 Layer 3 Routing (WeOS) 3641-0560 Viper-212 12 x 10/100BaseTX.

00 3618-0101 TD-36 AV Analogue dial up / leased line (2-wire).westermo. 900/1800MHz £470. 1 x RS-422/485.00 3615-0001 GDW-11 1 x RS-232. 900/1800MHz £428. relay function £419. 1 x RS-232 £270.00 3611-0003 TD-29 DC 36-55V 2-wire.00 3618-0110 TD-36 LV Analogue dial up / leased line (2-wire). Number Model Description 3600-2001 TD-23 LV 2/4-wire.00 3611-0001 TD-29 DC 2-wire.00 3615-5030 GDW-11 485EX 1 x RS-232. 1 x RS-232 £386.00 3600-2151 TD-23 HV-R 2/4-wire. Number Model Description Price 3619-0001 TDW-33 Analogue dial up.00 3615-0030 GDW-11 485 1 x RS-232. RS-232/422/485. 1 x RS-422/485.00 3611-0101 TD-29 AC 2-wire. 1 x RS-422/485 £456.Remote Access Modems Analogue PSTN Art.23.00 IDW-90 LV 1 x RS-232. RS-232/422/485 £419. 1 x RS-232 £386. 900/1800MHz £362.00 3618-0010 TD-36 LV 485 Analogue dial up / leased line (2/4-wire).23. 1 x RS-232. 1 x RS-422/485 £460.23. RS-232/422/485 £391.00 3600-2051 TD-23 LV-R 2/4-wire. 1 x RS-422/485 £460. V.00 3614-0510 TR-36B Analogue dial up / leased line (2/4-wire). 900/1800MHz £405.23.00 3618-0001 TD-36 AV 485 Analogue dial up / leased line (2/4-wire). V.00 10 Price A Beijer Electronics Group Company – . 1 x RS-232. 1 x RS-232. relay function £419. 1 x RS-422/485.00 GSM / GPRS GSM / GPRS – ATEX Approved 3615-5001 GDW-11EX 1 x RS-232. rack mount (RV-07B) £386. V. V.00 3600-2101 TD-23 HV 2/4-wire. RS-232/422/485 £419.00 ISDN 3620-0001 Multidrop Modems Leased line Art. RS-232/422/485. RS-232/422/485 £419. RS-232/422/485 £391.

co.00 3651-3732 ODW-730EX-F2 Multidrop / redundant ring.00 3049-1001 MA-49 RS-422/485 to RS-232.00 Serial – ATEX Approved 3617-5001 MDW-45EX LV RS-422/485 to RS-232 £214. 1 x SFP 100Mbit/s £330. 2-wire / 4-wire converter £367.Fibre Optic Converters RS-232 Art. 2 x SFP 100Mbit/s £286.00 www.00 Interface Converters Serial Art.00 3603-0001 LD-34 DC RS-232 4-channel switch £595.00 RS-232 – ATEX Approved 3651-3721 ODW-720EX-F1 Point to point. rack mount £260.00 3157-1101 MD-45 HV RS-422/485 to RS-232 £298. 2 x SFP 100Mbit/s £337.00 3651-0731 ODW-730-F1 Point to point.00 3617-0001 MDW-45 LV RS-422/485 to RS-232 £163.00 3651-0732 ODW-730-F2 Multidrop / redundant ring.00 3603-0003 LD-34 DC 36-55V RS-232 4-channel switch £595.00 3651-3722 ODW-720EX-F2 Multidrop / redundant ring.00 3153-3101 RD-48 HV RS-422/485 repeater.00 3651-0722 ODW-720-F2 Multidrop / redundant ring. 2-wire / 4-wire converter £367.00 3617-0101 MDW-45 HV RS-422/485 to RS-232 £163. 2 x SFP 100Mbit/s £337.00 3601-0001 MD-52 DC RS-232 isolator £270.00 RS-422/485 RS-422/485 – ATEX Approved 3651-3731 ODW-730EX-F1 Point to point. 2 x SFP 100Mbit/s £286.00 3617-5101 MDW-45EX HV RS-422/485 to RS-232 £214. desktop £298. rack mount £260.westermo. Number Model Description 3045-0003 MA-45 AC RS-422/485 to RS-232. Number Model Description Price 3651-0721 ODW-720-F1 Point to point. 1 x SFP 100Mbit/s £279.00 Price 3047-0001 MA-47 RS-422/485 to RS-232. 1 x SFP 100Mbit/s £330.00 3603-0101 LD-34 AC RS-232 4-channel switch £595.00 3601-0101 MD-52 AC RS-232 isolator £ – A Beijer Electronics Group Company 11 .00 3153-3001 RD-48 LV RS-422/485 repeater.00 3157-0001 MD-45 LV RS-422/485 to RS-232 £298.00 3601-0003 MD-52 DC 36-55V RS-232 isolator £270. 1 x SFP 100Mbit/s £279.

desktop £288. rack mount £228.00 3154-1001 LD-01 DC RS-232 £577.00 Short Haul Modems (Line Drivers) Point to Point Art.westermo. 9-pin(M) £195. rack mount £237. by-pass function £688.00 3154-1005 LD-01BP DC 36-55V RS-232.00 3154-1112 LD-01BP AC 115V RS-232.00 3029-2001 MA-29 20mA current loop to RS-232.00 3151-2005 MD-21 TEMP DC 20mA current loop to RS-232.00 3019-2001 MA-19 RS-232.00 3186-3001 MM-14 25P FEMALE RS-232.00 3150-2101 MD-12 AC RS-232 £307.00 3151-2001 MD-21 DC 20mA current loop to RS-232 £298.00 3012-5003 MA-12 AC RS-232. by-pass function £540. by-pass function £688.00 3156-0001 LD-02 DC RS-485 £577. inline.00 Multidrop 12 A Beijer Electronics Group Company – www. desktop £288. inline. inline. desktop £288.00 3150-1001 MD-12 DC RS-232 £307.20mA Current Loop 3021-7003 MA-21 AC 20mA current loop to RS-232. desktop.00 3110-2120 LA-01BP AC RS-232.00 3186-3101 MM-14 25P MALE RS-232. inline. by-pass function £ .00 3154-1101 LD-01 AC RS-232 £577. by-pass function £688.00 3186-3201 MM-14 9P FEMALE RS-232. -40 to +70°C £428. 9-pin(F) £195. Number Model Description Price 3012-1901 MA-12 DC RS-232. 25-pin(F) £195. 25-pin(M) £195.00 3186-3301 MM-14 9P MALE RS-232 line driver.00 3151-3101 MD-21 AC 20mA current loop to RS-232 £298.00 3154-1110 LD-01 AC 115V RS-232 £577.00 3154-1002 LD-01BP DC RS-232.00 3154-1102 LD-01BP AC RS-232.

Number Model Description Price 3650-1101 LRW-102-MM-LC2 TP/FT-10.westermo.00 Fibre Optic Routers 3650-1301 LRW-112-MM-LC2 TP/FT-10. single mode.00 13 .Profibus DP Devices Fibre Optic Converters – A Beijer Electronics Group Company Price £591. RS-232/485. redundant ring. 5km £1.223. 2 x SFP 100Mbit/s £395.00 Multidrop Modems 3611-0020 TD-29P DC LON Devices Fibre Optic Repeaters Art. LC. single mode.00 3630-1102 FD-10N Adaptor.205. multimode. 5km 3650-1210 LRW-112PP-SM-LC15 TP/FT-10. LC. redundant ring. Number Model Description 3612-0001 3 x RS-232.209. single mode. LC. point to point. up to 19. slave.00 3650-1310 LRW-112-SM-LC15 TP/FT-10.00 Serial Converters 3630-1100 FD-10P Adaptor. addressable £842. multimode. multimode.00 3651-0712 ODW-710-F2 Multidrop / redundant ring. 5km £637. 15km £851. LC. slave.00 3651-3712 ODW-710EX-F2 Multidrop / redundant ring.00 3630-1400 FD-40B Converter. 15km 3650-1001 LRW-102PP-MM-LC2 TP/FT-10. point to point £842. 15km £977.00 Fibre Optic Converters – ATEX Approved 3651-3711 ODW-710EX-F1 Point to point.00 3630-1101 FD-10A Adaptor.00 3650-1201 LRW-112PP-MM-LC2 TP/FT-10. 230V AC AD-01 www.00 M-Bus Devices Serial Adaptors Art. 5km 3650-1110 LRW-102-SM-LC15 TP/FT-10. point to point. RS-232/485 £842.00 2-wire. 15km £1.2kbit/s £767. network £842.00 3650-1010 LRW-102PP-SM-LC15 TP/FT-10.00 £1. 1 x SFP 100Mbit/s £377. RS-232/485. 2 x SFP 100Mbit/s £344.00 £1. LC. LC.00 £767. LC. redundant ring. RS-232/485. redundant ring. single mode. LC. point to point. slave. 1 x SFP 100Mbit/s £330. 2 x M-Bus. Number Model Description Price 3651-0711 ODW-710-F1 Point to point. point to point.

868MHz £ 170MHz.154. 2AO. compatible with Elpro 405U modem. 3DO. +12DI/O.5W. 8AO. RS-232/485.154.00 A Beijer Electronics Group Company – www.westermo.154.5W. 0. 0. I/O RX/TX pair. optional battery power £665. WLAN. WLAN.179. 0. 2.00 Licensed Serial Modems 9100-09xx RM-455U-D-H-N-x RS-232/485.137.00 9100-0270 RM-105U-4-GB Transceiver. 0. 8AO. 10-500mW. 4P. 0. 12.5W. 0.00 9100-0920 RM-455U-D-L-N-460 RS-232/485. 6AI. 10-500mW.4GHz.Elpro Technologies Radio Devices License-Free Serial Modems Art.154. 2AO. 2AI. 1AO.5KHz £982. +12DI/O.5KHz. 25KHz.154.00 9100-09xx RM-455U-D-H-W-x RS-232/485. 6AI. 868MHz £541.00 9100-0050 RM-240U-E 1 x 10/100BaseTX. 2DI. I/O RX/TX pair.00 Price 9100-0022 RM-805U-D-5 RS-232/485. 400mW. 25KHz.00 9100-0260 RM-105U-3-GB Transceiver.5W.00 9100-09xx RM-455U-C-H-N-x RS-232/485. Number Model Description 9100-0020 RM-805U-D RS-232/485. 458MHz £1. 0. 0. 8DO. 458MHz £1.5KHz. 868MHz £1. 4DO. 458MHz 14 £1.11b £590. 868MHz £1.00 9100-0065 RM-245U-E-A 1 x 10/100BaseTX. 0.5-5W. 1DO. 100mW.11a £977. whip antenna. dipole antenna. . 868MHz £1. 25KHz £982. 868MHz £1. 1PO.00 9100-0930 RM-455U-D-L-W-460 RS-232/485.5W.5W. 802. 100mW. WLAN. 458MHz £891.00 £647. 0. 802.00 9100-0610 RM-105U-2-868 Transceiver. 458MHz £1. 458MHz £868. 4DI.11b £977.001. 2DI or 2PI and 1AI.00 9100-0140 RM-105U-L-P2 Telemetry kit. 4PO.5-5W.5W.00 9100-0903 RM-455U-C-L-N-460 RS-232/485. 10-500mW. 802.00 9100-0630 RM-105U-4-868 Transceiver.00 9100-0240 RM-105U-2-GB Transceiver.00 9100-0110 RM-105U-L-T Transmitter.5-5W.00 9100-0130 RM-105U-L-P1 Telemetry kit.00 9100-0440 RM-505U-2-E-GB Transmitter.5W.5W. 458MHz £1. 5GHz. 0. 12. 868MHz £866. 0. 868MHz £1. 4PI. compatible with Elpro 405U modem.5W. 4DI.5W. 2AI.00 9100-0906 RM-455U-C-L-W-460 RS-232/485. 1DO. 458MHz £891. RS-232/485. 4DI. 0. 4DI.5W.5W. 868MHz £804. 4DI. 0. 0. 4PO.00 9100-0620 RM-105U-3-868 Transceiver. 1AI. 8DO.5W. 10-500mW.00 9100-09xx RM-455U-C-H-W-x RS-232/485. 450/460MHz Ethernet Modems 9100-0030 RM-805U-E 1 x 10/100BaseTX. 4DO. 4DO.00 License-Free Wireless Telemetry 9100-0600 RM-105U-1-868 Transceiver. 25KHz £1. 4DI. 458MHz £868. 0.00 9100-0060 RM-245U-E-G 1 x 10/100BaseTX.154. 12. 4P.1AI. compatible with Elpro 405U modem. 868MHz. 0.00 9100-0450 RM-505U-K Transmitter. 4PI. compatible with Elpro 405U modem.001. 868MHz 9100-0120 RM-105U-L-R Receiver. pulse.00 Frequency band options:.154.60MHz. 868MHz £541. RS-232/485.00 9100-0220 RM-105U-1-GB Transceiver. 0.5KHz £1.4GHz. 0. 2DI.5-5W.154. thermocouple. 2. RS-232/485.5W. 1PO.5W. 5mW. 4DO. 12.

5-5W.00 9100-08xx RM-105U-G-PR1-H-W-x Profibus slave.00 9100-08xx RM-105U-G-MD1-H-W-x DF1/Modbus RTU.00 9100-0702 RM-105U-G-ET1 Ethernet (ModbusTCP/EthernetIP/HTTP).5W.00 9100-08xx RM-105U-G-M+1-H-W-x Modbus+ slave.00 9100-0707 RM-105U-G-PR2 Profibus master. 25KHz £1. 8AO. 458MHz £1. 458MHz £1. 12. 0. 25KHz £2. 458MHz £1.327.00 9100-0710 RM-105U-G-ET1-458 Ethernet (ModbusTCP/EthernetIP/HTTP). 0.00 9100-08xx RM-105U-2-H-N-x Transceiver.128.5W.5-5W.00 9100-08xx RM-105U-G-ET1-H-N-x Ethernet (ModbusTCP/EthernetIP/HTTP). 0.5-5W. 0. 4PI. 0. 12. 4DI. 1PO.5KHz £2.327.5W.5W. 0.170MHz. 0.5W.327. 4DO. 0. 12. 4P. 0.00 9100-08xx RM-105U-G-DE1-H-N-x Devicenet slave. 12.5-5W.796.245. 16DI/O £382.00 9100-08xx RM-105U-G-PR1-H-N-x Profibus slave.00 9100-08xx RM-105U-G-PR2-H-W-x Profibus master.00 9100-0701 RM-105U-G-PR1 Profibus slave. 868MHz £1.5-5W.796. 0. 12.00 www. 0. 1DO.00 Frequency band options:. 25KHz £2.477. +12DI/O.110.245. 12. 0. 4DI.5-5W. 0.5KHz £1.00 9100-08xx RM-105U-3-H-N-x Transceiver. +12DI/O.5KHz £1. 4/8AI.327. 12.5W.5-5W.00 9100-0709 RM-105U-G-PR2-458 Profibus master.5W.00 9100-08xx RM-105U-1-H-W-x Transceiver.00 9100-0361 RM-115S-12 (24V) RS-232/485. 0.796. 4DI.00 9100-0706 RM-105U-G-PR1-458 Profibus slave. 868MHz £1.5KHz £1. 868MHz £1. 8DI/O £519. 0.977. 4DI.00 9100-0711 RM-105U-G-M+1-458 Modbus+ slave. 4DI.5-5W. 450/460MHz Serial I/O Modules 9100-0351 RM-115S-11 (24V) RS-232/485. 0. 8DO. 0.00 9100-08xx RM-105U-G-M+1-H-N-x Modbus+ slave. 0. 4DO.5-5W.5W. 0.00 9100-08xx RM-105U-4-H-W-x Transceiver. 4DO.5-5W.00 9100-0371 RM-115S-13 (24V) RS-232/485. 0. 4PO.00 9100-08xx RM-105U-4-H-N-x 0.00 9100-0705 RM-105U-G-MD1-458 DF1/Modbus RTU.845.5W. 4PI. 6AI.327. 25KHz £1. 4PI.5-5W.00 9100-08xx RM-105U-G-ET1-H-W-x Ethernet (ModbusTCP/EthernetIP/HTTP).327.845. 2AO.128. 868MHz £2. 1PO. 25KHz £1.5-5W. 0.Licensed Wireless Telemetry 9100-08xx RM-105U-1-H-N-x Transceiver. 0. 12. 4DO. 25KHz £1. 2AI.00 9100-08xx RM-105U-G-PR2-H-N-x Profibus master.5KHz £2.00 9100-08xx RM-105U-G-DE1-H-W-x Devicenet slave.912.5W. 2AO. 0. 1DO.5-5W. 8DI/O £486.00 9100-08xx RM-105U-2-H-W-x Transceiver.500.5-5W. 0. 2AI. 25KHz £1.westermo.128. 450/460MHz License-Free Wireless Gateways 9100-0700 RM-105U-G-MD1 DF1/Modbus RTU. 0.5W. 12.5KHz £2.5-5W.796.5W. 8AO.00 Licensed Wireless Gateways 9100-08xx RM-105U-G-MD1-H-N-x DF1/Modbus RTU. 868MHz £1.5-5W.00 Frequency band options:.5KHz £1.5-5W.00 9100-08xx RM-105U-3-H-W-x Transceiver.5-5W. 868MHz £1. 12.170MHz.912.5KHz £1. 25KHz £1. 0. 25KHz £1.00 9100-0708 RM-105U-G-DE1-458 Devicenet slave. 0. 25KHz £2. 0.500.977. 0. 458MHz £2. 458MHz £1.977. 4P. 0.5-5W.00 9100-0704 RM-105U-G-M+1 Modbus+ slave. 4DI. 0.5KHz £ – A Beijer Electronics Group Company 15 .5KHz £1.5-5W. 8DO.110. 6AI. 4PO. 8AO. 458MHz £1.00 9100-0703 RM-105U-G-DE1 Devicenet slave.

20km. single mode. single mode. 110km £1.00 £58.00 3641-0190 USB-M12 EN 50155 approved configuration USB backup device. LC. LC.00 1100-0441 GSLC10-DDM 1000BaseFX. 1550nm RX £270. DDW-120 diagnostic cable. DDM £126. single mode.00 1100-0143 GSLC80-ZX 1000BaseFX.00 1100-0442 GMLC2-DDM 1000BaseFX. ODW-7xx 1100-0131 MLC2 100BaseFX. bi-directional.023. single mode.386. 0. LC.00 1100-0153 MLC2-BIDI-B 100BaseFX. Number Model Description 1100-0431 MLC2-DDM 100BaseFX. multimode. single mode.00 1100-0132 SLC20 100BaseFX. DDM £158. 1550nm RX £158. 80km £647. multimode. multimode. 2km. single mode. 50km £814.00 1100-0171 GSLC110-EZX 1000BaseFX. 20km. 2km.00 1100-0157 GSLC20-BiDi-B 1000BaseFX.00 1100-0140 SLC120 100BaseFX.5mm) £60. bi-directional.00 1100-0142 GSLC50-XD 1000BaseFX. single mode. 80km £1. . LC.00 1100-0443 GSLC30-DDM 1000BaseFX. 2km. 20km £ single mode.00 SFP Transceivers – Lynx.00 1100-0156 GSLC20-BiDi-A 1000BaseFX.00 1100-0147 GMLC2-SX+ 1000BaseFX. M12 16 £121. 30km. 1310nm RX £270.00 1100-0145 SLC20-BiDi-A 100BaseFX. LC. LC. LC. LC. 20km. 120km 1100-0152 MLC2-BIDI-A 100BaseFX. 100m £163. LC. single mode. multimode. bi-directional. LC. single mode.00 WeOS Products 1211-2027 CLI Cable Configuration / console cable. single mode. 40km £223.00 £1. multimode.westermo. DDM £67. multimode. LC. 1310nm RX £335.023.00 1100-0134 SLC80 100BaseFX. LC. multimode. 2km £56. 10km.5m £19. LC. USB-TTL (2. single mode. bi-directional. LC. bi-directional. RJ-45. 0. bi-directional.00 1100-0146 SLC20-BiDi-B 100BaseFX. 10km £228.00 1211-2210 RJ-45 to DB9 Cable Serial cable. DDM Price 1100-0432 SLC30-DDM 100BaseFX. single mode.Accessories SFP Transceivers – i-line Art. LC. 1490nm RX £149.00 1100-0133 SLC40 100BaseFX.00 1100-0144 GMLC550-SX 1000BaseFX.00 1100-0141 GSLC10-LX 1000BaseFX. LC.00 A Beijer Electronics Group Company – www. 20km. 2km. DDM £234. LC. RedFox. LC. single mode. 30km. LC. DB9 to RJ-45. 1310nm RX £158.00 1100-0148 GC100 1000BaseTX copper. single mode. 2km £179.55km £116. LC. LC.

25cm £30. 1m £38.00 3146-1103 VCMR1 Ethernet cable.00 9450-0003 MC9/9 RS-232 cable. M12-M12.00 9450-0120 MC9-ABDF9-2M Westermo 9-pin to Allen Bradley SLC/Logix PLC cable.00 3130-3010 RV-07B 19" rack for use with TR-36B £623. 2m £10. M12-RJ45. 25-pin(M) / 9-pin(F).00 3146-1107 VCP5 Power cable. M12. 15m £163. M12-RJ45. 1m £30.00 Remote Access Router Software Upgrades 3622-1001 XR-ENCRYP Encryption upgrade for MR-210 and MR-260 3622-1002 XR-VPN-50 Additional 50 VPN tunnels upgrade for DR/MR-2xx £147.00 3146-1105 VCMR15 Ethernet cable. M12-M12.00 3130-1001 RV-01 19" rack for use with MA-19/29/47/49 and LA-10 £730.00 3146-1101 VCM5 Ethernet cable. 1m £70.00 3132-0101 TP-10 19" rack cover plate – PS-02 £10.00 Power / I/O lead for RM-505UK. 2m £10. M12.00 3132-0041 TP-4 19" rack cover plate – single card £ 9450-0210 MC9-MC9-25CM Westermo null modem cable.00 3132-0081 TP-8 19" rack cover plate – double card £9. 2m £30.00 3146-1106 VCP1 Power cable. M12-RJ45.5m £23.00 19” Racks Serial Cables 9100-0999 SER-RJ45 Serial programming cable.westermo.00 9450-0422 MC9-MIT-R2-CAB-1M Westermo 9-pin to Mitsubishi PLC cable. – A Beijer Electronics Group Company 17 .00 Telemetry Cables 9100-0457 PL-1-K www.00 3146-1104 VCMR5 Ethernet cable.00 9450-0320 MC9-OMHL-2M Westermo 9-pin to Omron Host Link cable.00 9450-0420 MC9-MIT-MAC-CABI-1M Westermo 9-pin to Mitsubishi HMI cable. M12-M12.00 £47. 70cm £30.M12 Cables 3146-1100 VCM1 Ethernet cable.00 9450-0002 MC9/25 RS-232 cable. 5m £28. 9-pin(M) / RJ45 £15.00 9450-0122 MC9-ABDF9-70CM Westermo 9-pin to Allen Bradley SLC/Logix PLC cable. 5m £107.00 3146-1102 VCM15 Ethernet cable. 1m £30. 5m £98. 2m £30.00 3130-1002 RV-01A 19" rack for use with MA-19/29/47/49 and LA-10.00 9450-0001 MC25/25 RS-232 cable. 2m £10. 25-pin(M) / 25-pin(F). 1m £79. relay function £767. 15m £200.00 9450-0322 MC9-OMHL-70CM Westermo 9-pin to Omron Host Link cable. 70cm £30. 9-pin(M) / 9-pin(F).

2. 20cm.00 9375-0210 ANTC-2400-10M Low loss. SMA(M) / TNC(M) £35.00 9375-0110 ANTC-SMA-BHFF Bulkhead . SMA(M) / TNC(M) £14. LBC400. 60MHz.00 9375-0305 ANTC-2400-LP-5M Low loss. BNC(M) / TNC(M) £20. SMA(M) / TNC(M) £61. TNC(M) / TNC(F) £97. 20m. TNC(M) / TNC(F) £30. LBC400. SMA(M) / TNC(M) £94. 15m.00 9375-0040 ANTC-868-10M RG58. 10m.00 9375-0080 ANTC-458-15M RG58. 25m.00 9375-0020 ANTC-LP-10M RG58. 10m.00 9375-0042 ANTC-868-15M RG58. LBC400.00 9375-0315 ANTC-2400-LP-15M Low loss.00 Lightning Protectors 9301-1001 LP3G-TNC Wide band. TNC(M) / TNC(F) £35.00 9375-0320 ANTC-2400-LP-20M Low loss.Coaxial Cables 9375-0100 ANTC-SMA-30CM RG58. BNC(M) / TNC(M) £12.00 Coaxial Adaptors 9456-0002 RF Adaptor Adaptor. SMA(M) / TNC(M) £127. 5m.00 9375-0215 ANTC-2400-15M Low loss. SMA(M) / SMA(M) £22.00 9375-0050 ANTC-868-20CM RG58. 0-3GHz. SMA(F) / SMA(F) £11.00 9375-0090 ANTC-458-20CM RG58. TNC(M) / TNC(F) 9301-1002 LP60-AS 1/4 wave. TNC(M) / TNC(F) £203. 30cm. 5m.00 9375-0205 ANTC-2400-5M Low loss. SMA(M) / TNC(M) £20. TNC(M) / TNC(F) £25.westermo. 15m. SMA(M) / TNC(M) £5. TNC(M) / TNC(F) £130.00 9375-0030 ANTC-868-5M RG58. 5m. BNC(M) / TNC(M) £25. SMA(M) / TNC(M) £25. LBC400. 5m. TNC(M) / TNC(F) £64.00 9375-0225 ANTC-2400-25M Low loss. 15m.00 9375-0045 ANTC-868-20M RG58.00 9300-0121 LP2400-TNC 1/4 wave. LBC400. SMA(M) / TNC(M) £160. 20cm. 10m. 20m. 20m. 15m. TNC(M) / TNC(F) £203. LBC400. 458MHz. TNC(M) / TNC(F) £203. LBC400. 868MHz. TNC(M) / TNC(F) £203.00 9375-0060 ANTC-458-5M RG58. SMA(M) / TNC(M) £193.00 9375-0070 ANTC-458-10M RG58. 10m.00 18 A Beijer Electronics Group Company – www. 25m. TNC(M) / TNC(F) £20. 10m.00 9375-0310 ANTC-2400-LP-10M Low loss.00 £47.00 9375-0325 ANTC-2400-LP-25M Low loss.00 9300-0122 LP400-TNC 1/4 wave. TNC(M) / TNC(F) £196.00 9375-0010 ANTC-LP-5M RG58. LBC400.00 9375-0220 ANTC-2400-20M Low loss. 15m. BNC(M) / TNC(M) £30.00 9300-0120 LP900-TNC 1/4 wave. LBC400.00 9375-0011 ANTC-LP-15M RG58. 20m. SMA(M) / TNC(M) £30. TNC(M) / TNC(F) £163.4GHz.00 9375-0012 ANTC-LP-20M RG58. 5m.

L-shape www. DIN-rail mount.00 * Batteries not included 9150-0010 R-NP12-12 Sealed lead acid battery 12V. 2A £63.00 9150-0002 R-BAT-CHAR-5AMP Battery – A Beijer Electronics Group Company £50.00 19 .00 1211-1508 PK-8 Power cable .UK £10.00 Batteries 9100-0456 £250.00 9150-0001 R-BAT-CHAR-2AMP Battery charger.00 9150-0030 R-NP2-12 Sealed lead acid battery 12V. 6m £171.00 9150-0060 R-SR60-UL Solar regulator. 2AH £36.00 9350-0053 AT5/6 Aluminium antenna mast.00 Antenna Mounting 9350-0051 AT5/3 Aluminium antenna mast. 30W £343.00 3127-0001 PS-8 Adaptor for MM-1x BU-5-2 Battery pack for RM-505U-K* £28. DIN-rail mount.00 3125-0001 PS-30 PSU. 60W 9150-0050 R-SMB70 Solar panel mounting kit £46.00 3125-0050 PS-100/48 PSU.00 9350-0052 SWB45 Standoff wall brackets for mast. £111.00 3120-1001 PS-02 PSU for RV-01 £209. 5A £118.00 9150-0040 R-SX30U Solar panel.00 Power Cables 1211-1501 PK-2 Power cable . 12AH £68. 230V AC to 24V DC £47.Power Supplies / Adaptors 3622-0810 PS-13 Adaptor for DR-260A. 110/230V AC to 48V DC.00 9350-0054 SWB-L Antenna wall bracket.00 9150-0070 R-NP7-12 Sealed lead acid battery 12V. 20W £303.EU £10.00 Solar Equipment 9150-0041 R-SX20U Solar panel.westermo. 30W £89. 3m £69. 7AH £36.00 3120-3101 PS-20 HV PSU for RV-07B £665. 110/230V AC to 24V DC. 45cm £120.00 3622-0820 PS-14 Adaptor for MR-2xx. 100W £256. 230V AC to 24V DC £47. 12V.

3dBi gain. 2dBi gain. 8dBi gain. SMA(M) £10.00 9300-0051 CS860-TNC Antenna power splitter.00 ANT-60-CFD-TNC Centre fed dipole antenna. magnetic base. 5m cable.00 9300-0100 CA860Q-SMA 1/4 wave whip antenna. magnetic base. 0dBi gain.00 WLAN / Wi-Fi – 2. magnet mount. SMA(M) £63.00 9350-0710 CFD890EL Dipole antenna.00 458MHz 60MHz 9350-0410 £131.00 9350-0310 ANT-UMTS-PANEL Tri-band directional antenna.00 9300-0111 CA450Q-SMA 1/4 wave whip antenna.5m cable.00 9300-0010 CA450D-TNC Offset pattern dipole antenna.5m cable.00 9350-0500 ANT-ROUTE-MAG Tri-band whip antenna. TNC(F) £168. SMA(M) £14. SMA(M) £49. TNC(F) £192. .00 9350-0010 ANT-458H-BNC Stubby helical antenna.00 9350-0015 ANT-868-W-SMA Stubby whip antenna.00 9350-0140 ANT-458-W-MAG-BNC Whip antenna. 6dBi gain.00 9300-0081 CA860Y+-TNC Directional Yagi antenna.00 9350-0320 ANT-UMTS-OMNI Tri-band omnidirectional antenna.00 9300-0070 CA860Y-TNC Directional Yagi antenna. TNC(F) £281. BNC(M) £32. GSM/GPRS only £33.00 9350-0360 ANT-UMTS-LP-3M Quad band low profile puck antenna. 2.00 9300-0020 CA450Y+ -TNC Directional Yagi antenna.00 9300-0030 CA450Y-TNC Directional Yagi antenna. SMA(M) £91. 1 to 2 £76. 6dBi gain. 0dBi gain.00 9300-0050 CS450-TNC Antenna power splitter. 1m cable. 1 to 2 £76. -3dBi gain. BNC(M) £ TNC(F) £154. 2dBi gain. 4dBi gain. SMA(M) £73. TNC(F) £224.00 9350-0157 GSM-DB-D-SMA Dual band dipole antenna. magnetic base.00 9300-0080 CA860Y++ -TNC Directional Yagi antenna. 50cm fly lead. TNC(F) £256. 3m cable. 2.Antennae 3G / GSM / GPRS Art. 9dBi gain. Number Model Description Price 9350-0350 ANT-UMTS-OMNI-HG Quad band omnidirectional antenna. 10dBi gain. 3dBi gain.00 9300-0090 CA450Y++ -TNC Directional Yagi antenna.4GHz 9350-0192 ANT-W-5GHZ-SMA Radio mounted whip antenna. 4dBi gain. SMA(M) £45.00 9350-0193 ANT-W-5GHZ-MAG-SMA Whip antenna. TNC(F) £321. 3dBi gain. SMA(M) 9300-0060 CA860D-TNC Offset pattern dipole antenna. 3m cable. TNC(F) 868MHz £45. SMA(M) £27.5m cable. 0dBi gain. SMA(M). SMA(M) £74.westermo. 5m cable.00 9300-0105 DG800-1 Whip antenna. TNC(F) £98. SMA(M) £63. SMA(M) £37.00 9350-0160 ANT-868-W-MAG-SMA Whip antenna. 2dBi gain. BNC(M) £12. 10dBi gain. 3m cable.00 20 A Beijer Electronics Group Company – www. TNC(F) £99.00 9300-0110 CA450Q-BNC 1/4 wave whip antenna. 1m cable. 8dBi gain. 30cm fly lead. 6dBi gain. 0dBi gain. TNC(F) £173.00 9350-0190 ANT-868-LP-SMA Low profile antenna.

westermo.00 per hour* 9995-0005 MR/DR-FIREWALL MR/DR advanced firewall rules £ – A Beijer Electronics Group Company £50.00 21 .Services Art.00* 9998-0003 SERV-RSS-REPORT Written site survey report £250.00 per hour* *Estimate to be provided 9995-0002 OUT-WARR-RET Out of warranty product test 9995-0007 PRE-CONFIG-SETUP Pre-configuration setup 9995-0008 PROD-PRE-CONFIG Product pre-configuration www.00* 9997-0008 SERV-FACCT Factory acceptance testing £45.00* 9997-0003 SERV-COM-DAY 1 day commissioning assistance £750.00 £350.00* 9997-0006 SERV-TRO-DAY 1 day troubleshooting £750.00 £30.00 per hour* 9994-0010 SPEC-DOC Special documentation £60.00 per hour* 9997-0005 SERV-DES-DAY 1 day network design £750. Number Model Description Price 9998-0001 SERV-RSS-DAY 1 day radio site survey £ per hour* 9995-0006 ROUTE-CONFIG Network router configuration (>2 units) £60.00* *Subject to travel costs if flights are required 9995-0001 PROG-RADIO Elpro network programming / gateway configuration £60.

3 2. If the Customer wishes to amend the Purchase Order and/or the Customer Information or in the event that the Customer Information is subsequently found to be inaccurate and/ or not complete for any reason (other than the Company’s negligence) the Company will be entitled to alter these Terms for the provision of the Product(s) and/or the Services (including without limitation increasing the Price).3.5 3 3. Based on the specification the Company may recommend Product(s) and/or Service and/or advise on the suitability of the Product(s) for the Customer’s requirements but the Customer acknowledges that the Company shall have no liability in relation thereto. discount. Payment Terms Unless otherwise agreed in writing payment of the Price.6 the Company shall notify the Customer in writing of any such alteration.2 3. following 30 days written notice to the Customer. Where applicable the Customer will pay any Recurring Charge in advance for each period and within thirty (30) days from the date of invoice. A Beijer Electronics Group Company – www. Reinstatement of WestermoConnect may involve reasonable costs which shall not in any event be more than 10% of the annual charge specified in the Purchase Order for WestermoConnect to which the reinstatement relates. Any Quotation is valid for a period of 30 days from its date unless otherwise agreed in writing and provided that the Company has not previously withdrawn it. confirmation of order. The Company may suspend WestermoConnect.7 6 6.westermo.4 3.000 and are not paid in full within thirty (30) days after the due date for payment of the same.2 5. The Radio Survey and Troubleshooting may at the Company’s discretion. counterclaim. The Company reserves the right to refuse credit. 3. and any representations.3 3.2 2.Westermo Data Communications Ltd  (the “Company”) Terms & Conditions The customer’s attention is in particular drawn to the provisions of clause 15 1 1. Price Unless otherwise agreed by the Company in writing the Price for the Product(s) and the Services shall be set out in the Company’s price list from time to time. Unless otherwise agreed in writing any and all expenses incurred by the Company in the performance of its obligations under this Agreement shall be paid by the Customer.4 5. The Customer must notify the Company in writing within 7 days of notification by the Company of such alteration if it does not accept the amended terms. Unless otherwise specified the Price and any Prepayment shall be exclusive of any value added tax. delivery charges and all costs or charges in relation to loading.7 4 4. any Prepayment and (where applicable) any VAT and/ or other additional costs are due in full without any deductions (whether by way of set-off. The Company reserves the right to alter the payment frequency for the Recurring Charge by giving the Customer not less than twenty one (21) days notice in writing. No payment shall be deemed to have been received until the Company has received cleared funds. No order placed by the Customer shall be deemed to be accepted by the Company until a Purchase Order Number is issued to the Customer by the Company or (if earlier) the Company takes steps in relation to obtaining and or providing the Product(s) and/or the Services. the Company may charge the Customer a Recurring Charge for WestermoConnect. at the Company’s sole discretion charge the Customer a cancellation charge of up to 50% of the total order value or part order value and in the case of cancellation of WestermoConnect. Prior to the provision of the Product(s) and/or the Services the Customer will have supplied or shall provide to the Company complete and accurate information in relation to its requirements and any other information required by the Company (the “Customer Information”). The Company will supply to the Customer the Product(s) and/ or the Services as shall be specified in the Purchase Order.3 5. selecting and fulfilling the Customer’s requirements. price lists and other advertising material supplied by the Company are intended to provide an indication only as to price and range of Product(s) and Services offered by the Company and price. Troubleshooting (for Product(s) provided by the Company).uk .4 to 13. once a Purchase Order has been accepted by the Company the Customer shall not be entitled to cancel their order in whole or in part.2 5 5. specification or other document).2 In the event that the Company alters any of these Terms pursuant to clause 3.1 3. descriptions or other particulars contained therein shall not be binding on the Company. Application of Terms Each order for Product(s) and/or Services by you (hereinafter referred to as the “Customer”) to the Company shall be deemed to be an offer by the Customer to purchase the Product(s) and/or the Services subject to these Terms. the early termination charges set out in clauses 13.6 5. if any amount due under the Agreement exceeds £10.1 5. The Customer acknowledges the Company has relied and shall rely on the Customer Information in determining. Company’s Obligation The Company will use its reasonable endeavours to supply the Product(s) and provide the Services in all material respects in compliance with the Purchase Order. Customer Information The Company provides or procures the provision of a variety of Services (based on the Product(s)) including but not limited to Product Supply. Any Customer Information supplied by the Customer in relation to the Product(s) and/or the Services shall include all relevant details of which the Customer is aware and which relate to the Customer’s requirements and/or the Site which may have an adverse effect on the operation of the Product(s) and/or affect the Company’s decision regarding the terms of the Agreement.1 6. Delivery of Product(s) outside the EU shall be invoiced ex works. The Customer must submit a duly completed signed credit application form to the Company prior to any credit limit being approved and authorised. Catalogues. Unless otherwise agreed in writing.6 22 Introduction In these terms and conditions the terms and expressions set out in clause 26 shall have the meanings set out therein and the rules of interpretation shall apply.1 2.5 3.5 5. Where any cancellation is agreed by the Company the Company may. Commissioning. Any Prepayment will be set out in the Quotation. warranties or other statements about the Product(s) and/or the Services shall have no effect unless expressly agreed in writing and signed by an authorised representative of the Company.1 4. be charged to the Customer at a daily rate at the Company’s then current charge out rates.2 the Agreement and all of the Company’s sales will be on these terms and conditions (“Terms”) to the exclusion of all other terms and conditions (including any terms or conditions which the Customer purports to apply under any purchase order.6 may apply. Any Quotation is given on the basis that no agreement will come into existence until a Purchase Order is accepted by the Company in accordance with clause 2. abatement or otherwise) within 30 days of the date of invoice. The Quotation shall have a Quotation Number which must be quoted by the Customer at the time of order and/or on the Purchase Order. During the Initial Term.1 2 2. carriage. Radio Surveys. WestermoConnect and unloading. Any variation to these Terms. Subject to any variation under clause 2. insurance and similar charges (all of which amounts the Customer will pay in addition when it is due to pay for the Product(s) and/or the Services at the rate set out in the Company’s price list from time to time). Network Planning.4 2. The Customer may provide to the Company a specification of the Customer’s requirements.

4 on trust for the Company and not mix them with any other money. If no delivery dates are so specified.7. and should this remain unresolved for more than 48 hours then the Company shall have the right to charge the Customer such additional charges as shall be reasonable subject to the Company being able to show that the lack of such support and/ or assistance has put the Company to additional expense. delivery of the Product(s) shall take place at the delivery address set out in the Purchase Order.5. and 12.2 Subject to clause 9. including but not limited to the booking of suitable facilities to run the course and suitable security and insurance to cover the equipment. 7. 12. to recover them. and 9.1.3. delivery will be within a reasonable time. If an account is not in place credit card orders can be taken. Where the Customer has an account with the Company the fee payable in relation to the Training will be invoiced on the final day of the course and will be due in full 30 days from date of invoice.5 The Company shall be entitled to recover payment for the Product(s) notwithstanding that ownership of any of the Product(s) has not passed from the Company. the Customer must: 12.2 the Product(s) will be deemed to have been delivered. 12. 23 . WestermoConnect shall begin on the “Activation Date” when: 9. 10. or 9. For the avoidance of doubt unless otherwise agreed in writing the Company shall not install any Product(s).4 provide such further support and assistance as the Company shall reasonably require from time to time.3 provide such services as may reasonably be required for safety or other reasons by the Company in pursuance of the supply of the Product(s) and/ or provision of the Services and take all reasonable steps to ensure compliance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 including taking reasonable precautions to protect the health and safety of the Company’s employees. The Customer shall allow the Company including its employees agents and sub-contractors such reasonable access to the Site as it shall from time to time require to perform its obligations under the Agreement.7. subsistence or travel cost for such cancellation. 12 Risk/Title 12.1. 11.2 9. 12. agents and subcontractors and notifying the Company of any health and safety issues applicable to the Customer’s Site. 9. deface or obscure any identifying mark or packaging on or relating to the Product(s).5 9. 12.1. If for any reason the Customer will not accept delivery of any of the Product(s) when they are ready for delivery.5.1 9. any liability of the Company for nondelivery of the Product(s) and/or delivering faulty goods shall be limited to replacing the Product(s) within a reasonable time or (at the Company’s discretion) issuing a credit note at the pro rata agreement rate against any invoice raised for such Product(s).5. All bookings for Training must have a Purchase Order – A Beijer Electronics Group Company 10 Non-Delivery 10.3. Any dates specified by the Company for delivery of the Product(s) and/or provision of the Services are intended to be an estimate and in relation to delivery dates time shall not be of the essence and time shall not be made of the essence by notice.5 hold the proceeds of the insurance referred to in clause 12. 11. without limitation.6 9. nor pay the proceeds into an overdrawn bank account.1 above in a timely manner or where the failure results from the failure of a third party supplier to supply goods and/or services to the Company.3 the Company may store the Product(s) until delivery whereupon the Customer will be liable for all related costs and expenses (including.1 p to the installed Product(s) and access for maintenance of the Product(s).1 hold the Product(s) on a fiduciary basis as the Company’s bailee.3 Until ownership of the Product(s) has passed to the Customer.7 Customer’s Responsibilities The Customer shall:  rovide sufficient working space and access 7. 11.4 All hotel and subsistence costs incurred in relation to the Training will be the responsibility of the Customer. storage and insurance). Preparation Of Place Of Use The Customer shall complete the preparation of the Site on or before the delivery date in such manner as shall be reasonably necessary and/or the Company shall reasonably require. The Company shall have no liability to the Customer in respect of late or partial delivery where the same results from the Customer’s failure to prepare the Site in accordance with clause 8.1 7. its agents and employees an irrevocable licence at any time to enter any premises where the Product(s) are or may be stored in order to inspect them. The Company will use their reasonable endeavours to give the Customer prior notice of any delivery date.3.1 Training available from the Company is as set out in the Company’s website. or.2 In the event that the Customer cancels the Training then the Customer shall receive a refund calculated in accordance with the Company’s scale of rebates in force from time to time. 12.2 8 8. The Customer must give notice within 14 days of delivery of the Product(s) to the Company of any damage to the Product(s) failing which the Product(s) shall be deemed to have been delivered undamaged and the Company is discharged from any liability in respect of such damage.1 risk in the Product(s) will pass to the Customer. 7.3 9.3. 12. whichever comes earlier. 7.6 The Customer grants the Company.4 maintain the Product(s) in satisfactory condition and keep them insured on the Company’s behalf for their full price against all risks to the reasonable satisfaction of the Company.3 not destroy.3.1 The Product(s) is at the risk of the Customer from the time of delivery to the Customer. 12.2 Ownership of the Product(s) shall not pass to the Customer until the Company has received in full (in cash or cleared funds) all sums due to it in respect of: 12. The Company will not be liable for any incidental costs incurred including but not limited to time. documents.5.2 www.1.1 the Product(s). 12.4 9.1 above or clause 8 below is not forthcoming then the Company shall as soon as practicable bring this to the attention of the Customer.3 In the event that the Company cancels the Training no charge will be made for the course and arrangements will be made for anyone booked to attend the course at half price at the earliest possible date.2. where the Customer’s right to possession has terminated.1 9 9.2 store the Product(s) (at no cost to the Company) in such a way that they remain readily identifiable as the Company’s property. or permit provision of the Services or the Company is unable to deliver the Product(s) on time because the Customer has not provided appropriate instructions.westermo.4 The Customer’s right to possession of the Product(s) shall terminate immediately in the event that the Company is entitled to terminate the Agreement in accordance with clause 13.6. 11 Training 11.1 The quantity of any consignment of Product(s) as recorded by the Company upon despatch from the Company’s place of business and the signing of any time sheet in respect of the Services shall be conclusive evidence of the quantity received by the Customer unless the Customer can provide conclusive evidence proving the contrary. hotel expenses.2. 11. Delivery and activation of WestermoConnect Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Company. where applicable provide access to the Customer’s Site and/or any room in accordance with clause 11. and 12.2 all other sums which are or which become due to the Company from the Customer on any account. or when the Company’s engineers or engineers provided by the Company have communicated from the Customer’s Site through WestermoConnect using standard test equipment.3. 11. The Company shall require access to the room on the day before the Training is due to commence to set up and check the training equipment. licences or authorisations: 9. If such support and assistance as described in clause 7.6 If extra material outside the normal scope of the course is requested an additional charge may be Upon request from the Customer the Company may provide the Training at the Customer’s Site or other location requested by the Customer.1 the Customer’s equipment can communicate through WestermoConnect. The Customer shall be responsible for all costs.7 7.2 when the relevant service is available for access by the Customer.

1 All Product(s) supplied by the Company will receive a 60 Month warranty from the date of delivery to the Customer (the “Warranty Period”). as the case may be.2 The Company will not be liable for. Termination and Termination Charges T 13.7 Termination. any unused portion of the Warranty Period shall be transferred to the replacement product and this is the extent of the warranty in relation to such replacement.6.1 the Customer commits a material breach of any term of the Agreement and (if such breach is redeemable) fails to remedy that breach within fourteen (14) days after being notified in writing to do so. 14. the Customer agrees to immediately pay an “Early Termination Charge” to the Company. 24 14.6.2 the Customer ceases trading or is unable to pay its debts as they fall due or a petition is presented or meeting convened for the purpose of winding the Customer up or the Customer enters into liquidation. 13. and is not a penalty. the Customer shall: 13. 23.3 a third party supplier terminates its agreement with the Company which has an impact on the Agreement. unless either party gives 30 days written notice to the other party to terminate WestermoConnect such notice to expire on the expiry of the Initial Term or the relevant Extended Term.4. the Company shall charge the Customer a reasonable fee therefore. 14.1 pay to the Company all arrears of charges or other payments arising in respect of the termination and all charges incurred by the Customer for the provision of the Product(s) and/or Services up to the date of termination or otherwise and without limitation the Company shall be entitled to charge the Customer for the Product(s) and Services already provided by the Company to the Customer.2 a Customer event of default for failure to pay any payment. 14.9 The Customer must notify the Company immediately of any claim under this clause .2 return Product(s) where payment for such Product(s) has not been received in accordance with clause 12. 12.3. 14. The warranty shall be invalidated by any misuse of the Product(s) or by any damage caused to the Product(s). 13.2. 13. the Early Termination Charge is equal to the unamortized portion of such prepayment as of the date of termination. 14.2 The Company may terminate the Agreement forthwith at any time by written notice if: 13. or compounds with its creditors generally or has a receiver appointed of all or any part of its assets or the other party in its absolute discretion reasonably believes the same may occur.2.3 On termination. 25 and 26 inclusive and any other clause which by its nature is intended to survive termination.1 Customer termination. 13. nor for delays caused by the Customer or the management of the Customer’s Site. 14.5 Where in the sole opinion of the Company the Customer is entitled to a warranty claim the Company will at its option be entitled to repair or replace (on an exchange basis) any parts of the Product(s) which become unserviceable in normal use.10 The Customer shall only be entitled to a credit for any returned Product(s) provided that the Company has agreed to such credit in writing and the Product(s) are returned unused and in the original undamaged packaging within 30 days of the date of delivery. For the avoidance of doubt. then. 15. howsoever arising. ISDN or analogue lines. 17. The Product(s) will be returned to the Company at the Customer’s The Company shall exercise all reasonable care and skill in carrying out the Radio Survey including using common professional practice. The Company shall not be liable for any costs incurred by the Customer for loss of time or damage to equipment in the event of Product failure.2. 14 Warranty 14.1 that the Customer‘s access to the Internet will be uninterrupted or error free or of any particular level or quality. for security reasons. 13. 13. A Beijer Electronics Group Company – www. Where the Company reasonably believes the Customer has a claim a returns number will be issued to the Customer.4 If WestermoConnect is terminated prior to expiration due to: 13. The foregoing procedure is designated solely for administrative convenience. 3. any variation (for whatever reason) in the Manufacturer’s specifications or technical data and will not be responsible for any loss or damage resulting from curtailment or cessation or supply following such variation. in addition to all other sums due and owing.3 T  he Customer acknowledges that the Radio Survey is a statement of fact ascertained at the time the Radio Survey was carried out and will not constitute either a guarantee or warranty as to the suitability of the Customer’s proposed signal path. or 13. Any repairs shall receive a 3 months warranty from the date of repair. 19. The Customer may acquire a different warranty from the Manufacturer or make other arrangements appropriate to the Customer’s needs.6 The Customer accepts that use of the Internet is at its sole risk and the Company does not warrant or guarantee nor is it a condition of any other term hereof: 14. The Company will endeavour to advise the Customer of any such impending variation as soon as it receives notice thereof from the Manufacturer. 14. 14.5 If the Recurring Charges are fully prepaid. Should the Customer.3.8 The following clauses shall survive termination of these Terms clauses 2. 18.2 shall remain in effect for an initial period of one (1) year or such other period specified in the Purchase Order (the “Initial Term”). 13. 14. as provided. For a period of time the Products(s) may not be available to the Customer. 14. 13. Any credit note issued will be subject to a 25% handling charge.2.4. or 13. whether compulsorily or voluntarily.1 The provision of WestermoConnect shall begin on the Activation Date and unless terminated earlier in accordance with clause 13.13  erm.4 The Company will not be held responsible for delays caused by data carriers or telephone companies providing private circuit. 13. in the Agreement. 6.6 The Customer acknowledges and agrees that the Early Termination Charge reflects a reasonable estimate of the damages incurred by the Company as a result of an early termination. but the Company accepts no responsibility for any changes subsequently arising to the signal path. howsoever or whenever occasioned shall be subject to any rights and remedies the Company may have under these Terms or in law. 5. or in respect of any loss or damage caused by. DSL.2 that the transmission or processing of any information or results thereof including third party content obtained from the use of the Internet or from the Internet will be accurate or complete. if such termination is not an exercise of Customer’s rights or remedies under the Agreement.7 Any repairs deemed necessary by the Company after expiry of the Warranty Period shall be charged to the Customer at 40% of the then current list price for the Product(s). where the Company replaces a Product.8 The Customer should note that in relation to certain Product(s) the warranty offered by the Company may require such Product(s) to be returned to the Manufacturer in order for them to be repaired. Order processing will commence and the delivery time will be reckoned as specified in the Purchase Order. The provision of WestermoConnect will automatically renew for a further term of one (1) year (“Extended Term”) at the end of the Initial Term and at the end of each Extended Term. A replacement Product(s) will only be supplied upon verification of the warranty failure by the Company or at the Company’s sole discretion the Company shall replace the Product(s) where the Company deems such replacement appropriate. 13. wish to retain such replaced parts. The Early Termination Charge will be calculated as an amount equal to the aggregate of all remaining Recurring Charges until the end of the Initial Term or Extended Term as the case may be. or resulting from. Replacement parts shall become part of the Product(s) and (where relevant) those parts which have been replaced shall become the property of the Company. the issuance by the Company of any returns number shall not be taken as an admission of fault and/or liability on any account whatsoever on the part of the Company in relation to any Product(s) the subject of such return and shall not in any way prejudice or impair any rights which the Company may have under the Terms. The Company accept no liability for returned goods lost or damaged in transit. The Company shall not be liable for any losses resulting from any disruption to the Customer’s system while the relevant Product(s) is unavailable/not working.

3 Subject to clause 15. then the Company will credit the Customer’s account with an amount calculated as the product of the total cumulative Downtime (expressed as a percentage of the total possible uptime minutes in the month concerned) and the total WestermoConnect charge owed for that month provided that all such credits will not exceed an aggregate maximum of WestermoConnect charges otherwise due from the Customer for the one (1) calendar month to which the credit relates. actions or inactions caused by these third parties can produce situations in which the Customer connections to the Internet (or portions thereof) and WestermoConnect may be impaired or disrupted. the Company fails to remedy such Service Delivery Failure (if capable of remedy). breach of statutory – A Beijer Electronics Group Company 15. tort (including negligence).4. including a deliberate breach of the Agreement by the Company. 16.4 Subject to the clause 15. 16. The Company will use reasonable endeavours to minimise or to procure that third party suppliers minimise Service Delivery Failures and to avoid any unavailability of WestermoConnect (“Downtime”). or for any indirect or consequential loss or damage (whether for loss of profit.2 greater than thirty (30) minutes but less than one (1) hour degraded service.11. goodwill or anticipated savings) which arise under or in connection with the Agreement. of use or any act. in any calendar month: fifteen (15) days’ Service Credit.4.99% uptime service availability level through WestermoConnect (“Uptime Service Level”). agents or subcontractors shall not exceed £1. 15.2 any breach of its obligations implied by Section 12 of the Sale of Product(s) and Services Act 1979 or Section 2 of the Supply of Product(s) and Services Act 1982. the Company shall have the right to suspend WestermoConnect. and 16.3 Remedy for Failure.11. 16.3 any disruption to the Customer’s system which occurs while any Product(s) is being repaired or replaced. Such flow depends in large part on the performance of Internet services and circuits provided or controlled by third parties.8 In the event that Customer’s use of WestermoConnect or interaction with the Internet or such third parties is causing harm to or threatens to cause harm to WestermoConnect or its operations. in any calendar month: one (1) days’ Service Credit. The Company shall provide at least a 99.4. It cannot be guaranteed that such situations will not occur and. www.11. and/or 15. The Service Delivery Guarantee set does not apply to: 16. accordingly.3 other interruptions requested by the Customer. 25 . 16. and/or 15. and/or 15. 16.1 The WestermoConnect Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) is provided to Customers who purchase WestermoConnect.1 up to and including thirty (30) minutes of degraded service in any calendar month: no Service Credit.5 In the event that any advice provided to the Customer by the Company was provided free of charge by the Company then such advice is provided as is without any warranty of any kind from the Company and shall have no liability in relation thereto. agents’ or subcontractors’ negligence. or otherwise for loss of profit. as set out below.3. 16.000. 15. neglect or default of the Customer or any third party. it is expressly agreed that the Company shall not be liable to the Customer whether in contract. after being notified of any Service Delivery Failure through WestermoConnect. 15. during normal support hours.3. or scrambling of any information or data.4 works done by the Company or third party supplier at the request of the Customer for the purpose of improving WestermoConnect. 15.3 in relation to any fraudulent misrepresentation or fraudulent acts of it employees shall not be limited.3.2 any failures of any third parties to provide the Product(s) and/or the Services.1. If availability through WestermoConnect falls below the Uptime Service Level in any given calendar month (“Service Delivery Failure”). in any calendar month: ten (10) days’ Service Credit.7 The Company does not and cannot control the flow of data through WestermoConnect and other portions of the Internet or third party data carrier services.5 equal to or greater than four (4) hours degraded service. the Company will credit Customer’s account as follows: 16.westermo. The Company shall restore WestermoConnect at such time as it reasonably deems that there is no further harm or threat of harm to WestermoConnect or its operations. business. contracts.11 N  otwithstanding any other provision under these Terms or otherwise each party’s liability to the other for: 15.4 Exclusions. 15.15 Limitation Of Liability 15.1 The Company shall not be liable for any delay or failure to provide any Product(s) and/or Services agreed to be supplied under the Agreement caused by: 15. 15.1. the Company excludes any and all liability resulting from or related to such events Provided That such liability is not caused by the act or omission of the Company and/or its employees. 16. tort (including negligence). 15.3 greater than one (1) hour but less than two (2) hours degraded service. 15. its employees. Failure to comply with this requirement will forfeit the Customer’s right to receive a credit.3.10 The Company shall not be liable for defects in Product(s) resulting from fair wear and tear.11 the Customer acknowledges that in the event that the Company recommends and/or selects Product(s) and/or Services in accordance with the Customer’s Information and the Customer Information is subsequently found to be inaccurate and/or not complete for any reason other than the Company’s negligence then the Customer acknowledges that the Company shall have no liability in respect of the suitability of the Product(s) and/or Services which have been selected by the Company in accordance with such Customer Information.3 references to “degraded service” include (but are not limited to) Downtime.6 The Customer acknowledges that the Company does not monitor or exercise any editorial control over information passing through WestermoConnect. 16. abnormal conditions of storage.4 greater than two (2) hours but less than four (4) hours degraded service.9 The Customer hereby agrees to afford the Company not less than 60 days (following notification thereof by the Customer) in which to remedy any event that may give rise to a claim under these Terms. whether in contract.1 any incidents attributable to any Force Majeure Events. revenue. in any calendar month: five (5) days’ Service Credit. subcontractors or agents in breach of this Agreement.1. 16.11.1 death or personal injury resulting from its own or its employees’.3.2 Service Availability. agents or sub-contractors in breach of the Agreement.11. At times.1.5 Customer Request Credit. 16 WestermoConnect Service Level Agreement 16. including without limitation the accuracy of such contents.000.2 Subject to clause 15. breach of statutory duty. agreed maintenance. Customer must notify the Company within thirty (30) days from the time Customer becomes eligible to receive a credit under this clause 16 to receive such credit. if thirty (30) minutes. In addition to any credit due under clause 10. and/or 15.4. and the Company therefore excludes all liability in regard to such information of whatever kind. For the purposes of this clause 16. or otherwise.1 any act or omission of the Customer which is contrary to its obligations under the Agreement. 16.5 issues arising directly or in-directly from Customer-caused Downtime. except where the same is caused by the negligent act or omission of the Company and/or its employees. 15. the Company’s total liability to the Customer in respect of all other losses arising under or in connection with the Agreement.4.

In the event that WestermoConnect exceeds this level of use in any calendar month the Company will notify the Customer and reserves the right to charge an administration fee of £25 plus an additional Bandwidth fee of £10 per 10GB (GigaBytes) over the standard fair use limit. including but not limited to. 24 Waiver 24. If the parties cannot reach such agreement within one month of the date of the first such meeting and such Force Majeure continues. then either party shall be entitled to terminate the Agreement by immediate written notice to the other. Copyright. and the time for performance of such obligations shall be extended accordingly.1 The Customer acknowledges that any and all of the copyright. 17. malicious damage. 26. or the order of any government or public or local authority.1 Failure or delay by the Company in enforcing or partially enforcing any provision of the Agreement will not be construed as a waiver of any of its rights under the Agreement. For the avoidance of doubt. trade marks. WestermoConnect will be monitored continuously to track data throughput and will provide as standard 100GB (GigaBytes) of data throughput per calendar month. administrative or other information relating to the Company. 23. or storm (which have a direct impact on the Company’s ability to provide the Services).1 Both parties shall treat Confidential Information obtained from the other as confidential and shall not without the prior written agreement of the other at any time hereafter (save as required by law or any regulatory organisation with authority over it) disclose such information to any third party (other than those of its 19 Third Party Rights 19. for any delay in performance or the non-performance of any of its obligations under the Agreement. 22.1 “Agreement” means any agreement between the Company and the Customer for the sale and purchase of the Product(s) and provision of the Services.3 If an event of Force Majeure continues in existence for an aggregate period of three months within any period of twelve consecutive calendar months then the parties shall meet to agree suitable means of alleviating the effects of the Force Majeure. patents and other intellectual property rights (whether registered or unregistered) created.1 This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law and each party hereby irrevocably submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.2 For the avoidance of doubt the provisions of clause 17. no person who is not a party to this Agreement shall have any right under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 to enforce any of its terms.2 “Bandwidth” means the amount of bits per second transferred through WestermoConnect from and to Customer’s site(s). 16.3 “Confidential Information” means any and all information whether disclosed in written or oral or machine-readable form or otherwise relating to the Product(s) and/or the Services of whatever kind or nature which is now or at any time hereafter in the possession of the Company or the Customer (as the case may be) including without limitation any technical. to the extent that the delay or non-performance is due to any Force Majeure of which it has notified the other party. 23. war. economic. any Components or any of them of whatever kind or nature. 22. 17.westermo. The Company’s suspension or modification of WestermoConnect in accordance with the terms of the Agreement shall not be deemed to be a failure of the Company or third party supplier to provide adequate service levels under the Agreement. Trade Marks And Other Intellectual  17 Property Rights 17. 21 Notices 21. documentation and manuals relating thereto (the “Intellectual Property Rights”) are legally and or beneficially owned by the Company or (as the Company may direct) the Company’s supplier. neither party shall be deemed to be in breach of the Agreement. trade names.1 If either party is affected by Force Majeure it shall promptly notify the other party of the nature and extent of the circumstances in question. If Customer is entitled to multiple credits under this clause 16. subsisting or used in or in connection with the Product(s) and/ or Services including the Network Plan.4 “Force Majeure” means circumstances beyond the reasonable control of a party which prevents such party from performing its obligations under the Agreement including strikes. flood. 26 22 Force Majeure 22. civil commotion. expiry or termination of the Agreement in any way question or dispute such ownership thereof by the Company. fire. 26.1 The Customer shall not be entitled to assign the Agreement or any part of it without the prior written consent of the Company.1 Any notice required by this Agreement to be given by either party to the other shall be in writing and shall be served by delivering or sending the same by registered post or recorded delivery to the last known address of the other party and any receipt issued by the postal authorities shall be conclusive evidence of the fact and date of posting of any such notice. the Product(s).2 Notwithstanding any other provision of the Agreement. riot. lock-outs.1 Only the parties to this Agreement shall be entitled to enforce its terms and accordingly. such credits will not exceed an aggregate maximum of WestermoConnect charges otherwise due from Customer for the one (1) calendar month to which the credit relates. or otherwise be liable to the other. the business of the . the Customer shall not during or at any time after the completion. incorporat¬ing these Terms. A Beijer Electronics Group Company – www. Patents.3 It is further acknowledged and agreed that no representations arrangements understandings or agreements (whether written or oral) made by or on behalf of any of the other parties have been relied upon other than those expressly set out or referred to in the Documents. Any notice delivered by hand shall be deemed to have been received immediately on delivery and any notice sent by post shall be deemed to have been received 48 hours after posting. 26. designs or processes evolve or are generated in the performance of or as a result of the Agreement the Customer acknowledges that all rights in the same shall vest in the Company or (as the Company may direct) the Company’s supplier.6 L imitation on Remedies.1 shall not be interpreted as granting the Customer any rights in any third party Manufacturer’s Intellectual Property Rights or any development or enhancement of the Product(s) by a third party Manufacturer. 23 Entire Agreement 23.7 Fair Use Policy. In no event shall Customer be entitled to any credit on its WestermoConnect charges to the extent that the Service Delivery Failure is caused by a failure outside of WestermoConnect and/or through any configuration change applied by the Customer. 20 Assignment 20. 25 Governing Law and Jurisdiction 25. act of God. employees advisers and agents whose responsibilities require them to know the same) or use it for any purposes other than for the performance of its obligations pursuant to the Agreement (unless such information is in the public domain or is already known to the non-disclosing party otherwise than as a result of a breach of any duty of confidentiality owed in respect of such information).2 The parties irrevocably and unconditionally waive any right they may have to claim damages for any misrepresentation arrangement understanding or agreement not contained in the Documents or for any breach of any representation not contained in the Documents (unless such misrepresentation or representation was made fraudulently). financial.3 In the event that new inventions. 18 Confidentiality 18. The Company will provide WestermoConnect with a fair use policy based on the amount of data transferred through WestermoConnect.16. labour disputes.1 It is acknowledged and agreed that the Agreement (including the documents and instruments referred to herein) (the “Documents”) shall supersede all prior representations arrangements understandings and agreements between the parties relating to the subject matter hereof and shall constitute the entire complete and exclusive agreement and understanding between the parties hereto. Interpretation 26 In these terms and conditions the following expressions shall have the following meanings: 26.

26. 26.26.17 “Training” means any training to be provided to the Customer by the – A Beijer Electronics Group Company 27 . delivery.5 “ Manufacturer” means the person(s) who manufactures the Product(s). Price. discounts or variation to the Terms.10 “Purchase Order Number” means the purchase order number provided to the Customer by the Company which must be set out on the Customer’s Purchase Order prior to the Company accepting such “Quotation” means the quotation containing details of the Product(s). 26.9 “Purchase Order” means the Customer’s Purchase Order for the Product(s) and/or Services which shall contain the Quotation Number and the Purchase Order Number.8 “Product(s)” means collectively or individually the Product(s) agreed in the Agreement to be supplied to the Customer by the Company (including any part or parts of them). Services. 26.westermo.7 “Price” means the price for Product(s) and the Services as notified to the Customer by the Company. 26. 26. 26. A Service Credit will be based on the applicable circuit rental divided by 365 days.13 “Recurring Charge” means a monthly.14 “Service Credits” mean the amounts if any credited to the Customer in the event that the Company fails to comply with its obligations in this Agreement.15 “Services” means any service agreed to be supplied to the Customer by the Company. 26.6 “Prepayment” means an advance payment for WestermoConnect as set out in the Purchase Order. 26. 26.12 “Quotation Number” means the number provided to the Company by the Customer at the time of order and as set out in the Quotation. any specified terms. www. quarterly or annual charge for WestermoConnect (if any) and as set out in the Quotation.16 “Site” means the Customer’s premises where the Product(s) are installed and (where applicable) the Services are to be carried out as set out in the Purchase Order. 26. 26.

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