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Name Philip Walker

Section A01 Date Dec. 11, 2008
Concert Report
Great Musicians 025:014
Fall 2008

You may write your answers to the questions on the front of this sheet by hand.
Give the date, time, and place of this concert.
Wednesday, December 10, 2008. 8:00 p.m. IMU Main Lounge.
Was this concert given by a large ensemble (many performers on a part, e.g. an
orchestra or chorus), a smaller ensemble (only a few performers on a part, e.g. a small
choir), or a chamber ensemble (only one player on a part, e.g. a quartet or a solo with
Large ensemble.
List the categories of instrumentation involved in the performance: voices, strings, brass,
woodwinds, percussion, piano or other keyboard, or electronic. (If you are unsure, see
Chapter 7-10, pp. 36-65 in the textbook.)
Woodwinds, Percussion, Brass.

In what time period(s) was the music on this concert composed?

In what country or countries was the music on this concert composed?
US, Germany
On the reverse of this sheet, print (do not write out by hand) two paragraphs (each about
6-8 sentences) about the concert, addressing the following:
Have you ever heard a live performance of any of this music before, music by the
same composer(s), or music similar in instrumentation/voicing, date, form,
style, or genre?
If so, compare this performance with the one(s) you have heard before.
If not, would you be interested in hearing more music like it or by the
same composer(s)? Why or why not?
What you liked most about this concert.
What you liked least about this concert.
Something new that you learned about music by attending this concert.

I have not heard live performances of these specific pieces or pieces by

date. I have. and highlighted it even further than if it had just been melody alone. I sometimes compose (but am just beginning) and I heard some interesting ideas from these pieces that I might like to try and use. The soloist produced a wonderful sound. each time rising above the previous instrument. Both bands played very well and the audience remained quiet and respectful. it sounded very rich and beautiful powerful. I don’t think there is anything that I didn’t enjoy this time. Both my high school’s band and this one sounded excellent. when the melody was being given from one instrument to another. What I liked most about this concert is actually a couple of things. Something new that I learned from this concert is how important balance is when composing a piece. form. but not harsh. and it sounded pretty amazing. style. I really Rhapsody for Euphonium and Concert Band. however. the band as a whole had a wonderful tone. Even when one instrument had the melody. heard performances of pieces of similar instrumentation/voicing. It seemed like a wave of melodies overlapping over each other. First. there would be another voice or two which contrasted with that melody. had a very wonderful tone and balance between instruments that really made the music wonderful. and genre from my high school’s band. . and there was on part in particular that I really liked. What I liked least about this concert was actually nothing at all. but I think that the Iowa University Band.these composers. as well as the Concert Band.