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Thursday, February 12, 2015

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The Cannon

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DINNER: Battleground Texas
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daughter of Tom Craddick,
U.S. representative and former Speaker of the House
– won her seat on the Texas
Railroad Commission in the
2012 general election. She
obtained her undergraduate
degree from the University
of Texas at Austin and received her Juris Doctorate
from the University of Texas
School of Law.
Craddick came to Gonzales to talk about Republican
politics and the energy industry.
“We have to face a challenge – to get out, continue
to be engaged and talk about
why we are Republican,”
Craddick said. “We have allowed the other party to define us for too long.”
Craddick referred to the
state as “Battleground Texas” and declared the battle
in Texas is one that cannot
“We are not going away,”
she said. “So goes Texas, so
goes the rest of the country.
We cannot stop and we cannot rest on our laurels.”
As the TRC chair, Craddick shared her knowledge of
historic and current oil and
gas information.
“The one thing we have in
common is energy,” Craddick said. “Energy is the great
According to Craddick,
Texas is home to 253,000
oil rigs and producing 2.42
million barrels a day – and
accounting for 35 percent of
the state’s economy.
“We are the leader in this
country,” she said. “What
starts in Texas, changes the
According to Craddick
Texans, as well as the oil and

Christi Craddick speaks to the Republican Party of
Gonzales County and guests at the group’s President’s Day Dinner Friday night, at the Victoria College Gonzales Center.
gas industry, have one obstacle.
“Our biggest challenge is
government getting in the
way,” she said. “What we
really want to do is get the
Federal Government out of
our business.”
Craddick asserts that not
one frac has ever caused water pollution this state.
“The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)
doesn’t like Texas – they do
not like the industry,” Craddick said. “They want to
take credit for oil and gas,
but at the end of the day
they want to use solar and
wind power.”
Craddick stated that the
Clean Air Act is to “shut
down coal plants”.
“If you live on a river,
lake, a pond, or even have a
puddle in your yard, watch
what is going to happen,”
she said. “They are trying
to regulate everything, but
only Texas knows how to
regulate frac.”
Craddick gave one example of frac regulation, saying Federal Bureau of Land
Management regulations require 290 days to process an
oil permit, while TRC takes

just two to three days.
“Texas has a businessfriendly economy and investors want to do business
here,” Craddick said. “Texas
is a leader and has been for a
long time, we plan on maintaining fair and consistent
The night proceeded
through a progression of
applauds and after shared
moments of solemn remembrance, patriotism and
Republican camaraderie,
the event ended in gales of
laughter and competitive
fun, as attendees vied for
door prizes, raffles and auctions. Among Items won
were two handguns, lifelong
memberships to a firearms
training academy, hotel
stays, paintings and Jelly
Belly Jelly Beans – of which
President Reagan would
have approved – and a commemorative Ronald Reagan
The Republican Party of
Gonzales County officers
are Richard Green, Chairman; Lynn Wilson, Vice
Chairman; Deidra Voigt,
Secretary; Liz Hernandez,
Treasurer; and, Gerald
Black, Parliamentarian.

Happy Birthday to our
Beautiful February Babies






MCCRACKEN: It’s your paper
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paper will get out no matter
who dies or what happens.
It’s going to get out to the
The Cannon, which put
out its first issue in 2009,
has only had one publisher
in its existence and that was
Mundy. Prior to Mundy
taking on the publisher title
just last year, there hadn’t
been a publisher tag on
“I’ve worked my way up
the ladder and have always
wanted to be a publisher of
a newspaper,” McCracken
noted. “I’ve done a little bit
of everything when it comes
to this occupation and it
During his newspaper
career, McCracken and the
newspapers where he has
worked at have always been
award winners in the Texas
Press Association, South
Texas Press Association
and Gulf Coast Press
Association. Just two years
ago, The Yoakum HeraldTimes won the TGCPA
Sweepstakes Award as being
the best overall newspaper in
its category.
“I’m not a big fan of just
coming in and changing
everything, because the
some qualities, such as an
awesome staff, that I like,
but I will incorporate some
of my ideas and views on
what it takes to put out
McCracken added. “I also
plan to revitalize our web

pressence, because in
today’s world, it’s all about
social media and getting
the word out fast. I hope to
have a Gonzales Cannon
app up and running by
the summer time. Get
the news from around
here with just a touch of a
“It is my belief that a
newspaper belongs to a
community. It’s not mine.
It’s not the stockholders’. It’s
yours,” McCracken said.
“This paper will only be
as good as the community
that supports it.”
said, McCracken invites
everyone to stop by for a

vist anytime (901 St. Joseph),
give him a call (830-6727100), or drop him an e-mail
“We don’t know about it if
you don’t tell us. We try our
best to cover everything and
catch everything, but we’re
not perfect and we do miss
things, so your help is greatly
McCracken has a wife,
Yvette, and a 20-year old son,
Blake, who plays baseball for
the University of HoustonVictoria and they reside in
Yoakum. They also own a
dance venue/bar in Yoakum
called the Yoakum Gin.


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