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Joseph Fermi
Professor Lee
Philosophy 371
10 August 2011

American Exceptionalism and its roots in religion
The concept of American Exceptionalism is rooted in the core religious values of the
people of the United States. It began with the puritans and their “city on a hill-john Winthrop”
that the puritan community of New England should be held as a model community to be a
beacon to the rest of the world. This deeply ingrained ideal held by proponents of American
Exceptionalism has remained a part of the national identify of the United States remaining
influential to the present day.
Then followed Wise with idea that the constitution and law is based on scripture an idea
which states that America is a god blessed nation which was ordained by a higher being to be the
chosen land.
Washington’s farewell address there is a strong sense of isolationism which he proposed
as American foreign policy feeling that America needs not worry about the rest of the world.
Gettysburg address America is a nation "conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the
proposition that all men are created equal-Abraham Lincoln" an idea that still holds true today.
The "American spirit the frontier spirit, The "American Dream" “Manifest destiny“
which took root after the American conquest by the Spanish in the war of ideas.
But the true ideas of American Exceptionalism came to fruition after the successful
completion of the revolutionary war.
Stalin introduced the idea speaking to the communists of America which was completely
self defeating in that it presented America as not just an admirable opponent but a force to be
reckoned with.
Today America remains particularly attractive to immigrants because of its rightfully

Cropper perceived economic and political opportunities. many immigrants have come to America to enjoy the mobility available first and foremost in this land of opportunity there exist no social barrier to living the American dream. economic development issues or partisanship or the political theory of war powers) and trace it through the various 'eras' which we covered . Work cited Option One: Take a single issue (such as democratic theory. Since its founding.

using as many relevant readings as possible to show how this issue has changed or altered over the course of American theory and what has had the greatest impact on that theory. You might then talk about the use of religious language in several of the sections. if you were to use American Exceptionalism as a binding issue in the Option One material. . you may want to come at the topic from a particular angle: (Thesis) The concept of American Exceptionalism is rooted in the core religious values of the people of the United States. or how the concept of American exceptionalism was influenced by the religious beliefs of different individuals (whose varied religious beliefs would of course then suggest that they have a different take on exceptionalism) This is far better than the usual tripe: American Exceptionalism is very important.Cropper in the first half of the class. For example. I generally refer to this as “taking control of the thesis” or making the thesis your own. Note that at minimum you should use at least six or more readings. then go on to discuss the general topic in a rather disconnected way using three different authors and paraphrasing their work followed by a single sentence at the bottom of each précis which states they believed in American Exceptionalism. Make sure you include a summation (minimally) where you pull together the threads of this issue and make some sort of coherent statement Suggestion: You will get a better grade if you can concentrate on one aspect of the broad topic you are covering.