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PLM Medicine Batch 2011 ● ABC Trans Alliance

2nd Shifting

Tubes, Drains and Bandages

Dr. Mata

pics/labels- Tinay, Lek, Katkat │ pics/captions - Bianca, Janjan │ compile/captions - Joel

September 2008

A. Airway Tubes

1. Endotracheal Tube

Endotracheal Tube

Pediatric Endotracheal Tube

• used in anesthesia, intensive care
and emergency medicine for airway
management and mechanical
• inserted using laryngoscope; into
the trachea in order to ensure that
the airway is not closed off
• to give positive pressure
• Types: Pediatric & Adult
• aka ET tube or ETT

• 2-inch- to 3-inch-long curved metal
or plastic tube placed in a
surgically-created opening
(tracheostomy) in the windpipe to
keep it open
• has a cannula which can be
removed and cleansed to remove
mucus secretions
• aka trach tube
2. Tracheostomy Tube

Tracheostomy Tube with Inner

Plastic Tracheostomy Tube with Inner

• a flexible plastic tube inserted
through the side of the chest into
the pleural space
• used to remove air, fluid, or pus
from the intrathoracic space
• connected to a water-sealed
• aka a Bülau drain, intercostal
catheter or tube thoracostomy
3. Chest Tube or Thoracic Catheter

• a flexible, long tube
• attached on one end to the
breathing tube (endotracheal or
tracheostomy tube)
• other end is connected to a
collection container (suction
canister) and a device that
generates suction
• for removing secretions
4. Suction Catheter

B. Gastrointestinal Tubes
• passed through the nose and down
through the nasopharynx and
esophagus into the stomach
• used to evacuate air in the
stomach; also for feeding and
• either for diagnostic or therapeutic
• aka NG tube or NGT
1. Nasogastric Tube

• have an adaptor for regress of air so
that body cavities will not collapse

1a. Levine-type Nasogastric Tube

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ureters. performed with the aid of a contrast agent) 4. Foley Catheter • Same as Foley catheter but with an addition of a third lumen which is for infusion of air irrigating solution • The 3rd unit prevents clotting of blood in the urinary tract • Used in prostatic surgery 3. Cantor Tube 4.• used to feed a premature infant • aka infant feeding tube 1b. T-tube C. Blakemore-Sengstaken tube 2. more flexible (quite expensive) 1c. which includes the colon and rectum) • Same as NGT but shorter • For drainage of common bile duct after CBD (common bile duct) exploration 5. Silicone Nasogastric Tube • A long. single-lumen intestinal tube with a sealed rubber bag tip • Used for decompression of small intestine • Reaches up to jejunum (long tube) • aka Miller-Abott Tube 3. flexible tube • Inserted into the ureter to help drain urine • inserted into the vesical trigone • Used in retrograde pyelography (radiologic study of the kidney. Rectal Tube • for initial control of bleeding • management of upper gastrointestinal hemorrhage due to bleeding from esophageal varices • multiluminal plastic tube with two inflatable balloons • aka esophageal varices tube • to release flatulence. and usually the bladder. it facilitates passage of excessive flatus (presence of abnormal amounts of gas in the GI tract) • usually for infants • also used in barium enema (a special x-ray of the large intestine. Three-way Foley Catheter • Thin. Genito-Urinary Tubes • has balloon • has two lumens: one for the drainage of urine. Ureteral Catheter Page 2 of 4 . other for infusion of sterile water • used to monitor urine output • w/o balloon • for a sterile collection of urine after spinal anesthesia usually after difficult urination • aka Nelaton catheter 1. Straight Catheter 2. Pediatric Nasogastric Tube • Made of silicone.

fragile veins and arteries) Angiocatheter or Venous Catheter or IV Cannula (a plastic tube over a needle) Spinal Needle (for spinal anesthesia) Thoracentesis needle Macro Drip Venoset or Macro Drip IV Set Micro Drip Venoset or Micro Drip IV Set Blood Transfusion Set or BT Set (with Filter) Solution Set or Solu Set (for antibiotic titration) Swan-Ganz catheter (measures capillary wedge pressure) 3-way stop cock (provide an additional infusion opportunity between line and venipuncture) • For male px • Silicone Catheter D.5. Condom Catheter Drain Bag or collecting bag Urine Bag Urimeter (measures urine accurately) Butterfly Needle (venipuncture of px w/ small. Vascular Tubes/Needles Page 3 of 4 .

II. pliable rubber Penrose Drain Sump Drain • It is a “drain within a drain” • A drain consisting of a smaller tube • within a larger tube through which fluid passes as a result of suction • The outer tube has multiple perforations that allow fluid and air to pass into its interior and be carried away through the suction tube • Drains by gravity • a cigarette-shaped gauze wick enclosed in rubber dam tissue or rubber tubing for draining wounds Cigarette Drain B. DRAINS A. BANDAGES Elastic Bandage Gauze Micropore Wadding Sheet Tegaderm (dressing spray) Film Dressing Film Dressing Pre-formed Gauze Steri-Strip Stocking Net Page 4 of 4 . Active Drains • used to pull excess fluid from the body by constant suction • aka JP drain. Passive Drains • A surgical device placed in a wound to drain fluid • It consists of a soft rubber tube placed in a wound area. or Bulb drain Jackson-Pratt Drain • A round drain with springs inside that must be compressed to establish proper suction Hemovac Drain III. to prevent the build up of fluid • Can be obtained also from rubber surgical gloves by cutting the part for fingers • Made of soft.