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Eugene V.

Flor Garcia
Jose Delgado
Ariel Velasquez
Group Website
Word count: 462
When we had to choose an individual with leadership and contained a legacy in history, like
most people we thought about famous individuals in history: Martin Luther King Jr. Abraham
Lincoln, and George Washington. However, we predicted that, like us, many
students participating in this year’s history fair would immediately think about using well
renowned people in history. Therefore, we decided to search for someone that really never got
the praise they really deserved. This is when we came upon someone who ran for presidency four
times and was declared by many as the “The Father of Socialism.”
Eugene V. Debs was born November 5, 1985 and died with a legacy that many do not know. Our
research started by finding websites that were related to our topic. Also, a variety of books were
found in our school library and we used them during our work time. We individually continued
on to online resources at home, starting mostly with databases. We wrote down most of the
things on our history packets that were interesting, not repeats, or proved that it was a turning
point. Eventually resources were not enough so we decided to use the public library, and more
primary sources. We knew these would end up being important and would give us an extended

variety of sources. We chose the website because it has always been simpler. Websites allowed us
to be more creative and resourceful than other categories.

When it was time to choose what kind of presentation category we would use, we all came to the
conclusion that a website would be the best kind of presentation to create. A website will display
both graphically and textually Eugene’s leadership role and his effect in history. We feel that by
creating a visually and fluent website, we would be able to capture and expose Eugene V. Debs
to the most we could. Another reason why we chose this type of presentation was because we did
not want to join the bandwagon and follow through with an, in our opinion, simple board display.
The amount of research and factual information that we would gather based on Deb’s would be
too much for a simple display board.
“The Father of Socialism,” is what they call him. Eugene V. Debs became a historical leader in
socialism in the United States. He lead one the largest strikes in American history – the famous
Pullman Strike. After the strike fail, Eugene ran for president in 1900 as a socialist. The
following year, Eugene created the Socialist Party, a party that still exists today. This party shows
Eugene’s legacy today as people see socialist programs, such as welfare and Medicare, being
established by the federal government.

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