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This torrent contains all of the major Star Wars novels released to date, as wel

l as the ebook only novels I've been able to find. It does not contain the Young
Adult novels, as I've been unable to find any decent copies to work off, and it
also does not contain the movie novelizations.
For ease of use, the novels are sorted by era, based on what the galactic govern
ment was at the time. Hence, the Imperial era begins at the end of Episode III,
and lasts until the end of Episode VI. This differs slightly from the official e
ra classifications, but I prefer it this way.
IMPORTANT: If you like a book, please support the author by buying the book.
I recommend buying the real, dead-tree version and not the eBook.

Q: Why are you doing this?
A: I started doing this because I was dismayed at the quality of eBooks I could
find, just getting them to a condition where it didn't hurt to read them. As I s
tarted spending some time on this, I thought that I could share my hard work wit
h others.
Q: Help! The book won't read on my <XXX> reader!
A: Some readers are not fully compliant with the ePub standard. The main cause f
or this that I have seen so far, is readers that use Adobe ADE (such as Sony PRS
readers). ADE has a maximum limit for how large the internal files of an ePub c
an be. The easiest way to fix this, is to use Calibre to perform a conversion fr
om ePub to ePub; this will split the internal files to smaller chunks (and add a
whole lot of unncessary formating to the files).
Q: My reader only supports format <XXX>, why are you only releasing in ePub?
A: ePub is a nice and open format, which makes it easy to work with. If you need
another format, I suggest using Calibre to convert to the format you need.
Q: What are you doing to the books?
A: Basically, I copy the contents of a book from an existing epub into a new tem
plate, which will ensure proper and uniform formating and ToC generation. For so
me books, I do a more thorough job of verifying and adding as necessary the brea
ks and paragraphs that were not present in the original source; adding markup su
ch as italics.
As I read the books myself, I use my Kindle to note where there are errors, and
then go back in to fix these if possible.
Q: How are you doing it?
A: I use Calibre to keep track of my collection, and to convert between formats.
After getting the books into .epub format, I extract the contents.
Instead of altering the existing files, I have a template I use to create a new
book. This template has all the requisite hooks for chapters and ToC generation,
so I then extract the content from the books, and run it through a special sear
ch-and-replace program I created to help me convert the symbols to better-lookin
g UTF-8 symbols. I then clean up any extraneous formating, which is abundant in
books created by word (or other WYSIWYG editors), or from Calibre's conversion p
rocess. Lastly, I run the new file through FlightCrew to ensure conformity to th
e ePub standard.

com/p/flightcrew/) * Calibre (http://calibre-ebook. Q: Why won't you recommend retail ePubs? A: There are two main reasons for this: a) I have to date only found one single retail ePub that conforms to the ePub st andard. c) Most publishers have this strange notion that a virtual copy should cost more then a physical copy (compared to paperbacks).google. either due to feedback. and has obviously never been proofread. or any other rea son I create a new version. . my own proofreading. updated meta-data.* Eclipse (http://www. If I make changes. all others have not passed verification. to be bundled in the next Q: What are the versions? A: All books that I deem fit-for-publishing start out as * FlightCrew (http://code.eclipse. b) The quality of several retail ePubs is very low. My personal record is over 300 errors (mainly from bad OCR) in a sin gle book.